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World Library and Information Congress: 72nd IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries: Dynamic Engines for the Knowledge and Information Society"

20-24 August 2006, Seoul, Korea

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Programme and Proceedings

Conference Venue:
The World Library and Information Congress 2006 will be held at COEX Convention and Exhibition Centre.

IFLANET Conference pages
CB = Coordinating Board
Off-site = not in the COEX Convention and Exhibition Centre but elsewhere, location will be added once known
SC = Standing Committee
SI = Simultaneous Interpretation (Chinese, English, French, German, Korean, Russian and Spanish)
TBA = to be announced

Friday 18 August 2006

1 Professional Committee (Closed Meeting)

2 Governing Board (Closed Meeting)

3 CB I General Research Libraries (Div I)
4 CB I Special Libraries (Div II)
5 CB I Libraries Serving the General Public (Div III)
6 CB I Bibliographic Control (Div IV)
7 CB I Collections and Services (Div V)
8 CB I Management and Technology (Div VI)
9 CB I Education and Research (Div VII) 10 CB I Regional Activities (Div VIII)

Saturday 19 August 2006

11 SC I National Libraries
12 SC I Classification and Indexing
13 SC I Geography and Map Libraries
14 SC I Management of Library Associations
15 SC I Reference and Information Services
16 SC I Newspapers
17 SC I Information Literacy
18 SC I Metropolitan Libraries
19 SC I Library Buildings and Equipment
20 SC I Law Libraries
21 SC I Academic and Research Libraries
22 SC I Knowledge Management
23 SC I Government Libraries
24 SC I Health and Biosciences Libraries - Off-site

11.30-14.20, Saturday
25 SC I Serial Publications and other continuing Resources
26 SC I Acquisition and Collection Development
27 SC I Education and Training
28 SC I Libraries for the Blind
29 SC I Cataloguing
30 SC I Statistics and Evaluation
31 SC I Library Theory and Research
32 SC I Management and Marketing
33 SC I Social Science Libraries
34 SC I Rare Books and Manuscripts
35 SC I School Libraries and Resource Centres
36 SC I Preservation and Conservation
37 SC I Genealogy and Local History
38 SC I Libraries for Children and Young Adults
39 FAIFE Committee Meeting

14.30-17.20, Saturday
40 FAIFE Advisory Board Meeting
41 SC I Science and Technology Libraries
42 SC I Public Libraries
43 SC I Art Libraries
44 SC I Bibliography
45 SC I Audiovisual and Multimedia
46 SC I Document Delivery and Resource Sharing
47 SC I Government Information and Official Publications
48 SC I Information Technology
49 SC I Library History
50 SC I Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons
51 SC I Library Services to Multicultural Populations
52 SC I Reading
53 SC I Library and Research Services for Parliaments
54 SC I Continuing Professional Development & Workplace Learning (IFLA Board Room)
55 CLM Business Meeting

18.00-19.00, Saturday
Caucus Meetings:

56 Caucus: Canada
57 Caucus: French Speaking Participants
    Compte rendu du Caucus Francophone
58 Caucus: German Speaking Participants
59 Caucus: Netherlands Speaking Participants
60 Caucus: Portuguese Speaking Participants
61 Caucus: CIS
62 Caucus: Nordic Countries
63 Caucus: UK
64 Caucus: USA
65 Caucus: Africa, Asia & Oceania and Latin America & Caribbean
66 Caucus: Spanish Speaking Participants
67 Caucus: Chinese Speaking Participants

Sunday 20 August 2006

68 SI - Opening Session

12.45-13.45 Lunch
69 Special PC Session - By invitation only: open to all members of Standing Committees
(Hearing session for Standing Committee members of all IFLA Sections to discuss the future of IFLA's professional structure, as proposed by the Professional Committee)

70 SI - Newcomers Session

71 SI - UNESCO Open Forum
International Digital Library Initiatives
Chair: Claudia Lux, IFLA President-Elect

This Open Forum will review major digital library initiatives of an international or regional scope. The meeting will discuss achievements, plans, expectations and lessons learnt both in developing and developed parts of the world. Key issues to be discussed include collections and selection criteria, services and architecture (including multilingualism), human resources, capacity building and financing. The objective is to draw a few lines of action for future international collaboration.
  • Introduction: Digital Library Initiatives, the World Summit on the Information Society(WSIS) and UNESCO's work in promoting universal access to the human knowledge.
  • The World Digital Library initiative
    JOHN VAN OUDENAREN (Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
  • The European Digital Library project
    LUCIEN SCOTTI (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
  • Digital library initiatives in Africa
    JACINTA WERE (University Library, Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Digital library initiatives in the Arab region
    MAGDY NAGI (Biblioteca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt)
  • Digital library initiatives in Asia/Oceania
    JEE YEON LEE (Yonsei University, Korea)
  • Digital library initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean
    LOURDÈS FERIA (Mexico)
  • Discussion
  • Summing up
72 Academic and Research Libraries
The role of academic libraries in online and blended learning and teaching 73 Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section
Best Practice in Document Delivery and Resource Sharing

74 Africa SC I

75 Asia and Oceania SC I

76 Latin America and the Caribbean SC I

16.00-18.00, Sunday
Exhibition Opening

Monday 21 August 2006

08.30 - 10.30


78 SI - Government Libraries with Social Science Libraries
Customer needs: the engines of change for government libraries and information centers 79 Newspapers
Newspapers of East Asia 80 Public Libraries and the Democratic Process (DG)
Facilitated by Leslie Burger the current American Library Association President from Princetown New Jersey, USA

81 Libraries for Children and Young Adults with Reading (part 1)
Family literacy: sharing innovative policies, programmes and research from Korea and around the world 81a  LIS Education in Developing Counties DG
(Start-up Meeting)

10.45-12.45, Monday
82 SI - Division of Regional Activities
Information Literacy 83 SI - Management of Library Associations
Advocacy in action: new roles for library associations in the development of library services 84 Division of Bibliographic Control
Bibliographic Control: Current issues and initiatives 85 Rare Books and Manuscripts
West by East - East by West: Cultural and technological exchange - Old technology, new technology, collecting and describing rare materials 86 Libraries for Children and Young Adults with Reading (part 2)
Family literacy: sharing innovative policies, programmes and research from Korea and around the world

87 Library and Research Services for Parliaments with Government Information and Official Publications (part 1)
The Model e-Parliament: dynamic engine for democratic engagement
  • The Joint Czech and Slovak Digital Parliamentary Library
    KAREL SOSNA (Parliamentary Library of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic) and EVA MALACKOVA (Parliamentary Library of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Republic)
  • Sharing best technology practices around the globe: Initiatives of the global center for information and communication technology in parliament
    ANDY RICHARDSON (Parliamentary Resource Center)
  • TBA
12.45-13.45, Monday
88 SI FAIFE Debate
The controversy over the publication in a Danish newspaper of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed that offended many Muslims raises important and sensitive issues for library and information professionals. Since FAIFE exists precisely to address these important and sensitive issues, delegates of the congress in Seoul are offered the chance to debate the topic. Maybe people from countries that have a long history of intellectual freedom tend to support freedom of expression in an unquestioning and possibly insensitive way. Maybe there are others who find it difficult to see the value of free expression if what is said causes unease and distress. If so, it is a very good thing to be forced to think about questions such as "Is freedom of expression an absolute right of all human beings, or are there topics and circumstances where it does not apply?" FAIFE's values suggest that it is always a good thing to have debate, even on the most difficult issues, so you are invited to come and express your views in an open and considered way, to listen to the views of others and, we hope, leave with an enhanced understanding of the meaning and significance of free expression.

13.45-15.45, Monday
89 SI - Copyright and other Legal Matters (CLM) (Part 1)
What's hot? Top International and National Copyright Developments in 2006

International Issues
  • Google Book Project - Library and Legal Perspectives
    RONALD MILNE (Bodley's Library, Oxford, UK) and JONATHAN BAND (policybandwidth.com, Washington, DC, USA)
  • Copyright issues in proposed FTA between Korea and US
    HEESEOB NAM (IPLeft, Seoul, Korea)
  • Copyright and Access to Knowledge: Flexibilities in Copyright Laws in 11 Asian Countries
    RAJESWARI KANNIAH (Consumers International, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • WIPO's Program for Libraries: How WIPO and Libraries Can Help Each Other
    GEIDY LUNG (WIPO, Geneva, Switzerland)
  • The WIPO Broadcasting Treaty - Why Libraries Should Oppose This Treaty
    HARALD VON HIELMCRONE (Statsbiblioteket, Aarhus, Denmark)
  • WIPO Development Agenda - 2006: A Brief Update
National Issues
  • Orphan Works - The US Examines Ways of Making Orphan Works More Accessible to Users
    ROBERT OAKLEY (Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA)
  • Public Domain Registry in Canada
    VICTORIA OWEN (University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada)
  • Rethinking Copyright Exceptions and Limitations in the Digital Age: The Section 108 Study Group Process in the US
    JAMES NEAL (Columbia University, New York, NY, USA)
  • The SUBITO Case in Germany: Implications for Libraries
    HARALD MUELLER (Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg, Germany)
90 SI - Preservation and Conservation with Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and the Preservation and Conservation Core Activity (part 1)
Preservation advocacy and education 91 Information Technology with Audiovisual and Multimedia and National Libraries (part 1)
New Access Technologies: Exploring the Heritage 92 Health and Biosciences Libraries
The Emerging Informationist: Wired and Ready?
Chair & Introductions: Bruce Madge or Rowena McCullen

  1. JEAN SHIPMAN, (MLA Pres) The Concept of the Informationist
  2. KATE OLIVER, Case Study: Working Toward the Informationist at Johns Hopkins
  3. TONY MCSEAN, (Elsevier): Respondent/Discussant
93 Library and Research Services for Parliaments with Government Information and Official Publications (part 2)
Technology Strategies and Tools for Dynamic Information Delivery
  • Content Creation and Management: What's Next for Government Libraries and Information
    STEPHEN ABRAM (Sirsi Dynix and Special Libraries Association)
  • Improving the User Experience: Tips and Strategies for Success
    JANE DYSART (Dysart Jones and Associates)
  • Policy issues regarding electronic government and web accessibility in Japan
    TAKASHI KOGA (National Institute of Informatics, Japan)
14.00-17.00, Monday
94 Off-site: Genealogy and Local History
Korean Genealogy: a dynamic tradition
  • Keynote speech: Melvin Thatcher (Genealogy and Local History Section, IFLA)
  • History of Korean Genealogy
    YOUNG-JUNG OK (The Academy of Korean Studies)
  • Genealogy Libraries And Collections In Korea
    SEONG-KI BONG (The National Library of Korea)
  • Traditional Genealogy Book Publishing Industry And E-Genealogy
    BO-JEONG KIM (The Pukyung Institute for Korean History)
Location: International Conference Hall, The National Library of Korea
Contact person: Gui-won Lee

16.00-18.00, Monday
95 SI - Copyright and other Legal Matters (Part 2)
What's hot: burning issues in copyright and other legal matters, 2006!

96  Preservation and Conservation with Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and the Preservation and Conservation Core Activity (part 2)
Preservation advocacy and education 97 Information Technology with Audiovisual and Multimedia and National Libraries (part 2)
New Access Technologies: Tomorrow's Retrieval (ITS) 98 Quality Issues in Libraries
Quality in digital reference services - how can we assure it, how can we measure it?
  • Digital reference - state of the art in the focus of quality
    German translation
    HERMAN RÖSCH (University of Applied Science of Cologne, Cologne, Germany)
  • Question Point - quality issues in world wide digital reference
  • Key indicators for digital reference
    KLAUS CEYNOWA (Bavarian State Library, Munich, Germany)
  • General discussion
16.30-18.00, Monday
99 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Access to Learning Award
All delegates are cordially invited to attend the official announcement and presentation of the Access to Learning Award recipient for 2006.

100 Library and Research Services for Parliaments with Government Information and Official Publications (part 3)
Government Information, Dynamic Success for Business:

Tuesday 22 August 2006

08.30 - 10.30
101 SI - Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons Library Services to Dyslexic Patrons 102 SI - IFLA-CDNL Alliance for Bibliographic Standards ICABS
The changing role of the catalogue in supporting resource discovery and delivery 103 Agricultural Libraries
Forging partnerships between libraries and extension services for improved access to agricultural information
Chair: Gary E. Gorman (Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)
Introductions: Deva E. Reddy (Texas A&M University, College Station, USA) 104 Metropolitan Libraries
Metropolitan libraries: Pools of innovation
  • Presenting the Deichmanske Bibliotek, Oslo, Norway
    LIV SÆTEREN (Deichmanske Bibliothek, Oslo, Norway)
  • Library as lifestyle
    PATRICIA B. CULKIN (The Library Corporation, Denver, USA)
  • The library as influencer! - Having a say in what goes on in schools
    IAN YAP (National Library Board, Singapore)
105 Statistics and Evaluation with Division of General Research Libraries
Quality measures on a national scale 106 President-Elect's Planning Session (part 1)
"Libraries on the Agenda" - the discussion

09.00-17.00, Tuesday
107 Off-site: Education and Training
- Regional cooperation of LIS education institutes in East Asia Contact persons: Mouna Benslimane and Dong Youl Jeong
Location: Department of Library and Information Science, College of Social Sciences, Ewha Womans University, 11-1 Daehyun-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-750, Korea

10.45-12.45, Tuesday
108 SI - Libraries for the Blind
How to make your website accessible to all: issues and experiences 109 SI - Bibliography
National Bibliographies - the Asian Experience


110 Social Science Libraries with Government Libraries
Partnership building with government and social science libraries

111 Law Libraries
Establishing, growing and sustaining law library associations
  • Establishing, growing and sustaining law library associations
    SUSAN E. FOX (American Association of Law Libraries, Chicago, USA)
112 Press Conference

113 President-Elect's Planning Session (part 2)
"Libraries on the Agenda" - WSIS and follow up discussion
  • Reporting on IFLA's post-WSIS activities
    TUULA HAAVISTO (WSIS Coordinator of IFLA, Helsinki, Finland)
  • Success Stories Database
    DANIELLE MINCIO (Editor of the database, Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Discussion about library activities on WSIS on a national level ("Libraries on the Agenda")
  • WSIS gave a boost to library development in Slovakia
    Dr. DUSAN KATUSCAK (National Librarian, Slovak National Library, Martin, Slovakia)
  • Latin American libraries contributing to the Information Society; cases from the areas of health, public libraries and access to public information
    ELIZABET DE CARVALHO (IFLA Regional Manager, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Discussion and Presentation of group work "Libraries on the Agenda"
  • Closing remarks by Claudia Lux
12.45-13.45, Tuesday
114 SI - Plenary Session I.
Chair: Bob McKee, IFLA Executive Committee Member
  • NGO-Government Partnership for the Dynamic Development of Korean Libraries and the Promotion of Reading
    SANG-WAN HAN, President Korean Library Association
12.00-14.00, Tuesday
115 Poster Sessions

13.45-15.45, Tuesday
116 SI - Africa
Libraries and indigenous knowledge in Africa 117 SI - National Libraries
National libraries: dynamic partners for the knowledge society 118 Reference and Information Services
Marketing reference services in today's library - on-site and virtual 119 Library History
Libraries and the information society through history 120 New Professionals Discussion Group
Dynamic Roles for New Librarians
  • CLAUDIA LUX, IFLA President-Elect will open NPDG programme.
  • JANA VARLEJS, Chair of Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section from VII. Division of Education and Research will be "administering a brief questionnaire to the audience to help us to understand the professional development challenges faced by individuals in various countries as they enter the profession." A discussion will follow.
  • LEONARD KNIFFEL, editor of American Libraries (Journal of ALA) will share guidelines for new professionals who'd like to publish.
  • Another speaker, TBA, will present ways in which practitioners and educators are addressing the need for training in real-life scenarios.
  • ANDREW CRANFIELD, LOIDA GARCIA-FEBO and JOANNA BALL, NPDG convenors will report on the status of the DG.
121 Meet the Treasurer

16.00-18.00, Tuesday
122 SI - Public Libraries with Audiovisual and Multimedia
Libraries: dynamic engines for the knowledge and information society 123 SI - Cataloguing
Cataloguing partnerships: principles, projects and publishers 124 Library Buildings and Equipment
The design implications of libraries in multi-functional complexes 125 Information Literacy
Transitions to college: how information literacy answers the knowledge society challenge 126 Information Coordinators
Sophie Felfoldi, Web Manager, IFLA

127 National Association Members

16.00-18.00, Tuesday
128 Division Room or IFLA Board Room
Libraries for Children and Young Adults with Reading
A meeting with representatives of IFLA, IRA and IBBY

Wednesday 23 August 2006

08.30 - 10.30
129 SI - Latin America and the Caribbean
Libraries: dynamics of information literacy in Latin America and the Caribbean 130 SI - Division III
Dynamic Libraries Creating the Future 131 @ your Library
Campaign for the Worlds Libraries-@ your library How countries using the '@ your library' campaign to successfully promote libraries in their countries followed by an open information sharing session
  • @lla tua biblioteca
    MAURO GUERRINI and MARIA TERESA NATALE (Associazione Italiana Biblioteche, Italy)
  • @your library
    SUE HUTLEY (Executive director, Australian Library and Information Association)
  • Kids! @ your library and more
    MICHAEL DOWLING (American Library Association)
132 IFLA President
Indigenous Knowledge

132a Library Theory and Research - Off-site
Library and information science research: the case in Korea
Location: Department of library & information science, Sookmyung W. University, Seoul, Korea

10.45-12.45, Wednesday
133 SI - Management and Marketing
Strategic planning tools for the tomorrow people - library and information professionals of the 21st century 134 SI - Library Services to Multicultural Populations
Successful partnership in multicultural library services: Asian Communities 135 Art Libraries
Art libraries: Bonding past and future. Ancient cultural heritage and information technology 136 Classification and Indexing
Interoperability of subject access for multilingual and multi-script networked environment, particularly for Asia 137 Library Theory and Research with Division VII
The role of IFLA in promoting professional norms and standards: Results from an LTR-project 12.45-13.45, Wednesday
138 SI - Plenary Session
Chair: Barbara Ford, Member of IFLA Governing Board
  • The Current Status of the Korean ICT Industry; New Growth Engines for the Korean Economy
    Dr. DAEJE CHIN, Former Minister of Information and Communication

12.00-14.00, Wednesday
139 Poster Sessions

13.45-15.45, Wednesday
140 SI - Science and Technology Libraries with Information Technology
Workings of the ubiquitous library - Will all library services and content be available to anyone, anywhere at anytime? 141 SI - Knowledge Management with Statistics and Evaluation (part 1)
Evidence-based knowledge management 142 School Libraries and Resource Centers (part 1)
Information literacy for young people: Evolving models in a changing world
Poster Sessions:
  • 'If I can read, I can do anything': a reading promotion program linking schools that serve indigenous children
    LORIENE ROY and SANDY LITTLETREE (University of Texaz, Austin, USA)
  • The role of books and libraries in informal education among the youth
    Spanish translation
  • School libraries in the digital era: dynamic engines for learning
    R. ADILAKSHMI (Bangalore University, Bangalore, India)
  • Read more
    MALIN UTTER (Fenix learning centre, Vagerryd, Sweden)
  • Empowering Philippine schools and communities through information literacy programs in public school libraries
  • The school library as the cultural promoter in the educational institution
    EMPERATRIZ ASTUDILLO LOAYZA (Saint Gasper School, Santiago de Chile, Chile)
  • Aguapey opens paths to information skills in young customers
    GRACIELA PERRONE (National Teachers Library Institution, Argentina)
143 Geography and Map Libraries
Which name is it? The geographic naming of places 144 Industry Updates
13.45-14.30 hours
OCLC Industry Update
Our expanding global cooperative
Jay Jordan, President and CEO of Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)
Chair: Zhang Xiaolin, IFLA Governing Board Member
14.45-15.30 hours
Extensity (formerly Geac)
Vubis Smart, an update
Ian Manson
Chair: Torny Kjekstad, IFLA Governing Board Member
16.00-18.00, Wednesday
145 SI - Division of Education and Research Hidden biases in library concepts - Cultural and linguistic differences in research and education 146 SI - Knowledge Management with Statistics and Evaluation (part 2)
Evidence-based knowledge management 147 School Libraries and Resource Centers (part 2)
Information literacy for young people: Evolving models in a changing world

148 Health and Biosciences Libraries
What's new in technology for health information? 14.00 - 16.30, Wednesday
149 Libraries for Children and Young Adults with Reading
Story showcase and Korean Picture book Exhibition: the historical review
A storytelling programme accompanied by the Exhibition of Korean Picture Books
Contact: Young Sook Song
Location: National Library for Children and Young Adults, 645 Yeoksam-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-080 Korea

149a Industry Updates
16.00-16.45 hours
EBSCO Information services
EMpact, EBSCO's New Approach for Publishers
Sungdae Ahn, Vice President and General Manager, EBSCO Information Services-Korea
Chair: Nancy Gwinn, IFLA Executive Committee Member
17.00-17.45 hours
Design Rules: The Changing Face of Elsevier's Leading Web Products
Amanda Spiteri, Marketing Director, Elsevier
Chair: Donna Scheeder, IFLA Governing Board Member
15.00-18.00, Wednesday
150 Africa Section SC II

Thursday 24 August 2006

08.30 - 10.30
151 SI - Information Technology with National Libraries with Academic and Research Libraries and Knowledge Management (part 1)
Institutional Repositories: policies, implementation issues, an overview of the technologies 152 SI - FAIFE (part 1)
Access to HIV/AIDS information: a life and death issue 153 Genealogy and Local History
Local History: A Dynamic Partnership between Libraries, Archives, and Museums 154 Acquisition and Collection Development with Serials and Other Continuing Resources (part 1)
Evolving Business models for hybrid collections 10.45 - 12.45, Thursday
155 SI - Information Technology with National Libraries with Academic and Research Libraries and Knowledge Management (part 2)
Institutional Repositories: policies, implementation issues, an overview of the technologies 156 SI - FAIFE (part 2)
Access to HIV/AIDS information: a life and death issue

157 Asia and Oceania
Promoting the Implementation of Open Access 158 Acquisition and Collection Development with Serials and Other Continuing Resources (part 2)
Evolving Business models for hybrid collections 13.15 - 14.45, Thursday
159 Closing Session

15.00 - 18.00, Thursday
160 Council

Friday 25 August 2006

08.30 - 10.50
161 SC II Audiovisual and Multimedia
162 SC II Science and Technology Libraries
163 SC II Public Libraries
164 SC II Art Libraries
165 SC II Bibliography
166 SC II Genealogy and Local History
167 SC II Preservation and Conservation
168 SC II Document Delivery and Resource Sharing
169 SC II Education and Training
170 SC II Government Information and Official Publications
171 SC II Library History
172 SC II Libraries for Children and Young Adults
173 SC II Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons
174 SC II Library Services to Multicultural Populations
175 SC II Asia and Oceania
176 CLM Business Meeting

11.00 - 13.50, Friday
177 SC II Serial Publications and other continuing Resources
178 SC II Health and Biosciences Libraries
179 SC II Acquisition and Collection Development
180 SC II Cataloguing
181 SC II Government Libraries
182 SC II Libraries for the Blind
183 SC II Knowledge Management
184 SC II Information Technology
185 SC II Statistics and Evaluation
186 SC II Library Theory and Research
187 SC II Management and Marketing
188 SC II Social Science Libraries
189 SC II Rare Books and Manuscripts
190 SC II School Libraries and Resource Centres
191 SC II Latin America and the Caribbean
192 FAIFE Committee Meeting

14.00 - 16.50, Friday
193 FAIFE Advisory Board Meeting
194 SC II National Libraries
195 SC II Classification and Indexing
196 SC II Geography and Map Libraries
197 SC II Management of Library Associations
198 SC II Reference and Information Services
199 SC II Newspapers
200 SC II Continuing Professional Development & Workplace Learning
201 SC II Information Literacy
202 SC II Library and Research Services for Parliaments
203 SC II Metropolitan Libraries
204 SC II Library Buildings and Equipment
205 SC II Law Libraries
206 SC II Academic and Research Libraries
207 SC II Reading

17.00 - 18.30, Friday
208 CB II General Research Libraries (Div I)
209 CB II Special Libraries (Div II)
210 CB II Libraries Serving the General Public (Div III)
211 CB II Bibliographic Control (Div IV)
212 CB II Collections and Services (Div V)
213 CB II Management and Technology (Div VI)
214 CB II Education and Research (Div VII)
215 CB II Regional Activities (Div VIII)

Saturday 26 August 2006

All day: Governing Board Meeting (By invitation only)