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IFLA Conference

World Library and Information Congress: 72nd IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries: Dynamic Engines for the Knowledge and Information Society"

20-24 August 2006, Seoul, Korea

Poster Session

List of accepted Poster Session Presentations:

An alternative approach for the presentation of projects/work is available for conference participants. An area on the conference premises has been designated for the presentation of information regarding projects or activities of interest to librarians. Presentations include posters, leaflets (etc.) in several of the IFLA working languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Russian).
  1. School Librarians's Views on Aiding Children with Special Educational Needs in the School Library: Cooperating and Consulting with School Staff.
    Presenter: Ms Hiroyo Matsudo
  2. In Search of Marketing Excellence!
    Presenter: Dinesh K. Gupta
  3. The Effective Librarian: Born or Bred
    Presenter: Ms Shin Freedman
  4. A Streetcar Named Book
    Presenter: Marjan Marinkovic
  5. Information Literacy: development of workshops
    Presenters: Ms Regina Célia Baptista and Ms Marcia Rosetto
  6. A Study on the Use of Public Libraries by the Homeless People in Taipei, Taiwan
    Presenters: Ms Sheue-Fang Song and Ms Hui-Tzu Hung
  7. CrissCross - multilingual access to subjects
    Presenter: Ms Yvonne Jahns
  8. ¿Currículo de la Biblioteca Escolar en Cuba? Su valor educativo-informativo
    Presenter: Ms Mercedes Alfonso Chomat
  9. Se former à distance aux technologies de l'information
    Presenter: Ms Michèle Battisti
  10. Cultivating the library professional: The CALA program at the University Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, USA
    Presenter: Ms Hsi-chu Bolick
  11. Une naissance, un livre / Books for baby
    Presenter: Ms Suzanne Payette
  12. Library Instructional Programme - A spiral approach to library skills taught to primary school students
    Presenter: Ms Raneetha Rajaratnam
  13. The Study of Approaches to Weblogs Phenomenon from the Library an Information Science View point.
    Presenters: Ms Tahereh Karam and Ms Tahereh Oloumi
  14. atmitchell.com - digital journeys into collections
    Presenter: Ms Heather Mansell
  15. Subject Authority Control of Persian Medical Databases in Web Environment: A feasibility study
    Presenters: Abdol-rasoul Khosravi and Mohsen Haji Zeinolabedini
  16. A Recent Study on the Service of Specialized Libraries
    Presenter: Ms Haiyan Du
  17. Collaboration Analysis of World National Library Websites Webometric Methods
    Presenters: Mohen Haji Zeinolabedini and Ms Leila Maktabifard and Ms Farideh Osareh
  18. Who owns the Student/ Library User? - One University Library and seven Public Libraries together creating one seamless Library. A Library co-operation in the South of Sweden
    Presenter: Ms Karin Sundén
  19. Hospital Patients Libraries
    Presenter: Yu Kikuchi
  20. Interkulturelle Bibliotheksarbeit in Hamm/Westfalen - Multicultural Library Services in Hamm/Westphalia
    Presenter: Volker Pirsich
  21. Information across Boundaries - Goethe-Institut Seoul active in North Korea
    Presenters: Jürgen Keil and Ms Barbara Richter-Ngogang
  22. XOPAC - An eXtendable Open Source Catalog For Libraries
    Presenter: Michael Mönnich
  23. Managing Legal Deposit Claims and Receipts
    Presenter: Bruce Royan
  24. Out of Sight but Not Out of Mind: Preparing for an Automated Retrieval System
    Presenter: Ms Kim Taeock
  25. Online Access to CDS/ISIS databases in Bangladesh: A Success Story of SDNP Virtual Library
    Presenter: Mohammed Abu Khaled Chowdhury
  26. Integrating Information Literacy in Assignments for First-Year Course
    Presenters: Ms Ganga Dakshinamurti and Ms Lena Horne
  27. Stella, the chatbot
    Presenter: Ms Ulrike Lang
  28. Revitalizing African University Libraries
    Presenters: Ms Barbara J. Ford and Ms Susan Schnuer
  29. Memoricide: The way for killing memory
    Presenter: Edgardo Civallero
  30. Bibliographic Instruction: An Arsenal of Information Literacy
    Presenter: Binh P. Le
  31. Quality Management Systems in Malaysian Public University Libraries
    Presenter: Ms Kiran Kaur
  32. Honoring Generations: Developing the Next Generation of Indigenous Librarians
    Presenter: Ms Loreine Roy
  33. Assessment Based Planning: a Famous Approach
    Presenter: Ms Ruth Swan
  34. Página We de una biblioteca de salud y biocientifica como motor dinámico de la sociedad de la información y el conocimiento
    Presenter: Ms Lic Marlery Sánchez Díaz
  35. Outside the Web: The Kitengesa Community Library in Rural Uganda as a Community Learning Space
    Presenters: Ms Valeda Frances Dent and Ms Laurent Yannotta
  36. Librarians between offer and choice
    Presenter: Ms Silva Novljan
  37. Multilingual Collaborative Reference Service
    Presenter: Paul S. Ulrich
  38. Family Storytelling in Korean-American Families in the US
    Presenter: Ms Yeo-Joo Lim
  39. La Biblioteca Pública Cubana. Su desarrollo de 1959 a 1989
    Presenter: Miguel Viciedo Valdés
  40. A study configuration of "economic portals": what is it and what the must be - a student overview
    Presenters: Ms Massoumeh Adeli, S. Zahra Tabatabaei, Razieh Yazdannia
  41. Point Exercise in Methodological study of sustainable development of primary School Libraries
    Presenters: Ms Nastaran PoorSalehi and Ms Fatima Fahimnia
  42. The Role of Services cape Design in ICT alignment in Rural Areas of Golestan Province
    Presenters: Ms Sareh Faramarzi and Nader Naghshineh
  43. Books build bridges
    Presenter: Ms Carolyn de Klerk
  44. Codil is a power engine of the Concreta jungle in Korea (Codil: construction and transportation digital library)
    Presenter: Jung Keun Cho
  45. Slide/Case Conference-based Digital Library for Medicine at Seoul National University Digital Library
    Presenter: Jeong Mok Cho
  46. On the Function of the Academic Liaison in the Library of a hospital Affiliated to a Medical College in Scientific Research
    Presenter: Li Linping
  47. Bridges Across the Atlantic: US and Ugandan Librarians Collaborating Our Digital World
    Presenter: Ms Barbara Dewey
  48. Bibliocasilla (Mobile Library)
    Presenter: Ms Analia Cañibano
  49. The project "Library services for the persons with special needs - determining the problem of reading and writing causing the changes in the behaviour of juvenile in the young offenders institutions in Croatia"
    Presenter: Ms Dunja-Marija Gabriel
  50. Children's library: new strategy and alliances to face new challenges
    Presenter: Adrián Guerra Pensado
  51. Re-engineering Reference Statistics for Use in Strategic Staffing
    Presenter: Ms Jen-chien Yu
  52. From Mesopotamia to Ranganathan's present influence
    Presenter: Ms Mirta Consuelo Botana-Rodríguez
  53. Semi-Automatic Construction of a Faceted Scheme for Knowledge Discovery on the Web
    Presenter: Seungmin Lee
  54. The training of the "student profession" in University of Paris 8: an old and innovative example of information retrieval teaching in first year
    Presenter: Ms Mireille Lamouroux
  55. "(Not only) Turning an Idea into a Book" - International Aspects of a Successful Lecture Series at the Institute of Library and Information Science at Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
    Presenter: Ms Petra Hauke
  56. DotBot - cooperating Danish children's libraries' mutual website for children
    Presenter: Lars Aagaard
  57. Digital Workbooks applied on the Librarian Training Course
    Presenters: Akihiro Motoki adn Ms Tomoko Harada adn Takashi Nagatsuka
  58. Reading, Youth Need
    Presenter: Ms Wang Wei
  59. Information requirement of rural development scheme entitled provision of urban amenities in rural areas (Pura) in Karnatka
    Presenter: A.K. Baradol
  60. Professional Development in the Scandinavian Countries: High skilled societies calling for high skilled Librarians
    Presenter: Ms Pernille Drost
  61. Bera: creating a federal system of cooperation and sharing among school libraries
    Presenter: Ms Graciela Perrone
  62. The Development of Multicultural Library Services in Japan
    Presenter: Taku Kobayashi
  63. OASIS! The Preservation of intellectual Digital Heritage
    Presenter: Kyung-Ho Choi
  64. School Archives in Digital Collection
    Presenter: Ms Yoon Jung Shin
  65. Open Access to Financial Information in China
    Presenters: Ms Guohui Li and Michael Bailou Huang
  66. Web-OPAC for Children in Japan
    Presenter: Ms Shiho Suzuki
  67. High Quality Children's Services Around the World
    Presenter: Ms Kathy A. East
  68. Library related competitions: promoting reading habit and libraries
    Presenter: P. Venkata Rao
  69. The Strategic Direction for developing the Korean National Digital Library
    Presenter: Ms Hee-Kyeung Ryu
  70. University system information resources sharing system pattern and development in Chinese province-Example JiangSu Academic Library and Information System
    Presenter: Ms Du Pingping
  71. Japanese Library Reform under the Allied Occupation Period, 1945-1952
    Presenter: Miura Taro
  72. Freshman Seminar Library Encounter
    Presenter: Michael LaCroix
  73. Consolidated Information literacy programs?
    Presenters: Ms Irma Pasanen and Ms Eva Tolonen
  74. An Approach to Exploring Subject Headings and Classifications
    Presenters: Ms Harumi Murakami and Hiroshi Ueda and Takashi Hirata
  75. Qatar's Education City Teaching and Library facilities and services to Qatari and Gulf Region students by renown American Institutions
    Presenters: Ms Suzanne D. Gyeszly and Charles Gilreath
  76. NGO establishes first University and Library to fulfil its 30 year mission
    Presenter: Khandakar Ali Murtoza
  77. Western Pacific Regional Index Medicus (WPRIM): Current status in Republic of Korea and the Philippines
    Presenter: Jeong-Wook Seo
  78. Are you still lost in the library?
    Presenter: Eun Joo Jung
  79. Libraries: Dynamic Engines by Themselves
    Presenter: Emilio Setién-Quesada

IFLA Corner

  1. IFLA Success Stories: What do the Libraries around the world to make the information society a reality? (Que font des bibliothèques pour faire de la société de l’Information une réalité?)
    Presenter: Ms Danielle Mincio
  2. IFLA/LAC Activities 2006
    Presenter: Elizabet Ramos de Carvalho
  3. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons Section: 75th Anniversary
    Presenters: Ms Joanne Locke and Ms Nancy Panella
  4. The IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Guidelines for Development
    Presenter: John Lake
  5. Libraries in Africa - pivotal to knowledge and the information society
    Presenter: Ms Buhle Mbambo
  6. Regional Office of Asia and Oceania
    Presenter: Ms Keat Fong