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IFLA Conference

World Library and Information Congress: 72nd IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries: Dynamic Engines for the Knowledge and Information Society"

20-24 August 2006, Seoul, Korea

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Satellite Meetings in conjunction with WLIC Seoul, 2006

1. Resource Sharing, Reference and Collection Development in a Digital Age - a practical approach

IFLA sponsors:
Acquisition and Collection Development Section
Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section and
Reference and Information Services Section

Audience: Practitioners primarily working in libraries in the region
Estimated attendance: 50 - 100
Location: National library for children and young adults, in Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul (near COEX and the IFLA hotels)
Dates: 17-18 August 2006
Dissemination of Results: IFLANET
Comments: It is hoped that this will be the 1st in a series of training sessions/workshops where the involved sections will have opportunities to disseminate knowledge of IFLA principles, guidelines and best practice to practitioners in that particular region. If successful: to be repeated in South Africa 2007.
Contact: Sook Hyeun LEE, National Library, Seoul.

2. Information Resources in Traditional Medicine

IFLA sponsor: Health and Biosciences Libraries Section

Audience: Health librarians, doctors, medical professionals
Estimated attendance: 100+
Location: Kyung Hee University Medical Library, Seoul, Korea
Dates: Pre-conference
Co-Sponsor: IFLA Health and Biosciences Libraries Section would like to thank EBSCO for sponsoring this meeting and Kyunghee University for kindly hosting the day
Dissemination of Results: Journal article(s)
Comments: This is an area of immense interest in countries with their own medical traditions such as Korea. A similar event was held several years ago in Seoul and this would be a follow up meeting to explore what traditional medical resources exist around the world and how local practitioners can access this information.

3. Chinese Written and Printed Cultural Heritage and Library Work

IFLA sponsor: Rare Books and Manuscripts Section

Audience: Asian (in particular Chinese) librarians; curators of special (Eastern) collections in Western libraries and museums; preservation and restauration specialists of Chines books and paper materials
Estimated attendance: 200
Location: Zhejiang Library, Hangzhou, China
Dates: 14, 15 and 16 August 2006
Co-Sponsor: Zhejiang Library, Hangzhou, China; Possibly: the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Section
Dissemination of Results: IFLANET; printed Proceedings (to be decided)
Comments: The pre-conference will be broad in scope, but highlight some material aspects in particular.

Some envisaged topics and visits/demonstrations:
  • Chinese book history
  • Chinese library history
  • damaged rare books and manuscripts' repair and recovering
  • the 440 years old Tian Yi Ge library
  • traditional Chinese book printing and binding
  • ancient Chinese paper making of bamboo
  • traditional Chinese brush pen making
Contacts: Mrs Dr Cheng Xiaolan (chengxl@zjlib.net.cn) and Dr Lin Zuzao (linzz@zjlib.net.cn) in Hangzhou, China.
The organizing committee can also be reached via hpc2006ifla@zjlib.net.cn.
Liaison person of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section: Jan Bos (jan.bos@kb.nl). Hangzhou poster View and download the poster

4. Library Management and Marketing in a Multicultural World

IFLA sponsor: Management and Marketing Section

Location: Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Dates: Pre-conference 16-17 August 2006
» Shanghai Pudong New Area Government
» Shanghai Library
» Shanghai Pudong New Area Library
» Shanghai Life Sciences Library
» Chinese Academy of Sciences
Special Supporter:
» Communication and Cooperation Committee
» China Society for Library Science

5. (Annual) Satellite Meeting Parliamentary Libraries

IFLA sponsor: Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section

Audience: Members and other participants Section
Location: National Assembly Library, Seoul, Korea
Dates: Pre-conference (3 days)
Co-Sponsor: Korean Parliament
Dissemination of Results: Newsletter

6. Scholarly Information on East Asia in the 21st Century

IFLA sponsor: Asia and Oceania Section

  • Librarians who build and work with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language collections outside of these countries;
  • Librarians who serve users of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultural background who live outside of these countries;
  • Members of the library communities in China, Japan, and Korea who work with the materials in these languages;
  • Vendors and service providers who meet the needs of these library communities in and outside of their respective countries.
Estimated attendance: 100-150
Location: Yonsei University in Seoul
Dates: 18 August 2006
Co-Sponsors: Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL) of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS); Korean Education & Research Information Service (KERIS);
Korean Library Association (KLA)
Contacts: Philip Melzer, Library of Congress, USA and Joy Kim, University of Southern California, USA.
  • Register online!
    There is NO fee to attend the CEAL pre-conference, but pre-registeration is required. On-site registration will be offered ONLY IF space is available.
  • Programme

7. Preservation and Conservation in Asia

IFLA sponsors: Preservation and Conservation Section,
Asia and Oceania Section, and
IFLA/PAC Core Activity
Objectives: Library materials including various traditional formats in Asian countries are at a serious crisis. There are some reasons: political and social situations in the area, peculiar climate unsuitable for preservation and insufficient resources for preservation (experts, fund, knowledge, etc.). Under this circumstance, the meeting will aim at the following:
  1. To grasp the situation of preservation in Asia;
  2. To identify preservation needs in Asian countries;
  3. To coordinate present preservation activities in Asia and discuss the future form of collaboration.
It will be an occasion for librarians and experts, who are interested in preservation and conservation of Asia, to gather from all parts of the world and to communicate with each other. And it will motivate participants to develop preservation activities in Asia. Location: National Diet Library, Tokyo, Japan
Dates: Pre-conference 16-17 August 2006
Co-Sponsor: National Diet Library, Tokyo, Japan.