IFLA Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC Core Programme (UBCIM)

Plan of Action
Regional Seminar on Bibliographic Control

Seminar delegates and participants from all the countries in the Southeast Asian region strongly urge that the following Plan of Action be undertaken:



1. Legal Deposit

    i. all governing bodies for National Libraries/National Bibliographic Agencies of Southeast Asia must take steps to ensure there is a legal deposit provision in the country;

    ii. countries with Legal Deposit provisions must ensure that the National Libraries/National Bibliographic Agencies take concrete and effective steps to enforce the Act, especially in acquiring government publications.

2. National Bibliographies

    i. countries which have not published or have stopped publishing their national bibliography need to make financial provisions and set priorities to publish current national bibliographies of all their national imprints;

    ii. National Libraries/National Bibliographic Agencies which have published their national bibliographies must ensure that they are current in their publication and that they cover all the national publishing output regardless of forms;

    iii. the publication of retrospective national bibliography not covered by the legal deposit should be considered; iv. each National Library/National Bibliographic Agency should ensure that copies of their national bibliography are made available to all countries in the Southeast Asian region through the exchange of publications programme.

3. Cataloguing Standards

National Libraries/National Bibliographic Agencies in Southeast Asia must play a leading role in setting up a National Cataloguing Committee to look into the formulation and adoption of various national and international bibliographic standards.

4. Non-Roman, multilingual and multiscript materials

Non-Roman, multilingual and multiscript materials IFLA Division on Bibliographic Control Section on Cataloguing and Division on Information Technology together with National Libraries/National Bibliographic Agencies in Southeast Asia must make a concerted effort to study the problems of documenting non-Roman, multilingual and multiscript materials faced by the South East Asian region and provide the necessary guidelines on it.

5. Malay Language Materials

Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore should establish the following cooperative projects due to the common usage of Bahasa Melayu:

    i. Union catalog of Malay language materials
    ii. Authority files on personal names


National Libraries/National Bibliographic Agencies should look into the possibility of using UNIMARC for purposes of exchanging records with other countries.

7. Training

IFLA to continue conducting relevant training/workshops/conferences and consultancy pertaining to bibliographic control in the Southeast Asian region especially to countries less advanced in their bibliographic activities.


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