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Official Press Releases



Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA
The British Library, Library and Archives Canada, the Library of Congress and the National Library of Australia to work together on implementation of RDA: Resource Description and Access

French translation

IFLA receives $1M Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grant to Support Work for Libraries

IFLA Regional Office for Africa established

IFLA Centre for Arabic Speaking Libraries and Information Institutions Established

IFLA French Language Centre Established in the University Library, Dakar, Senegal

IFLA Russian Language Centre Established in the Russian State Library, Moscow

International report on library and information services for visually impaired people
Part I: Summary Report
Part 2: Country studies
Part 3: Appendices

Ulverscroft/IFLA Best Practice Awards 2007

Communiqué de presse: Ulverscroft/IFLA Prix de la meilleure pratique 2007

Pressemitteilung: Ulverscroft/IFLA Förderpreise 2007

Пресс-релиз: Секция Библиотек для слепых ИФЛА 2007

Comunicado de Prensa: Ulverscroft/IFLA Premios a Mejores Prácticas 2007


Winners of the 4th IFLA International Marketing Award for 2006

"Information Literacy for all" - News Release


IFLA protests crack down of intellectual freedom in Tunisia

IFLA, WSIS and intellectual freedom in Tunisia

Invitation to the lecture by Peter Johan Lor, Secretary General of IFLA: What's so international about international librarianship?

IFLA protests closure of libraries and violations of human rights in Turkmenistan

Guust van Wesemael Literacy Prize 2005: Chinese Winner!

2005 IFLA/OCLC Fellows Program
Deadline Approaching


Cultural Emergency Response: First Activity of the Cultural Emergency Response for Baghdad University Library concluded

IFLA supports Open Access movement

Librarians' deep concern over Cuba's move to restrict Internet access


Donation from the Netherlands to IFLA's Freedom of Information programme

IFLA appoints new Secretary General

Libraries @ the Heart of the Information Society

IFLA/IPA Joint Press Release: Publishers and librarians promote freedom of expression on the Internet

Launch of the IFLA/FAIFE World Report 2003

World Library and Information Congress Succeeds in Berlin

IFLA/FAIFE Media Release: IFLA calls on US allow visits and information to and from Cuba

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Feature - Save our libraries!

IFLA/FAIFE Media Release: Libraries are for democracy not surveillance

Resolution: The European Association of Middle East Librarians / Association Européenne des Bibliothécaires du Moyen-Orient

Libraries Help Bridge Digital Divide

IFLA/FAIFE Media Release: Intellectual freedom in Cuba

ICBS - Statement on the international support pledged for the reconstruction of the Cultural Heritage in Afghanistan

ICBS - Statement on the Destruction of Cultural Property in the Middle East

Statement by the International Committee of the Blue Shield on the impact of a war on cultural heritage in Iraq

Communiqué du Comité international du Bouclier Bleu (ICBS) concernant l'impact d'une guerre sur le patrimoine culturel iraquien

New name for major international library conference

Ein neuer Name für die größte internationale Bibliothekskonferenz

Russian text


North American mirror of IFLANET now launched

Publishers and Librarians Promote Freedom of Expression

Launch of the IFLA/FAIFE Summary Report 2002: Libraries, Conflicts and the Internet

Publishers and librarians agree on the preservation of digital information

Congrex Holland appointed as Core PCO for IFLA

Signature de l'accord INIST-CNRS/IFLA : Ouverture du site IFLANET sur le serveur de l'INIST-CNRS

Camels help provide Library Services

Public and School Libraries debated in Rabat, Morocco

Donkeys help provide Multi-media Library Services

Now available: Education and research for marketing and quality management in libraries


Joint Press Release: IFLA/IPA - Publishers and librarians promote common principles on copyright in the electronic environment
12 October 2001

Terrorism, the Internet and Free Access to Information
04 October 2001

Launch of the first IFLA/FAIFE World Report on Libraries and Intellectual Freedom
30 August 2001

Librarians and publishers working to a common agenda
23 August 2001

Colombian Winner of Guust van Wesemael Literacy Prize 2001
8 June 2001

IFLA protests closure of British Council Library in Zimbabwe
21 May 2001

IFLA approves Licensing Principles
2 May 2001

IFLA approves New Principles and Guidelines for International Lending and Document Delivery
1 May 2001

Reconstruction of Libraries in Kosova/Kosovo
13 March 2001

Christine Deschamps Returned Unopposed
15 February 2001

IFLA Offers New Student Affiliate Membership
6 February 2001

IFLA approves List of Professional Priorities
6 February 2001

UNESCO supports Workshop for Archivists and Librarians on Safeguarding African Documentary Heritage
16 January 2001

German Federal President Johannes Rau Patron to IFLA 2003 Berlin
16 January 2001

IFLA cooperates with UNESCO on Virtual Library for the Mediterranean Region
16 January 2001


IFLA Issues New Professional Education Guidelines
13 December 2000

IFLA Announces New Director for FAIFE
12 December 2000

Guidelines for Legal Deposit Legislation
9 November 2000

New ALP Director Appointed
23 October 2000

Reconstruction of Libraries in Kosovo
18 October 2000

IFLA Position on Copyright in the Digital Environment
15 August 2000

Cambridge University Press joins IFLA as Silver Corporate Partner
26 April 2000

International Conference on National Bibliographic Services (ICNBS)
27 March 2000

Building a virtual library
22 March 2000

La Bibliothèque virtuelle en question
22 March 2000

Joint Kosovo Libraries Mission of Unesco, CoE and IFLA/FAIFE
10 March 2000

Joint Kosovo Libraries Mission of Unesco, CoE and IFLA/FAIFE
16 February 2000

IFLA's Secretary General Honoured
05 January 2000

IFLA/UBCIM Publication on Choice's 36th Annual List of Outstanding Academic Titles
05 January 2000


IFLA Council Report 1997-1999
20 December 1999

School Library Manifesto Ratified by UNESCO
November 26, 1999

IFLA Goes to Buenos Aires in 2004
September 13, 1999

Honorary IFLA Fellowship for Warren Horton
September 6, 1999

Newly Elected IFLA's Professional Board Members
August 27, 1999

Newly Elected IFLA's Executive Board Members
August 25, 1999

OCLC to Sponsor New IFLA Early Career Development Fellowship
August 24, 1999

Unesco Awards IFLA US$ 10,000 For New Legal Deposit Guidelines
August 22, 1999

Substantial NCLIS Grant for IFLA
June 1, 1999

Statement on Libraries and Intellectual Freedom

Declaración de la IFLA sobre las bibliotecas y la libertad intelectual
March 24, 1999

International Information Management Congress, IMC '99 - Amsterdam
March 17, 1999

IFLA's New Secretary General, Ross Shimmon
January 12, 1999


VACANCY STATEMENT : Secretary General of IFLA

Profile of the Secretary General of IFLA
October 8, 1998


Profil du poste de Secretaire Général de l'IFLA
October 8, 1998

Thanks for coming to Amsterdam
September 2, 1998

The IFLA / FAIFE Office in Copenhagen is now in operation!
September 1, 1998

Hans Neschen A.G., Germany, becomes IFLA Sustaining Sponsor
June 24, 1998

Major IFLA Membership Mailing
March 12, 1998

IFLA Headquarters welcomes a new Coordinator of Professional Activities
February 20, 1998


The Presidents' fund for IFLA participation from the developing world
December 1997

Highlights of the 1997 IFLA Conference, 31 August - 5 September 1997
October 17, 1997

IFLA welcomes three new Sponsors!
October 14, 1997

IFLA 97 Election Results
October 9, 1997

IFLA elections held in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday, 31 August 1997
September 12, 1997

African libraries mailing list
August 1997.

ALA Melvil Dewey Medal recipient named
August 1997.

Lancement du premier site miroir d'IFLANET
March 1997.

First mirror of IFLANET now launched
February 1997.

Report of the WIPO Diplomatic Conference 2-20th December 1996
January 1997.


Address to the Closing Session of the 48th FID Congress and General Conference, Graz, 25 October 1996
November 1996.

Nominations for Standing Committee Members
November 1996.

Comments on the proposed new treaties in the copyright field under discussion within WIPO
November 1996.

Progress In Unifying South African Librarians and Information Workers
October 1996.

Nominations for Standing Committee Members, 1997-2001 term
October 1996.

Position paper on copyright in the electronic environment
October 1996.

Highlights from IFLA '96 - Beijing, China - An Overwhelming Experience!
October 1996.

Robert Wedgeworth Awarded ICA Medal of Honour
June 11, 1996.

IFLA '96 - Beijing, China promises to break all records!
June 13, 1996.

Hong Kong Library Association - The Pre-IFLA 1996 Programme
June 5, 1996.

IFLA and IPA face the challenge of Libraries, Copyright and the Electronic Environment
May 28, 1996.

Committee on Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (CAIFE)
April 23, 1996.

IFLA Directory 1996/1997
April 22, 1996.

IFLA Beijing Conference well on track!
March 15, 1996.


IFLA Council speaks out in favour of worldwide Access to Information and Freedom of Expression.
September 22, 1995.

Key Figures in IFLA
September 22, 1995.