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Standing Committee Meetings during Glasgow Conference, 17 and 23 August, 2002

Meeting 1: Saturday, 17.8.2002, 08.30-11.20 (meeting room: Morar)

Meeting 2: Friday, 23.8.2002, 08.00-10.00 (meeting room: Carron 1)

Location: Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC)


Present at both meetings: Assumpta Bailac (AB), Klaus-Peter Boettger (K-PB), Elena Boretti (EB), Jarmila Burgetova (JB), Barbara H. Clubb (BC) - Chair, Kerstin Hassner (KH), Torny Kjekstad (TK), Gunilla Konradsson Mortin (GK), John Lake (JL), Ngian Lek Choh (NLC), Bernie Margolis (BM), Tuula Martikainen (TUM), Florence Ponce (FP), Mary Sherman (MS), Borge Sondergard (BS) - Secretary, Jan-Ewout van der Putten (JEP) - Information Coordinator

Present at first meeting: Kerstin Hassner (KH), Clara Budnik Sinay (CB)

Present at second meeting: Nerses Heyrapetyan

Apologies: Vladimir Firsov (VF)

Absent: Fernando Platero (FP)


1'st meeting: Britt Marie Häggström (Sweden) Bodil Have (Denmark), Laurette Mackey (Canada), Carol Erickson (USA)

2'nd meeting: Domenico Ciccarello (Italy), Francisco Armando Fernandes (Portugal), Gloria Rodriques (Columbia), Sinikka Sipilä (Finland), Darren Hoerner (USA), Silvija Linina (Latvia), Sumita Vallabl (South Africa), Mpopi Kgaodi (Botswana), Richard M. Atuti (Kenya), Deborah Nyabundi (Kenya), Carol Erickson (USA), Barbara Gubbin (USA), Laurette Mackey (Canada), Pedro Kavungo (Angola)

1. Opening, Announcements and Documents Check (BC)

The Chair bid a heartily welcome to Scotland and Glasgow and asked everyone present to introduce himself or herself. BC mentioned, that the committee had two new members, Nerses Hayrapetyan and Fernando Platero, who, unfortunately, were not present. NH and FP are substitutes for Georgeta Clinka and Robert Pestell.

As at every IFLA Conference, the committee has to appoint a member for one-hour duty at the IFLA booth during the conference. BS volunteered.

2. Approval of the Agenda (BC and BS)

It was decided to bring item 17 forward on the Agenda, so it was dealt with on the first meeting. Otherwise the Agenda was approved as presented.

3. The Chair's Report (BC)

BC just wanted to state a few things:

  • She strongly recommended that a member from the committee attend each section meeting of the three regional sections. They very much want cooperation and a liaison with other sections. The purpose was to attend, introduce Section 8 (Public Libraries), mention the work of the Section and ask for help to market the guidelines. It was decided, that BC would go to the Africa Section, CB to South America and the Caribbean section and JL to Asia and Oceania Section.
  • Conference registrations are high. At present there were more than 4000 registered from 117 countries. There were to be 31 different library visits and the IFLA EXPRESS would be in all IFLA languages
  • BC urged everyone to be at the Opening Session well in time before start, as a surprise was in stall!
  • For the Edinburgh tattoo, coaches would run all day from 10 am to 4.30 pm from outside the Conference Centre. It was a bit of a pity, that Edinburgh and library visits conflicted with our workshop on Thursday
  • Section dinner will be at 8 Saturday 17'Th in "78 Vincent Street" and BC hoped to see many of the members to a guided tour at the Mitchell Library in the afternoon. Thanks to JL for arranging both events.

4. Approval and Follow-up of the Minutes form the Singapore Meeting, March 2002

Minutes were approved

5. Reports from Coordinating Board, Division III (BC and BS)

Minutes from the March 2002 Meeting have been circulated and there will be reports from the CB Meeting of 16 August 2002.

BC wanted to highlight a few things from the CB meeting, Friday 16.8.

  • Guest speakers at Open Forums must still pay registration fee. Professional Committee (PC) announced, that this couldn't be altered before 2005. BC and BS had protested wildly to this and the Chair of DIV III, John Day, promised to go back to PC and tell them, that this embarrassing procedure must stop the sooner the better. John Day reported, that PC, though, in its wisdom had allowed one free guest speaker pr. Division (grotesque!)
  • PC had not yet approved the Section's strategic plan 2002-2003, but it is up on the web in the form, that we like - and that is the most important. There are suggestions, that the report on the strategic plan is to be incorporated into fall financial report
  • In Berlin PC wants the Open Sessions/Forums limited to 2 hours from 2&#frac12 hours and the second Standing Committee meeting limited to 1&#frac12 hour. Again, BC and BS had protested wildly, and John Day would bring back our discontent to PB meeting during the Conference.
  • In spite of rumours, Buenos Aires is still on as Conference Location for 2004. Governing Board (GB) had just reaffirmed
  • GB is having their winter meeting December 12 to 14 in the Hague
  • Elisabeth Lundgren, Chair of the Children's Section, announced the creation of a new International prize to author's of children's books, instituted by the Swedish Ministry of Culture in honour of Astrid Lindgren. It is to be a prize to be compared with the Nobel Prize for literature. The Swedish organisers had asked for a liaison with IFLA, and we all agreed that it should be the Children's Section.
  • To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the School Library Section a children's model library has been built in the Exhibition Area. Please visit.
  • Richard Tucker (Blind Section) introduced a whole new funding scheme for development projects where libraries can buy "shares" in a project and get the possibility of winning a trip to check out their "investment".
  • Planning group for Berlin Divisions III Open Session Elisabeth Lundgren, Rosemary Kavanaugh and BS. BS asked for good ideas. The theme is: "Access Point Library: Media-Information-Culture"

6. Reports from Professional Committee (BC and BS)

Minutes have been circulated by email, but can also be found at: http://archive.ifla.org/III/pb/pcm0302.htm

This Item was dealt with under #5.

7. Report on Membership (BS)

The total number of members August 2002 is 328, so we are sure of getting the highest administrative money. But we have room for many more members, please make an effort to get at least two new members in your own country. The Committee had a long discussion on a promotion leaflet aimed specifically to public libraries. A draft had been made by PC/GB, without involving officers of our section. We decided not to be offended, and worked out at lot of corrections and ideas for BC and BS to bring to a meeting later on Saturday with Kelly Moore, Membership Manager IFLA HQ.

8. Finances (BC)

Financial Report was distributed by email, and showed the finances in very good standing with a balance of EURO 4541,18. Unfortunately the money is Canadian $ and due to the rising of the Euro and dropping of Canadian Dollars, the real balance is EURO 3648,40. BC will try and find a way for the money to stay on an account in Europe, and in this way secure the value of the amount. BC urged members to use their project money, so we don't have too much carry over.

9. IFLA Internet Manifesto (JB)

The Manifesto was prepared by FAIFE and approved by the Governing Board 27 March 2002. You will find it in English, French, German and Spanish in IFLA Journal, Vol. 28 (2002) No 2., and page 81-84. You can also find it at http://archive.ifla.org/III/misc/im-e.htm. JB had prepared an introduction to the discussion. The committee was very much in harmony in praising the Manifesto, so it didn't need that much discussion. The Manifesto is in very fine balance with the Public Libraries Guidelines and the Public Library Manifesto.

10. Putting the Library Question on top of the Agenda for the Local Politicians (KH)

KH, Sweden gave an introduction to the discussion. She advocated for a dedicated involvement of politicians, them being the main entrance to understanding and money. But how can we attract their interest? Some members found that public libraries were so good, that they were of no interest to politicians; and libraries were also not very "dangerous or sexy" subjects in the political spectre. We need to develop tools on how most successfully to attract politicians, and several members suggested a workshop at a later stage. How about inviting politicians to attend the IFLA conferences? Bring your local politicians with you. BS told about how the Danish Library Association is actually run by politicians and professional in combination. Could this be a model for other National Associations? The professionals have to let go on influence and split power with the politicians.

11. Third Pan African Conference on Reading for All (BC)

The Conference will take place in Kampala, Uganda, 18 to 22 August 2003. The Section has been invited to give a paper or just to participate. Material has been circulated. KH will represent the Section in Kampala.

12. Elections of Vacancies in the Committee for 2003-2007 (BS)

The closing time for nomination will be set for February 2003, so the Committee will have to deal with the issue now. There will be seven vacancies, which are:

Assumpta Bailac (leaving permanently)

Clara Budnik, Florence Poncé, Mary Sherman and Borge Sondergard (can serve a 2'nd term).

Nerses Hayrapetyan and Fernando Platero who has just joined the committee as substitutes for Georgeta Clinka and Robert Pestell will also have to leave but may run again if they wish.

By the time of the meeting in Glasgow it was known that FB, MS and BS would run for a second term. There is no news on CB, NH an FP.

The Committee agreed, that it was important to try not to have more than 1 member from each country on the committee and that we should search for members from the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. We do have a contact in China, who is interested, Ms Li Jingxia from Wuhan. For the next year she will serve as corresponding member. BC will write the African Section or Kay Raseroka for suggestions of candidates. Gloria Rodriques will try to find a Caribbean candidate.

13. Country Reports (all)

Due to lack of time the country reports were just handed out and not debated. They will go on the website

14. Review of Strategic Plan 2002-2003

The plan has been circulated, but can also be found at http://archive.ifla.org/VII/s8/annual/sp08.htm. Professional Committee (!) has not yet approved the Strategic Plan.

There were the following comments to the Plan (se: http://archive.ifla.org/VII/s8/annual/sp08.htm):

1.1.a) Running as planned

1.1.b) Solved by the Rabat conference in 2001 and the upcoming Kampala Conference in 2003

1.1.c) New Conference in Cartagena in Oct. 2003. The School and Public Manifesto will be discussed in Trinidad. They need help for translation

1.1.d) we mount them, as we receive them

1.2) We want to have the discussion group on "Libraries and democracies" for the years to come, but we do not want it to become an IFLA Discussion group, but keep it within the Section. K-PB will find a room in Berlin and JL+K-PB and MS will work on the discussion group

2.1) It is well on the road and will be further developed under item 15e on the Agenda

2.2) Guidelines now translated into 18 different languages - 5 are on the website. BC had been promised translation into 18 different Indian languages and Malay

2.2) The Rabat conference will be followed up in Uganda next year

2.3) BS will contact Chair of Children's Section to ensure co-op on the Children's Guidelines. A draft is discussed at the Glasgow Conference, and the Section is still not sure whether it shall go for genuine guidelines or merely descriptions.

2.4) No news

2.5) A cooperation with Statistic's Section for a Buenos Aires workshop has been initiated. NLC (lead), FP, GK, K-PB will liaison with the Statistic's Section. We want to emphasise the importance of combining this work with our own project on User Needs (AB and JL)

2.6) Is well under way and will be further dealt with under item 15d on the Agenda

2.7) Section miss a lead on this project. K-PB will lead when his work with the Berlin Conference is done

3.1) A discussion in Boston resulted in several items on this years Open Forum as well as the subject has been reflected several places in the Strategic Plan. 3.1 is considered done!

4.1) Computer literacy project is considered done at the end of the Glasgow Conference. A major workshop will summarize good practises on Thursday and the presentations will go on our website

5.1 TK has taken lead of the Life Long Learning project from Britt Marie Häggström. GK will work with TK to ensure a workshop on the matter in Berlin

6.1 BC has a researcher on the item and will be able to report on the Winter Meeting 2003. TK told that in Norway libraries, museums and archives are now in the same governmental act.

7.1) There is nothing to report. EBLIDA is constantly working with the issues. JEP will report at Winter Meeting 2003

8.1) We still want to pursue a joint conference with the marketing and management Section but we put it on a hold for the time being

9.1) Everyone must get at least two new members

10.1) Nothing to report

10.2) MS is now Chair of PLA International Committee. She will campaign for the Section

10.3) Done

10.4) Continuing process

10.5) Will happen

11.1) Will happen through the week

11.2) Will be planned under item 18 on the Agenda

11.3 BM put forward a suggestion in Singapore, that the surplus of the Boston conference should be used to support standing Committee Members from poorer countries. The motion had been forwarded to DIV III but GB has resolved, that the surplus from Boston shall be used to withstand IFLA conferences with deficits.

12.1) Nothing new

12.2) BC and BS are still hammering at PC's door through CB of DIV III

15. Review of Ongoing Projects

  1. Life Long Learning (TK). TK and GK will lead a workshop in Berlin. This, together with a report from Britt Marie Häggström, will complete the project
  2. Computer Literacy (FP and BS). BS and FP will conduct a workshop within the Glasgow Conference and will mount the presentations on the website
  3. UNET evaluation (KH). KH will report on the evaluation in Winter Meeting 2003 and final report on the evaluation on the Open Forum in Berlin.
  4. Meeting User Needs (AB and JL) - a scoping document has been circulated. JL went trough the ideas listed in the scoping document. We want a swift working group, very practical oriented and good practises will go on the website. EB is now joining the working group lead by JL and AB. If anyone in or outside the Committee has good examples on meeting User Needs please report to the group no later than December 2003. The group wants to take in the issues of performance measurements as well. We decided on a workshop in Berlin and results to go on the website. JL will send a formal request for help with the project and will write a small piece in the Newsletter. BC will ask for money to the project in DIV. III. (We got it!)
  5. Marketing Guidelines (BC and JL)
  • A follow-up on plans in your own country
  • Achievements since last meeting
  • Plans for the next year

BC presented a very detailed paper on how to deal with this, the Section's biggest project. Thanks to this paper, we now have a well-described strategic plan for dissemination of the guidelines. BC's revised paper will be sent to the Standing Committee and will be presented on the website.

K.G. Saur has generously promised us copies of the printed Guidelines at a 60% discount in order to support our plan to send each library school in the world one copy.

16. Website, Newsletter and Brochure (van der Putten)

The website is constantly being updated thanks to the devoted work of Anne Hottenhuis in NBLC. There has been two Newsletters since Singapore (one short and precise and only on-line) the other an ordinary Newsletter. It was sent on-line to all members, and only those, who specifically asked for a printed version (or e-mail addresses bouncing back) were offered a printed version (print on demand?). There will be a small electronic Newsletter in late September/early October and an ordinary big Newsletter in December. The new revised brochure will go on our website in PDF format. Please send corrections as soon as possible to JEP.

17. Programme for IFLA 2002 in Glasgow

The Committee went through plans, agreements and arrangements

18. Programme for IFLA 2003 in Berlin (all)

The Berlin Conference will take place from 1 to 9 August 2003 in Berlin. Standing Committee meetings will take place on Saturday 2 and Friday 8. K-PB will seek for the first meting to take place in a Berlin public library, as well as a tour of the library. K-PB will arrange the Section dinner (maybe Saturday Night isn't such a good idea, the officers we blamed from some colleagues, that they didn't attend the Officers Reception in Glasgow, as it is a good place to network - maybe Tuesday would be a good idea). Things to remember concerning Standing Committee meetings: Produce special identification for members to wear (ribbons, buttons???), bring extra copies of Agenda and make sure, that the room is equipped with enough chairs for the guests to use.

Open Session: It was decided to set up at steering organising group in charge of the Open Session Programme. NLC (lead), K-PB and JEP were elected. At this time four topics were suggested:

  • Public Library Digital Networks in Germany (K-PB)
  • The Bertelsmann Projects (K-PB)
  • Final evaluation of UNET(KH)
  • Maybe something from pre-conference on library building (FP)

IFLA Programme Enquiry Form (P) must be filled out and sent to IFLA HQ before 18 November 2002.

Details on Open Forum: Introduce members of SC through PowerPoint. Strategic Plan, Newsletter and Brochure to be ready as handouts. Should members great the participants in the door?

Open Session - Division III: BS is elected to a planning group. The theme will be: "Public Libraries as Access Points: Media - Information - Culture - with Special Emphasis on Guaranteeing Human Culture and Values". Someone from our Section should be prepared to talk about how; the Section through its work has contributed to exactly that. There should also be a presentation on Public Libraries in Germany (K-PB?)

Workshops: We will go for two workshops in Berlin in this prioritised order:

  1. Life Long Learning final presentation and discussion (full day) (TK and GK)
  2. User needs (half day?) (JL and AB)

IFLA Programme Enquiry Form (P) must be filled out and sent to IFLA HQ before 18 November 2002.

Discussion Groups:

  1. Libraries and Democracy (MS) to be held offsite conference centre
  2. Public Libraries Section joint with Statistics Section - NLC (lead) with FP, GK and K-PB

Pre-Conference: A pre-conference is to be held in Paris, France 27 July to 1 August 2003. It is a joint conference organised by Library Buildings and Equipments Section and Public Libraries Section. FP is our lead and liaison.

Other possibilities: Joint workshop with Libraries for the Blind Section, with the following topics:

  • Friendly OPACs and Websites
  • Model of Service
  • Reader Development
  • Marketing Services

Lead: BC

19. Preliminary Programme for IFLA 2004 Buenos Aires and 2005 Oslo (all)

To be discussed further at Winter Meeting 2003 and Standing Committee meetings in Berlin. One topic could be "Political Advocacy".

Nothing on Oslo yet.

20. Other Reports and Items

EB invited the Standing Committee to hold the Winter Meeting 2003 in Bologna. The Committee heartily accepted the invitation. There were some discussion on dates. Many would like to go at the same time of the Bologna Bookfair, but this is late March and maybe then too late, if we have to deal with items for the Berlin Conference (15 March is probably the latest IFLA HQ can receive material?). BC would like it to be consecutive to the CB Meeting of Division III in The Hague. Dates will be announced ASAP.

21. Closing

BC heartily thanked the Members for a brilliant meeting and a good programme in Glasgow over the week. She thanked all the guests for their participation in the meeting and she wished everybody a safe journey home.

BM expressed his thanks to BC and BS for an excellent organised meeting.

Borge Sondergard, Secretary


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