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Section for Public Libraries meeting Saturday August 12 and August 18 2000 in Jerusalem



Bailac,Assumpta, Spain
Bakken,Frode, Norge
Budnik,Sinay,Clara, Chile
Burgetova,Jarmila, Czech Republica
Clubb,Barbara CHAIR, Canada
Diament,Nic, France
Firsov,Vladimir, Russia
Gill Philip, United Kingdom
Glashoff,Ilona, Germany
Haavisto Tuula, Finland
Häggström,Britt Marie SECRETARY, Sweden
Hassner,Kerstin, Sweden
Margolis,Bernard, Usa
Pestell Robert (August 18), Australia
Ponce,Florence, France
Sherman,Mary, USA
Sondergard,Borge (INFORMATION OFFICER), Denmark
Stridde, Reinhard (August 12 ), Germany

Minutes from the SC meeting on the 12 and the 18 of August in Jerusalem

1. Chair Barbara Clubb opened the meeting and welcomed all present.

Apologises were given from Nerses Hayrapetyan, Armenia who could not attend due to economic reasons. Georgeta Clinca Romania has not answered to mail, fax or e-mail. Djarmila Burgetova will try to find Madame Clinca.

Other comments
Tuula Haavisto Finland will be replaced by someone else at the Boston meeting. Reinhardt Stridde will not be able to attend the meetings due to economic restrictions in Leipzig. MR Stridde is resigning from the standing committee.

2. The agenda was approved . One point at other business was added. An important foundation is interested in the work of the section.

3. Minutes from the SC meeting in Paris were approved and there were no matters arising from the minutes.

4. Chairperson´s report.

The meeting in Jerusalem has attracted 1600 participants. Some practical matters for the meeting concerning availability of food and registration possibilities during the Sabbath.

A reviewed document on the Quality and Standards of contributed papers is has been prepared by Jan Johnson ,former chair of PB

This is a presentation of the most controversial points.

Reviewed documents are often of poor quality
Standards for papers are prepared by Dan Johnson former chair of the professional board.

The standards haves following points :

a) To Identify items

b) Call for papers will be two years in advance

c) Referreed papers should be given

d) Invited speakers should have a reduced rate

e) No late incoming papers will be published ever

The suggested points caused many comments from the SC members.

Philip Gill gave some all covering comments, saying that some of the suggestions were rather good; others not.

Ilona Glashoff was concerned about the contributed papers to the open sessions. She expressed her fear that IFLA instead of being helpful to get papers for the different meetings rather prevented people from writing.

BM Häggström raised the importance of getting a balance between high quality and no papers at all.

Bernhard Margolis suggested that papers should be accepted by National organisations before they were sent to IFLA

Florence Ponce wanted small groups with well identified topics.

Clara Budnik wanted in the same direction short 10 minutes papers rather than too long.

All the members rejected the proposal of getting papers two years in advance.

A final draft of the Professional Profiles of IFLA is out for comments. Chair urged all to react on the document and to use the valuable document in all work related to IFLA

Students participation in IFLA meetings was discussed. The SC taxed on the statement that IFLA would loose money if students got a reduced rate. All reduced rates from students will be on the top of the incomes of IFLA. Today very few students attend IFLA meetings.

The SC was in favour of many more students at IFLA meetings.

There will be an extraordinary Council meeting on Friday if the votes are not in favour of the suggested changes. There has been a voting process by post ballots. A report was given from the Crimea meeting. The Crimea meeting is growing in importance and size for countries in the former Soviet Union.

The new school library manifesto can be translated by individual country or association initiative.

5. The mid term program was reviewed.

6. The Jerusalem program was reviewed

7. The section has their booth service on Tuesday August 15. Borge Sondergaard, Assumpta Bailac and Frode Bakken will be in the booth presenting the section.

8. Reports from the projects.

Guidelines for public libraries will be translated into all UNESCO languages. UNESCO will pay for the translation.

The Guidelines has been verbally promoted by Philip Gill in Finland, Portugal and Italy.

Promotion plan is to be discussed.
Some examples of best practise will be annexed to the guidelines.
There is need fore more examples on libraries and lifelong learning.
There must be a strategy for implementation.

The role of Public libraries in lifelong learning. BM Häggström, Assumpta Bailac

The draft of the project was profoundly discussed in the section.

It was stated that the description must be more explanatory distinct and clear. There are risks for misunderstanding in many Spanish speaking countries.

An open invitation to give best practise examples will be given at this meeting.

The research part of the project is of vital importance.

Feasibility study on computer literacy. Borge Sondergaard, Florence Ponce´

This project should merge into a bigger project.
This is a topic for the Glasgow meeting


An updated report was given by Kerstin Hassner. The project can be followed on the projects website

10. Sponsorship

No further progress in the area was reported by Mary Sherman.

11. Report from the Ibero American area Assumpta Bailac and Clara Budnik

The Ibero American library associations will have their second meeting in Antigua.

Assumpta Bailac will present the guidelines and the life long learning project.

There will be a meeting in Santa Cruz Bolivia organised by the minister of culture in Spain. There will be three workshops with 30 -40 participants dealing with important library matters.

The Spanish government has established a co-operative program with Panama in order to raise activities in public libraries.

12. Report on the CLM meeting.Frode Bakken

The CLM group have had two meetings where public library matters were discussed.

The subject was public libraries and licensing

    A draft suggestion will be sent around for consultation by the SOROS -EBSCO consortia.

    A question is if IFLA can be responsible for licensing for public libraries.

Different licensing models will be put on the web.
Tuula Haavistos paper will also be on the web.

The Canadian library association together with the American Library Association has been active in the WTO meeting in Seattle on behalf of the libraries. Further lobbying on national and European level will be necessary.

13. Report from the FAIFE meetings. Britt Marie Häggström

The report on the situation in Kosovo is presented at the Jerusalem meeting. It is also available on the web.

The FAIFE world report is also ready and Mrs Häggström asked the section if their country reports could be sent to FAIFE. The SC members agreed.

14. The Boston meeting

It was great concern about the costs of living in Boston. Bernhard Margolis assured that the organisers will try to find all possible subsidies to make it cheaper to come to the Boston meeting.

Suggestions for the sections program at the Boston meeting.

General topics are copyright and licensing.
Library of the future.
Steve Cissler will organize a presentation about public libraries and Telecenters the impact of the society of public libraries.
Another theme will be outsourcing.
Lifelong learning
And the School library manifesto and the UNESCO Public library manifesto.
The librarians profession in relation to the guideline.
The model public library of the future. ( Richmond, BC, Canada).

The program will be finalized at the mid term meeting.

15. Mid term meeting

The mid term meeting will take place in Prague and Jarmila Burgetova welcomed the section to Prague on February 21- 24, 2001.

16. Other business

The Helsinki Public Library has got the Bill and Linda Gates first award. 1 million $. The Finnish were heartily concratulated.

A representative from the Gates foundation asked the SC if it was possible to give next years award in connection with the open forum arranged by the section.

The Section agreed with enthusiasm.

17. The SC committee of Public Libraries meetings at the Jerusalem meeting was closed chair Barbara Clubb asked the members to look for new members to the SC. Barbara Clubb thanked the committee members and the guests for their participation.


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