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Knowledge Management Section

Strategic Plan


The IFLA Knowledge Management Section will provide an international platform to support the development and implementation of a Knowledge Management (KM) culture in libraries, information centers and the profession as a whole.

This is to be accomplished by:
  • Raising the awareness of KM among libraries, librarians and their institutions
  • Providing relevant education and training
  • Identifying and sharing best practices
  • Promoting evidence -based practice
  • Disseminating the results of relevant research
  • Creating a vital discussion group with attendant home page/resource data bank
  • Partnering with other Sections and Divisions to integrate KM into IFLA


1. To provide education and training programs for information professionals to increase their understanding of the value of KM to their organizations.

Professional priorities:
(a) Supporting the role of Libraries in Society: (f) promoting Resource Sharing; (h) Developing Library Professionals;(i) Promoting Standards, Guidelines and Best practices; (k) Representing Libraries in the Technological Marketplace

1.1 Partner with another Section to develop a program for the Seoul Conference that highlights the attributes of KM

1.2 Evaluate the Conference in Turkey to determine its success as a model for future road shows

1.3 Start planning for the Durban Conference program and to plan an all day pre-conference

2. To share and distribute information on the value KM and its process to all IFLA members and thus promoting membership in the KM Section

Professional priorities:
(f) promoting Resource Sharing; (h) developing Library Professionals; (i) Promoting Standards, guidelines and Best Practices

2.1 Develop and distribute a newsletter including the solicitation of articles on KM and reports of other KM conferences

2.2 Develop a web site on IFLANET to promote the section and to act as its archive

2.3 Make the discussion list a vital communication link for its members to discuss various aspects of KM

2.4 Develop an effective marketing strategy to increase the membership in the section and to demonstrate the value of the KM section to other units of IFLA and other professional associations.