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Minutes of the Standing Committee Meeting (SC1), Saturday, 18 August 2001, Boston (USA)

  • Anne Lise Haugeto (Finland)
  • Antonio Jose de Pina Falcao (Portugal)
  • Jerry Mansfield (USA)
  • Suzanne Burge (UK)
  • Nancy Bolt (USA)
  • Lena Olsson (Sweden, Chair)
  • Robert Klaverstijn (The Netherlands, Secretary)

(Two observers were present)


2. Opening of the meeting / agenda. A special welcome to our new Standing Committee members: Jerry Mansfield and Antonio Jose de Pina Falcao. Brief introduction by those present. Agenda accepted.

3. Routines and preparation for election of SC Officers Lena Olsson (Chair) and Robert Klaverstijn (Secretary) were both re-elected by acclamation for a second term.

4. Strategic Plan Discussion postponed to Monday 20 August from 14.00 hrs.

5. Information Issues in general (Newsletter, IFLAnet, etc.) Postponed to SCII on Friday 24 August

6. Joint venture with Social Sciences and Marketing and Management Sections Settled.

7. Workshop on Thursday 23 August (Middlesex Law Library) Settled

8. Glasgow and pre-conference seminar London The London pre-conference leaflet, announcing the preliminary program looks great (Suzanne, thanks for that). The possibility for a study tour during the Glasgow conference will be investigated by Suzanne.

9. Berlin Programme Postponed to SCII on Friday 24 August

10. Booth service Anne Lise, Antonio and Robert will be present in the IFLA booth.

11. Election of corresponding members Suggestions for corresponding members can be submitted to the Chair.

12. Election of SC Officers See agenda item 2

13. Other business / Closing of meeting It is decided to dispatch the Newsletter both in print and electronically.


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