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Introduction to the Revised Edition

Preface to the First Edition

How to use the Glossary

Bibliography of sources consulted



Worksheet - Towards a new edition

Section of Art Libraries

Multilingual Glossary for Art Librarians

English with Indexes in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish
2nd revised and enlarged edition 1996

Introduction to the Revised Edition

In 1984 IFLA Section of Art Libraries published An Art Librarian's Glossary compiled by Ian Sheridan. A revised edition to take account of user's comments and suggestions was foreseen at that stage and in 1991 Sheridan's proposal for such a revised edition was accepted by IFLA on condition that indicators of gender for non-English words be included. The Art Libraries Section Standing Committee recognised this as an opportunity to do a thorough revision of the Glossary and four United States colleagues took responsibility for such a revision. They were Jean Shaw Adelman, Clive Phillpot, Beryl Smith and Susan Garretson Swartzburg.

They revised the scope of the Glossary on the basis that there are numerous specialised glossaries which cover fields such as Art History. They also supervised a first revision of the existing translations and provided translations for the large number of new terms, and made a start on providing indicators of gender. It was further decided that definitions for all terms should be supplied. In October 1994 the responsibility for finalising the draft for publication reverted to the Chairman of the Section who co-ordinated a final check of all terms and definitions.

The Glossary is very much a "work in progress". There are so many domains of specialised vocabulary that it is difficult to achieve a judicious balance among them to provide a useful and usable tool for librarians. The Glossary attempts to bring together these vocabularies of the bibliographer, archivist, antiquarian and curator, as well as the vocabulary of librarianship.

In the ten years since the first edition of the Glossary appeared the landscape in which we work has changed dramatically and this second edition of the Glossary begins to add terminology related to current practices and developments, for example adding terms such as diskette, e-mail, optical disk, etc. Attention is also given to the book as an object and to the other media in use in librarianship. On the other hand, this edition slimmed down the original selection of terms by the removal of terms relating to administration and holding of meetings, art historical terms and materials terms, all of which areas are well served by specialist glossaries. All the dictionaries, glossaries and other works consulted in the preparation of this edition are given in a Bibliography of Sources Consulted.

Although there have been significant changes in the contents of the Glossary, revised to be a tool for today, the purposes for which the first edition was compiled remain the same. They are eloquently rehearsed by Philip Pacey, that great inspirer in the field of communication who was the first Chairman of the Section of Art Libraries from 1981 to 1985. His Preface to the first edition is reproduced in this edition of the Glossary.

Ian Sheridan's Introduction to the first edition further elaborates.

"This Glossary is intended as a help to all art librarians when they are confronted, whether in their reading or correspondence, during conferences, visits, or simple conversations, with the need to understand or translate a specialised term in their field. It is concerned with removing barriers, sharing ideas, improving communications; it may help to clarify the meanings of terms which are understood differently even by speakers of the same language, and it is certainly hoped to remove some ambiguities between different languages.

The terms included have been drawn from the vocabularies of librarianship and of art... They can only be considered as a selection from the vast vocabulary potentially useful to art librarians. No one has the last word in a work on so organic and changing a phenomenon as language, and so this Glossary should be regarded as a beginning, a first step towards improving understanding, where many steps could follow. The problems are obvious: exact equivalents of some expressions cannot always be found in another language, whereas disagreement will always be found between speakers of the same language over which version of a term is more 'correct' or up-to-date. Some ideas have to be rendered by paraphrases which may not be entirely satisfactory in another language, but some attempt at conveying an idea is at least better than none, and may provoke useful discussion."

Group editing is a daunting endeavour. At the end of it one has learnt exactly what should have been requested in the first place. Collaborators could have been irked by constantly being bothered for further information and refinements. But their concern to get the best possible product within a reasonable time-scale was matched by that industry typical of the committed, and the good grace and good humour prevalent amongst librarians, the profession whose ultimate function is communication. Many busy professionals gave of their time. It is a pleasure acknowledging them.

First and foremost Philip Pacey who had the vision, and Ian Sheridan who manifested it. Without Sheridan's first edition or his work on a second edition there would not have been a Glossary at all. The editors of the new edition, Susan Garretson Swartzburg who co-ordinated the basic reformatting in collaboration with Jean Shaw Adelman, Clive Phillpot and Beryl Smith. Many people have been involved in the production of this edition of the Glossary in addition to this group. Members of the Standing Committee of the Section of Art Libraries have reviewed and focused drafts of the Glossary during IFLA Conferences in Moscow, New Delhi, Barcelona, Havana and Istanbul, providing considerable guidance for its editors. The first group of reviewers of the text in their respective languages were: R.E.O. Ekkart, Marianne de Voogt and Gosem C. Dullaart, Netherlands Institute for Art History, The Hague, Netherlands - Dutch; Marie-François Guillermin, Bibliothèque d'Art et d'Archéologie, Geneva, Switzerland - French; Wolfgang Freitag, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A. - German; Joseph Consoli, Rutgers University, New Jersey, U.S.A. and Mariagrazia Ghelardi, University of Florence, Italy - Italian; Angela Giral, Avery Library, Columbia University, New York, U.S.A. - Spanish; Charlotte Hanner, Institute of Conservation, Gothenburg, Sweden - Swedish.

The second revision for this Revised edition incorporated additional reviewers:
Nicole Picot, Bibliothèques et Archives des Musées Nationaux au Louvre, Paris, France, and Gillian Varley, National Art Library, U.K. - French; Dr. Bernd Evers, Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen, Berlin, Germany, and John Meriton Coast, National Art Library, U.K. - German; Carlo Dumontet, National Art Library, U.K. - Italian.

The first formatting of the Glossary was executed at Rutgers University Library. Robert Sewell, Associate Librarian for Collection Development and Management, Rutgers University Libraries, is to be thanked for encouraging this project and providing support in time and services. The contribution of Rutgers University to the production of this glossary is considerable.

The final reformatting and design is the responsibility of my colleagues at the National Art Library, which increasingly resembled an IFLA Art Library Section factory and for which generosity the Victoria and Albert Museum must be thanked. In addition to the linguists acknowledged above thanks go to Russell Scragg who created proper bibliographical entries from the flimsiest references for the Bibliography of Sources Consulted. Special thanks go to Louise Smith who, mercifully assisted by the wizardry of the new technology, produced and managed many drafts of the work to ensure accuracy in language and latterly achieving a layout which is as easy to consult as possible. I am indebted to my colleagues Douglas Dodds and Gillian Varley with whom I endlessly discussed the intricacies of language, glossary construction and so forth; without their encouragement the work could not have been completed. I am likewise indebted to Beth Houghton of the Tate Gallery Library, London, many of whose invaluable suggestions helped to shape this edition.

Margaret Shaw, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia, now the Special Adviser and former Chair of the Section, 1985 to 1989 provided unwavering support to the project, injecting experience, continuity and sagacity. Maggy Wishaupt, Royal Library, The Hague, The Netherlands, Chair of the Section 1989 to 1993, manifested great patience and leadership in encouraging the surmounting of misgivings and difficulties during the early stages of the project to revise the Glossary. Finally, homage must be paid to Jacqueline Viaux under whose Chairmanship of an IFLA Round Table of Art Librarians the current IFLA Section of Art Libraries evolved.

The membership of the Section have expressed a desire to extend the language coverage and it is hoped that future editions will add Japanese, Russian and Portuguese. Consideration is also being given to the possibility of including in a further edition an extensive list of Glossaries which tackle germane subject areas such as Art History, Conservation, etc.

Modern technology provides the possibility to make this a true work in progress. In addition to hard copy publication, the Standing Committee is committed to exploiting the potential of electronic communication, and it is envisaged that the Glossary will be launched on the Internet IFLA site as well as in hard copy. At the back of this document a form appears soliciting comments, corrections, modifications and suggestions for improvements for a next edition. Art librarians are urged to photocopy and make use of it.

Jan van der Wateren
IFLA Section of Art Libraries

Preface to the First Edition

The language problem seems insoluble. Mankind's desperate need of communication and mutual understanding has inspired many well-meaning but surely mistaken people to campaign for a single world language, an Esperanto or 'everybody speaking English'. And yet every language, and indeed every dialect, is precious: essential to the identity of individuals, a people, a culture, every language enriches the world for all of us.

While the ideal must be some kind of Pentecostal 'gift of tongues' by which we are granted understanding of each other's speech, the best we can hope for, when we meet together, is 'simultaneous translation', in a mere handful of languages, and with its sometimes comical limitations, to supplement our own variously limited linguistic abilities. IFLA provides simultaneous translation in its 'official' languages in 'general' meetings, but not, unfortunately, in Section meetings; we art librarians are aware of the value of some linguistic ability even in our day-to-day work, and yet our different languages continue to hinder our communicating with one another. (I am only too aware of my own woeful deficiencies in this matter.)

The IFLA Section of Art Libraries seems to be a truly international association representing art librarianship worldwide. This Glossary represents the fulfilment of an objective included in the Section's first Medium Term programme, formulated at Manila in 1980; work on the Glossary commenced after the IFLA conference in Leipzig in 1981, and a preliminary list of terms was submitted to the Section at Montreal in 1982. The Glossary has been conceived and produced as a modest working tool which, we hope, will assist communication between art librarians, at least by helping to prevent misunderstandings. It can also be seen as a symbol - a symbol of our ideals and aspirations, but also as a symbol of the ways in which ideals have to be modified in practice. That it is limited to five languages1, and that it has an intrinsic English-language bias, reflect constraints and realities as distinct from aims and ideals.

That some constraints have been overcome to the extent of allowing the Glossary to be translated from an idea into an accomplished if imperfect fact is due very largely to Ian Sheridan, who has devoted to it much time and thought and the benefit of an enviable linguistic expertise. The ideal remains genuine internationalism, an internationalism which finds its guiding spirit in the phrase 'Vive la différence'. After all, our business is the arts, and the arts depend on boundless variety, on the richest range of expressive forms which humanity is capable of.

Philip Pacey
Chairman, IFLA Section of Art Libraries (1980-1985)

1 Seven languages in the present edition.

How to use the Glossary

  • 586 English-language terms have been collected together, either as main terms or as cross-references.

  • English English is the standard for spelling. American English variants are noted after the initial English term.

  • English language definitions follow each term. Where appropriate an alternative English term is given in brackets after the main entry.

  • To clarify some words a grammatical term - noun, verb, adjective - has been inserted after the term.

  • Sometimes two meanings are given under one term; at other times the same term appears twice giving alternative meanings and translations.

  • Equivalents of English language terms are given in alphabetical order of languages: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. In every instance the language concerned is indicated, viz: DU, FR, GR, IT, SP and SW.

  • Each term and cross-reference has been numbered. This will make it easy, amongst others, to provide non-English equivalents for cross-references in a future edition.

  • A separate monolingual index is provided for each language, referring back to the number of the English language term or terms in the main body of the work.

  • In format this edition identifies genders. The exceptions are English and Swedish. Swedish does not regularly use genders, rather dividing between the formal neutrum and its opposite, utrum. In practice and by tradition genders are therefore excluded in Swedish. The English language does not use genders either.

  • The following abbreviations are used:
    f= feminine
    m= masculine
    n= neutral
    pl= plural

Bibliography of sources consulted


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A rubbed or scuffed area.
DU- afgeschaafde plek (f)
FR- abrasion (f)
GR- abgeriebener Feck (m)
IT- abrasione (f)
SP- rozadura (f)
SW- avskavning

The property in paper which permits a sheet to take in the liquids it contacts. The amount of absorbency depends on the fillers and sizing introduced during the manufacturing process.
DU- absorberend vermogen (n)
FR- absorptivité (f)
GR- Saugfähigkeit (f)
IT- assorbenza (f)
SP- absorción (f)
SW- uppsugningsförmåga

A brief summary of the content of a publication or of a journal.
DU- uittreksel (n); resume (n); excerpt (n)
FR- résumé (m)
GR- Kurzreferat (n); Zusammenfassung (f)
IT- compendio (m); sommario (m)
SP- extracto (m); resumen (m)
SW- sammandrag; resumé

4. ACADEMIC (noun)
Teacher or scholar belonging to a body of higher education or a learned society.
DU- academicus (m)
FR- professeur (m); universitaire (m/f); chercheur (m); chercheuse (f)
GR- Akademiker (m); Akademikerin (f)
IT- professore (m); professoressa (f); ricercatore (m); ricercatrice (f)
SP- académico (m); académica (f); profesor (m); profesora (f); investigador (m); investigadora (f)
SW- akademiker

5. ACADEMIC (adj)
Learned, scholarly.
DU- academisch
FR- académique
GR- wissenschaftlich; akademisch
IT- accademico (m); accademica (f)
SP- académico (m); académica (f)
SW- akademisk

A learned society for the promotion of art, literature, science, etc., established to provide instruction, to engage in intellectual life or the practice of an art, to set standards, disseminate information, and to confer prestige on its members.
DU- academie (f)
FR- académie (f)
GR- Akademie (f)
IT- accademia (f)
SP- academia (f)
SW- akademi

  1. The general ability to obtain and make use of materials.
  2. In computer-based information retrieval, the method by which a computer refers to records in a file, dependent upon their arrangement.
DU- toegang (m)
FR- accès (m)
GR- Zugang (m); Zugriff (m)
IT- accesso (m)
SP- acceso (m)
SW- tillträde

8. ACETATE FILM (Acetate base film; "Safety film")
Film which has a base of cellulose acetate, diacetate, or triacetate; like nitrate film.
It is highly unstable.
DU- acetaat film (m)
FR- film acétate (m)
GR- Azetatfilm (m); Sichersheitsfilm (m)
IT- film d'acetato (m); pellicola all'acetato di cellulosa (f)
SP- película de acetato (f)
SW- cellulosaacetatfilm

Paper with a low or zero level of acid. This does not imply that paper is alkaline-buffered.
DU- zuurvrij papier (n)
FR- papier exempt d'acide (m)
GR- säurefrei; säurefreies Papier (n)
IT- carta non acida (f); carta esente da acidi (f)
SP- papel exento de ácido (m); papel sin ácido (m)
SW- syrafritt papper

See also SELECTION (502)
The act by which libraries receive materials, i.e., by purchase, gift, or exchange.
DU- acquisitie (f); verwerving (f)
FR- acquisition (f)
GR- Erwerbung (f)
IT- acquisizione (f)
SP- adquisición (f)
SW- förvärv


A substance capable of holding materials together by a surface attachment.
DU- kleefstof (f)
FR- adhésif (m), adhésive (f)
GR- Klebstoff (m)
IT- adesivo (m)
SP- adhesivo (m)
SW- adhesiv; bindemedel

See also PERFECT BINDING (409)
A binding technique in which single leaves are held together using an adhesive rather than a sewn attachment.
DU- garenloos binden (n)
FR- reliure par collage (f); reliure sans couture (f); reliure non cousue (f); reliure américaine (f)
GR- Klebebindung (f); Lumbeck-Verfahren (n)
IT- rilegatura a colla (f)
SP- encuadernación adhesiva (f)
SW- limmat bokband

Calling public attention to a product, service, event, etc., in publications, posters, television, etc.
DU- advertentie (f)
FR- annonce (f); réclame (f); publicité (f)
GR- Anzeige (f); Reklame (f); Werbung (f)
IT- pubblicità (f)
SP- anuncio (m); aviso (m); publicidad (f)
SW- annons; reklam

15. AESTHETICS [U.S. - Esthetics]
Appreciation or criticism of the beautiful.
DU- estetica (f)
FR- esthétique (f)
GR- Ästhetik (f)
IT- estetica (f)
SP- estética (f)
SW- estetik

An atomizer for applying a fine spray by compressed air.
DU- airbrush
FR- aérographe (m); brosse à air (f)
GR- Zerstäuber (m); Spritzpistole (f)
IT- aerografo (m)
SP- aerografía (f)
SW- airbrush

See also SCRAPBOOK (499)
A book with blank pages used for assembling and presenting a collection.
DU- album (n)
FR- album (m)
GR- Album (n)
IT- album (m)
SP- álbum (m)
SW- album

A protective cover for a sound recording; may include important information about a performance or illustrative material.
DU- platenhoes (f)
FR- pochette de disque (f)
GR- Plattenhülle (f)
IT- copertina di disco (f)
SP- camisa de disco (f); bolsa de disco (f)
SW- skivfodral

Paper having a buffer or reserve of alkaline substance, usually of from 10% to 20% precipitated calcium or magnesium carbonate.
DU- alkalisch papier (n)
FR- papier alcalin (m)
GR- alkalihaltiges Papier (n)
IT- carta alcalina (f)
SP- papel alcalino (m)
SW- buffrat papper; alkaliskt papper

See RAG PAPER (461)

Usually small-scale, independent organisations administered by artists for the exhibition of work that is often experimental and outside mainstream art movements.
DU- alternative space (m)
FR- espace alternatif (m)
GR- alternative Szene (f)
IT- spazio alternativo (m)
SP- espacio alternativo (m)
SW- alternativ rörelse

A note accompanying an entry in a bibliography, reading list, or catalogue intended to describe, explain, or evaluate the publication referred to.
DU- annotatie (f)
FR- annotation (f); note (f)
GR- Anmerkung (f); Kommentar (m)
IT- annotazione (f)
SP- anotación (f)
SW- annotation; anteckning

See also PRIVATE VIEW CARD (453)
A public notification of a new exhibition or event; often the only printed record of an exhibition.
DU- aankondiging (f)
FR- avis (m); annonce (f)
GR- Anzeige (f); Ankündigung (f)
IT- annuncio (m)
SP- anuncio (m); aviso (m)
SW- tillkännagivande

24. ANNUAL (1)
See also YEARBOOK (586)
A book or journal published once a year.
DU- jaarboek (n); jaarlijks
FR- annuaire (m)
GR- Jahrbuch (n); Jahresschrift (f)
IT- annuario (m)
SP- anuario (m)
SW- årsbok

25. ANNUAL (2)
See also BIENNIAL (68)
An exhibition held once a year.
DU- jaarboek (n); jaarlijks
FR- exposition annuelle (f)
GR- Jahresausstellung (f)
IT- mostra annuale (f)
SP- exhibición anual (f)
SW- årligt återkommande utställning

See also BOOKSELLER (85), RARE BOOK (462), SECOND-HAND (500)
A dealer in rare, out of print, and specialised books, prints, manuscripts, and related materials.
DU- antiquaar (m)
FR- libraire spécialisé dans le livre ancien (m)
GR- Antiquar (m); Antiquarin (f)
IT- libraio antiquario (m)
SP- anticuario (m); anticuaria (f); librero anticuario (m)
SW- antikvariatsbokhandlare

27. ANTIQUE (noun)
A relic or object of older times or of an earlier period than the present.
DU- antiquiteiten (f)
FR- antiquités (f)
GR- Antiquitäten (f)(pl)
IT- antichità (f)(pl)
SP- antigüedad(es) (f)
SW- antik; antikviteter

Practical arts.
DU- toegepaste kunst (f); kunstnijverheid (f)
FR- arts décoratifs (m); arts appliqués (m)
GR- angewandte Kunst (f); Kunstgewerbe (n)
IT- arti applicate (f)
SP- artes aplicadas (f); artes decorativas (f)
SW- brukskonst; konstindustri

The monetary evaluation of books, manuscripts, and works of art for insurance, tax, or other purposes.
DU- taxatie (f)
FR- estimation (f)
GR- Schätzwert (m); geschätzer Wert (m)
IT- valutazione (f); stima (f)
SP- avalúo (m)
SW- värdering

The process of determining value.
DU- waardebepaling (f)
FR- estimation (f)
GR- Bewertung (f)
IT- valutazione (f)
SP- avalúo (m)
SW- värdering

The use of a pre-existing image(s) to form a new art work.
DU- ontlening (f)
FR- appropriation (f)
GR- Aneignung (f); Entlehnung (f); Aufnahme (f)
IT- appropriazione (f)
SP- apropiación (f)
SW- appropriering

An amount of money made available by a governing body of a library or other agency for expenditure according to established budgetary and accounting practices.
DU- krediet (n)
FR- dotation (f); crédit (budgétaire) (m)
GR- Bewilligung (f)
IT- impegno di spesa (m)
SP- asignación (f)
SW- anslag

An arrangement by which a publisher or a vendor assumes responsibility for selecting and supplying library materials to fit an institution's profile, but with some right to return.
DU- zichtregeling (f)
FR- régime d'envoi pour examen (m)
GR- Vereinbarung über Ansichtslieferungen (f)
IT- materiale in visione (m)
SP- en consigna (f)
SW- böcker på påseende; till påseende

A print resembling a water-colour, produced from a copper plate etched with nitric acid.
DU- aquatint (f)
FR- aquatinte (f)
GR- Aquatinta (f)
IT- acquatinta (f)
SP- aguatinta (f)
SW- akvatint

35. ARCHAEOLOGY [U.S. - Archeology]
The scientific study of the material remains of past human life and activities.
DU- archeologie (f)
FR- archéologie (f)
GR- Archäologie (f)
IT- archeologia (f)
SP- arqueología (f)
SW- arkeologi

The art or science of designing and constructing buildings.
DU- architectuur (f); bouwkunst (f)
FR- architecture (f)
GR- Architektur (f); Baukunst (f)
IT- architettura (f)
SP- arquitectura (f)
SW- arkitektur

37. ARCHIVE [U.S. - Archives]
An organised body of non-current records and documents, received or originated in connection with the activities of an organisation, institution or individual, which are preserved because of their continuing value.
DU- archief (s); archieven (n)(pl)
FR- archives (f)
GR- Archiv (n); Urkunden Sammlung (f); Aktensammlung (f)
IT- archivio (m)
SP- archivos (m)(pl)
SW- arkiv

A person responsible for the acquisition, arrangement, description, preservation, interpretation, and service of archival collections.
DU- archivaris (m); archivaresse (f)
FR- archiviste (m/f)
GR- Archivar (m); Archivarin (f)
IT- archivista (m/f)
SP- archivero (m)
SW- arkivarie

39. ART
See also FINE ARTS (237)
The conscious skill of creative imagination necessary to produce aesthetic objects; works so produced.
DU- kunst (f)
FR- art (m)
GR- Kunst (f)
IT- arte (f)
SP- arte (f)
SW- konst

40. ART DIRECTOR (Production Designer)
A member of an editorial team who has overall responsibility for the visual appearance of a publication, or publications, including layout, illustrations, etc.
DU- art director (m/f)
FR- directeur artistique (m); directrice artistique (f)
GR- Art Direktor (m); Art Direktorin (f); Produkt-Designer (m); Produkt-Designerin (f)
IT- direttore artistico (m); direttrice artistica (f)
SP- director artístico (m); directora artística (f); redactor artístico (m); redactora artística (f)
SW- art director; konstnärlig ledare

See also HISTORY (271)
The history of art.
DU- kunstgeschiedenis (f); kunsthistorie (f)
FR- histoire de l'art (f)
GR- Kunstgeschichte (f)
IT- storia dell'arte (f)
SP- historia del arte (f)
SW- konsthistoria

42. ART LENDING PROGRAMME [U.S. - Art lending program]
A programme for the lending of art objects to the public.
DU- kunstuitleen (m)
FR- prêt d'oeuvres d'art (m)
GR- Kunstverleih (m)
IT- programme di prestito d'opere d'arte (m)
SP- préstamo de obras de arte (m)
SW- artoteksverksamhet

See OBJET D'ART (380)


An institution that provides training in the creation of fine and decorative arts.
DU- Academie voor beeldende kunst (f)
FR- école des beaux-arts (f); école d'art (f); académie de beaux-arts (f)
GR- Kunstakademie (f); Kunsthochschule (f)
IT- accademia di belle arti (f); liceo artistico (m)
SP- escuela de bellas artes (f); academia de bellas artes (f); escuela de arte (f)
SW- konstakademi; konstskola

46. ARTEFACT [U.S. - Artifact]
An object made or modified by human workmanship.
DU- artefact (n)
FR- objet manufacturé (m); artefact (m)
GR- Artefakt (n); Kunsterzeugnis(n)
IT- manufatto (m)
SP- artefacto (m)
SW- artefakt

A person who practices one of the fine arts.
DU- kunstenaar (m); kunstenares (f)
FR- artiste (m/f)
GR- Künstler (m); Künstlerin (f)
IT- artista (m/f)
SP- artista (m/f)
SW- konstnär

A person who practices the performing arts; for example, a singer, a circus performer, dancer, magician, etc.
DU- artiest (m); artieste (f)
FR- artiste (m/f)
GR- Artist (m); Artistin (f)
IT- artista (m/f)
SP- artista (m/f)
SW- artist

49. ARTIST'S BOOK (Livre d'artiste)
A book conceived and/or produced by an artist; may include imagery conceived for the publication and/or text.
DU- kunstenaarsboek (n)
FR- livre d'artiste (m)
GR- Künstlerbuch (n)
IT- libro d'artista (m)
SP- libro de artista (m)
SW- konstnärsbok

See also PROOF (456)
Proofs numbered separately from an edition but often made at the same time as the edition, for the use of the artist.
DU- epreuve d'artiste (m/f)
FR- épreuve d'artiste (f)
GR- Künstlerabzug (m); Probeabzug des Künstlers (m)
IT- prova d'artista (f)
SP- prueba de artista (f)
SW- konstnärsprovtryck; provavdrag

The use of non-art elements, often junk and/or debris, to form a work of art; works so produced.
DU- assemblage (f)
FR- assemblage (m)
GR- Installationen (f)(pl); Assemblage (f)
IT- assemblaggio (m)
SP- ensamblaje (m)
SW- assemblage

See STUDIO (532)

Ascribing a work to a particular artist or school.
DU- toeschrijving (f)
FR- attribution (f)
GR- Attribution (f); Zuschreibung (f)
IT- attribuzione (f)
SP- atribución (f)
SW- attribution


Materials designed to make use of both hearing and sight.
DU- audiovisueel
FR- audio-visuel (m); audio-visuelle (f)
GR- audiovisuell
IT- audiovisivi (m)(pl)
SP- audiovisual (m)
SW- audiovisuell

See CASSETTE (110)

A person or body responsible for the intellectual content of a work.
DU- auteur (m); schrijver (m)
FR- auteur (m)
GR- Urheber (m); Urheberin (f); Verfasser (m); Verfasserin (f); Schriftsteller (m); Schriftstellerin (f); Autor (m); Autorin (f)
IT- autore (m); autrice (f)
SP- autor (m); autora (f)
SW- författare

58. AUTHORITY FILE (Authority list)
A collation of terms or names that serves as a standard for cataloguing purposes.
DU- lijst van voorkeurstermen (f)
FR- liste d'autorité (f)
GR- Normdatei (f)
IT- authority file (f)
SP- catálogo de authoridades (m)
SW- auktoritetsfil; auktoritetslista

The use of mechanical or electronic equipment, often computers, to save mental or physical labour.
DU- automatisering (f)
FR- automatisation (f)
GR- Automatisierung (f)
IT- automazione (f)
SP- automatización (f)
SW- automatisering

A new or experimental concept.
DU- avant-garde (f)
FR- avant-garde (f)
GR- Avantgarde (f)
IT- avanguardia (f)
SP- vanguardia (f)
SW- avantgarde

61. BACK (of a book)
See SPINE (522)

62. BACK ISSUE (Back copy, Back number)
See also ISSUE (noun) (308)
A number or issue of a periodical preceding the current issue.
DU- reeds verschenen nummer (n)
FR- ancien numéro (m)
GR- ältere (zurückliegende) Nummer (Ausgabe) (f)
IT- numero arretrato (m)
SP- número atrasado (m)
SW- tidigare nummer; tidigare häfte

63. BACKING (1)
In bookbinding, the process of sewing and shaping the spine of a sewn textblock.
DU- knepen
FR- endossure (f)
GR- Bearbeitung des Buchblockrückens (f)
IT- indorsatura (f)
SP- refuerzo (m)
SW- backing; dubblera; stödja

64. BACKING (2)
In art conservation, a method of reinforcing a work of art on paper or canvas by applying a paper or fabric lining with an adhesive.
DU- doubleren
FR- rentoilage (m)
GR- doublieren; rentoilieren; aufziehen; hinterkleben; verstärken
IT- foderatura (f)
SP- refuerzo (m)
SW- backing; dubblering; stöd

A frequency of every six months; twice a year.
DU- halfjaarlijkse uitgave (f)
FR- semestriel (m); semestrielle (f)
GR- halbjährlich
IT- semestrale
SP- semianual
SW- halvårstidskrift; halvårsvis utgivning

  1. A scholar of books as physical objects.
  2. A compiler of bibliographies.
DU- bibliograaf (m)
FR- bibliographe (m/f)
GR- Bibliograph (m); Bibliographin (f)
IT- bibliografo (m); bibliografa (f)
SP- bibliógrafo (m); bibliógrafa (f)
SW- bibliograf

  1. The study of books as physical objects, as a means of determining the history and transmission of texts.
  2. The art of correctly describing books with respect to authorship, editions, physical form, etc.
  3. A list of works, documents, and/or bibliographical items, usually with some relationship between them.
DU- bibliografie (f)
FR- bibliographie (f)
GR- Bibliographie (f)
IT- bibliografia (f)
SP- bibliografía (f)
SW- bibliografi

68. BIENNIAL (1)
An exhibition held every second year.
DU- biënnale (f)
FR- biennale (f)
GR- zweijährig; alle zwei Jahre (n)(pl); jedes zweite Jahr (n)
IT- biennale
SP- bienal (f), bianual (f)
SW- biennal

69. BIENNIAL (2)
A frequency of every two years.
DU- tweejarig; tweejaarlijks
FR- biannuel (m); biannuelle (f)
GR- zweijährig
IT- biennale
SP- bienal (f), bianual (f)
SW- publikation med utgivning vartannat år

A frequency of every two months.
DU- tweemaandelijks
FR- bimestriel (m); bimestrielle (f)
GR- zweimonatlich
IT- bimensile
SP- bimensual
SW- två gånger i månaden; varannan vecka

A person who binds books.
DU- binder (m)
FR- relieur (m); relieuse (f)
GR- Buchbinder (m); Buchbinderin (f)
IT- rilegatore (m); rilegatrice (f); legatore (m); legatrice (f)
SP- encuadernador (m); encuadernadora (f)
SW- bokbindare

72. BINDING (Bookbinding) (1)
In book production, the process of assembling the finished book; the concept of securing the leaves of sections of a text so as to keep them in proper order and protect them.
DU- boekbinden
FR- reliure (f)
GR- buchbinden; binden
IT- legatura (f); rilegatura (f)
SP- encuadernación (f)
SW- bokbindning; bokband

73. BINDING (Bookbinding) (2)
The covering of a book which holds the sheets together to provide protection.
DU- boekband (m)
FR- reliure (f)
GR- Einband (m); Bucheinband (m)
IT- legatura (f); rilegatura (f)
SP- encuadernación (f)
SW- bokband

A plan in which a publisher or vendor agrees to supply all publications defined by the library as issued, generally without return privileges.
DU- blanket order
FR- commande globale (f); envoi d'office (m)
GR- Blanket Order (f)
IT- blanket order (m); ordine globale (m)
SP- pedido global (m)
SW- stående order

A photographic print with a white image on a blue background, most often used to copy maps, mechanical drawings and architectural plans.
DU- blauwdruk (m)
FR- bleu (m); ozalid (m)
GR- Blaupause (f)
IT- cianografia (f)
SP- cianotipo (m); copia cianográfica (f)
SW- blåtryck; blåkopia

The generic name for a stiff, thick paper used for book covers.
DU- plat (n); bord (n)
FR- plats (m); carton de plat (m)
GR- Buchdeckel (m); Pappdeckel (m); Pappband (m)
IT- piatti (m)(pl)
SP- tapas (f)(pl)
SW- pärmpapp; kartong

77. BOOK (Codex)
A collection of leaves of paper, parchment, or other material, affixed in sequence.
DU- boek (n)
FR- livre (m)
GR- Buch (n)
IT- libro (m)
SP- libro (m)
SW- bok

See also ARTIST'S BOOK (49), BOOKWORK (89)
Art which makes use of the book format.
DU- boekkunst (f)
FR- livre d'artiste (m)
GR- Buchkunst (f)
IT- arte del libro (f)
SP- arte del libro (f)
SW- bokkonst

79. BOOK JACKET (Dust jacket, Wrapper)
See also SLEEVE (511)
A detachable protective paper cover for a book which folds around the binding with the ends tucked in between the cover boards and the free end paper.
DU- stofomslag (m)
FR- jaquette (f)
GR- Schutzumschlag (m); Buchumschlag (m)
IT- sopraccoperta (f); copertina di protezione (f)
SP- camisa de libro (f); sobrecubierta (f)
SW- skyddsomslag


See REVIEW (490)

See BINDING (72, 73)

See also PAMPHLET (398)
A small book consisting of a few sheets, usually with paper covers.
DU- boekje (n)
FR- livret (m); opuscule (m); plaquette (f)
GR- Broschüre (f); Büchlein (n)
IT- libretto (m); opuscolo (m); brossura (f)
SP- opúsculo (m); folleto (m)
SW- broschyr

84. BOOKPLATE (Ex-libris)
A label affixed to a book to indicate ownership and, sometimes, its location in a collection.
DU- exlibris (n)
FR- ex-libris (m)
GR- Exlibris (n)
IT- ex-libris (m)
SP- ex libris (m)
SW- exlibris

One who sells books; the proprietor of a bookshop.
DU- boekhandelaar (m); boekverkoper (m)
FR- libraire (m/f)
GR- Buchhändler (m); Buchhändlerin (f)
IT- libraio (m)
SP- librero (m); librera (f)
SW- bokhandlare

A place of business where books are the main item for sale.
DU- boekhandel (m); boekwinkel (m)
FR- librairie (f)
GR- Buchhandlung (f); Bücherladen (m)
IT- libreria (f)
SP- librería (f)
SW- bokhandel

See STACKS (524)

88. BOOKSTOCK (Stock)
See also HOLDINGS (272, 273)
A collection of books in a library or bookshop.
DU- boekenbestand (n)
FR- fonds (de livres) (m); collection (de livres) (f)
GR- Buchbestand (m)
IT- fondo librario (m)
SP- fondo de libros (m)
SW- bokbestånd

89. BOOKWORK (Book object)
Art object which makes reference to the structure of the book.
DU- boekobject (n)
FR- livre objet (m)
GR- Buchobjekt (n)
IT- libro oggetto (m); bookwork (m)
SP- libro objeto (m)
SW- konstverk i form av en bok

A person who uses library materials on a loan basis.
DU- lener (m)
FR- emprunteur (m); emprunteuse (f)
GR- Entleiher (m); Entleiherin (f)
IT- utente che prende in prestito (m)
SP- lector con derecho a préstamo (m)
SW- låntagare

A book, especially a plate book, which is imperfect, thus may be dismembered so that plates and pages of typographical or artistic interest can be sold separately.
DU- knipexemplaar (n)
FR- livre démembré (m)
GR- Schlachtexemplar (n)
IT- copia smembrata (f)
SP- ejemplar desmembrado (m)
SW- slaktexemplar

Fragile, easily broken, usually because the paper, boards, and adhesives are acidic.
DU- broos (f)
FR- livres au papier cassant (m)
GR- zerfallende Bücher (m)(pl); brüchige Bücher (n)(pl)
IT- libri fragili (m)(pl); libri friabrili (m)(pl)
SP- libros frágiles (m)(pl)
SW- ömtåliga böcker

93. BROADSHEET [U.S. - Broadside]
See also FLYER (242)
A large sheet of paper, usually printed on one side.
DU- vlugschrift (n); plano formaat (n)
FR- feuille volante (f)
GR- Einblattdruck (m); Flugblatt (n)
IT- volantino (m); manifesto (m)
SP- hoja volante (f); folleto (m)
SW- ettbladstryck

Printed and/or graphic material intended for promotional or publicity purposes.
DU- brochure (f); prospectus (n)
FR- brochure (f); dépliant (m); prospectus (m)
GR- Broschüre (f); Prospekt (m)
IT- opuscolo (m); brossura (f)
SP- folleto (m); prospecto comercial (m)
SW- broschyr

Common term for a heavy weave cotton or linen sized cloth used for binding and box making.
DU- buckram (n)
FR- toile buckram (f)
GR- Buckram (m); Buchbinderleinwand (f)
IT- tela rigida (f)
SP- tela ahulada (f)
SW- linneklot; styv kanfas

A serial publication issued by an organisation or society.
DU- bulletin (n)
FR- bulletin (m)
GR- Bulletin (n); Mitteilung (f)
IT- bollettino (m)
SP- boletín (m)
SW- bulletin


Beautiful or elegant handwriting.
DU- kalligrafie (f); schoonschrijfkunst (f)
FR- calligraphie (f)
GR- Kalligraphie (f); Schönschreibkunst (f)
IT- calligrafia (f)
SP- caligrafía (f)
SW- skönskrift; kalligrafi

A device with a light-proof enclosure for forming an image on a light-sensitive medium.
DU- camera (f); fototoestel (n)
FR- appareil photographique (m); appareil-photo (m)
GR- Fotoapparat (m); Kamera (f)
IT- macchina fotografica (f)
SP- máquina (f); cámara (f)
SW- kamera

100. CANON
A standard of judgement or authority; in art history usually refers to a group of works accepted to have been produced by a particular artist or school.
DU- canon (m)
FR- canon (m)
GR- Richtschnur (f); Kanon (m)
IT- canone (m)
SP- canon (m)
SW- kanon; norm

101. CANVAS (1)
A firm, loosely woven cloth.
DU- doek (n)
FR- toile (f)
GR- Leinwand (f)
IT- tela (f)
SP- tela (f)
SW- duk

102. CANVAS (2)
A painting.
DU- schilderij op doek (n)
FR- tableau (m)
GR- Gemälde auf Leinwand (n)
IT- quadro (m); dipinto su tela (f)
SP- lienzo (m)
SW- tavla; målning

See also CARTOON (107)
An exaggerated, distorted representation of a subject in art or literature.
DU- karikatuur (f)
FR- caricature (f); dessin satirique (m)
GR- Karikatur (f); Zerrbild (n)
IT- caricatura (f)
SP- caricatura (f)
SW- karikatyr

A revolving container for transparencies, positioned on top of a slide projector, which allows slides to be projected in sequence automatically or by remote control.
DU- carrousel (m)
FR- carrousel (m)
GR- Karussellmagazin für Diapositive (Dias) (n)
IT- carosello per diapositive (m)
SP- bandeja para diapositivas (f)
SW- diamagasin; karussellmagasin

Small room or study desk or an enclosed study desk in an alcove of a library used for individual study.
DU- studiecel (f)
FR- carrel (m)
GR- Lesenische (f)
IT- box di lettura (m)
SP- cubículo (m)
SW- studierum; studievrå

106. CARTOON (1)
A preliminary drawing for a painting, tapestry, etc.
DU- karton (n); modelblad (n); werktekening (f)
FR- carton (m); esquisse (f); étude (f)
GR- Karton (m)
IT- cartone (m)
SP- boceto (m)
SW- kartong; utkast; skiss

107. CARTOON (2)
See also CARICATURE (103)
A drawing intended as a satire.
DU- cartoon (m); karikatuur (f); spotprent (f)
FR- dessin humoristique (m)
GR- Witzzeichnung (f); Karikatur (f)
IT- vignetta (f)
SP- dibujo humorístico (m); caricatura (f)
SW- karikatyr; karikatyrteckning

108. CARTOON (3)
Animated film.
DU- tekenfilm (m)
FR- dessin animé (m)
GR- Zeichentrickfilm (m)
IT- cartone animato (m)
SP- dibujo animado (m)
SW- tecknad film

109. CASE
See also SLIP-CASE (516)
The hard cover of a publication.
DU- bandzetter (m)
FR- emboîtage (m); cartonnage (m)
GR- Buchhülle (f); Kassette (f); Schuber (m)
IT- coperta (f)
SP- cubierta rígida (f)
SW- omslag; bokkasett

A standard container designed to hold microfilm or magnetic audio and video recording tape.
DU- cassette (f)
FR- cassette (f)
GR- Kassette (f)
IT- cassetta (f)
SP- cassette (f)
SW- kassett

111. CATALOGUE (noun) [U.S. - Catalog]
A file of bibliographic records, created according to specific and uniform principles of construction and usually under the control of an authority file, which describes the materials contained in a collection or library.
DU- catalogus (m)
FR- catalogue (m)
GR- Katalog (m)
IT- catalogo (m)
SP- catalogar (m)
SW- katalog

112. CATALOGUE (verb) [U.S. - Catalog]
To list and describe.
DU- catalogiseren
FR- cataloguer
GR- katalogisieren
IT- catalogare
SP- catalogar
SW- katalog

A complete, systematic and critical listing of all the known works of a single artist, providing comprehensive information, including provenance, for each work.
DU- catalogue raisonné (m)
FR- catalogue raisonné (m)
GR- Werkkatalog (m); kritischer Katalog (m)
IT- catalogo ragionato (m)
SP- catálogo razonado (m)
SW- catalogue raisonné; oeuvreförteckning; beskrivande förteckning

114. CATALOGUER [U.S. - Cataloger]
A person who performs descriptive cataloguing and/or subject analysis and may also perform such related tasks as classifying, shelflisting, etc.
DU- titelbeschrijver (m)
FR- catalogueur (m); catalogueuse (f)
GR- Katalogbearbeiter (m); Katalogbearbeiterin (f); Katalogisierer (m); Katalogisiererin (f)
IT- catalagatore (m); catalogatrice (f)
SP- catalogador (m); catalogadora (f)
SW- katalogisatör

115. CD

A flexible support or base used for photographic negatives and motion picture film from 1890 to the 1950s. It is unstable and flammable.
DU- cellulose nitraat film (m)
FR- film nitrate (m)
GR- Nitrozellulosefilm (m)
IT- film di cellulosa (m); pellicola al nitrato di cellulosa (f)
SP- película de celulosa (f)
SW- cellulosanitratfilm

The prohibition of the production, distribution, circulation, or access to a work on the grounds that it contains politically or morally offensive material.
DU- censuur (f)
FR- censure (f)
GR- Zensur (f)
IT- censura (f)
SP- censura (f)
SW- censur

Earthenware, porcelain, or brick products produced from a non-metallic material, such as clay or glass, fired at a high temperature.
DU- keramiek (f)
FR- céramique (f)
GR- Keramik (f)
IT- ceramica (f)
SP- cerámica (f)
SW- keramik

119. CHAPTER (1)
A section of a book.
DU- hoofdstuk (n)
FR- chapitre (m)
GR- Kapitel (n)
IT- capitolo (m)
SP- capítulo (m)
SW- kapitel

120. CHAPTER (2)
A section of an organisation.
DU- afdeling (f)
FR- section (f); département (m)
GR- Abteilung (f)
IT- capitolo (m)
SP- sección (f)
SW- avdelning


122. CHROMOLITHOGRAPHY (Colour lithography) [U.S. - Color lithography]
Lithographic printing in colours by means of separate stones or plates for the various colours, with some colours printed over others.
DU- chromolithografie (f)
FR- chromolithographie (f)
GR- Chromolithographie (f); Farblithographie (f)
IT- cromolitografia (f)
SP- cromolitografía (f)
SW- färglitografi

A serial arrangement in temporal order.
DU- tijdrekening (f); chronologie (f)
FR- chronologie (f)
GR- Chronologie (f); Zeitrechnung (f); Zeitabfolge (f)
IT- cronologia (f)
SP- cronología (f)
SW- kronologi

124. CINEMA (1)
A building in which films are shown.
DU- bioscoop (m)
FR- cinéma (m)
GR- Kino (n); Filmtheater (n)
IT- cinema (m)
SP- cine (m)
SW- bio

125. CINEMA (2)
The art of film.
DU- filmkunst (f)
FR- cinéma (m)
GR- Filmkunst (f)
IT- cinema (m)
SP- arte del cine (f)
SW- film; filmkonst

126. CIRCULATION SYSTEM (Loan system)
The method used to maintain records of library borrowers and of materials lent by a library.
DU- uitleensysteem (n)
FR- circulation (f); système de prêt (m)
GR- Ausleihsystem (n); Ausleihverfahren (n)
IT- sistema di circolazione (m)
SP- sistema de préstamo (m)
SW- utlåningssystem

127. CITATION (1)
See also REFERENCE (472)
A bibliographic reference.
DU- aanhaling (f)
FR- référence bibliographique (f)
GR- Zitat (n)
IT- citazione (f)
SP- cita (f)
SW- referens

128. CITATION (2)
See also REFERENCE (472)
A note referring to a work from which a passage is quoted or to some source as authority for a statement or proposition.
DU- citaat (n)
FR- citation (f)
GR- Zitat (n)
IT- citazione (f)
SP- cita (f)
SW- citat

129. CLAIM
A notice sent to a dealer that an order or item ordered has not been received within a reasonable period of time.
DU- reclamering (f)
FR- rappel (m); réclamation (f)
GR- Reklamation (f)
IT- sollecito (m)
SP- reclamación (f)
SW- reklamation


131. CLASS NUMBER (Classmark) [U.S. - Call number]
A set of symbols identifying a particular item or items in a library collection expressing the subject contents of the item.
DU- classificatie-nummer (n); signatuur (f)
FR- indice de classification (f); cote (f)
GR- Signatur (f)
IT- numero di classificazione (m)
SP- signatura sistemática (f)
SW- klassifikationsnummer

A series or system of classes arranged in order according to some principle or concept, purpose, or interest, or combination of such.
DU- classificatie (f); systematiek (f)
FR- classification (f)
GR- Klassifikation (f); Klassierung (f)
IT- classificazione (f)
SP- clasificación (f)
SW- klassifikation

133. CLASSIFIED CATALOGUE [U.S. - Classified catalog]
A subject catalogue with primary arrangement of bibliographic records by the class numbers of a classification schedule.
DU- systematische catalogus (m)
FR- catalogue systématique (m)
GR- Systematischer Katalog (m); Realkatalog (m); Sachkatalog (m)
IT- catalogo classificato (m)
SP- catálogo clasificado (m)
SW- ämneskatalog; systematisk katalog

An agency for collecting and disseminating information.
DU- documentatie-centrale (f); clearing house (n)
FR- centre d'échange (m)
GR- Dokumentationszentrale (f)
IT- centro di documentazione (m)
SP- centro de referencia (m); centro de documentación (m)
SW- clearing-house; clearingcentral; avräkningscentral

See USER (564)




Areas where library and archival materials are housed, which are not open to users.
DU- gesloten opstelling (f); gesloten boekerij (f)
FR- magasin fermé (m); magasin à accès réservé (m)
GR- Magazinsystem (n)
IT- magazzini (m)(pl)
SP- biblioteca de acceso restringido (f); salas de reserva (f)(pl)
SW- slutna magasin

140. COATED PAPER (Art paper)
Paper with a smooth, glossy surface produced by coating with china clay and casein glue, generally used for fine art books.
DU- kunstdrukpapier (n)
FR- papier couché (m)
GR- Kunstdruckpapier (n)
IT- carta patinata (f)
SP- papel cuché (m); papel estucado
SW- konsttryck papper; behandlat papper; belagt papper; överdraget papper

141. CODEX
See BOOK (77)

A large, lavishly illustrated book.
DU- coffee-table book (n)
FR- livre de prestige (m)
GR- Bildband (m); Coffee-table Book (n)
IT- libro di lusso (m)
SP- libro de lujo (m)
SW- presentbok

See also ASSEMBLAGE (51)
An artistic composition of pieces of flat material, pasted together.
DU- collage (f)
FR- collage (m)
GR- Collage (f)
IT- collage (m)
SP- collage (m)
SW- collage

To examine a book or periodical volume leaf by leaf, and by signature, or section, to describe and verify number and order.
DU- collationeren
FR- collationner
GR- kollationieren
IT- collazionare
SP- colacionar
SW- kollationera

The bibliographical description of the physical composition of a book.
DU- collatie (f)
FR- collation (f)
GR- Kollation (f)
IT- collazione (f)
SP- colación (f)
SW- kollation; kollationering

  1. A number of separate works or parts of works, not forming a treatise or monograph on a subject, combined and issued together as a whole.
  2. An accumulated group of materials or works having a focal characteristic.
DU- collectie (f); verzameling (f)
FR- collection (f)
GR- Sammlung (f)
IT- collezione (f)
SP- colección (f)
SW- samling

The selection and acquisition of material for an expanding collection and decisions on the material to be included or excluded in that collection.
DU- collectievorming (f)
FR- politique d'acquisition (f); développement des collections (m)
GR- Bestandsaufbau (m)
IT- politica d'acquisizione (f)
SP- selección de libros (m)
SW- beståndsutveckling; förvärvsplan

The art and science of acquiring and organising (library) materials to make them available for use.
DU- collectiebeheer (n)
FR- gestion des collections (f); organisation de la collection (f)
GR- Sammlungsverwaltung (f)
IT- amministrazione delle collezioni (f)
SP- gestion de libros (m)
SW- magasinsplanering; samlingsvård

A photomechanical method for reproducing photographic images.
DU- collotypie (f)
FR- collotypie (f); phototypie (f)
GR- Kollotypie (f); Lichtdruck (f)
IT- collotipia (f)
SP- colotipía (f); fototipía (f)
SW- kollotypi; ljustryck

150. COLOPHON (1)
Historically, the final page of a book or manuscript.
DU- colofon (n)
FR- colophon (m); achevé d'imprimer (m)
GR- Kolophon (n)
IT- colofone (m)
SP- colofón (m)
SW- there is no special Swedish term

151. COLOPHON (2)
An emblematic design; a trade emblem or device of a printer or publisher.
DU- drukkersmerk (n); uitgeversmerk (n)
FR- colophon (m)
GR- Druckermarke (f); Signet (n)
IT- marca tipografica (f)
SP- sigla del tipografo (f)
SW- kolofon


153. COMIC (Comic book, Comic paper, Strip cartoon)
A sequence of illustrations containing a story, or stories.
DU- striptijdschrift (n); stripverhaal (n); beeldverhaal (n)
FR- bande dessinée (f)
GR- Comic-Heft (n); Witzblatt (n); Comic-Strip (m); B ilderstreifen (m)(pl)
IT- fumetto (m)
SP- tebeo (m); revista humorística (f); tira comica (f)
SW- tecknad serie; skämttidning; seriebok

See COMIC (153)

See COMIC (153)


See also GRAPHIC DESIGN (259)
Artwork, such as illustration, photography, graphic design, prepared for predetermined commercial purposes, such as advertising and general promotion.
DU- commerciële kunst (f); reclamekunst (f)
FR- art publicitaire (m); dessin publicitaire (m)
GR- Werbegraphik (f)
IT- arte pubblicitaria (f)
SP- arte publicitario (m)
SW- reklamkonst

See also DISK (195), OPTICAL DISK (387), VIDEODISC (570)
An optical disk on which programmes, data, images, and/or sound are stored in a digital format. The information can be retrieved using a CD player, sometimes connected to a computer. Audio CDs, CD-ROM (Compact Disk Read-Only Memory) and CD-I (Compact Disk - Interactive) are specific types of compact disk.
DU- compact disc (m)
FR- disque compact (m)
GR- Compact Disc (m); CD (f)
IT- compact disc (m)
SP- disco compacto (m)
SW- kompakt skiva; CD-skiva

Any type of shelving which is designed to increase the storage capacity of library materials to be shelved in a given space, such as draw-out shelves, mobile ranges, and swinging-case shelves.
DU- compact opstelling (f); compactus (f)
FR- rayonnage dense (m); rayonnage compact (m)
GR- Kompakt-Magazinierung (f); fahrbare Regelanlage (f)
IT- scaffalatura compatta (f)
SP- estanterías compactas (f)
SW- kompakthylla; kompaktus

One who produces a collection by selecting and putting together matter from the works of various persons or bodies.
DU- samensteller (m); samenstelster (f)
FR- compilateur (m); compilatrice (f)
GR- Zusammensteller (m); Zusammentellerin (f); Kompilator (m); Kompilatorin (f)
IT- compilatore (m)
SP- compilador (m); compiladora (f); recopilador (m); recopiladora (f)
SW- kompilator

An electronic device which automatically performs prescribed sequences of operations on digitised data to achieve a desired end result.
DU- computer (m)
FR- cordinateur (m)
GR- Computer (m); Datenverabeitungsanlage (f); Rechner (m)
IT- computer (m); calcolatore elettronico (m)
SP- computadora (f); ordenador (m)
SW- dator; datamaskin

162. COMPUTERISATION [U.S. - Computerization]
See also AUTOMATION (59)
Equipping with computers.
DU- computerisering (f)
FR- informatisation (f)
GR- Computerisierung (f)
IT- computerizzazione (f)
SP- computarización (f); automatización (f)
SW- datorisering

Study and knowledge of a particular area of art.
DU- kenner (m)
FR- specialité (f)
GR- Kennerschaft (f)
IT- conoscenza specializzata (f)
SP- experto en arte (m)
SW- expertis; specialkunskap

See also PRESERVATION (443), REPAIR (478), RESTORATION (485)
The physical and chemical stabilisation and treatment of materials, including the restoration of rare and valuable objects.
DU- instandhouding (f); conservering (f)
FR- conservation (f)
GR- Erhaltung (f); Konservierung (f)
IT- conservazione (f)
SP- conservación (f)
SW- konservering

See also RESTORER (486)
A specialist who has undertaken advanced training in the repair, stabilisation and restoration of materials, such as paintings, books, works on paper.
DU- restaurator (m); behoudsmedewerker (m)
FR- restaurateur (m); restauratrice (f)
GR- Restaurator (m); Restauratorin (f)
IT- restauratore (m); restauratrice (f)
SP- conservador (m); conservadora (f)
SW- konservator

An expert in a specialised field brought in by a library or other agency for professional or technical advice.
DU- informatiespecialist (m); vakreferent (m); expert (m); adviseur (m)
FR- consultant (m); expert-conseil (m)
GR- Berater (m); Beraterin (f); Experte (m); Expertin (f)
IT- consulente (m)
SP- consultor (m); consultora (f)
SW- konsult

Existing or coming into being at the same period of time; of today or of the present.
DU- hedendaags
FR- contemporain (m); contemporaine (f)
GR- zeitgenössisch
IT- contemporaneo (m); contemporanea (f)
SP- contemporáneo (m); contemporánea (f)
SW- samtida


A part of a publication issued in continuance of a monograph, serial, or series.
DU- vervolg (n)
FR- suite (f)
GR- Fortzetzung (f)
IT- continuazione (f)
SP- continuación (f)
SW- fortsättning

170. COPY (noun)
See also REPRODUCTION (482)
An individual exemplar of a book, document etc.
DU- exemplaar (n)
FR- exemplaire (m)
GR- Exemplar (n)
IT- esemplare (m)
SP- ejemplar (m)
SW- exemplar

A device used to hold a camera and secure the printed material to be photographed.
DU- reproduktiestandaard (m)
FR- banc de reproduction (m)
GR- Reproduktionsstelle (f); Kopierstelle (f)
IT- planetario (m)
SP- soporte para cámara de fotos (m)
SW- kopieringsställ

The legal provision of exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute a work, usually granted to the author, artist or maker of the work.
DU- auteursrecht (n); copyright (n)
FR- droit d'auteur (m); copyright (m); droit de reproduction (m)
GR- Urheberrecht (n); Copyright (n)
IT- diritto d'autore (m); proprietà letteraria e artistica (f); copyright (m)
SP- derechos de autor (m)(pl); propriedad literaria (f); copyright (m)
SW- copyright


A body of work, complete and entire.
DU- corpus (n)
FR- corpus (m); oeuvre complète (f)
GR- Korpus (n); Korpuswerk (n); Gesamtwerk (n)
IT- corpus (m)
SP- cuerpo (m); corpus (m)
SW- samlingsverk; samlad produktion; korpus

175. CRAFT
Creation of handmade objects intended to be both useful and decorative; objects thus produced.
DU- ambacht (n); ambachtelijk werkstuk (n); handwerk (n)
FR- métier (m); artisanat (m); objet artisanal (m)
GR- Handwerk (n); Kunsthandwerk (n)
IT- prodotto artigianale (m); produzione artigianale (f); artigianato (m)
SP- oficio (m)
SW- hantverk; hantverksproduktion

The evaluation and analysis of creative work.
DU- kunstkritiek (f)
FR- critique (f)
GR- Kunstkritik (f); Kritik (f)
IT- critica (f)
SP- crítica (f)
SW- kritik

To trim; cutting down prints, photographs, or pages to a required size, often without regard for their original composition.
DU- kort afsnijden
FR- découper
GR- beschneiden
IT- tagliare
SP- encuadre (m)
SW- beskära

A reference from one part of a book, catalogue, or document to another part where the same or related topic is discussed or recorded.
DU- kruisverwijzing (f)
FR- renvoi (m)
GR- Kreuzverweisung (f)
IT- richiamo (m); rinvio (m)
SP- referencia (f); referencia cruzada (f)
SW- korshänvisning

179. CURATOR (Keeper)
A person who has the care and superintendence of something, especially of a collection, museum, gallery etc.
DU- conservator (m)
FR- conservateur (m); conservatrice (f)
GR- Kustos (m); Kustodin (f); Konservator (m); Konservatorin (f)
IT- conservatore (m); conservatrice (f)
SP- conservador (m); conservadora (f)
SW- intendent; antikvarie

Brief account of one's career and qualifications.
DU- curriculum vitae
FR- curriculum vitae (m)
GR- Lebenslauf (m); Curriculum vitae (n)
IT- curriculum vitae
SP- curriculum vitae (m)
SW- curriculum vitae; levnadsbeskrivning


182. CUTTINGS FILE [U.S. - Clipping file]
See also VERTICAL FILE (567)
A file where items, usually ephemeral and topical in nature, taken from various sources, including newspapers and magazines, are kept for information and reference.
DU- knipselverzameling (f)
FR- collection de coupures de presse (f)
GR- Zeitungsauschnittssammlung (f); Ausschnittsammlung (f)
IT- collezione di ritagli
SP- archivo de recortes (m); colección de recortes (f)
SW- klippsamling; klipparkiv

183. CV

184. DATA
Factual pieces of information.
DU- data (pl); gegevens (n)(pl)
FR- données (f)
GR- Daten (n)(pl)
IT- dati (m)
SP- datos (m)
SW- data

A collection of digitally stored records.
DU- database (f)
FR- base de données (f); banque de données (f)
GR- Datenbank (f)
IT- banca di dati (f); banca dati (f)
SP- base de datos (f); banco de datos (m)
SW- databas

See also WEEDING (577)
The process of removing materials that are no longer appropriate or functional and their supporting documentation.
DU- verwijderen; afstoten (f)
FR- retrait (m); èlimination (f)
GR- ausscheiden; löschen
IT- scarico (m)
SP- retiro (m)
SW- avlägsna; ta bort

To neutralise the acidic components in paper and provide an alkaline buffer to counteract acidic build-up in the future.
DU- ontzuren
FR- désacidifier
GR- entsäuern
IT- deacidificare
SP- deacidificar
SW- avlägsna syra

An individual or company who buys and sells materials, such as antiques, works of art, or library materials.
DU- handelaar (m)
FR- marchand (m)
GR- Händler (m); Händlerin (f)
IT- mercante (m); commerciante (m)
SP- comerciante (m); tratante (m)
SW- handlare; handlande; försäljare

Those arts involving the creation of works serving utilitarian as well as aesthetic purposes or involved in the decoration and embellishment of utilitarian objects.
DU- decoratieve kunst (f)
FR- arts décoratifs (m)(pl)
GR- dekorative Kunst (f); angewandte Kunst (f)
IT- arti decorative (f)(pl)
SP- artes decorativas (f)(pl)
SW- dekorativ konst


The arrangement of elements or details in an artefact or a work of art.
DU- vormgeving (f)
FR- design (m)
GR- Design (n); Formgebung (f); Gestaltung (f)
IT- design (m)
SP- diseño (m)
SW- design; formgivning


An alphabetically arranged reference book listing terms and/or names of a subject or activity with discussion of their meaning, derivation, and application.
DU- woordenboek (n)
FR- dictionnaire (m)
GR- Wörterbuch (n); Lexikon (n)
IT- dizionario (m)
SP- diccionario (m)
SW- ordbok

A list of persons, organisations, or institutions systematically arranged, usually in alphabetical or classed order, giving addresses, affiliations, etc. for individuals, and addresses, officers, functions, and similar data for organisations.
DU- adresboek (n)
FR- répertoire (m)
GR- Adressbuch (n); Verzeichnis (n)
IT- elenco (m); repertorio (m)
SP- registro de direcciones (m); directorio (m)
SW- addressbok; addressföreckning; adresskalender

195. DISK
See also COMPACT DISK (158), DISKETTE (196), OPTICAL DISK (387), RECORD (468), VIDEODISC (570)
A round flat object, sometimes encased in a container, upon which data can be recorded and stored.
DU- disk (m); schijf (f)
FR- disque (m)
GR- Platte (f); Disk (f)
IT- disco (m)
SP- disco (m)
SW- disk; skiva

196. DISKETTE (Floppy disk)
A small disk carrying a magnetic medium in which digital data is stored for later retrieval and use.
DU- floppy disk (m); diskette (f)
FR- disquette (f)
GR- Diskette (f); Floppy-Disk (f)
IT- floppy disc (m); dischetto (m)
SP- disco flexible (m)
SW- diskett; floppy disk

See also THESIS (549)
A detailed written discourse on a subject, especially one submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of a degree or diploma.
DU- dissertatie (f); proefschrift (n)
FR- thèse (f); mémoire (m)
GR- Dissertation (f)
IT- dissertazione (m)
SP- disertación (m)
SW- avhandling; dissertation

Written, typed, electronically produced, or printed information.
DU- document (n)
FR- document (m)
GR- Dokument (n); Urkunde (f); Quelle (f)
IT- documento (m)
SP- documento (m)
SW- dokument

The accumulation, classification and dissemination of information; the material collected or disseminated.
DU- documentatie (f)
FR- documentation (f)
GR- Dokumentation (f)
IT- documentazione (f)
SP- documentación (f)
SW- dokumentation

A picture produced through the art of representing by line.
DU- tekening (f)
FR- dessin (m)
GR- Zeichnung (f)
IT- disegno (m)
SP- dibujo (m)
SW- teckning

An exact copy or an additional or extra copy of a particular book or document.
DU- duplikaat (n); doublet (n)
FR- double (m); copie (f); duplicata (m)
GR- Dublette (f); Doppelexemplar (n); Zweitschrift (f)
IT- duplicato (m); duplice copia (f)
SP- duplicado (m)
SW- duplikat; duplett



204. E-MAIL (Email)
Electronic mail is a communication system enabling computer users to exchange messages in electronic format on a network.
DU- E-mail (n)
FR- messagerie electronique (f)
GR- E-mail (f); elektronische Post (f)
IT- posta elettronica (f)
SP- correo electrónico (m)
SW- elektronisk post; e-post

See also REVISED EDITION (492)
All copies of a book, print, etc., produced from substantially the same master, issued at one time.
DU- druk (m); editie (f); uitgave (f)
FR- édition (f)
GR- Ausgabe (f); Auflage (f)
IT- edizione (f)
SP- edición (f)
SW- upplaga; utgåva

See also COFFEE-TABLE BOOK (142)
A sumptuous book; a book produced to be admired for its appearance rather than to be read.
DU- luxe-editie (f)
FR- édition de luxe (f)
GR- Liebhaberausgabe (f); Luxusausgabe (f); Prachtausgabe (f)
IT- edizione di lusso (f)
SP- edición de lujo (f)
SW- lyxutgåva

A person who assembles and prepares materials for publication.
DU- redacteur (m); redactrice (f)
FR- rédacteur en chef (m); redactrice en chef (f); editeur scientifique (m); éditrice scientifique (f)
GR- Redakteur (m); Redakteurin (f); Schriftleiter (m); Schriftleiterin (f); Herausgeber (m); Herausgeberin (f)
IT- redattore (m); redattrice (f)
SP- editor (m); editora (f)
SW- redaktör

See E-MAIL (204)

Publishing text or images in machine-readable format such as databases, compact disks, etc.
DU- electronic publishing (n)
FR- publication assistée par ordinateur (f); P.A.O. (f)
GR- Electronic Publishing (n); elektronisches Publizieren (n)
IT- editoria elettronica (f)
SP- publicación electrónica (f)
SW- elektronisk publicering

See also PHOTOCOPY (419, 420)
A direct dry reproduction process for creating copies on ordinary paper in a machine.
DU- elektrostatisch kopieerprocédé (n)
FR- xérographie (f)
GR- elektrostatisches Kopierverfahren (n)
IT- Xerografia
SP- Procedimiento electroestático; Xerografia
SW- fotokopiering; xerox

To cover, inlay, or decorate, with an opaque vitreous composite which is fused to an object.
DU- emailleren
FR- émailler
GR- emaillieren
IT- smaltare
SP- esmaltar
SW- emaljera

See also LAMINATION (315)
Enclosure of a document between two sheets of polyester film, sealing it with pressure-sensitive tape, sewing, or by ultrasonic welding. The two layers support the sheet and allow it to be handled and viewed from both sides, and can retard deterioration.
DU- insealen
FR- encapsulation (f); pelliculage (m)
GR- Einkapselung (f); Einbettung (f)
IT- incapsulamento (m)
SP- encapsulación (f)
SW- inkapsling; kapsling

213. ENCYCLOPAEDIA [U.S. - Encyclopedia]
A book, set of books, or disk, containing informational articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, or limited to a special field or subject; usually arranged in alphabetical order.
DU- encyclopedie (f)
FR- encyclopédie (f)
GR- Enzyklopädie (f); Konversationslexikon (n)
IT- enciclopedia (f)
SP- enciclopedia (f)
SW- encyklopedi; uppslagsbok; uppslagsverk

An intaglio process in which the image to be printed is cut into a metal plate, block of wood or other surface.
DU- graveerkunst (f); gravure (f); plaat (f); prent (f)
FR- gravure (f)
GR- Gravur (f); Stich (m)
IT- incisione
SP- grabado (m)
SW- gravyr

An enlarged print; usually refers to a paper-based print with an image that has been optically magnified from an original, smaller negative.
DU- vergroting (f)
FR- agrandissement (m)
GR- Vergrößerung (f)
IT- ingrandimento
SP- ampliación (f)
SW- förstoring

216. ENTRY
An item in a list, catalogue, index, bibliography, etc.
DU- titel (m); catalogusnummer (n)
FR- notice (f); entrée (f)
GR- Eintragung (f); Aufnahme (f)
IT- termine (m)
SP- asiento (m); entrada (f)
SW- katalogpost; post

217. EPHEMERA (Printed ephemera)
See also VERTICAL FILE (567)
Artefacts, especially documents, produced for a particular purpose or occasion and not intended for preservation; especially printed material of interest for its appearance, association, design, or documentation produced in connection with art exhibitions, etc. Transient everyday items that are manufactured specifically for use and disposal.
DU- ephemera (pl)
FR- épheméra (f)
GR- ephemere Literatur (f); Verbrauchsliteratur (f)
IT- materiale effimero (m)
SP- cosas efímeras (f)(pl)
SW- efemära


Print made from a plate into which the design has been cut by acid. The process of producing such a plate.
DU- ets (f); etskunst (f)
FR- gravure à l'eau-forte (f); eau-forte (f)
GR- Ätzung (f); Radierung (f); Ätzdruck (m)
IT- incisione all'acquaforte (f); acquaforte (f)
SP- grabado al agua fuerte (m); agua fuerte (m)
SW- etsning

220. ETHNIC (1)
Of or pertaining to a self-identified group that retains its customs, language, and social views.
DU- volkenkundig
FR- ethnique
GR- ethnisch
IT- etnico (m); etnica (f)
SP- étnico (m); étnica (f)
SW- etniskt

221. ETHNIC (2)
Art and craft that reflects the culture of a specific group.
DU- volkenkundig
FR- ethnique
GR- ethnisch
IT- etnico (m); etnica (f)
SP- étnico (m); étnica (f)
SW- folklore; folkkonst


The arrangement by which a library sends to another library its own publications, or those of the institution with which it is connected, and receives in return publications from the other library; or sends duplicates from its collection to another library.
DU- ruil (m)
FR- échange (m)
GR- Schriftenaustausch (m); Schriftentausch (m)
IT- scambio (m)
SP- cambio (m)
SW- byte

A temporary public showing of works of art, craft, or cultural interest.
DU- tentoonstelling (f); expositie (f)
FR- exposition (f)
GR- Ausstellung (f)
IT- esposizione (f); mostra (f)
SP- exposición (f)
SW- utställning

A publication that documents the works displayed in an exhibition.
DU- tentoonstellingscatalogus (m)
FR- catalogue d'exposition (m)
GR- Ausstellungskatalog (n)
IT- catalogo d'esposizione (m); catalogo di mostra (m)
SP- catálogo de exposición (m)
SW- utställningskatalog

Volumes that have had added to them engraved portraits, prints, autographed letters, documents, etc., usually taken from other sources.
DU- extra-geïllustreerd
FR- enrichi d'illustrations
GR- Extraausstattung (f)
IT- arricchito d'illustrazioni
SP- super ilustrado
SW- extraillustrerad

An exact copy of an original object.
DU- facsimile (n)
FR- fac-similé (m)
GR- Faksimile (n)
IT- facsimile (m)
SP- facsímil (m)
SW- faksimil

One of the divisions of a book published in parts.
DU- aflevering (f)
FR- fascicule (m)
GR- Faszikel (m); Teillieferung (f)
IT- fascicolo (m)
SP- fascículo (m)
SW- fascikel; sektion

A style or trend that is favoured at any one time or place; may be short-lived.
DU- mode (f)
FR- mode (f)
GR- Mode (f); Zeitgeschmack (m)
IT- moda (f); voga (f); foggia (f)
SP- moda (f)
SW- mode

Fashion illustration; a genre of printed material
DU- modetekening (f); modeplaat (f)
FR- gravure de mode (f)
GR- Modezeichnung (f); Modeblatt (n); Modestich (m)
IT- figurino (m)
SP- figurín (m); grabado de moda (m)
SW- modeplansch

231. FAX
The process or result of the process by which fixed images are scanned, transmitted electronically, and reproduced at a distant location.
DU- telefax; fax
FR- télécopie (f); fax (m)
GR- Fax (n); Telefax (n)
IT- telefax (m); telefacsimile (m)
SP- telefacsimil (f)
SW- telefax; fax

232. FESTSCHRIFT (Memorial volume; Commemorative volume)
A complimentary or memorial publication in the form of a collection of essays, addresses, or biographical, bibliographical, scientific, or other contributions, often embodying the results of research; issued in honour of a person, an institution or a society, usually on the occasion of an anniversary celebration.
DU- Feestbundel (m); Festschrift (n)
FR- mélanges (m)
GR- Festschrift (f); Gedenkschrift (f)
IT- volume commemorativo (m)
SP- volúmen conmemorativo (m)
SW- festskrift

233. FILE
A collection of related records treated as a unit and organised or arranged in a specific sequence to facilitate storage and retrieval.
DU- ordner (m); bestand (n); dossier (n)
FR- fichier (m); dossier (m)
GR- Datei (f)
IT- archivio (m); filza (f); schedario (m)
SP- fichero (m); archivo (m)
SW- dossier; samlingspärm

234. FILM
A transparent, flexible plastic material, usually of cellulose acetate or polyester, on which a light-sensitive emulsion is coated, or on which an image can be formed by various transfer processes.
DU- film (m)
FR- film (m)
GR- Film (m)
IT- pellicola (f); film (m)
SP- filme (m); película (f)
SW- film

See STILL (529)

A document which provides direction to information contained in other documents. Most commonly used in archives.
DU- vindlijst (f)
FR- guide (m)
GR- Orientierungshilfe (f); Findhilfe (f)
IT- guida (f)
SP- catálogo (m); listado (m)
SW- guide; lathund

Arts, such as painting, sculpture or music, concerned primarily with the creation of beautiful or expressive objects.
DU- schone kunsten (f)(pl)
FR- beaux-arts (m)(pl)
GR- bildende Künste (f)(pl); schöne Künste (f)(pl)
IT- belle arti (f)
SP- bellas artes (f)(pl)
SW- sköna konster

A unique or limited edition binding intended to be considered as a work of art in itself.
DU- fine binding
FR- reliure (d'art) (f)
GR- Künstlerischer Einband (m); Kunsteinband (m)
IT- legatura artistica (f); rilegatura artistica (f)
SP- encuadernación de lujo (f)
SW- konstband

A beautifully printed book issued by a private press, usually in a limited edition.
DU- bibliofiel boek (n)
FR- édition de luxe (f)
GR- Pressendruck (m)
IT- edizione di lusso (f)
SP- imprenta de lujo (f)
SW- lyxutgåva; bibliofilutgåva

240. FLIER [U.S.]
See FLYER (242)

See DISKETTE (196)

242. FLYER (Handbill) [U.S. - Flier]
See also BROADSHEET (93), EPHEMERA (217)
An advertising circular.
DU- strooibiljet (n); vlugschrift (n)
FR- feuille volante (f); prospectus (m)
GR- Flugblatt (n); Handzettel (m)
IT- volantino (m); foglio volante (m)
SP- hoja volante (f)
SW- flygblad; reklamblaI

243. FOLIO
See also OVERSIZE (392)
A volume made up of sheets of paper folded once; a book of large size.
DU- folio (n)
FR- folio (m); in-folio (m)
GR- Folio (n)
IT- folio (m); in-folio (m); libro in folio (m)
SP- folio (m); in-folio (m)
SW- folio; folioformat

Works of art produced by the indigenous people of a country or region.
DU- volkskunst (f)
FR- art populaire (m); art folklorique (m)
GR- Volkskunst (f); volkstümliche Kunst (f)
IT- arte popolare (f); arte folcloristica (f)
SP- arte popular (m); arte folklórico (m)
SW- folkkonst; folklore

See PREFACE (442)

The shape, size and general makeup of a book, periodical or other publication.
DU- format (n)
FR- format (m)
GR- Format (n)
IT- formato (m)
SP- formato (m)
SW- format

Spots of various sizes and intensity, usually brownish in colour, that disfigure paper. They are caused by varying combinations of fungi, paper impurities, and dampness.
DU- bruine vlekken (f)(pl); roestvlekken (f)(pl)
FR- piqûre (f); rousseur (f); taches de jaunissement (f)
GR- Stockflecken (m)(pl)
IT- macchie di ruggine (f)
SP- manchas rojizas de humedad (f)(pl)
SW- fuktfläck; mögelfläck; foxing

The intervals at which a serial is published, e.g., weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, annually, etc.
DU- verschijningsfrequentie (f)
FR- périodicité (f)
GR- Frequenz (f); Erscheinungshäufigkeit (f)
IT- frequenza (f)
SP- frecuencia (f)
SW- periodicitet

An illustration preceding and usually facing the title page of a book.
DU- frontispice (n); titelplaat (f); titelprent (f)
FR- frontispice (m)
GR- Frontispiz (n)
IT- antiporta (f)
SP- frontispicio (m)
SW- frontespis; titelblad

See also MUSEUM (369)
A room or building devoted to the exhibition of works of art.
DU- museum (n); galerie (f)
FR- galerie (f); musée (m)
GR- Kunstgalerie (f); Gemäldegalerie (f)
IT- pinacoteca (f); galleria d'arte (f)
SP- galería (f)
SW- galleri; konstgalleri

See SECTION (501)

Geographical dictionary.
DU- aardrijkskundig woordenboek (n)
FR- index geographique (m)
GR- Ortslexikon (n); geographisches Lexikon (n)
IT- dizionario geografico (m)
SP- diccionario geografico (m)
SW- geografisk ordbok

A term used for the printing of copies from copies, indicating a measure of remoteness of a particular copy from the original material.
DU- generatie (f)
FR- étape de fabrication (f)
GR- Generationskopie (f)
IT- generazione (f)
SP- generación (f)
SW- generation

A glazed, highly beaten, semi-transparent paper not easily penetrated by air, used to make envelopes and sleeves for storing photographs and other paper materials.
DU- pergamijn (n)
FR- papier cristal (m)
GR- Dünnpergamin (n); Pergamin (n); Pergaminpapier (n)
IT- carta pergamena (f)
SP- papel cristal (m)
SW- pergamynpapper

255. GLOSSARY (1)
An alphabetical list of terms related to a particular subject or area of interest, with explanations.
DU- glossarium (n)
FR- glossaire (m)
GR- Glossar (n)
IT- glossario (m)
SP- glosario (m)
SW- ordbok; ordlista

256. GLOSSARY (2)
A collection of synonyms in more than two languages, with explanations.
DU- verklarende woordenlijst (f)
FR- lexique (m)
GR- Polyglottglossar (n)
IT- glossario (m)
SP- glosario (m)
SW- polyglottlexikon

A method of painting with opaque watercolours; a painting done in this manner.
DU- gouache (f)
FR- gouache (f)
GR- Guasch (f); Gouache (f)
IT- guazzo (m); gouache (f)
SP- aguazo (m); gouache (m)
SW- gouache

Usually refers to arts derived from or dependent on drawing; sometimes used to denote all processes by which prints are made; may refer to the entire field of commercial printing and illustration.
DU- grafische kunsten (f)(pl); grafiek (f)
FR- arts graphiques (m)
GR- graphische Künste (f)(pl); grafische Künste (f)(pl); Graphik (f)
IT- arti grafiche (f); grafica (f)
SP- artes gráficas (f)(pl)
SW- grafik; grafisk konst

The design of visual communications, usually to be printed or reproduced photographically, e.g., advertisements, books, magazines, newspapers, leaflets, posters, diagrams, trademarks, corporate identities, sign systems, packaging, film and television graphics, etc., and employing words and/or images.
DU- grafisch ontwerp (n)
FR- dessin graphique (m); graphisme (m)
GR- Gebrauchsgraphik (f); graphische Gestaltung (f); grafische Gestaltung (f); Graphik Design (n)
IT- disegno grafico (m)
SP- diseño gráfico (m)
SW- grafisk; grafisk form

Any presentation of data in visual form; illustrations, graphic designs, etc.
DU- grafiek (f)
FR- oeuvre(s) graphique(s) (f); graphique(s) (m)
GR- graphisches Zeichnen (n); graphische Darstellung (f); Grafik (f); Bild (n)
IT- grafica (f)
SP- gráfica (f); gráfico (m)
SW- grafisk framställning; formgivning

261. GUARD
A strip of paper, muslin, or other thin material used to attach or reinforce leaves or inserts in books, permitting bending.
DU- opzetstrook (f)
FR- onglet (m)
GR- Falz (m)
IT- brachetta (f); braghetta (f)
SP- guarda (f)
SW- guard

A printed illustration in which tonal gradation is simulated by a pattern of small dots which vary in size.
DU- halftoonprocédé (n); autotypie (f)
FR- demi-teinte (f)
GR- Autotypie (f); Halbton (m); Rasterdruck (m)
IT- autotipia (f); mezzatinta (f)
SP- similigrabado (m); media tinta (f)
SW- autotypi; halvton; rastertryck

See FLYER (242)

A portable compendium, covering one or more subjects, arranged for quick location of information.
DU- handboek (n)
FR- manuel (m)
GR- Handbuch (n)
IT- manuale (m)
SP- manual (m)
SW- handbok

Information from a non-print source, such as a microform or digitised data, printed on paper.
DU- afdruk (m)
FR- copie sur papier (f); sortie sur papier (f)
GR- Ausdruck (m); Beleg (m); Hardcopy (f)
IT- stampato (m); tabulato (m)
SP- copia en papel (f)
SW- tryckt kopia

A storage device permanently installed in a computer.
DU- harde schijf (f)
FR- disque dur (m)
GR- Festplatte (f)
IT- disco rigido (m)
SP- disco duro (m)
SW- hårddisk

See also PAPERBACK (401)
A book bound in rigid board covers.
DU- gebonden boek (n)
FR- livre cartonné (m); livre relié (m)
GR- gebundenes Buch (n)
IT- libro con copertina rigida (m); libro rilegato (m)
SP- libro en cartoné (m); libro con cubierta rígida (m)
SW- bok med hårda pärmar; bunden bok

See also SOFTWARE (518)
The electrical and/or mechanical equipment necessary to make use of slides, microforms, computer programmes, etc.
DU- hardware (m)
FR- matériel informatique (m)
GR- EDV-Geräte (n)(pl); Hardware (f)
IT- hardware (m)
SP- hardware (m)
SW- hårdvara

Armorial insignia.
DU- heraldiek (f)
FR- héraldique (f)
GR- Wappenkunde (f); Heraldik (f)
IT- araldica (f)
SP- heráldica (f)
SW- heraldik

270. HINGE
A paper or muslin stub used to affix a print to its mat.
DU- scharnier (n); opzetstrook (f)
FR- charnière (f); onglet (m)
GR- Ansatzfalz (m)
IT- cerniera (f)
SP- pestaña (f)
SW- hänge; upphängare

See also ART HISTORY (41)
A chronological record of significant events with an explanation of their causes; a branch of knowledge that documents and interprets past events.
DU- geschiedenis (f)
FR- histoire (f)
GR- Geschichte (f)
IT- storia (f)
SP- historia (f)
SW- historia

272. HOLDINGS (Stock) (1)
See also BOOKSTOCK (88)
A library's collections.
DU- bezit (n); collectie (f)
FR- collection (f)
GR- Buchbestand (m)
IT- collezione (f); fondo (m)
SP- colección (f)
SW- bestånd

273. HOLDINGS (Stock) (2)
See also BOOKSTOCK (88)
A specific collection or a part of one.
DU- bezit (n); collectie (f)
FR- fonds (m)
GR- Sammlung (f)
IT- collezione (f); fondo (m)
SP- colección (f)
SW- specialsamling

A three-dimensional image made on photographic film or plate without a camera, formed by the interference of light beams from a coherent source.
DU- holografie (f)
FR- holographie (f)
GR- Holographie (f); Holografie (f)
IT- olografia (f)
SP- holografía (f)
SW- holografi

The characteristic style or manner of visual presentation of a company or organisation, especially as applied to its publications and printed matter.
DU- huisstijl (m)
FR- style maison (m)
GR- Hausstil (m)
IT- stile aziendale (m)
SP- estilo propio de una empresa (m); estilo de la casa (m)
SW- företagsprofil; grafisk profil

276. ICON (1)
A conventional religious image.
DU- icoon (f)
FR- icône (f)
GR- Ikone (f)
IT- icona (f)
SP- icono (m)
SW- ikon

277. ICON (2)
An emblem or a symbol.
DU- embleem (n)
FR- embléme (m); symbole (m)
GR- Ikone (f)
IT- icona (f)
SP- icono (m)
SW- symbol

278. ICON (3)
A graphic symbol found on computer displays to indicate and initiate a defined action.
DU- symbool (n)
FR- icône (f)
GR- Ikone (f)
IT- icona (f)
SP- icono (m)
SW- grafisk datasymbol; ikon

The interpretation and classification of pictorial elements in order to interpret the conceptual, symbolic, and allegoric significance of an image or work of art.
DU- iconografie (f)
FR- iconographie (f)
GR- Ikonographie (f)
IT- iconografia (f)
SP- iconografía (f)
SW- ikonografi

A method of interpreting the meaning of a work of art by synthesising iconography with the full historical context.
DU- iconologie (f)
FR- iconologie (f)
GR- Ikonologie (f)
IT- iconologia (f)
SP- iconología (f)
SW- ikonologi

281. ILL

Manuscript adorned by hand with richly coloured ornamental letters, decorative designs, or illustrations.
DU- verlucht handschrift (n); boekverluchting (f); illuminatie (f)
FR- manuscrit enluminé (m)
GR- Illumination (f); Buchmalerei (f); Miniaturmalerei (f); Bilderhandschrift (f)
IT- manoscritto miniato (m)
SP- iluminación (f)
SW- illumination; bokillumination; bokmåleri

Book that includes visual images to explain, augment, or embellish the text.
DU- geïlustreerd boek (n)
FR- livre illustré (m)
GR- illustriertes Buch (n)
IT- libro illustrato (m)
SP- libro ilustrado (m)
SW- illustrerad bok

See also PLATE (432)
A drawing, photograph, or other image representation designed to decorate or to clarify a text.
DU- illustratie (f); afbeelding (f)
FR- illustration (f)
GR- Illustration (f)
IT- illustrazione (f)
SP- ilustración (f)
SW- illustration

285. IMAGE
An artificial imitation or representation of the external form of an object, person, or scene.
DU- beeld (n); afbeelding (f)
FR- image (f); illustration (f)
GR- Abbildung (f); Bild (n)
IT- immagine (f)
SP- imágen (f)
SW- bild

A collection of images, usually, but not always, held in electronic format for retrieval by computer.
DU- beeldbank (f)
FR- banque d'images (f)
GR- elektronisches Bildarchiv (n); Imagebank (f)
IT- banca d'immagini (f)
SP- banca de imágenes (m)
SW- bildbank

Transferring information, usually in graphic form, into electronic format for storage and later retrieval.
DU- beeldverwerking (f)
FR- enregistrement de l'image (m)
GR- Bildaufzeichnung (f)
IT- registrazione elettronica di immagini (f)
SP- imaginario (m)
SW- bildöverföring

In printing and print-making, the impression of a block, plate, or type, etc., on a sheet of paper.
DU- afdruk (m); druk (m); oplage (f)
FR- impression (f)
GR- Druck (m); Abdruck (m); Abzug (m)
IT- impressione (f)
SP- impresión (f)
SW- avtryck

In publishing, all of the copies of a book produced during one printing, or print-run; an additional press-run made without revision of text.
DU- afdruk (m); druk (m); oplage (f)
FR- tirage (m); réimpression (f)
GR- Auflage (f); Nachdruck (m)
IT- impressione (f)
SP- impresión (f)
SW- tryckning

In a bibliographic item, the name of publisher, distributor, and manufacturer, and the place and date of publication, distribution and manufacture.
DU- impressum (n); adres (n)
FR- marque de l'éditeur (f); adresse bibliographique (f)
GR- Druckvermerk (m); Verlagsangabe (f); Impressum (n)
IT- nota tipografica (f)
SP- pie de imprenta (m); mención de responsabilidad de la edición (f)
SW- tryckort; tryckår och förläggarens namn; impressum

See also OUT OF PRINT (390)
A book or journal that is available from its publisher.
DU- leverbaar
FR- disponible
GR- lieferbar; erhältlich
IT- disponibile
SP- disponible
SW- i tryck; leveransklar

292. INDEX
A systematic guide to the contents of texts, files, or documents.
DU- index (m); register (n)
FR- index (m); répertoire (m)
GR- Register (n); Index (m); Verzeichnis (n)
IT- indice (m)
SP- índice (m)
SW- index; register

To assign key words or subject headings to texts, files, or documents.
DU- indexeren; opnemen in een register
FR- indexation (f)
GR- Einordnung in ein Verzeichnis (f); verzeichnen; registrieren; indexieren
IT- compilare un indice
SP- indexación (f)
SW- indexering

The design of functional objects that can be mass-produced.
DU- industrieel ontwerp (n)
FR- dessin industriel (m)
GR- Industrie Design (n); industrielle Formgebung (f)
IT- disegno industriale (m); industrial design
SP- diseño industrial (f)
SW- industriell design; industridesign

All ideas, data, and imaginative works of the mind, which have been communicated, recorded, published and/or distributed formally or informally in any format.
DU- informatie (f); mededeling (f); inlichtingen (f)(pl)
FR- information (f); renseignements (m)
GR- Information (f); Auskunft (f)
IT- informazione (f)
SP- información (f)
SW- information; upplysningar; meddelanden

The process of searching, locating, and acquiring data from a file.
DU- information retrieval; terugzoeken van informatie (n)
FR- recherche documentaire (f)
GR- Informationswiedergewinnung (f); Informationswiederaufinden (n); Informationsretrieval (n); Retrieval (n)
IT- information retrieval (m); recupero d'informazione (m)
SP- recuperación de información (f)
SW- informationsåtervinning; informationssökning

The application of computers and other automation methods or technology to the organisation, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of information.
DU- informatietechnologie (f)
FR- informatique (f)
GR- Informatik (f)
IT- informatica (f)
SP- informática (f)
SW- informationsteknik

A defect or cause of loss arising out of the material itself, such as the acid content in paper which will eventually destroy the paper.
DU- inherent gebrek (n)
FR- vice inhérent (m)
GR- Selbstzerstörender Defekt (m)
IT- vizio inerente
SP- defectos inherentes (m)(pl)
SW- inbyggt fel

299. INSTITUTION (e.g. academic institutions, libraries, galleries, etc.)
An established organisation or corporation.
DU- instituut (n); instelling (f)
FR- institution (f); établissement (m)
GR- Einrichtung (f); Institution (f); Institut (n); Stiftung (f); Anstalt (f)
IT- istituzione (f); ente (m)
SP- institución (m); establecimiento (m)
SW- institution; institut

Bridging two or more branches of learning.
DU- interdisciplinair
FR- interdisciplinaire
GR- interdisziplinär
IT- interdisciplinare
SP- interdisciplinario
SW- tvärvetenskaplig


302. INTERIOR DESIGN (Interior decoration)
Design for the inside of homes or other building types.
DU- interieurontwerp (n)
FR- décoration intérieure (f)
GR- Innenausstattung (f)
IT- arredamento d'interni (m)
SP- decoración de interiores (f)
SW- heminredning

A transaction whereby one library lends an item from its collection, or provides a copy of the item, to another library.
DU- interbibliotecair leenverkeer (n)
FR- prêt interbibliothèques (m)
GR- auswärtiger Leihverkehr (m); Leihverkehr zwischen Bibliotheken (m)
IT- prestito interbibliotecario (m)
SP- préstamo interbibliotecario (m)
SW- interurbanlån; fjärrlån

A four-part, ten-character code given to a book before publication as a means of identifying it concisely, uniquely, and unambiguously.
DU- internationaal standaard boeknummer (n)
FR- Numéro International Normalisé des Livres (m)
GR- internationale Standard-Buchnummer (f)
IT- numero internazionale normalizzato di libri (m); International Standard Book Number (m)
SP- número internacional normalizado para libros (m)
SW- internationella standardboknumret

The international numerical code that identifies concisely, uniquely, and unambiguously a serial publication.
DU- internationaal standaard serienummer (n)
FR- Numéro International Normalisé des Publications en Série (m)
GR- internationale Standard-Seriennummer (f)
IT- numero internazionale normalizzato di pubblicazioni in serie (m); International Standard Serial Number (m)
SP- número internacional normalizado para publicaciones seriadas o revistas
SW- internationella standardserienumret

306. ISBN

307. ISSN

308. ISSUE (noun)
See also NUMBER (378), PART (404)
A single, uniquely numbered or dated part of a periodical or newspaper.
DU- aflevering (f)
FR- numéro (m); exemplaire (m); cahier (m); parution (f)
GR- Nummer (f); Lieferung (f); Heft (n)
IT- numero (m); fascicolo (m)
SP- número (m)
SW- nummer

309. ISSUE (verb)
To distribute or publish documents.
DU- uitgeven
FR- publier
GR- herausgeben; verlegen; veröffentlichen; publizieren
IT- pubblicare; stampare
SP- hacer salir
SW- publicera; utge

310. IT

A highly absorbent, strong paper used for the repair of paper in conservation.
DU- Japans papier (n)
FR- papier Japon (m)
GR- Japanpapier (n)
IT- carta giapponese (f)
SP- papel japón (m)
SW- japanpapper

See also MAGAZINE (343), PERIODICAL (411)
A periodical publication, especially one containing scholarly articles and/or disseminating current information on research and development in a particular subject field.
DU- tijdschrift (n)
FR- journal (m); revue (f)
GR- Journal (n); Zeitschrift (f)
IT- rivista (f)
SP- periódico (m); diario (m)
SW- tidskrift

See CURATOR (179)

A significant word in the abstract, title, or text of a work which is used to describe it for the purposes of retrieval.
DU- trefwoord (n)
FR- mot-clé (m)
GR- Stichwort (n)
IT- parola chiave (f)
SP- palabra clave (f)
SW- nyckelord

See also ENCAPSULATION (212)
The fusing of thin sheets of plastic to the surfaces of paper by means of heat and pressure.
DU- lamineren
FR- plastification (f); lamination (f)
GR- Kaschierung (f); kaschieren (verb)
IT- laminatura (f)
SP- laminado (m)
SW- laminering

A horizontally rather than vertically designed publication; the format of a publication, photograph, etc. where the width is greater than the height.
DU- oblong formaat (n)
FR- format oblong (m); format à l'italienne (m); format en travers (m); format paysage (m)
GR- Querformat (n)
IT- formato oblungo (m)
SP- formato apaisado (m)
SW- tvärformat

A transparent image, usually made on a thin piece of glass, for projection onto a screen by means of a light-beam.
DU- lantaarnplaatje (n); dia (m)
FR- plaque de lanterne magique (f)
GR- Dia (n); Gross-Dia (n); Diapositiv (n); Lichtbildplatte (f)
IT- diapositiva (f)
SP- diapositiva (f)
SW- diabild


The plan of a publication showing general arrangement of text, illustrations, etc., with indication of type styles and sizes.
DU- layout (m); grafische vormgeving (f)
FR- mise en page (f)
GR- Layout (n)
IT- impaginazione (f)
SP- formato (m)
SW- layout; grafisk formgivning

320. LEAF
See also PAGE (395), RECTO (471), VERSO (566)
A single sheet of paper, recto and verso, making two pages of a book; the basic bibliographical unit of a book.
DU- blad (n)
FR- feuillet (m); feuille (f)
GR- Blatt (n)
IT- foglio (m)
SP- hoja (f)
SW- blad

See PAMPHLET (398)

322. LEGAL DEPOSIT (Copyright deposit)
A legal requirement that one or more copies of a publication be received by the copyright office or designated libraries.
DU- wettelijk depot (n)
FR- dépôt légal (m)
GR- Pflichtexemplar (f)
IT- deposito legale (m)
SP- depósito legal (m)
SW- pliktleverans

A library that allows users to borrow material for a specified period of time.
DU- uitleenbibliotheek (f)
FR- bibliothèque de prêt (f)
GR- Ausleihbibliothek (f); Leihbibliothek (f); Leihbücherei (f)
IT- biblioteca di prestito (f)
SP- biblioteca de préstamo (f)
SW- lånebibliotek

Printing from raised and inked type.
DU- boekdruk (m)
FR- impression en relief (f); typographie (f)
GR- Buchdruck (m)
IT- stampa tipografica (f)
SP- impresión tipográfica (f)
SW- boktryck

Person employed in a library, usually with professional qualifications. Sometimes, the person in charge of a library.
DU- bibliothecaris (m); bibliothecaresse (f)
FR- bibliothécaire (m/f)
GR- Bibliothekar (m); Bibliothekarin (f)
IT- bibliotecario (m); bibliotecaria (f)
SP- bibliotecario (m); bibliotecaria (f)
SW- bibliotekarie

The profession concerned with the application of knowledge and those principles, theories, techniques, and technologies which contribute to the establishment, preservation, organisation and utilisation of libraries and library materials.
DU- bibliotheekwetenschap (f)
FR- bibliothéconomie (f)
GR- Bibliothekswesen (n); Bibliothekswissenschaft (f)
IT- biblioteconomia (f)
SP- biblioteconomía (f); bibliología (f)
SW- biblioteksvetenskap

A collection of books, periodicals and other materials, organised to provide physical, bibliographic, and intellectual access by the public or members of a group.
DU- bibliotheek (f)
FR- bibliothèque (f)
GR- Bibliothek (f); Bücherei (f)
IT- biblioteca (f)
SP- biblioteca (f)
SW- bibliotek

Training in the use of libraries and library collections.
DU- bibliotheekinstructie (f)
FR- formation de l'utilisateur (f); information au lecteur (f)
GR- Bibliothekseinführung (f)
IT- istruzione all'utenza (f)
SP- instrucción bibliográfica (f)
SW- bibliotekskunskap

A professional school or department or division of an academic institution which prepares students for position in a library or other information agency.
DU- bibliotheekacademie (f)
FR- école de bibliothécaires (f)
GR- Bibliotheksschule (f)
IT- scuola di biblioteconomia (f)
SP- escuela de bibliotecarios (f)
SW- bibliotekshögskola

See also LIGHT TABLE (332), SLIDE VIEWER (515)
A container incorporating a translucent screen illuminated from within, in effect a portable light table.
DU- lichtbak (m)
FR- visionneuse (f)
GR- Leuchtkasten (m); Diatischgerät (n)
IT- cassa luminosa (f); cassa per illuminare diapositive (f)
SP- caja luminosa (f); caja para iluminar diapositivas (f)
SW- portabelt ljusbord

Inks, dyes and other materials that undergo physical changes when exposed to light.
DU- lichtgevoelig
FR- sensible à la lumière; photosensitif
GR- lichtempfindlich
IT- sensibile alla luce
SP- sensible a la luz
SW- ljuskänslig

See also LIGHT BOX (330), SLIDE VIEWER (515)
A table incorporating a translucent screen illuminated from underneath, for tracing, viewing slides, etc.
DU- lichtbak (m); lichttafel (f)
FR- table lumineuse (f)
GR- Leuchttisch (m)
IT- tavolo luminoso (m)
SP- mesa luminosa (f)
SW- ljusbord

Any edition limited to a specifically stated number of copies, which are usually numbered consecutively.
DU- beperkte oplage (f)
FR- édition à tirage limité (f); édition à tirage restreint (f)
GR- beschränkte Auflage (f); limitierte Ausgabe (f); begrenzte Auflage (f)
IT- edizione limitata (f)
SP- edición limitada (f)
SW- begränsad upplaga

A linoleum-faced block on which a knife or gouge has been used to recess the non-printing area and leave the image to be printed in relief; a print made from such a block.
DU- linoleumsnede (f)
FR- linogravure (f); gravure sur linoléum (f)
GR- Linolschnitt (m)
IT- linoleografia (f)
SP- grabado en linoleo (m)
SW- linoleumtryck; linoleumsnitt


A systematic search for published information on a specific subject.
DU- literatuuronderzoek (n); bibliografisch onderzoek (n)
FR- recherche bibliographique (f); recherche documentaire (f)
GR- Literaturrecherche (f); Literatursuche (f)
IT- ricerca bibliografica (f)
SP- búsqueda bibliográfica (f); investigación bibliográfica (f)
SW- litteratursökning

A print produced by lithography.
DU- litho (m); steendruk (m); lithografie (f)
FR- lithographie (f)
GR- Steindruck (m); Lithographie (f); Lithografie
IT- litografia (f)
SP- litografía (f)
SW- litografi

A process of obtaining prints from a stone or metal surface so treated that what is to be printed can be inked but the remaining areas reject the ink.
DU- lithografie (f)
FR- impression lithographique (f)
GR- Lithographie (f)
IT- litografia (f)
SP- litografía (f)
SW- litografi; litografera

A periodical devoted to poetry or avant-garde thinking, created for a small and specialised rather than general audience.
DU- little magazine
FR- périodique à diffusion restreinte (m); petite revue (f)
GR- "Petite revue" (f); Spezielle Zeitschrift in geringer Auflage (f)
IT- little magazine (m)
SP- revista pequeña (f); revistita (f)
SW- specialtidskrift; little magazine



Sheets held together by a mechanical device permitting the ready withdrawal or insertion of leaves at any desired position, for ease in updating.
DU- losbladig boek (n); losbladige uitgave (f)
FR- classeur (m); livre à feuilles mobiles (m)
GR- Loseblattsammlung (f); Ringbuch (n)
IT- libro a fogli mobili (m); foglio mobile (m)
SP- libro de hojas sueltas (m)
SW- ringpärm; lösbladsbok

343. MAGAZINE [U.S. - Serial]
See also JOURNAL (312), PERIODICAL (411)
A periodical publication containing articles on various subjects by different authors for the general reader.
DU- tijdschrift (n)
FR- revue (f); magazine (m); périodique (m)
GR- Zeitschrift (f); Journal (n); Magazin (n); Periodikum (n)
IT- rivista (f)
SP- revista (f)
SW- tidskrift; magasin

A tape coated with magnetisable material, capable of storing information in the form of electromagnetic signals.
DU- magneetband (m)
FR- bande magnétique (f)
GR- Magnetband (n)
IT- nastro magnetico (m)
SP- banda magnética (f)
SW- magnettape; magnetband

Works produced by artists, often in post card format, specifically to be mailed to other artists or to be displayed in an exhibition; may be unique or multiple works.
DU- mail art
FR- mail art (m)
GR- Mail-Art (f)
IT- mail art (f)
SP- mail art (m); arte por correo (m)
SW- mail art; vykortskonst

The complete catalogue record of an item, by which it can be uniquely identified and cited.
DU- hoofdcatalogustitel (m)
FR- entrée principale (f)
GR- Haupteintrag (m)
IT- scheda principale (f)
SP- asiento principal (m)
SW- huvuduppslag

See HANDBOOK (264)

A work written by hand.
DU- manuscript (n); handschrift (n)
FR- manuscrit (m)
GR- Manuskript (m); Handschrift (f)
IT- manoscritto (m)
SP- manuscrito (m)
SW- handskrift; manuskript

Colouring or marking that resembles or suggests marble.
DU- marmeren
FR- marbrure (f)
GR- Marmorierung (f)
IT- marmorizzare
SP- jaspeado
SW- marmorering

An industrial-scale process to deacidify and stabilise and/or strengthen library and archival materials.
DU- massaconservering (f)
FR- traitement de masse (m)
GR- Massenbehandlung (f); Massenkonservierung (f)
IT- trattamento di massa (m)
SP- tratamiento masivo (m)
SW- massbehandling

An original document, recording, film, etc., from which copies can be made.
DU- moederexemplaar (n)
FR- original (m); document original (m)
GR- Vorlage (f); Originalvorlage (f); Master Copy (f)
IT- originale (m)
SP- copia maestra (f)
SW- original

The first generation microform copy of a document from which subsequent copies can be made.
DU- moederfilm (m)
FR- film négatif de sécurité (m); film négatif de première génération (m)
GR- Hauptfilm-negativ (n); Masterfilm (m); Masterfiche (m)
IT- film negativo originale (m)
SP- negativo maestro (m)
SW- masternegativ

353. MAT
See also MOUNT (367)
A sandwich of two pieces of board paper hinged together to house a print. The bottom piece supports the print and the top piece contains the opening through which the print may be viewed.
DU- klep-passepartout (m)
FR- passe-partout (m)
GR- Passepartout (n)
IT- passe-partout (m)
SP- paspartu (m)
SW- passepartout

354. MEDIA
Channels or systems of communication that serve as carriers of information or entertainment.
DU- media (n)(pl)
FR- média (m); médias (m)
GR- Medien (n)(pl)
IT- mezzi di comunicazione (m)(pl)
SP- medios (m)(pl)
SW- medium

The physical material or substance upon which data can be recorded or stored.
DU- informatiedrager (m)
FR- support (m)
GR- Informationsträger (m)
IT- mezzo (m)
SP- medio (m)
SW- media


A method of engraving on copper or steel that reproduces tones through roughening the surface of the plate with a toothed instrument, scraping the burr thus raised, and burnishing to secure variations of light; a print made by this process.
DU- mezzotint (f); zwarte kunstprent (f)
FR- manière noire (f)
GR- Schabkunst (f); Mezzotinto (n)
IT- mezzatinta (f); mezzotinto (m)
SP- media tinta (f)
SW- mezzotint

Opaque micro-photographic medium.
DU- microkaart (f)
FR- microcarte (f)
GR- Microkarte (f)
IT- microcard (f); microscheda (f)
SP- micro tarjeta (f)
SW- mikrokort

A series of micro-images on a flat sheet of film, usually arranged in a grid pattern; to be read by magnification on specially designed equipment.
DU- microfiche (n)
FR- microfiche (f)
GR- Mikroplanfilm (m); Mikrofiche (f)
IT- microfiche (f)
SP- microficha (f)
SW- mikrofiche

A transparent film bearing microphotographs of documents etc.; to be read on specially designed equipment.
DU- microfilm (m)
FR- microfilm (m)
GR- Mikrofilm (m)
IT- microfilm (m)
SP- microfilm (m)
SW- mikrofilm

The generic name for any photographic process or film format which contains micro-images, e.g. microfiche and microfilm.
DU- microvorm (m)
FR- microforme (f)
GR- Mikroform (f)
IT- microformati (m)(pl)
SP- microforma (f)
SW- mikroform

  1. A picture painted by hand in an illuminated manuscript.
  2. A small painting or portrait that can be held in the hand or worn as jewellery.
DU- miniatuur (f)
FR- miniature (f)
GR- Miniatur (f)
IT- miniatura (f)
SP- miniatura (f)
SW- miniatyr

  1. A separate treatise on a particular subject.
  2. In cataloguing, a non-serial bibliographic item complete in one part or in a finite number of separate parts.
DU- monografie (f)
FR- monographie (f)
GR- Monographie (f)
IT- monografia (f)
SP- monografía (f)
SW- monografi

See also SERIES (505)
A group of monographs, usually related in subject, issued in succession, normally by the same publisher, in uniform style with a collective title applying to the whole group.
DU- monografieënreeks (f)
FR- suite (f); collection de monographies (f)
GR- Serie (f); Reihe (f)
IT- serie monografica (f)
SP- serie monográfica (f)
SW- monografisk serie

A periodical publication issued once a month.
DU- maandblad (n); tijdschrift (n)
FR- périodique mensuel (m); mensuel (m)
GR- Monatszeitschrift (f); Monatsschrift (f)
IT- rivista mensile (f); mensile (m)
SP- revista mensual (f)
SW- månadsskrift; månadstidning

See CINEMA (124), FILM (234)

367. MOUNT
See also MAT (353)
A piece of card upon which a drawing or other work is supported.
DU- opzetkarton (n)
FR- passe-partout (m)
GR- Aufziehkarton (m); Untersatzkarton (m); Unterlagekarton (m)
IT- montatura (f)
SP- montura (f)
SW- monteringskartong

Art works produced in editions of more than one and which can, in theory, be produced in unlimited numbers.
DU- multiples (m)(pl)
FR- multiple (m)
GR- Multiple(s) (m)(pl)
IT- multipli (m)(pl)
SP- múltiples (m/f)(pl)
SW- multipler

See also GALLERY (250)
An institution devoted to the procurement, care, documentation, study and display of objects of lasting interest or value.
DU- museum (n)
FR- musée (m)
GR- Museum (n)
IT- museo (m)
SP- museo (m)
SW- museum

See also OUTSIDER ART (391)
Art usually produced by a person without training.
DU- naïeve kunst (f)
FR- art naïf (m)
GR- naive Kunst (f)
IT- arte naif (f)
SP- arte naif (m)
SW- naiv konst; naivism

A photographic image in which the tonal values are reversed from the original subject.
DU- negatief (n)
FR- négatif (m)
GR- Negativ (n)
IT- negativo (m)
SP- negativo (m)
SW- negativ

Two or more organisations or individuals engaged in a common pattern of information exchange through communications links.
DU- netwerk (n)
FR- réseau (m)
GR- Netz (n); Netzwerk (n)
IT- rete (f)
SP- red (f)
SW- nätverk

A serial publication consisting of one or a few printed sheets containing news and/or information of interest to a special group.
DU- mededelingenblad (n); nieuwsbrief (m); bulletin (n)
FR- lettre d'information (f); bulletin d'information (m)
GR- Rundbrief (m); Mitteilungsblatt (n)
IT- bollettino d'informazioni (m); notiziario (m)
SP- boletín de información (m); boletín informativo (m)
SW- nyhetsbrev; meddelandeblad; informationsblad

A serial issued at stated, frequent intervals containing news, opinions, advertisements and other items of current interest.
DU- krant (f)
FR- journal (m)
GR- Zeitung (f); Tageszeitung (f); Tageblatt (f)
IT- giornale (m); gazzetta (f)
SP- periódico (m); diario (m)
SW- tidning

A generic term used to describe low quality paper, chiefly used to print newspapers on.
DU- krantenpapier (n)
FR- papier journal (m)
GR- Zeitungspapier (n)
IT- carta da giornale (f)
SP- papel para diarios (m); papel prensa (m)
SW- tidningspapper


Formats other than print-on-paper that convey information, often by sound or image or electronically on computers.
DU- niet-boekmaterialen (m)(pl)
FR- non-livres (m)
GR- nicht-Bücher (n)(pl)
IT- materiale non librario (m)
SP- no-libros (m)
SW- audio-visuella media

See also FASCICLE (228), ISSUE (308), PART (404)
A single issue of a serial or series.
DU- deel (n); nummer (n)
FR- numéro (m)
GR- Nummer (f); Heft (n)
IT- numero (m)
SP- número (m)
SW- nummer

Something material that can be perceived by the senses.
DU- object (n); voorwerp (n)
FR- objet (m)
GR- Objekt (n)
IT- oggetto (m)
SP- objeto (m)
SW- sak

380. OBJET D'ART (Art object)
A work of fine or decorative art created by an artist or artisan.
DU- kunstvoorwerp (n)
FR- objet d'art (m)
GR- Kunstgegenstand (m); Kunstwerk (n)
IT- oggetto d'arte (m)
SP- objeto de arte (m)
SW- konstföremål; konstobjekt

A complete, systematic and critical listing of all the known works of a single artist, but including less information than is required by a Catalogue Raisonné.
DU- oeuvre-catalogus (m)
FR- catalogue de l'oeuvre (m)
GR- Oeuvre-Katalog (m); Werkkatalog (m); kritischer Katalog (m)
IT- catalogo delle opere (m)
SP- catálogo de las obras (m)
SW- oeuvreförtecking; oeuvre-catalogue; verkskatalog

A separately issued article, chapter, or other portion of a larger work, printed from the type or plates of the original, usually at the same time as the original.
DU- overdruk (m)
FR- tiré à part (m); tirage à part (m)
GR- Sonderdruck (m)
IT- estratto (m)
SP- tirada aparte (f); separata (f)
SW- särtryck

A method for printing a large number of impressions, in which the image is transferred from one roller, or plate, to another, and then printed on paper.
DU- offset (m); offsetdruk (m)
FR- impression offset (f); offset (m)
GR- Offsetdruck (m)
IT- stampa offset (f)
SP- offset (m)
SW- offsettryck

Equipment or devices directly connected to and controlled by the central processing unit of a computer.
DU- on line
FR- système en ligne (m)
GR- On-line System (n)
IT- sistema in linea (m)
SP- sistema directo (m)
SW- on-line system

385. OP
See OUT OF PRINT (390)

Any library area where users have unrestricted access to the collections.
DU- open opstelling (f)
FR- libre accès (m); accès libre (m)
GR- Freihand (f); Freihandbibliothek (f); Freihandbücherei (f)
IT- accesso libero (m)
SP- libre acceso (m)
SW- öppna magasin

See also COMPACT DISK (158), VIDEODISC (570)
A data storage device that uses a laser to read data from the disk. The data may be stored in an analogue format such as a videodisc, or in a digital format such as a compact disk.
DU- optische schijf (f)
FR- disque optique (m)
GR- optischer Plattenspeicher (m); optische Speicherplatte (f)
IT- disco a lettura ottica (m); disco ottico (m)
SP- disco óptico (m)
SW- optisk skiva

The source document from which copies are made.
DU- orgineel (n)
FR- original (m); document original (m)
GR- Original (n); Originalvorlage (f)
IT- originale (m)
SP- original (m)
SW- original

A thing used or serving to adorn.
DU- ornament (n)
FR- objet décoratif (m); ornement (m); élément décoratif (m)
GR- Ornament (n); Zierat (m); Verzierung (f); Zierstück (n)
IT- ornamento (m)
SP- ornamento (m); objetos decorativos (m)(pl)
SW- ornament

See also IN PRINT (291)
Not obtainable through the regular market because the publisher's stock is exhausted.
DU- uitverkocht
FR- épuisé
GR- vergriffen
IT- esaurito (m)
SP- agotado (m); agotada (f)
SW- utgången på förlaget

See also NAIVE ART (370)
Art produced independently of the academies, frequently not collected by museums.
DU- outsider art
FR- art marginal (m)
GR- Outsider-Kunst (f); Alternativkunst (f)
IT- outsider art (f)
SP- outsider art (m); arte fuereño (m)
SW- outsider konst

See also FOLIO (243)
An object too large to be housed in its expected place or sequence; of more than the usual size.
DU- extra groot; groot formaat (n)
FR- de format exceptionnel (m)
GR- Grossformat (n); Überformat (n)
IT- grande formato (m)
SP- de tamaño excepcional (m)
SW- överdimensionerad; över medelstorlek

A mark, sometimes hidden, identifying an item as the property of a library, museum, archive or individual.
DU- eigendomsmerk (n)
FR- marque de propriété (f)
GR- Eigentumsstempel (m)
IT- timbro di proprietà (m)
SP- señal de propriedad (f)
SW- ägarestämpel

394. PVC

395. PAGE
See also LEAF (320), RECTO (471), VERSO (566); PAPERKEEPER (402)
One side of a leaf, recto or verso.
DU- bladzijde (f)
FR- page (f)
GR- Seite (f)
IT- pagina (f)
SP- página (f)
SW- sida

The ordering of pages of a book; the arrangement of microimages of pages on a microfilm.
DU- paginering (f)
FR- pagination (f)
GR- Paginierung (f); Seitenzählung (f)
IT- paginazione (f)
SP- paginación (f)
SW- paginering

397. PALAEOGRAPHY [U.S. - Paleography]
The study of early forms of writing conventions and the deciphering of early manuscripts.
DU- paleografie (f)
FR- paléographie (f)
GR- Paläographie (f); Handschriftenkunde (f)
IT- paleografia (f)
SP- paleografía (f)
SW- paleografi

398. PAMPHLET (Leaflet)
See also BOOKLET (83)
An independent publication consisting of a few leaves of printed matter fastened together but not bound.
DU- brochure (f); vlugschrift (n); pamflet (n)
FR- brochure (f); opuscule (m); libelle (m)
GR- Broschüre (f); Flugschrift (f); Heft (n)
IT- pamphlet (m); opuscolo (m)
SP- panfleto (m); opúsculo (m); folleto (m)
SW- broschyr

399. PAPER (1)
A thin sheet made of fibrous material which is suspended in water and then matted into sheets by dipping screens into the water suspension and lifting the fibres out. The fibres bond together to form a sheet of paper.
DU- papier (n)
FR- papier (m)
GR- Papier (n)
IT- carta (f)
SP- papel (m)
SW- papper

400. PAPER (2)
A conference paper. A formal written composition often designed for publication, generally presented orally.
DU- verhandeling (f); voordracht (f); lezing (f)
FR- communication (f); conférence (f); exposé (m)
GR- Referat (n); Schriftstück (n); Diskussionspapier (n)
IT- relazione (f)
SP- comunicación (f); ponencia (f)
SW- föredrag

401. PAPERBACK (Softback)
See also HARDBACK (267)
A book issued in paper covers.
DU- paperback (m); pocketboek (n)
FR- livre de poche (m); livre broché (m); édition de poche (f)
GR- Taschenbuch (n); Paperback (n)
IT- libro in brossura (m)
SP- publicación en rústica (f); libro de bolsillo (m)
SW- pocketbok

A person who retrieves materials from closed or limited-access library stacks.
DU- magazijnbediende (m)
FR- magasinier (m)
GR- Bücherbote (m); Bücherbotin (f); Magazingehilfe (m); Magazingehilfin (f)
IT- distributore (m)
SP- paje (m/f)
SW- bokhämtare

Animal skin, especially sheep or goat, prepared as a surface for writing or painting on.
DU- perkament (n)
FR- parchemin (m)
GR- Pergament (n)
IT- pergamena (f)
SP- pergamino (m)
SW- pergament

404. PART
See also FASCICLE (228), ISSUE (308), NUMBER (378)
One of the subordinate units into which a document has been divided. A single issue of a serial publication.
DU- aflevering (f); nummer (n)
FR- numéro (m); fascicule (m); livraison (f)
GR- Heft (n); Nummer (f); Lieferung (f); Teil (m)
IT- quaderno (m); numero (m); fascicolo (m); parte (f)
SP- cuaderno (m); número (m); fascículo (m); parte (f)
SW- häfte; nummer; avsnitt

See MAT (353)

Decorative papers, often used as cover papers or endsheets in books, produced by pressing or sliding objects into a wet paste or starch mixture that has been spread on paper.
DU- stijfselpapier (n)
FR- papier-reliure (m); papier marbré (m)
GR- Kleisterpapier (n); Buntpapier (n); Bezugspapier (n)
IT- carta a colla (f)
SP- papel de pasta (m)
SW- monteringspapper

See USER (564)

A book of designs intended for reproduction or imitation.
DU- voorbeeldenboek (n)
FR- livre d'échantillons (m); livre de modèle (m)
GR- Musterbuch (n)
IT- campionario (m)
SP- muestrario (m)
SW- mönsterbok

Proprietary method of holding pages of a book together with glue, using no stitching or sewing.
DU- garenloos binden (n)
FR- reliure sans couture (f)
GR- Klebebindung (f)
IT- rilegatura a colla (f)
SP- encuadernación encolando los pliegos a la pasta (f); encuadernación americana (f)
SW- limbindning

Those arts which depend upon performance given by actors, musicians, artistes, and/or by public participation, e.g., pageants, theatre, circus, cinema, television, ballet, etc.
DU- uitvoerende kunsten (f)(pl)
FR- arts du spectacle (m)
GR- darstellende Künste (f)(pl)
IT- arti dello spettacolo (m)(pl)
SP- artes interpretativas (f)(pl)
SW- scenkonst; utövande konst

See also JOURNAL (312), MAGAZINE (343), SERIAL (504)
A publication appearing or intended to appear indefinitely at regular, stated, intervals.
DU- periodiek (f)
FR- revue (f); périodique (m)
GR- Zeitschrift (f); Journal (n); Periodikum (n)
IT- rivista (f); periodico (m)
SP- revista (f); publicación periódica (f)
SW- tidskrift

Those works in a collection of a museum or gallery which are owned by the institution as distinct from loans and deposits.
DU- vaste collectie (f); vaste verzameling (f)
FR- collection permanente (f)
GR- Eigenbestand (m); Ständige Sammlung (f)
IT- collezione permanente (f)
SP- colección permanente (f)
SW- permanent samling; fast samling

413. PERMANENT PAPER (Durable paper)
A phrase usually applied to papers with a neutral or alkaline pH.
DU- permanent houdbaar papier (n)
FR- permanent (m); permanente (f)
GR- permanent; haltbar; langfristig
IT- durevole; permanente
SP- permanente (m); duradero (m)
SW- permanent

A protective container for a fragile book, intended for its protection until it receives conservation treatment.
DU- beschermhuls (f)
FR- emboîtage (m); boîte (f)
GR- Phase-box (f); Kasette (f)
IT- scatolo protettivo (m)
SP- caja (f)
SW- tillfällighetskapsel

Planned sequential stages in conservation treatment when the entire prescribed treatment cannot be completed in the short term.
DU- gefaseerde conservatie (f)
FR- programme de conservation (m)
GR- schrittweise Konservierung (f)
IT- programma di restauro a fasi (m)
SP- restauración en fase (f)
SW- etappkonservering

A long-term programme for stabilising a collection in successive stages when conservation treatment is not immediately available or appropriate.
DU- gefaseerde preservatie (f)
FR- étape de préservation (f); programme de préservation (f)
GR- Planung für langfristige schrittweise Konservierung (f)
IT- programma di conservazione a lungo termine (m)
SP- conservacíon en fase (f)
SW- bevarande i flera steg

See RECORD (468)

418. PHOTOCOPIER (Photocopying machine)
A machine that produces copies of a document through an electrostatic process.
DU- fotokopieerapparaat (n)
FR- photocopieur (m); machine à photocopier (f)
GR- Fotokopiergerät (n)
IT- fotocopiatrice (f)
SP- fotocopiadora (f)
SW- fotokopieringsapparat

419. PHOTOCOPY (noun)
A reproduction produced by use of an electrostatic copying machine.
DU- fotokopie (f)
FR- photocopie (f)
GR- Xerokopie (f); Xerographie (f)
IT- fotocopia (f)
SP- fotocopia (f)
SW- fotokopia

420. PHOTOCOPY (verb)
To use an electrostatic process for the reproduction of a document.
DU- fotokopiëren
FR- photocopier
GR- xerokopieren; xerographieren
IT- fotocopiare
SP- fotocopiar
SW- fotokopiera


The science, engineering, art, and craft of producing relatively permanent images by the action of light on sensitive materials.
DU- fotografie (f)
FR- photographie (f)
GR- Fotographie (f); Photographie (f)
IT- fotografia (f)
SP- fotografía (f)
SW- fotografi; fotografering

A process for printing from a photographic negative transferred to a metal plate and etched in.
DU- fotogravure (f)
FR- photogravure (f); héliogravure (f)
GR- Fotogravüre (f); Fotogravüre (f); Heliogravüre (f)
IT- fotoincisione (f)
SP- fotograbado (m)
SW- fotogravyr

Lithography using plates prepared by a photomechanical process.
DU- fotolithografie (f)
FR- photolithographie (f)
GR- Fotolithografie (f); Fotolithographie (f)
IT- fotolitografia (f)
SP- fotolitografía (f)
SW- fotolitografi

A visual image; may be a work of art.
DU- schilderij (n); afbeelding (f); beeld (n)
FR- illustration (f); image (f); tableau (m)
GR- Bild (n); Abbildung (f)
IT- illustrazione (f); immagine (f); quadro (m)
SP- ilustración (f); imágen (f); pintura (f); cuadro (m)
SW- bild; illustration; målning

A book of illustrations with little or no text.
DU- plaatwerk (n); prentenboek (n)
FR- livre d'images (m); livre illustré (m); album (m)
GR- Bilderbuch (n)
IT- libro illustrato (m)
SP- libro con grabados (m); libro ilustrado (m)
SW- bilderbok

A collection of pictorial material identified and classified for reference purposes.
DU- fotoarchief (n); beeldarchief (n); fototheek (f); afbeeldingenarchief (n)
FR- collection iconographique (f); archives iconographiques (f)
GR- Bildarchiv (n); Fotothek (f)
IT- fototeca (f); archivio fotografico (m)
SP- fototeca (f); archivo fotográfico (m)
SW- bildarkiv; fotoarkiv


See also MAIL ART (345), POSTCARD (438)
A card with an image on one side, often representations of works of art, upon which a message can be written, then posted.
DU- prentbriefkaart (f)
FR- carte postale illustrée (f)
GR- Ansichtskarte (f)
IT- cartolina illustrata (f)
SP- tarjeta postal ilustrada (f); postal (f)
SW- vykort

Serious enquiry or examination of visual, pictorial images. Often the process of searching for a particular visual image for a given purpose, usually in publishing.
DU- afbeeldingenonderzoek (n); beeldresearch (n)
FR- recherche iconographique (f)
GR- Bildforschung (f)
IT- ricerca d'immagini (f)
SP- investigación visual (f)
SW- bildforskning

The arts concerned with modelling or with representation of solid objects. Visual arts as opposed to those that use writing.
DU- beeldende kunsten (f)(pl)
FR- arts plastiques (m)
GR- bildende Kunst (f)
IT- arti plastiche (f)(pl)
SP- plástica (f); artes plásticas (f)(pl)
SW- plastik; bildhuggarkonst; skulptur

432. PLATE
An illustration in a book, printed separately from the text often on a special paper.
DU- plaat (f)
FR- planche (f)
GR- Tafel (f)
IT- tavola (f)
SP- plancha (f); lámina (f)
SW- plansch

See also FOLK ART (244)
Visual art produced by and/or for the general public as a response to the daily environment; works produced for mass audiences as distinct from Folk art.
DU- kunst voor de massa (f)
FR- art populaire (m)
GR- Kunst für die Masse (f); populäre Kunst (f)
IT- arte popolare (f)
SP- arte popular (f)
SW- populärkonst; masskonst

434. PORTFOLIO (1)
A case for holding loose papers, consisting of two covers joined together at the back and usually tied in the front and the ends.
DU- portefeuille (m); map (f)
FR- carton à dessin (m); portefeuille (m)
GR- Mappe (f); Aktenmappe (f)
IT- cartella (f)
SP- carpeta para documentos (f); portafolios (m); cartapacio (m)
SW- mapp; portfölj

435. PORTFOLIO (2)
A group of prints or drawings issued by an artist.
DU- portefeuille (m); map (f)
FR- portefeuille (m)
GR- Mappe (f)
IT- portfolio (m)
SP- carpeta para documentos (f); portafolios (m); cartapacio (m)
SW- mapp; portfölj

A pictorial representation of a person, or persons, usually showing the face.
DU- portret (n)
FR- portrait (m)
GR- Bildnis (n); Porträt (n)
IT- ritratto (m)
SP- retrato (m)
SW- porträtt

A structure that holds pages that are usually large and heavy together by metal posts in holes drilled through the book next to the binding edge.
DU- postzegelalbumband (m)
FR- Reliure à vis (f)
GR- Schraubenbindung (f)
IT- filza (f)
SP- encuadernación en poste (f)
SW- lösbladspärm

See also MAIL ART (345), PICTURE POSTCARD (429)
A card upon which a message can be written and posted.
DU- briefkaart (f)
FR- carte postale (f)
GR- Postkarte (f)
IT- cartolina postale (f)
SP- tarjeta postal (f)
SW- brevkort

A placard, usually decorative or pictorial, usually posted in a public place to advertise an event, exhibition, or business.
DU- affiche (n); aanplakbiljet (n); poster (m)
FR- affiche (f); poster (m)
GR- Plakat (n); Anschlag (m)
IT- cartellone (m); manifesto (m); poster (m); affisso (m)
SP- cartel (m); poster (m)
SW- affisch

See CERAMICS (118)

A portion of a document containing one or more works which is printed and distributed prior to publication date or presentation.
DU- voordruk (m)
FR- prépublication (f)
GR- Vorabdruck (m)
IT- preprint (m)
SP- prueba de imprenta (f)
SW- provtryck

442. PREFACE (Foreword)
A note preceding the text of a book, stating its subject, scope, etc.; may also include acknowledgements of assistance.
DU- voorwoord (n)
FR- avant-propos (m); préface (f); introduction (f)
GR- Vorwort (n); Geleitwort (n); Vorrede (f)
IT- prefazione (f); proemio (m)
SP- prefacio (m); proemio (m); prólogo (m)
SW- förord; inledning; företal

The maintenance of objects as closely as possible to their original condition through appropriate environmentally controlled collection maintenance, repair, and physical treatment.
DU- conservering (f)
FR- preservation (f)
GR- Erhaltung (f); Bewahrung (f)
IT- conservazione (f)
SP- conservacíon (m)
SW- bevarande

The microfilming for preservation purposes of books, serials, manuscripts, and other documents.
DU- preservatief verfilmen (n)
FR- microfilmage de conservation (m)
GR- Sicherheitsverfilmung (f)
IT- microfilmatura di conservazione (f)
SP- micropelícula de conservacíon (f)
SW- mikrofilmning för bevarandeändamål

445. PRESS-CUTTING [U.S. - Clipping]
An item cut from a newspaper or magazine and kept for its informational content.
DU- knipsel (n); kranteknipsel (n)
FR- coupure de presse (f)
GR- Ausschnitt (m); Zeitungausschnitt (m)
IT- ritaglio (m); ritaglio di giornale (m)
SP- recorte (m); recorte de prensa (m)
SW- urklipp; pressklipp

Published and unpublished records without secondary interpretation or commentary.
DU- primaire bronnen (f)(pl)
FR- document original (m); sources primaires (f)(pl)
GR- Originalquellen (f)(pl)
IT- fonti originali (f)(pl)
SP- fuentes originales (f)(pl)
SW- originalkällor

447. PRINT (1)
A picture, design, or textual image produced by a printing process, such as a block or a plate.
DU- afdruk (m); prent (f)
FR- impression (f); estampe (f); gravure (f); épreuve (f); tirage (m)
GR- Druck (f); Abdruck (f); Druckschrift (f); Druckgraphik (f); Graphik (f)
IT- stampa (f); impressione (f)
SP- impreso (m); estampa (f); grabado (m)
SW- tryck; grafik

448. PRINT (2)
In photography a picture produced from a photographic negative.
DU- foto (f); afdruk (m)
FR- épreuve photographique (f)
GR- Abzug (m); Foto (n); Fotoabzug (m)
IT- stampa fotografica (f)
SP- copia (f); copia en papel (f)
SW- kopia; tryck

See EPHEMERA (217)

A computer-output device which prints characters of data in text or graphic form on a medium such as paper.
DU- printer (m)
FR- imprimante (f)
GR- Drucker (m)
IT- stampante (f)
SP- impresora (f)
SW- skrivare

Any of various means of reproducing identical copies of graphic matter in a fixed form.
DU- drukkunst (f); drukken
FR- impression (f); tirage (m)
GR- Druckkunst (f); drucken
IT- stampatura (f); tiratura (f)
SP- impresión (f); tirada (f)
SW- tryckning; boktryckarkonst

A printing press that issues small editions at the pleasure of its owner, not necessarily for financial gain.
DU- private press
FR- imprimerie privée (f)
GR- Privatpresse (f); Privatverlag (m)
IT- tipografia privata (f); stamperia privata (f)
SP- imprenta privada (f); casa de edición particular (f)
SW- privatpress; privatförlag

Announcement of or invitation to a private viewing of an exhibition, usually at the time the exhibition opens.
DU- uitnodiging voor voorbezichtiging (f)
FR- carte d'invitation (f)
GR- Vorbesichtigungskarte (f)
IT- biglietto d'invito (m)
SP- inauguración privada (f); preestreno (f)
SW- inbjudningskort till förhandsvisning; vernissagekort

454. PROCEEDINGS (Transactions)
The published record of a conference or meeting of a society or other organisation, frequently accompanied by abstracts or reports of papers presented.
DU- handelingen (f)(pl); verslagen (n)(pl)
FR- actes (m); comptes-rendus (m); travaux (m)
GR- Verhandlungen (f)(pl); Sitzungsberichte (m)(pl); Protokoll (n)
IT- atti (m)(pl)
SP- actas (f)(pl)
SW- konferenstryck; förhandlingar


456. PROOF
See also ARTIST'S PROOF (50)
A trial impression of a printed image.
DU- proef (f); drukproef (f); proefdruk (m)
FR- épreuve (f)
GR- Korrektur (f); Probeabzug (m); Korrekturbogen (m); Fahne (f)
IT- prova (f)
SP- prueba (f)
SW- provtryck; korrektur

The history of the ownership and transmission of an object.
DU- herkomst (f); provenance (f)
FR- provenance (f); origine (f)
GR- Herkunft (f); Ursprung (m); Provenienz (f)
IT- provenienza (f)
SP- procedencia (f)
SW- proveniens; ursprung

The firm or other corporate body or the person responsible for the manufacture and distribution of a work to the public.
DU- uitgever (m)
FR- éditeur (m)
GR- Verleger (m); Herausgeber (m)
IT- editore (m); casa editrice (f)
SP- editor (m); editorial (f); casa editora (f)
SW- förläggare

459. PVC

A periodical published at regular intervals four times a year.
DU- kwartaalblad (n)
FR- trimestriel (m); publication trimestrielle (f)
GR- vierteljährliche Zeitschrift (f); Vierteljahresschrift (f)
IT- trimestrale (m)
SP- trimestral (m/f)
SW- kvartalstidskrift

Paper made of 100% linen and/or cotton fibre.
DU- lompenpapier (n)
FR- papier chiffons (m)
GR- Hadernpapier (n); Lumpenpapier (n)
IT- carta di stracci (f)
SP- papel de tela (m)
SW- lumppapper

A book that is desirable due to scarcity, association, etc.; sufficiently difficult to find that it seldom or only occasionally appears on the market.
DU- zeldzaam boek (n)
FR- livre rare (m)
GR- Zimelie (f)
IT- libro raro (m)
SP- libro raro (m)
SW- sällsynt bok; rar bok

See USER (564)

A machine that can be used to read a microform text and to make photocopies of the text.
DU- reader-printer (m)
FR- lecteur-reproducteur (m)
GR- Reader-Printer (m); Lese-und Druckvergroßerungsgerät (n)
IT- lettore ottico-stampante (m)
SP- lector-impresor (m); lector-reproductor (m)
SW- reader-printer

A room in a library used primarily for reading and study.
DU- studiezaal (f)
FR- salle de lecture (f)
GR- Lesesaal (m)
IT- sala di lettura (f)
SP- sala de lectura (f)
SW- läsessal

Objects distinct from library materials found in a library collection.
DU- realia (pl)
FR- realia (pl)
GR- Realien (n)(pl)
IT- oggetti (m)(pl)
SP- objetos (m)(pl)
SW- realia

Putting a new cover on a book.
DU- opnieuw binden; herbinden
FR- relier à nouveau
GR- umbinden; Neueinband (m)
IT- rilegare
SP- re-encuadernación (f)
SW- ombindning

Phonodisc; sound recording on a disc.
DU- (geluids) opnames (f)(pl)
FR- disque (m)
GR- Schallplatte (f)
IT- disco fonografico (m); disco (m)
SP- disco (m)
SW- skiva


Archives, documentary evidence; named collections of data, standardised in format and content and treated as a unit.
DU- archieven (n)(pl); documenten (n)(pl)
FR- archives (f); acte êcrit (m); document (m); dossier (m); notice (f)
GR- Archivalien (n)(pl); Akten (f)(pl); Urkunden (f)(pl)
IT- archivio (m)
SP- archivos (m)(pl)
SW- arkiv; urkund

471. RECTO
See also LEAF (320), VERSO (566)
The front or obverse side of a leaf; the right-hand page of an open book or manuscript.
DU- recto
FR- recto (m)
GR- Vorderseite (f); Schauseite (f); Recto (f); Schöndruckseite (f)
IT- recto (m)
SP- recto (m)
SW- framsida; recto; höger sida i uppslagen bok

See also CITATION (127, 128)
A set of bibliographic elements that refers to a work and is complete enough to provide unique identification of the work for a particular bibliographic function.
DU- verwijzing (f)
FR- référence (f); renvoi (m)
GR- Verweisung (f); Zitat (n)
IT- riferimento (m); citazione (f)
SP- referencia bibliográfica (f)
SW- referens; bibliografisk referens

A library (general or specialised) organised for consultation and research; generally non-circulating.
DU- presentiebibliotheek (f); naslagbibliotheek (f)
FR- bibliothèque de consultation (f); bibliothèque de référence (f)
GR- Präsenzbibliothek (f); Handbibliothek (f)
IT- biblioteca di consultazione (f)
SP- biblioteca de consulta (f)
SW- referensbibliotek

To transfer or translate information originally in one medium to another, as in the microfilming or electronic imaging of printed materials.
DU- converteren
FR- transférer
GR- übertragung in ein anderes Datenformat (f); umformatieren; konvertieren
IT- convertire
SP- reformatear
SW- konvertera

See REPRINT (480)

A generic term for printing from surfaces which are raised so that ink is deposited only on the image that is to be transferred to paper.
DU- reliefdruk (m)
FR- impression en relief (f); procédé d'impression en relief (m)
GR- Hochdruck (m); Reliefdruck (m)
IT- stampa in rilievo (f)
SP- impresión en relieve (f)
SW- relieftryck

477. REORGANISATION [U.S. - Reorganization]
The act of arranging something into a different order.
DU- reorganisatie (f)
FR- réorganisation (f)
GR- Reorganisation (f); neu organisieren; neu ordner; neu gestalten; umbilden
IT- riorganizzazione (f)
SP- reorganización (f)
SW- omorganisation

See also RESTORATION (485)
Rehabilitation of a worn book, work of art, etc.
DU- reparatie (f)
FR- reparation (f); restauration (f)
GR- Reparatur (f)
IT- riparazione (f)
SP- restauración (f)
SW- reparation; lagning

An official or formal record of a special investigation.
DU- rapport (n); verslag (n)
FR- compte rendu (m); rapport (m); procès-verbal (m)
GR- Bericht (m); Report (m)
IT- relazione (f); rapporto (m); rendiconto (m)
SP- informe (m)
SW- rapport; redogörelse; protokoll

480. REPRINT (Reissue)
A new impression of an edition of a publication.
DU- herdruk (m)
FR- réimpression (f); réédition (f)
GR- Nachdruck (m); Neudruck (m); unveränderte Auflage (f)
IT- ristampa (f)
SP- reimpresión (f)
SW- nytryck

The act of copying or duplicating.
DU- kopiëren; reproduceren
FR- copier; reproduire
GR- vervielfältigen; wiederabdrucken; reproduzieren; kopieren
IT- riprodurre
SP- copia (f); reproducción (f)
SW- kopiera; duplicera

A copy of a work of art. Something made in imitation of a certain style or of an earlier period.
DU- kopie (f); reproduktie (f)
FR- copie (f); reproduction (f)
GR- Kopie (f); Reproduktion (f); Wiedergabe (f)
IT- riproduzione (f)
SP- copia (f); reproducción (f)
SW- kopia; avskrift; reproduktion

The science, technology, and practice of document reproduction.
DU- reprografie (f)
FR- reprographie (f); duplication (m)
GR- Reprographie (f); Reprografie (f)
IT- riprografia (f); reprografia (f)
SP- reprografía (f)
SW- reprografiering

Information or expertise to which enquirers, researchers, etc. may refer.
DU- bronnen (f)(pl)
FR- ressource (f)
GR- Hilfsmittel (n)(pl); Ressourcen (f)(pl)
IT- risorse (f)(pl)
SP- recursos (m)(pl)
SW- resurs; tillgång

Treatment procedures that attempt to return an object a closely as possible to its original condition, incorporating original materials as much as possible.
DU- restauratie (f)
FR- restauration (f)
GR- Restaurierung (f)
IT- restauro (m)
SP- restauración (f)
SW- restaurering

See also CONSERVATOR (165)
A person who repairs objects, attempting to return them as closely as possible to their original condition.
DU- restaurateur (m); restauratrice (f)
FR- restaurateur (m); restauratrice (f)
GR- Restaurator (m); Restauratorin (f)
IT- restauratore (m); restauratrice (f)
SP- restaurador (m); restauradora (f)
SW- restaurator; (konservator)

Finding information in a book or body of material, such as bibliographical data stored in a database.
DU- terugvinden; retrieval; terugzoeken; opzoeken
FR- recherche documentaire (f); recherche de l'information (f)
GR- Retrieval (n); Wiederauffinden (n)
IT- recupero d'informazione (m) or positions in a library or other information age
SW- återsökning

See also BIBLIOGRAPHY (67)
A bibliography which lists materials published in previous years.
DU- retrospectieve bibliografie (f)
FR- bibliographie rétrospective (f)
GR- retrospektive Bibliografie (f)
IT- bibliografia retrospettiva (f)
SP- bibliografía retrospectiva (f)
SW- retrospektiv bibliografi

Easily and safely disassembled to correct an error in conservation treatment or to replace worn components.
DU- reversibel
FR- réversible
GR- reversibel; umkehrbar
IT- reversibile
SP- reversible
SW- reversibel

490. REVIEW (1)
An evaluation of a literary work, work of art, concert, play, etc., published in a periodical or newspaper.
DU- recensie (f)
FR- compte rendu (critique) (m); critique (f); recension (f)
GR- Rezension (f); Besprechung (f)
IT- recensione (f)
SP- reseña (f)
SW- recension

491. REVIEW (2)
A periodical devoted primarily to articles of criticism and appraisal.
DU- referaattijdschrift (n)
FR- revue (f)
GR- Rundschau (f)
IT- rivista di critica (f)
SP- revista (f)
SW- recensionstidskrift

See also EDITION (205)
A new edition with the main text of the original edition changed and corrected; sometimes with additions that supplement it or bring it up to date.
DU- herziene uitgave (f)
FR- édition revue (f); édition corrigée (f)
GR- überarbeitete Ausgabe (f); revidierte Ausgabe (f); verbesserte Auflage (f)
IT- edizione riveduta (f)
SP- edición revisada (f)
SW- reviderad upplaga

A non-fibrous, delicate paper made from the pith of a small tree found in Asia.
DU- rijstpapier (n)
FR- papier de riz (m); papier de Chine (m)
GR- Reispapier (n)
IT- carta di riso (f)
SP- papel de arroz (m); papel de China (m)
SW- rispapper; japanpapper

A binding with several metal rings that open to hold loose-leaf materials.
DU- ringband (m)
FR- reliure à anneaux (f)
GR- Ringbuch (n); Ringordner (m)
IT- raccoglitore ad anelli (m)
SP- carpeta de argollas (f)
SW- ringpärm

Initials, catchwords, titles, or other parts of a work written or printed in red, as in manuscripts and early printed books.
DU- gerubriceerd
FR- rubrique (f)
GR- Rubrica (f); Rubrik (f); rubrizieren
IT- rubrica (f)
SP- rubricado (m); rubricada (f)
SW- rubrik; skrift med röda bokstäver


497. SALES CATALOGUE (Auction catalogue)
A listing of items, such as works of art, that are for sale by auction.
DU- verkoopcatalogus (m); veilingcatalogus (m)
FR- catalogue de vente (m)
GR- Verkaufskatalog (m); Auktionskatalog (m)
IT- catalogo d'asta (m)
SP- catálogo de ventas (m)
SW- försäljningskatalog

A group or movement with its own identity, e.g. school of artists.
DU- school (f)
FR- école (f)
GR- Schule (f)
IT- scuola (f)
SP- escuela (f)
SW- skola

See also ALBUM (17)
A blank book into which various items are affixed.
DU- plakboek (n); knipselalbum (n); knipselboek (n)
FR- recueil de coupures (m)
GR- Sammelalbum (n)
IT- album di ritagli (m)
SP- álbum de recortes (m)
SW- klippalbum; klippbok

Acquired after being used by another.
DU- tweedehands
FR- d'occasion; de seconde main
GR- antiquarisch
IT- di seconda mano; d'occasione
SP- de ocasión; de segunda mano
SW- begagnad; antikvarisk

501. SECTION (Gathering)
A term applied to each unit of folded leaves in sequential order comprising a book.
DU- katern (n)
FR- cahier (m)
GR- Lage (f)
IT- fascicolo (m); quaderno (m)
SP- sección (f)
SW- vikt ark

The process of deciding which materials should be added to a collection. A number of books and other materials collected together by the process of selection.
DU- keuze (f); selectie (f)
FR- sélection (f); choix (m)
GR- Auswahl (f)
IT- scelta (f); selezione (f)
SP- selección (f)
SW- urval; urvalstext


See also JOURNAL (312), MAGAZINE (343), PERIODICAL (411)
A publication issued in consecutive parts bearing numerical or chronological designations and intended to be continued indefinitely; includes periodicals, newspapers, annuals (reports, yearbooks, etc.), journals, memoires, proceedings, transactions, etc., of societies and numbered monographic series.
DU- serie (f); vervolgwerk (n); seriële publikatie (f)
FR- publication en série (f)
GR- Serie (f); Reihe (f); Periodikum (n); Zeitschrift (f)
IT- pubblicazione periodica (f)
SP- publicación en serie (f); publicación periódica (f)
SW- serie; periodisk publikation

A group of separate bibliographic items related to one another by the fact that each bears, in addition to its own title proper, a collective title applying to the group as a whole.
DU- reeks (f); serie (f)
FR- collection (f); série (f)
GR- Reihe (f); Folge (f); Serie (f)
IT- serie (f)
SP- colección (f); serie (f)
SW- serie; följd

506. SHEET
A printer's unit; the full size of a paper when printed, forming the section of a book when folded.
DU- vel (n)
FR- feuille (f)
GR- Bogen (m)
IT- foglio (m)
SP- hoja (f)
SW- ark

The act of placing materials on shelves in proper order.
DU- plaatsen
FR- ranger; classer
GR- auf Regale stellen
IT- riporre sugli scaffali
SP- colocar en estantería
SW- ställa upp böcker

Structure upon which books and other materials are stored.
DU- boekenrek (n)
FR- rayonnage (m)
GR- Regale (n)(pl); Regalsystem (n); Bücherregale (n)(pl)
IT- scaffali (m)(pl)
SP- estantería (f)
SW- bokhylla

A stencil technique of printing.
DU- zeefdruk (m)
FR- sérigraphie (f)
GR- Seidensiebdruck (m); Siebdruck (m)
IT- serigrafia (f)
SP- serigrafía (f)
SW- serigrafi

A book of, or for, sketches or rough drawings.
DU- schetsboek (n)
FR- carnet de dessins (m); carnet de croquis (m)
GR- Skizzenbuch (n)
IT- album per schizzi (m)
SP- álbum de esbozos (m); libro de dibujos (m)
SW- skissbok

See also BOOK JACKET (79), SLIP-CASE (516)
Paper or cardboard cover which fits over a book or a record to protect it and to advertise its contents.
DU- stofomslag (n)
FR- pochette (d'un disque) (f); jaquette (d'un livre) (f)
GR- Hülle (f); Schuber (m)
IT- copertina (f)
SP- camisa (f); sobrecubierta (f)
SW- omslag

512. SLIDE (Transparency)
An image on film or glass, usually positive, intended to be viewed by means of light passing through the image and base using a viewer or projector.
DU- dia (m); diapositief (n); lichtbeeld (n)
FR- diapositive (f)
GR- Diapositiv (n); Dia (n)
IT- diapositiva (f)
SP- diapositiva (f)
SW- diapositiv; diabild


The small cardboard, metal, or plastic frame which holds a transparency.
DU- diaraam (n)
FR- cache (m)
GR- Rahmen (m); Diapositivrahmen (m)
IT- montatura per diapositive (f)
SP- montura para diapositivas (f); marco para diapositivas (m)
SW- diaram

See also LIGHT BOX (330), LIGHT TABLE (332)
A device used to look at slides and transparencies.
DU- viewer (m)
FR- visionneuse de diapositives (f); projecteur de diapositives (m)
GR- Diabetrachter (m); Diabetrachtungsgerät (n)
IT- visore per diapositive (m)
SP- aparato para ver diapositivas (m)
SW- diaprojektor

See also SLEEVE (511)
Box designed to protect a book by covering it so that only the spine is exposed.
DU- foedraal (n); hoes (m); etui (n)
FR- étui (m); coffret (m)
GR- Schuber (m); Schutzkarton (m)
IT- custodia (f); contenitore (m)
SP- estuche (m)
SW- kassett; bokkassett


See also HARDWARE (268)
Computer program or other media which require hardware for use to be made of them.
DU- programmatuur (f); software (m)
FR- logiciel (m)
GR- Programm (n); Software (f)
IT- software (m)
SP- software (m)
SW- mjukvara

A box with a hinged top, shaped like a thick book, for storing prints, pamphlets and documents.
DU- overslagdoos (f); solander (m)
FR- boîte à archives (f)
GR- Sammelschachtel (f); Kapsel (f)
IT- scatola a forma di libro (f)
SP- caja en forma de libro (f)
SW- kapsel i form av en bok; dokumentask

A collection of library materials separated from the general collection because they are of a certain form, subject, period, or are rare and valuable materials.
DU- speciale verzameling (f); bijzondere collectie (f)
FR- collection spéciale (f); fonds spécial (m)
GR- Sondersammlung (f); Spezialsammlung (f)
IT- collezione speciale (f)
SP- colección especial (f)
SW- specialsamling

A library established, supported, and administered by a business firm, private corporation, association, government agency, etc., to meet the needs of its members or staff in pursuing the goals of the organisation.
DU- speciale bibliotheek (f); vakbibliotheek (f)
FR- bibliothèque spécialisée (f)
GR- Fachbibliothek (f); Spezialbibliothek (f)
IT- biblioteca specializzata (f)
SP- biblioteca especializada (f)
SW- fackbibliotek; specialbibliotek

522. SPINE (Back of a book)
The part of a book that is visible when it stands closed on the shelf.
DU- boekrug (m)
FR- dos (m)
GR- Rücken (m); Buchrücken (m)
IT- dorso (m)
SP- lomo (m)
SW- rygg; bokrygg

A type of binding in which the single leaves and the separate front and back covers are fastened by means of a specially cut piece of plastic or metal with prongs that pass through slots near the binding edge and are curled back within the plastic cylinder.
DU- spiraalband (m)
FR- reliure à spirale (f)
GR- Spiralheftung (f); Spiralbindung (f)
IT- rilegatura a spirale (f)
SP- encuadernación en espiral
SW- spiralband

524. STACKS (Bookstacks)
An area of shelves in a library.
DU- magazijn (n)
FR- réserve (f); magasin(s) (m)
GR- Magazin (n)
IT- magazzini librari (m)(pl)
SP- reserva (f); almacén (m)
SW- magasin

Design for the stage.
DU- toneelontwerp (n); decorontwerp (n)
FR- décor de théâtre (m)
GR- Bühnengestaltung (f); Bühnenbild (n)
IT- architettura teatrale (f); decorazione teatrale (f)
SP- decoración teatral (f)
SW- scendesign; scendekor

526. STAMP

A general order to a dealer or publisher to supply the volumes or parts of a particular title or type of publication as they are published, generally without the right to return.
DU- standing-order (f)
FR- commande permanente (f)
GR- Dauerauftrag (m); Standing Order (f); Forsetzungsbestellung (f)
IT- ordine permanente (m)
SP- petición permanente (f)
SW- stående order; stående beställning

A thin material in which a pattern, design or lettering is cut, through which a substance such as ink, paint etc. is passed to produce a corresponding pattern on the surface beneath it.
DU- stencil (n)
FR- peinture au pochoir (f); peinture au poncif (f); pochoir (m)
GR- Schablone (f); Matrize (f)
IT- stampino (m); stencil (m)
SP- plantilla (f)
SW- stencil

529. STILL
A single photographic image taken from a motion picture film.
DU- still; film still
FR- photogramme (m)
GR- Standfoto (n); Standaufnahme (f)
IT- fotogramma (m)
SP- fotograma (m)
SW- filmbild; stillbild

530. STOCK
See BOOKSTOCK (88), HOLDINGS (272, 273)

See COMIC (153)

A working place for an artist.
DU- atelier (n); studio (m)
FR- atelier (m); studio (m)
GR- Atelier (n)
IT- studio (m)
SP- taller (m); estudio (m)
SW- studio; ateljé

533. STYLE
A distinctive appearance or manner; a visual language.
DU- stijl (m)
FR- style (m)
GR- Stil (m)
IT- stile (m)
SP- estilo (m)
SW- stil

See also BIBLIOGRAPHY (67)
A list of published works on a given subject.
DU- vakbibliografie (f); speciale bibliografie (f)
FR- bibliographie par sujets (f); bibliographie thématique (f)
GR- Fachbibliographie (f); Spezialbibliographie (f)
IT- bibliografia specializzata (f); bibliografia per materie (f); bibliografia tematica (f); bibliografia a soggetto (f)
SP- bibliografía especializada (f); bibliografía temática (f)
SW- fackbibliografi; specialbibliografi; ämnesbibliografi

An arrangement of records for library materials by subject/topic.
DU- onderwerpscatalogus (m)
FR- catalogue matières (m); catalogue par sujets (m)
GR- Sachkatalog (m); Realkatalog (m); Schlagwortkatalog (m)
IT- catalogo a soggetto (m)
SP- catálogo por materias (m)
SW- ämneskatalog

An access point to a bibliographical record based upon subject terminology, usually from a standardised or controlled vocabulary.
DU- trefwoord (n)
FR- vedette matière (f)
GR- Schlagwort (n)
IT- intestazione per soggetto (m)
SP- encabezamiento de materia (m)
SW- ämnesord

A list of subject terms which provides access to a classification or the contents of a publication, catalogue or collection.
DU- onderwerpsregister (n); zaakregister (n)
FR- index des sujets (m); index matières (m)
GR- Sachregister (n); Sachverzeichnis (n)
IT- indice per soggetti (m); indice per materie (m)
SP- índice de materias (m)
SW- ämnesregister

A librarian who specialises in the literature of a particular discipline.
DU- vakreferent (m)
FR- bibliothécaire spécialisé (m)
GR- Fachbibliothekar (m); Fachbibliothekarin (f); Spezialbibliothekar (m); Spezialbibliothekarin (f)
IT- bibliotecario specializzato (m)
SP- bibliotecario especializado (m)
SW- fackbibliotekarie; specialbibliotekarie

The arrangement by which in return for a payment in advance, a periodical publication is provided for a specific number of issues or a specified period of time.
DU- abonnement (n)
FR- souscription (f); abonnement (m)
GR- Abonnement (n); Subskription (f)
IT- abbonamento (m)
SP- suscripcion (f)
SW- subskribtion; abonnemang; prenumeration

A secondary title, usually an explanatory phrase, added to the main title of a work.
DU- ondertitel (m)
FR- sous-titre (m)
GR- Untertitel (m); Nebentitel (m)
IT- sottotitolo (m)
SP- subtítulo (m)
SW- undertitel

A complementary part of a written work, either serial or monographic, that brings up to date or continues the original text; may be issued with the text or separately.
DU- supplement (n); bijvoegsel (n); bijlage (f)
FR- supplément (m)
GR- Ergänzungsband (m); Anhang (m); Nachtrag (m)
IT- supplemento (m)
SP- suplemento (m)
SW- bilaga; tillägg; supplement


543. TABLE OF CONTENTS (List of contents)
In a book or periodical publication, a list of its parts, their sequence, and references by number or symbol to their location.
DU- inhoudsopgave (f); inhoud (m)
FR- sommaire (m); table des matières (f)
GR- Inhaltsverzeichnis (n); Inhalt (m)
IT- indice (m); sommario (m)
SP- índice general (m); sumario (m); tabla de materias (f)
SW- innehållsförteckning

544. TAPE

A cross-section, detail, diagram, elevation, perspective, plan, etc., made for use in a technical context.
DU- technische tekening (f)
FR- dessin technique (m)
GR- technische Zeichnung (f)
IT- disegno tecnico (m)
SP- dibujo técnico (m)
SW- teknisk ritning; tekniskt tvärsnitt

See FAX (231)

A workstation with a monitor and keyboard where computerised data can be entered, received, and/or manipulated.
DU- terminal (m); werkstation (n)
FR- terminal (m)
GR- Terminal (m); Endgerät (n)
IT- terminale (m)
SP- terminal (f)
SW- terminal

548. TEXT
The main body of a book exclusive of front matter or back matter such as appendices, notes etc.
DU- tekst (m)
FR- texte (m)
GR- Text (m)
IT- testo (m)
SP- texto (m)
SW- text

See also DISSERTATION (197)
A position or proposition that a person, often as a candidate for scholastic honours, advances and offers to maintain by argument.
DU- proefschrift (n); dissertatie (f)
FR- thèse (f)
GR- Dissertation (f); These (f)
IT- tesi (f); tesi di laurea (f)
SP- tesis (f)
SW- avhandling; dissertation

550. TIP-IN
To attach a page, often an illustration, with paste onto a sheet or into a printed book along one edge.
DU- inplakken
FR- coller
GR- einkleben
IT- incollare; puntare a colla
SP- pegar; encolar
SW- inklistra; klistra in

551. TITLE
The distinguishing name of a work, or a subdivision of it, such as the chapter of a book.
DU- titel (m)
FR- titre (m)
GR- Titel (m)
IT- titolo (m)
SP- título (m)
SW- titel

A page on the right-hand side, recto of a leaf, at the beginning of a book where the bibliographic information about the work is provided.
DU- titelblad (n); titelpagina (f)
FR- page de titre (f)
GR- Titelblatt (n); Titelseite (f)
IT- frontespizio (m)
SP- portada (f); página de título (f)
SW- titelblad; titelsida

A catalogue designed to present a line of products and to provide information to facilitate the ordering process.
DU- verkoopcatalogus (m); handelscatalogus (m)
FR- catalogue commercial (m)
GR- Verkaufskatalog (m)
IT- catalogo commerciale (m)
SP- catálogo comercial (m)
SW- handelskatalog


One who renders text from one language to another following the original text as closely as possible.
DU- vertaler (m); vertaalster (f)
FR- traducteur (m); traductrice (f)
GR- Übersetzer (m); Übersetzerin (f)
IT- traduttore (m)
SP- traductor (m); traductora (f)
SW- översättare

See SLIDE (512)

Works of art or artefacts that are moved as a group from one institution to another for display over a period of time.
DU- reizende tentoonstelling (f)
FR- exposition itinérante (f)
GR- Wanderausstellung (f)
IT- mostra itinerante (f)
SP- exposición itinerante (f)
SW- vandringsutställing

Anything valued and preserved as precious; great works of art reflective of a given culture.
DU- patrimonium (n)
FR- patrimoine (m)
GR- Nationale Kunstbesitz (m); Kulturerbe (n)
IT- patrimonio (m)
SP- tesoro (m); patrimonio (m)
SW- kulturarv; skatter

See ETHNIC (220, 221)

See also MANUSCRIPT (348)
A copy of a work in typewritten form, as distinguished from one in printed or handwritten form.
DU- typescript (n); machineschrift (n)
FR- texte dactylographié (m); tapuscrit (m)
GR- Maschinenschrift (f)
IT- dattiloscritto (m)
SP- copia a máquina (f)
SW- maskinskrivet exemplar; maskinskrivet manuskript

The art or practice of printing; the style and appearance of printed matter.
DU- typografie (f); boekdrukkunst (f)
FR- typographie (f)
GR- Typographie (f); Buchdruckerkunst (f)
IT- tipografia (f)
SP- tipografía (f)
SW- typografi

A catalogue of the collections of all the libraries in a geographical area, group, or library system.
DU- centrale catalogus (m)
FR- catalogue collectif (m)
GR- Zentralkatalog (m); Gesamtkatalog (m)
IT- catalogo collettivo (m)
SP- catálogo colectivo (m); catálogo centralizado (m)
SW- samkatalog

Written material that has not been produced or issued for general distribution, i.e. diaries, memoirs, notes, etc.
DU- niet uitgegeven; ongepubliceerd
FR- inédit (m); inédite (f)
GR- ungedruckt; unveröffentlicht
IT- inedito (m)
SP- inédito (m)
SW- opublicerad; ej förlagd

564. USER (Client, Patron, Reader)
Individuals who use a library or information source.
DU- gebruiker (m)
FR- usager (m); utilisateur (m); utilisatrice (f); lecteur (m); lectrice (f)
GR- Benutzer (m); Benutzerin (f); Leser (m); Leserin (f)
IT- utente (m)
SP- usuario (m); usuaria (f)
SW- brukare; användare

See also PARCHMENT (403)
Fine parchment from the skin of calf, lamb, etc. for writing on or binding books.
DU- velijn (n)
FR- vélin (m)
GR- Pergament (n); Schreibpergament (n)
IT- pergamena (f)
SP- vitela (f); pergamino (m)
SW- veläng; finaste pergament

566. VERSO
See also LEAF (320), RECTO (471)
The back, or reverse side of a leaf; the left-hand page of an open book.
DU- verso
FR- verso (m)
GR- Rückseite (f); Verso (n); Widerdruckseite (f)
IT- verso (m)
SP- verso (m)
SW- baksida; verso; vänster sida i uppslagen bok

567. VERTICAL FILE (Suspension file)
See also CUTTINGS FILE (182), EPHEMERA (217)
A collection of materials, such as pamphlets, cuttings, and pictures, which are often ephemeral in nature and are filed vertically in drawers for easy reference.
DU- hangmappensysteem (n)
FR- dossier suspendu (m)
GR- Hängekartei (f); Vertikalkartei (f); Hängeregister (n)
IT- sezione materiale minore (m)
SP- clasificador vertical (m); registro suspendido (m)
SW- hängmappsystem

Art works produced by visual artists using the medium of video.
DU- videokunst (f)
FR- art vidéo (m)
GR- Videokunst (f)
IT- video art (f); arte video (f)
SP- arte de vídeo (f)
SW- videokonst

See CASSETTE (110)

See also OPTICAL DISK (387)
An optical disk on which still images, moving images and/or sound are recorded in an analogue format. The images can be displayed on a television attached to the videodisc player, which may be controlled by a computer. Prior to the introduction of compact disks, which also use a laser to read the data, videodiscs were sometimes referred to as laserdisks.
DU- beeldplaat (f); laser disk (m)
FR- vidéodisque (m); disque laser (m)
GR- Videodisc (f); Bildplatte (f); Laserplatte (f)
IT- videodisco (m); disco laser (m)
SP- vídeodisco (m); disco óptico (m)
SW- videoskiva; laserskiva

Magnetic tape for the recording and playback of visual and audio signals.
DU- videoband (m); beeldband (m)
FR- bande vidéo (f)
GR- Videoband (n)
IT- videonastro (m)
SP- cinta de vídeo (f)
SW- videoband

Conveying a message through sight, a recognition of symbols, rather than through textual or auditory means.
DU- visuele communicatie (f)
FR- communication visuelle (f)
GR- visuelle Kommunikation (f)
IT- comunicazione visiva (f)
SP- comunicación visual (f)
SW- visuell kommunikation

A librarian for collections of pictorial materials, such as slides, picture collections, etc.
DU- diathecaris (m); diathecaresse (f)
FR- diathécaire (m/f); photothécaire (m/f)
GR- Diathekar (m); Diathekarin (f)
IT- responsabile delle risorse visive (m)
SP- diapositecario (m); diapositecaria (f)
SW- diatekbibliotekarie

574. VOLUME (of a book)
A major division of a bibliographic item, contained in one binding.
DU- boekdeel (n); band (m); deel (n)
FR- volume (m); tome (m)
GR- Band (m)
IT- volume (m); tomo (m)
SP- volúmen (m)
SW- band; volym

575. WATERCOLOUR [U.S. - Watercolor]
A paint consisting of water and a binding material.
DU- waterverf (f); aquarel (f)
FR- aquarelle (f)
GR- Aquarell (n)
IT- acquarello (m); acquerello (m)
SP- acuarela (f) aguada (f)
SW- akvarell

A faint design made in some paper during manufacture, visible when held against the light, identifying the maker.
DU- watermerk (n)
FR- filigrane (m)
GR- Wasserzeichen (n)
IT- filigrana (f)
SP- marca de agua (f)
SW- vattenstämpel

See also DE-ACCESSIONING (186)
Selecting materials for de-accessioning.
DU- saneren
FR- éliminer; retirer
GR- löschen; ausscheiden; tilgen
IT- operare una cernita
SP- expurgar
SW- gallra

A periodical or newspaper published once a week.
DU- weekblad (n)
FR- hebdomadaire (m)
GR- Wochenzeitschrift (f); Wochenblatt (n); Wochenschrift (f)
IT- settimanale (m)
SP- semanario (m); periódico semanal (m)
SW- veckotidning




See AUTHOR (57)


584. XEROX

The use of woodblocks, as distinct from type, in printing; making woodcuts or wood engravings.
DU- blokdruk (m)
FR- xylographie (f)
GR- Holzschneidekunst (f); Xylographie (f)
IT- xilografia (f); silografia (f)
SP- xilografia (f)
SW- xylografi

See also ANNUAL (24)
An annual compendium of facts and statistics from the previous year, frequently limited to a special subject.
DU- jaarboek (n)
FR- annuaire (m)
GR- Jahrbuch (n)
IT- annuario (m)
SP- anuario (m)
SW- årsbok



aanhaling, 127
aankondiging, 23
aanplakbiljet, 439
aardrijkskundig woordenboek, 252
abonnement, 539
absorberend vermogen, 2
academicus, 4
academie, 6
Academie voor beeldende kunst, 45
academisch, 5
acetaat film, 8
acquisitie, 10
adres, 290
adresboek, 194
advertentie, 14
adviseur, 166
afbeelding, 284, 285, 425
afbeeldingenarchief, 427
afbeeldingenonderzoek, 430
afdeling, 120
afdruk, 265, 288, 289, 447, 448
affiche, 439
afgeschaafde plek, 1
aflevering, 228, 308
aflevering, 404
afstoten, 186
airbrush, 16
album, 17
alkalisch papier, 19 alternative space, 21
ambacht, 175
ambachtelijk werkstuk, 175
annotatie, 22
antiquaar, 26
antiquiteiten, 27
aquarel, 575
aquatint, 34
archeologie, 35
archief, 37
archieven, 37, 470
architectuur, 36
archivaresse, 38
archivaris, 38
art director, 40
artefact, 46
artiest, 48
artieste, 48
assemblage, 51
atelier, 532
audiovisueel, 55
auteur, 57
auteursrecht, 172
automatisering, 59
autotypie, 262
avant-garde, 60
band, 574
bandzetter, 109
beeld, 285, 425
beeldarchief, 427
beeldband, 571
beeldbank, 286
beeldende kunsten, 431
beeldplaat, 570
beeldresearch, 430
beeldverhaal, 153
beeldverwerking, 287
behoudsmedewerker, 165
beperkte oplage, 333
beschermhuls, 414
bestand, 233
bezit, 272, 273
bibliofiel boek, 239
bibliograaf, 66
bibliografie, 67
bibliografisch onderzoek, 336
bibliothecaresse, 325
bibliothecaris, 325
bibliotheek, 327
bibliotheekacademie, 329
bibliotheekinstructie, 328
bibliotheekwetenschap, 326
biënnale, 68
bijlage, 541
bijvoegsel, 541
bijzondere collectie, 520
binder, 71
bioscoop, 124
blad, 320
bladzijde, 395
blanket order, 74
blauwdruk, 75
blokdruk, 585
boek, 77
boekband, 73
boekbinden, 72
boekdeel, 574
boekdruk, 324
boekdrukkunst, 561
boekenbestand, 88
boekenrek, 508
boekhandel, 86
boekhandelaar, 85
boekje, 83
boekkunst, 78
boekobject, 89
boekrug, 522
boekverkoper, 85
boekverluchting, 282
boekwinkel, 86
bord, 76
bouwkunst, 36
briefkaart, 438
brochure, 94, 398
bronnen, 484
broos, 92
bruine vlekken, 247
buckram, 95
bulletin, 96, 373
camera, 99
canon, 100
carrousel, 104
cartoon, 107
cassette, 110
catalogiseren, 112
catalogue raisonné, 113
catalogus, 111
catalogusnummer, 216
cellulose nitraat film, 116
censuur, 117
centrale catalogus, 562
chromolithografie, 122
chronologie, 123
citaat, 128
classificatie-nummer, 131
classificatie, 132
clearing house, 134
coffee-table book, 142
collage, 143
collatie, 145
collationeren, 144
collectie, 146, 272, 273
collectiebeheer, 148
collectievorming, 147
collotypie, 149
colofon, 150
commerciële kunst, 157
compact opstelling, 159
compact disc, 158
compactus, 159
computer, 161
computerisering, 162
conservator, 179
conservering, 164, 443
converteren, 474
copyright, 172
corpus, 174
curriculum vitae, 180
data, 184
database, 185
decoratieve kunst, 189
decorontwerp, 525
deel, 378, 574
dia, 317, 512
diapositief, 512
diaraam, 514
diathecaresse, 573
diathecaris, 573
disk, 195
diskette, 196
dissertatie, 197, 549
document, 198
documentatie, 199
documentatie-centrale, 134
documenten, 470
doek, 101
dossier, 233
doubleren, 64
doublet, 201
druk, 205, 288, 289
drukken, 451
drukkersmerk, 151
drukkunst, 451
drukproef, 456
duplikaat, 201
E-mail, 204
editie, 205
eigendomsmerk, 393
electronic publishing, 209
elektrostatisch kopieerprocédé, 210
emailleren, 211
embleem, 277
encyclopedie, 213
ephemera, 217
epreuve d'artiste, 50
estetica, 15
ets, 219
etskunst, 219
etui, 516
excerpt, 3
exemplaar, 170
exlibris, 84
expert, 166
expositie, 224
extra groot, 392
extra-geïllustreerd, 226
facsimile, 227
fax, 231
Feestbundel, 232
Festschrift, 232
film, 234
film still, 529
filmkunst, 125
fine binding, 238
floppy disk, 196
foedraal, 516
folio, 243
format, 246
foto, 448
fotoarchief, 427
fotografie, 422
fotogravure, 423
fotokopie, 419
fotokopieerapparaat, 418
fotokopiëren, 420
fotolithografie, 424
fototheek, 427
fototoestel, 99
frontispice, 249
galerie, 250
garenloos binden, 13, 409
gebonden boek, 267
gebruiker, 564
gefaseerde preservatie, 415, 416
gegevens, 184
geïlustreerd boek, 283
geluids, 468
geluids opnames, 468
generatie, 253
gerubriceerd, 495
geschiedenis, 271
gesloten boekerij, 139
gesloten opstelling, 139
glossarium, 255
gouache, 257
grafiek, 260, 258
grafisch ontwerp, 259
grafische vormgeving, 319
grafische kunsten, 258
graveerkunst, 214
gravure, 214
groot formaat, 392
halfjaarlijkse uitgave, 65
halftoonprocédé, 262
handboek, 264
handelaar, 188
handelingen, 454
handelscatalogus, 553
handschrift, 348
handwerk, 175
hangmappensysteem, 567
harde schijf, 266
hardware, 268
hedendaags, 167
heraldiek, 269
herbinden, 467
herdruk, 480
herkomst, 457
herziene uitgave, 492
hoes, 516
holografie, 274
hoofdcatalogustitel, 346
hoofdstuk, 119
huisstijl, 275
iconografie, 279
iconologie, 280
icoon, 276
illuminatie, 282
illustratie, 284
impressum, 290
index, 292
indexeren, 293
industrieel ontwerp, 294
informatie, 295
informatiedrager, 355
informatiespecialist, 166
informatietechnologie, 297
information retrieval, 296
inherent gebrek, 298
inhoud, 543
inhoudsopgave, 543
inlichtingen, 295
inplakken, 550
insealen, 212
instandhouding, 164
instelling, 299
instituut, 299
interbibliotecair leenverkeer, 303
interdisciplinair, 300
interieurontwerp, 302
internationaal standaard boeknummer, 304
internationaal standaard serienummer, 305
jaarboek, 24, 25, 586
jaarlijks, 24, 25
Japans papier, 311
kalligrafie, 98
karikatuur, 103, 107
karton, 106
katern, 501
kenner, 163
keramiek, 118
keuze, 502
kleefstof, 12
klep-passepartout, 353
knepen, 63
knipexemplaar, 91
  knipsel, 445
knipselalbum, 499
knipselboek, 499
knipselverzameling, 182
kopie, 482
kopiëren, 481
kort afsnijden, 177
krant, 374
kranteknipsel, 445
krantenpapier, 375
krediet, 32
kruisverwijzing, 178
kunst voor de massa, 433
kunst, 39
kunstdrukpapier, 140
kunstenaar, 47
kunstenaarsboek, 49
kunstenares, 47
kunstgeschiedenis, 41
kunsthistorie, 41
kunstkritiek, 176
kunstnijverheid, 28
kunstuitleen, 42
kunstvoorwerp, 378
kwartaalblad, 460
lamineren, 315
lantaarnplaatje, 317
laser disk, 570
layout, 319
lener, 90
leverbaar, 291
lezing, 400
lichtbak, 330, 332
lichtbeeld, 512
lichtgevoelig, 331
lichttafel, 332
lijst van voorkeurstermen, 58
linoleumsnede, 334
literatuuronderzoek, 336
litho, 337
lithografie, 337, 338
little magazine, 339
lompenpapier, 461
losbladig boek, 342
losbladige uitgave, 342
luxe-editie, 206
maandblad, 365
machineschrift, 560
magazijn, 524
magazijnbediende, 402
magneetband, 344
mail art, 345
manuscript, 348
map, 434, 435
marmeren, 349
massaconservering, 350
mededeling, 295
mededelingenblad, 373
media, 354
mezzotint, 357
microfiche, 359
microfilm, 360
microkaart, 358
microvorm, 361
miniatuur, 362
mode, 229
modelblad, 106
modeplaat, 230
modetekening, 230
moederexemplaar, 351
moederfilm, 352
monografie, 363
monografieënreeks, 364
multiples, 368
museum, 250, 369
naïeve kunst, 370
naslagbibliotheek, 473
negatief, 371
netwerk, 372
niet uitgegeven, 563
niet-boekmaterialen, 377
nieuwsbrief, 373
nummer, 378, 404
object, 379
oblong formaat, 316
oeuvre-catalogus, 381
offset, 383
offsetdruk, 383
on line, 384
ondertitel, 540
onderwerpscatalogus, 535
onderwerpsregister, 537
ongepubliceerd, 563
ontlening, 31
ontzuren, 187
open opstelling, 386
oplage, 288, 289
opnames, 468
opnemen in een register, 293
opnieuw binden, 467
optische schijf, 387
opzetkarton, 367
opzetstrook, 261, 270
opzoeken, 487
ordner, 233
orgineel, 388
ornament, 389
outsider art, 391
overdruk, 382
overslagdoos, 519
paginering, 396
paleografie, 397
pamflet, 398
paperback, 401
papier, 399
patrimonium, 558
pergamijn, 254
periodiek, 411
perkament, 403
permanent houdbaar papier, 413
plaat, 214, 432
plaatsen, 507
plaatwerk, 426
plakboek, 499
plano formaat, 93
plat, 76
platenhoes, 18
pocketboek, 401
portefeuille, 434, 435
portret, 436
poster, 439
postzegelalbumband, 437
prent, 214, 447
prentbriefkaart, 429
prentenboek, 426
presentiebibliotheek, 473
preservatief verfilmen, 444
primaire bronnen, 446
printer, 450
private press, 452
proef, 456
proefdruk, 456
proefschrift, 197, 549
programmatuur, 518
prospectus, 94
provenance, 457
rapport, 479
reader-printer, 464
realia, 466
recensie, 490
reclamekunst, 157
reclamering, 129
recto, 471
redacteur, 207
redactrice, 207
reeds verschenen nummer, 62
reeks, 505
referaattijdschrift, 491
register, 292
reizende tentoonstelling, 557
reliefdruk, 476
reorganisatie, 477
reparatie, 478
reproduceren, 481
reproduktie, 482
reproduktiestandaard, 171
reprografie, 483
restaurateur, 486
restauratie, 485
restaurator, 165
restauratrice, 486
resume, 3
retrieval, 487
retrospectieve bibliografie, 488
reversibel, 489
rijstpapier, 493
ringband, 494
roestvlekken, 247
ruil, 223
samensteller, 160
samenstelster, 160
saneren, 577
scharnier, 270
schetsboek, 510
schijf, 195
schilderij op doek, 102
schilderij, 425
schone kunsten, 237
school, 498
schoonschrijfkunst, 98
schrijver, 57
selectie, 502
serie, 504, 505
seriële publikatie, 504
signatuur, 131
software, 518
solander, 519
speciale bibliografie, 534
speciale verzameling, 520
speciale bibliotheek, 521
spiraalband, 523
spotprent, 107
standing-order, 527
steendruk, 337
stencil, 528
stijfselpapier, 406
stijl, 533
still, 529
stofomslag, 79, 511
striptijdschrift, 153
stripverhaal, 153
strooibiljet, 242
studiecel, 105
studiezaal, 465
studio, 532
supplement, 541
symbool, 278
systematiek, 132
systematische catalogus, 133
taxatie, 29
technische tekening, 545
tekenfilm, 108
tekening, 200
tekst, 548
telefax, 231
tentoonstelling, 224
tentoonstellingscatalogus, 225
terminal, 547
terugvinden, 487
terugzoeken, 487
terugzoeken van informatie, 296
tijdrekening, 123
tijdschrift, 312, 343, 365
titel, 216, 551
titelbeschrijver, 114
titelblad, 552
titelpagina, 552
titelplaat, 249
titelprent, 249
toegang, 7
toegepaste kunst, 28
toeschrijving, 53
toneelontwerp, 525
trefwoord, 314, 536
tweedehands, 500
tweejaarlijks, 69
tweejarig, 69
tweemaandelijks, 70
typescript, 560
typografie, 561
uitgave, 205
uitgeven, 309
uitgever, 458
uitgeversmerk, 151
uitleenbibliotheek, 323
uitleensysteem, 126
uitnodiging voor voorbezichtiging, 453
uittreksel, 3
uitverkocht, 390
uitvoerende kunsten, 410
vakbibliografie, 534
vakbibliotheek, 521
vakreferent, 166, 538
vaste collectie, 412
vaste verzameling, 412
veilingcatalogus, 497
vel, 506
velijn, 565
vergroting, 215
verhandeling, 400
verklarende woordenlijst, 256
verkoopcatalogus, 497, 553
verlucht handschrift, 282
verschijningsfrequentie, 248
verslag, 479
verslagen, 454
verso, 566
vertaalster, 555
vertaler, 555
vervolg, 169
vervolgwerk, 504
verwerving, 10
verwijderen, 186
verwijzing, 472
verzameling, 146
videoband, 571
videokunst, 568
viewer, 515
vindlijst, 236
visuele communicatie, 572
vlugschrift, 93, 242, 398
volkenkundig, 220, 221
volkskunst, 244
voorbeeldenboek, 408
voordracht, 400
voordruk, 441
voorwerp, 379
voorwoord, 442
vormgeving, 191
waardebepaling, 30
watermerk, 576
waterverf, 575
weekblad, 578
werkstation, 547
werktekening, 106
wettelijk depot, 322
woordenboek, 193
zaakregister, 537
zeefdruk, 509
zeldzaam boek, 462
zichtregeling, 33
zuurvrij papier, 9
zwarte kunstprent, 357


abonnement, 539
abrasion, 1
absorptivité, 2
académie, 6
académie de beaux-arts, 45
académique, 5
accès, 7
accès libre, 386
achevé d'imprimer, 150
acquisition, 10
acte êcrit, 470
actes, 454
adhésif, 12
adhésive, 12
adresse bibliographique, 290
aérographe, 16
affiche, 439
agrandissement, 215
album, 17, 426
ancien numéro, 62
annonce, 14, 23
annotation, 22
annuaire, 24, 586
antiquités, 27
appareil photographique, 99
appareil-photo, 99
appropriation, 31
aquarelle, 575
aquatinte, 34
archéologie, 35
architecture, 36
archives, 37, 470
archives iconographiques, 427
archiviste, 38
art, 39
art folklorique, 244
art marginal, 391
art naïf, 370
art populaire, 244, 433
art publicitaire, 157
art vidéo, 568
artefact, 46
artiest, 48
artieste, 48
artisanat, 175
artiste, 47
arts appliqués, 28
arts décoratifs, 28, 189
arts du spectacle, 410
arts graphiques, 258
arts plastiques, 431
assemblage, 51
atelier, 532
attribution, 53
audio-visuel, 55
audio-visuelle, 55
auteur, 57
automatisation, 59
avant-garde, 60
avant-propos, 442
avis, 23
banc de reproduction, 171
bande dessinée, 153
bande magnétique, 344
bande vidéo, 571
banque d'images, 286
banque de données, 185
base de données, 185
beaux-arts, 237
biannuelle, 69
bibliographe, 66
bibliographie, 67
bibliographie par sujets, 534
bibliographie rétrospective, 488
bibliographie thématique, 534
bibliothécaire, 325
bibliothécaire spécialisé, 538
bibliothéconomie, 326
bibliothèque, 327
bibliothèque de consultation, 473
bibliothèque de prêt, 323
bibliothèque de référence, 473
bibliothèque spécialisée, 521
biennale, 68
bimestriel, 70
bimestrielle, 70
bleu, 75
boîte, 414
boîte à archives, 519
brochure, 94, 398
brosse à air, 16
bulletin, 96
bulletin d'information, 373
cache, 514
cahier, 308, 501
calligraphie, 98
canon, 100
caricature, 103
carnet de croquis, 510
carnet de dessins, 510
carrel, 105
carrousel, 104
carte d'invitation, 453
carte postale, 438
carte postale illustrée, 429
carton, 106
carton à dessin, 434
carton de plat, 76
cartonnage, 109
cassette, 110
catalogue, 111
catalogue collectif, 562
catalogue commercial, 553
catalogue d'exposition, 225
catalogue de l'oeuvre, 381
catalogue de vente, 497
catalogue matières, 535
catalogue par sujets, 535
catalogue raisonné, 113
catalogue systématique, 133
cataloguer, 112
catalogueur, 114
catalogueuse, 114
censure, 117
centre d'échange, 134
céramique, 118
chapitre, 119
charnière, 270
chercheur, 4
chercheuse, 4
choix, 502
chromolithographie, 122
chronologie, 123
cinéma, 124, 125
circulation, 126
citation, 128
classer, 507
classeur, 342
classification, 132
coffret, 516
collage, 143
collation, 145
collationner, 144
collection (de livres), 88
collection, 146, 272, 505
collection de coupures de presse, 182
collection de monographies, 364
collection iconographique, 427
collection permanente, 412
collection spéciale, 520
coller, 550
collotypie, 149
colophon, 150, 151
commande globale, 74
commande permanente, 527
communication, 400
communication visuelle, 572
compilateur, 160
compilatrice, 160
compte rendu, 479
compte rendu (critique), 490
comptes-rendus, 454
conférence, 400
conservateur, 179
conservation, 164
conservatrice, 179
consultant, 166
contemporain, 167
contemporaine, 167
copie, 201, 482
copie sur papier, 265
copier, 481
copyright, 172
cordinateur, 161
corpus, 174
cote, 131
coupure de presse, 445
crédit (budgétaire), 32
critique, 176, 490
curriculum vitae, 180
d'occasion, 500 de format exceptionnel, 392
de seconde main, 500
décor de théâtre, 525
décoration intérieure, 302
découper, 177
demi-teinte, 262
département, 120
dépliant, 94
dépôt légal, 322
désacidifier, 187
design, 191
dessin, 200
dessin animé, 108
dessin graphique, 259
dessin humoristique, 107
dessin industriel, 294
dessin publicitaire, 157
dessin satirique, 103
dessin technique, 545
développement des collections, 147
diapositive, 512
diathécaire, 573
dictionnaire, 193
directeur artistique, 40
directrice artistique, 40
disponible, 291
disque, 195, 468
disque compact, 158
disque dur, 266
disque laser, 570
disque optique, 387
disquette, 196
document, 198, 470
document original, 351, 388, 446
documentation, 199
données, 184
dos, 522
dossier, 470
dossier suspendu, 567
dotation, 32
double, 201
droit d'auteur, 172
droit de reproduction, 172
duplicata, 201
duplication, 483
eau-forte, 219
échange, 223
école, 498
école d'art, 45
école de bibliothécaires, 329
école des beaux-arts, 45
éditeur, 458
édition, 205
édition à tirage limité, 333
édition à tirage restreint, 333
édition corrigée, 492
édition de luxe, 206, 239
édition de poche, 401
édition revue, 492
élément décoratif, 389
èlimination, 186
éliminer, 577
émailler, 211
embléme, 277
emboîtage, 109, 414
emprunteur, 90
emprunteuse, 90
encapsulation, 212
encyclopédie, 213
endossure, 63
enregistrement de l'image, 287
enrichi d'illustrations, 226
entrée, 216
entrée principale, 346
envoi d'office, 74
épheméra, 217
épreuve, 447, 456
épreuve d'artiste, 50
épreuve photographique, 448
épuisé, 390
espace alternatif, 21
esquisse, 106
estampe, 447
esthétique, 15
estimation, 29, 30
établissement, 299
étape de fabrication, 253
étape de préservation, 416
ethnique, 220, 221
étude, 106
étui, 516
ex-libris, 84
exemplaire, 170
exemplaire, 308
expert-conseil, 166
exposé, 400
exposition, 224
exposition annuelle, 25
exposition itinérante, 557
fac-similé, 227
fascicule, 228, 404
fax, 231
feuille, 320, 506
feuille volante, 93, 242
feuillet, 320
fichier, 233
filigrane, 576
film, 234
film acétate, 8
film négatif de première génération, 352
film négatif de sécurité, 352
film nitrate, 116
folio, 243
fonds, 273
fonds (de livres), 88
fonds spécial, 520
format, 246
format à l'italienne, 316
format en travers, 316
format oblong, 316
format paysage, 316
formation de l'utilisateur, 328
frontispice, 249
galerie, 250
gestion des collections, 148
glossaire, 255
gouache, 257
graphique(s), 260
graphisme, 259
gravure, 214, 447
gravure à l'eau-forte, 219
gravure de mode, 230
gravure sur linoléum, 334
guide, 236
hebdomadaire, 578
  héliogravure, 423
héraldique, 269
histoire, 271
histoire de l'art, 41
holographie, 274
icône, 276, 278
iconographie, 279
iconologie, 280
illustration, 284, 285, 425
image, 285, 425
impression, 288, 447, 451
impression en relief, 324, 476
impression lithographique, 338
impression offset, 383
imprimante, 450
imprimerie privée, 452
in-folio, 243
index, 292
index des sujets, 537
index geographique, 252
index matières, 537
indexation, 293
indice de classification, 131
inédit, 563
information, 295
information au lecteur, 328
informatique, 297
informatisation, 162
institution, 299
interdisciplinaire, 300
introduction, 442
jaquette, 79
jaquette (d'un livre), 511
journal, 312, 374
lamination, 315
lecteur, 564
lecteur-reproducteur, 464
lectrice, 564
lettre d'information, 373
lexique, 256
libelle, 398
libraire, 85
libraire spécialisé dans le livre ancien, 26
librairie, 86
libre accès, 386
linogravure, 334
liste d'autorité, 58
lithographie, 337
livraison, 404
livre, 77
livre à feuilles mobiles, 342
livre broché, 401
livre cartonné, 267
livre d'artiste, 49, 78
livre d'images, 426
livre de modèle, 408
livre de poche, 401
livre de prestige, 142
livre démembré, 91
livre d'échantillons, 408
livre illustré, 283, 426
livre objet, 89
livre rare, 462
livre relié, 267
livres au papier cassant, 92
livret, 83
logiciel, 518
machine à photocopier, 418
magasin à accès réservé, 139
magasin fermé, 139
magasin(s), 524
magasinier, 402
magazine, 343
mail art, 345
manière noire, 357
manuel, 264
manuscrit, 348
manuscrit enluminé, 282
marbrure, 349
marchand, 188
marque de l'éditeur, 290
marque de propriété, 393
matériel informatique, 268
média, 354
médias, 354
mélanges, 232
mémoire, 197
mensuel, 365
messagerie electronique, 204
métier, 175
microcarte, 358
microfiche, 359
microfilm, 360
microfilmage de conservation, 444
microforme, 361
miniature, 362
mise en page, 319
mode, 229
monographie, 363
mot-clé, 314
multiple, 368
musée, 250
musée, 369
négatif, 371
non-livres, 377
note, 22
notice, 216, 470
numéro, 308, 378, 404
Numéro International Normalisé des Livres, 304
Numéro International Normalisé des Publications en Série, 305
objet, 379
objet artisanal, 175
objet d'art, 380
objet décoratif, 389
objet manufacturé, 46
oeuvre complète, 174
oeuvre(s) graphique(s), 260
offset, 383
onglet, 261
onglet, 270,
opuscule, 83, 398
organisation de la collection, 148
original, 351, 388
origine, 457
ornement, 389
ozalid, 75
P.A.O., 209
page, 395
page de titre, 552
pagination, 396
paléographie, 397
papier, 399
papier alcalin, 19
papier chiffons, 461
papier couché, 140
papier cristal, 254
papier de Chine, 493
papier de riz, 493
papier exempt d'acide, 9
papier Japon, 311
papier journal, 375
papier marbré, 406
papier-reliure, 406
parchemin, 403
parution, 308
passe-partout, 353, 367
patrimoine, 558
peinture au pochoir, 528
peinture au poncif, 528
pelliculage, 212
périodicité, 248
périodique, 343, 411
périodique à diffusion restreinte, 339
périodique mensuel, 365
permanent, 413
permanente, 413
petite revue, 339
photocopie, 419
photocopier, 420
photocopieur, 418
photogramme, 529
photographie, 422
photogravure, 423
photolithographie, 424
photosensitif, 331
photothécaire, 573
phototypie, 149
piqûre, 247
planche, 432
plaque de lanterne magique, 317
plaquette, 83
plastification, 315
plats, 76
pochette (d'un disque), 511
pochette de disque, 18
pochoir, 528
politique d'acquisition, 147
portefeuille, 434, 435
portrait, 436
poster, 439
préface, 442
prépublication, 441
preservation, 443
prêt d'oeuvres d'art, 42
prêt interbibliothèques, 303
procédé d'impression en relief, 476
procès-verbal, 479
professeur, 4
programme de conservation, 415
programme de préservation, 416
projecteur de diapositives, 515
prospectus, 94, 242
provenance, 457
publication assistée par ordinateur, 209
publication en série, 504
publication trimestrielle, 460
publicité, 14
publier, 309
ranger, 507
rappel, 129
rapport, 479
rayonnage, 508
rayonnage compact, 159
rayonnage dense, 159
realia, 466
recension, 490
recherche bibliographique, 336
recherche de l'information, 487
recherche documentaire, 296, 336, 487
recherche iconographique, 430
réclamation, 129
réclame, 14
recto, 471
recueil de coupures, 499
rédacteur en chef, 207
réédition, 480
référence, 472
référence bibliographique, 127
régime d'envoi pour examen, 33
réimpression, 289, 480
relier à nouveau, 467
relieur, 71
relieuse, 71
reliure (d'art), 238
reliure, 72, 73
reliure à anneaux, 494
reliure à spirale, 523
reliure américaine, 13
reliure non cousue, 13
reliure par collage, 13
reliure sans couture, 13, 409
Reliure à vis, 437
renseignements, 295
rentoilage, 64
renvoi, 178, 472
réorganisation, 477
reparation, 478
répertoire, 194, 292
reproduction, 482
reproduire, 481
reprographie, 483
réseau, 372
réserve, 524
ressource, 484
restaurateur, 165, 486
restauration, 478, 485
restauratrice, 165, 486
résumé, 3
retirer, 577
retrait, 186
réversible, 489
revue, 312, 343, 411, 491
rousseur, 247
rubrique, 495
salle de lecture, 465
section, 120
sélection, 502
semestriel, 65
semestrielle, 65
sensible à la lumière, 331
série, 505
sérigraphie, 509
sommaire, 543
sortie sur papier, 265
sources primaires, 446
sous-titre, 540
souscription, 539
specialité, 163
studio, 532
style, 533
style maison, 275
suite, 169, 364
supplément, 541
support, 355
symbole, 277
système de prêt, 126
système en ligne, 384
table des matières, 543
table lumineuse, 332
tableau, 102, 425
taches de jaunissement, 247
tapuscrit, 560
télécopie, 231
terminal, 547
texte, 548
texte dactylographié, 560
thèse, 197, 549
tirage, 289, 447, 451
tirage à part, 382
tiré à part, 382
titre, 551
toile, 101
toile buckram, 95
tome, 574
traducteur, 555
traductrice, 555
traitement de masse, 350
transférer, 474
travaux, 454
trimestriel, 460
typographie, 324, 561
universitaire, 4
usager, 564
utilisateur, 564
utilisatrice, 564
vedette matière, 536
vélin, 565
verso, 566
vice inhérent, 298
vidéodisque, 570
visionneuse, 330
visionneuse de diapositives, 515
volume, 574
xérographie, 210
xylographie, 585


Abbildung, 285, 425
Abdruck, 288, 447
abgeriebener Fleck, 1
Abonnement, 539
Abteilung, 120
Abzug, 288, 448
Adressbuch, 194
Akademie, 6
Akademiker, 4
Akademikerin, 4
akademisch, 5
Akten, 470
Aktenmappe, 434
Aktensammlung, 37
Album, 17
alkalihaltiges Papier, 19
alle zwei Jahre, 68
ältere (zurückliegende) Nummer
(Ausgabe), 62
alternative Szene, 21
Alternativkunst, 391
Aneignung, 31
angewandte Kunst, 28, 189
Anhang, 541
Ankündigung, 23
Anmerkung, 22
Ansatzfalz, 270
Anschlag, 439
Ansichtskarte, 429
Anstalt, 299
Antiquar, 26
Antiquarin, 26
antiquarisch, 500
Antiquitäten, 27
Anzeige, 14, 23
Aquarell, 575
Aquatinta, 34
Archäologie, 35
Architektur, 36
Archiv, 37
Archivalien, 470
Archivar, 38
Archivarin, 38
Art Direktor, 40
Art Direktorin, 40
Artefakt, 46
Artist, 48
Artistin, 48
Assemblage, 51
Ästhetik, 15
Atelier, 532
Attribution, 53
Ätzdruck, 219
Ätzung, 219
audiovisuell, 55
auf Regale stellen, 507
Auflage, 205, 289
Aufnahme, 31, 216
aufziehen, 64
Aufziehkarton, 367 Auktionskatalog, 497
Ausdruck, 265
Ausgabe, 205
Auskunft, 295
Ausleihbibliothek, 323
Ausleihsystem, 126
Ausleihverfahren, 126
ausscheiden, 186, 577
Ausschnitt, 445
Ausschnittsammlung, 182
Ausstellung, 224
Ausstellungskatalog, 225
Auswahl, 502
auswärtiger Leihverkehr, 303
Automatisierung, 59
Autor, 57
Autorin, 57
Autotypie, 262
Avantgarde, 60
Azetatfilm, 8
Band, 574
Baukunst, 36
Bearbeitung des Buchblockrückens, 63
begrenzte Auflage, 333
Beleg, 265
Benutzer, 564
Benutzerin, 564
Berater, 166
Beraterin, 166
Bericht, 479
beschneiden, 177
beschränkte Auflage, 333
Besprechung, 490
Bestandsaufbau, 147
Bewahrung, 443
Bewertung, 30
Bewilligung, 32
Bezugspapier, 406
Bibliograph, 66
Bibliographie, 67
Bibliographin, 66
Bibliothek, 327
Bibliothekar, 325
Bibliothekarin, 325
Bibliothekseinführung, 328
Bibliotheksschule, 329
Bibliothekswesen, 326
Bibliothekswissenschaft, 326
Bild, 260, 285, 425
Bildarchiv, 427
Bildaufzeichnung, 287
Bildband, 142
bildende Kunst, 431
bildende Künste, 237
Bilderbuch, 426
Bilderhandschrift, 282
Bilderstreifen, 153
Bildforschung, 430
Bildnis, 436
Bildplatte, 570
binden, 72
Blanket Order, 74

Blatt, 320
Blaupause, 75
Bogen, 506
Broschüre, 83, 94, 398
brüchige Bücher, 92
Buch, 77
Buchbestand, 88, 272
buchbinden, 72
Buchbinder, 71
Buchbinderin, 71
Buchbinderleinwand, 95
Buchdeckel, 76
Buchdruck, 324
Buchdruckerkunst, 561
Bucheinband, 73
Bücherbote, 402
Bücherbotin, 402
Bücherei, 327
Bücherladen, 86
Bücherregale, 508
Buchhändler, 85
Buchhändlerin, 85
Buchhandlung, 86
Buchhülle, 109
Buchkunst, 78
Büchlein, 83
Buchmalerei, 282
Buchobjekt, 89
Buchrücken, 522
Buchumschlag, 79
Buckram, 95
Bühnenbild, 525
Bühnengestaltung, 525
Bulletin, 96
Buntpapier, 406
CD, 158
Chromolithographie. 122
Chronologie, 123
Coffee-table Book, 142
Collage, 143
Comic-Heft, 153
Comic-Strip, 153
Compact Disc, 158
Computer, 161
Computerisierung, 162
Copyright, 172
Curriculum vitae, 180
darstellende Künste, 410
Datei, 233
Daten, 184
Datenbank, 185
Datenverabeitungsanlage, 161
Dauerauftrag, 527
dekorative Kunst, 189
Design, 191
Dia, 317, 512
Diabetrachter, 515
Diabetrachtungsgerät, 515
Diapositiv, 317, 512
Diapositivrahmen, 514
Diathekar, 573
Diathekarin, 573
Diatischgerät, 330
Disk, 195
Diskette, 196
Diskussionspapier, 400
Dissertation, 197, 549
Dokument, 198
Dokumentation, 199
Dokumentationszentrale, 134
Doppelexemplar, 201
doublieren, 64
Druck, 288, 447
drucken, 451
Drucker, 450
Druckermarke, 151
Druckgraphik, 447
Druckkunst, 451
Druckschrift, 447
Druckvermerk, 290
Dublette, 201
Dünnpergamin, 254
E-mail, 204
EDV-Geräte, 268
Eigenbestand, 412
Eigentumsstempel, 393
Einband, 73
Einbettung, 212
Einblattdruck, 93
Einkapselung, 212
einkleben, 550
Einordnung in ein Verzeichnis, 293
Einrichtung, 299
Eintragung, 216
Electronic Publishing, 209
elektronische Post, 204
elektronisches Bildarchiv, 286
elektronisches Publizieren, 209
elektrostatisches Kopierverfahren, 210
emaillieren, 211
Endgerät, 547
Entlehnung, 31
Entleiher, 90
Entleiherin, 90
entsäuern, 187
Enzyklopädie, 213
ephemere Literatur, 217
Ergänzungsband, 541
erhältlich, 291
Erhaltung, 164, 443
Erscheinungshäufigkeit, 248
Erwerbung, 10
ethnisch, 220, 221
Exemplar, 170
Exlibris, 84
Experte, 166
Expertin, 166
Extraausstattung, 226
Fachbibliographie, 534
Fachbibliothek, 521
Fachbibliothekar, 538
Fachbibliothekarin, 538
Fahne, 456
fahrbare Regelanlage, 159
Faksimile, 227
Falz, 261
Farblithographie, 122
Faszikel, 228
Fax, 231
Festplatte, 266
Festschrift, 232
Film, 234
Filmkunst, 125
Filmtheater, 124
Findhilfe, 236
Floppy-Disk, 196
Flugblatt, 93, 242
Flugschrift, 398
Folge, 505
Folio, 243
Format, 246
Formgebung, 191
Forsetzungsbestellung, 527
Fortzetzung, 169
Foto, 448
Fotoabzug, 448
Fotoapparat, 99
Fotographie, 422
Fotogravüre, 423
Fotokopiergerät, 418
Fotolithografie, 424
Fotolithographie, 424
Fotothek, 427
Freihand, 386
Freihandbibliothek, 386
Freihandbücherei, 386
Frequenz, 248
Frontispiz, 249
Gebrauchsgraphik, 259
gebundenes Buch, 267
Gedenkschrift, 232
Geleitwort, 442
Gemälde auf Leinwand, 102
Gemäldegalerie, 250
Generationskopie, 253
geographisches Lexikon, 252
Gesamtkatalog, 562
Gesamtwerk, 174
geschätzer, 29
Geschichte, 271
Gestaltung, 191
Glossar, 255
Gouache, 257
Grafik, 260
grafische Gestaltung, 259
grafische Künste, 258
Graphik, 258, 447
Graphik Design, 259
graphische Darstellung, 260
graphische Gestaltung, 259
graphische Künste, 258
graphisches Zeichnen, 260
Gravur, 214
Gross-Dia, 317
Grossformat, 392
Guasch, 257
Hadernpapier, 461
halbjährlich, 65
Halbton, 262
haltbar, 413
Handbibliothek, 473
Handbuch, 264
Händler, 188
Händlerin, 188
Handschrift, 348
Handschriftenkunde, 397
Handwerk, 175
Handzettel, 242
Hängekartei, 567
Hängeregister, 567
Hardcopy, 265
Hardware, 268
Haupteintrag, 346
Hauptfilm-negativ, 352
Hausstil, 275
Heft, 308, 378, 398, 404
Heliogravüre, 423
Heraldik, 269
herausgeben, 309
Herausgeber, 207, 458
Herausgeberin, 207
Herkunft, 457
Hilfsmittel, 484
hinterkleben, 64
Hochdruck, 476
Holografie, 274
Holographie, 274
Holzschneidekunst, 585
Hülle, 511
Ikone, 276, 277, 278
Ikonographie, 279
Ikonologie, 280
Illumination, 282
Illustration, 284
illustriertes Buch, 283
Imagebank, 286
Impressum, 290
Index, 292
indexieren, 293
Industrie Design, 294
industrielle Formgebung, 294
Informatik, 297
Information, 295
Informationsretrieval, 296
Informationsträger, 355
Informationswiederaufinden, 296
Informationswiedergewinnung, 296
Inhalt, 543
Inhaltsverzeichnis, 543
Innenausstattung, 302
Installationen, 51
Institut, 299
Institution, 299
interdisziplinär, 300
internationale Standard-Buchnummer, 304
internationale-Standard-Seriennummer, 305
Jahrbuch, 24, 586
Jahresausstellung, 25
Jahresschrift, 24
Japanpapier, 311
jedes zweite Jahr, 68
Journal, 312, 343, 411
Kalligraphie, 98
Kamera, 99
Kanon, 100
Kapitel, 119
Kapsel, 519
Karikatur, 103, 107
Karton, 106
Karussellmagazin für Diapositive (Dias), 104
kaschieren, 315
Kaschierung, 315
Kasette, 109, 110, 414
Katalog, 111
Katalogbearbeiter, 114
Katalogbearbeiterin, 114
katalogisieren, 112
Katalogisierer, 114
Katalogisiererin, 114
Kennerschaft, 163
Keramik, 118
Kino, 124
Klassifikation, 132
Klebebindung, 13, 409
Klebstoff, 12
Kleisterpapier, 406
Kollation, 145
kollationieren, 144
Kollotypie, 149
Kolophon, 150
Kommentar, 22
Kompakt-Magazinierung, 159
Kompilator, 160
Kompilatorin, 160
Konservator, 179
Konservatorin, 179
Konservierung, 164
Konversationslexikon, 213
konvertieren, 474
Kopie, 482
kopieren, 481
Kopierstelle, 171
Korpus, 174
Korpuswerk, 174
  Korrektur, 456
Korrekturbogen, 456
Kreuzverweisung, 178
Kritik, 176
kritischer Katalog, 113, 381
Kulturerbe, 558
Kunst, 39
Kunst für die Masse, 433
Kunstakademie, 45
Kunstdruckpapier, 140
Kunsteinband, 238
Kunsterzeugnis, 46
Kunstgalerie, 250
Kunstgegenstand, 380
Kunstgeschichte, 41
Kunstgewerbe, 28
Kunsthandwerk, 175
Kunsthochschule, 45
Kunstkritik, 176
Künstler, 47
Künstlerabzug, 50
Künstlerbuch, 49
Künstlerin, 47
Künstlerischer Einband, 238
Kunstverleih, 42
Kunstwerk, 380
Kurzreferat, 3
Kustodin, 179
Kustos, 179
Lage, 501
langfristig, 413
Laserplatte, 570
Layout, 319
Lebenslauf, 180
Leihbibliothek, 323
Leihbücherei, 323
Leinwand, 101
Lese-und Druckvergroßerungsgerät, 464
Lesenische, 105
Leser, 564
Leserin, 564
Lesesaal, 465
Leuchtkasten, 330
Leuchttisch, 332
Lexikon, 193
Lichtbildplatte, 317
Lichtdruck, 149
lichtempfindlich, 331
Liebhaberausgabe, 206
lieferbar, 291
Lieferung, 308
Lieferung, 404
limitierte Ausgabe, 333
Linolschnitt, 334
Literaturrecherche, 336
Literatursuche, 336
Lithografie, 337
Lithographie, 337
Lithographie, 338
löschen, 186
löschen, 577
Loseblattsammlung, 342
Lumbeck-Verfahren, 13
Lumpenpapier, 461
Luxusausgabe, 206
Magazin, 343, 524
Magazingehilfe, 402
Magazingehilfin, 402
Magazinsystem, 139
Magnetband, 344
Mail-Art, 345
Manuskript, 348
Mappe, 434, 435
Marmorierung, 349
Maschinenschrift, 560
Massenbehandlung, 350
Massenkonservierung, 350
Master Copy, 351
Masterfiche, 352
Masterfilm, 352
Matrize, 528
Medien, 354
Mezzotinto, 357
Microkarte, 358
Mikrofiche, 359
Mikrofilm, 360
Mikroform, 361
Mikroplanfilm, 359
Miniatur, 362
Miniaturmalerei, 282
Mitteilung, 96
Mitteilungsblatt, 373
Mode, 229
Modeblatt, 230
Modestich, 230
Modezeichnung, 230
Monatsschrift, 365
Monatszeitschrift, 365
Monographie, 363
Multiple(s), 368
Museum, 369
Musterbuch, 408
Nachdruck, 289
Nachdruck, 480
Nachtrag, 541
naive Kunst, 370
Nationale Kunstbesitz, 558
Nebentitel, 540
Negativ, 371
Netz, 372
Netzwerk, 372
neu gestalten, 477
neu ordner, 477
neu organisieren, 477
Neudruck, 480
Neueinband, 467
nicht-Bücher, 377
Nitrozellulosefilm, 116
Normdatei, 58
Nummer, 308, 378, 404
Objekt, 379
Oeuvre-Katalog, 381
Offsetdruck, 383
On-line System, 384
optische Speicherplatte, 387
optischer Plattenspeicher, 387
Orientierungshilfe, 236
Original, 388
Originalquellen, 446
Originalvorlage, 351, 388
Ornament, 389
Ortslexikon, 252
Outsider-Kunst, 391
Paginierung, 396
Paläographie, 397
Paperback, 401
Papier, 399
Pappband, 76
Pappdeckel, 76
Passepartout, 353
Pergament, 403, 565
Pergamin, 254
Pergaminpapier, 254
Periodikum, 343, 411, 504
permanent, 413
"Petite revue", 339
Pflichtexemplar, 322
Phase-box, 414
Photographie, 422
Plakat, 439
Planung für langfristige schrittweise Konservierung, 416
Platte, 195
Plattenhülle, 18
Polyglottglossar, 256
populäre Kunst, 433
Porträt, 436
Postkarte, 438
Prachtausgabe, 206
Präsenzbibliothek, 473
Pressendruck, 239
Privatpresse, 452
Privatverlag, 452
Probeabzug, 456
Probeabzug des Künstlers, 50
Produkt-Designer, 40
Produkt-Designerin, 40
Programm, 518
Prospekt, 94
Protokoll, 454
Provenienz, 457
publizieren, 309
Quelle, 198
Querformat, 316
Radierung, 219
Rahmen, 514
Rasterdruck, 262
Reader-Printer, 464
Realien, 466
Realkatalog, 133, 535
Rechner, 161
Recto, 471
Redakteur, 207
Redakteurin, 207
Referat, 400
Regale, 508
Regalsystem, 508
Register, 292
registrieren, 293
Reihe, 364, 504, 505
Reispapier, 493
Reklamation, 129
Reklame, 14
Reliefdruck, 476
rentoilieren, 64
Reorganisation, 477
Reparatur, 478
Report, 479
Reproduktion, 482
Reproduktionsstelle, 171
reproduzieren, 481
Reprografie, 483
Reprographie, 483
Ressourcen, 484
Restaurator, 165, 486
Restauratorin, 165, 486
Restaurierung, 485
Retrieval, 296, 487
retrospektive Bibliografie, 488
reversibel, 489
revidierte Ausgabe, 492
Rezension, 490
Richtschnur, 100
Ringbuch, 342, 494
Ringordner, 494
Rubrica, 495
Rubrik, 495
rubrizieren, 495
Rücken, 522
Rückseite, 566
Rundbrief, 373
Rundschau, 491
Sachkatalog, 133, 535
Sachregister, 537
Sachverzeichnis, 537
Sammelalbum, 499
Sammelschachtel, 519
Sammlung, 146, 273
Sammlungsverwaltung, 148
Saugfähigkeit, 2
säurefrei, 9
säurefreies Papier, 9
Schabkunst, 357 Schablone, 528
Schallplatte, 468
Schätzwert, 29
Schauseite, 471
Schlachtexemplar, 91
Schlagwort, 536
Schlagwortkatalog, 535
Schöndruckseite, 471
schöne Künste, 237
Schönschreibkunst, 98
Schraubenbindung, 437
Schreibpergament, 565
Schriftenaustausch, 223
Schriftentausch, 223
Schriftleiter, 207
Schriftleiterin, 207
Schriftsteller, 57
Schriftstellerin, 57
Schriftstück, 400
schrittweise Konservierung, 415
Schuber, 109, 511, 516
Schule, 498 Schutzkarton, 516
Schutzumschlag, 79
Seidensiebdruck, 509
Seite, 395
Seitenzählung, 396
Selbstzerstörender Defekt, 298
Serie, 364, 504, 505
Sicherheitsverfilmung, 444
Sichersheitsfilm, 8
Siebdruck, 509
Signatur, 131
Signet, 151
Sitzungsberichte, 454
Skizzenbuch, 510
Software, 518
Sonderdruck, 382
Sondersammlung, 520
Spezialbibliographie, 534
Spezialbibliothek, 521
Spezialbibliothekar, 538
Spezialbibliothekarin, 538
Spezialsammlung, 520
Spezielle Zeitschrift in geringer Auflage, 339
Spiralbindung, 523
Spiralheftung, 523
Spritzpistole, 16
Standaufnahme, 529
Standfoto, 529
Ständige Sammlung, 412
Standing Order, 527
Steindruck, 337
Stich, 214
Stichwort, 314
Stiftung, 299
Stil, 533
Stockflecken, 247
Subskription, 539
Systematischer Katalog, 133
Tafel, 432
Tageblatt, 374 Tageszeitung, 374
Taschenbuch, 401
technische Zeichnung, 545
Teil, 404
Teillieferung, 228
Telefax, 231
Terminal, 547
Text, 548
These, 549
tilgen, 577
Titel, 551
Titelblatt, 552
Titelseite, 552
Typographie, 561
überarbeitete Ausgabe, 492
Überformat, 392
Übersetzer, 555
Übersetzerin, 555
übertragung in ein anderes Datenformat, 474
umbilden, 477
umbinden, 467
umformatieren, 474
umkehrbar, 489
ungedruckt, 563
Unterlagekarton, 367
Untersatzkarton, 367
Untertitel, 540
unveränderte Auflage, 480
unveröffentlicht, 563
Urheber, 57
Urheberin, 57
Urheberrecht, 172
Urkunde, 198
Urkunden, 470
Urkunden Sammlung, 37
Ursprung, 457
verbesserte Auflage, 492
Verbrauchsliteratur, 217
Vereinbarung über Ansichtslieferungen, 33
Verfasser, 57
Verfasserin, 57
vergriffen, 390
Vergrößerung, 215
Verhandlungen, 454
Verkaufskatalog, 497, 553
Verlagsangabe, 290
verlegen, 309
Verleger, 458
veröffentlichen, 309
Verso, 566
verstärken, 64
Vertikalkartei, 567
vervielfältigen, 481
Verweisung, 472
verzeichnen, 293
Verzeichnis, 194, 292
Verzierung, 389
Videoband, 571
Videodisc, 570
Videokunst, 568
Vierteljahresschrift, 460
vierteljährliche Zeitschrift, 460
visuelle Kommunikation, 572
Volkskunst, 244
volkstümliche Kunst, 244
Vorabdruck, 441
Vorbesichtigungskarte, 453
Vorderseite, 471
Vorlage, 351
Vorrede, 442
Vorwort, 442
Wanderausstellung, 557
Wappenkunde, 269
Wasserzeichen, 576
Werbegraphik, 157
Werbung, 14
Werkkatalog, 113
Werkkatalog, 381
Wert, 29
Widerdruckseite, 566
wiederabdrucken, 481
Wiederauffinden, 487
Wiedergabe, 482
wissenschaftlich, 5
Witzblatt, 153
Witzzeichnung, 107
Wochenblatt, 578
Wochenschrift, 578
Wochenzeitschrift, 578
Wörterbuch, 193
Xerographie, 419
xerographieren, 420
Xerokopie, 419
xerokopieren, 420
Xylographie, 585
Zeichentrickfilm, 108
Zeichnung, 200
Zeitabfolge, 123
zeitgenössisch, 167
Zeitgeschmack, 229
Zeitrechnung, 123
Zeitschrift, 312
Zeitschrift, 343, 411, 504
Zeitung, 374
Zeitungausschnitt, 445
Zeitungsauschnittssammlung, 182
Zeitungspapier, 375
Zensur, 117
Zentralkatalog, 562
zerfallende Bücher, 92
Zerrbild, 103
Zerstäuber, 16
Zierat, 389
Zierstück, 389
Zimelie, 462
Zitat, 127, 128, 472
Zugang, 7
Zusammenfassung, 3
Zusammensteller, 160
Zusammentellerin, 160
Zuschreibung, 53
zweijährig, 68, 69
zweimonatlich, 70
Zweitschrift, 201


abbonamento, 539
abrasione, 1
accademia, 6
accademia di belle arti, 45
accademica, 5
accademico, 5
accesso, 7
accesso libero, 386
acquaforte, 219
acquarello, 575
acquatinta, 34
acquerello, 575
acquisizione, 10
adesivo, 12
aerografo, 16
affisso, 439
album, 17
album di ritagli, 499
album per schizzi, 510
amministrazione delle collezioni, 148
annotazione, 22
annuario, 24, 586
annuncio, 23
antichità, 27
antiporta, 249
appropriazione, 31
araldica, 269
archeologia, 35
architettura, 36
architettura teatrale, 525
archivio, 37, 233, 470
archivio fotografico, 427
archivista, 38
arredamento d'interni, 302
arricchito d'illustrazioni, 226
arte, 39
arte del libro, 78
arte folcloristica, 244
arte naif, 370
arte popolare, 244, 433
arte pubblicitaria, 157
arte video, 568
arti applicate, 28
arti decorative, 189
arti dello spettacolo, 410
arti grafiche, 258
arti plastiche, 431
artigianato, 175
artista, 47, 48
assemblaggio, 51
assorbenza, 2
atti, 454
attribuzione, 53
audiovisivi, 55
authority file, 58
automazione, 59
autore, 57
autotipia, 262
autrice, 57
avanguardia, 60
banca d'immagini, 286
banca dati, 185
banca di dati, 185
belle arti, 237
bibliografa, 66, 67
bibliografia a soggetto, 534
bibliografia per materie, 534
bibliografia retrospettiva, 488
bibliografia specializzata, 534
bibliografia tematica, 534
bibliografo, 66
biblioteca, 327
biblioteca di consultazione, 473
biblioteca di prestito, 323
biblioteca specializzata, 521
bibliotecaria, 325
bibliotecario, 325
bibliotecario specializzato, 538
biblioteconomia, 326
biennale, 68, 69
biglietto d'invito, 453
bimensile, 70
blanket order, 74
bollettino, 96
bollettino d'informazioni, 373
bookwork, 89
box di lettura, 105
brachetta, 261
braghetta, 261
brossura, 83, 94
calcolatore elettronico, 161
calligrafia, 98
campionario, 408
canone, 100
capitolo, 119, 120
caricatura, 103
carosello per diapositive, 104
carta, 399
carta a colla, 406
carta alcalina, 19
carta da giornale, 375
carta di riso, 493
carta di stracci, 461
carta esente da acidi, 9
carta giapponese, 311
carta non acida, 9
carta patinata, 140
carta pergamena, 254
cartella, 434
cartellone, 439
cartolina illustrata, 429
cartolina postale, 438
cartone, 106
cartone animato, 108
casa editrice, 458
cassa luminosa, 330
cassa per illuminare diapositive, 330
cassetta, 110
catalagatore, 114
catalogare, 112
catalogatrice, 114
catalogo, 111
catalogo a soggetto, 535
catalogo classificato, 133
catalogo collettivo, 562
catalogo commerciale, 553
catalogo d'asta, 497
catalogo d'esposizione, 225
catalogo delle opere, 381
catalogo di mostra, 225
catalogo ragionato, 113
censura, 117
centro di documentazione, 134
ceramica, 118
cerniera, 270
cianografia, 75
cinema, 124, 125
citazione, 127, 128, 472
classificazione, 132
collage, 143
collazionare, 144
collazione, 145, 146, 272, 273
collezione di ritagli, 182
collezione permanente, 412
collezione speciale, 520
collotipia, 149
colofone, 150
commerciante, 188
compact disc, 158
compendio, 3
compilare un indice, 293
compilatore, 160
computer, 161
computerizzazione, 162
comunicazione visiva, 572
conoscenza specializzata, 163
conservatore, 179
conservatrice, 179
conservazione, 164, 443
consulente, 166
contemporanea, 167
contemporaneo, 167
contenitore, 516
continuazione, 169
convertire, 474
coperta, 109
copertina, 511
copertina di disco, 18
copertina di protezione, 79
copia smembrata, 91
corpus, 174
critica, 176
cromolitografia, 122
cronologia, 123
curriculum vitae, 180
custodia, 516
d'occasione, 500
dati, 184
dattiloscritto, 560
deacidificare, 187
decorazione teatrale, 525
deposito legale, 322
design, 191
di seconda mano, 500
diapositiva, 317, 512
dipinto su tela, 102
direttore artistico, 40
direttrice artistica, 40
diritto d'autore, 172
dischetto, 196
disco, 195, 468
disco a lettura ottica, 387
disco fonografico, 468
disco laser, 570
disco ottico, 387
disco rigido, 266
disegno, 200
disegno grafico, 259
disegno industriale, 294
disegno tecnico, 545
disponibile, 291
dissertazione, 197
distributore, 402
dizionario, 193
dizionario geografico, 252
documentazione, 199
documento, 198
dorso, 522
duplicato, 201
duplice copia, 201
durevole, 413
editore, 458
editoria elettronica, 209
edizione, 205
edizione di lusso, 206, 239
edizione limitata, 333
edizione riveduta, 492
elenco, 194
enciclopedia, 213
ente, 299
esaurito, 390
esemplare, 170
esposizione, 224
estetica, 15
estratto, 382
etnica, 220, 221
etnico, 220, 221
ex-libris, 84
facsimile, 227
fascicolo, 228, 308, 404, 501
figurino, 230
filigrana, 576
film, 234
film d'acetato, 8
film di cellulosa, 116
film negativo originale, 352
filza, 233, 437
floppy disc, 196
foderatura, 64
foggia, 229
foglio, 320, 506
foglio mobile, 342
foglio volante, 242
folio, 243
fondo, 272, 273
fondo librario, 88
fonti originali, 446
formato, 246
formato oblungo, 316
fotocopia, 419
fotocopiare, 420
fotocopiatrice, 418
fotografia, 422
fotogramma, 529
fotoincisione, 423
fotolitografia, 424
fototeca, 427
frequenza, 248
frontespizio, 552
fumetto, 152
galleria d'arte, 250
gazzetta, 374
generazione, 253
giornale, 374
glossario, 255, 256
gouache, 257
grafica, 258, 260
grande formato, 392
guazzo, 257
guida, 236
hardware, 268
icona, 276, 277, 278
iconografia, 279
iconologia, 280
illustrazione, 284, 425
immagine, 285, 425
impaginazione, 319
impegno di spesa, 32
impressione, 288, 289, 447
in-folio, 243
incapsulamento, 212
incisione, 214
  incisione all'acquaforte, 219
incollare, 550
indice, 292, 543
indice per materie, 537
indice per soggetti, 537
indorsatura, 63
industrial design, 294
inedito, 563
informatica, 297
information retrieval, 296
informazione, 295
ingrandimento, 215
interdisciplinare, 300
International Standard Book Number, 304
International Standard Serial Number, 305
intestazione per soggetto, 536
istituzione, 299
istruzione all'utenza, 328
laminatura, 315
legatore, 71
legatrice, 71
legatura, 72, 73
legatura artistica, 238
lettore ottico-stampante, 464
libraio, 85
libraio antiquario, 26
libreria, 86
libretto, 83
libri fragili, 92
libri friabrili, 92
libro, 77
libro a fogli mobili, 342
libro con copertina rigida, 267
libro d'artista, 49
libro di lusso, 142
libro illustrato, 283, 426
libro in brossura, 401
libro in folio, 243
libro oggetto, 89
libro raro, 462
libro rilegato, 267
liceo artistico, 45
linoleografia, 334
litografia, 337, 338
little magazine, 339
macchie di ruggine, 247
macchina fotografica, 99
magazzini, 139
magazzini librari, 524
mail art, 345
manifesto, 93, 439
manoscritto, 348
manoscritto miniato, 282
manuale, 264
manufatto, 46
marca tipografica, 151
marmorizzare, 349
materiale effimero, 217
materiale in visione, 33
materiale non librario, 377
mensile, 365
mercante, 188
mezzatinta, 262
mezzatinta, 357
mezzi di comunicazione, 354
mezzo, 355
mezzotinto, 357
microcard, 358
microfiche, 359
microfilm, 360
microfilmatura di conservazione, 444
microformati, 361
microscheda, 358
miniatura, 362
moda, 229
monografia, 363
montatura, 367
montatura per diapositive, 514
mostra, 224
mostra annuale, 25
mostra itinerante, 557
multipli, 368
museo, 369
nastro magnetico, 344
negativo, 371
nota tipografica, 290
notiziario, 373
numero, 308, 378, 404
numero arretrato, 62
numero di classificazione, 131
numero internazionale normalizzato di pubblicazioni in serie, 305
numero internazionale normalizzato di libri, 304
oggetti, 466
oggetto, 379
oggetto d'arte, 380
olografia, 274
operare una cernita, 577
opuscolo, 83, 94, 398
ordine globale, 74
ordine permanente, 527
originale, 351, 388
ornamento, 389
outsider art, 391
pagina, 395
paginazione, 396
paleografia, 397
pamphlet, 398
parola chiave, 314
parte, 404
passe-partout, 353
patrimonio, 558
pellicola, 234
pellicola al nitrato di cellulosa, 116
pellicola all'acetato di cellulosa, 8
pergamena, 403, 565
periodico, 411
permanente, 413
piatti, 76
pinacoteca, 250
planetario, 171
politica d'acquisizione, 147
portfolio, 435
posta elettronica, 204
poster, 439
prefazione, 442
preprint, 441
prestito interbibliotecario, 303
prodotto artigianale, 175
produzione artigianale, 175
proemio, 442
professore, 4
professoressa, 4
programma di conservazione a lungo termine, 416
programma di restauro a fasi, 415
programme di prestito d'opere d'arte, 42
proprietà letteraria e artistica, 172
prova, 456
prova d'artista, 50
provenienza, 457
pubblicare, 309
pubblicazione periodica, 504
pubblicità, 14
puntare a colla, 550
quaderno, 404, 501
quadro, 102, 425
raccoglitore ad anelli, 494
rapporto, 479
recensione, 490
recto, 471
recupero d'informazione, 296, 487
redattore, 207
redattrice, 207
registrazione elettronica di immagini, 287
relazione, 400, 479
rendiconto, 479
repertorio, 194
reprografia, 483
responsabile delle risorse visive, 573
restauratore, 165, 486
restauratrice, 165, 486
restauro, 485
rete, 372
reversibile, 489
ricerca bibliografica, 336
ricerca d'immagini, 430
ricercatore, 4
ricercatrice, 4
richiamo, 178
riferimento, 472
rilegare, 467
rilegatore, 71
rilegatrice, 71
rilegatura, 72, 73
rilegatura a colla, 13, 409
rilegatura a spirale, 523
rilegatura artistica, 238
rinvio, 178
riorganizzazione, 477
riparazione, 478
riporre sugli scaffali, 507
riprodurre, 481
riproduzione, 482
riprografia, 483
risorse, 484
ristampa, 480
ritaglio, 445
ritaglio di giornale, 445
ritratto, 436
rivista, 312, 343, 411
rivista di critica, 491
rivista mensile, 365
rubrica, 495
sala di lettura, 465
scaffalatura compatta, 159
scaffali, 508
scambio, 223
scarico, 186
scatola a forma di libro, 519
scatolo protettivo, 414
scelta, 502
scheda principale, 346
schedario, 233
scuola, 498
scuola di biblioteconomia, 329
selezione, 502
semestrale, 65
sensibile alla luce, 331
serie, 505
serie monografica, 364
serigrafia, 509
settimanale, 578
sezione materiale minore, 567
silografia, 585
sistema di circolazione, 126
sistema in linea, 384
smaltare, 211
software, 518
sollecito, 129
sommario, 3, 543
sopraccoperta, 79
sottotitolo, 540
spazio alternativo, 21
stampa, 447
stampa fotografica, 448
stampa in rilievo, 476
stampa offset, 383
stampa tipografica, 324
stampante, 450
stampare, 309
stampato, 265
stampatura, 451
stamperia privata, 452
stampino, 528
stencil, 528
stile, 533
stile aziendale, 275
stima, 29
storia, 271
storia dell'arte, 41
studio, 532
supplemento, 541
tabulato, 265
tagliare, 177
tavola, 432
tavolo luminoso, 332
tela, 101
tela rigida, 95
telefacsimile, 231
telefax, 231
terminale, 547
termine, 216
tesi, 549
tesi di laurea, 549
testo, 548
timbro di proprietà, 393
tipografia, 561
tipografia privata, 452
tiratura, 451
titolo, 551
tomo, 574
traduttore, 555
trattamento di massa, 350
trimestrale, 460
utente, 564
utente che prende in prestito, 90
valutazione, 29, 30
verso, 566
video art, 568
videodisco, 570
videonastro, 571
vignetta, 107
visore per diapositive, 515
vizio inerente, 298
voga, 229
volantino, 93, 242
volume, 574
volume commemorativo, 232
Xerografia, 210
xilografia, 585


absorción, 2
academia, 6
academia de bellas artes, 45
académica, 4, 5
académico, 4, 5
acceso, 7
actas, 454
acuarela, 575
adhesivo, 12
adquisición, 10
aerografía, 16
agotada, 390
agotado, 390
agua fuerte, 219
aguada, 575
aguatinta, 34
aguazo, 257
álbum, 17
álbum de esbozos, 510
álbum de recortes, 499
almacén, 524
ampliación, 215
anotación, 22
anticuaria, 26
anticuario, 26
antigüedad(es), 27
anuario, 24, 586
anuncio, 14, 23
aparato para ver diapositivas, 515
apropiación, 31
archivero, 38
archivo, 233
archivo de recortes, 182
archivo fotográfico, 427
archivos, 37, 470
arqueología, 35
arquitectura, 36
arte, 39
arte de vídeo, 568
arte del cine, 125
arte del libro, 78
arte folklórico, 244
arte fuereño, 391
arte naif, 370
arte popular, 244, 433
arte por correo, 345
arte publicitario, 157
artefacto, 46
artes aplicadas, 28
artes decorativas, 28, 189
artes gráficas, 258
artes interpretativas, 410
artes plásticas, 431
artista, 47, 48
asiento, 216
asiento principal, 346
asignación, 32
atribución, 53
audiovisual, 55
automatización, 59, 162
autor, 57
autora, 57
avalúo, 29, 30
aviso, 14, 23
banca de imágenes, 286
banco de datos, 185
banda magnética, 344
bandeja para diapositivas, 104
base de datos, 185
bellas artes, 237
bianual, 68, 69
bibliógrafa, 66
bibliografía, 67
bibliografía especializada, 534
bibliografía retrospectiva, 488
bibliografía temática, 534
bibliógrafo, 66
bibliología, 326
biblioteca, 327
biblioteca de acceso restringido, 139
biblioteca de consulta, 473
biblioteca de préstamo, 323
biblioteca especializada, 521
bibliotecaria, 325
bibliotecario, 325
bibliotecario especializado, 538
biblioteconomía, 326
bienal, 68, 69
bimensual, 70
boceto, 106
boletín, 96
boletín de información, 373
boletín informativo, 373
bolsa de disco, 18
búsqueda bibliográfica, 336
caja, 414
caja en forma de libro, 519
caja luminosa, 330
caja para iluminar diapositivas, 330
caligrafía, 98
cámara, 99
cambio, 223
camisa, 511
camisa de disco, 18
camisa de libro, 79
canon, 100
capítulo, 119
caricatura, 103, 107
carpeta de argollas, 494
carpeta para documentos, 434, 435
cartapacio, 434, 435
cartel, 439
casa de edición particular, 452
casa editora, 458
cassette, 110
catalogador, 114
catalogadora, 114
catalogar, 111, 112
catálogo, 236
catálogo centralizado, 562
catálogo clasificado, 133
catálogo colectivo, 562
catálogo comercial, 553
catálogo de authoridades, 58
catálogo de exposición, 225
catálogo de las obras, 381
catálogo de ventas, 497
catálogo por materias, 535
catálogo razonado, 113
censura, 117
centro de documentación, 134
centro de referencia, 134
cerámica, 118
cianotipo, 75
cine, 124
cinta de vídeo, 571
cita, 127, 128
clasificación, 132
clasificador vertical, 567
colación, 145
colacionar, 144
colección, 146, 272, 273, 505
colección de recortes, 182
colección especial, 520
colección permanente, 412
collage, 143
colocar en estantería, 507
colofón, 150
colotipía, 149
comerciante, 188
compilador, 160
compiladora, 160
computadora, 161
computarización, 162
comunicación, 400
comunicación visual, 572
conservación, 164, 443
conservacíon en fase, 416
conservador, 165, 179
conservadora, 165, 179
consultor, 166
consultora, 166
contemporánea, 167
contemporáneo, 167
continuación, 169
copia, 448, 481, 482
copia a máquina, 560
copia cianográfica, 75
copia en papel, 265, 448
copia maestra, 351
copyright, 172
corpus, 174
correo electrónico, 204
cosas efímeras, 217
crítica, 176
cromolitografía, 122
cronología, 123
cuaderno, 404
cuadro, 425
cubículo, 105
cubierta rígida, 109
cuerpo, 174
curriculum vitae, 180
datos, 184
de ocasión, 500
de segunda mano, 500
de tamaño excepcional, 392
deacidificar, 187
decoración de interiores, 302
decoración teatral, 525
defectos inherentes, 298
depósito legal, 322
derechos de autor, 172
diapositecaria, 573
diapositecario, 573
diapositiva, 317, 512
diario, 312, 374
dibujo, 200
dibujo animado, 108
dibujo humorístico, 107
dibujo técnico, 545
diccionario, 193
diccionario geografico, 252
director artístico, 40
directora artística, 40
directorio, 194
disco, 195, 468
disco compacto, 158
disco duro, 266
disco flexible, 196
disco óptico, 387, 570
diseño, 191
diseño gráfico, 259
diseño industrial, 294
disertación, 197
disponible, 291
documentación, 199
documento, 198
duplicado, 201
duradero, 413
edición, 205v
edición de lujo, 206
edición limitada, 333
edición revisada, 492
editor, 207
editor, 458
editora, 207
editorial, 458
ejemplar, 170
ejemplar desmembrado, 91
en consigna, 33
encabezamiento de materia, 536
encapsulación, 212
enciclopedia, 213
encolar, 550
encuadernación, 72, 73, 409
encuadernación adhesiva, 13
encuadernación de lujo, 238
encuadernación en espiral, 523
encuadernación en poste, 437
encuadernación encolando los pliegos a la pasta, 409
encuadernador, 71
encuadernadora, 71
encuadre, 177
ensamblaje, 51
entrada, 216
escuela, 498
escuela de arte, 45
escuela de bellas artes, 45
escuela de bibliotecarios, 329
esmaltar, 211
espacio alternativo, 21
establecimiento, 299
estampa, 447
estantería, 508
estanterías compactas, 159
estética, 15
estilo, 533
estilo de la casa, 275
estilo propio de una empresa, 275
estuche, 516
estudio, 532
étnica, 220, 221
étnico, 220, 221
ex libris, 84
exhibición anual, 25
experto en arte, 163
exposición, 224
exposición itinerante, 557
expurgar, 577
extracto, 3
facsímil, 227
fascículo, 228, 404
fichero, 233
figurín, 230
filme, 234
folio, 243
folleto, 83, 93, 94, 398
fondo de libros, 88
formato, 246, 319
formato apaisado, 316
fotocopia, 419
fotocopiadora, 418
fotocopiar, 420
fotograbado, 423
fotografía, 422
fotograma, 529
fotolitografía, 424
fototeca, 427
fototipía, 149
frecuencia, 248
  frontispicio, 249
fuentes originales, 446
galería, 250
generación, 253
gestion de libros, 148
glosario, 255, 256
gouache, 257
grabado, 214, 447
grabado al agua fuerte, 219
grabado de moda, 230
grabado en linoleo, 334
gráfica, 260
gráfico, 260
guarda, 261
hacer salir, 309
hardware, 268
heráldica, 269
historia, 271
historia del arte, 41
hoja, 320, 506
hoja volante, 93, 242
holografía, 274
icono, 276, 277, 278
iconografía, 279
iconología, 280
illustración, 284
iluminación, 282
ilustración, 425
imágen, 285, 425
imaginario, 287
imprenta de lujo, 239
imprenta privada, 452
impresión, 288, 289, 451
impresión en relieve, 476
impresión tipográfica, 324
impreso, 447
impresora, 450
in-folio, 243
inauguración privada, 453
indexación, 293
índice, 292
índice de materias, 537
índice general, 543
inédito, 563
información, 295
informática, 297
informe, 479
institución, 299
instrucción bibliográfica, 328
interdisciplinario, 300
investigación bibliográfica, 336
investigación visual, 430
investigador, 4
investigadora, 4
jaspeado, 349
lámina, 432
laminado, 315
lector con derecho a préstamo, 90
lector-impresor, 464
lector-reproductor, 464
libre acceso, 386
librera, 85
librería, 86
librero, 85
librero anticuario, 26
libro, 77
libro con cubierta rígida, 267
libro con grabados, 426
libro de artista, 49
libro de bolsillo, 401
libro de dibujos, 510
libro de hojas sueltas, 342
libro de lujo, 142
libro en cartoné, 267
libro ilustrado, 283, 426
libro objeto, 89
libro raro, 462
libros frágiles, 92
lienzo, 102
listado, 236
litografía, 337, 338
lomo, 522
mail art, 345
manchas rojizas de humedad, 247
manual, 264
manuscrito, 348
máquina, 99
marca de agua, 576
marco para diapositivas, 514
media tinta, 262, 357
medio, 355
medios, 354
mención de responsabilidad de la edición, 290
mesa luminosa, 332
micro tarjeta, 358
microficha, 359
microfilm, 360
microforma, 361
micropelícula de conservacíon, 444
miniatura, 362
moda, 229
monografía, 363
montura, 367
montura para diapositivas, 514
muestrario, 408
múltiples, 368
museo, 369
negativo, 371
negativo maestro, 352
no-libros, 377
número, 308
número, 378, 404
número atrasado, 62
número internacional normalizado para libros, 304
número internacional normalizado para publicaciones seriadas o revistas, 305
objeto, 379
objeto de arte, 380
objetos, 466
objetos decorativos, 389
offset, 383
oficio, 175
opúsculo, 83, 398
ordenador, 161
original, 388
ornamento, 389
outsider art, 391
página, 395
página de título, 552
paginación, 396
paje, 402
palabra clave, 314
paleografía, 397
panfleto, 398
papel, 399
papel alcalino, 19
papel cristal, 254
papel cuché, 140
papel de arroz, 493
papel de China, 493
papel de pasta, 406
papel de tela, 461
papel estucado, 140
papel exento de ácido, 9
papel japón, 311
papel para diarios, 375
papel prensa, 375
papel sin ácido, 9
parte, 404
paspartu, 353
patrimonio, 558
pedido global, 74
pegar, 550
película, 234
película de acetato, 8
película de celulosa, 116
pergamino, 403, 565
periódico, 312, 374
periódico semanal, 578
permanente, 413
pestaña, 270
petición permanente, 527
pie de imprenta, 290
pintura, 425
plancha, 432
plantilla, 528
plástica, 431
ponencia, 400
portada, 552
portafolios, 434, 435
postal, 429
poster, 439
preestreno, 453
prefacio, 442
préstamo de obras de arte, 42
préstamo interbibliotecario, 303
procedencia, 457
Procedimiento electroestático, 210
proemio, 442
profesor, 4
profesora, 4
prólogo, 442
propriedad literaria, 172
prospecto comercial, 94
prueba, 456
prueba de artista, 50
prueba de imprenta, 441
publicación electrónica, 209
publicación en rústica, 401
publicación en serie, 504
publicación periódica, 411, 504
publicidad, 14
re-encuadernación, 467
reclamación, 129
recopilador, 160
recopiladora, 160
recorte, 445
recorte de prensa, 445
recto, 471
recuperación de información, 296, 487
recursos, 484
red, 372
redactor artístico, 40
redactora artística, 40
referencia, 178
referencia bibliográfica, 472
referencia cruzada, 178
reformatear, 474
refuerzo, 63, 64
registro de direcciones, 194
registro suspendido, 567
reimpresión, 480
reorganización, 477
reproducción, 481, 482
reprografía, 483
reseña, 490
reserva, 524
restauración, 478, 485
restauración en fase, 415
restaurador, 486
restauradora, 486
resumen, 3
retiro, 186
retrato, 436
reversible, 489
revista, 343, 411, 491
revista humorística, 153
revista mensual, 365
revista pequeña, 339
revistita, 339
rozadura, 1
rubricada, 495
rubricado, 495
sala de lectura, 465
salas de reserva, 139
sección, 120, 501
selección, 502
selección de libros, 147
semanario, 578
semianual, 65
sensible a la luz, 331
señal de propriedad, 393
separata, 382
serie, 505
serie monográfica, 364
serigrafía, 509
sigla del tipografo, 151
signatura sistemática, 131
similigrabado, 262
sistema de préstamo, 126
sistema directo, 384
sobrecubierta, 79, 511
software, 518
soporte para cámara de fotos, 171
subtítulo, 540
sumario, 543
super ilustrado, 226
suplemento, 541
suscripcion, 539
tabla de materias, 543
taller, 532
tapas, 76
tarjeta postal, 438
tarjeta postal ilustrada, 429
tebeo, 153
tela, 101
tela ahulada, 95
telefacsimil, 231
terminal, 547
tesis, 549
tesoro, 558
texto, 548
tipografía, 561
tira comica, 153
tirada, 451
tirada aparte, 382
título, 551
traductor, 555
traductora, 555
tratamiento masivo, 350
tratante, 188
trimestral, 460
usuaria, 564
vanguardia, 60
verso, 566
vídeodisco, 570
vitela, 565
volúmen, 574
volúmen conmemorativo, 232
Xerografia, 210
xilografia, 585


abonnemang, 539
addressbok, 194
addressförteckning, 194
adhesiv, 12
adresskalender, 194
affisch, 439
ägarestämpel, 393
airbrush, 16
akademi, 6
akademiker, 4
akademisk, 5
akvarell, 575
akvatint, 34
album, 17
alkaliskt papper, 19
alternativ rörelse, 21
ämnesbibliografi, 534
ämneskatalog, 133, 535
ämnesord, 536
ämnesregister, 537
annons, 14
annotation, 22
anslag, 32
anteckning, 22
antik, 27
antikvariatsbokhandlare, 26
antikvarie, 179
antikvarisk, 500
antikviteter, 27
användare, 564
appropriering, 31
ark, 506
arkeologi, 35
arkitektur, 36
arkiv, 37, 470
arkivarie, 38
årligt återkommande utställning, 25
årsbok, 24, 586
art director, 40
artefakt, 46
artist, 48
artoteksverksamhet, 42
assemblage, 51
ateljé, 532
återsökning, 487
attribution, 53
audio-visuella media, 377
audiovisuell, 55
auktoritetsfil, 58
auktoritetslista, 58
automatisering, 59
autotypi, 262
avantgarde, 60
avdelning, 120
avhandling, 197, 549
avlägsna, 186
avlägsna syra, 187
avräkningscentral, 134
avskavning, 1
avskrift, 482
avsnitt, 404
avtryck, 288
backing, 63, 64
baksida, 566
band, 574
begagnad, 500
begränsad upplaga, 333
behandlat papper, 140
belagt papper, 140
beskära, 177
beskrivande förteckning, 113
bestånd, 272
beståndsutveckling, 147
bevarande, 443
bevarande i flera steg, 416
bibliofilutgåva, 239
bibliograf, 66
bibliografi, 67
bibliografisk referens, 472
bibliotek, 327
bibliotekarie, 325
bibliotekshögskola, 329
bibliotekskunskap, 328
biblioteksvetenskap, 326
biennal, 68
bilaga, 541
bild, 285, 425
bildarkiv, 427
bildbank, 286
bilderbok, 426
bildforskning, 430
bildhuggarkonst, 431
bildöverföring, 287
bindemedel, 12
bio, 124
blad, 320
blåkopia, 75
blåtryck, 75
böcker på påseende, 33
bok, 77
bok med hårda pärmar, 267
bokband, 72, 73
bokbestånd, 88
bokbindare, 71
bokbindning, 72
bokhämtare, 402
bokhandel, 86
bokhandlare, 85
bokhylla, 508
bokillumination, 282
bokkasett, 109
bokkassett, 516
bokkonst, 78
bokmåleri, 282
bokrygg, 522
boktryck, 324
boktryckarkonst, 451
brevkort, 438
broschyr, 83, 94Indic
brukare, 564
brukskonst, 28
buffrat papper, 19
bulletin, 96
bunden bok, 267
byte, 223
catalogue raisonné, 113
CD-skiva, 158
cellulosaacetatfilm, 8
cellulosanitratfilm, 116
censur, 117
citat, 128
clearing-house, 134
clearingcentral, 134
collage, 143
copyright, 172
curriculum vitae, 180
data, 184
databas, 185
datamaskin, 161
dator, 161
datorisering, 162
dekorativ konst, 189
design, 191
diabild, 317, 512
diamagasin, 104
diapositiv, 512
diaprojektor, 515
diaram, 514
diatekbibliotekarie, 573
disk, 195
diskett, 196
dissertation, 197, 549
dokument, 198
dokumentask, 519
dokumentation, 199
dossier, 233
dubblera, 63
dubblering, 64
duk, 101
duplett, 201
duplicera, 481
duplikat, 201
e-post, 204
efemära, 217
ej förlagd, 563
elektronisk post, 204
elektronisk publicering, 209
emaljera, 211
encyklopedi, 213
estetik, 15
etappkonservering, 415
etniskt, 220
etsning, 219
ettbladstryck, 93
exemplar, 170
exlibris, 84
expertis, 163
extraillustrerad, 226
fackbibliografi, 534
fackbibliotek, 521
fackbibliotekarie, 538
faksimil, 227
färglitografi, 122
fascikel, 228
fast samling, 412
fax, 231
festskrift, 232
film, 125, 234
filmbild, 529
filmkonst, 125
finaste pergament, 565
fjärrlån, 303
floppy disk, 196
flygblad, 242
folio, 243
folioformat, 243
följd, 505
folkkonst, 221, 244
folklore, 221, 244
föredrag, 400
företagsprofil, 275
företal, 442
författare, 57
förhandlingar, 454
förläggare, 458
format, 246
formgivning, 191, 260
förord, 442
försäljare, 188
försäljningskatalog, 497
förstoring, 215
fortsättning, 169
förvärv, 10
förvärvsplan, 147
fotoarkiv, 427
fotografering, 422
fotografi, 422
fotogravyr, 423
fotokopia, 419
fotokopiera, 420
fotokopiering, 210
fotokopieringsapparat, 418
fotolitografi, 424
foxing, 247
framsida, 471
frontespis, 249
fuktfläck, 247
galleri, 250
gallra, 577
generation, 253
geografisk ordbok, 252
gouache, 257
grafik, 258, 447
grafisk, 259
grafisk datasymbol, 278
grafisk form, 259
grafisk formgivning, 319
grafisk framställning, 260
grafisk konst, 258
grafisk profil, 275
gravyr, 214
guard, 261
guide, 236
häfte, 404
halvårstidskrift, 65
halvårsvis utgivning, 65
halvton, 262
handbok, 264
handelskatalog, 553
handlande, 188
handlare, 188
handskrift, 348
hänge, 270
hängmappsystem, 567
hantverk, 175
hantverksproduktion, 175
hårddisk, 266
hårdvara, 268
heminredning, 302
heraldik, 269
historia, 271
höger sida i uppslagen bok, 471
holografi, 274
huvuduppslag, 346
i tryck, 291
ikon, 276, 278
ikonografi, 279
ikonologi, 280
illumination, 282
illustration, 284, 425
illustrerad bok, 283
impressum, 290
inbjudningskort till förhandsvisning, 453
inbyggt fel, 298
index, 292
indexering, 293
industridesign, 294
industriell design, 294
information, 295
informationsåtervinning, 296
informationsblad, 373
informationssökning, 296
informationsteknik, 297
inkapsling, 212
inklistra, 550
inledning, 442
innehållsförteckning, 543
institut, 299
institution, 299
intendent, 179
internationella standardboknumret, 304
internationella standardserienumret, 305
interurbanlån, 303
japanpapper, 311
japanpapper, 493
kalligrafi, 98
kamera, 99
kanon, 100
kapitel, 119
kapsel i form av en bok, 519
kapsling, 212
karikatyr, 103, 107
karikatyrteckning, 107
kartong, 76, 106
karussellmagasin, 104
kassett, 110, 516
katalog, 111, 112
katalogisatör, 114
katalogpost, 216
keramik, 118
klassifikation, 132
klassifikationsnummer, 131
klippalbum, 499
klipparkiv, 182
klippbok, 499
klippsamling, 182
klistra in, 550
kollation, 145
kollationera, 144
kollationering, 145
kollotypi, 149
kolofon, 151
kompakt skiva, 158
  kompakthylla, 159
kompaktus, 159
kompilator, 160
konferenstryck, 454
konservator, 165, 486
konservering, 164
konst, 39
konstakademi, 45
konstband, 238
konstföremål, 380
konstgalleri, 250
konsthistoria, 41
konstindustri, 28
konstnär, 47
konstnärlig ledare, 40
konstnärsbok, 49
konstnärsprovtryck, 50
konstobjekt, 380
konstskola, 45
konsttryck papper, 140
konstverk i form av en bok, 89
konsult, 166
konvertera, 474
kopia, 448, 482
kopiera, 481
kopieringsställ, 171
korpus, 174
korrektur, 456
korshänvisning, 178
kritik, 176
kronologi, 123
kulturarv, 558
kvartalstidskrift, 460
lagning, 478
laminering, 315
lånebibliotek, 323
låntagare, 90
laserskiva, 570
läsessal, 465
lathund, 236
layout, 319
leveransklar, 291
levnadsbeskrivning, 180
limbindning, 409
limmat bokband, 13
linneklot, 95
linoleumsnitt, 334
linoleumtryck, 334
litografera, 338
litografi, 337, 338
litteratursökning, 336
little magazine, 339
ljusbord, 332
ljuskänslig, 331
ljustryck, 149
lösbladsbok, 342
lösbladspärm, 437
lumppapper, 461
lyxutgåva, 206, 239
magasin, 343, 524
magasinsplanering, 148
magnetband, 344
magnettape, 344
mail art, 345
målning, 102, 425
månadsskrift, 365
månadstidning, 365
manuskript, 348
mapp, 434, 435
marmorering, 349
maskinskrivet exemplar, 560
maskinskrivet manuskript, 560
massbehandling, 350
masskonst, 433
masternegativ, 352
meddelandeblad, 373
meddelanden, 295
media, 355
medium, 354
mezzotint, 357
mikrofiche, 359
mikrofilm, 360
mikrofilmning för bevarandeändamål, 444
mikroform, 361
mikrokort, 358
miniatyr, 362
mjukvara, 518
mode, 229
modeplansch, 230
mögelfläck, 247
monografi, 363
monografisk serie, 364
mönsterbok, 408
monteringskartong, 367
monteringspapper, 406
multipler, 368
museum, 369
naiv konst, 370
naivism, 370
nätverk, 372
negativ, 371
norm, 100
nummer, 308, 378, 404
nyckelord, 314
nyhetsbrev, 373
nytryck, 480
oeuvre-catalogue, 381
oeuvreförtecking, 381
oeuvreförteckning, 113
offsettryck, 383
ombindning, 467
omorganisation, 477
omslag, 109, 511
ömtåliga böcker, 92
on-line system, 384
öppna magasin, 386
optisk skiva, 387
opublicerad, 563
ordbok, 193, 255
ordlista, 255
original, 351, 388
originalkällor, 446
ornament, 389
outsider konst, 391
över medelstorlek, 392
överdimensionerad, 392
överdraget papper, 140
översättare, 555
paginering, 396
paleografi, 397
papper, 399
pärmpapp, 76
passepartout, 353
pergament, 403
pergamynpapper, 254
periodicitet, 248
periodisk publikation, 504
permanent, 413
permanent samling, 412
plansch, 432
plastik, 431
pliktleverans, 322
pocketbok, 401
polyglottlexikon, 256
populärkonst, 433
portabelt ljusbord, 330
portfölj, 434, 435
porträtt, 436
post, 216
prenumeration, 539
presentbok, 142
pressklipp, 445
privatförlag, 452
privatpress, 452
protokoll, 479
provavdrag, 50
proveniens, 457
provtryck, 441, 456
publicera, 309
publikation med utgivning vartannat år, 69
rapport, 479
rar bok, 462
rastertryck, 262
reader-printer, 464
realia, 466
recension, 490
recensionstidskrift, 491
recto, 471
redaktör, 207
redogörelse, 479
referens, 127, 472
referensbibliotek, 473
register, 292
reklam, 14
reklamation, 129
reklamblad, 242
reklamkonst, 157
relieftryck, 476
reparation, 478
reproduktion, 482
reprografiering, 483
restaurator, 486
restaurering, 485
resumé, 3
resurs, 484
retrospektiv bibliografi, 488
reversibel, 489
reviderad upplaga, 492
ringpärm, 342, 494
rispapper, 493
rubrik, 495
rygg, 522
sak, 379
sällsynt bok, 462
samkatalog, 562
samlad produktion, 174
samling, 146
samlingspärm, 233
samlingsvård, 148
samlingsverk, 174
sammandrag, 3
samtida, 167
särtryck, 382
scendekor, 525
scendesign, 525
scenkonst, 410
sektion, 228
serie, 504, 505
seriebok, 153
serigrafi, 509
sida, 395
skämttidning, 153
skatter, 558
skiss, 106
skissbok, 510
skiva, 195, 468
skivfodral, 18
skola, 498
sköna konster, 237
skönskrift, 98
skrift med röda bokstäver, 495
skrivare, 450
skulptur, 431
skyddsomslag, 79
slaktexemplar, 91
slutna magasin, 139
specialbibliografi, 534
specialbibliotek, 521
specialbibliotekarie, 538
specialkunskap, 163
specialsamling, 273, 520
specialtidskrift, 339
spiralband, 523
stående beställning, 527
stående order, 74, 527
ställa upp böcker, 507
stencil, 528
stil, 533
stillbild, 529
stöd, 64
stödja, 63
studierum, 105
studievrå, 105
studio, 532
styv kanfas, 95
subskribtion, 539
supplement, 541
symbol, 277
syrafritt papper, 9
systematisk katalog, 133
ta bort, 186
tavla, 102
tecknad film, 108
tecknad serie, 153
teckning, 200
teknisk ritning, 545
tekniskt tvärsnitt, 545
telefax, 231
terminal, 547
text, 548
tidigare häfte, 62
tidigare nummer, 62
tidning, 374
tidningspapper, 375
tidskrift, 312, 343, 411
till påseende, 33
tillägg, 541
tillfällighetskapsel, 414
tillgång, 484
tillkännagivande, 23
tillträde, 7
titel, 551
titelblad, 249, 552
titelsida, 552
tryck, 447, 448
tryckår och förläggarens namn, 290
tryckning, 289, 451
tryckort, 290
tryckt kopia, 265
två gånger i månaden, 70
tvärformat, 316
tvärvetenskaplig, 300
typografi, 561
undertitel, 540
upphängare, 270
upplaga, 205
upplysningar, 295
uppslagsbok, 213
uppslagsverk, 213
uppsugningsförmåga, 2
urklipp, 445
urkund, 470
ursprung, 457
urval, 502
urvalstext, 502
utgången på förlaget, 390
utgåva, 205
utge, 309
utkast, 106
utlåningssystem, 126
utövande konst, 410
utställning, 224
utställningskatalog, 225
vandringsutställing, 557
vänster sida i uppslagen bok, 566
varannan vecka, 70
värdering, 29, 30
vattenstämpel, 576
veckotidning, 578
veläng, 565
verkskatalog, 381
vernissagekort, 453
verso, 566
videoband, 571
videokonst, 568
videoskiva, 570
vikt ark, 501
visuell kommunikation, 572
volym, 574
vykort, 429
vykortskonst, 345
xerox, 210
xylografi, 585


archeology, 35
archives, 37
art lending program, 42
artifact, 46
broadside, 93
call number, 131
catalog, 111, 112
cataloger, 114
classified catalog, 133
clipping, 445
clipping file, 182
  color lithography, 122
computerization, 162
depository library, 322
encyclopedia, 213
esthetics, 15
flier, 242
paleography, 397
reorganization, 477
serial, 343
watercolor, 575

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