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Asia and Oceania Section

Strategic Plan


To initiate, promote and facilitate the development of library / information services and library and information professionals within the region


1. To provide opportunities for regionally-based education and training through partnership in library and information management skills, with emphasis on information literacy and the Digital Environment
(Pillars: Profession, Members, Society)

(Professional priorities: (c) Promoting literacy and reading; (h) Developing library professionals; (k) Representing libraries in the technological market place)

1.1 To select up to 4 candidates annually and identify partnership institutions for up to one month's in-service training in collaboration with the Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP)

1.2 To select up to 4 candidates annually for information literacy training in New Zealand in collaboration with ALP

1.3 To support 2-3 projects which are aimed at developing information literacy activities and programmes including the use of ICT or distance education to facilitate or support them

1.4 To organize a minimum of 2 workshops / seminars to develop professional expertise in information literacy or digital initiatives for librarians

2. To enable and encourage Asia and Oceania Section (AOS) members to take part in the work of IFLA, and work together with other IFLA Sections and Core Activities to achieve AOS objectives
(Pillars: Profession, Members)

(Professional priorities: (h) Developing library professionals)

2.1 To identify relevant IFLA Sections for potential collaborative activities and to develop joint activities with these sections

2.3 To assign AOS members as liaison persons with relevant Sections

3. To assist in strengthening the effectiveness of library associations or other professional groupings that might contribute to stronger partnership among library associations
(Pillars: Profession, Members)

(Professional priorities: (h) Developing library professionals; (j) Supporting the infrastructure of library associations)

3.1 To facilitate 2 workshops initiated by library associations

3.2 To encourage and facilitate the establishment of library associations in the region

4. To promote high quality library and information management (LIM) standards and guidelines among countries in the region
(Pillars: Profession)

(Professional priorities: (h) Developing library professionals; (i) Promoting standards, guidelines and best practice)

4.1 To heighten awareness of existing LIM standards and guidelines

4.2 To facilitate development of national level LIM standards and guidelines

4.3 To encourage or sponsor the translation of relevant LIM standards and guidelines for countries in the region

4.4 To facilitate a minimum of 1 workshop or seminar on LIM standards and guidelines for digital libraries.

5. To disseminate and communicate information on library and information management relevant to the region
(Pillars: Society, Members, Profession)

(Professional priorities: (a) Supporting the role of libraries in the society; (h) Developing library professionals; (i) Promoting standards, guidelines and best practice)

5.1 To produce the RSAO Newsletter twice per year

5.2 To update the AOS brochure

5.3 To maintain and promote the use of existing RSCAO listserv

5.4 To update the AOS video

5.5 To work with IFLA in improving the communication function of the Section's webpage

5.6. To encourage library associations, library and information science schools, and libraries, with IFLA permission, to translate, abstract / extract, review, announce / publicise IFLA publications, news, articles, etc. in their library journals, newsletters or in local newspapers