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IFLA Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC Core Programme (UBCIM)

UNIMARC Manual : Bibliographic Format 1994

APPENDIX N: Useful Addresses

The following addresses may be useful for obtaining items referred to in the text and other related information.

General Enquiries and ISBD:

IFLA UBCIM Programme
c/o Die Deutsche Bibliothek
Adickesallee 1
60322 Frankfurt am Main

Internet site: http://ifla.org/VI/3/ubcim.htm. This site is based in Canada. There are mirror sites in France (http://ifla.inist.fr/VI/3/ubcim.htm) and Singapore (http://www.ifla.org.sg/VI/3/ubcim.htm).

ISO Standards (but where possible refer to the national member body):

ISO Central Secretariat
1 rue de Varembé
Case Postale 56
1211 Geneva 20

Internet site of ISO catalogue: http://www.iso.ch/infoe/catinfo.html


International ISBN Agency
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preussischer Kulturbesitz
Potsdamer Straße 33
10785 Berlin

ISSN and Key Title:

ISSN International Centre
20 Rue Bachaumont
75002 Paris

Internet site: http://www.issn.org/

Code Lists Originating in the Library of Congress:

Library of Congress
Library Services
Network Development & MARC Standards Office
Washington DC 20540-4102

Internet site for document order information: http://lcweb.loc.gov/cds/marcdoc.html


Chemical Abstracts Service
P.O. Box 3012
Columbus, Ohio 43210


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