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IFLA Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC Core Programme (UBCIM)

UNIMARC Manual : Bibliographic Format 1994

APPENDIX C: Relator Codes


This list of three-digit numeric relator codes is based on earlier lists prepared by Lucia J. Rather, Library of Congress, and Joel Poncet, Bibliothèque nationale, Paris as well as on the list currently in use in USMARC. Codes from this list may be used in subfield $4 of fields in the 7-- INTELLECTUAL RESPONSIBILITY BLOCK. When more than one code is to be used in conjunction with a single name, each code should be carried in a separate subfield $4.

The codes in this list are not mutually exclusive. Institutions making use of such codes should attempt to use the most specific code applicable when one or more would seem to apply. The use of relator codes in UNIMARC is optional.

Code List

Code Relationship

Accompanying material, writer of
USE Writer of accompanying material (770)

005 Actor
Person who principally exhibits acting skills in a musical or dramatic presentation or entertainment.

010 Adapter
Writer who rewrites novels or stories for motion pictures or another audiovisual medium. For one who reworks a musical composition, usually for a different medium, use Arranger (030).

USE Recipient of letters (660)

Advisor to a thesis or dissertation
USE Thesis advisor (727)

020 Annotator
Writer of manuscript annotations in a printed book. For the writer of commentary or explanatory notes about a text, use Commentator for written text (212).

USE Expert (365)

030 Arranger
One who transcribes a musical composition, usually for a different instrument or medium from that of the original; in an arrangement the musical substance remains essentially unchanged.

040 Artist
Painter, sculptor, etc., of a work.

050 Assignee
Person or organization to which a license for printing or publishing has been transferred.

060 Associated name
General relator for a name associated with or found in a book, which cannot be determined to be that of a Former owner (390) or other designated relator indicative of provenance.

065 Auctioneer
Person or corporate body in charge of the estimation and public auctioning of goods, particularly books, artistic works, etc.

070 Author
Person or corporate body chiefly responsible for the creation of the intellectual or artistic content of a work. When more than one person or body jointly bears such responsibility, this code may be used in association with as many headings as is appropriate.

072 Author in quotations or text extracts
Person whose work is largely quoted or extracted in works to which he or she did not contribute directly. Such quotations are found particularly in exhibition catalogues, collections of photographs etc.

075 Author of afterword, postface, colophon, etc.
Use instead of Author of introduction, etc. (080) when the nature of the afterword etc. is completely different from that of the introduction, etc.

080 Author of introduction, etc.
One who is the author of an introduction, preface, foreword, afterword, notes, other critical matter, etc., but who is not the chief author of the work. See also Author of afterword (075).

090 Author of dialogue
The writer of dialogue or spoken commentary for a screenplay or sound recording.

100 Bibliographic antecedent
One who is the author of the work upon which the work reflected in the catalogue record is based in whole or in part. This relator may be appropriate in records for adaptations, indexes, continuations and sequels by different authors, concordances, etc.

110 Binder

120 Binding designer

130 Book designer
Person or corporate body responsible for the entire graphic design of a book, including arrangement of type and illustration, choice of materials, and process to be used.

140 Bookjacket designer

150 Bookplate designer

160 Bookseller

USE Censor (190)

170 Calligrapher

180 Cartographer

190 Censor
Censor, bowdlerizer, expurgator, etc., official or private.

Choral director
USE Conductor (250)

200 Choreographer

205 Collaborator
Use only when a more precise function, represented by another code, cannot be used.

210 Commentator
One who provides interpretation, analysis, or a discussion of the subject matter on a recording, motion picture, or other audiovisual medium.

212 Commentator for written text
One who writes commentary or explanatory notes about a text. For the writer of manuscript annotations in a printed book, use Annotator (020).

220 Compiler
One who produces a collection by selecting and putting together matter from works of various persons or bodies. Also, one who selects and puts together in one publication matter from the works of one person or body.

230 Composer
One who creates a musical work, usually a piece of music in manuscript or printed form.

240 Compositor

Computer graphics designer
USE Graphic technician (410) and/or Illustrator (440)

245 Conceptor
Person or corporate body responsible for the original idea on which a work is based. This includes the scientific author of an audio-visual item and the conceptor of an advertisement.

250 Conductor
Person directing the group performing a musical work. Also, a choral director.

255 Consultant to a project
Professional person or organisation engaged specifically to provide an intellectual overview of a strategic or operational task and - by analysis, specification or instruction - to create or propose a cost-effective course of action or solution.

USE Monitor/Contractor (540)

260 Copyright holder

270 Corrector
Scriptorium official who corrected the work of a scribe. For printed matter use proof-reader (640).

273 Curator of an exhibition
Person who is responsible for conceiving and organizing an exhibition.

USE Forger (380)

275 Dancer
Person who principally exhibits dancing skills in a musical or dramatic presentation or entertainment.

280 Dedicatee
Person or organization to whom a book or manuscript is dedicated (not the recipient of a gift). The dedication may be formal (appearing in the document) or informal (copy-specific). In the latter case the field containing the 280 code will have a subfield $5 for the institution holding the copy.

290 Dedicator
The author of a dedication. The dedication may be a formal statement or it may be in epistolary or verse form.

295 Degree-grantor
The body granting the degree for which the thesis or dissertation included in the item was presented.

Designer of binding
USE Binding designer (120)

Designer of book
USE Book designer (130)

Designer of bookjacket
USE Bookjacket designer (140)

Designer of bookplate
USE Bookplate designer (150)

Designer of type
USE Type designer (740)

300 Director
Person responsible for the general management of the work or who supervised the production of the performance for stage, screen, or sound recording.

305 Dissertant
Person who presents a thesis for a university or higher-level educational degree.

310 Distributor
Agent or agency that has exclusive or shared marketing rights for an item.

320 Donor
Donor of book to present owner. Donor to previous owner is designated as Former owner (390).

330 Dubious author
One to whom the authorship of a work has been dubiously or incorrectly ascribed.

340 Editor
One who prepares for publication a work not his own. The editorial work may be either technical or intellectual.

Editor of series
USE Publishing director (651)

USE Publishing director (651)

350 Engraver

360 Etcher

365 Expert
Person in charge of the description and appraisal of the value of goods, particularly rare items, works of art, etc.

USE Censor (190)

370 Film editor

380 Forger

390 Former owner
Person or organization owning an item at any time in the past. Includes a person or organization to whom the item was once presented as named in a statement inscribed by another person or organization. Person or body giving the item to present owner is designated as Donor (320).

400 Funder
Person or agency that furnished financial support for the production of the work. For the person or agency that issued the contract for the production use Sponsor (723).

410 Graphic technician
Person responsible for the realization of the design in a medium from which an image (printed, displayed etc.) may be produced. If person who conceives the design (i.e. Illustrator (440)) also realizes it, codes for both functions may be used as needed.

420 Honoree
Person in memory or honour of whom a book is donated.

430 Illuminator

440 Illustrator
Person who conceives a design or illustration.

USE Licensor (500)

450 Inscriber
Person who signs a presentation statement.

460 Interviewee

470 Interviewer

USE Originator (560)

Joint author
USE Author (070)

480 Librettist
Writer of the text of an opera, oratorio, etc.

490 Licensee
Original recipient of right to print or publish.

500 Licensor
Signer of license, imprimatur, etc.

Literary editor
USE Publishing director (651)

510 Lithographer
Person who prepares the stone or grained plate for lithographic printing, including a graphic artist creating an original design while working directly on the surface from which printing will be done.

520 Lyricist
Writer of the text of a song.

Meeting organiser
USE Organiser of meeting (557)

USE Honoree (420)

530 Metal-engraver

540 Monitor
Person or organization that supervises the compliance with the contract and is responsible for the report and controls its distribution. Sometimes referred to as the grantee, or controlling agency.

Motion picture editor
USE Film editor (370)

545 Musician
Person who performs music or contributes to the musical content of a work. Use when it is not possible or desirable to identify more precisely the person's function.

550 Narrator
Speaker delivering the narration in a motion picture, sound recording or other type of work.

555 Opponent
A person solely or partly responsible for opposing a thesis or dissertation.

557 Organiser of meeting
A person or body responsible for organising the meeting reported to the item.

560 Originator
Author or agency performing the work, i.e. the name of a person or organization associated with the intellectual content of the work. Includes person named in the work as investigator or principal investigator. This category does not include the publisher or personal affiliation, or sponsor except where it is also the corporate author.

570 Other
Use whenever a relator or relator code in a national format has no equivalent in UNIMARC.

580 Papermaker

582 Patent applicant
The person or body that applied for a patent described in the record.

584 Patent inventor
The person who invented the device or process covered by the patent described in the record.

587 Patentee
The person or body that was granted the patent described in the record.

590 Performer
Person acting or otherwise performing in a musical or dramatic presentation or entertainment. Use if more specific codes are not required, e.g. actor, dancer, musician, singer.

595 Performer of research
The corporate body responsible for performing the research reported in the item.

600 Photographer
(1) the person who took a still photograph. This relator may be used in a record for either the original photograph or for a reproduction in any medium; or, (2) the person responsible for the photography in a motion picture.

Plates, Printer of
USE Printer of Plates (620)

610 Printer
Printer of texts, whether from type or plates (e.g. stereotype).

620 Printer of plates
Printer of illustrations or designs from plates.

630 Producer
Person with final responsibility for the making of a motion picture, including business aspects, management of the productions, and the commercial success of the film.

635 Programmer
Person or corporate body responsible for the creation of computer program design documents, source code, or machine-executable digital files and supporting documentation.

USE Thesis advisor (725)

640 Proof-reader
Corrector of printed matter only; for manuscripts use Corrector (270).

650 Publisher

651 Publishing director

660 Recipient of letters
Person to whom letters are addressed.

670 Recording engineer
Person supervising the technical aspects of a sound or video recording session.

USE Secretary (710)

USE Secretary (710)

673 Research Team Head
The person who directed the research or managed the project reported in the item.

677 Research Team Member
A member of a research team responsible for the research reported in the item.

675 Reviewer
Person or corporate body responsible for the review of a book, motion picture, performance, etc.

680 Rubricator

690 Scenarist
Author of a screenplay.

695 Scientific advisor
Person who brings scientific, pedagogical, or historical competence to the conception and realization of a work, particularly in the case of audio-visual items.

700 Scribe
Maker of penfacsimiles of printed matter and also an amanuensis or a writer of manuscripts proper.

705 Sculptor
Use when the more general term Artist (040) is not required.

710 Secretary
Redactor, or other person responsible for expressing the views of a body, being responsible for their intellectual content.

Series editor
USE Publishing director (651)

720 Signer
Use for signature which appears in a book without a presentation or other statement indicative of provenance.

721 Singer
Person who uses his or her voice with or without musical accompaniment to produce music. A singer's performance may or may not include actual words.

723 Sponsor

725 Standards body
The agency responsible for issuing or enforcing a standard.

727 Thesis advisor
Person under whose supervision a degree candidate develops and presents a thesis, mémoire, or text of a dissertation.

730 Translator
One who renders from one language into another, or from an older form of a language into the modern form, more or less closely following the original.

740 Type designer
Person who designed the type face used in a particular book.

750 Typographer
Person primarily responsible for choice and arrangement of type used in a book. If the person who selects and arranges type is also responsible for other aspects of the graphic design of a book, i.e. Book designer (130), codes for both functions may be needed.

755 Vocalist
Person who principally exhibits singing skills in a musical or dramatic presentation or entertainment.

760 Wood-engraver

770 Writer of accompanying material
Writer of significant material which accompanies a sound recording or other audiovisual material.

Writer of dialogue
USE Author of dialogue (090)


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