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Urgent appeals for help for tsunami affected Countries

Colleagues in tsunami affected Countries:

On behalf of the members of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, please accept our heartfelt condolences and sympathy at this time of devastation, loss of life and utter destruction that you are experiencing as citizens of the countries affected by the tsunami/sea surge disaster.




As the Federation, we request our members to heed the urgent appeals for help and contribute in any way possible, through the national and/or international relief efforts that are being mobilized throughout the world. Library and information services specific needs for conservation, preservation and restoration will no doubt engage IFLA members urgently and for months to come as soon as information is received through various communication channels.

We urge, further, that members of the Federation, who have information on needs or have the means to help in kind and materially do so and share information through IFLA-L, to facilitate IFLA members' appreciation of assistance required and development of coordinated strategies for long term assistance.

IFLA will be reminding international organisations of the importance of rapidly re-establishing library services in order build community confidence and provide the necessary information to assist reconstruction, health services and education.

We encourage national library associations in major donor countries to urge aid organisations to support the early restoration of library services.


Kay Raseroka
IFLA President
30 December 2004

"Amidst this catastrophe a large number of school libraries, community libraries, children libraries, public libraries, libraries belong to religious institutions and a large number of private/home libraries in the affected areas either have been completely destroyed or severely affected."

W.A. Abeysinghe
National Library and Documentation Services Board, Sri Lanka


Lecture on the Indian Ocean Earthquake Just in Time! Lecture on the Indian Ocean Earthquake Tsunami 26 Dec 2004 from the Global Health Disaster Network (GHDN), Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh (Authors: Ali Ardalan, Ronald E. LaPorte, Eugene Shubnikov, Faina Linkov, Eric K Noji)

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"Perhaps as many as 5 million people are not able to access what they need for living."

David Nabarro
World Health Organization (WHO)