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Sri Lanka Disaster Management Committee for Libraries, Information Services and Archives established

7 January 2005

With the assistance of the National Library and Documentation Centre, Unesco, IFLA and a number of Sri Lankan organisations today formally established the Sri Lanka Disaster Management Committee for Libraries, Information Services and Archives [SL DMC for LISA].

It comprises representatives from the National Library and Documentation Services Board, the Department of National Archives, Sri Lanka Library Association, the National Institute for Library and Information Sciences, National Science Foundation, from the Ministries of Culture, Education & Higher Education and from Unesco and IFLA.

In draft already are a Constitution, Objectives and an Action Plan.

The DMC for LISA's primary aim will be to rehabilate libraries, archives and information services destroyed or damaged by the tsunami after completion of a survey of the damage.

This is now nearly complete despite the many difficulties occasioned by damaged roads and missing bridges and debris everywhere and more recently flooding from the monsoon rains.

A primary aim will be to take the opportunities provided by the disastrous tidal waves, three in all, to move forward and develop libraries and information services appropriate to the Information Society. Lists of requirements are nearly ready and these will be agreed at a meeting on Monday (10th of January 2005) after which it is intended to be very specific in the requests for monies, library furniture and equipment, IT equipment, books and AV and other materials and also advice and expertise.

The list is expected to be available by Monday evening and it is will be widely publicised and put up on IFLANET.

Please watch this space!

Russell Bowden
Honorary Fellow of IFLA
KOTTAWA, Sri Lanka

"We encourage national library associations in major donor countries to urge aid organisations to support the early restoration of library services."

Kay Raseroka
President of IFLA