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World Library and Information Congress: 72nd IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries: Dynamic Engines for the Knowledge and Information Society"

20-24 August 2006, Seoul, Korea


Call for Papers

Rare Books and Manuscripts Section


"West by East - East by West: Cultural and technological exchange - Old technology, new technology, collecting and describing rare materials"

This will be the theme of the programme presented by the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section at the 72nd IFLA General Conference and Council in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 20-24 August 2006.

Inspired by the early invention of printing in Korea and the booming technological developments in Asian countries in recent years, the programme will focus on the integration of materials from other cultures, in particular the view of countries like Korea and Japan on Western cultures: the "Occidentalism" in the East compared to the "Orientalism" in the West.

The IFLA Rare Books and Manuscripts Section invites librarians, academics and other interested parties to participate in the 2-hour open session on this theme. The session will consist of four papers. The deadline for submitting a detailed, one-page abstract of a proposed paper is 15 November 2005.

Abstracts should be sent by 15 January 2006 to:
Jan Bos
IFLA Rare Books and Manuscripts Section
E-mail: jan.bos@kb.nl