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World Library and Information Congress: 72nd IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries: Dynamic Engines for the Knowledge and Information Society"

20-24 August 2006, Seoul, Korea


Call for Papers

Division III: Libraries Serving the General Public


"Dynamic Libraries Creating the Future"

Division III: Libraries Serving the General Public is having its Open Session in Seoul next year with the theme: Dynamic Libraries Creating the Future

Dynamic libraries, responding to external challenges and opportunities, have always been in the forefront of library development. Technological developments have played a critical role in enhancing the efficiency of library management, improving and expanding services, enabling libraries to open longer hours and adding a variety of new formats of materials. Now the digital age brings with it a new wave of possibilities for libraries, and to survive the future, libraries must continue to remain dynamic and take advantage of these new and exciting opportunities to not only enable them to continually meet the rising expectations of their users, but also to reach out to the unreached and unserved.

Libraries must strategise as how best to make use of these tools to enable them to build on existing strengths and external opportunities to maintain their position at the heart of the community and continue to be seen as a valuable infrastructure. Innovative programmes and services alone are not sufficient. The rapid development of technology has resulted in a massive amount of information, libraries have to challenge themselves to ensure convenience, accessibility and expediency in the way they provide information and share knowledge with users.

In the fast paced and quick changing world of ours, there is no place for non dynamic libraries and it is dynamic libraries that will create our future!

We are inviting colleagues to submit papers for the open session.

For more details please contact Ai Cheng Tay at aicheng@nlb.gov.sg

Deadline for sending abstracts: 20. February 2006

Deadline for the evaluating committee: 15 March 2006