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World Library and Information Congress: 72nd IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries: Dynamic Engines for the Knowledge and Information Society"

20-24 August 2006, Seoul, Korea


Call for Papers

Geography and Map Libraries Section

Which Name Is It? The Geographic Naming of Places

The Geography and Map Libraries Section of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) invites proposals for presentation at the World Library and Information Congress in Seoul, Korea, 20-24 August 2006. The theme for this year's session is Which Name Is It? The Geographic Naming of Places.

The proposals for papers should address this theme, but presentations that focus on the holdings of map collections in Korea and Southeast Asia or that deal with regional geographic issues will also be considered.

There are many examples of geographic features that are known by more than one name. Examples include the Persian Gulf vs. the Arabian Gulf, the Sea of Japan vs. the East Sea, and the Falkland Islands vs. the Islas Malvinas.

The ramifications of these variations in place names have been of interest to historians, geographers, as well cartographers and have been the subject of international seminars.

If you are interested in presenting a paper on any of these topics, please send the title and a one page or at least 300-word abstract to:
Anita K. Oser
P.O. Box 2834
Cullowhee, NC 28723 USA
Telephone: +1-828-293-5484
E-mail: oanitak@yahoo.com

Proposals must be received by 1 March 2006.
Notification of acceptance will be sent by 17 March 2006.
Full text of the presentation must be received by 15 May 2006.

The paper should be presented in 20 minutes with 10 minutes allowed for discussion. Papers may be in any of the five official IFLA languages - English, French, German, Spanish, or Russian. A printed English translation should be available for distribution at the meeting for all non-English papers.

PLEASE NOTE: All expenses (including registration for the conference, travel, accommodations, etc.) are the responsibility of the presenters of papers.