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World Library and Information Congress: 71st IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries - A voyage of discovery"

August 14th - 18th 2005, Oslo, Norway

Poster Session

An alternative approach for the presentation of projects/new work is available for conference participants. An area on the conference premises has been designated for the presentation of information regarding projects or activities of interest to librarians. Presentations include posters, leaflets (etc.) in several of the IFLA working languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Russian).

List of accepted Poster Session Presentations:

  1. Bibliographic Description of the Karamanlidika (Karamanli) Collection: Bibliographic Analysis Through WorldCat
    Selenay Aytac
  2. E-LIS E-prints in Library and Information Science
    Maria Cristina Bassi
  3. La Biblioteca Nacional José Martí y el Sitema Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas en el contexto cubano actual
    Rosa Cristina Báez Valdés
  4. The Library and Education Assistance Foundation for Vietnam ( LEAF-VN) The Success Story of a Small Non-profit Library Foundation
    Binh P. Le
  5. INFLIBNET Centre: a Gateway to the Academic Community in India
    Rajesh Chandrakar
  6. What Contribution can the Senegalese Network of Librarians and Journalists make on a particular Theme addressing the HIV/AIDS Pandemic
    Moustapha Diallo
  7. Unites: United Nations Information Technology Service, bridging the digital divide
    Lourdes Feria
  8. Thinking Outside the Borders: Library Leadership in a World Community
    Barbara Ford and Susan Schnuer
  9. IMARK e-learning Module: Digitization and Digital Libraries
    Rosana Frattini
  10. MedInfoRus: Enhancing access to medical literature for Russian-speaking users
    Yelena Friedman, Luda Dolinsky and Rimma Perelman
  11. Rising from the Rublle: Tsunami Devastates Sri Lankan Libraries
    Premila Gamage
  12. ARI-AntiRacist Information
    Elin Hermansen
  13. BibTutor: Achieving Information Literacy by Online Searching - an interactive learning environment for Higher Education
    Benno Homann
  14. American Libraries in the Arab Gulf: New Approaches to International Cooperation
    Matthew Ismail, Charles Gilreath and Suzanne D. Gyeszly
  15. Den kulturelle skolesekken - a National Initiative for Professional Art and Culture in Education in Norway
    Astrid Holen
  16. Towards Collaboration: the development of Collaborative Virtual Reference Service in China
    Yi Jin, Min Huang, Haoming Lin and Jing Guo
  17. Networking Library Services around Journals
    Ulrike Junger
  18. LåtLån - Virtual Circulation of Digital Music Files
    Ann Kunish
  19. ALADIN - the Adult Learning and Documentation and Information Network
    Lisa Krolak
  20. Activities and Programme of Bibliothek & Information International
    Ulrike Lang
  21. The Romance of Libraries Project
    Madeleine Lefebvre
  22. Medienkompetenz für Senioren - vermittelt durch die Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin (www.zlb.de)
    Monika Machnik
  23. A new approach of the e-learning to the students of the librarian training course of Tsurumi University in Japan
    Takashi Nagatsuka and Tomoko Harada
  24. Finnish Polytechnic Libraries - Power of eLearning ColLaboration
    Kaisa Rissanen
  25. Tritonia Model - Joint Library and Learning Centre of Three Universities with Two Languages
    Katri Maria Rintamaki
  26. Incremento de la información para nuestros usuarios mediante estudios métricos en una biblioteca de salud y biocientífica
    Marlery Sánchez Díaz
  27. Developing a Library Users Training Module: The Tune Project
    Joaquin Selgas Gutiérrez
  28. Children Reading Tent (CTR) Activities in Kenya
    Jafred Shalimba Musisi
  29. Book Fair Benefits: 30th Kolkata Book Fair, 2005
    Andrea Singer
  30. The Beautiful Granny Project: "Silver" Storytellers Workshop
    Song Young Sook
  31. A User Education Programme for Information Literacy: Implementation Strategies at two Scandinavian Universities
    Maria-Carme Torras i Calvo
  32. Promoting Learning and Research at the Tampere University Library: Design of Three New Library Buildings; Digital Learning Material for Virtual Learning
    Leena Toivonen, Eeva Väyrynen & al.
  33. The MetaMap / le MétroMéta
    James M. Turner
  34. Bibliotecas Públicas y alfabetización en Cuba
    Miguel Viciedo Valdés
  35. Bibliotecas para comunidades indígenas: desarrollo y evaluación de un modelo argentino Libraries for indigenous communities: development and evaluation of an Argentine Model
    Edgardo Diego Civallero
  36. Small is beautiful: Norwegian engagement in small library projects in developing countries
    Ellen Müller Sundt
  37. SmartLibrary: Location-aware Mobile Library Service
    Tapio Ryhänen
  38. A Triage Approach to Managing Email Reference Questions
    Peggy Tahir
  39. Norwegian Digital Reference Service - Ask a Librarian
    Siri Tidemann-Andersen
  40. Signs and posters are the buoys of knowledge in librarians
    Myung Sook Chun
  41. Faculty, Librarians, and Information Literacy: perceptions, conceptions and assumptions.
    Sheila Webber, Bill Johnson and Stuart Boon
  42. Une Naissance, un Livre / Books for Baby
    Suzanne Payette
  43. From the Roman Eagle to E.A.G.L.E.: harvesting the web for ancient epigraphy
    Simonetta Pasqualis Dell'Antionio
  44. Digital Library for Information Science and Technology: DLIST, An Open Access Archive for Library and Information Science
    Anita Sundaram Coleman and Cheryl Knott Malone
  45. Building Digital Collections: Principles and Practice of Retrodigitisation at Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich
    Hildegard Schaeffler
  46. The Seamless Library Oppland
    Gunhild H. Aalstad
  47. The Ostfold Library - a library without wall
    Anne Berit Brandvold
  48. Convention of the rights of the children implemented in the everyday world of the public libraries
    Nordic Networking Group for Library Services to Children
  49. Public Libraries as windows to EU: Discovery and meeting
    Lorenka Bucevic-Sanvincenti et al.
  50. Young Euroguide: the Library as virtual and physical meeting point for young travellers in Europe
    Annelie Börjesson and Bengt Källgren
  51. Destruction of Libraries in Sri Lanka by Tsunami and the rebuilding efforts
    C. Dushyanthi Daniel
  52. Russian Scientific Electronic Library
    Victor Glukhov
  53. Winner of Best Poster Session Award 2005:
    Growing and Reading - the brand new reading ladder for growing children
    Ute Hachmann
  54. Transition into a System of Libraries from a "Central Library": a sample: The University of Istanbul Library
    Hülya Dilek Kayaoglu
  55. Toolkit for developing reference services
    Martin Kesselman, Sarah Watstein and Linda Hartley
  56. Methods of authorizing old Arabic names and creating an Arabic Roman bi-script authority file using Bibliotheca Alexandrina's integrated library system
    Iman Ahmed Khairy Mohammed Weheba
  57. TEL-ME-MOR: The European Library: Modular Extensions for Mediating On-line Resources.
    Barbara Morganti and Monika Segbert
  58. Speech synthesizers and DAISY - new technology improving accessibility to printed material for all
    Benedikte Nes
  59. Norwegian Digital Library Programme (NDLP)
    Carol van Nuys
  60. Challenges and benefits of implementing a bilingual online system in an academic library within consortium in the United Arab Emirates
    Mary Kay Rathke
  61. The Accessible Library - a voyage of discovery - for all?
    Tone Moseid
  62. Change Management in Bremen Public Libraries
    Barbara Lison
  63. User education provided by the University Library in Belgrade
    Aleksandra Popovic, Sanja Antonic and Adam Sofronijevic
  64. Aleksandria - The Learning Centre of the New Generation
    Matti Hjerppe
  65. Contestested Notions of Globalization: Developing a Global Studies Library
    Lynne Marie Rudasill and Steve Witt
  66. Preparing Professional Librarians for Health Multidisciplinary Job Teams
    Vera Silivia Marao Beraquet
  67. A new Law for the Improvement of Public Libraries in Iran
    Zohreh Mirhosseini
  68. A Common Digital Library for the Collections of Four Norwegian Universities
    Oyvind Eide
  69. The Library as a fundamental component of the health information infrastructure
    Lazo Rodriguez, Barbar Carmenate Dávila, Victoria Olema and Urra González
  70. Library development through a long distance partnership
    Else-Margrethe Bredland and Matilda Kuzilwa
  71. Broadening Bandwidth: Overcoming Barriers to Information Access in the Developing World
    Gracian Chimwaza
  72. Delivering Information Services to Nuclear Physicists in a multi-disciplinary research laboratory in South Africa
    Naomi Haasbroek
  73. School Libraries Challenges - Portugal National SL Network 2005
    Maria Jose Vitorino Goncalves and Maria Manuela Pargana Silva
  74. Pablo Casals: Fondos Documentales en Puerto Rico
    Sofia Canepa-Ekdahl

IFLA Corner

  1. Celebrate Reading Worldwide: An Interactive Calendar of Reading Promotions: An IFLA Reading Section Poster Presentation
    Maureen White and Margaret Hill
  2. The IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Guidelines for Development
    John Lake
  3. IFLA Activities in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Elizabet Maria Ramos de Carvalho
  4. Community Information
    Henri Sene
  5. Information about IFLA/ALP - Action for development through Libraries Programme


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