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World Library and Information Congress: 71st IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries - A voyage of discovery"

August 14th - 18th 2005, Oslo, Norway

Call for Papers:
Division VII: Education and Research

Division VII: Education and Research arrange a 2 - hour program in Oslo as part of the World Library and Information Congress/ 71st IFLA Conference. 14 - 18 August 2005.

We invite papers for a program concerned with recruitment and Careers in the Library and information Science Profession.

The objective of the program is to present problems concerning recruitments of students to the LIS - schools, including recruitment to a research career and coping with employers' requirements to the newly graduated.

It is important to note that we are looking for research-based papers
  • Recruitment of students and researchers to the Library and Information Science Programs. This theme includes papers on topics like the image of the profession and the image of librarians, the gender factor, the prestige of the profession, marketing issues, students perceptions of the labour market and their job-related aspirations, problems about recruiting highflyers, personality traits and similar topics.
  • Careers after graduation and the perceptions of employers. This theme includes papers on career patterns, new job possibilities, the relationship between CPD and the basic education, the effect of marketing the profession and similar topics.

The papers will be reviewed on their academic merits by an international panel.


Proposals for papers must be submitted by 15 February 2005 to
Niels Ole Pors
E-mail: nop@db.dk.

The proposal should include a 200 - 400 word abstract and all relevant biographical information.

Successful proposers will be notified by 15 March 2005 and must supply the full paper by 1 May 2005.