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World Library and Information Congress:
69th IFLA General Conference and Council

Access Point Library:
Media - Information - Cultural

August 1st - 9th 2003
Berlin, Germany
Patron: German Federal President Johannes Rau







1. Information Technology and DCMI

2. Library and Research Services for Parliaments

3. Performance measurement in libraries and information services: "Northumbria 5"

4. Globalisation: empowering women through information. Impact of information availability and use in society on women

5. Access Point Library: where do the blind fit?

6. E-learning for marketing and management in Libraries

7. Leadership and risk taking in library management; performance measurement and statistics in library management

8. Preparing for the Worst, Planning for the Best: Protecting our Cultural Heritage from Disaster

9. Libraries as Places: buildings for the 21st Century

10. Is digital different? New trends and challenges in acquisition and collection development

11. Newspapers and the press in Central and Eastern Europe: access and preservation

12. Multilingual Collections; acquisition and communication


List of Satellite meetings to be held in conjunction with the Conference in Berlin, 1-9 August 2003

1. Information Technology and DCMI

Converging, complementary or other forms of describing Internet/Digital Objects: DCMI, IFLA and other communities' (museums, archives, industries, governments) standards and guidelines.

Sponsors: IFLA Information Technology Section and State and University Library Goettingen DCMI

Audience: librarians, members of scientific learned societies, e.g. mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, publishers, internet specialists.

Dates: 11-13 August 2003
Location: Goettingen, University and SUB Goettingen.

Further information: Diann Rusch-Feja

2. Library and Research Services for Parliaments

19th annual Pre-conference of the Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section

Theme: Parliamentary Libraries and Research Services of Central Europe

Subtheme: Parliamentary Information Services with Special Focus on the Process of Implementation of the European Union Law by the Associated Countries

Audience: members of the Section

Location: Parliament, Prague, Czech Republic
Dates: 29-31 July 2003
Further information: Margareta Brundin
Contact person in the Czech Parliament: Karel Sosna

Information Brochure: prague03.pdf

3. Performance measurement in libraries and information services: "Northumbria 5"

Sponsors: IFLA Statistics and Evaluation Section, IFLA Library Theory and Research Section and the School of Information Studies, University of Northumbria at Newcastle

Audience: librarians and information specialists from all types of libraries and institutions

Location: Durham City, U.K.
Dates: 28-31 July 2003
Further information: http://online.northumbria.ac.uk/faculties/art/information_studies/Imri/PM5/PM5.htm
Contact: Sandra Parker

4. Globalisation: empowering women through information. Impact of information availability and use in society on women.

Sponsors: IFLA Women's Issues Section, IFLA Public Libraries Section and IFLA Information Science Journals Section

Audience: Public, academic and school librarians. LIS educators and editors of LIS journals.

Location: Information/Documentation Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies
Humboldt University Berlin
Address: Sophienstrasse 22 A, Room 0.13 (Note: not in the main university building but in a building that belongs to the Institut for Cultural Studies). See map at: http://www.stadtplan.net/brd/berlin/berlin/home.html (You can use S-Bahn 1, 3, 5, 9 untill Hackescher Markt, subway 8 to Weinmeisterstrasse and tram 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 7, 13, 53 to Hackescher Markt.)
Dates: 31 July 2003 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)


Globalisation: An Overview
  1. Globalisation and Indian Women: Problems, Possibilities and Information Needs - An Overview
    Kalpana Dasgupta (New Delhi, India)
  2. Public Library Services, Economic Information and Women: Recent Advancements
    Leena Siitonen (Madrid, Spain)
Work and Health Information
  1. Women, Work & Health: a Collection of Information on the Web
    Maria Castriotta (Rome, Italy)
  2. Women Seeking Health Information on the Web
    (Christine Marton, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Gender Issues and Gender Studies
  1. Wer kümmert sich um die Literaturbedürfnisse der Geschlechterforschung: die Informationseinrichtungen der Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung und/oder die Universitätsbibliotheken?
    (Karin Aleksander, Berlin, Germany)
  2. Citation Indexes, Exclusion and Gender Issues
    (Rosa de Cesare, Daniela Luzi and Adriana Valente, Rome, Italy)
Immigrant and Rural Women's Information
  1. Servicing New Immigrant Women via "Click & See" Program
    (Rikvah Frank, Jerusalem, Israel)
  2. Utilisation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the Provision of Information to Rural Women in Uganda
    (Joyce B. Nyumba, Kampala, Uganda)
Professional Women and Globalisation
  1. Professional Women's Information Needs in Developing Countries: ICT as a Catalyst
    (Olufunmilola Olorunda and Adetoun Oyelude, Ibadan, Nigeria)
  2. Communication and Globalisation: New Opportunities for Women in Ireland
    (Claire R. McInerney, New Brunswick, NJ, USA)
Further information: Leena Siitonen

Call for Papers

5. Access Point Library: where do the blind fit?

Sponsor: IFLA Libraries for the Blind Section

Audience: All concerned with the production and distribution of alternative format materials and the running of libraries for visually impaired readers.

Location: German Institute for the Blind /Deutsche Blindenstudienanstalt e.V. (Blista), Marburg/Lahn, Hessen (Germany)
Dates: 27-30 July 2003
Further information in English: http://archive.ifla.org/VII/s31/conf/slb-preconf2003.htm
Further information in French (Edition française):

6. E-learning for marketing and management in Libraries

Sponsors: IFLA Management and Marketing Section and IFLA Education and Training Section, Université de Genève, Ecole nationale supérieure des sciences de l'information et des bibliothèques (ENSSIB), Lyon (France), Haute École de gestion, Département Information et Documentation (Genève), École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information (Université de Montréal, Québec, Canada)

Libraries were among the first to pioneer uses of digital tools and online services. They often found themselves needing to develop user-training programs for these new online services thereby assuming an active role in information literacy campaigns. As resource centers, libraries need to coordinate their user education with that of other training organizations. It would therefore be inappropriate for library training programs not to employ the same tools as those used by other training organizations, especially for e-learning in domains where these tools are heavily employed such as management and marketing.

The objective of this pre-conference session is to share e-learning experiences in these discipline areas.

While the following is not a comprehensive list, papers could address:
* Programs of courses
* E-training
* Student evaluations
* Initial/ongoing training consistency
* Professional know-how/digital assistance (decision aid tools, project management tools)
* Platform evaluation
* Cooperation among institutions
* Synchronous/asynchronous methodologies etc…

The many facets of project planning and execution could be addressed. These include, for instance, pedagogical design, communication with students, course authoring, information architecture, budget, qualifications, evaluations, etc. However, papers must refer to concrete implementations, not simply theoretical or planned projects.

The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2003.
Format: The papers should be sent in Word or PDF format. The first page should contain the title of the paper, the name of the authors, their affiliations and contact details. An abstract no longer than 400 words should also be provided.
Authors will be notified by May 25, 2003.
Program will be finalized by May 31, 2003.

Audience: (50 attendees)
Professors, researchers and directors from schools of Library and Information Science worldwide. Practitioners interested in the growing importance of marketing and management issues in the management of libraries and other information services.

Languages: English and French. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

Location: Geneva, Université de Genève - Unimail
Dates: 28-30 July 2003
Programme: http://www.unige.ch/biblio/ses/IFLA/sat_01-e.html
Further information: Françoise Lerouge and Daisy McAdam

7. Leadership and risk taking in library management; performance measurement and statistics in library management

Sponsors: IFLA Management and Marketing Section, Austrian Librarians Association and University Library of Vienna

Audience: Colleagues from academic, public or special libraries who are in middle or higher management

Location: Vienna, Austria (University Library of Vienna)
Dates: 10-12 August 2003
Further information: http://voeb.univie.ac.at/leadership.shtml
Contact: Maria Seissl

8. Preparing for the Worst, Planning for the Best: Protecting our Cultural Heritage from Disaster

Sponsors: IFLA Preservation and Conservation Section and IFLA Preservation and Conservation Core Activity (PAC).

Audience:Librarians, archivists, museologists and government officials

Location: Berlin - Akademie der Wissenschaft, Berlin
Dates: 30 July - 1 August 2003

The Blue Shield: the Cultural Red Cross?
Ross Shimmon (President, International Committee of the Blue Shield, Secretary General, IFLA)

Programme: http://archive.ifla.org/VII/s19/conf/preconf03.html
Contact: Johanna Wellheiser

9. Libraries as Places: buildings for the 21st Century

Sponsors: IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment Section and IFLA Public Libraries Section

Audience: Librarians planning new buildings or those remodelling or updating older facilities, as well as architects and library building consultants

Location: Paris
Dates: 27 July - 1 August 2003
Further information: http://www.library.uiuc.edu/administration/iflaparis.htm

10. Is digital different? New trends and challenges in acquisition and collection development.

Sponsors: IFLA Acquisition and Collection Development Section and Bavarian State Library

Audience: Those interested in collection development of electronic resources

Location: Munich, Bavarian State Library
Dates: 30-31 July 2003
Further information: http://www.bsb-muenchen.de/ifla/ifla_pre.htm
Contact: kempf@bsb-muenchen.de

11. Newspapers and the press in Central and Eastern Europe: access and preservation

Sponsor: IFLA Newspapers Section

Audience: Professional Librarians, archivists, media archivists, museologists, communication scientists and all persons to whom newspapers are of interest and concern.

Location: Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Dates: 9-11 August 2003

General Introduction: Dr. Volker Schulze, Bundesverband Deutscher Zeitungsverleger (Federal Association of German Newspaper Proprietors): Zeitungsstandort Deutschland (The position of newspapers in Germany today) Dr. Gottfried Kratz, Moskauer Staatsuniversität für Kultur und Künste MGUKI (Moscow State University of Culture und Arts MGUKI): Die Moskauer deutsche Zeitung. 1870 - 1914 (The Moskauer deutsche Zeitung. 1870 1914).

Theme I. Newspaper Acquisitions Policies: Keynote address by Edmund King
1. Dr. Christine Thomas, Head, Slavonic and East European Collections, The British Library, London The alternative Russian Press, 1987-2000: a British Library Collection
2. Dr. Galina Mikheeva, Rossiiskaya Nazionalnaya Biblioteka (The NationalLibrary of Russia, St. Petersburg): Nesovetskiye gazety (1918 - 1922). Sobraniye Rossiyskoy Nazionalnoy Biblioteky (Non Soviet newspapers (1918- 1922). Collection of the Russian National Library).
3. Tatjana Afanasjeva, Head, Acquisition Department, Rossiiskaya Gosudarstvennaya Biblioteka (The Russian State Library, Moscow): New Concepts in Collection Development of Newspapers in Russia.

Theme II. Copyright issues for newspaper Collection Management: Keynote address by Director of EBLIDA (inquired)

Theme III. Preservation and Digital Archiving: Keynote address by Helen Shenton.
Keynote address by Dr. Gabriele Beger, Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin (Berlin Public Library): Elektronische Archive in Bibliotheken und Archiven nach der EU-Richtlinie und dem revidierten deutschen Urheberrecht (Electronic archives in libraries and archives according to EU directive and the revised German copyright).
1. Dr. Anette Gerlach, Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin, ZLB (Berlin Puplic Library): Zeitungen in der ZLB - Sammlung und Bestandserhaltung (Newspapers in the ZLB - collection and preservation)
2. Dr. Joachim Zeller, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Berlin State Library): Von der Czernowitzer Allgemeinen bis zu Rigaer Zeitung - kooperative Bestandserhaltung deutschsprachiger Zeitungen Osteuropas (From Czernowitzer Allgemeine to Rigaer Zeitung - cooperative preservation of German language newspapers from Eastern Europe.)

Theme IV. Digitisation Projects and Electronic Newspapers: Keynote address by Majlis Bremer-Laamanen
1. Ms. Krista Kiisa, Project Manager, Information Systems Department, National Library of Estonia: Digitising Estonian Newspapers from the 19th and 20th century. Problems and solutions.
2. Christa Müller, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Stabstelle für Digitalisierung (Austrian National Library, Administrative Department of Digitalisation): ANNO - AustriaN Newspapers Online. A digitisation initiative of the Austrian National Library.
3. Alexander Kashtanyer, National Library of Russia: Electronic catalogues of Russian newspapers in NLR.

Information Brochure and Call for Papers: newspost03.pdf
Registration Form: registration-np.pdf
Further information: Marieluise Schillig

12. Multilingual Collections; acquisition and communication.

Acquiring materials; cataloguing; new media communications to multicultural populations, how to give access to multilingual collections and information.

Sponsor: IFLA Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section Audience: Librarians and other individuals interested and Sections and Standing Committee members

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
Dates: 11-13 August 2003
Further information: http://www.ifla-utrecht.nl
Contact: Lourina de Voogd


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