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World Library and Information Congress: 69th IFLA General Conference and Council

Access Point Library:
Media - Information - Culture

August 1st - 9th 2003
Berlin, Germany
Patron: German Federal President Johannes Rau











1 August - Friday
2 August - Saturday
3 August - Sunday
4 August - Monday
5 August - Tuesday
6 August - Wednesday
7 August - Thursday
8 August - Friday
9 August - Saturday



Programme and proceedings

    CB = Coordinating Board
    Off-site = not in the ICC (International Congress Centre) but in a library in Berlin, location will be added once known
    SC = Standing Committee
    SI = Simultaneous Interpretation
    TBA = to be announced

    Most off-site workshops require pre-registration. Please see the programme for contact details for the off-site workshop you would like to attend.
    On-site workshops are open to all delegates on a 'first-come, first served' basis without pre-registration.

Friday 01 August 2003

1. Professional Committee
(Closed Meeting)

2. Governing Board
(Closed Meeting)

3. CB I General Research Libraries (Div I)
4. CB I Special Libraries (Div II)
5. CB I Libraries Serving the General Public (Div III)
6. CB I Bibliographic Control (Div IV)
7. CB I Collections and Services (Div V)
8. CB I Management and Technology (Div VI)
9. CB I Education and Training (Div VII)
10. CB I Regional Activities (Div VIII)

Saturday 02 August 2003

11. SC I Public Libraries
12. SC I Art Libraries
13. SC I Bibliography
14. SC I Genealogy and Local History
15. SC I Classification and Indexing
16. SC I Document Delivery and Interlending
17. SC I Education and Training
18. SC I Government Information and Official Publications
19. SC I Information Technology
20. SC I Reference Work
21. SC I Libraries for Children and Young Adults
22. SC I Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons
23. SC I Library Services to Multicultural Populations
24. SC I Reading
25. SC I Science and Technology Libraries
26. SC I Serial Publications

27. SC I University Libraries and other General Research Libraries
28. SC I Acquisition and Collection Development
29. SC I Audiovisual and Multimedia
30. SC I Cataloguing
31. SC I Government Libraries
32. SC I Libraries for the Blind
33. SC I Library and Research Services for Parliaments
34. SC I Library Buildings and Equipment
35. SC I Library Theory and Research
36. SC I Management and Marketing
37. SC I Social Science Libraries
38. SC I Preservation and Conservation
39. SC I Rare Books and Manuscripts
40. SC I School Libraries and Resource Centres
41. SC I Statistics and Evaluation
42. SC I Health and Biosciences Libraries

43. SC I National Libraries
44. SC I Geography and Map Libraries
45. SC I Management of Library Associations
46. SC I Library History
47. SC I Mobile Libraries
48. SC I Newspapers
49. SC I Continuing Professional Development & Workplace Learning
50. SC I Information Literacy
51. SC I Women's Issues
52. SC I Library and Information Science Journals

53. Caucus: Canada
54. Caucus: French Speaking Participants
55. Caucus: German Speaking Participants
56. Caucus: Netherlands Speaking Participants
57. Caucus: Portuguese Speaking Participants
58. Caucus: CIS
59. Caucus: Nordic Countries
60. Caucus: UK
61. Caucus: USA
62. Caucus: Africa, Asia & Oceania and Latin America & Caribbean
63. Caucus: Spanish Speaking Participants

Sunday 03 August 2003

64. Library and Research Services for Parliaments - Research Day

Block I: Trends, ideas, innovations
Chair: BOB GARDNER (Ontario Legislative Library, Canada)
NOLA ADCOCK (Parliamentary Library, Australia)
KEITH CUNINGHAME (House of Commons Library, UK)
BRIT FLØISTAD (Parliamentary Research Service, Norway)
RICHARD PARÉ (Library of Parliament, Canada)
IAIN WATT (Parliamentary Documentation Centre, European Parliament)

Block II: Getting the most out of the resources we have
Chair: HUGH FINSTEN (Library of Parliament, Canada)
KATALIN HARASZTI (Parliamentary Library, Hungary)
GLORIA SARKU (Parliamentary Library, Ghana)
JACOB WARSHAVSKY (Knesset Research Service, Israel)

Block III: Managing our 'political environments': culture, constraints and controversies
Chair: HUGH FINSTEN (Library of Parliament, Canada)
TESFAYE ABERRA (Research and Documentation Centre, House of People's Representatives. Ethiopia)
WAFAA ABDEL ELAH (Research Service, People's Assembly, Egypt)
JINDRISKA SYLLOVA (Parliamentary Institute, Czech Republic)
JUNE VERRIER (Parliamentary Library, Australia)

Block IV: Building continuous innovation
Chair: BOB GARDNER (Ontario Legislative Library, Canada)
TEMBI MTINE (National Assembly Library, Zambia (TBC))
DENIS OAG (Scottish Parliament, UK)
DONNA SCHEEDER (Congressional Research Service, USA)

65. Latin America and the Caribbean - SI
Access to Cultural Information in the Libraries of Latin America and the Caribbean

  1. LAPTOC: un nuevo proyecto para ampliar el acceso a revistas de América Latina y el Caribe
    Improving acces to Latin American and the Caribbean; the LAPTOC project.
    VICTOR FEDERICO TORRES (Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras, Puerto Rico)
  2. Proyecto regional de Bibliotecas Nacionales de Centroamérica 2002-2005
  3. Las bibliotecas públicas en el espacio cibernético: la formación de una red virtual
  4. Certificación de calidad para la biblioteca pública: una experiencia para compartir
  5. Panorama de las bibliotecas indígenas en America Latina: el caso Peruano
  6. Situación actual de la enseñanza bibliotecológica a nivel universitario en Argentina
    SILVIA ANSELMI (Argentina)

66. Acquisition and Collection Development
Gifts, Book Donations and Collection Development

  1. The pleasure and pain of donations
    Le don: ses joies et ses peines
    SUE McKNIGHT (Geelong Waterfront Campus, Deakin University, Geelong, Australia)
  2. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Is that so?
    Russian text
    ROSA S. BERDIGALIYEVA (National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan)
  3. Handling gift books in U.S. libraries
    Le traitement des dons de livres dans les bibliothèques américaines
    KAY ANN CASSELL (New York Public Library, New York, USA)
  4. Les dons á la Bibliothèque centrale de l'Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar
    Donations and gifts to the Central Library of the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar
    BOUBACAR GUEYE (Bibliothèque de l'Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar, Senegal)

67. Marketing Library Services to Academic Communities - Discussion Group

  1. The International Information Literacy Certificate: a challenge for the new millennium?
  2. User surveys and focus groups: gathering and using data from academic communities

68. Law Libraries - Discussion Group
Legal aspects and new structures of Global Information Provision

  1. Presentations from those Associations participating in the Law
    Libraries Discussion Group
  2. European Laws on the application of fixed prices for books
    HARALD MÜLLER (Max Planck Institute for Foreign Public Law and Public International Law, Heidelberg, GERMANY)
  3. The new German National Electronic Law Library
    ULRIKE JUNGER (State Library, Berlin, GERMANY).

69. Africa SC I

70. Asia & Oceania SC I

70a. IFLA/Publisher Relations Advisory Committee

71. FAIFE Advisory Board Meeting
- By invitation only

72. Newcomers Session
- SI

73. Latin America & Caribbean SC I

74. Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning
Stakeholders for continuing professional development (CPD): a look at the future of online delivery

  1. CPD stakeholders in Latvia - have ten years of independence made a difference?
    IVETA GUDAKOVSKA (University of Latvia, Latvia) and
    INESE A. SMITH (Loughborough University, UK)
  2. Providing effective continuing professional development to United Kingdom academic librarians in the further education sector: outcomes from a national survey by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP)
    KATHY ENNIS (the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, London, UK) and
    GRAHAM WALTON (Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
  3. An Evaluation of the New Opportunities Fund ICT Training Programme for Public Library Staff, UK
    Une évaluation des nouvelles opportunités du Fonds de programme de formation du ICT pour les équipes de bibliothèques publiques du Royaume-Uni
    RACHEL E. SPACEY (Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK)
  4. CPD at a distance: a future trend in LIS education
    JUDITH BROADY-PRESTON and HUGH PRESTON (University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK)

75. Libraries for Children and Young Adults
Presentation: From donkeys to digital libraries

  1. Children's libraries in developing countries
    LIOBA BETTEN (Former director of Books for All, Munich, Germany)
  2. International children's digital library
    La bibliothèque numérique internationale pour enfants
    ANN CARLSON WEEKS (College of Information Studies, University of Maryland, College Park, USA)

76. Knowledge Management - Discussion Group
Presentation of a recent survey from Sweden

  1. Welcoming address
    IRENE WORMELL, Convenor
  2. Knowledge Management experiences and practices in the context of Digital Libraries
  3. "Best practice" in the exploration of MA-thesis for Knowledge Management initiatives in a regional development programme - Presentation of a practical approach to KM in the cooperation between university and the local business world
    IRENE WORMELL (Swedish School of Information and Library Science, Borås, Sweden)
  4. Information Professionals, Knowledge Management, and the Special Libraries Association: Interesting confluences, useful connections
    CINDY HILL (SunLibrary & Learning Technology Groups, Sun Microsystems, Inc., USA)
  5. Discussion about the future of the Knowledge Management Discussion Group

77. PAC Advisory Board

78. Plenary Session - Rainer Kuhlen - SI

Change of Paradigm in Knowledge Management - Framework for the Collaborative Knowledge Production
Chair: Jianzhong Wu, China

79. Genealogy and Local History
Cooperation among Archives, Libraries and Museums

  1. Benefits of archives, libraries and museums working together
    Archives, bibliothèques et musées : les bénéfices de la coopération
    RUTH HEDEGAARD (Vendsyssel Historical Museum and Archives, Hjoerring, Denmark)
  2. Cooperation and Change: Archives, Libraries and Museums in the United States
    Coopération et changements : les centres d'archives, bibliothèques et musées aux États-Unis
    ROBERT MARTIN (The Institute of Museum and Library Services, Washington DC, USA)
  3. If we can do it, so can you. The UK North Yorkshire digitisation project
    Si nous pouvons le faire, vous le pouvez
    ELIZABETH ANNE MELROSE (North Yorkshire Country Library, Northallerton, England)
  4. Library innovation is hard work. Lessons from a Norwegian case study
    Le travail d'innovation en bibliothèque n'est pas une chose facile: leçons d'une étude de cas norvégienne
    BOZENA RASMUSSEN (Gjerdrum Public Library, Gjerdrum, Norway) and TORD HØIVIK (Oslo University College, Oslo, Norway)

80. Quality Issues in Libraries - Discussion Group Start-up Meeting

  1. Indicators for Staff Performance
  2. Continuous Quality Improvement
  3. Identification of National Quality Frameworks and Issues from the Group

81. CLM Committee Meeting

82. UNESCO Open Forum - SI
UNESCO, library development and the World Summit on the Information Society
Abdelaziz Abid (UNESCO, Paris, France)
Chair: Sjoerd Koopman, IFLA HQ

83. Extra Coordinating Board Meetings
to elect the representative to the Professional Committee (Closed Meeting)

    Division: I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII

84. Extra Professional Committee Meeting
to elect the chair of the Professional Committee (Closed Meeting)

85. Council I - SI

Monday 04 August 2003

86. Bibliography - SI

Electronic National Bibliographies

  1. Pérennisation des bibliographies nationales dans le nouvel environnement virtuel de l'information
    The perpetuation of the national bibliographies in the new virtual information environment
    Perdurabilidad de las bibliogrfías nacionales en el nuevo entorno virtual de la información
    MARCELLE BEAUDIQUEZ (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
  2. Electronic national bibliographies: state of the art review
    Bibliographies nationales électroniques : point sur la situation actuelle
    Elektronische Nationalbibliografien: Ein aktueller Überblick
    Russian text
    Bibliografías nacionales electrónicas: estudio actualizado
    UNNI KNUTSEN (Norwegian National Library, Oslo, Norway)
  3. Guidelines for electronic bibliographies: are they needed?
    Faut-il des prescriptions sur les bibliographies nationales électroniques?
    Richtlinien für elektronische Nationalbibliografien: Sind sie notwendig?
    Russian text
    Directrices para las bibliografías nacionales electrónicas: ¿son necesarias?
    MAJA ŽUMER (National and University Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  4. Future role of (electronic) national bibliographies
    Le futur rôle des bibliographies nationales (électroniques)
    Russian text
    El papel futuro de las bibliografías nacionales (electrónicas)
    JUHA HAKALA (Helsinki University Library, Helsinki Finland)

87. Audiovisual and Multimedia - SI

Audiovisual and multimedia as part of the curricula in library schools and continuing education - visions and realities

  1. Shaping Oceania's libraries: library training as an agent for change
    Façonner les bibliothèques d'Océanie : la formation en bibliothèques comme un acteur du changement
    Ozeaniens Bibliotheksentwicklung: Bibliotheksausbildung als Motor der Veränderung
    PAULA H. JONES (School of Humanities and USP Library, The University of the South Pacific, GPO Suva, Fiji)
  2. Teaching the use of publicly-available formats for multimedia as part of a library school curriculum: the vision and the reality
    L'enseignement d'outils multimédias publics dans le cadre d'une école de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information : la vision et la réalité
    Training zum Gebrauch von öffentlich zugänglichen Formaten für Multimedien als Teil des Bibliotheksschulcurriculums : Vision und Wirklichkeit
    JAMES M. TURNER (Ecole de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information, Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada)
  3. The UNESCO chair on new information technologies: empowering library resources
    La chaire UNESCO sur les nouvelles technologies de l'information: renforcer les ressources documentaires
    Der UNESCO-Lehrstuhl für neue Informationstechnik: Bessere Nutzung von Bibliotheksmaterialien
    Cátedra UNESCO en Nuevas Tecnologías de Información: Fortaleciendo los Recursos Bibliotecarios
    LOURDES FERIA B. and PAULINA MACHUCA (University of Colima, Colima, Mexico)
  4. Audiovisual and multimedia contents on the curriculum of Library an Information Science at the University of Leon (Spain)
    Los contenidos audiovisuales y multimedia en el curriculum de Biblioteconomía y Documentación de la Universidad de León (Spain)
    BLANCA RODRIGUEZ BRAVO and ANGELA DIEZ DIEZ (Universidad de León, Facultad de Filosofia y Letras, León, Spain)

88. Public Libraries

Innovation in public libraries

  1. Library 2007
    BETTINA WINDAU (Bertelsmann Stiftung, Guetersloh, Germany)
  2. The digital library in the City and Regional Library in Dortmund
    HANS-CHRISTIAN WIRTZ (Stadt- und Landesbibliothek Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany)
  3. Bremen Public Library - an institution is continuous change
    BARBARA LISON (Bremen Public Library, Bremen, Germany)
  4. The Innovative City Classroom: Public Lectures at the Shanghai Library
    JIANZHONG WU, CHEN LINGKANG and ZHAO JINGGUO (Shanghai Library, Shanghai, China)
  5. A totally Do-It-Yourself Library without a library customer service desk: the Singapore experience
    La B.s.B. ou la "bibliothèque sans bibliothécaire = la bibliothèque où l'usager est seul et complètement autonome [B.U.S.C.A.] (ou la Bibliothèque en libre-service intégral, B.E.L.S.I.?)." : l'expérience de Singapour NGIAN LEK CHOH (National Library Board, Singapore, Singapore)

89. Meeting for IFLA Section Information Coordinators

Sophie Felföldi

90. Geography and Map Libraries

Digitising and presenting historical maps

  1. Historical map collection
    DAVID RUMSEY (Cartography Associates, USA)
  2. The World of Maps: maps and spatial data on the Internet
    JUERG BUEHLER (International Center for Maps and Spatial Data, ETH Bibliothek, Zurich, Switzerland)
  3. Database of old maps
    WOLFGANG CROM (Map Collection, State Library of Berlin, Berlin, Germany)

91. Education and Training - SI

Audiovisual and Multimedia as Part of the Curricula in Library Schools and Continuing Education - Visions and Realities

  1. Beyond ECDL: basic and advanced IT skills for the new library professional
    Après l'ECDL : compétences de premier et de deuxième niveau en technologie de l'information et de la communication pour les professionnels des bibliothèques
    Russian text
    Más allá de la ECDL: habilidades básicas y avanzadas de las TIC para el nuevo profesional de las bibliotecas
    ALAN POULTER and DAVID McMENEMY (Graduate School of Informatics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK)
  2. Technology and training - using video-presentation technique and communication skills
    La technologie et l'enseignement : l'utilisation des documents vidéo - présentation des outils et des techniques de communication
    Tecnología y formación: el uso del vídeo - Técnicas de presentación y habilidades de comunicación
    JASMINA NINKOV (Municipal Public Library 'Milutin Bojic', Belgrade, Serbia)
  3. CALIS (Computer-assisted learning for information searching)
    CALIS («CAL» enseignement assisté par ordinateur et «IS» pour information searching)
    Russian text
    CALIS (aprendizaje asistido por ordenador para la búsqueda de información)
    VÉRONIQUE HADENGUE (School of business administration (HEG), Department of information and documentation studies, Geneva, Switzerland)
  4. Report on a results of a global web-based survey of continuing education and training needs of library staff
    Rapport sur les résultats d'une enquête réalisée via le web sur l'offre de formation permanente et les besoins en formation continue des personnels de bibliothèque.
    Informe de los resultados de una encuesta realizada a través del Web sobre la formación continua y las necesidades de formación del personal bibliotecario

92. Library and Research Services for Parliaments - SI

The challenge of change: the experience of three German speaking parliamentary libraries

  1. The only constant is change - The Bundestag Library from 1990 to 2003
    Das einzig Beständige ist der Wandel - Die Bundestagsbibliothek von 1990 - 2003
    MARGA COING (German Bundestag, Berlin, Germany)
  2. Die österreichiche P@rlamentsbibliothek im Netz: der Einstieg in das Computerzeitalter seit 1992
    The Austrian Parliamentary Library on the web: transition to the computer age since 1992
    ELISABETH DIETRICH-SCHULZ (Austrian Parliament, Vienna, Austria)
  3. Die Dokumentationszentrale der Schweizerischen Bundesversammlung - Wissensvermittlung in komplexem Umfeld
    The Documentation Centre of the Swiss Federal Assembly - providing knowledge in a complex environment
    La Centrale de documentation de l'Assemblée fédérale suisse : transmettre savoir et information dans un environnement complexe
    ERNST FRISCHKNECHT (The Parliament of Switzerland, Bern, Switzerland)

93. Libraries for Children and Young Adults

Children's Libraries Networking for the Culture

  1. Der PISA-Schock und seine Wirkung: Die Zukunft der Kinderbibliotheken in Deutschland
    The PISA-shock and its consequences: the future of children's libraries in Germany
    Le choc PEEI et ses conséquences : l'avenir des bibliothèques pour les enfants en Allemagne
    Russian text
    SUSANNE KRÜGER (Fachhochschule Stuttgart - Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart, Germany)
  2. On the occasion of children's culture - to develop the institution and the professions in a public library
    A propos de la culture des enfants : pour un développement institutionnel et professionnel dans les bibliothèques publiques
    BENTE BUCHHAVE (Danish National Library Authority, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  3. "Research for all" at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
    LAYLA ABDELHADY (Biblioteca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt)
  4. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Experience: An Overview of the Children Library
    L'expérience de la Bibliotheca Alexandrina: une vue d'ensemble sur la Bibliothèque des Enfants
    INGI ABDELKADER (Biblioteca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt)
  5. Young People Library
    SHERINE SAID (Biblioteca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt)

94. Industry Update I

Information trends in the OCLC Worldwide Library Cooperative
OCLC - Jay Jordan, President and CEO, OCLC Online Computer Library Center
Chair: Mary Jackson, Chair IFLA Division of Collections and Services

95. Alexandria Libraries

  1. Latest Heritage Revival Projects of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
    YOUSSEF ZIEDAN (Director, Manuscripts & Rare Books)
  2. The Rare Books and Possessions Unit and the Translation Unit at the Manuscript Museum /Centre at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a personal experience
    RANIA EL-AYAT (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)
  3. L'unité du Laboratoire du Microfilm
  4. SUZANNE SAMIR HASSAN (Senior Librarian - BA)
  5. The Role of the Research Unit in Bibliotheca Alexandrina: A Brief Overview
    OMNIA FATHALLAH (Head of Research Unit - BA)
  6. The Multimedia Library at Bibliotheca Alexandrina
    MARWA EL SAHN (Head of Multimedia Library - BA)

95a. Press Conference

96. Industry Update II

ISI Web of Knowledge
Thomson ISI - Jeff Clovis, Director, Product Support
Content, technical and linking enhancements to that platform with an emphasis on the new version of Web of Science and glimpse at the power of federated searching.
Chair: Wanda Dole, Chair IFLA Division of Management and Technology

97. Plenary Session - Adama Samassékou - SI

Le Sommet Mondial sur la Société de l'Information, Premier Pas Vers une Veritable Société de la Connaissance et des Savoirs Partagés
The World Summit - a First Step Towards a Society of Commonly Shared Expertise and Knowledge
Chair: Kay Raseroka

98. Africa - SI

Libraries and cultural values in the changing information world: african perspective

  1. Information technology revolution, libraries and cultural values: issues, impacts and inevitable challenges for Africa
    CHARLES OMEKWU (Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of Lagos Campus, Lagos, Nigeria)
  2. Providing library services in the digital era: opportunities and threats for libraries in Africa
    La fourniture de services de bibliothèque à l'ère numérique : opportunités et menaces pour les bibliothèques d'Afrique
    KGOMOTSO H. MOAHI (University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana)
  3. A moral reflection on the digitization of Africa's documentary heritage
    JOHANNES BRITZ (Department of Information Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa)
    PETER LOR (National Library of South Africa and Department of Information Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa)
  4. TBA

99. Bibliographic Control - SI

Current issues and trends in bibliographic control

  1. Overview of Division's interests and activities
    I.C. McILWAINE, PIA LETH, BARBARA TILLETT and BOHDANA STOKLASOVA (Chairs of the Division and the section within the Division)
  2. Meeting of experts on an International Cataloguing Code
    BARBARA TILLETT (Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
  3. UNIMARC in its new home
    FERNANDA CAMPOS (National Library of Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal)
  4. Functional Requirements and Numbering of Authority Records (FRANAR)
  5. Bibliographic control in Germany
    CLAUDA FABIAN (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich, Germany)

100. Preservation and Conservation

From manual to automatic: the role of mass treatment techniques in conservation

  1. Massenentsäuerung und Papierspaltung des Zentrums für Bucherhaltung (ZFB) für Die Deutsche Bibliothek / Deutsche Bücherei Leipzig
    BIRGIT SCHNEIDER (Die Deutsche Bibliothek/Deutsche Bucherei, Leipzig, Germany)
  2. Mass Deacidification: a Preservation Option for Libraries
    La désacidification de masse : un choix pour la préservation dans les bibliothèques
    ROBERTA PILETTE (Yale University Libraries, New Haven, USA)
  3. The Role of Mass Treatment Techniques in Conservation
    PER M. LAURSEN (Konserveringsværksted Bog - Papir - Grafik, Humlebæk, Denmark)

101. @ Your Library

Michael Dowling

102. Art Libraries

The evolution of the art library: from early collecting to virtual services

  1. Eliza Buffington and the early years of the Library at the Rhode Island School of Design, 1878-1911
    Eliza Buffington et les premières années de la Bibliothèque de la Rhode Island School of Design: 1878-1911
    CAROL TERRY (Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, USA)
  2. Récents développements dans les bibliothèques de musées
    Recent developments in museum libraries
    ISABELLE LE MASNE DE CHERMONT and SYLVIE LE RAY (Service des Bibliothèques archives et de la documentation générale des musées nationaux, Paris, France)
  3. Public art and the digital library: What's in the collection?
    L'art public et la bibliothèque numérique - Qu'est-ce qui constitue la collection?
    RUTH WALLACH (Architecture and Fine Arts Library, University of South California, Los Angeles, USA)

103. Opening Session - SI

  1. Rapport IFLA 2003
    IFLA Report 2003
  2. Bibliothek und Verlage - eine Partnerschaft?
    Library and publishers - a partnership?
    KLAUS G. SAUR (K.G. Saur Verlag Gmbh & Co. K.G., Munich, Germany)

Tuesday 05 August 2003

104. Gates Foundation Announcement
Otto-Braun-Saal, State Library

105. Library and Research Services for Parliaments - Off-site

Study day at the Bundestag of Germany (By Invitation only)
Programme details

106. Art Libraries
Off-site Workshop:
Kunstbibliothek, Berlin
Art Trade and the Art Library

  1. Le pôle « Catalogues de ventes » à l'Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art
    CATHERINE BRAND (L'Institute national d'histoire de l'art, Paris, France)
  2. Sold! The unique research role of auction sale catalogues
    Adjuge ! Le rôle irremplaçable des catalogues de ventes aux enchères
    DEBORAH KEMPE (Frick Art Reference Library, New York, USA)
  3. Comercio de arte y acceso digital a la información en las bibliotecas de arte en España. Un ejemplo en Madrid y Barcelona
    The art trade and the access to its digital information in art libraries in spain - an example: the library of the Instituto del Patrimonio Histórico Españoal (Madrid) and the Biblioteca General de Arte Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña (Barcelona)
    Marche de l'art et accès numérique a l'information dans les Bibliothèques d'Art Espagnoles : l'exemple de Madrid et de Barcelone
    ALICIA GARCIA MEDINA (Instituto del Patrimonico Historico Español, Madrid, Spain) and
    TERESA COSO (Museu Nacional d'Arte de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain)
  4. Art libraries as a source of false provenance
    Les Bibliothèques d'Art comme source de fausses provenances
    BETH HOUGHTON (Tate Britain, London, UK)
    Contact person: Kerstin Assarsson-Rizzi

107. Cataloguing - SI

Report from the IFLA Meeting of Experts on an International Cataloguing Code

  1. Cataloguing codes in Europe and in the Anglo-American countries. An overview
    BARBARA TILLETT (Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
  2. Reports and Recommendations from the five working groups of the cataloguing conference and next steps

108. School Libraries and Resource Centres - SI

School librarians, social responsibility and partnerships

  1. School libraries and social responsibility: support for special groups and issues - the case of homosexuality
    L. ANNE CLYDE (Faculty of Social Science, the University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland)
  2. Internet as friend and foe, help and hindrance
    Internet : ami et ennemi, aide et obstacle
    BLANCHE WOOLLS and DAVID V. LOERTSCHER (SLIS, San Jose state University, San Jose, USA)
  3. Ésumé: rôle des bibliothécaires scolaires au Sénégal
    M. MODY SOW (EBAD-UCAD, Dakar, Senegal)

109. Management of Library Associations

Library Associations Strategic Planning: Developing Effective Strategies for Library Associations

  1. Better salaries and pay equity for library workers
    MAURICE J. FREEDMAN (Westchester Library System, Ardsley, USA)
  2. The salaries initiative: planning, implementation and action
    BOB McKEE (Chartered Institute for Library and Information Professionals, London, UK)
  3. Structural issues regarding the establishment of an ongoing salary and pay equity advocacy program for ALA
    KEITH M. FIELS (American Library Association, Chicago, USA)
  4. Strategies by LIASA to develop library services and the profession in South Africa
    ELLEN R. TISE (University of the Western Cape, Bellville, South Africa)
  5. Expectations of library associations by library and information professionals
  6. The professionalization of librarians in the Philippines: the role of library associations
    La professionnalisation des bibliothécaires aux Philippines : le rôle des association de professionnels de la bibliothèque
    ANTONIO M. SANTOS (University of the Philippines, Quezon, Philippines)

110. Library Buildings and Equipment

Bazaars of ideas. Multiform service for multiform community

  1. Vienna's new Main Library. By underground into the library or a luxury cruiser on a busy motorway.
    ALFRED PFOSER (Public Libraries Vienna, Vienna, Austria)
  2. Transforming the library
    ROLF HAPEL (Aarhus, Denmark)
  3. Presentation of Bibliotheca Alexandrina
    ISMAIL SERAGALDIN (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)

110a. Update Session on Iraq

Iraqi libraries: a general outline (July 2003)
Jean-Marie ARNOULT (Inspecteur général des bibliothèques, Paris, France)
Chair: Christine Deschamps, IFLA President

111. Document Delivery and Interlending & Cataloguing - SI

Centralised or Decentralised - Which Way to Go?

  1. The bibliographic advantages of a centralised union catalogue for ILL and resource sharing
    Avantages bibliographiques d'un catalogue collectif centralisé pour le PEB et le partage des ressources
    Ventajas bibliográficas de un catálogo colectivo centralizado para préstamo interbibliotecario y recursos compartidos
    PHILIP HIDER (SILAS, Singapore)
  2. Document delivery design: systems for users, not users for systems
    Diseño de suministro del documento: sistemas para usuarios, no usuarios para sistemas
    PETER STUBLEY (University of Sheffield Library, Sheffield, UK)
  3. Going Dutch: creating a multitiered networked ILL service for the Netherlands
    JOHAN STAPEL (Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, Netherlands)

112. Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) - SI

Access Point Library: the Information Society in the Aftermath of 11 September

  1. How should libraries and we as professionals respond to the challenges occurring after the 11th of September?
    ALEX BYRNE (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)
  2. How can IFLA - and other colleagues representing NGOs and the civil society - work together in the World Summit of the Information Society process to safeguard core values and the role of libraries and information services in the Information Society?
    KAY RASEROKA (University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana)
  3. The War on Terrorism - Towards a 'less free, less choice' Internet for Library Users?
    STUART HAMILTON (IFLA/FAIFE, Copenhagen, Denmark)

113. Information Technology

Wireless Technologies for Library Services - RFID in Use

  1. RFID in libraries - introduction to the issues
    MATS G. LINDQUIST (Göteborg University Library, Göteborg, Sweden)
  2. Experiences in implementing RFID solutions in a multi-vendor environment
    VINOD CHACHRA (VTLS Inc., Blacksburg, USA)
  3. Integrating RFID into library systems - myths and realities
    ALASTAIR McARTHUR (Tagsys, La Penne sur Huveaune, France)
  4. RFID@Library - A Journey That Saves S$50m
    CHAN PING WAH (National Library Board, Singapore)

114. Newspapers

Newspapers and Copyright Developments: Future Access and Preservation

  1. Newspaper copyright developments: a European Union and United Kingdom perspective
    Les implications du copyright de la presse quotidienne : Un éclairage de l'Union Européenne et du Royaume Uni
    CHARLES OPPENHEIM (Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK)
  2. What has copyright got to do with newspapers? - a South Africa perspective
    DENISE NICHOLSON (The Library, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa)
  3. The copyright situation in Germany

115. Industry Update III

The Digital Library - A Toolkit Powered by Endeavor
Elsevier - Endeavor Information Systems
The new digital libraries embrace many diverse needs including course management system integration, managing digital objects, federated searching, linking, and more. Discover how Endeavor's vision for a digital library toolkit - including technology and the services to implement it - anticipates these needs and their impact on today's libraries.
Chair: Winston Tabb, Chair IFLA Professional Committee

Presented by:
  • Roland Dietz, President and CEO
  • Marianne Parkhill, Vice President, Marketing
  • Don Muccino, Vice President, Customer Service

116. Industry Update IV

ekz.bibliotheksservice Ltd. - The German library supplier
EKZ - Henner Grube, Bibliothekarischer Direktor
Chair: Ia McIlwaine, Chair IFLA Division of Bibliographic Control

117. Poster Sessions

118. Plenary Session - Jeanette Hofmann - SI

Globalisation and Democracy - Lessons from the field of Internet regulation
Chair: Mary Jackson, USA

119. Copyright and Other Legal Matters (CLM) - SI

Digital rights management and technical protection measures: implications for copyright, exceptions and limitations

  1. Technological Locks on Information: Issues for Libraries
    FREDERICK W. WEINGARTEN (American Library Association, Washington D.C., USA)
  2. Copyright exceptions and technological protection measures in electronic publications: a challenge for legislators
    Les exceptions au droit d'auteur et les mesures de protection technique dans l'édition électronique : un défi pour les législateurs
    KATY LOFFMAN (Rights Solutions, London, UK)

120. Libraries for the Blind - SI

Partners in life long learning. Working with print-handicapped users

  1. Engaging partnerships: models of service I - Trinidad and Tobago
    PAMELA BENSON (National Library of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago)
  2. Models of service II Republic of Ireland: getting to know you
    LINA KOUZI (National Council for the Blind in Ireland, Republic of Ireland)
  3. Making web-sites and OPACS accessible
    Rendre les sites Web et les OPAC accessibles
  4. Marketing reading: a touching experience
    HELEN BRAZIER (National Library for the Blind, UK)

121. Health and Biosciences Libraries & Science and Technology Libraries

Bioinformatics: an evolution of two decades

  1. Bioinformatics: dataquality and the problem of annotations
    HEIKO LIESEGANG (Goettingen Genomics Laboratory, Institute of Microbiology & Genetics, University of Goettingen, Goettingen, Germany)
  2. TextMining and Bioinformatics: New insights through literature navigation and related technologies
    SEBASTIAN GOESER (Senior Software Engineer, for IBM Germany Development Ltd., Dep. 2023, Stuttgart, Germany)
  3. Die Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Technik (ViFaTec) und Biotechnik - Biotechnologie: Virtuelle Entwicklungen
    The Engineering Subject Gateway (ViFaTec) and Biotech: Virtual Developments in Biotechnology
    Le portail en sciences de l'ingénieur (ViFaTec) et la biotechnologie : développements virtuels en biotechnologie.
    MARTIN BOMEKE (Universitätsbibliothek Hannover und Technische Informationsbibliothek, Hannover, Germany)

122. Library Theory and Research

Is your library project evidence based?

  1. A metadata lifecycle model for digital libraries: methodology and application for an evidence-based approach to library research
    YA-NING CHEN, SHU-JIUN CHEN and SIMON C. LIN (Computing Center of Academia Sinica, Taiwan, China)
  2. Why is quality control so hard? Reference studies and reference quality in public libraries: the case of Norway
    TORD HØIVIK (Oslo University College, Department of Journalism, Library and Information Studies, Oslo, Norway)
  3. Past decade - transforming measures and values in Estonian library practice
    AIRA LEPIK (Department of Information Studies, Tallinn Pedagogical University, Tallinn, Estonia) and
    TOOMAS LIIVAMÄGI (Tartu University Library, Tartu, Estonia)
  4. What is « culture » according to librarians ? Is it evidence-based?
    CLAUDE POISSENOT (Researcher, France)
  5. Innovation - the creative tension of risk and evidence
    ALAN SMITH (Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)

123. Meeting with National Association Members

Kelly Moore

124. Libraries Serving the General Public - SI

Libraries as vital partners in the social and cultural fabric of modern society

  1. Libraries Serving the General Public - Supporting human culture and values
    JOHN MICHAEL DAY (Chair, Division III: Libraries Serving the General Public)
  2. Berliner Öffentliche Bibliotheken, - garantieren sie Vielfalt?
    Berlin's public libraries - diversity guaranteed?
    CLAUDIA LUX (Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin, Berlin, Germany)
  3. Danish strategies in public library services to ethnic minorities
    Les stratégies danoises concernant les services des bibliothèques publiques aux minorités ethniques
    Estrategias en los Servicios de la Biblioteca Pública para las minorías étnicas en Dinamarca
    JENS THORHAUGE (Danish National Library Authority, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  4. Valuing difference - the British Council experience of connecting cultures
    Apprécier la différence - l'expérience du British Council dans la mise en relation des cultures
    Valorando diferencias: la experiencia del British Council conectando culturas
    GRACE KEMPSTER (The British Council, Manchester, UK)

125. Reference Work - SI

Reprofessionalisation of reference work: interaction in the physical and the virtual library

Moderator - and overview of the state of virtual reference:
ANNE GRODZINS LIPOW (Library Solutions Institute and Press, Berkeley, USA)
  1. Digital reference in Germany - an overview and experiences on the need for qualifications
    Digital Reference in Deutschland - Überblick und spezifischer Kompetenzbedarf
    La référence en ligne en Allemagne : aperçu et expériences sur les qualifications nécessaires
    HERMANN RÖSCH (Fachhochschule Köln - Fachbereich Informationswissenschaft, Köln, Germany)
  2. Designing and delivering information services to postgraduate students: experiences of one librarian at the University of Melbourne
    SABINA ROBERTSON (School of Graduate Studies, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia)
  3. Cooperation across cultures in public and scientific libraries: the cooperation in Net Librarian / BiblioteksVagten: a Danish 'Ask the librarian'-service
    La coopération à travers les cultures dans les bibliothèques publiques et scientifiques: la coopération dans Net Librarian/Biblioteks Vagten: un service de référence virtuel danois
    VERA DAUGAARD (Central Library Herning, Herning, Denmark)

126. Classification and Indexing

Changing Roles of Subject Access Tools

  1. FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology): a simplified LCSH-based vocabulary
    FAST (Application d'une Terminologie de Sujets à l'aide de Facettes) : un vocabulaire basé sur le LCSH simplifié
    FAST (Facettierte Anwendung der Schlagwort-Terminologie - Faceted Application of Subject Terminology): Ein vereinfachtes Vokabular auf der Basis der LCSH
    Russian text
    ED O'NEILL (OCLC, Dublin, USA) and LOIS MAI CHAN (University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA)
  2. UDC implementation: from library shelves to a structured indexing language
    Mise en oeuvre de la CDU : des rayons de bibliothèque à un langage d'indexation structuré
    UDC-Implementierung - von Bibliotheksregalen zu einer strukturierten Erschließungssprache
    AIDA SLAVIC (School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, University College London, London, UK)
  3. SWD/RSWK at the Swiss National Library: celebrating 5 years of indexing and cooperation
    SWD/RSWK à la Bibliothèque nationale suisse : 5 années d'indexation et de coopération
    SWD/RSWK in der Schweizerischen Landesbibliothek: 5 Jahre Beschlagwortung und Zusammenarbeit
    PATRICE LANDRY (Swiss National Library, Switzerland)

127. National Libraries & Statistics and Evaluation

Benchmarking and Performance Measurements: Developing Quality Services at National Libraries

  1. Setting benchmarks with BIX - the German Library Index
    PETRA KLUG (Bertelsmann Foundation, Gütersloh, Germany)
  2. Performance evaluation in European national libraries: state-of-the-art
    L'évaluation des performances dans les bibliothèques nationales européennes : état de la question
    Leistungsevaluierung in europäischen Nationalbibliotheken: "State-of-the-art"
    Russian text
    MELITA AMBROŽIC, VILENKA JAKAC-BIZJAK and HELENA PECKO MLEKUŠ (National and University Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  3. Benchmarking: overview and context
    Benchmarking: vue d'ensemble et contexte
    Leistungsvergleichstests: Übersicht und Zusammenhänge
    Russian text
    ROWENA CULLEN (Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)
  4. Performance indicators for national libraries in Asia/Oceania: preliminary proposals based on a survey of Asia/Oceania libraries
    Russian text
    ZAWIYA BABA and ROSHAM ABDUL SHUKOR (National Library of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Wednesday 06 August 2003

128. International Association of Library Centers (formerly ROTNAC)

Business Meeting - by invitation only

129. Government Libraries - SI

Changing Governments, Changing Libraries

  1. Democracy through access to legal information for newly democratising nations: the Kenyan perspective
    JOHN N. GATHEGI (Florida State University, USA)
  2. L'impact du changement politique sur le développement des bibliothèques et des services d'archives en République du Mali depuis 1991 (The impact of political change on the development of libraries and archives in the Republic of Mali since 1991)
    LAMINE CAMARA (National Directorate of Archives of Mali, Mali)
  3. Regime change and the destruction of the Institute for Sexual Science Library, Berlin 1933
    REBECCA KNUTH (University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii)
  4. Changing government, changing libraries, changing librarians: Bulgarian public libraries as access points to government information
    SNEJANA TANEVA (American Center, Sofia, Bulgaria) and MARGARITA ANGELOVA (National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria)

130. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons - SI

Library services to prisoners: accepting the challenge and making it happen!

  1. "ABC" and the Italian prison libraries
    "ABC" et les bibliothèques carcérales italiennes
    EMANUELA COSTANZO (University of Milan, Milan, Italy)
  2. Prison Libraries in Italy
    MARIA ANGELA BARLOTTI (Bibliotecari Fuori di Se, Province of Ravenna, Italy)
  3. Library services to prisoners in the State of Rio de Janeiro
    LUDMILA POPOW MAYRINK DA COSTA (School of Library Science, University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  4. Bibliotheksarbeit im Justizvollzug in Deutschland am Beispiel Nordrhein-Westfalens - Gefangenenbibliotheken als Portale begrenzter Freiheit zur sinnvollen Freizeitgestaltung für Inhaftierte
    GERHARD PESCHERS (Justizvollzugsanstalt Münster, Münster, Germany)
  5. Planning and implementing prison libraries: strategies and resources
    VIBEKE LEHMANN (Department of Corrections, Madison, USA)

131. International Association of Metropolitan Libraries (INTAMEL)

New futures: papers by directors of metropolitan library services.

    The International Association of Metropolitan Libraries aims to be a platform primarily for libraries of cities with 400,000 or more inhabitants, although libraries serving wide and diverse geographical areas with the same or more population may be included, and exceptions may be made e.g. for capital cities or major conurbations with a smaller population. Members exchange ideas and information on a range of professional topics which include: library networks; buildings; automation; training; research; public relations; and service to special groups.

132. Serial Publications

Rules, Formats and Cooperation

  1. ISSN, CONSER, and cataloging convergences in a digital World
    REGINA REYNOLDS (Library of Congress, Washington D.C., USA)
  2. SUNCAT: a serials union catalogue for the United Kingdom
    PETER BURNETT (Bodleian Library, Oxford, UK)
  3. Die Zeitschriftendatenbank the German Union Catalogue of Serials: the ZDB
    Die Zeitschriftendatenbank: le catalogue collectif allemand des publications en série, ou ZDB
    BARBARA SIGRIST (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany)

134. Management of Library Associations & Library Theory and Research - Workshop

Libraries and politics - how to bring libraries and national associations into the political sphere?

  1. Public Library Politics - an international perspective: Welcoming introduction by the chairs of the organising Sections
    KERRY SMITH, Library Theory and Research Section
    CHRISTINA STENBERG, Management of Library Association Section
  2. Politicians and librarians behind the same wheel
    CHRISTOF EICHERT (Deutschen Bibliotheksverbandes e.V., Ludwigsburg, Germany)
  3. Political perceptions - a view from Sri Lanka
    PREMILA GAMAGE (Institute of Policy Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka) and UPALI AMARASIRI (National Library of Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka)
  4. Political perceptions - a view from Croatia
    ALEKSANDRA HORVAT (Dept. of Information Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia)
  5. Public library politics: the Ugandan perspective
    ROBERT IKOJA ODONGO (East African School of Library and Information Science, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda)
  6. Politicians and librarians behind the same wheel
    Les bibliothécaires et les politiciens : en route vers un but commun
    FINN VESTER (Danish Library Association, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  7. Round Table, including comments from
    ELLEN TISE (South Africa) and BOB USHERWOOD (UK)

135. Social Science Libraries

Off-site Workshop: Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung
User studies - are we meeting the users' needs?
Discussion with scientists from the Social Science Research Center Berlin

  1. Welcome by:
    MYOUNG WILSON (past chair Social Science Libraries Section, Rutgers University, USA)
    CHRISTIANE NEUMANN, Social Science Research Center
    GERD PAUL (Library, Social Science Research Center)
  2. What we know about our patrons: the social scientists and how they use our information services
    HANS-CHRISTOPH HOBOHM (former chair of the Social Science Libraries Section, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany)
  3. Educational researchers and their literature needs and searching habits and practice in Denmark
    JAKOB ANDERSEN (acting chair of the Social Science Libraries Section, Danmarks Pædagogiske Bibliotek / National Library of Education, Denmark)
  4. Why our users feel best served by our library
    GERD PAUL, (Library, Social Science Research Center)
  5. Project‚ Online Consultation' as a possible model for user participation
    MATTHIAS TRÉNEL (Social Science Research Center)
  6. Break-out sessions (groups of 5 to 10 participants meeting with one or two researchers from the Social Science Research Center) discussing the following topics:
    • at what time in the work process the social scientist needs information and what kind
    • is it better to serve them (to what extent?) or to train them in order to let them do their search on their own
    • what kind of new service this user species would be interested in (document server with metadata, open archive like server, bibliometric analysis for current awareness etc.)
    • could the social sciences live without the library or without reference databases – why not: success stories
  7. Reports form the groups – general discussion
    Visit to: Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung
    Contact person: Gerd Paul

136. CLM Committee Meeting

137. FAIFE Committee Meeting

138. Industry Update V

Between visions and realities. An update on STM publishing
Springer Verlag - Arnoud de Kemp, Director of Sales and Marketing, Member of the Board
Chair: Sjoerd Koopman, IFLA Coordinator of Professional Activities

139. Management and Marketing - SI

Effective advocacy with stakeholders: case studies and approaches to shaping messages and influencing key decision makers

  1. Building new libraries in Massachusetts: an advocacy case study
    KEITH MICHAEL FIELS (American Library Association, Chicago, USA)
  2. Pour amener la sphère politique à soutenir les bibliothèques au Québec
    Para conducir a la esfera política a sostener las bibliotecas en Quebec
    LISE BISSONNETTE (Québec National Library, Montreal, Canada)
  3. ¿Que nos falta a los bibliotecarios para conseguir comunicar con los políticos municipales?
    What are we as librarians lacking, in order to be able to communicate with municipal politicians?
    JOAN AMORÓS I FONTANALS (Biblioteca Pública 'Antoni Martín', El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain) and GLÒRIA PÉREZ-SALMERÓN (Servei de Biblioteques de la Diputació de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain)
  4. Marketing et lobby: même combat? De l'action locale au débat international autour du SMSI
    Marketing und Lobby: Kampf mit gleichen Waffen? Von den lokalen Verhälnissen zur internationalen Debatte rund um das WSIS
    Marketing y lobby: ¿el mismo combate? De la acción local al debate internacional alrededor de la Cumbre Mundial sobre la Sociedad de la Información
    DAISY McADAM (University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland)
  5. Public library stakeholders vested interests/potential conflicts: a case study
    Les "«actionnaires»" de la bibliothèque publique: prises d'intérêts ou conflit potentiels
    Los 'stakeholders' de la biblioteca pública: intereses /conflictos potenciales: un estudio de caso
    CHRISTINE KOONTZ (Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA)
  6. Bibliothèques, politiques et management public : bâtir un projet choisi, partagé et soutenu par l'exécutif politique de la collectivité
    Bibliotheken, Politik und öffentliches Management: wie man ein ausgewähltes, verteiltes und von der politischen Exekutive der Gemeinde unterstütztes Projekt gestaltet
    THIERRY GIAPPICONI (Bibliothèque municipale de Fresnes, Fresnes, France)

140. Reading - SI

The impact of the Internet on reading and libraries

  1. Reading outside the library: how has the Internet affected reading in China
    HUANG QUNQING (Guangdong Provincial Library of Science and Technology, Guanzhou, China)
  2. The impact of the Internet on the reading practices of the university community: the case of UNAM
    ELSA RAMIREZ (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico)
  3. How the Internet can influence Iranian readers
    ZAHRA SEIFKASHANI (Alameh Tabatabaii University, Teheran, Iran)

141. Library and Information Science Journals

Blurring the Boundaries - Changing the Way in which We Create, Distribute and Utilise Knowledge in LIS Journals

  1. New forms of publisher co-operation
    ROGER BOWES (CEO, Aslib, UK and Diane Heath, Emerald, UK)
  2. The EBIB Electronic Library: from LIS e-journal to e-service. A bottom up initiative for a networked library service in Poland; a four-year perspective
    MARZENA MARCINEK (Library, Cracow University of Technology, Cracow, Poland)
  3. Facing new challenges: trends & prospects of LISJ in China
    YAFAN SONG (Library, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China) and
    QI ZHUANG (Research on Library & Information Work of Shanghai, Colleges & Universities Shanghai, Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China)
  4. eScholarship at the University of California: sustainable innovation for open access
    CAROL HUGHES (University of California, Irvine, USA)

142. Life long literacy @ Your Library

Kay Raseroka, President-elect of IFLA

143. Poster Sessions

144. Plenary Session - Klaus Ring - SI

Sind Internet und Printprodukte austauschbare Medien?
Are Internet and Print Products Interchangeable Reading Media?
Chair: Rashidah Begum, Malaysia

145. Government Information and Official Publications - SI

Practitioner training in use and promotion of government information - building the future: enabling citizen participation in democracy

  1. Lifting ourselves by our bootstraps: developing a national peer to peer training program for data librarians in Canada
    Ensemble, à la force du poignet: mise en place d'un programme de formation entre collègues pour les bibliothécaires gérant des données informatiques au Canada
    Russian text
    ERNIE S. BOYKO (Library and Information Centre, Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) and
    ELIZABETH HAMILTON (University of New Brunswick Libraries, Fredericton, Canada)
    CHUCK HUMPHREY (University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
    WENDY WATKINS (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada)
  2. Government information and democracy: African concerns and perspectives
    PETRINA AMONOO and ABRAHAM AZUBUIKE (Development Information Services Division United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
  3. Information and training through the net: the experience of DFP (Italian Government Information on the net)
    Informer et former par Internet: l'expérience de la DFP (Information officielle italienne sur Internet)
    Russian text
    MAURELLA DELLA SETA (Italian National Institute of Health, Rome, Italy) and
    FERNANDO VENTURINI (Chamber of Deputies, Rome, Italy)

146. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries & Information Literacy - SI

The International Information Literacy Certificate: challenges for the profession

  1. The International Information Literacy Certificate: a Global Professional Challenge?
    El Certificado Internacional de Alfabetización en Información: ¿un reto profesional global?
    CRISTÓBAL PASADAS UREÑA (Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain)
  2. An International Information Literacy Certificate: opportunity or dead-end?
    SHEILA WEBBER (University of Sheffield, UK)
  3. Making information literacy a compulsory subject for undergraduates: the experience of the University of Malaya
    CHAN SAI-NOI (University of Malaya Library, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

147. Copyright and Other Legal Matters (CLM)

Update Session

  1. Copyright or contract: the 2002 review in Australia
    Copyright ou contrat : La situation en 2002 en Australie
    TOM COCHRANE (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia)
  2. Update on libraries and international trade treaties
    PAUL WHITNEY (Burnaby Public Library, Burnaby, Canada) and
    KJELL NILSSON (Kungliga Biblioteket, Stockholm, Sweden)
  3. Lier ou ne pas lier: Pour un usage responsable de l'hyperlien
    To link or not to link: Hyperlinks, liabilities and responsibilities
    MICHÈLE BATTISI (Association des professionnels de l'information et de la documentation (ADBS), Paris, France)

148. Mobile Libraries

Mobile Libraries and Changing Cultural Environments

  1. The endless possibilities of the Mobile Library
  2. Establishing new mobile libraries: Slovenia
  3. Establishing new mobile libraries: Nigeria Feasibility Study Status Report
    THELMA TATE (Rutgers University, New Brunswick, USA) and
    O.O. OMOLAYOLE (National Library of Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria)

149. Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) & Libraries for Children and Young Adults - Workshop

Children's Libraries Ensuring Access to Information and Creating a Culture of Understanding in a World of Violence and Conflicts

  1. Library services to children and urgent international cooperation
    Les services de bibliothèque pour enfants et l'urgence de la coopération internationale
    Service von Kinderbibliotheken und dringende internationale Zusammenarbeit
    BIRGIT DANKERT (Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, Fachbereich Bibliothek und Information, Hamburg, Germany)
  2. The role of IFLA/FAIFE in ensuring freedom of access to information for children and young adults in areas of conflicts and wars
    ALEX BYRNE (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)
  3. The role of children's libraries in creating a culture of understanding in a world of violent conflicts
  4. The role of mobile libraries in refuge camps. Library on Wheels for Non-violence and Peace in educating non-violence and peace for Palestinian children and youth in Palestine
    NAFEZ ASSAILY (Library on Wheels for Non-violence and Peace Project, Palestinian Authority)
  5. Bringing libraries and books closer to children during war - UNICEF projects in Croatia
    LJILJANA SABLJAK (Zagreb City Library, Zagreb, Croatia)
  6. The role of libraries in providing access to information for children and young adults with special attention to AIDS issues
    CHARLES BATAMBUZE (Uganda Library Association, Kampala, Uganda)
  7. Children's rights and library best practices
    Les droits des enfants et les meilleures pratiques des bibliothèques
    MARIAN KOREN (NBLC, The Hague, Netherlands)

150. Classification and Indexing - Workshop

Dewey Decimal Classification - Edition 22 in the Global Context

  1. DDC 22: an introduction
    DDC 22: Eine Einführung
    Russian text
  2. DDC Deutsch
    DDC German
    MAGDA HEINER-FREILING (Die Deutsche Bibliothek, Frankfurt, Germany)
  3. Panel on Translation Issues:
  4. Research directions for the Dewey Decimal Classification

151. Social Science Libraries - SI

Building strategic alliances with our special user groups: how social and political scientists cope with the new information paradigm

  1. Research on the Research Support Needs of Social Scientists
    Recherche sur les besoins de soutien documentaire exprimés par les chercheurs en sciences sociales
    MARGARET ROBB and MARK JANES (Social Studies Libaries, Oxford University, Oxford, UK)
  2. Tipping toward the internet: global changes in political science research
    L'orientation vers l'Internet: des changements globaux dans la recherche en sciences politiques
    RICHARD W. WILSON (Rutgers University, New Brunswick, USA)
  3. Standardisation, heterogeneity and the quality of content analysis: a key conflict of digital libraries and its solution
    Standardisierung, Heterogenität und die Qualität der Inhaltserschließung. Lösungsansätze für ein zentrales Problem digitaler Bibliotheken
    JÜRGEN KRAUSE (Social Science Information Centre, Bonn, Germany)

152. Library History

Libraries and Democracy: Historical Perspectives and Interpretations

  1. From the world brain to the first transatlantic information dialogue: activities in information and documentation in Germany in the first half of the 20th century
    THOMAS HAPKE (Hamburg-Harburg Technical University Library, Hamburg, Germany)
  2. 'Right here I see my own books': the women's library at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair
    WAYNE WIEGAND (Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA)
  3. Immigrant librarians in Britain: huguenots and some others
    Les bibliothécaires immigrés en Grande-Bretagne: Huguenots et quelques autres
    STEPHEN W. MASSIL (Sir John Soane's Museum, London, UK)

153. Rare Books and Manuscripts

Political and social upheavals and the early history of printing and books in Eastern and Central Europe - from Gutenberg to the Thirty Years War

  1. The reformation in Saxonia and the consequences for books and libraries - the case of Leipzig
    MONIKA LINDER (Leipzig University Library, Leipzig, Germany)
  2. Der frühe Buchdruck in Polen (XV.-XVII. Jh.) als Spiegel ethnischer, konfessioneller und kultureller Verhältnisse
    KRZYSZTOF MIGON (Institute of Library Science, University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland)
  3. Die Grundzüge der Entwicklung des lettischen Buches bis zu der Mitte des 17. Jahrhunderts
    INARA KLEKERE (Latvian National Library, Riga, Latvia)

154. Asia and Oceania & Public Libraries

Public Libraries as Learning Resource Centres

  1. The public library as a learning organisation
    SUE SUTHERLAND (Christchurch City Libraries, Christchurch, New Zealand)
  2. Public libraries in the information society: what do information policies say
    MARIA LUISA CALANAG (University of Library and Information Science, Graduate School of Information and Media Studies Tsukuba City, Japan)
  3. Libraries as cultural centers in large new communities in Guangzhou, China
    Les bibliothèques, centres culturels des nouveaux quartiers à Guangzhou, en Chine
    HUANG QUNQING and ZHUANG XUHUANG (Guangdong Provincial Library of Science and Technology, Guangzhou, China)
  4. Creating information literacy programmes as corporate products: perspectives and experiences from Singapore
    RAKUNATHAN NARAYAN (Meridian Junior College, Singapore) and RAJENDRA MUNOO (National Library Board of Singapore, Singapore)
  5. Tupu - Promoting 'new growth' through innovative resources and services to youth
    DANIEL G. DORNER (Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)
  6. The growth of community-based library services in Indonesia to support education
    La croissance des bibliothèques communautaires en Indonésie pour supporter l'éducation
    HARKRISYATI KAMIL (British Council, Djakarta, Indonesia)

Thursday 07 August 2003

155. Library and Research Services for Parliaments
Off-site Workshop:
Humboldt University, Unter den Linden, 6
Management workshop

  1. Organisational structures - How do they influence the library?
    Leader: RICHARD PARÉ (Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Canada)
    Rapporteur: SARA PARKER (Missouri State Library, USA)
  2. User education - a pedagogical challenge
    Leader: ROB BRIAN (New South Wales Parliamentary Library, Australia)
    Rapporteur: EVA FALK (Swedish Riksdag)
  3. Change Management: user, environment and librarians
    Leader: TUULA H. LAAKSOVIRTA, (Parliament of Finland)
    Rapporteur: ANITA DUDINA (Latvian Parliament)
  4. Consortia and Co-operative acquisitions
    Leader: JAN KEUKENS (Parliament of the Netherlands)
    Rapporteur: CHARLES BROWN (Parliament of Ghana)
  5. Special Collections Management
    Leader: ELENI MITRAKOU (Hellenic Parliament, Greece)
    Rapporteur: CRISTIANE DE ALMEIDA MAIA (Congreso de Brazil)
  6. Knowledge Management in a Parliamentary Environment
    Leader: DONNA SCHEEDER (Library of Congress, USA)
    Rapporteur: PATRICIO ARANDA TORRES (Ministry of Defence, Peru)
    Contact person: Margareta Brundin

156. Education and Training & School Libraries and Resource Centres
Off-site Workshop:
Institut für Bibliotheks-wissenschaft at the Humboldt-Universität
Library and Information Science and Education in Germany & Trends in Education and Training of School Librarians

Morning Session: (Education and Training)

  1. Welcoming address
    W. UMSTAETTER (Institut für Bibliothekswissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin, Germany)
  2. Library and information science education in Germany - an overview
    BERND LORENZ (Beamtenfachhochschule, Munich, Germany)
  3. The Stuttgart Department of Information and Communication
    PETER VODOSEK (Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart, Germany)
  4. The Austrian model of library and information science education
    MARIA SEISSL (University Library, Vienna, Austria)
  5. Recent developments of education and training librarians in Switzerland
    JOSEF WANDELER (Zürich, Switzerland)
  6. Progress report on the World Guide to Library, Archive and Information Science Education
    EVELYN DANIEL (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA)
    Contact person: Dr. Hans-Jürgen Schubert
Afternoon Session: (Education & Training with School Libraries and Resource Centres)
  1. Education for school librarianship: selected issues and trends
    La formation des bibliothécaires scolaires : quelques réflexions
    CLAUDE MORIZIO (IUFM de Poitou-Charentes, Poitiers, France) and
    JAMES HENRI (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China)
  2. A model for designing library media and preparation programs based on national guidelines: information power and the University of Maryland
    Un modèle pour définir des programmes de formation pour les bibliothécaires scolaires, qui s'appuie sur les lignes directrices nationales : Maîtriser l'information, à l'Université du Maryland
    DELIA NEUMAN (University of Maryland, College Park, USA)
  3. L'enseignement en information par l'enseignant-documentaliste du système éducatif français
    Teaching information concepts in the French educational system: the role of teacher librarians
    VINCENT LIQUÈTE (IUFM d'Aquitaine, Bordeaux, France)
  4. El bibliotecario escolar como facilitador de un proceso de cambio educativo
    School librarians to facilitate an educational change process
    Le bibliothécaire scolaire comme facilitateur d'un processus de changement éducatif
    MÒNICA BARÓ (Facultat de Bibliotheconoma i Documentacio, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain) and ÀLEX COSIALS (Servei de Biblioteques Escolars "L'Amic de Paper"/Grup de treball de Biblioteques escolars del Col·legi Oficial de Bibliotecaris-Documentalistes de Catalunya, Barcelona, Sapin)
  5. Formation et responsabilité éducative du documentaliste scolaire pour l'école de la société de la connaissance
    Education and educational responsability of the school documentalist in the school of the learning society
    DONATELLO LOMBELLO (Dipartimento di Scienze dell'educazione, Università di Padova, Padova, Italy)
  6. Competencies in school librarianship: an African overview
    Compétences en matière de Bibliothèques Scolaires : vue d'ensemble de la situation en Afrique
    CHARLES BATAMBUZE (Uganda Library Association, Uganda)
  7. Education for school librarians: trends and issues from selected developing countries
    GERALD BROWN (Consultant, Winnipeg, Canada), CONSTANZA MEKIS (Ministry of Education, Chile) SANDRA LEE (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China) and DILJIT SINGH.

157. Bibliographic Control - Workshop

Subject Gateways

  1. Australian Subject Gateways, the successes and the challenges
    (The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)
  2. Metadata schemes for subject gateways
    Metadaten-Schemas für Subject-Gateways
    Schémas de métadonnées pour les répertoires par sujet
    Russian text
    Modelos de Metadatos para Pasarelas Temáticas
    LYNNE C. HOWARTH (Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada)
  3. Multilinguism and DDC cross-browsing: two keys towards a better interoperability in RENARDUS
    ELISABETH FREYRE (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France) and
    HEIKE NEUROTH (Goettingen State and University Library (SUB), Goettingen, Gemany)
  4. Relationshsip between subject gateways and national bibliographies in international context
    Liens entre les chemins d'accès sujet et les bibliographies nationales dans le contexte international
    Die Beziehung zwischen Subject Gateways und Nationalbibliografien im internationalen Kontext
    Russian text
    La relación entre pasarelas temáticas y bibliografías nacionales en el contexto internacional
    BOHDANA STOKLASOVA, MARIE BALIKOVA and LUDMILA CELBOVÁ (National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic)
  5. Vascoda - a portal for Scientific Resouce Collections created by German libraries and information centres
    Vascoda - ein Portal für wissenschaftliche Ressourcen von deutschen Bibliotheken und Fachinformationszentren
    Russian text
    Vascoda - Vascoda - un Portal de colección de recursos científicos creado por bibliotecas y centros de información alemanes
    TAMARA PIANOS (Universitätsbibliothek Hannover und Technosche Informationsbibliothek, Hannover, Germany)
  6. Short survey of subject gateways activity
    BOHDANA STOKLASOVA, National Library of the Czech Republic,Prague, Czech Republic)

158. Library and Information Science Journals - Workshop

Achieving Quality in LIS Journals: a Workshop for Editors and Authors

Designed to engage the interest of journal editors and authors; information professionals, lecturers and researchers; and also publishers of the librarian professional literature, it will comprise some introductory presentations by:
  • G.E. GORMAN (School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) on the final results of the IFLA-funded research project (see for the preliminary results)
  • JUDITH ELKIN (University of Central England in Birmingham, UK) with a UK higher education sector perspective
  • EILEEN BREEN (Emerald, UK) with a publisher perspective

And then discussion groups which will debate the following questions from the perspective of author, editor, and user:
* What do you feel are the six most important determinants of article quality?
* How would you rank them in importance and why?
* How does this relate to journal quality?
* What would help to improve the situation?

Concluding with:
* Where do we go from here?

159. Library Service to Multicultural Populations - Workshop

Multicultural Libraries in German Speaking Countries - Status and Prospects

  1. Welcome by Jane Dreisig
    Moderator: Benedikte Kragh-Schwarz
  2. Changes in multi-cultural library activities for ethnical minorities as exemplified by Berlin
    TARIK SEDEN (Zentral und Landesbibliothek Berlin, Germany)
  3. The Munich City Library in intercultural process: Visit to: Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin / Haus Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek
    Introduction by Christine-D. Sauer and Tarik Seden
    Visit to: Wilhelm-Liebknecht-/Namik-Kemal-Bibliothek
    Library service for and in cooperation with persons of foreign origin
    Introduction by Birgit Braun and Rainer Blassmann

160. Public Libraries - Workshop

Inspiring lifelong learning in public libraries

  1. The Literacy challenge
    ROBERT WEDGEWORTH (ProLiteracy Worldwide, Syracuse, USA)
  2. The public library as a gateway to society - life long learning in small communities
    RUTH ØRNHOLT (Hordaland County Library, Bergen, Norway)
  3. A lifetime as a lesson
    SIMONA RESMAN (The Oton Zupancic Public Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  4. To start the life long learning process
    BRITT-MARI PELLING (The Royal Library, Stockholm, Sweden)
  5. Life long learning, let your library be your partner
    BRITT MARIE HÄGGSTRÖM (DIK-Association, Stockhom, Sweden)
  6. Lifelong learning in libraries with limited resources
    BARBRO THOMAS, (Royal Library, Stockholm, Sweden)

161. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries with Information Technology
Off-site Workshop
: Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin
The Scholar's Portal: an international perspective

  1. Introductions, Overview
    LARRY WOODS (Information Technology and Branch Libraries, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City USA)
  2. The Scholars Portal Project
    MARY E. JACKSON (Association of Research Libraries, Washington DC, USA)
  3. The AARLIN Project: Integrating the research information infrastructure- a case study
    EARLE GOW (Latrobe University, Victoria, Australia) and
    KATE ROBERTS (AARLIN Project, Latrobe University, Victoria, Australia)
  4. Portals: What's good, what's missing, what's planned - a vendor panel
    SARA RANDALL (Endeavor) MATT GOLDNER (Fretwell/Downing) and
    JENNY WALKER (Ex Libris-USA)
  5. Portals: What's good, what's missing, what's needed - a user panel
    KAREN CALHOUN (Associate University Librarian, Cornell University)
    KRIS MALONEY (University of Arizona)
    JIRI PAVLIK (Charles University, Prague)
    Contact person: Larry Woods

162. Acquisition and Collection Development - Workshop

Recent Developments on Co-operative Collection Development

  1. Collaborative collecting in Scotland: SCONE, SCAMP, SPEIR HaIRST and other tales
    DENNIS NICHOLSON (Andersonian Library, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK)
  2. Cooperative collection development in Germany: the system of supra-regional special subject collections supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Society)
    MONIKA MORAVETZ-KUHLMANN (Bavarian State Library, Munich, Germany)
  3. An automated approach to collection assessment - methodology, process and deliverables
    VIVIEN COOK (OCLC PICA, Birmingham, UK)
  4. Cooperative collection development and management in North America
    BERNARD F. REILLY (The Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, USA)

163. Audiovisual and Multimedia - Workshop

Guidelines for Audiovisual and Multimedia in Libraries

Consultation session lead by BRUCE ROYAN (Concurrent Computing, Edinburgh, Scotland) and
MONIKA CREMER (Goettingen State and University Library)

164. Reference Work - Workshop

Hot issues in reference: mini-discussions on reference topics of global interest

The workshop will consist of several discussions on topics of global interest with the following faciliators:
  • Mary Carol-Lindbloom of the Alliance Library System in Illinois, USA, will lead a discussion on multiple-library virtual reference collaborations.
  • Lek Choh Ngian of the National Library Board in Singapore will lead a discussion on real-time reference via kiosks in the library and elswehere.
  • Kay Cassell of the New York Public Library, USA, will lead a discussion on alternative models of reference staffing.

165. Information Technology and Preservation and Conservation - Workshop

Digitisation Preservation: current research, standards and best practices

  1. Challenges to digital preservation and building the digital library
  2. Attributes of a trusted digital repository
    PHYLLIS B. SPIES (Vice President, OCLC Worldwide Library Services, Dublin, USA)
  3. Digital preservation activities in the UK - building the infrastructure
    MAGGIE JONES (Digital Preservation Coalition Co-ordinator, UK)
  4. Towards a global digital format registry
    STEPHEN L. ABRAMS (Harvard University, Cambridge, USA) and
    DAVID SEAMAN (Digital Library Federation, Washington, USA)

166. Libraries for the Blind - Workshop

What libraries need to know about serving print-handicapped people

  1. Why deliver services to print-handicapped people through public libraries: the Kenyan experience
    STANLEY K. NG'ANG'A (Kenya National Library Service, Kenya)
  2. What do blind people want from talking books?
    IRITH GETZ (Beit Berl College, Israel)
  3. The reading experience of print-handicapped people: from Braille to new technologies
    MARIE HELENE DOUGNAC (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Sciences de l'Information et des Bibliothèques, France)
  4. Let the children come to me
    BENTE DAHL RATHJE (Danish National Library for the Blind, Denmark)

167. Management and Marketing & Management of Library Associations - Workshop

Marketing our library associations

  1. Successes and lessons learned in recruiting young professionals to the American Library Association
    JOHN W. BERRY, MARIANNE HARTZELL and GERALD G. HODGES (Northern Illinois Learning Resources Cooperative, Sugar Grove, USA)
  2. Marketing the Canadian Library Association to students and young professionals: sharing our values, sharing our value
    MADELEINE LEFEBVRE (Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada) and DON BUTCHER (Executive Director, Canadian Library Association)
  3. The Lebanese Library Association Experience
    AIDA NAAMAN (Learning Resources Center, Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon)
  4. Mentoring Fosters personal growth? And membership growth
    GILLIAN HALLAM and CHRIS GISSING (Queensland University of Technology, USA)
  5. Marketing efforts of the Catalan Library Association (in Spanish)
    ADELA D'ALÒS-MONER (Collegi Oficial de Bibliotecaris y Documentalistes de Catalunya, Spain)

168. Information Literacy
Off-site Workshop
: University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam
Using Assessment as a Tool to Improve Teaching and Improve Learning

This workshop will address practical and theoretical issues concerned with the assessment of information literacy in a library environment. Sessions will cover formal and informal assessment strategies for diagnosing needs, supporting improvement, and informing planning processes and decision-making relating to learners, instructors, and programs. The workshop will include brief formal presentations, discussion, and interactive exercises. Assessment of the workshop will be embedded in the sessions.

  1. LESLIE MURTHA (Rutgers University Libraries, USA)
  2. EILEEN STEC (Rutgers University, Mabel Smith Douglass Library, USA)
  3. DR. MARILYN WILT (Rutgers University Libraries, USA)

  4. Contact person: Eileen Stec

169. Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning
Off-site Workshop:
Saur Library, Humboldt Universität
Developing, presenting and evaluating/assessing the quality of online continuing professional education courses and training programmes

  1. There will be 5 main presenters at the workshop. Those presenting will:
    a) provide brief demonstrations of their online or CD based distance education, Continuing Professional Development and training programs and
    b) speak to their presentation covering the factors leading to the development of their program and salient issues that arose in the development and delivery of their CPD/training resources.
    Contact Person: Ian Smith

170. Library Theory and Research & Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE)
Off-site Workshop:
Haus Berliner Stadtbibliothek
The Librarian: the Key to Open and Closed Collections. Issues on Ethics of Librarianship

171. Rare Books
Off-site Workshop:
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preussischer Kulturbesitz
Music collections in Berlin

  1. The Department of Music, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
    HELMUT HELL (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany)
  2. Restauration and digitisation of music manuscripts
    CHRISTOPH WOLFF (Bach-Archiv, Leipzig, Germany)
  3. Papersplitting
    JULIANE BISPINCK (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany)
  4. Important collections of music in Germany
    SUSANNE HEIN (Zentral- und Landesbibliothek, Berlin, Germany)
    Contact person: Annette Wehmeyer

172. Government Libraries
Off-site Workshop:
Federal Ministry of Interior (morning session) and Federal Foreign Office (afternoon session) - Limited number of participants: 25
German government libraries since Unification (1990) - experiences and perspectives

  1. German government libraries since Unification - models of library organisation since the Bonn-Berlin-resolution of 1991. The example of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.
    GUNDA OPPERMANN and MARTINA LEIBOLD (Library of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Berlin, Germany)
    - Library Tour at the Federal Ministry of the Interior
    - Transfer to the Federal Foreign Office
    - Tour through the Federal Foreign Office
  2. Federal government libraries in Berlin: new models in a new environment
    BÄRBEL BENDACH (Federal Foreign Office, Berlin, Germany)
    - Library Tour at the Federal Foreign Office
  3. Five new German Laender, new ministries, new libraries - experiences from Thuringia and others
    MARIA GÖCKERITZ (Ministry of Science, Research and Art, Thuringia)
  4. Concluding statement
    Contact person: Christine Wellems

173. National Libraries - Workshop

National libraries as access points: virtual libraries for virtual users

  1. Breaking down the barriers: new directions for the National Library of Australia
    Die Barrieren abbauen: Neue Richtlinien für die Nationalbibliothek von Australien
    JASMINE CAMERON (National Library of Australia, Canberra, Australia)
  2. National libraries as access points: the role of TEL and MACS
    Les Bibliothèques nationales et l'accès à l'information: le rôle de TEL et de MACS
    Nationalbibliotheken als Zugangspunkte: die Rolle von TEL und MACS
    GENEVIEVE CLAVEL-MERRIN (Swiss National Library, Bern, Switzerland)
  3. Cultural custodianship in the information age: LOCKSS and other digital repositories
    MICHAEL A. KELLER (Stanford University, Stanford, USA)
  4. A dynamic gateway to information: electronic services at the Shanghai Library
    JIANZHONG WU (Shanghai Library, Shanghai, China)
  5. A virtual National Library for Germany - the Sammlung Deutscher Drucke [Collection of German Printed Works]
    Die Sammlung Deutscher Drucke - Eine virtuelle Nationalbibliothek für Deutschland
    GERD-J. BÖTTE (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin, Germany)

174. Library History - Workshop

Constructing the heritage of cultures: workshop on a World History of Librarianship

  1. On North America
    WAYNE WIEGAND (Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA)
  2. On East Asia
    PRISCILLA CHANG YU (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, USA)
  3. On South Asia
    JAGTAR SINGH (Dept. Of Library and Information Science, Punjabi University, Patiala, India)
  4. On Europe
    PETER HOARE (Formerly Nottingham University, Nottingham, UK)
  5. On the Middle East
    SHMUEL SEVER (University of Haifa Library, Haifa, Israel)

175. Africa, Asia & Oceania and Latin America & Caribbean - Division VIII - Workshop

Mapping our future: strategic planning for developing regions

  1. Thinking about Strategic Planning: remarks
    ROBERT WEDGEWORTH (Laubach Literacy International, Champaign, USA)
  2. Facilitating strategic planning process
    JESUS LAU (Universidad, Autónoma de Juárez, Juárez, Mexico)
  3. Using strategic planning to support development activities
    BUHLE BMBAMBO (University of Zimbambwe, Zimbabwe)
  4. IFLA's development priorities in Asia and Oceania: a position paper from the region
    GARY GORMAN (Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)


176. Serial Publications & Reference Work - Workshop
Electronic journals: how they are changing our lives
    This workshop will examine the impact of electronic journals on a number of library activities:
    - Selection of titles for a library
    - How e-journals are packaged and distributed
    - Licensing and rights management
    - Workflow in acquisitions and cataloguing
    - Reference and public services work
    ADOLFO RODRIGUEZ (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico)
    PURIFICACION GARCIA DELGADO (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain)
    ANDREAS M. HEISE (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany)
    EVELINDE HUTZLER (Universitätsbibliothek Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany)
    DAN LESTER and PEGGY COOPER (Boise State University, Boise, USA)
    HILDEGARD SCHAEFFLER (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Münich, Germany)

177. Document Delivery and Interlending - Workshop

Performance measurement of Interlibrary Loan operations

  1. How to achieve better performance in ILL, a Norwegian point of view
    Cómo lograr un mejor funcionamiento del préstamo interbibliotecario, el punto de vista noruego
    METTE KROG (University of Oslo Library, Library of Medicine and Health Sciences, Oslo, Norway)
  2. The performance of mediated and user-initiated ILL services in North American libraries: results of the 2003 study
    MARY E. JACKSON (Association of Research Libraries, Washington DC, USA)
  3. TBA TBA

Friday 08 August 2003

178. SC II Education and Training
179. SC II Information Technology
180. SC II Library Theory and Research
181. SC II Library History
182. SC II Library and Information Science Journals
183. SC II Reading
184. SC II Information Literacy
185. SC II Bibliography
186. SC II Audiovisual and Multimedia
187. SC II Cataloguing
188. SC II Library Buildings and Equipment
189. SC II Management and Marketing
190. SC II Libraries for Children and Young Adults
191. SC II Preservation and Conservation
192. SC II Public Libraries
193. SC II Rare Books and Manuscripts
194. SC II School Libraries and Resource Centres
195. SC II Statistics
196. SC II Libraries for the Blind
197. SC II Asia and Oceania
198. SC II Africa
199. SC II Latin America and the Caribbean

200. Officers Training Session

Session is held twice to enable all officers to attend. No need to attend both

200a. Executive Committee Meeting with Representatives of Related Bodies

(By invitation only)

200b. Grimm Brothers Storytelling Session

Sabine Lutkat

201. SC II Government Libraries
202. SC II Social Science Libraries
203. SC II Geography and Map Libraries
204. SC II Science and Technology Libraries
205. SC II Health and Biosciences Libraries
206. SC II Art Libraries
207. SC II Genealogy and Local History
208. SC II Acquisition and Collection Development
209. SC II Document Delivery and Interlending
210. SC II Government Information and Official Publications
211. SC II Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning
212. SC II National Libraries
213. SC II Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons
214. SC II Library Services to Multicultural Populations
215. SC II Reference Work
216. SC II Serial Publications
217. SC II University Libraries and other General Research Libraries
218. SC II Library and Research Services for Parliaments
219. SC II Mobile Libraries
220. SC II Newspapers
221. SC II Management of Library Associations
222. SC II Women's Issues
223. SC II Classification and Indexing

224. Officers Training Session

Session is held twice to enable all officers to attend. No need to attend both

225. CB II General Research Libraries (Div I)
226. CB II Special Libraries (Div II)
227. CB II Libraries Serving the General Public (Div III)
228. CB II Bibliographic Control (Div IV)
229. CB II Collections and Services (Div V)
230. CB II Management and Technology (Div VI)
231. CB II Education and Research (Div VII)
232. CB II Regional Activities (Div VIII)

233. Closing Session - SI

  1. IFLA President Acceptance Speech

234. Council II - SI

Saturday 09 August 2003

All Day
235. Governing Board Meeting
(Closed Meeting)

Location: Zentral-und Landesbibliothek Berlin, Breite Strasse 36, 10178 Berlin

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