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68th IFLA Council and General Conference

Libraries for Life: Democracy, Diversity, Delivery

August 18th - 24th 2002, Glasgow, Scotland







Summer Academy Programme



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Summer Academy Programme

Mixing business with pleasure?

An alternative to the one-day and extended post-conference tours might be to join the Summer Academy programme.

Now in its 16th year, Summer Academy courses offer a wonderful opportunity to study under expert guidance whilst providing an interesting and enjoyable holiday. The programme attracts an international audience and has a special North American link through Elderhostel.

We have arranged for the Summer Academy to offer a choice of four courses in the weeks preceding and after IFLA 2002.

Based at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow we offer:

Andrew Carnegie: A Man of Steel
(10-17 August)

Tutored by Dr Anne-Marie Kilday, this one-week course, which commences on Saturday 10 August, focuses on the life and inheritance of the great Scotsman Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919).

At 12 he earned USD 1.20 a week. Fifty years later he was giving away a third of a billion dollars of his own money. Meanwhile he had built one of the world's greatest steel companies and in his time was deemed the richest man in the world. He also built as his Scottish residence, Skibo Castle, recent scene of the marriage of Madonna to Guy Ritchie - pictures of which received enormous worldwide publicity.

The course will trace the origins, influences and experiences of his life and will examine, why even today, more than 80 years after his death, he remains a force throughout the world.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style
(10-17 August)

Since his death in the 1920s, Charles Rennie Mackintosh has been seen as both a pioneer of the Modern Movement and as a leading art-nouveau stylist. Today, he enjoys the acclaim denied him in his lifetime, particularly in his home city of Glasgow, and he is widely recognised as a designer of dazzling originality.

The course will look at a major sample of Mackintosh's architectural creations - including some not usually open for public viewing.

Tutor: Michael Davis MA FSA(Scot) ALA

The University of Stirling offers:

Victorian Scotland - Behind the Scenes
(11-17 August)

Victorian Scotland was a mass of contradictions. On the face of it all seemed advance and success, apart from the Highlands, with achievements in industry, agriculture, education and culture. Yet, behind the facade, sectarianism and denominational confrontations marred many areas. There was a steady haemorrhage of Scots going abroad, and a gap between morality and experience which saw Scotland with a terrible record in terms of drink and illegitimacy - and failures through fraud and incompetence.

This course looks at this two-faced society with guided field trips to cemeteries and to the architecture of Edinburgh's underworld below the great banks and public buildings.

400 Years of Scottish Country Life
(25-31 August)

With a combination of lectures and field trips, the course considers documents and surviving physical evidence of abandoned buildings and fields, old roads and tiny rural harbours which once provided vital links to the wider world.

Full details of these and other Summer Academy courses are obtainable from:

Andrea McDonnell, Marketing and Reservations Manager,

Summer Academy, Keynes College,
The University, Canterbury, Kent,
United Kingdom
Telephone: +(44)(1227)470402
Fax: +(44)(1227)784338
Email: summeracademy@ukc.ac.uk

Note: all Summer Academy enquiries must be made direct. The Glasgow Organising Committee announces these Courses as an additional attraction to IFLA participants - but have absolutely no responsibility for them.


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