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66th IFLA Council and General


Jerusalem, Israel, 13-18 August 2000

IFLA 2000 Secretariat

Peltours-Te'um Congress Organisers
POB 52047, Jerusalem 91520
9 HaUman St., Suite 207,
Jerusalem 93420, Israel
Tel: +972 2 648 1245
Fax: +972 2 648 1305
E-mail: ifla@teumcong.co.il
Website: http://www.teumcong.co.il

IFLA Website

Use IFLANET for Up-to-Date Information For additional advance information about the conference programme and schedules, meetings added, speakers added, and special events scheduled, please remember to check IFLANET at www.ifla.org .


An international trade exhibition will be held in conjunction with the conference. For further information and to reserve exhibition space contact:

Rose International

PO Box 93260,
NL 2509 AG The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel: 31 70 383 8901
Fax: 31 70 381 8936
E-mail: rose@rose-international.com

Welcome Address

"The people of the book invite the keepers of the book."

On behalf of the Israeli National Organising Committee and the Israeli library community, we warmly invite all IFLA members to Jerusalem for the 66th Conference in the year 2000.

The IFLA Conference is the most important professional international event within the library and information community. It brings together delegates, experts and suppliers from all over the world, to meet, exchange ideas, share experiences, introduce new technologies and to influence the development of libraries and information centres, both nationally and globally. The Israeli National Organising Committee has chosen the theme:

"Information for Co-operation: Creating the Global Library of the Future"

for the 66th IFLA Conference in Jerusalem. The key word of the theme is co-operation, towards which we shall all be aiming. It is to these goals - international, multilingual, multicultural co-operation throughout the library and information community - that the 66th IFLA Conference in Jerusalem commits itself and invites all of its colleagues throughout the world to participate, contribute and celebrate in Jerusalem in the year 2000.

Jerusalem, the venue of the conference, is best characterised by its name - ??????? - in Hebrew, which means "city of peace". The city has a history of over 4000 years and is holy to the three monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is famous for its beauty and unique atmosphere - a blend of ancient and modern. Jerusalem is the most suitable setting for the 66th IFLA Conference, especially in the year 2000, the start of a new millennium and a new beginning.

The Israeli library community is waiting to welcome you all warmly in Jerusalem.
Sara Japhet

Bluma Peritz
IFLA 2000

Conference Theme

"Information for Cooperation: Creating the Global Library of the Future"

The enormous potential for international co-operation in the exchange and utilisation of information which today's technology offers, and tomorrow's technology promises, presents a unique opportunity to library and information professionals. The growing demand for bibliographic exchange, multicultural Internet resources, research unhampered by geographic or linguistic limitations, and cross-cultural networking, both in the sense of online technology and offline partnerships, is a challenge to libraries which should be welcomed and which must be addressed.

The Global Information Infrastructure which is developing and which will surely be in place early in the 21st century, will require information professionals with a sense of obligation, both to their national needs and to the larger goals of the international community, to digitise, navigate, distribute and preserve all the world's knowledge for all the world's people.

Information from the IFLA Secretariat

Welcome Desk at Airport

There will be a Welcome Desk at Ben Gurion International Airport on the following dates: 10 - 13 August. A Welcome Desk will be situated in the Arrival Hall. They will be pleased to assist you.

Transportation to Jerusalem

Ben Gurion International Airport is situated 40 kilometres from Jerusalem. The following means of transportation are available:

"Sherut" - a shared taxi: Provided by the Nesher Company. This service is available from the airport at all hours and will bring you to your destination in Jerusalem. Price: approximately $12 per person. Private taxis: Price: approximately $40 per taxi (max. 4 persons). Bus service is available to Jerusalem most of the day.

Registration Desk

The Registration Desk will be situated in the Dulzin Hall of the International Conference Centre. (Binyanei Ha'Ooma, Jerusalem 91060, Israel). The most convenient entrance to this area is by way of the Ramp. (Signs will show you the way.)

FRIDAY, 11 AUGUST: 07:30 - 16:00

Registration Fees

Registration fees: $425
Daily Registration: $125 (these fees include entrance to conference sessions only).

Balance Due on Accommodation/Tours - Ordered Through the Secretariat

The balance due on hotel and tour reservations made through the Conference Secretariat is payable upon arrival at the Registration Desk of the Conference. It is customary for the hotels to ask for an imprint of your credit card when you arrive at the hotel. This does not mean that you are paying the hotel directly, it is just for extras. (See "List of Hotels" on Page 11 for addresses, phone and fax numbers of hotels.)

Social Events

All registered participants and accompanying persons are invited to the following:
Monday, 14 August: Reception and Folklore Entertainment (at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Wednesday, 16 August:Reception and Tour of the Israel Museum
Invitations will be included in your personal envelope - to be received upon Registration

Walking Tour of the Old City of Jerusalem

Participants and Accompanying Persons are invited to a half-day walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem. The tour will be offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 08:00 - 12:30 hrs.
Meeting point: The Jaffa Gate at 08:00hrs.
The tour will include the Armenian Quarter, the Jewish Quarter, the Cardo (main shopping street of Jerusalem in Roman times), the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, the Christian Quarter (Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre).

You will be given your tickets for this event at the Registration Desk. (You will be asked to sign up for a specific tour on a specific day.)

Library Visits

Participants will be offered the opportunity to visit the libraries of Israel. Visits will be organised by category and both full day and half day visits will be provided. Wherever possible sightseeing will also be included. Visits by Category:
    Visit I: National and Government Libraries
    Visit II: Judaica Libraries
    Visit III: Libraries of Religious Institutions (Christian, Moslem, Mormon, Armenian)
    Visit IV: Academic Libraries (Central Libraries, Humanities & Social Science, Science, Technology & Engineering, Medical, Law)
    Visit V: Public Libraries
    Visit VI: School Libraries
You will receive a ticket for a library visit in your personal envelope (we will make every effort to give you your first or second choice).

Distribution of Conference Papers

Delegates are reminded that all conference papers have been posted to IFLANET at www.ifla.org and are in their conference bags on a CD-ROM provided by SilverPlatter Information, Ltd., an IFLA Gold Corporate Sponsor.

Instead of receiving all booklets in their conference bags, delegates will receive Booklet 0, containing the Presidential Address, Plenary Address; and papers given at the Guest Lecture series. Since many delegates do not need all papers, Booklets 1-8 will be provided upon request at the paper-handling centre.

Please use your coupons/vouchers (10 are provided in the conference bags) or cash to obtain workshop papers, translated papers, late arriving papers and extra copies of papers from the paper-handling centre.

General Information

Currency: The currency of Israel is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS). Major currencies can be freely exchanged at all banks, hotels, airports and at special change points in the cities. Credit cards are accepted in most stores.
Electricity: The electric current in Israel is 220 volts AC, single phase, 50 cycles.
Insurance: It is recommended that you obtain comprehensive travel and health insurance.
WEATHER / CLOTHING: Temperatures in August generally range between 20o -30o Centigrade (68o-90o Fahrenheit) throughout the country. Jerusalem is in the hills and enjoys dry weather, very low humidity, and brilliantly clear skies. It does not rain in Israel during the summer months. Jerusalem evenings are generally mild, allowing for comfortable outdoor activities. Informal clothing for all occasions.

IFLA Headquarters Booth

IFLA staff and IFLA Officers will be available to provide a wide range of information, including documentation on IFLA membership, the objectives and activities of IFLA's professional programme, recent IFLA publications and Professional Reports and much more. The schedule of when officers will be present at the booth will be published in IFLA Express throughout the conference week. IFLA's President, Christine Deschamps, and the Secretary General, Ross Shimmon will also take turns staffing the booth and are ready and willing to answer questions.

IFLA Headquarters will be offering merchandise for sale at the exhibition booth. Check out new items this year including the official IFLA "World Tour" T-shirts, and business card holders (to keep track of all those contacts you will make!). Treat yourself and have a reminder of your IFLA Conference experience.

Be sure to visit the booth and drop your business card in the box. At the end of the conference there will be a prize draw and the winner will receive free registration for the 2001 Boston Conference.

IFLA Voting Office

Voting delegates can obtain the voting papers at the IFLA Voting Office located near the registration area. The office will open on Friday, 11 August at 14:00-18:00; Saturday, 12 August, 09:00-18:00; and Sunday, 13 August, 09:00-15:00. Delegates are kindly requested to present themselves at their earliest convenience at the IFLA Voting Office. Voting papers will only be handed out to delegates who are in possession of the Voting Card 2000, duly signed by the appropriate authority. This Card was mailed to all Members which paid the contribution for 2000. Members which paid for 2000 but not for 1999 are not entitled to vote unless they are new Members which joined IFLA for the first time in 2000. Any Member which failed to receive the Voting Card 1000 after payment of dues is requested to inform the IFLA Secretariat.

Proxy Votes

The current postal ballot on the proposed changes to the Statutes of IFLA will result in an expression of Members' views on the proposals. The closing date is 1st August 2000. Please make sure that you vote! The result will be announced during Council I on Sunday 13th August.
But, in order to approve the changes, we will also have to comply with the provision in the existing Statutes (Article 27.3) and with Dutch law.
This means that, if the postal ballot result shows a majority in favour of the changes, the proposals still need to be presented to the meeting of Council to be held on Sunday 13th August in Jerusalem, in order to obtain formal approval.
At that meeting, a two-thirds majority of the total voting Members in favour of the proposals is required. (Just to make that clear: a two thirds majority of the total voting membership is required, not just a two-thirds majority of those present.)
We currently have 1244 voting Members in good standing. Therefore, at least 830 voting in favour of the proposals will be needed during the Council meeting on Sunday 13th August, in order to secure approval.

Last year, only 208 voting members picked up their credentials at the voting office.

It is vital, therefore, that:
All voting Members (Association Members and Institutional Members) who will be represented at the Council meeting in Jerusalem in August, ensure that their voting representative has the Voting Card. This card has been distributed, with the Convening Notice, to all voting Members who have paid their membership fees for 2000.

If you have not yet paid your Membership Fees, please do so immediately, otherwise you will not be able to vote at all.
Voting representatives collect their ballot papers and credentials from the Voting Office at the Jerusalem Conference, which will be located in the registration area of the conference centre. They need to present the Voting Card at the Voting Office. The Voting Office will be open as follows:

Friday, 11 August: 14:00 - 18:00
Saturday, 12 August: 09:00 - 18.00
Sunday, 13 August: 09:00 - 15:0

All voting Members (Association Members and Institutional Members) who have paid their membership fees for 2000, but will not be represented at the Council meeting in Jerusalem in August, arrange for their votes to be cast by Proxy, as provided for in Article 11.5.

In order to exercise your vote by proxy you need to:

Obtain the agreement of another Member, in the same category as you, to act as your proxy. So, an Association Member has to find another Association Member and an Institutional Member has to find another Institutional Member. Members holding a proxy vote do not have to be in the same country as the Member whose vote they are holding. But, in accordance with Article 11.5, a Member may hold no more than one proxy.

Having secured agreement, send your Voting Card, duly signed, to the Member who is going to exercise your proxy vote. Indicate your preferences on the motions to be voted upon to the Member exercising your vote. The Member exercising your vote will have to present your Voting Card to the Voting Office to obtain the ballot papers and credentials.

Special Council Meeting

If the postal ballot shows a majority in favour of the proposals, but a two-thirds majority of the total voting Membership is not achieved at the Council meeting, the Executive Board has indicated that a new Council meeting will be held on Friday 18th August, immediately after the closing of the Conference. This meeting will be held under the provisions of Article 27.4 of the existing Statutes. Under this provision, a two-thirds majority of the voting Members present or represented by proxy and voting is required. A quorum is not required for this meeting. It is important, therefore, that all representatives of voting Members and all holders of proxy votes plan to be present for the final session on the afternoon of Friday 18th August.

Ross Shimmon
Secretary General


The full list of workshops scheduled appeared in IFLA Express No. 1. Workshops which are off-site and require pre-registration are listed below. Workshop papers which have been posted to IFLANET, will appear on the CD-ROM sponsored by SilverPlatter Ltd., and will be available from the paper-handling centre at the Jerusalem International Convention Centre in exchange for cash or vouchers.

    Tuesday, 15 August, 08:30-17:00: Art Libraries: Workshop will be held in the Israel Museum. Theme: "Art Reference in the Digital Age". Please contact Jeannette Dixon at hirsch@mfah.org to register.

    Thursday, 17 August, 08:30-12:30. Government Information and Official Publications: Workshop will be held at Hebrew University. Theme: "Government Information on the Web". Please register with Jerry Mansfield at jmansfi1@E-mail.usps.gov.

    Thursday, 17 August, 08:30-12:30. User Education Workshop will be held at Hebrew University, Mount Scopus. Theme: "Training the Information User for the Global Library of the Future" . Please register with Doriana Loof dlf@sppb.se.

    Thursday, 17 August, 08:30-17:00. Science and Technology Libraries Study Tour to Haifa. Please contact Rivkah Frank at rivkahf@netvision.net.il.

    Thursday, 17 August, 08:30-17:00. Preservation and Conservation joint with Rare Books and Manuscripts Workshop will be held at the National and University Library. Theme: "Preservation of Parchment and Medieval Manuscripts". Please register with the Department of Conservation and Restoration at shinshin@vms.huji.il.

    Thursday, 17 August, 9:30-16:30. Section on Education and Training Workshop will be held at The School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, Givat Ram Campus, Hebrew University. Theme: "Teaching Students with Diverse Multilingual/Multicultural Backgrounds". Please contact Susan Lazinger at susan@vms.huji.ac.il ,

    Thursday, 17 August, 13:00-17:00. Social Sciences Libraries Workshop will be held at Hebrew University. Theme: "The Evaluation of Social Science Gateways to the WWW". Please contact Jakob Andersen at jak@dpb.dlh.dk,

    Thursday, 17 August, 13:00-17:00. Libraries Serving Multicultural Populations Workshop will be held off-site in various locations. Please register with Jane Dreisig at jdr65@helsbib.dk.

It's My First Time at the IFLA Conference: How Do I Make the Most of it?

IFLA will hold two meetings to welcome Newcomers to the IFLA Conference - the "Introduction to IFLA for Newcomers". The sessions will feature a variety of contributions from IFLA Officers and a visual presentation. Simultaneous Interpretation in all IFLA working languages will be provided and there will be ample opportunity for questions and answers. While the sessions are designed for first-time attendees and new IFLA Members, every participant who is curious to learn more about the organisation of IFLA's international network of information professionals is welcome to participate.

The sessions will be held on Sunday 13 August 09.00-10.20 and on Monday 14 August 09.00-10.20. Sessions will take place in the Usshiskin Hall. Coffee and pastries will be served. Be sure to come by to pick up your Newcomers-package and the special First Timer badge!

Satellite Meetings August 2000

Marketing Libraries with a Focus on Academic and Large Libraries
8-11 August, 2000. Haifa, Israel. Section on Management & Marketing

Marketing and communications have been said to be the spearhead of the profession of librarianship in its effort to become more visible. For several years the IFLA Section of Management and Marketing (http://archive.ifla.org/VII/s34/somm.htm) has been trying to help librarians around the world to get a better knowledge of marketing as well as a more effective use of its various techniques.

Again in 2000, the Section is offering a pre-conference satellite workshop on marketing devoted mainly to the communications aspects and especially focused on applications to academic, national and large libraries. The workshop will be held in beautiful Haifa (Video available at http://www.haifa.gov.il/tourism/VideoEng.html) in the north of Israel, and the University of Haifa will host the workshop. Instruction will be given mainly in English but we are now trying to find resources in order to offer simultaneous translation into French.

For this unique professional development opportunity, an experienced and well known team of instructors has been recruited: Christie Chintz from South Florida University, Marilee de Miribel from University de Paris 10 (Mediadix), Rejean Savard from Universite de Montreal, Christina Tovot? from the University of Malmo, Sheila Webber from the University of Strathclyde, and Tom Wilding from the University of Texas at Arlington. Moreover, special guests will come from different libraries in different countries to bring to the participants interesting marketing and communications experiences that will be discussed as case studies.

For more information contact:
Rejean Savard

Ecole de bibliotheconomie et des sciences de lŽinformation
Universite de Montreal
C.P. 6128, succursale A
Montreal (Quebec), H3C 3J7
Tel. +1-514-343-7408
Fax +1-514-343-5753
E-mail: savardr@ere.umontreal.ca

The 16th Annual International Conference of Parliamentary Libraries

9 August 2000, Athens Greece. Section on Library and Research Services for Parliaments and sponsored by the Hellenic Parliament.

For more information contact:
Eleni Mitrakou
Hellenic Parliament,
Serials Department
218 Lenormant Ave. Athens, 11528
E-mail: mitrakou@parliament.gr

Managing the Preservation of Newspapers

Paris, Symposium at Bibliotheque nationale de France, 21 - 24 August, 2000

Preliminary Programme An international conference organised by Offal's Core Programme on Preservation and Conservation, Section on Preservation and Conservation, Section on Serial Publications, Round Table on Newspapers with the support and Cupertino of the Bibliotheque nationale de France (BnF) and Ville de Paris.

Eleven years after the First International Symposium on the Preservation of Serial Literature organised at the Library of Congress, IFLA wishes to assess the changed that have occurred since1989. Sessions will concentrate mainly on preservation policies, reformatting, financial issues, electronic items and shared preservation. The last day will offer participants the opportunity to visit various preservation sites of the BnF. Working languages will be French and English

For more information contact:
Marie-Therese Varlamoff

Bibliotheque nationale de France
E-mail: marie-therese.varlamoff@bnf.fr


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