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Practical Information

62nd IFLA General Conference
Beijing, CHINA
August 25-31, 1996

1. Visas and Letters of Invitation

All participants are required to come with visas. We recommend they consult the Chinese consulates in their home countries. To those participants from the countries without diplomatic relations with China, please indicate to the China Organizing Committee countries and cities at least 10 working days in advance before they commence to make application.

2. An Official Letter of Invitation

An official letter of invitation to facilitate entrance visa application will be sent by China Organizing Committee upon request. It is understood that such an invitation does not exempt the recipient from paying all registration fees and other costs. It is not a commitment on the part of the conference to provide any financial support.

3. Currency

Chinese currency is the yuan (RMB). The current exchange rate as at October 1995 is about 8.44 yuan to one US dollar. There are 20 kinds of currencies which can be exchanged in the banks, some main hotels and the Convention Center, including: British, Canadian, Dutch, German, Swiss, Belgian, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Austrian, Japanese, Singapore, Australian, Finish, Malaysian, U.S. Hongkong and Macao.

The currencies of U.S., Britain, Japan, Hongkong, Germany, France can be exchanged in almost all hotels as well as the banks and Convention Center.

The world wide-accepted credit cards, e.g. Visa, Master Card, American Express and JCB can be used in the main hotels and Convention Center, while the traveller's cheques issued by American, Japanese, European and Hongkong banks are accepted. The cheque from the Bank of China is the most convenience when you are in China.

4. Climate

Late August in Beijing is fairy hot, dry and clear. The average temperature is about 28-300C (84-88F) at the maximium and 18-200C (66-70F) at minimum. Usually shirts or at most a jacket will do very well. A raincoat or umbrella is advised. The Convention Center and most places for the conference activities as well as the hotels are air-conditioned.

5. Electrical Supply

220V, 50Hz.

6. Local Transport Facilities

From the Airport:

24km in distance from the airport to the Convention Center. Participants, leaving for the Convention Center, can come by airport limousine to the destination of Zhongguang Chun (schedule: every 60 minutes) and get off at the stop of the Convention Center.

Approximate fare: 12.00 RMB (1995 price).

by taxi:
Approximate fare: 60.00-90.00 RMB (1995 price) including baggages.

From the Convention Center to other areas of the city:

Buses: 328, 380, 386, 387, 406, 407, 408 and trolley-bus 108. The rush hours are 7:00-9:00 and 16:30-18:30. In addition to the public buses a sharp increase of the number of taxis and minibuses can be seen in the city. However due to the increasingly heavy traffic, especially during the rush hours, participants are strongly advised to stay in the hotels as near to the Center as possible to avoid the delay caused by the traffic. Those who plan to arrange the hotel accommodation themselves should take into account the traffic situation. You are recommended to take taxi or minibuses. The fares for taxi is about 1.00-2.00 RMB per km (1995 price).

7. Full-Day Sightseeing Tours (August 31)

Beijing is a city with a number of historical relics, imperial palaces, royal gardens, temples and a variety of beautiful parks. All delegates and accompanying persons will be invited to visit one group of the following 7 excursion tours at his or her choice:

8. Pre- and Post Conference Tours

Before or after the conference participants are encouraged to tour the country. The following tour packages are recommended to see the natural beauty of the country and to have an increasing understanding of the daily lives of the Chinese people: Details about the tours will be given in the second issue of IFLA Express due to appear in May or June 1996.
  1. East China Tour (5 days): Beijing-Nanjing-Wuxi-Suzhou-Shanghai- Hangzhou-Guangzhou-Hongkong.
    Price: US$ 698 per person (including hotel rooms, meals, guide service, transportation from Guangzhou to Hongkong, excluding local airport taxes).

  2. Taishan Mountain Tour (5 days): Beijing-Jinan-Taishan-Qufu (Confucius Temple)-Beijing.
    Price: US$ 485 per person (including local transportation, hotel rooms, meals, guide services).

  3. Three Gorges and Huangshan Mountain Tour (9 days): Beijing- Chongqing-Three Gorges-Wuhan-Huangshan-Guangzhou.
    Price: US$ 1585 per person (including ferry fare, local transportation, hotel room, meals, guide service, excluding local airport taxes).

  4. Major Cities Tours (7 days): Beijing-Xian-Shanghai-Guilin- Guangzhou-Hongkong.
    Price: US$ 952 per person (including hotel room, meals, local airfares, guide service, excluding local airport taxes).

  5. Silk Road Tour (10 days): Beijing-Urumqi-Turfan-Dunhuang- Lanzhou-Xian.
    Price: US$ 1548 per person (including meals, hotel rooms, local transportation, guide service, excluding local airport taxes).

  6. Southwest China Tours (9 days): Beijing-Xian-Chengdu-Lhasa- Chengdu-Hongkong.
    Price: US$ 1586 per person including meals, hotel rooms, local transportation, guide service, excluding local airport taxes).