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International NGO’s bonding to intensify cooperation on convergence in the cultural heritage sector

December 2008

On the 21st of November 2008 IFLA President Claudia Lux initiated the first NGO Meeting on Convergence. The outcome of this meeting was that IFLA and its sister organizations for archives (ICA), museums (ICOM), monuments and sites (ICOMOS), and the council for audiovisual archives (CCAAA) plan to intensify cooperation in areas such as copyright and other legal matters, protection and preservation of cultural heritage (Blue Shield), global digital libraries, political lobby and standardization.

To support this initiative, IFLA takes up the convergence secretariat for two years. The NGO convergence group can be reached at: convergence@ifla.org. A next meeting of the NGO’s on convergence will take place in May 2009.

See for more information the collective communiqué.