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Public Libraries Section
Midwinter meeting Singapore

7 and 8 of March, 2002

Agenda, second version


Thursday March 7íth and Friday March 8íth, 2002


10:45 am to 5:30 pm (Thursday) followed by dinner in town and Tour of the Night Safari.

9:00 am to 12:00 am (Friday) followed by Library visits.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday please see general programme by NLB


Amber Room

Marine Parade Community Library

Marine Parade Community Complex

278 Marine Parade Road, #01-02

Singapore 449282

Tel: 332 3255

  1. Opening and Announcements (Clubb)
  2. Welcome to Singapore (Ngian)
  3. Approval of the Agenda
  4. The Chairs Report (Clubb)
  5. Approval and Follow-up of the Minutes from the Boston Meeting, August 2001
  6. Extension of the Standing Committee to 20 members ?
  7. According to IFLA "Rules of Procedures", the Committee is allowed appoint members in case of Casual Vacancies. IFLA HQ has accepted to replace Georgeta Clinca, Rumania and Robert Pestell, Australia.

  8. Report from Coordination Board, Division III (Clubb and Sondergard)
  9. CB is holding its winter meeting in Denmark, March 14 and 15, so it will only be possible to report on the agenda, but on the other hand it gives the members a chance to bring forward comments for Borge to bring to the meeting.

  10. Report from Professional Committee
  11. The Minutes of PC meeting in December have been e-mailed to the members, please bring them with you.

  12. Report on Membership (Sondergard)
  13. Finances
  • Financial Report (Clubb) to be distributed by Email.
  • Determining which project funds to apply for after Glasgow
  1. Strategic Plan 2002-2003
  2. Draft 3 of the Strategic Plan has been distributed to the members. Please bring with you. Professional Board has approved the strategic Plan, but we need to finalise it and decide on who is working with which project/working group and spend some time developing strategies. Members should come prepared with their plans for developing and joining new projects. Some of you have already indicated an interest in certain new projects, please be prepared to share your thoughts and preliminary plans for the project.

  3. Review of Ongoing Projects
    1. Life Long Learning (Bailac & Kjekstad)
    2. Computer Literacy (Poncé & Sondergard)
    3. UNET-evaluation (Hassner)
    4. Marketing Guidelines (Clubb)
      1. Review and revision to proposed marketing strategy included in grant proposal
      2. Update on translations
      3. African Strategy
      4. South American Strategy
      5. Additional funding opportunities

13. Website and Newsletter (van der Putten)

Also news on Public Library Legislation on the website, and we have to decide on a new brochure for Glasgow.

14. Programme for IFLA 2002 Glasgow

Decisions on the contents of the Open Forum, workshop and discussion groups. Please bring with you suggestions to contents. For inspiration please look at IFLA RED THREAD DRAFT 2002 sent to you from John Lake.

Decisions on responsibilities and work.

15. Preliminary Programme for IFLA 2003 Berlin and 2004 Buenos Aires

Satellite Meeting Enquiry Form for Berlin (1.-9. August, 2003) must reach IFLA HQ before March 15íth 2002!

16. Other Reports and Items

    • Gates Access to Learning Award 2002
    • Members biographies

17. Closing


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