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Help to save rare historical books from the flooded Municipal Library of Prague

In August the worst floods in 500 years hit the Czech Republic. 250,000 people were forced to leave their homes - one out of every forty citizens. The center of Prague was flooded and its rich cultural heritage suffered huge damage.

One of the most affected institutions is the Municipal Library of Prague, where 20,000 rare historical books and prints were flooded. Thanks to the immense effort of hundreds of volunteers, the books were saved from water and provisionally stored in freezers at minus 30 degrees centigrade. Experts will have to dry and carefully restore each of these books.

The first step in the reconstruction effort is to rebuild the conservators' laboratory, which was swept away by the floods. All this requires extensive financing.

The Municipal Library and The City of Prague will be able to rebuild, re-equip and re-open all damaged public libraries. However, restoration of the 20,000 historical books and prints will for sure require wider cooperation.

Tomas Rehak, the managing director of the Municipal Library, appeals to the Czech and international public, libraries, cultural institutions and companies to help to save rare historical books and prints. Material and financial support is urgently needed and welcomed. The library needs special technologies to rebuild the laboratory, and finances for restoration.

We thank all those willing to help on behalf of all future readers of the saved books and prints.

The managing director and librarians of the Municipal Library of Prague.


Please, address your contributions and offers to:

E-mail: flood@mlp.cz
Phone. +420-222-113300
Phone/Fax: +420-224-214315

Municipal Library of Prague,
Marianske nam. 1,
115 72 Prague 1,
Czech Republic

Bank account "Help to save rare historical prints from the flooded Municipal Library of Prague!":
Number: 2000280099/6000;   S. W. I. F. T.   PMBP CZPP


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