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Metropolitan Libraries Section

Annual Conference
Riga, Latvia
11-16 September

Theme: "Libraries and Lifelong Learning: Inspiring Users and Staff"


Sunday, September 11

Welcome reception at City Hall, Ratslaukums 1 (http://www.riga.lv)

Monday, September 12

  • Opening address of president of MLS of IFLA.
    Liv Saeteren, director of Oslo City Library
  • Presentation about Latvia.
    Ojars Kalnins, Director of the Institute of Latvia (http://www.li.lv)
  • Presentation about Library System in Latvia.
    Daniels Pavluts, State Secretary of Ministry of Culture (http://www.km.gov.lv)
  • Network of Light.
    Sandra Ozolina, Director of S/A,Culture Information System (http://www.linc.lv)
  • Presentation of Library Information System "Alise".
    Rems Grinsteins, Product Development Manager (http://www.isalise.lv)
  • Libraries in the System of Culture Institutions of Riga.
    Diana Civle, Head of Culture Department of Riga City Council (http://www.rdkp.lv)
  • Riga Central Library - Place for Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education of the Staff.
    Dzidra Smita, Director of Riga Central library (http://www.rcb.lv)
  • (Visiting Riga Central Library)

Tuesday, September 13

(Location: hotel "Gutenbergs" conference hall, Doma laukums 1 http://www.gutenbergs.lv)

Wednesday, September 14

  • Visiting Ventspils Library and Ventspils Museum (http://www.biblioteka.ventspils.lv , http://www.ventspilsmuzejs.lv)

Thursday, September 15

Friday, September 16

List of Participants

  List of Participants