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President's report

Secretary-Treasurer's Report

Minutes of 2000 annual meeting in St. Louis, USA


Newsletter report

Upcoming INTAMEL conferences

Election of officers

INTAMEL Statistics

Other Business

International Association of Metropolitan Libraries (INTAMEL) Round Table

Minutes of the 2002 Business Meeting

September 5, 2002, Stockholm, Sweden


Ton van Vlimmeren Tomas Rehak
Hans van Velzen Borge Sorensen
Florin Rotaru Sharon Thien
Patrick Bazin Inga Lundén
Aline Girard-Billon Peter Fodor
Stuart Brewer TAY Ai Cheng
Norbert Kamp Serguei Ivachkine
Claudia Lux Larisa Oulianova
Tatsiana Akushevich Rick Ashton
Dan Wilson Gary E. Strong
Christian Relly Liv Saeteren
Marija Kobal Jan Boman
Tatjana Nebesny Davorka Bastic
Frans Meijer Charles Hunsberger
Maija Berndtson


Anna Torfadottir, Arend Flemming, Anna Maria Rossato, Andrew Miller, Doloresa Veilande, Elliot Shelkrot, Barbara Clubb, Dagmar Schmidmaier, Melvyn Barnes

President's report

After thanking our hosts, the Stockholm Public Library and its Director, Inga Lundén, the President, Dan Wilson, opened the meeting and greeted the members present and welcomed them to Stockholm.

Secretary-Treasurer's Report

The statement of receipts and expenditures for the period ending August 20, 2002 showed a closing fund balance of SEK 72.426.

The report was approved by the meeting. The business meeting decided to support this year`s conference in Stockholm with SEK 25.000.

Minutes of 2000 annual meeting in St. Louis, USA

The minutes were approved by the meeting.


The President reported that Ms Tatsiana Akushevich of Minsk, Belarus had been granted a scholarship from INTAMEL in order to be able to take part in the present conference.

Ms Akushevich gave her many thanks for having received a scholarship. She informed the meeting that she had been able to go abroad for the first time seven years ago and that much in her life and work had been changed lately due, among other things, to INTAMEL. She also informed the meeting that she now takes part in the European Community PUL MAN project as Project Co-ordinator for Byelorussia.

Newsletter report

The President reported that Pat Wressell had retired from the editorship of Metro. The last issue had been published in July 2001, number 20. Stuart Brewer informed the meeting that the last issues of Metro can now be read on the INTAMEL website. He also informed the meeting that he is always ready to receive contributions to put on INTLIB, INTAMEL's email discussion list.

The President expressed his and INTAMEL's gratitude for all the work that Pat Wressell had done for INTAMEL during the years with the publication of Metro. The President also expressed his and all members appreciation for all work done by Stuart Brewer with INTLIB.

Upcoming INTAMEL conferences

Tay Ai Cheng informed the meeting that the conference in Singapore in 2003 will be held in September. The members of INTAMEL will be given the specific dates as soon as possible.

Florin Rotaru reported that the conference in Bucharest and Brasov, Romania, will be held in the first week of September 2004.

Frans Meijer invited INTAMEL to Rotterdam, Netherlands, in 2005.

Aline Girard-Billon and Patrick Bazin invited INTAMEL to Paris and Lyon, France, in 2006.

After the presentations from the members from Romania, Netherlands and France, the meeting decided unanimously that the yearly INTAMEL Conferences shall be held as follows:

    ˇ Singapore
    ˇ Bucharest and Brasov, Romania
    ˇ Rotterdam, Netherlands
    ˇ Paris and Lyon, France.

Election of officers (Three - Year Term)

A committee represented by Borge Sorensen made the following nominations:

    For President: Frans Meijer, Rotterdam, Netherlands
    There being no other nominations, Frans Meijer, was acclaimed.

    For Secretary: Aline Girard-Billon, Paris, France
    There being no other nominations, Aline Girard-Billon, was acclaimed.

    For Treasurer: Tay Ai Cheng, Singapore
    There being no other nominations, Tay Ai Cheng, was acclaimed.

The meeting also decided that the new officers together with Dan Wilson and Jan Boman should form the Executive Committee of INTAMEL.

INTAMEL Statistics

Wiebke Andresen urged all members of INTAMEL to complete the annual questionionnaire about statistics. Only 26 members had answered the latest questionnaire. The meeting was by common consent in agreement about the importance of the statistics and expressed its support to Wiebke Andresen in her work.

Other Business

Several members raised the question about INTAMEL's relations with IFLA and pointed out that there were strong arguments for closer ties with IFLA. Claudia Lux informed the meeting that INTAMEL must decide in October if the Association would take part in IFLA`s conference in Berlin next year. Claudia Lux suggested that the new President, Frans Meijer, should begin discussion with IFLA concerning the conference in Berlin.

Frans Meijer informed the meeting that he will present proposals in Singapore next year regarding the relationship between INTAMEL and IFLA


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