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Metropolitan Libraries Section

Strategic Plan


To create and maintain a vibrant, dynamic and thriving network of metropolitan libraries in urban areas where long-term relationships among member libraries are established and opportunities created to exchange ideas and experiences on new services and challenges faced.


  • To raise the knowledge, skills and capability of librarians through the creation of networking opportunities to share ideas and knowledge that will contribute towards the continuous advancement of metropolitan libraries
  • To provide support to needful metropolitan libraries in a non-judgmental and sensitive manner to raise the level of their services
  • To leverage on member libraries' shared experiences and knowledge to create and set directions for the future of metropolitan libraries

Strategic Agenda

No. Program Goals & Projects Section Lead IFLA Priority
1 Section Administration
1.1 Promote Section Membership    
1.1.1 Project: Update and produce Section Brochure
  • Upload PDF copy in Section website
  • Recruit new members during Open Session
Ai Cheng TAY   D
1.2 Administer Section Finance    
1.2.1 Project: Administer Sponsorship Grant
  • Determine criteria for sponsorship grants to annual conference
  • Establish sponsorship value and number of grants for each year
  • Evaluate and approve sponsorship applications
Ai Cheng TAY D
2 Networking, co-operation & partnership among member libraries
2.1 Conduct Open Session at IFLA Conference
  • Presentations on key projects of member libraries/Section
Ai Cheng TAY F
2.2 Organise Annual Conference
  • List of host countries from 2007-2012
  • Suggested themes for annual conference
Standing Committee F
3 Benchmarking Criteria for Library Evaluation
3.1 Project: Compilation of statistics from member libraries for benchmarking purpose Josephine Bryant I
4 Library Leadership & Management
4.1 Deliberate on critical library leadership issues & concerns and propose appropriate solutions
  • Project: Librarians leading the way, making a difference
Hans van Velz H
5 Use of technologies in library service delivery
5.1 Knowledge sharing of innovative/creative application of technologies in member libraries
  • Project: MLS Videonews
Christine MacKenzie   F
6 Guidelines, policies & standards for metropolitan libraries
6.1 Guidelines & Policy Framework
  • Project: Guidelines & Standards for Metropolitan City Libraries
Ai Cheng TAY I
6.2 Customer-focused initiatives
  • Project: Database of Customer Surveys
Barbara Lison I
7 Promote reading, literacy and lifelong learning
7.1 Project: Lifelong learning, social cohesion and equitable access Thomas Galante C