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Newsletter of the Round Table on User Education

July 1996


The Round Table on User Education is looking forward to its third IFLA Conference as a formal Round Table after three years work as a Working Group. Our activities and the active participation in the sessions, workshops and meetings of the RT have proved the increasing importance of user education in the library and information world.

In this annual Newsletter we report on the activities of the RT and inform you about our programme in the approaching Beijing Conference. We also welcome all you who come to Beijing to join us in our Open Session, Workshop and Executive Committee (EC) meetings.

We would like to point out that the EC meeting is open to all interested members of the RT, and call you attention to the item 10 in the agenda where the RT Medium Term Programme 1998-2003 will be discussed. After six years of activities it is time to reconsider the ideas and and goals for the future. There is no doubt that user education, e.g. development of information literacy, will play a growing role the work of librarians and information specialists. Below are the goals and objectives as they have expressed since he establishment of the RT. You can also find them in the brochure of RT.

Please take a print of this newsletter with you to Beijing: We have included here all the necessary documents for the EC meeting. To improve the communication in the RT, you can also find here the list of the EC members. Looking forward to meeting you in Beijing! Oili Kokkonen & Martin Kesselman


  1. to foster international co-operation in the development of user education
  2. to promote research into the development of information skill and user education
  3. to promote the establishment and development of user education programmes in libraries
  4. to develop guidelines for user education programmes and their integration into curricula at all levels
  5. to disseminate information on the development of curricula and teaching methodologies
  6. to encourage the develoment of dissemination of appropriate teaching materials
  7. to encourage the development of education and training for librarians in user education


In order to achieve its goals the Round Table will:

    a) review and revise the statement of its aims and objectives
    b) identify a work plan, including: - projects on aspects of user education, - conferences, etc.
    c) organise sessions and workshops during the annual IFLA conferences on, for example: - the role international agencies can play in developing user education in libraries, - current practice in user education, - research & developments in user education and information skills development, - the education and retraining of teachers of information skills.


  • Marty Kesselman, Secretary of the RT was appointed to the Council for IFLA's new Core program on Literacy.

  • The Round Table now has an online mailing list for discussion of RT business between IFLA meetings. The address for the list is: user_ed@email.rutgers.edu. To subscribe to the list, address an email message to: majordomo@email.rutgers.edu. Include the one line message: subscribe user_ed yourfullemailaddress.

  • The Round Table is putting on the finishing touches of our electronic directory for user education specialists with plans to make this available shortly on IFLANET. A second call for user education experts is planned.

Programme in Beijing


Wednesday 28, August, 15.30-18.00 p.M. (137):


  1. Challenges of literacy development in an information society by Pirjo Linnakyla, Ph.D., Professor, Institute of Educational Reserach, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

  2. Information literacy: gaps betweem concepts amd application by Leena Siitonen, Ph.D., Consultant, Lieto, Finland

  3. Network Literacy: New Task for Librarians on User Education by Chengren Hu, Ph.D., Library Automation Coordinator, Andersen Library, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Wisconsin, WI 53190, USA

  4. Infolit: a South African initiative to promote information literacy by Cathy-Mae Karelse, Western Cape Tertiary Institution's Trust, Calico - INFOLIT, South Africa

  5. Information User training in developing countries starting from China by Baiyin Feng, Librarian, Tsingua University Library, Beijing, China


Thursday 29, August, 13.00-17.00 l.M.


  1. Reaching Out to the Remote User, by Martin Kesselman, Jackie Mardikian by Myoung Wilson, Rutgers University Libraries, New Jersey, USA

  2. Reaching Out Through Technology: A Plan of Success for Instituting Outreach Education and Extension Agent Programs, by Navjit Brar, Trenton State College Library, New Jersey, USA

  3. Instruction and the Internet: Teaching in Cyberspace, by Aniko Halverson, Architecture & Fine Arts Library, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA

  4. Instruction and the Internet: A Perspective from Brazil -- Sueli Mara Ferreira, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

  5. Virtual Pathfinders by Steve Sloan, University of New Brunswick Library, Canada

  6. Content Analysis and Evaluation of Library Instructional Programs on the World Wide Web by Win Shih and Mark Baricevic, Pius XII Memorial Library, Saint Louis University, Missouri, USA


by Oili Kokkonen, Secretary of the RT,
20 September 1995

The Round Table on User Education had a successful year 1994/1995, completing its first year as an official Round Table of IFLA. The RT held an open session and was co-sponsoring of two workshops at the Annual Conference in Istanbul. Both the open session and the workshops were enthusiastically welcome and provided no doubt greater visibility for the Round Table. The membership of the Round Table amounted to 78 members from 22 different countries by the end of the Istanbul Conference. The increase of 10 new members during the year also proves a growing interest for the user education among the profession.


One issue of a Newsletter was published and sent to the persons in the list of members of the RT in May 1995. The Newsletter was e-mailed for 45 e-mail addresses, faxed for 12 recipient and posted for 10 addresses. The Newsletter was also distributed, whenever possible by e-mail, to chairmen and secretaries of all IFLA Sections and RTs. It was also was published in the BI-L listserv. Obviously mainly due to information in BI-L, this issue like the first one, called for several interested connections and some new members. The RT brochure was published in 1 000 copies and was available at the Istanbul Conference. A group of Executive board members have kindly promised to translate this English version into French, German, Russian and Spanish, due to be gradually published in the approaching 1-2 years.

Seminar in Tunis:

The Seminar "Psychologie et Comportement des Usagers face aux Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information" was held Tunis 16-18 November 1994. The Seminar was organized by the Institut Superieur de Documentation (ISD), Universite des Lettres, des Arts et des Sciences Humaines de Tunis under auspices of BIEF (Banque International d'Information sur Etats Francophone, Agence de Cooperation Culturelle et Technique, Canada) and IFLA. The secretary of the RT on User Education brought the greetings of IFLA and the RT to the Seminar, and Mme Marie-Joelle Tarin, member of the EC of the RT, presented the activities and objectives of RT at the Seminar. The report from the seminar and the recommendations accepted at the seminar are published in the RT Newsletter, May 1995.

Programme in Istanbul:

The RT organized an open session on the theme "Educating users internationally" and two workshops - one on access and training issues of electronic journals with the SC on Science and Technology Libraries and one on training issues and the Internet with the SC on University and Research Libraries. The RT is quite pleased that these two standing committees sought its cooperation for the workshops.

Both the open session and the workshops proved an increasing interest in user education. The open session gathered an audience of 240, the two workshops of about 60 persons respectively. All papers at the open session and the workshops were presented in English. Four of the papers were available through IFLANET before the conference, three papers have been sent later on. The availability of simultaneous translation at the open session was a great asset and welcome, especially from the point of view of the large audience in the session.

The EC Meeting in Istanbul gathered six members and two observers. The programmes for Beijing and Copenhagen conferences were dealt with and workshops for both conferences were featured. Nomination of the membership for 1996-97 of the EC was on the agenda, and the chair and secretary of the RT changed their roles for the period concerned. The work of a round table ECs is difficult because there is only one meeting provided to the Committees at the beginning of the conferences unlike the standing committees. It has, however, proved that during the conference new connections are made and ideas for programmes and projects are developed that should be discussed. From that angle the RT would see important that during the conferences two meetings for the RTs would be allocated by the IFLA HQ.

The RT project to create and electronic directory on worldwide experts in user education and information literacy was discussed at the EC Meeting and during the conference. It was decided to build it on the IFLANET web service to provide up to date information application. The timetable and responsibilities of the secretary and the chair in the implementation of the project were agreed upon.

Programme of the Round Table in Istanbul:

Open Session

"Educating Users Internationally": Hannelore Rader (Library, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA):

User education and information literacy for the next decade: an international perspective; Babakisi Fidzani (Library, University of Botswana, Gaborone, Bostwana):

User education in academic libraries: a study of trends and developments in Southern Africa; Nancy Fjallbrandt (Information Services, Chalmers University of Technology, Gotheborg, Sweden):

EDUCATE: a networked user education project; Barbara Wittkopf (Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA):

Current user education themes and trends in the United States


(each half day):

"Internet Training and Use Internationally" (Joint with Section of University Libraries):

Internet training in the USA, Isabel Stirling (Library, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA);`

Teaching Internet in a university library: the users' point of view, Oili Kokkonen (Jyv{skyl University Library, Finland);

Design of WWW browsers for improved Internet access, Irma Pasanen (Information Services, Helsinki University of Technology Library, Espoo, Finland)

"Electronic Journals: Access, Use and Implications for Training for Users and Librarians" (Joint with Science and Technology Libraries):

Electronic journal collection analysis, Tom Nisonger (School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA);

Scholars and e-journals, Jan Olsen (Mann Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA);

Training issues, Tuija Sonkkila (Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo, Finland);

Technical access issues, Suzanne Grefshem (National Institutes of Health Library, Bethesda, Maryland, USA);

Publishing an e-journal for the library, Marina Zalvzhskaya (Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia):

Publishers' Round Table: Arnoud de Kemp (Springer Verlag, Germany), Ted Caris (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts), Robert Kimberley (ISI, USA)

Minutes from the Executive Committee Meeting in Istanbul

on Saturday 19th, 1995, 9-11AM:

  1. The Chair, Martin Kesselman, opened the meeting and welcomed the members of the EC (4) and observers (2).

  2. The agenda was adopted..

  3. The minutes of the 1994 meeting in Havana were approved.

  4. The annual Report 1993/94 of the RT was adopted.

  5. Discussion of programmes at the approaching conferences: Beijing 1996 Open Session: "Challenges of educating remote users: what can the librarians do?" The theme was discussed and it was decided to look it from the viewpoint of users themselves. Instead of having the traditional papers it was also decided to touch the subject in a panel discussion with brief introductions of the panelists.

    Beijing 1996 Workshop:

    "Concepts of Information Literacy and its Challenges for User Education" IFLA is preparing a possible new core programme "literacy", and the EC emphasized the RT should play active role in the development of the programme. If feasible, Chinese spekers will be invited both for the open session and the workshop Copenhagen 1997:

    Open Session:

    "Information Literacy and role of UE in fighting for it"

    Copenhagen 1997 Workshop:

    "Teaching Teacher Librarians: Developing Teaching Skills of User Educators"
    Both themes to be specified in Beijing 1996. The programmes were discussed, and the Chairman and the Secretary were authorized to prepare the programme of the 1996 Conference according to the ideas of the meeting.

  6. RT Project: IFLA has allocated funds for compiling a Directory/Electronic Network of User Education Specialists. The content of the directory was discussed: contact information, specialities, experience, important publications, professional affiliation, user education specialization. It was also decided that the concrete aim of the project would be to establish the directory for the IFLA-Net. The Chair and the Secretary were authorized to compile the questionnaire, to collect the information and to establish the directory.

  7. The RT brochure has been published in English and available at the Istanbul Conference. Possibilities of translations in other languages were discussed and the following volunteers were offered: Irene Sever (German), Andrei Zemskov (Russian). Marie Belle Tarin had already earlier promised to translate the leaflet in French. The Chair will survey possibilities of finding a Chinese translator.

  8. The RT budget was adopted. It was also decided that the remaining funds would be used to cover a part of the printing costs of the leaflets.

  9. Election of EC members for 1996-1997:Following new member was elected for the EC: Nancy Fjallbrandt, Sweden andJesus Lau, Mexico

  10. Election of EC officers for 1996-1997: Oili Kokkonen Chair/treasurer, Martin Kesselman Secretary

  11. The initiating IFLA Core Programme "Literacy" was discussed. It was decided that the RT would intend to actively contribute to development of the programme to cover not only the traditional concept of literacy but also the aspects of information literacy. Martin Kesselman was authorized to represent the RT in the preparations of the programme.

  12. The Chair closed the meeting. He wished all participants welcome to the RT's Open Session andWorkshop of the Instanbul Conference.

Financial Statement 1944/1995:

Administrative Funds: 1994 funds: NGL 218,73
Printing of brochure: NGL 218,-
Balance: NGL 0,73

1995 funds: Income from HQ: NGL 640,
Newsletter: NLG 157,
Copying: NLG 269,
Telephone: NLG 214,
Total Admin. costs: NGL 640,
Balance: 0

Project Funds: 1995 funds: Income from HQ: NGL 1 300; (Project 1/95 is in process and expenditures will be paid by the end of the year)



  1. Introduction and Welcome
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. Attendance of observers
  4. Approval of the Minutes of the EC meeting in Istanbul 1995 (published in this Newsletter)
  5. Approval of the Annual report 1994-95 (Newsletter)

  6. Approval of the Financial statement 1994-95 (Newsletter)

  7. Discussion of the Upcoming Open Session 1996 and Workshop:
    *Open Session, Wednesday, 28 August (137): "Information Literacy: Global Perspectives" 137

    *Workshops on Thursday, 29 August (173): "User Education for Remote Library Users"

  8. Discussion of the Copenhagen Conference 1997 Programme: Possible themes:

    • Training of Educational Librarians: Developing of Teaching Skills of Librarians Involved in the Development of Information Skills of Users;
    • Library Gateways and Instruction (instruction via an online library gateway, identifying needs of users in the development of these gateways etc.;
    • Other ideas?

    Have a workshop? Should we try for a workshop every year? Can we co sponsor again? Instead should we try to cooperate with the RT on Continuing Professional Education ("training trainers" preseminar) or plan a tour to libraries of interest to user education in the Copenhagen area?)

  9. Discussion of the 1998 Amsterdam Conference

  10. Discussion/approval of objectives and goals of the RT for the IFLA Medium Term Programme 1998-2003

  11. Round Table Projects:
    • Online Directory of User Education Specialists,
    • Informational Brochure in different languages?,
    • Possible other projects?

  12. Report from the CB on Education and Research

  13. Other Business

Members of the Executive Board 1996-1997

Paulette Bernhard,
EBSI / Universite de Montreal,
C.P. 6128, succursale A,
Montreal, H3C 3J7, Canada;
Tel: (514) 343 5600;
Fax: (514) 343 5753;
E-mail: bernh@ERE.UMontreal.CA

Nancy Fjallbrand,
Chalmers University of Technology,
Goteborg, Sweden;
Tel: +46 31-772 37 54;
Fax: +46 31 16 84 94;
E-mail: nancy@lib.chalmers.se

Ian M. Johnson,
Robert Gordon University School of Librarianship and Information Studies,
352 King Street,
Aberdeen, AB9 2TQ, UK;
Tel: 0224 262950;
Fax: 0224 636590;
E-mail: I.M.Johnson@rgu.ac.uk


Martin A. Kesselman
Rutgers University Library of Science and Medicine,
P.O. Box 1029,
Bevier Road,
Piscataway, NJ 08855
Tel: 908-445-3850;
Fax: 908-445-3208;
E-mail: martyk.@rci.rutgers.edu


Oili Kokkonen
Sopukatu 7,
40720 Jyv{skyl{,
Tel: +358 41604 029;
Fax: +358 41 603 371;
E-mail: okokkone@tukki.jyu.fi

Sinikka Koskiala,
Helsinki University of Technology,
Otaniementie 9,
02150 Espoo,
Tel: +358-0-451 4112;
Fax: +358-0-451 4132;
E-mail: sinikka.koskiala@hut.fi

Jesus Lau,
Directorate of Information Resources,
Av. Lopez Materos 20,
Apartado Postal 1594-D,
32310 Cuidad Juarez,
Chihuahua, Mexico;
Tel: 52(16) 11 31 67;
Fax: 52(14) 11 31 68;
E-mail: jlau@leo.uacj.mx

Teodora Oker-Blom,
Box 60210,
10401 Stockholm,
E-mail: teodora@argo.kib.ki.se

Hannelore B. Rader,
University Library,
Cleveland State University,
1860 East 22nd Street,
Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2403;
Tel: (216) 687-2475;
Fax: (216) 687-9380;
E-mail: p1761@vmcms.csuohio.edu

Irene E. Sever,
University of Haifa,
31905 Israel;
Tel: 04-246650;
Fax: 972-4-257753;
E-mail: isever@lib.haifa.ac.il

Marie Belle Tarin,
Institut National de Recherche Pedagogique Bibliotheque,
29 rue d' Ulm
75230 Paris 05 France;
Tel: 19 (33) 46 34 90 63 (0462);
Fax: 19 (33) 43 54 32 01

Eva Trotzig,
National Library for Psychology & Education,
POB 50063,
S-10405 Stockholm,
Fax: 46 08 155 581;
E-mail: etg@sppb.se

Corresponding Member:

Clare M. Walker,
University of the Witwatersrand Library,
Private Bag XI Wits 2050,
South Africa;
Tel: 27 (11) 716 2357;
Fax: 27 (11) 339 7559;
E-mail: 056walkr@libris.wwl.wits.ac.za


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