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Edito from Réjean Savard, Chair

John W. Berry, elected ALA President

Where do we, M&M members, come from ?

Minutes from the first SC mid-year meeting in Paris March 2000, 21st and 22nd

Presentation of the M&M Satellite meeting in Haïfa, 8-11 August 2000

Call for Papers, for Ifla Satellite Pre-Conference, Québec, Canada, 14-16 August 2001

Newsletter of the IFLA Section on Management and Marketing

No. 7,
July 2000

Edito from Réjean Savard, Chair

Dear M&M friends,

Our last meeting in Paris was very successful as most members of the Standing Committee attended. Thanks a lot to our local organisation (Thierry Giappiconi and Marielle de Miribel) who did a fantastic job. Those who were there will remember the meeting for a long time, especially, I think, the lovely invitations we had from our sponsors: Best-Seller, Decitre, Mediadoc, and Opsys.

We are now heading towards Haifa and Jerusalem. At the time of writing this editorial, more than 30 persons should attend the satellite pre-conference workshop in Haifa. If some of you still want to register we might have a few places available but please contact me as soon as possible. For those of you who want to know more about the program please consult the website: http://archive.ifla.org/IV/ifla66/66marke.htm

Our program at the Jerusalem conference is also very interesting. You also have a full description of the general program on the IFLA website but here are the highlight :

Sunday August 13 we have joint workshop with the Statistics Section on "Evaluation and statistics as a marketing tool" (Activity No 86).

Monday morning do not miss the program of the Marketing of Library Services to Academic Communities Discussion Group (Activity No. 93).

Tuesday August 15 we have our one day open session organized with Information Technology and Social Sciences Libraries Sections on the important issues :

    "Building Change Management and Marketing Skills for the Information Age"
    (Morning, Activity No. 110)

    and "Changing Patterns of Library Work for Today and Tomorrow"
    (Afternoon, Activity No. 120).

And of course, you are all invited to the business meetings, at which our future programs will be discussed Saturday August 12 at 11 :30 (Activity No 34), and Friday August 18 at 8 :00 (Activity No. 199). I sincerely hope that all of you will be able to come to Jerusalem and if you can't, please be sure to mark your calendar with the 2001 Conference in Boston ! We are already working on the program which will be also very exciting. And of course, plan to attend also our satellite pre-conference in Québec City, Canada. The theme of this very special activity will be : " Education and research for marketing and quality management in libraries / La formation et la recherche sur le marketing et la gestion de la qualité en bibliothèque ". And you will find inside a call for papers concerning this important colloquium. Have a good summer, and see you all very soon !

Réjean Savard,
Chairman Section M&M


Our SC member, John W. Berry, elected ALA President for 2001-2002 !

John W. Berry, executive director of NILRC: (A Consortium of Community Colleges, Colleges and Universities, headquartered in River Forest, Ill.), has been elected president of the American Library Association (ALA) for the 2001-2002 term. As president of ALA, Berry will be the chief elected officer for the oldest and largest library organization in the world. Berry will become president-elect in July 2000 and will assume the ALA presidency in July 2001 following the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco. He will serve a one-year term as president.

    "I am deeply honored to be elected ALA president for 2001-2002. There has never been a more challenging or exciting time to be a library professional," says Berry. "Our greatest single challenge is the recruitment of a diverse workforce that both reflects and enhances the association's membership and the communities we serve. We also have an unparalleled opportunity to fundamentally change the way our members interact with one another. As ALA president, I will be committed to furthering ALA's role in an evolving global information society and addressing our broad-ranging but shared ALA agendas."

As executive director of NILRC, Berry manages and directs a consortium of 55 community colleges, colleges and universities in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. Chartered in 1975, NIRLC is a not-for-profit corporation and a leader in the development and use of a variety of instructional resources and technologies. It fosters satellite teleconferencing and satellite delivery of video resource materials. In his position, Berry negotiates group purchases of library products, services and equipment, and instructional resources with more than 30 vendors serving the industry. Berry served as executive director of the Library Administration and Management Association, a division of ALA, from 1985-89. He is a member of the ALA Council and currently serves on ALA's Committee on Education and International Relations Committee. From 1990-96, Berry was director of advancement and research associate professor at The University Library, University of Illinois at Chicago, where he directed corporate, foundation and individual gift solicitation and managed special programs and initiatives. He also has held faculty and management positions at Northern Illinois University, Elmira College (N.Y) and Indiana University. A widely published author and frequent lecturer, his areas of research include digital libraries, intellectual property, distance learning, fundraising for libraries and library building design. Berry is a native of Indianapolis and holds master's degrees in library science and social studies from Indiana University. Congratulations !


Where do we, M&M members, come from ?

Ethiopia : 1 Morocco : 1 Togo : 1
South Africa : 1 Swaziland : 1  
Argentina : 1 Brazil : 2 Canada : 5
Cuba : 1 Costa Rica : 1 Haiti : 1
Martinique : 1 Mexico : 1 El Salvador : 1
United States : 19    
China : 3 Indonesia : 1 India
Iran : 1 Israel : 3 Japan : 1
Korea : 1 Malaysia : 1 Philippines : 1
Singapore : 1 Thailand : 2 Turkey : 1
Austria : 3 Belgium : 1 Bulgaria : 1
Switzerland : 2 Cyprus : 1 Germany : 4
Denmark : 4 Spain : 4 Finland : 6
France : 6 United Kingdom : 4 Greece : 2
Croatia : 1 Hungary : 3 Iceland : 1
Italy : 3 Lithuania : 2 Netherlands : 5
Norway : 3 Portugal : 1 Romania : 1
Russian Federation : 4 Sweden : 3  
Australia : 2    
Total : 123 members


Minutes from the first SC mid-year meeting in Paris March 2000, 21st and 22nd


Present :

    John Berry, Alice Calabrese, Thierry Giappiconi, Christie Koontz, Angels Massissimo, Marielle de Miribel, Perry Moree, Natalia Santucci, Réjean Savard, Christina Tovoté

Observer :

    Yawo Assigbley

The chair Réjean Savard welcomed everybody to this first mid-year meeting of the SC and especially mentioned Yawo Assigbley, who had come all the way from Ghana, and Angels Massissimo, who attended the SC for the first time.

Apologies for absence from Pat Layzell-Ward and Gloria Dienerman.

1. The Newsletter, IFLA-net, Information and Marketing

There was a long discussion about our first new newsletter as a tool for information and marketing. We have had a lot of good response for the lay-out etc for which we have to thank Marielle and her dedicated work.

There are however address problems. Different lists of our members as well as the Standing Committee seem to be circulating. Marielle will try to get the proper ones from the HQ. She wants input to the Newsletter from us, in Word only, on publications of Management and Marketing in our respective home countries as examples.

We should try to get the lists from all participants in Bangkok in order to send it to them as well as information about our Haifa workshop. Advertisment in IFLA Express etc is important. To send one to all IFLA officers is another suggestion, which Christina will do. Marielle will send information to all French discussion lists, Christina to the Nordic, Tom to the LAMA lists, John to all public libraries i the USA, Réjean to the Canadian, Yawo to some in Africa, Angels in Spain and Natalia in Italy. This will make a good international coverage.

Marielle wondered if we should make different types of the NL in June and December.

Christie suggested an informal meeting in Jerusalem, a party where newcomers can meet us. She also said that there should be information about us in the NL, for example in the form of interviews. There should also be a form to join available.

An editorial group was formed consisting of Yawo, Christie and Alice, which will work together with Marielle.

Marielle with assistance from Christina will make a new brochure. John suggested we make it digital in PDF-format so that everybody can print it out. Christina will send the full programme for the open session and the workshop to Marielle.

On IFLA-net there should be translations to the different languages of the section.

A good marketing issue is to define membership and membership status.

Yawo suggested regional workshops in Africa and Asia together with the local associations. In Africa there are three sub regional associations.

Alice suggested an on-line class on marketing. A problem is that Africa cannot participate due to lack of infrastructure and computers. Maybe we could have our next mid-year meeting in Africa. A possible pre-conference could be held in Accra. Maybe we could prepare parts of our courses digitally.

All our suggestions call for sub-working groups in the section so that someone can prepare each thing by August.

2. Discussion Groups

Christina read a letter from Joan Hood, who together with Virginia Young started the Friends and Advocates DG. She is turning her co-chair to Evgenia Rosinskaya this year. They will take part in our meetings in Jerusalem and the section has to vote whether or not to continue the DG there.

Tom will check the listserv for Marketing Academic libraries DG. This group will have a meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday. Yawo added that this is a really important issue in Africa. There should be a regional conference on this topic and they should urge colleagues to join the group meeting. Christie and Christina will speak about outside and inside campus marketing.

We raised the question of what happens to a DG after 3 years.

3. Economy status

Christina reported that she had received the section money from the HQ - 1. 350 NLG as administration money, 2000 + 2000 NLG for projects and that Pat had received her part for the Project Librarians as Managers.

4. Programme for Jerusalem

The whole programme with all the speakers for both the open session together with The IT Section and The Social Science Section and the workshop together with The Statistics Section are almost ready. Christina has sent the B-form to the HQ, the Author´s form to the speakers and Tatiana will gather all the papers and forward them to our officers for approval. Tatiana has done a great job in putting it all together. It remains to decide the moderators etc. Christina will send the final programme to Marielle for information.

5. Future programmes

Boston : We have two proposals a. Knowledge Management from Michael Koenig who has very interesting contact persons in this field and b. Human Resource Management. We decided to have the first as the topic for the open session.

The Montréal pre-conference on Education and Research together with The Education Section will take place over 2,5 days and the target groups are educators and practicians. The main issue will be "How to teach marketing and quality management" and proceedings will be published.

The group suggested several new topics for future programmes:

    Thierry: "How to market the collection?"

The National Libraries Section has asked our section to do something together and Natalia, John and Perry are interested to form a working group on that. Sissel Nielsen is the obvious contact person. Perry told us that all the staff in the Dutch National Library will get a 2,5 year course in marketing! John said that we have to do something on management and that Perry´s suggestion combines the two.

    Angels: "How to market the library associations to young new librarians".

She also said that there has been a study in Barcelona on "Marketing professional services to small and middle size enterprises". Christie has given a speech in Nigeria on that topic. She suggested we do something together with the Section on Management of Library Associations. Yawo remarked that the management of library association is very critical in Africa and that our section could be in the front to develop a programme for the library schools in developing countries in that field. Thierry remarked that there are 12 different associations in France, not just one and that we should chose a larger topic. He suggested "Public policies for libraries", too.

However the group decided to make this a Glasgow issue and a working group was formed of Angels, Tom and Christie.

Christina talked about a Swedish master´s thesis on marketing the library services to local politicians.

Réjean mentioned that he had received interesting proposals including one from Ian Johnson, member of the SC. These propositions will be discussed at our next meeting together with other propositions. The chair urged us to bring all the ideas with us to Jerusalem for further discussions with the section.

8. International Marketing Award

John gave a very interesting presentation of the American John Cotton Dana Award, which is big and time- and cost expensive. All kinds of libraries send an entry in the form of a scrap-book to be evaluated by the ALA jury. No money is connected to the prize, only the honour.

If our section shall initiate such an award we have to approach some sponsor, maybe the 3M company. Don Leslie, who is in the Library System´s section might be interested. We also have to discuss further the categories for different countries. John and Alice will start working on this issue.

9. Programme for Haifa

We have to prepare group discussions and decide the moderators among ourselves. 4 people have already been asked.

Réjean told us about the possible participation of the Danida Grantees. He will go on working on this together with the ALP department. A big question is how to get Palestinian delegates.

We also discussed the impact of the Sabbath, sponsors for the transportations and the simultaneous translations and the reception.

10. Other business.

We discussed the recruiting evening in Jerusalem and Christina suggested that we think about some kind of performance from each of our countries.

A possible place for next year´s mid-year meeting could be the Carribean. Another suggestion from Christie is Florida.


Presentation of the M&M Satellite meeting in Haïfa, 8-11 August 2000

Marketing and Communications for Libraries

Pre-conference Workshop

(with focus on academic, national and large libraries)

Haïfa University, Israël
August 8-11 2000
(Satellite to Jerusalem Conference)

1. Hotel Information

Hotel Shulamit
DOUBLE ROOM - USD 90 per room per night on BB basis
SINGLE ROOM - USD 72 per room per night on BB basis
Web site: http://www.haifa.gov.il/tourism/Accomodation/ShulaEng.html

2. Invitation

Marketing and communications have been said to be the spearhead of the profession of librarianship in its effort to become more visible. For several years the IFLA Section of Management and Marketing has been trying to help librarians around the world to get a better knowledge of marketing as well as a more effective use of its various techniques.

Again in 2000, the Section is offering a pre-conference satellite workshop on marketing devoted mainly to the communications aspects and especially focused on applications to academic, national and large libraries. The workshop will be held in beautiful Haifa (Video available at http://www.haifa.gov.il/tourism/VideoEng.html) in the north of Israel, and the University of Haifa will host the workshop. Instruction will be given mainly in English but we are now trying to find resources in order to offer simultaneous translation into French and Arabic.

For this unique professional development opportunity, an experienced and well known team of instructors has been recruited: Christie Koontz from South Florida University, Marielle de Miribel from Université de Paris 10 (Mediadix), Réjean Savard from Université de Montréal, Christina Tovoté from the University of Malmö, Sheila Webber from the University of Strathclyde, and Tom Wilding from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Moreover, special guests will come from different libraries in different countries to bring to the participants interesting marketing and communications experiences that will be discussed as case studies.

Registration is free, but since the number of places is limited, participants need to register by sending a mail specifying that they wish to attend, together with a brief curriculum vitae stating their experience and education in librarianship, management and marketing. Send this information before June 15 2000 to:

Professor Réjean Savard, Ph.D.
École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information
Université de Montréal
Case postale 6128, Succursale Centre-ville
Montréal, Québec H3C 3J7
Fax: 1(514)343-5753
Internet: rejean.savard@umontreal.ca

Housing and most meals will be at the participants' expenses. See the end of this message for hotel information.

Do not miss this unique professional development opportunity ! Register now !

3. Program

    Tuesday, August 8
    Arrival of participants
    19h30 Welcome dinner
    Wednesday, August 9
    9h00 Introduction to the pre-conference
    Presentation of instructors
    9h15 Marketing Basics : definitions, mix, product life cycle, etc.
    10h15 Coffee Break
    10h35 Marketing research
    12h30 Lunch
    14h00 Marketing communications: communication mix, channels, definitions, etc.
    15h00 Coffee break
    15h20 Communications through user education
    16h00 Application: participants will work in small groups
    16h45 Plenary session: reports from each group
    17h00 Closing
    Thursday, August 10
    9h00 Communications through quality customer service
    9h45 Coffee Break
    10h05 Application: participants will work in small groups
    10h50 Plenary session: reports from each group
    11h15 Communications through promotion: basic issues (definitions, channels, etc.)
    12h00 Lunch
    14h00 Panel on promotion issues (examples from the field):

    • Promotion campaigns : Christina Tovoté (Sweden)
    • Library cards and image : Marielle de Miribel (France)
    • Promotion and fundraising : Tom Wilding (USA)
    • Exhibitions : Anne-Hélène Rigogne (France)
    15h30 Coffee break
    15h50 Marketing and distribution strategies: introduction and basics (distribution (place) as one element of the mix, centralisation / decentralisation, facilities, signage, etc.)
    16h45 Closing
    19h30 Reception (to be confirmed)
    Friday, August 11
    9h00 New issues and trends in distribution of library services: panel

    • Electronic information : implications for libraries: speaker to be announced
    • The www as a distribution tool : Claude Fournier, Québec
    • Priced information services (Fees for services): Sheila Webber, United Kingdom
    • Self-checkout machines: speaker to be announced
    10h40 Coffee break
    11h00 Marketing planning theory
    12h00 Lunch
    14h00 Application: participants will work in small groups
    14h45 Plenary session: reports from each group
    15h15 Coffee break
    15h35 Conclusion of the pre-conference
    16h00 Closing
    Departure for Jerusalem


Call for Papers, for Ifla Satellite Pre-Conference, Québec, Canada, 14-16 August 2001

Call for Papers

" Education and research for marketing and quality management in libraries "

" La formation et la recherche sur le marketing et la gestion de la qualité en bibliothèque "

IFLA Satellite Pre-Conference
Québec, Canada, 14-16 August 2001

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) Sections on Management and Marketing and on Education and Training, in collaboration with the School of library and information science of the Université de Montréal, are organising a pre-conference and satellite colloquium in Québec City (Canada) from August 14 to 16, 2001. This is held in conjunction with the IFLA (http://www.ifla.org) annual conference, which takes place in Boston, USA.

The theme of this colloquium will be the development of expertise in marketing and quality management in libraries. The objectives of this colloquium are to:

  • Bring together experts - researchers, educators and practitioners - in order to exchange information and ideas about marketing and quality management as they apply to the management of libraries and other information services

  • Share international experiences

  • Identify and discuss research strategies in these fields

  • Promote the development of courses in marketing and quality management.

Marketing has been defined as the management of exchanges between an organisation and its various publics. Andriaensens, Ingham and Vankerkem (Marketing et qualité totale / DeBoeck Université. Paris 1993) talk of quality management as the " driving belt " of marketing within an organisation. Marketing and quality management are therefore related. These two topics have also been identified as being crucial for good management and development of libraries and other information services. Several authors have also indicated that librarians generally lack adequate training in marketing and observe that very few schools of library and information science offer courses in marketing and quality management (see: Adapting Marketing to Libraries in a Changing and World-wide Environment - Le marketing à l'heure du changement et de la mondialisation / IFLA-KG Saur. Munchen 2000).

Interested persons are therefore invited to submit a proposal for a paper, and presentation of about 30 minutes bearing on topics such as :

  • Experiences in education for marketing and quality management for libraries (course content, evaluation, etc.)

  • Use of innovative pedagogical methods in the teaching of marketing and quality management for libraries, including distance education

  • Research needs, research in progress or completed in marketing and quality management for libraries and other information services (perceptions, attitudes, use, etc.)

  • Impact of marketing and quality management (or of one of their components) on libraries and other information services (case studies, audits, etc.)

  • Theoretical approach: links between the concepts of marketing and quality management, importance of those concepts, social implications, etc.

Of course this list is not exhaustive and every proposal related to the theme of the colloquium is welcome.

French and English are the two official languages of the colloquium and proposals can be submitted in either language. The proposal should be not more that 1000 words long (2 pages), be submitted in electronic format, and be accompanied by the curriculum vitae of the author(s).

A special invitation is made to Ph.D. candidates and young researchers for whom travel awards may be available.

The following schedule will be applied :

    23 September 2000 : Deadline to submit proposals
    15 December 2000 : Notification of acceptance and dissemination of the program
    30 May 2001 : Deadline for authors to submit their final papers
    14-16 August : Colloquium

In order to assure the quality of the program as well as the impartiality of the selection, an international committee has been formed to evaluate proposals. The members are:

  • Yawo Assigbley, Association African Universities, Ghana
  • Christie Koontz, Florida State University, USA
  • Marielle de Miribel, Université de Paris X, France
  • Michael Koenig, Long Island University, USA
  • Jean-Michel Salaün, École nationale supérieure des sciences de l'information et des bibliothèques (ENSSIB) , France
  • Christina Tovoté, Malmö Universuty, Sweden
  • Sheila Webber, University of Sheffield, Uniteg Kingdom
  • Ken Haycock, University of British Columbia, Canada (and Chairman, Section of Education and Training, IFLA)
  • Réjean Savard, EBSI, Université de Montréal (and Chairman, Section of Management and Marketing, IFLA)

Evaluation of the proposals will be based on their scientific quality (pertinence, theoretical base, methodology, originality) and on the competencies of the candidate(s) based on his/her past realisations (quality/quantity of his/her publications/communications, importance, relation with the theme of the colloquium, professional experience, etc.).

Send proposals to :

    Réjean Savard, Ph.D.
    École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information
    Université de Montréal
    Case postale 6128 Succursale Centre-ville
    Montréal H3C 3J7
    By e-mail : Rejean.Savard@umontreal.ca
    For more information : Tel.: 1(514)343-7408
    Fax : 1(514)343-5753


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