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Welcome from the New Officers

Standing Committee Meets in Copenhagen

Reading Section Presents Program in Copenhagen

UNESCO "Reading for All" Panel to Meet in Egypt on Nov. 24-25, 1997

Conference on "Libraries, Reading, and Publishing in the Cold War" to be Held in Paris on June 11-12, 1998

Program on "Book and Reading Promotion in the Low Countries" Planned for 1998 IFLA Conference in Amsterdam

Workshop on "Literacy and Reading Services to Cultural and Linguistic Minorities" Planned for Amsterdam Conference

Call for Papers

Information about Section on Reading Available on IFLANET

Members of Section on Reading



Newsletter of the Section on Reading

No. 5 - November, 1997

Welcome from the New Officers

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. John Cole, the new chairman, has been the director of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress since it was established in 1977. The mission of the Center for the Book is to stimulate public interest in books, reading, literacy, and libraries. Adele Fasick, the new secretary-treasurer, is the former dean of the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto. She has been active in IFLA and is a former member of the Section on Children's Libraries. She edits the Section's database, International Research Abstracts: Youth Library Services.

We look forward to working with members of the Standing Committee and many other colleagues and new friends as the Section on Reading begins a new life. Your ideas and help will be needed in recruiting new members and in shaping a useful program that addresses important issues in reading promotion, reading research, literacy, and the vital role that libraries play in today's world.


John Y. Cole

The Center for the Book
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20540-4920
phone: 202-707-5221
fax: 202-707-0269
e-mail: jcole@loc.gov


Adele M. Fasick

1386 28th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94122
phone/fax: 415-564-3096
e-mail: amfasick@crl.com

Standing Committee Meets in Copenhagen

The first meeting of the Section on Reading standing committee convened on 30 August 1997. Secretary-treasurer Shmuel Sever of the University of Haifa reported that section chair Valeria Stelmakh, who was unable to attend the meeting, had submitted her resignation. Ms. Stelmakh was nominating John Y. Cole, director of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress to be the new chair. Shirley Fitzgibbons of Indiana University nominated Adele M. Fasick as the new secretary-treasurer, and Cole and Fasick were elected unanimously. Mr. Cole thanked Valeria Stelmakh and Shmuel Sever for their hard work and loyal service.

In addition to John Cole, Adele Fasick, Shmuel Sever, and Shirley Fitzgibbons, the following individuals were present: Ivar Haug, a new member, who is County Librarian of Vestfold, Norway, and chairman of the International Committee of the Norwegian Library Association; Michele Duflos, France; Jadwiga Kolodziejska, Head, Institute of Book and Reading, Warsaw, Poland; Aira Lepik, Tallinn, Estonia; Marielle de Miribel, France; Martine Poulain, Bulletin des Bibliotheques de France; Pamela Richards, Rutgers University; Irene Sever, University of Haifa; and Catharina Stenberg, Swedish School of Library and Information Science, Boras.

The new issue (no. 4, August, 1997) of the Section on Reading Newsletter was distributed. The Section on Reading Mid-term Program for 1998-2001 and Action Plan for 1998-1999, published in the Section on Reading Newsletter, no. 3, Dec. 1996, were reviewed and approved as the Section's guiding documents for the immediate future.

Members were reminded about the Section's program meeting on Tuesday, 2 September and that the Section was a cosponsor, with the European Dyslexia Association, of the workshop on Thursday, 4 September, on "Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons."

Reading Section involvement in projects and programs was discussed, and a distinction was made between projects and programs initiated by the Section and those initiated by others but endorsed by the Section.

Current and potential cooperative projects were reviewed. Irene Sever continues to work on an annotated bibliography and survey about the literature of literacy. The June 1998 conference in Paris on "Libraries, Reading, and the Cold War," which is consponsored with the IFLA Round Table on Library History was discussed. At the request of Pamela Richards, the Section agreed to the use of its name in a proposal to the Conference Board for financial support for this conference. The forthcoming 11th European Conference on Reading, planned for 1999, was noted and it was suggested that the Section consider participating.
It was agreed that closer cooperation with the International Reading Association (IRA) was needed, and the chairman said he would talk with appropriate IRA officials. The chairman also will make appropriate links with the IFLA Working Group on Literacy.

Mr. Cole asked for suggestions about possible Section-sponsored programs at the 1998 Amsterdam conference. After discussion, it was agreed to organize two activities: a program on "Book and Reading Promotion in the Low Countries" and a workshop about literacy and reading services to cultural and linguistic minorities. The workshop would be cosponsored with the Section on Library Services to Multicultural Populations.

Section members discussed ways that the Section can be promoted. Ivar Haug has a special interest in this area; one of his suggestions was a document on a strategy for reaching "target groups" that need to be convinced. It was agreed that the International Reading Association and public libraries in general were good potential sources for new Section members. There was agreement that a "campaign" was needed and the idea of a subcommittee for membership promotion was suggested.

The second committee meeting convened on 5 September 1997. John Cole thanked members for chairing the program meeting on 2 September, which he could not attend because of a schedule conflict with the National Libraries Section. The secretary announced that the Section on Reading currently has 39 members.

Plans for the Amsterdam program were discussed further. John Cole will take the lead in organizing the reading promotion program and Adele Fasick will develop a call for papers for the workshop. Each will consult with other committee members as needed. We will ask to have the reading promotion program at a time immediately preceding or following the Library History Round Table program. We also will ask that there be no conflict with the Children's Section program. It was agreed to ask for IFLA support for the workshop, which would help cover the costs of taping the discussion.

The 1999 Bangkok conference was discussed. Reading promotion will be part of the preconference sponsored by the Children's Section. The Reading Section should try to become a cosponsor. There was interest in focusing on research, perhaps a comparison of reading research between Asia and North America, or Europe. Addressing functional illiteracy and "aliteracy" was mentioned, along with the possibility of surveying special efforts that are being undertaken to overcome illiteracy in the Far East.

The discussion about promoting and publicizing the Section continued. An effort will be made to place an article in the IFLA Journal and to place more information on the IFLANET Website. A new brochure will be developed and distributed as widely as possible.

Reading Section Presents Program in Copenhagen

On 2 September 1997, the Section on Reading sponsored the presentation of three papers at a program meeting during the 63rd IFLA general conference. In introducing the program before he had to depart for another meeting, chairman John Cole briefly discussed the Section's goals and invited new members. He then turned the session over to committee members Adele Fasick and Ivar Haug.

The three papers, which dealt with different aspects of reading and reading research, were followed by discussion. The topics and presenters were: "Poltique de lecture en Suede-loi des bibliotheques-quelques traits recents," by Catharina Stenberg, Institutionen Bibliotekshogskolan Boras, Sweden; "Le discours de la presse professionelle sur la lecture des jeunes," by Suzanne Pouliot, Universite de Sherbrooke, and Monique Lebrun, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, presented by professor Pouliot; and "Reading of Minority Language Speakers," by Mark V. Diatchkov, Russian State Library, read by Irene Sever.

UNESCO "Reading for All" Panel to Meet in Egypt on Nov. 24-25, 1997

At the suggestion of IFLA Division VII chair Lis Byberg, who is unable to attend, Section on Reading chairman John Cole will represent IFLA on Nov. 24-25, 1997, in Aswan, Egypt at a UNESCO-sponsored panel inaugurating UNESCO's "International Reading for All" program. An extension of the Egyptian "Reading for All" program initiated and managed by Mrs. Suzanne Mubarek, the new endeavor will focus on strengthening and expanding expanding public libraries systems, epecially into rural areas; improving reading habits; and distributing reading materials at low prices in all regions of participating countries. Representatives from Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Morocco, Philippines, Senegal, South Africa, and Trinidad and Tobago will participate in the meeting, which will be opened by Mrs. Mubarek and Federico Mayor, UNESCO director general.

Conference on "Libraries, Reading, and Publishing in the Cold War" to be Held in Paris on June 11-12, 1998

The Section on Reading is cosponsoring, with the IFLA Round Table on Library History, a two-day conference to examine aspects of the effect of the "Cold War" following World War II on libraries, reading, and publishing." The Library History Round Table of the American Library Association is another cosponsor of the meeting, which will be hosted by the French National Library School. Conference coordinator Martine Poulain reports that 26 proposals for brief presentation (20 minutes each) have been accepted. For further information, contact:

Martine Poulain,

27 rue Bezout,
74014 Paris, France,
fax 33-1-40-64-1089,
email: poulain@ext.jussieu.fr

Program on "Book and Reading Promotion in the Low Countries" Planned for 1998 IFLA Conference in Amsterdam

The Section on Reading's program at the 1998 annual IFLA conference in Amsterdam on August 16-21, will examine book and reading promotion in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, with special attention to several successful public and private partnerships for reading promotion in the Netherlands. Speakers will include representatives from Stichting Lezen (the Dutch Reading Foundation), Stichting CPNB (Collective Propaganda for the Dutch Book) and the Stichting Schrijvers School Samenleving (Foundation of Writers, School, and Society).

Workshop on "Literacy and Reading Services to Cultural and Linguistic Minorities" Planned for Amsterdam Conference

The Section on Reading, in cooperation with the Section on Library Services to Multicultural Populations, is sponsoring a workshop in Amsterdam on "Literacy and Reading Services to Cultural and Linguistic Minorities." Further information is contained in the Call for Papers, reproduced below.

Call for Papers

Literacy and Reading Services to Cultural and Linguistic Minorities

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Conference of International Federation of Library Associations, August 16-21, 1998

IFLA Section on Reading

To bring together experts from several countries and regions to explore the kinds of programs being used to encourage literacy and promote reading among children and newly literate adults. Papers should focus on such issues as the factors which make for a successful reading promotion program; the publication of materials in indigenous languages; the transition from mother-tongue reading to majority language texts; the feasibility of publishing multi-language editions of reading materials. The objective is to have the participants produce guidelines for planning successful projects.

The intention is to include papers and case studies that provide guidance on the factors associated with successful literacy and reading promotion projects for linguistic and cultural minority groups. Papers that focus on the underlying concepts and philosophy guiding the programs will be preferred to those that are purely descriptive. The Section wants papers from several different geographical areas.


1 Dec. 1997
Deadline for submission of 500 word abstract to e-mail : amfasick@crl.com or fax: 1-415-564-3096

15 Jan 1998
Notification of acceptance/rejection of submission by the program committee

1 March 1998
Deadline for full paper submission

No financial support can be provided, but a special invitation will be issued to the authors of accepted papers. Papers must be submitted in one of the official IFLA languages (English, French, German, Russian, Spanish). The major workshop language will be English, so authors are requested to provide an English translation of papers submitted in other languages.

Information about Section on Reading Available on IFLANET

The Call for Papers for the Amsterdam workshop and other information about the Section on Reading, including this Newsletter, are available on IFLANET. Information will be updated as it becomes available between issues of the Newsletter.

Members of Section on Reading 1997/1998

Ms. P. Biggs
380 Banbury Road
Oxford OX2 7PW

John Y. Cole

Director, Center for the Book
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave., SE
Washington DC 20540-4920
Fax: 202-707-0269
Email: jcole@loc.gov

Ms. Michele Duflos

10, Rue de Nesle
75006 PARIS

Ms. Adele M. Fasick

1386 - 28 Avenue
San Francisco CA 94122
Phone & fax: 1-415-564-3096
Email: amfasick@crl.com

Ms. Shirley Fitzgibbons

Associate Professor
School of Library and Information Science
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405
Fax: 1-812-855-6166
Email: fitzgibb@indiana.edu

Ivar Haug

County Librarian
County Library of Vestfold
Storgaten 16
Fax: 0047 3331 3325
Email: ivarh@vf.fylkesbibl.no

Ms. Eugenia Kefallineu

Head of the Acquisitions Department
National Library of Greece
118, Amaseias Str.
116 34 Pagrati, ATHENS

Ms. Jadwiga Kolodziejska

Institute of Book and Reading
Niska 11 m17
Fax: (48-22) 25 52 51

Ms. Martine Poulain

Bulletin des Bibliotheques de France
17, rue Bezout
75014 PARIS

Ms. Ljiljana Sabljak

City Library of Zagreb
Starcevicev Trg. 6

Shmuel Sever

Director, University Library
University of Haifa
Mount Carmel
31905 HAIFA
Fax: 972-4-8257753
Email: SEVER@LIB.Haifa.ac.IL

Ms. Irene Sever

Chair, Library Studies
University of Haifa
Mount Carmel
31905 HAIFA
Fax: 972-4-257753

Ms. Valeria D. Stelmakh

Senior Researcher
Russian State Library
3/5 Vozdvizhenka
101 000 MOSCO
Russian Federation
Fax: (7)(095) 200-22-55

Ms. Catharina Stenberg

Swedish School of Library and Inf. Science
Allegatan 1, POB 874
S-501 15 BORAS
Fax: +46 33 164005

Corresponding Members

Larry Lempert

Stockholms Stadsbibliotek
Box 47601
Bas-Lusset 117 94
Fax: 46 8775 65 47

Aira Lepik

Prof. of Librarianship
Dept. of Information Studies
25 Narva Road
EE0001 Tallinn
Tel & fax: +372 6409 480
Email: aira@tpu.ee

Ms. Marielle de Miribel

Universite Paris X
4 allee de l'Universite
92000 Nanterre
Fax: 33 (0) 40 97 47 08
Email: Miribel@u-paris10.fr

Pam Richards

Sch. of Comm. Info. & L.S.
Rutgers University
4 Huntington Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1071
Fax: 908-932-6916


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