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Section on Library and Research Services for Parliaments

Vol 19 - No. 2
June 2000

Jan Keukens (Editor)
Head of Library
Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal
PO BOX 30804
2500 GV The Hague
The Netherlands
phone : 31-70-3182306
fax : 31-70-3182307
e-mail : jc.keukens@tk.parlement.nl


1. Introductory Remarks

Preparations for the 66th Conference in Jerusalem are well underway. The programme will start with a Pre-Conference, which is scheduled for Wednesday 9 August in Athens, Greece. It will be hosted by the Hellenic Parliament and will be held in the Senate Hall of the Parliament Building. After the discussion sessions we will have a tour of the Hellenic Parliament. In the evening there will be entertainment and dinner, hosted by the Speaker of the House.

In Jerusalem we will have the regular program with SC-meetings, open meeting, the special meeting on research and two Workshops which will both be held in the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset. The first workshop will be held on Sunday, and is the one that is traditionally held in the Parliament of the host country and will cover the Information Services of the Knesset. The second workshop will be held in the Knesset on Wednesday and will cover library management items. You will find more details about the Pre-Conference and the Conference in section 4 and 5 of this Newsletter.
A version of each of the Open Meeting Papers is already available on the main IFLA web site http://archive.ifla.org/IV/ifla66/66cp.htm and there will shortly be links to the Section home page: http://archive.ifla.org/VII/s3/sparll.htm

A copy of the registration forms for the activities of the Section are included in the appendix to this Newsletter for those who have not yet sent their registration by e-mail. A copy of the Registration forms for the General Conference and some general information will be found as an appendix to the paper version of the Newsletter only. Electronic versions of the registration forms for the main Conference can be found under "Registration Fees" on the introduction page of the 66th IFLA General Conference: http://archive.ifla.org/IV/ifla66/66intro.htm and then click on "Registration Form".

As promised in the December '99 Newsletter, this issue includes an evaluation of a new kind of workshop which was initiated and organised by Jennifer Tanfield in Bangkok for the first time. It was a workshop separate from the traditional one, which is hosted by the Parliament of the host country of the Conference. You can read about this evaluation in section 2.

The regular issues on Publications, Announcements, and the full addresses of members of the Standing Committee and e-mail addresses and fax numbers of other members are included in this Newsletter.

In section 6 you will find a small report on the "World Directories" of our Section, which are maintained on the website of the German Bundestag. Marga Coing, Head of the Bundestag Library, managed to shorten the questionnaire so that all "political" entries have been eliminated. That means that the directory will only relate to information concerning the Library, Documentation and Research Services and will no longer be so quickly out of date. All Section Members are kindly but urgently requested to fill in the questionnaire, either for the first time or to fill in their modifications.

Richard Paré and I are hoping to see as many of you as possible in Athens and/or Jerusalem. We look forward to renewing our acquaintance with those who have taken part in our Section activities in recent years, and also to greeting new colleagues attending their first IFLA Conference meetings in the old classical city of Athens and the eternal city of Jerusalem.

Jan Keukens
Editor, June 2000


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2. Evaluation of the Bangkok Workshop

In Bangkok another kind of workshop, apart from the traditional workshop organised with the Parliament of the host country, was organised for the first time. It was meant to be a more participative meeting with short introductions and many contributions from the floor. Sharing of information among colleagues and discussion was the aim of this workshop.

The minutes of the workshop, by Nick Bannenberg, were published in the December 1999 Newsletter of the Section. At the end of the workshop participants were asked to complete an evaluation form. You will find below the results of the evaluation of this successful workshop, which will be continued in Jerusalem this year.

47 out of the 69 participants of the workshop completed the evaluation form; that is a response of 68%

  1. How did you rate the workshop day:

    Very successful (17)
    Successful (26)
    Satisfactory (4)
    Unsatisfactory (1)
    Poor (-)

    One person indicated the workshop both successful and unsatisfactory concerning the Anglo-Saxon dominance of the Section both in policy and in language. There was one more remark about the language problem for non-native English speakers.

  2. Should a similar workshop day be held at futures conferences?

    Yes (46)
    No (--)
    Blank (1)

  3. Do you have any suggestions to improve the workshop day?

    • only 3 groups and two sessions (2x)
    • limit the topics and session to 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon (2x)
    • longer sessions for more than 20 people shorter sessions for less than 10 people
    • a two-day workshop with more time for intensive follow-up discussion
    • to set some detailed topics before the workshop is held
    • availability of papers before the workshop (3 x)
    • to publish a list of items in June so that participants can prepare themselves
    • only one meeting by theme
    • smaller groups (7x)
    • shorter presentations/ more time for discussion (12x)
    • a separate chair of each session separate from the presenter and rapporteur to ensure that everyone will be involved. (2x)
    • more opportunity for everyone to speak
    • introductions should be on more general and basic concepts and not just a report on a particular country experience
    • call experts to talk on particular topics (2x)

    The main conclusion is that most participants want more time for discussion so that everyone has the opportunity to take part in the discussion. Duration of sessions should be longer and introduction of workshop leaders should be shorter. Groups should be smaller, themes should be known and papers should be available before the conference so that participants can prepare themselves.

  4. 4) Do you have any suggestions for topics for future workshops?

    • more discussions on topics relating to research with an emphasis on analysis
    • the influence of copyright law on our work; copyright and electronic material (4x)
    • how to make MP's aware of our services and to support us (financially) (3x)
    • various ways of marketing library/ research services in Parliaments (4x)
    • Assessing client information seeking behaviours and needs for strategic planning and marketing methodologies
    • strategies to identify/keep in touch with the changing needs of contemporary MP's
    • Business plans as a strategic management tool
    • core criteria for groups of library staff and researchers
    • creative dimensions of central tasks being performed by parliamentary librarians and researchers rather than a factual presentation of organisational structures
    • outsourcing
    • selection of databases
    • internet and reliability, quality control (2x)
    • practical appliance of new information resources in establishing and using of parliamentary libraries
    • sharing reference works and collections
    • World Directory of Parliamentary Research Services
    • video conferences - new methods of the work
    • ethics code for librarians and researchers
    • organisational design, library buildings and use of space, collections development and other issues which are covered by other sections; which sessions we cannot attend due to lack of time
    • retro conversion of books and newspapers to the automated systems Parliamentary libraries activities outside the parliament
    • successful/not successful twinning projects
    • information management and parliamentary libraries
    • what electronic products do parliamentary libraries present on the net
    • union index for all databases
    • experiences on building a digital library
    • benchmarking, media monitoring application of news technology, on provision of electronic media services, electronic press coverage/digital clippings
    • organisational models for resource sharing (staff acquire and share information, staff home pages, training plans for positions, leader ship styles to support collaboration between library and research staff)
    • training, selection of information materials in stead of books, in order to include printed and non printed electronic materials into the collection
    • collection development policy for parliamentary libraries
    • some basic management topics like problem solving techniques, how to deal with a difficult client time management and so on.
    • Benchmarking: comparative techniques; clippings; other media. Reference resources and tools; survey and use of relevant URL's
    • Staff training and qualifications
    • Budgeting/ the preparation of the budget of a parliamentary library
    • How to make project proposals
    • IT and the parliamentary library and research service

    A wide variety of themes that can be used for further workshops

As a result of this evaluation some changes in the workshop organisation and schedule for Jerusalem were made. In Jerusalem we will have 4 sessions in stead of 5, each session will last 75 minutes. The workshop leaders will be asked to have short presentations and to lead the discussions in a way that everyone can participate.
As you may see in the program for the workshop in Jerusalem on page 13, there will be an emphasis on marketing and client expectations in workshops 1 and 2 as a result of this list.

We would like to thank Jennifer Tanfield, former Chair of the Section, who initiated and organised this extra workshop in Bangkok which was so successful. We also like to thank the workshop leaders, the rapporteurs and the participants for their great contribution.


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3. Annual report 1998-1999 of the Section


September 1998- August 1999
(IFLA) Section on Library and Research Services for Parliaments

Scope Statement

The Section on Library and Research Services for Parliaments recognizes the central role that information must play in the effective functioning of a democratic legislature. In some cases, the parliamentary library includes a research service; in others there is a separate department which provides research and analysis for legislatures. Moreover these services are provided to national legislatures in unitary states, and to both national and regional legislatures in countries with a federal system of government. The activities undertaken by those who provide library and research services for parliaments range from the identification, location, interpretation, synthesis, and timely delivery of information to in-depth analysis and development of choices for the legislature.

In addition to the library skills of acquisition, indexing, reference work and the use of information technology, there is often a need for subject and disciplinary expertise, significant presentational skills and an understanding of legislative procedures and official publications. The concept of service to members of the legislature, the primary clientele, is fundamental to parliamentary libraries and research services.


Jennifer Tanfield reported that the membership of the Section was 109 compared with 103 in 1998. The section now has 84 institutional members, 15 national associations, 9 personal affiliates and one international association.


The Section conducted the following meetings during the Bangkok Conference:
Standing Committee 1 (60 people, 41 countries) and ll (66 people, 42 countries)
Special Meeting on Research (65 people, 44 countries)
Open Meeting (80 people, 47 countries)
Full Day Workshop (69 people, 45countries)

The Section highlights of the Conference included the pre-conference hosted by the Thai Parliament with a very interesting program and a dinner boat trip on the river, and the very participative management workshops in the Royal Princess Shrinakarin hotel with parallel sessions on several items.

Pre-conference: 15th Annual Conference of Parliamentary Librarians hosted by the National Assembly Library of Thailand, 19 August 1999.

(68 people, 41countries)
The 15th Annual International Conference of Parliamentary Librarians was hosted by the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Thailand at the Royal River Hotel as a pre-conference in conjunction with the 65th Meeting of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). The President of the National Assembly H.E. Wamnuhamadnoor Matha inaugurated the meeting which was chaired by Ms Tanfield, Chair of the Section on Library and Research Services for Parliaments.
Mrs. Boonruksa Chomchuen, Director of the National Assembly's Library Division, reported on the arrangement of the Conference, followed by the welcoming address of Ms. Jennifer Tanfield.

Presentations included:

  1. The National Assembly of Thailand and its library by Mrs. Boonruska Chomchuen;
  2. Cambodia by Ms Seng Sowatha;
  3. Cook Islands by Ms. Felicity Caird
  4. Hong Kong by Mrs. Roslynn Membrey and Mr. Rob Brian
  5. Indonesia by Mrs Damayanti Harris
  6. Singapore - Report on the newly established library by Roslynn Membrey
  7. India by Mr. Rajagopalan Nair
  8. Republic of Taiwan by Ms. Irene Ching-Yueh Hsu

Conference: 65th Meeting of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

Projects in the Section's agenda for 1998-1999

  1. World Directory of Parliamentary Libraries
    Further to discussions in Bangkok about this publication, it was suggested and Marga Coing agreed, that some of the information in the World Directory is the same as on the web site of the IPU (Inter Parliamentary Union - http://www.ipu.org/) and could be dropped from the World Directory. All members present were to ask all the colleagues on their continent to update their entries. This work is on going.

  2. Parliamentary Libraries and Information Services in Western European Countries
    Project Leader: Jennifer Tanfield
    The editing work for this publication is being carried out and a book is expected to be published in three languages in conjunction with the ECPRD by the Italian Camera dei Deputati. The European Parliament has provided funds for translation.

  3. Translation of Guidelines for Legislative Libraries
    Project Leader: Jennifer Tanfield
    A Russian translation of these Guidelines has been completed successfully by the Russian Duma under the responsibility of Irina Andreeva of the Library of the Russian Federation in May 2000. This Russian version brings the number of publication languages of this document to six, added to the English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic versions.


The Guidelines for Legislative Libraries, translated in Russian and published by the Duma are available by contacting IFLA HQ's publications committee or Irina Andreeva, Head of the Library of the Russian Parliament, the Duma.

The Section continues to publish a Circular Newsletter twice yearly in June and in December, edited by the Secretary of the Section. Newsletters are available on the Section's web site at: http://archive.ifla.org/VII/s3/sparll.htm

Conference Programs:

Open Meeting

Three distinguished parliamentary library and research representatives presented papers; a question and answer period followed each presentation. The papers have been published by IFLA and are available on the IFLANET and the website of the Section at: http://www.ifla.org./VII/s3/sparll.htm

  1. Waafa Ali Abdel Elah presented her paper, "Developing a Parliamentary Research Service. The Egyptian experience"

    There is almost a general consensus that to perform its role effectively, the legislature requires a research service that provides the information and analysis necessary to make informed decisions. However, creating a parliamentary research capacity raises crucial questions concerning its pattern of organization, style of operation, and its services and products. Although research units in different parliaments offer a variety of successful models to choose from, reading one's own environment and responding to its needs and characteristics will always remain the key element in finding the right answers to the previous questions. In this context, the Egyptian experience in developing a parliamentary research unit might be of interest and value to parliaments which are also considering creating a research service.

  2. Patricio Aranda Torres (Peru) delivered a paper entitled "Parliamentary library and information services as instruments for democratic development"

    Democracy in many countries is currently undergoing a crisis due to the influence of powerful media interests, which disseminate views and comment which can, in turn, determine political outcomes. The explosion of media networks has given rise to a new form of interactive citizens' participation within the political system. This 'network society' which incorporates the most dynamical social segments of the constituency, tends to exclude sectors which do not have the financial resources and technological skills necessary to access this new communication medium.
    This paper formulates the means for an improved role for all citizens through a dynamic and interactive parliamentary library and information system. It illustrates the success of such a proposal to strengthen the legitimacy of parliaments by referring to the experience oft he Congress of the Republic of Peru and explains what is being done to help Peruvian citizens who do not yet have personal access to electronic networks.

  3. The third paper, by Marga Coing (Germany) was entitled "Effective Communication: An essential tool to cope with the challenge of technological change"

    For a library to function effectively it is essential that it fosters an open management style, which encourages communication of ideas and objectives both within the library itself, and hopefully by example, in other elements in the overall administration of which the library is a part. This paper describes the improvement in morale, efficiency and flexibility in the Bundestag library from such an approach, with specific reference to the author's experiences in commissioning and installing an automated library system within a very short period.

Library Management Workshop

The number of attendees recorded was 69 people from 45 countries. Topics covered included:

    Session 1 Rapporteur: June Verrier (30 attendees.) Session 2 Rapporteur: Donna Scheeder (25 attendees)

  2. PERFORMANCE MEASURES (Nick Bannenberg)
    Session 1 Rapporteur: Karel Sosna (15 attendees). Session 2 Rapporteur: Tuula Laaksovirta (32 attendees)

  3. PLANNING NEW DEVELOPMENTS (Margareta Brundin)
    Session 1 Rapporteur: Marga Coing (22 attendees). Session 2 Rapporteur: Marialyse Delano Serrano (26 attendees)

  4. STAFF APPRAISAL (Jennifer Tanfield)
    Session 1 Rapporteur: Gaston Bernier (36 attendees). Session 2 Rapporteur: Anita Dudina (10 attendees)

  5. BOOK SELECTION (Jan Keukens)
    Rapporteur: Eleni Mitrakou (15 attendees).

Special meeting on Research (65 people, 44 countries)
The meeting was opened by Brit Floistad, the newly appointed head of Norway's Research Service, which was to start operating on 1 September 1999. She reminded the meeting that the IFLA Parliamentary Section had decided to change its name from Parliamentary Libraries to Parliamentary Library and Research Services at its Istanbul meeting in 1995. This was the third special meeting on research which had taken place since then, following Copenhagen in 1997 and Amsterdam in 1998. The topics covered were:

  1. Quality Standards in Research Work - How to Secure Quality in Research Services to Members of Parliament. by Margareta Brundin;

  2. Quality Standards in Research Work - The Use of a Research Papers Manual by Jennifer Tanfield;

  3. Relations Between Library and Research - Forming a New Information Services Section by Albert Ntunja and Leon Gabriel;

  4. Success factors for a Small Research Service by Bruce Davidson

Prepared by: Richard Paré
Chair, IFLA Section, June 2000.


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4. The 2000 IFLA pre-conference Athens

16th Annual International Conference of Parliamentary Librarians Athens, August 9th 2000 Hosted by the Hellenic Parliament, Hellenic Parliament, Senate Hall

There are already 56 subscriptions at the moment for this conference, which will be hosted by the Hellenic Parliament. Our colleague Eleni Mitrakou has been working very hard to make arrangements for the conference program and hotel reservations. Subscriptions for the conference and hotel reservations are still possible. In appendices 1 and 2 to this Newsletter you will find the necessary forms.

The program reads as follows:

9.00 - 9.30 p.m Registration
9.30 - 9.50 p.m Opening of the Conference by the Speaker of the House
9.50 - 10.00 p.m Thanks and announcements given by Chairman of the Section, Mr. Richard Pare
10.00 - 10.30 p.m Co-operation between the European Library and Research Departments by Dick Toornstra
10.30- 11.00 p.m Tea/Coffee break
11.00- 11.30 p.m Basic factual information about the Chamber of Deputies' Library of Romania by Ioana Borocan
11.30 -12.00 a.m The Library of the National Assembly; a main information broker within the Bulgarian Parliament by Margarita Angelova
12.00 - 12.30 p.m Services offered to Members of Parliament by the Parliamentary Library of Albania by Zana Bufi
12.30 - 12.45 p.m Discussion
12.45 - 14.00 p.m Lunch (Hosted by the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament)
14.00 - 15.00 p.m Presentation of the Library of the Hellenic Parliament, Research Services and Use of Technology
15.00 - 15. 15 p.m Discussion
15.00 - 15.30 p.m Tea/Coffee Break
15.30- 17.00 p.m Tour of the Parliament building and the Library
Conference suspended
20.15 -.... Entertainment and dinner at the invitation of the Hellenic Parliament (Hosted by the Speaker of the House)

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5. 66th International General IFLA Conference in Jerusalem

The program for our Section is set and all arrangements have been made thanks to our colleague from the Knesset, Neomi Kimhi. We will have two workshops in the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. The first one will be on Sunday. This is the traditional one that is held in the Parliament of the host country and will cover the Library and Documentation Services of the Knesset. The second workshop will be held in the Knesset on Wednesday and will cover library management items. Those sessions will be lead by members of the Section.

Subscriptions to both workshops in the Knesset are still possible. You will find subscription forms in appendices 3 and 4 to this Newsletter. Neomi Kimhi made special arrangements with the Park Plaza hotel for the members of our Section. Hotel Reservations through Neomi Kimhi are still possible till July 20. (See the special reservation form in appendix 5).

The program reads as follows:

Saturday, 12 August 2000
09:00 - 10:50 Standing Committee I

Sunday, 13 August 2000
08:30 - 17:00(all day)

    Meetings off-site at the Knesset under the responsibility of Neomi Kimhi

    Library and Research Services in the Knesset: A One-Day Seminar (on invitation only)
    Topics to be covered include: Library and information services of the Knesset; electronic collections; production and performance indicators; Internet as a tool for Democracy and a guided tour of the Knesset.

Monday, 14 August: Special half day meeting on Research Services
09:00 0 12:00

    Seminar co-ordinator: Hugh Finsten - Parliamentary Library, Parliament of Canada, Director General, Parliamentary Research Branch.

    Panel (1) Establishing a Research Service
    Alim Garca - Cameroon -- Head, Research Centre, National Assembly
    Dulce Maria Liahut - Mexico- Director General, Information and Documentation Chamber of Deputies.
    June Verrier - Australia- Head, Information and Research Service, Parliamentary Library

    Panel (2) Issues for Smaller Legislative Research Services
    Marialyse Delano, Chile - Head, Information Resources, Library of Congress
    Mr. Aare Kasemets, Estonia - Head, Economic and Social Information Department, Parliament of Estonia

    Panel (3) Quality Control
    Bob Gardner, Ontario -- Director, Information and Research, Ontario Legislative Library
    Donna Scheeder, USA - Deputy Assistant Director, Information Research Division, CRS, Library of Congress

Tuesday, 15 August Open meeting of the Section


    1. John Joseph presents a paper on the Workings of the Library of New Delhi in India.
    2. Irina Andreeva and Frank Kirkwood co-author present a paper on the Role of parliamentary libraries in Russia and Eastern Europe in bringing government information to the people -- building a new millennium of democracy and peace.
    3. Wojciech Kulisiewicz of Poland presents a paper on the relationship between Legislative Libraries in the European Community.

Wednesday, 16 August Library Management Workshop, off-site at the Knesset
(All day)

    1. Client expectations and evolving needs: current trends
      1. Control and timeliness of information
      2. Dissemination of current information
      3. Knowledge of clientele by region and/ or by constituency

      Workshop Leader: Margareta Brundin

    2. Marketing and evaluation of Services and Products
      1. New products and services
      2. Publications
      3. Training
      4. Performance indicators
      Workshop Leader: Keith Cuningham

    3. Core collections and electronic information resources
      1. Encyclopaedias, dictionaries and directories and similar documents
      2. CD Roms, Websites and other communications vehicles
      3. Parliamentary and Legislative documents
      Workshop Leader: Anita Dudina

    4. Co-operation, networking and sharing information in Parliamentary and Legislative libraries.
      1. Regional Associations and International Programs
      2. Electronic products and networks
      Workshop Leader: Rob Brian

Friday, 18 August 2000
10:30-12:20 Standing Committee II

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6. Publications and Persons


World Directory on Parliamentary Libraries
Marga Coing, head of the German Bundestag Library, reported on this Directory which is accessible at: http://www.bundestag.de/datbk/library/wd.htm
Since her last report made during the second Standing Committee meeting in Bangkok in August 1999, there were very few new entries into the directory, but more modifications.
New entries of countries 5
New entries of provinces 8
Modifications 9

As she had promised in Bangkok the questionnaire has been shortened and all political questions due to various changes have been eliminated, so that the directory will not be so quickly out of date anymore. The questionnaire relates as far as possible only to information concerning the library itself. Therefore she hopes that the handling got much easier. All Section members are kindly but urgently requested to fill in the questionnaire, either for the first time or to fill in their modifications.

Guidelines for legislative libraries
Thanks to the endurance and perseverance of our colleague of the Russian Duma, Irina Andreeva, the translation of the "Guidelines for legislative libraries" has been published into Russian in May 2000. That means that the Guidelines are available now in English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian. The Russian translation of the guidelines will be distributed this year to libraries of Section Members where Russian collections are held.

Nick Bannenberg informed us that there is an interesting website for the European Parliament at: http://www.europarl.eu.int/docman/texts/TFDM(2000)0014EN(TOC)0.htm on a "common vocabulary for Parliamentary language" aimed at organising information and knowledge in a way that is understandable and accessible to the general public.

The site is about the development of a mark-up language for Parliamentary texts and information and calls for expressions of interest to assess the level of interest in, and possible support for, the creation of a specific mark-up language for legislative and parliamentary work. On the basis of expressions lodged, a preliminary study could be undertaken by the interested partners to explore the whole range of XML standards (XML schema, DOM, XML and RDF in particular) to develop a formal language definition.

Donna Scheeder of the Library of Congress in Washington informed us that there is an interesting listing of legislative reports on the web coming up. Gary Price of George Washington University has created this website which has links to other sites with legislative research reports. He would be happy to hear from you if you have reports up that he can add.
Gary D. Price, MLIS George Washington University, Virginia Campus Library, Gelman Library. E- mail: gprice@gwu.edu tel: 00-1-703-726-8235 / fax 00-1-703-726-8237

The Parliament of Estonia has started the publishing of a parliamentary journal in February 2000. The name is Riigikogu Toimetised or RiTo in Estonian language, and the Journal of the Estonian Parliament in English. In principle RiTo is open to all potential co-authors from other Parliaments. The editors are interested in comparative parliamentary studies and are ready to translate and/or show the actual studies via www.links to use the common international information resources in a more effective way. For more information you may contact Aare Kasemets at: aare.kasemets@riigikogu.ee Fax: 00-372 6 31 6504


Marga Coing, Head of the German Bundestag Library, has a new e-mail address. For personal messages you can use: marga.coing@bundestag.de For IFLA purposes: bibliothek@bundestag.de would be the adequate one.

The new e-mail address of the Library of the Polish Parliament (the Sejm) is now: Parlib@sejm.gov.pl Also Wojciech Kulisiewicz has a new e-mail address: wojciech.kulisiewicz@sejm.gov.pl

Marius Burgers of the Library of Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa, has a new e-mail address: meoburgers@parliament.gov.za

Margarita Angelova informed us that the INTERNET homepage address for the Parliament of Bulgaria is: http://www.parliament.bg.

Ellen Namhila, our colleague from Namibia and Chair of APLESA, who participated in several IFLA Conferences in the last few years, has moved to the Ministry of Basic Education as the Director of Library and Archives Services. We will miss her contribution to our sessions and warm and strong personality very much. Mr. Gottfried Tsuseb has become the new Parliamentary Librarian of Namibia. His e-mail address is: g.tsuseb@parliament.gov.na


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7. Standing Committee Members

(Members first elected in 1999 denoted by *)

Ms Anita Dudina*
Director of the Information Department
Saeima of the Republic of Latvia
Jekaba 11
Latvia 1811

Tel. 371-7087-157
Fax 371-7087-174
Email: adudina@saeima.lv

Ms Rosa Maria Grau Guadix
Librarian, Congress of Deputies
Direccion de Estudios y Documentation
Floridablanca s/n
Madrid 28014, Spain

Tel. 34-91-3906388
Fax 34-91-3906765
Email: rosa.grau@sgral.congreso.es

John Joseph
Lok Sabha, India
Parliament House
NEW DELHI 110001

Tel. 91-11-303-4738
Fax 91-11-301-6495
Email: josephj@parlis.nic.in

Wojciech Kulisiewicz
Sejm Library
Str. Wiejska 4
PL 00-902 WARSAW

Tel. 48-2-694-2429
Fax 48-2-694-1778
Email: Wojciech.kulisiewicz@sejm.gov.pl

Ms Tuula H. Laaksovirta
Chief Librarian
Library of Parliament

Tel. 358-9-4321
Fax 358-9-432-3495
Email: kirjasto@eduskunta.fl

Bernard Nzo Nguty
Assistant Secretary-General
Assemblée Nationale

Tel: 237-22-1131
Fax: 237-22-0979

Richard Paré (Chair)
Parliamentary Librarian
Library of Parliament
Wellington Street
Tel. 1-613-992-3122
Fax 1-613-996-7092
Email: parer@parl.gc.ca
Young-Hee Park
Director of Reference Service Bureau
National Assembly Library
1 Yoido-Dong, Yeongdeungpo Gu.
SEOUL 150-703

Tel. 82-2-788-4103
Fax 82-2-788-4402
Email: yhp@nanet.go.kr

Ms Sara Parker*
State Librarian
Missouri State Library
600 W. Main, P.O.Box 387

Tel. 1-573-751-3615
Fax 1-573-751-3612
Email: sparker@mail.sos.state.mo.us

Ms Donna Scheeder *
Deputy Assistant Director, Information Research Division
Congressional Research Service - LM 215, Library of Congress

101 Independence Ave., SE

Tel. 1-202-707-8939
Fax 1-202-707-1833
Email: dscheeder@crs.loc.gov

Bernard Vansteelandt*
Librarian of the Belgian Parliament
Belgian Parliament
13 Rue de la Loi

Tel. 32-2-549-9280
Fax 32-2-549-9497
Email: bibliotheque.parl@lachambre.be

Dr June Verrier*
Head, Information and Research Services
Department of the Parliamentary Library
Parliament House

Tel. 61-2-6277-2470
Fax 61-2-6277-2528
Email: june.verrier@aph.gov.au

Corresponding Members:

Irina Andreeva
Director of Parliamentary Library Of the Russian Federation
1 Okhotny Riad str.,
Moscow 103265

Tel : 7-095-292-9725
Fax: 7-095-2087907
Email: andreeva@duma.gov.ru

Zazuo Matsuhashi
Deputy Director, Research & Legislative Reference Service
National Diet Library
10-1, Nagatacho, 1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku

Tel. 81-3-3581-2333
Fax 81-3-3595-3802

Isaac K. Songoro
Clerk of the National Assembly of Kenya
Parliament Buildings, P.O. Box 41842

Tel. 254-2-22-1291
Fax 254-2-33-6589

Ali S. Sowaine
Deputy Director General
King Fahd National Library

P.O.Box 7572
RIYAHD 11472
Saudi Arabia

Tel: 9661-462-5941
Fax: 9661-464-5341

Tembi Chalabesa Mtine
Chief Librarian
National Assembly Library
PO Box No 31299
Lusaka 10101

Tel: 260-1-292425/36
Fax: 260-1-292252
Email: tcmtine@zamnet.zm


Honorary Advisor to the Section

Jan Keukens (Secretary)
Head of Library of Second Chamber of the States General
PO Box 30804
2500 GV The Hague

Tel: 31-70-3182306
Fax: 31-70-3182307
Email: jc.keukens@tk.parlement.nl


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IFLA HQ, The Hague, Netherlands ifla@ifla.org fax: 31-70-3834827

The following is an alphabetical list of colleagues who have attended recent Conferences or were in contact with the section recently. The information is included to assist continuing contact. Most will also appear under the country listing on the Section's Home Page. If you are able to correct or update any of these entries, please send an e-mail or fax to Jan Keukens.

Richard Paré
Library of Parliament
Ottawa, Canada
fax 1-613-9967092
Jan Keukens
Library of Second Chamber
The Hague, Netherlands
fax: 31-70-3182307
Information Co-ordinator:
Marialyse Délano Serrano
Biblioteca del Congreso
Santiago, Chile
fax: 56-2-270-1747

Abdel Elah, Wafaa Research Service People's
Assembly Egypt
Fax: 20-2-243-3295
Abeleda- Robles, Maria Fe S l Congressional Library Philippines fax: 632 931 5566
Afonin, Eduard Rada of the Ukraine afonin@Alpha.rada.kiev.ua
fax: 380 44 2262145
Ahmadi Abhari, S.M.A. Iranian Consultative Assembly Abhari@www.majlis.ir
fax: 9821 3124339
Andreeva, Irina Russian Federation Library Moscow Andreeva@duma.gov.ru
fax:7 095 2087907
Angelova, Margarita National Assembly Library, Bulgaria Mangelova@nt.14.parliament.bg
fax: 3592 981 3131
Aranda Torres, Patricio Parliamentary Library, Peru paranda@congreso.gob.pe
Backlund, Sven Parliamentary Documentation Centre European Parliament Sbacklund@europarl.eu.int
Fax: 32-2-2849063
Bannenberg, Nick Queensland Parliamentary Library, Australia Nick.Bannenberg@parliament.qld.gov.au
fax: 61 7 3210 0172
Bernier, Gaston Bibliothèque de l'Assemblée Nationale, Québec, Canada Gastonbernier@assnat.qc.ca
Fax: 418 646 4873
Blagniene, Renata National Parliamentary Library Inf Analysis Group, Lithuania Reblag@rc.lrs.lt
fax: 370-2-224543
Borocan, Ioana Parliamentary Library Romania borocan@dias.vsat.ro
fax 40 1 3124406
Brian, Rob Parliamentary Library, NSW Sydney, Australia Rob.Brian@parliament.nsw.gov.au
Fax: 61 2 9231 1932
Brown, Charles M Librarian, Parliament House, Accra, Ghana pis@ncs.com.gh
fax: 233-21-665957
Brudenall, John Australia john.brudenall@alianet.alia.org.au
Brundin, Margareta Library of the Riksdag Stockholm, Sweden Margareta.brundin@riksdagen.se
fax: 46-8-7865871
Bufi, Zana People's Assembly Tirana, Albanian Republic zbufi@parliament.tirana.al
fax: 355 42 27949
Bulavas, Vladas National Parliamentary Library Inf Analysis Group, Lithuania vladas.bulava@lnb.mcb.lt
Burgers, Marius Library of Parliament
Cape Town, South Africa
Fax (021) 461-4331
Butale, Florence Parliamentary Library Botswana Fbutale@gov.bw
fax 267 313103
Celik, Hilmi Turkey fax: 90-212-281-4231
Chomchuen Boonruksa Nat Assembly Library, Bangkok, Thailand Boonruksa@parcy.parliament.go.th
fax: 66-2 244 1322
Cihan, Ali Riza Library Grand Nat Assembly Ankara, Turkey Acihan@tbmm.gov.tr
fax: 90-312-420 7548
Coing, Marga Bundestag Library Bonn, Germany marga.coing@bundestag.de
fax: 49 228 16 26087
Davidson, Bruce Victorian Parliamentary Library Melbourne, Australia Bruced@parliament.vic.gov.au
fax: 61 3 9651 8630
Délano Serrano, Marialyse Biblioteca del Congreso Santiago, Chile mdelano@biblioteca.congreso.cl
fax: 56 2 2701747
Dickerson, Mary Anita Legislative Library, Ontario,Canada Mary_Dickerson@ontla.ola.org
fax 416-325-3909
Dudina, Anita Information. Office, Supreme Council Riga, Latvia adudina@saeima.lv
fax 371-7087174
Eenmaa, Ivi Parliament of Estonia ivi.Eenmaa@venus.nlib.ee
fax: 372 6 404100
EL Hennawy, Sawsan Information Sector People's Assembly of Egypt Libmail@epa-Parliament.gov.eg
fax: 202 3540299
Feliu, Ximena Biblioteca del Congreso Santiago, Chile xfeliu@biblioteca.congreso.cl
Fax: 56-26715331
Floistad, Brit Parliamentary Library Norway brit.floistad@st.dep.telemax.no
fax: 47 22 31 38 59
Gadusova, Georgina Parliamentary Library Slovak Republic gadugeor@ncsr.sk
fax: 421-7-5315-541
Geirsdottir, Kristin Parliamentary Library Iceland Kgeirs@althingi.is
Glavnik, Natasa Parliamentary Library Slovenia natasa.glavnik@dz-rs.si
Grau-Guadix, Rosa Maria Camera de los Diputados, Spain rosa.grau@s.gral.congreso.es
fax: 34-91-3906765
Harris, Damayanti Parliamentary Library Indonesia fax 62 21 575 6068
Haraszti Katalin Library of Hungarian Parl haraszti@ogyk.hu fax: 36-1-441-4639
Holt, Elise Folketing, Copenhagen Denmark elise.holt@folketinget.dk
fax: 0045 33 14 70 60
Joseph, John Lok Sabha New Delhi, India josephj@sansad.nic.in
fax: 91 11 3016495
Junga, Ahn National Assembly Library, Seoul Korea cdc01@sun.nanet.go.kr
fax: 82 2 788 4401
Kasemets, Aare Chancellery of the Riigikogu Estonia aare.kasemets@riigikogu.ee
fax 372 6 31 6504
Kedem, Kosi Member of Parliament Ghana 233-667552 tel
Keukens, Jan Library of Second Chamber The Hague, Netherlands jc.keukens@tk.parlement.nl
fax: 31 70 318 23 07
Kirkwood, Francis Library of Parliament Ottawa, Canada frankirk@gabriel.resudox.net
fax: 613-947-8797
Kimhi, Neomi Library of the Knesset Israel Sifria2@netvision.net.il
fax 972 5662733
Klipii, Igor Informative-Analytical Centre
Parliament of Moldova
fax 373 2 233012
Kohl, Ernst Subject and Speakers Indexes
Bonn, Germany
fax: 49 228 16 26107
Kulisiewicz, Wojciech The Sejm, Warsaw, Poland Wojciech.kulisiewicz@sejm.gov.pl
Fax: 0-22 694 1778
Laaksovirta, Tuula H Riksdag Library, Helsinki. Finland tuula.h.laaksovirta.@eduskunta.fi
fax: 358 9432 3495
Lamaro, Emilia Camera dei Deputati. Italy lamaro-e@camera.it
fax 39-6-6786886
Lapiashvili, Georgi Parliamentary Research Service Tblisi, Georgia meta@beriapac.ge
fax: 88 32 99 87 50
Liahut Baldomar, Dulce Maria Parliamentary Library Mexico Liahut@info.cddhcu.gob.mx
fax: 52-5-628-1316
Lindley, Jane Koc University Library
Istanbul, Turkey
Liu, Eva Library Legislative Council Hong Kong Eliu @legco.gov.hk
fax: 852 25250990
Loddes, Ene National and Parliamentary Library of Estonia Ene@venus.nlib.ee
fax: 372 6 311 410
Lukarevski, Todorche Assembly of the former Yug. Republic of Macedonia l.toni@assembly.gov.mk
fax 389 91 111675
Malackova, Eva Parliamentary Library Slovak Republic Malakeva@ncsr.sk
Martincic, Branka Parliamentary Library
Fax: 385 1 6303 478
Masawi, Nelson Parliamentary Library Harare, Zimbabwe Parlzim@samara.co.zw
fax: 010-263-4-795548
Matheson, Ian New Zealand ianmath@paradise.net.nz
Mtine, Tembi National Assembly Library Zambia temtine@zamnet.zm
fax: 260-1-292252
Namhila, Ellen Library of Parliament, Namibia e.namhila@parliament.gov.na
fax: 264-61-226899
Ng, Patrick Library Legislative Council Hong Kong libn2@legco gov.hk
Ntunja, Albert M. Library Parliament of South Africa Parlib@iafrica.com
27-21-461 4331
Nzo Nguty, Bernard Assemblée Nationale Cameroon fax: 237 22 0979
Nicoara, Elisabeta Library of Senate Romania biblioteca.unix.1senat.ro
fax 401-315 8868
Nyambele, Kileo Library of Parliament Tanzania fax 255 051 112538
Pages, Rita Library of National Assembly of People's Power, Cuba anpp@informed.sld.cu
Paré, Richard Parliamentary Librarian,
Library of Parliament Ottawa, Canada
fax: 613 996 7092
Pashkovsky, Vitaly Parliamentary Library Ukraine vpash@logrus.rada.kiev.ua
Pries, Dr Anne Leiden University Netherlands a.pries@law.leidenuniv.nl
fax: 31 71 527 77 32
Purser, Pleasance Parliamentary Library Wellington, New Zealand pleasance.purser@parliament.gov.nz
fax: 64 04 471 1250
Quider, Liana Library Palestinian Legislative Council liana@pal-plc.org
fax 972 2 2958892
Rautava, Antti Head of Research, Riksdag , Helsinki, Finland antti.rautava@eduskunta.fi
fax: 358 9 432 2180
Robinson, William CRS, Library of Congress Washington, USA wrobinson@crs.loc.gov
fax: 1 202 252 3166
Scheeder, Donna CRS, Library of Congress Washington, USA Dsscheeder@crs.loc.gov
fax: 1 202 707 1833
Seng Sowatha, Mrs National Assembly Library Cambodja fax 855 23 217768
Sillajoe, Siiri Chancellery of the Riigikogu Estonia Siiri.sillajoe@riigikogu.ee
fax 372 6 31 6504
Simandjuntak, Aurora Indonesian Parliament [APLAP President] fax: 62 21 5731319
Sosna, Karel Parliamentary Library, Czech Republic SOSNA@psp.cz
fax: 420 2 539406
Spicer, Erik Librarian Emeritus, Canada ejsmhs@istar.ca
Sraga, Daniela Library Croatian
National Parliament
fax 385-1-4550-192
Tanfield, Jennifer Retired Chair of the Section UK Jtanfield@hotmail.com
Tsukamoto, Takashi National Diet Library Japan ta-tsuka@ndlmail.ndl.go.jp
fax: 81-3-3595-3802
Tsuseb, Gottfried Library of Parliament
fax: 81-3-3595-3802
Umeda, Hisaé Research & Reference Bureau, National Diet Library Tokyo, Japan fax: 81 3 3595 3802
Visockaite, Nijole Research Section, Lithuanian Parliament nivisio@rc.lrs.lt
Vansteelandt, Bernard Parliamentary Library
Brussels, Belgium
fax 32-2-5499497
Verrier, June Parliamentary Library Canberra, Australia June.Verrier@aph.gov.au
fax: 06 277 2528
Volio, Julieta Dept of Library Services Costa Rica jvolio@congreso.aleg.go.cr
fax: 506 331656
Young-Hee, Park National Assembly Library, Seoul, Korea yhp@nanet.go.kr
fax: 82 2 788 4402
Zatkalikova, Anna Parliamentary Library Slovak Republic zatkanna@mail.ncsr.sk
fax: 421 7 5318203

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Appendix: Registration Forms for Athens and Jerusalem and general information from the invitation booklet

Appendix 1

16th International Conference of Parliamentary Librarians; Athens, 9 August 2000
Registration Form [Adobe Acrobat Format 4KB]

Appendix 2

16th Conference of Parliamentary Librarians; Athens, 9 August 2000
Accommodation Registration Form [Adobe Acrobat Format 5KB]

Appendix 3

66th International General IFLA Conference in Jerusalem
Registration Form for the Knesset Workshop on the Services of the Knesset Library on Sunday. [Adobe Acrobat Format 4KB]

Appendix 4

66th International General IFLA Conference in Jerusalem
Registration Form for Workshops on Management Issues held in the Knesset on Wednesday [Adobe Acrobat Format 6KB]

Appendix 5

66th International General IFLA Conference in Jerusalem
Accommodation Registration Form for Park Plaza Jerusalem [Adobe Acrobat Format 4KB]


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