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Library Buildings in a Changing Environment:
Proceedings of the 11th Seminar of the IFLA Section on Library Buildings and Equipment

In August 1999, the 11th Seminar of the Section on Library Buildings and Equipment took place in Shanghai, China. The proceedings of this Seminar have now been published in the IFLA Publications Series.

At the close of the 20th Century and as we stand in the entrance of a new age of electronic information, library buildings are being constructed on a very large scale. In Shanghai and in Paris, in Frankfurt, in Copenhagen and in London, are brand new library buildings. All these new libraries, when it is claimed that the book as we know it is dying and being replaced by discs and the Internet. So why bother with libraries? On the contrary, the new British Library is the largest public building to have been constructed in the United Kingdom in during the 20th century. That a national library should have that status is reassuring. For libraries represent, and celebrate, the achievements of humanity.

The buildings that house libraries should reflect their role and the futures they help create. They should excite the eye as well as the mind. Libraries deserve great buildings.' Brian Lang, former Chief Executive, The British Library, Speaking at the Opening Ceremony.

Apart from the full text of Mr. Lang's speech, this publication will give you a range of stories telling the tale of library buildings all over the world, from China to Warsaw to Catalonia. Anyone planning a new library building must read this book.

Library Buildings in a changing environment: Shanghai, China, 14-18 August 1999
[International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions].
Ed. by Marie-Françoise Bisbrouck.München, Saur, 2001, IV, 236 p. 21 cm
(Proceedings of the seminar of the IFLA Section on Library Buildings and Equipment; 11)
(IFLA Publications 94)
ISBN 3-598-21819-2

This publication can be ordered for DEM 98.00 (IFLA Members DEM 73.50), from:

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81316 MUNICH,

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