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Library Buildings and Equipment Section

Strategic Plan


The Section considers all matters concerning the design and construction of all types of libraries in all parts of the world, including their furnishings and equipment. The Section aims to collect and disseminate knowledge about library buildings and equipment in order to increase knowledge among librarians and other relevant professions. The Section also aims to establish better contacts between librarians and architects by creating the conditions under which it will be possible for each of them to understand the other's professional approach to designing libraries.


1. Gather and disseminate information on planning library buildings and develop mechanisms for communication and interchange of knowledge concerning library building planning.
(Professional Priority: (f) Promoting Resource Sharing)


1.1 Publish the proceedings of the open session of the Milan WC in the IFLA publications series.

1.2 Continue to publish the Section's Newsletter, including a special issue on learning centres. Update the website to disseminate the activities of the Section and generate interest in the Section's activities in accordance with the new IFLA website.

1.3 Work with relevant parties to publish material on library buildings.

2. Develop guidelines for planning library buildings.
(Professional Priority: (i) Promoting Standards, Guidelines and Best Practices)


2.1 Develop a quick reference tool to supplement the IFLA Library Buildings guidelines.

3. Explore opportunities for communication and exchange of information with organisations involved in library planning.
(Professional Priority: (f) Promoting Resource Sharing)


3.1 Provide access via the website to existing databases and other digital resources on library projects and library planning throughout the world.

3.2 Aim to develop contacts with national and international architectural organisations.

3.3 Encourage individual libraries to provide information on their library building projects.

4. Continue to develop and implement programmes to enhance understanding of library building planning
(Professional Priority: (h) Developing Library Professionals)


4.1 Present at least one programme at the Quebec conference in 2008 and one at the Milan conference in 2009.

4.2 Prepare and organise the XVI Buildings Seminar in Turin 2009 in cooperation with other sections.

5. Explore ways of increasing the membership of the Section.
(Professional Priority: (h) Developing Library Professionals)


5.1 Update the leaflet to promote the Section.

5.2 Use and implement the recommendations of the IFLA recruitment handbook.