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Standing Committee and Section Membership


International Directory of Experts in Library Buildings and Equipment

Future Conferences

Istanbul Meetings

Section on Library Buildings and Equipment

Annual Report 1994-1995

Marc Chauveinc (Inspecteur général des Bibliothèques, 3-5, Bld Pasteur, 75015 Paris, France) was elected Chair of the Section on Library Buildings and Equipment, succeeding Wim Renes (Netherlands). Ms Marie-Françoise Bisbrouck (Ministère Superieur et de la Recherche, Sous-Direction des Bibliothèques, 1, Rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris, France (fax: +(33-1) 49552578)) was elected Secretary, succeeding Michael Dewe (UK).

Standing Committee and Section Membership

The Standing Committee is composed of 10 members from six countries, plus four corresponding members. Section registration stands at 102.



Wim Renes, outgoing Chair, agreed to produce the next issue of the Section's Newsletter, to be issued in October 1995. S. Gause (USA) will produce the first Newsletter of 1996. Standing Committee members were asked to provide Ms Gause with information on new library buildings open to the public, new construction plans as well as articles dealing with building programmes, construction, enlarging and re-planning libraries.

Section Leaflets

In 1991 the Section agreed on topics for the most frequently needed leaflets:

  1. how to write functional library building programmes;
  2. selection on non-book storage accommodation;
  3. arrangements for use of information technology;
  4. directional signs;
  5. table seating; and
  6. lighting for readers.

The first leaflet was published in 1991, "Preparing the Building Programme Document" by David Kaiser (USA). The second leaflet published was "Security in Library Buildings" by Robert Klaus Jopp (Germany) in 1992. In 1993 the leaflet entitled "Information Technology and Library Buildings" by David C. Weber (USA) was issued. Also in 1993 Harry Faulkner-Brown, former Chair of the Section, issued the leaflet, "The Initial Brief". The Section will issue a leaflet on "Directional Signs" during the Beijing 1996 Conference.

International Directory of Experts in Library Buildings and Equipment

This has been a project proposal of the Section and it is currently seeking an author.

Future Conferences

Beijing 1996

The Section will hold a one-day workshop on "Architectural Competitions". For its open session there will be three speakers from China speaking on library buildings in China.

Copenhagen 1997

The Section will plan for a tour of library buildings in Copenhagen. Its open session will deal with three new library buildings in northern Europe: Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. The Section will also organize its 10th seminar in The Hague prior to the Copenhagen Conference. The theme proposed is "Renovation". The seminar will be followed by a study tour of new Dutch libraries, including the Public Library of Rotterdam and the Public Library of The Hague.

Istanbul Meetings

The Section held an open session during which the following papers were presented:

Building and Renovating for the 21st Century: Experience from a New Project Applied to Updating an Obsolete Building

The paper describes briefly one university planning environment and how environment and experience affect subsequent library building planning. The initial section describes the University of California, the Irvine campus and its libraries, and the University planning and budgeting environment. Following that, the planning process for renovation and earthquake retrofitting of the Irvine campus main library is described, as well as design solutions and compromises made in order to meet budget constraints. Construction planning in order to continue to utilize collections and services is briefly described. Finally, recommendations are made for a successful remodelling project: substantial contingency budget, continuity of personnel involved, flexibility and openness to change on the part of the institution and the architects, and continuous communication during all stages of the project.

Library Buildings in Turkey

This paper gives general information on the development of library buildings in Turkey with an historical overview. The buildings of the National Library, the Library of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, university and public libraries are discussed in detail. The library buildings of the Ottoman era such as the libraries in Topkapi Palace and in the Ayasofya Museum and others are compared with the modern library buildings of Turkey. New Turkish library buildings follow the pattern of modern library buildings throughout the world.

The Cultural and Heritage Centre in Dubai

This paper describes the design proposals for the Juma Al-Majid Centre for Culture and Heritage in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The scheme aims to provide an appropriate and inspiring environment for the collection and preparation of the spiritual and cultural heritage of the region and the Islamic and Arab world, a well as facilitating the development of knowledge and science, serving scholars, students, researchers, scientists, professionals and the general public. The architecture of the complex is seen as a bridge between past and future, integrating traditional forms and layouts with modern progressive forms and structure.


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