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68th IFLA Conference Logo  

68th IFLA General Conference and Council

Libraries for Life: Democracy, Diversity, Delivery

August 18th - 24th 2002, Glasgow, Scotland










Thursday, 15 | Friday, 16 | Saturday, 17 | Sunday, 18 | Monday, 19 | Tuesday, 20 | Wednesday, 21 | Thursday, 22 | Friday, 23 | Saturday, 24

Thursday 15 August


Off-site: University of Strathclyde, McCance Lecture Theatre - University Libraries and other General Research Libraries Workshop

Open Access Archives: from Scientific Plutocracy to the Republic of Science
JEAN-CLAUDE GUÉDON (Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada)
  • Reactor Panel to the Presentation

  • Friday 16 August


    1. Professional Committee (Closed Meeting)


    2. FAIFE Advisory Board Meeting (By invitation only)


    3. Governing Board (Closed Meeting)


    4. CB I General Research Libraries (Div I)
    5. CB I Special Libraries (Div II)
    6. CB I Libraries Serving the General Public (Div III)
    7. CB I Bibliographic Control (Div IV)
    8. CB I Collections and Services (Div V)
    9. CB I Management and Technology (Div VI)
    10. CB I Education and Training (Div VII)
    11. CB I Regional Activities (Div VIII)

    Registration opens (afternoon)

    Saturday 17 August


    12. SC I Public Libraries
    13. SC I Art Libraries
    14. SC I Bibliography
    15. SC I Genealogy and Local History
    16. SC I Classification and Indexing
    17. SC I Document Delivery and Interlending
    18. SC I Education and Training
    19. SC I Government Information and Official Publications
    20. SC I Information Technology
    21. SC I Reference Work
    22. SC I Libraries for Children and Young Adults
    23. SC I Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons
    24. SC I Library Services to Multicultural Populations
    25. SC I Reading
    26. SC I Science and Technology Libraries


    27. FAIFE Business Meeting I


    28. SC I Serial Publications
    29. SC I University Libraries and other General Research Libraries
    30. SC I Acquisition and Collection Development
    31. SC I Audiovisual and Multimedia
    32. SC I Cataloguing
    33. SC I Government Libraries
    34. SC I Libraries for the Blind
    35. SC I Library and Research Services for Parliaments
    36. SC I Library Buildings and Equipment
    37. SC I Library Theory and Research
    38. SC I Management and Marketing
    39. SC I Social Science Libraries
    40. SC I Preservation and Conservation
    41. SC I Rare Books and Manuscripts
    42. SC I School Libraries and Resource Centres


    43. CLM Committee Meeting


    44. SC I Statistics
    45. SC I Health and Biosciences Libraries
    46. SC I National Libraries
    47. SC I Geography and Map Libraries
    48. EC Management of Library Associations
    49. EC INTAMEL
    50. EC Library History
    51. EC Mobile Libraries
    52. EC Newspapers
    53. EC Continuing Professional Education
    54. EC User Education
    55. EC Women's Issues
    56. EC Library and Information Science Journals


    57. Caucus: Canada
    58. Caucus: French Speaking Participants
    59. Caucus: German Speaking Participants
    60. Caucus: Netherlands Speaking Participants
    61. Caucus: Portuguese Speaking Participants
    62. Caucus: CIS
    63. Caucus: Nordic Countries
    64. Caucus: UK
    65. Caucus: USA
    66. Caucus: Africa
    67. Caucus: Spanish Speaking Participants

    Officers Reception (Invitation only)

    Sunday 18 August


    68. Marketing Library Services to Academic Communities Discussion Group

    AIRA LEPIK (Tallinn Pedgagogical University, Estonia) and
    CHRISTINA TOVOTE (Malmö University, Sweden) will present brief papers on the marketing of information literacy to faculty and students on academic campuses and then there will be a general discussion.


    69. Social Responsibilities Discussion Group

    The Social Responsibilities Discussion Group will wind up its work in Glasgow. Working Group chairs will give reports on what has been accomplished in the implementation our recommendations. Ideas will be discussed on how to continue working within other IFLA structures.


    70. Knowledge Management Discussion Group

    Introduction by Irene Wormell & Karen Muller

    Presentations will be made by the following speakers:

    • ELISABETH DAVENPORT (Professor of Information Management, Napier University Business School, Edinburgh)
    • LEONOR GASPAR PINTO (Head of Library Services, Knowledge Resource Centre, Institute for Innovation in Vocational Training) and PAULA OCHÔA (Head of Information Services Department, General Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Portugal)
    • IRENE WORMELL (Information Management, Swedish School of Library and Information Science, Borås)
    A open discussion will follow the presentations.

    71. Cancelled (Information and Documentation Discussion Group)


    72. Performance Measurement in Public Libraries Discussion Group

    Public Library Statistics: Prospects ahead

    John Sumsion will make a presentation to start the discussion.
    Other speakers are encouraged.


    73. Metadata Discussion Group

    Knowledge Cafe for Metadata

    The following topics will be discussed:
    1. Has the "Metadata Movement" gone too far?
    2. Crossing the (great) metadata divide Z39.50 or Open Archives Initiative (OIA)?
    3. Implementing metadata thinking globally, acting locally conflict or complement?
    4. Unilingual metadata in a multilingual world Quo vadis?

    At the end of the session, the discussion about each topic will be summarized.


    74. SC I Africa


    75. SC I Asia and Oceania


    76. SC I Latin America and the Caribbean


    77. Library and Research Services for Parliaments

    Research Seminar

    • Budget analysis for parliaments: the case of Poland
    • WIESLAW STASKIEWICZ (Bureau of Research and Analysis, Sejm, Warsaw, Poland)
      ANNA ZATKALIKOVA (Parliamentary Institute, National Council of Slovakia, Bratislava, Slowakia),
      MARIANNE BJERNBACK (The Research Service Unit of the Riksdag, Stockholm, Sweden) and
      AHMED ALI M. AL-MUKHAINI (The Council of Oman, Muscat, Oman)

    • Dealing with clients in a political environment: practical tips on coping with recurrent problems Panel discussion:
    • Parliamentary democracies get the information services they deserve by JANET SEATON (Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, United Kingdom),
      KOSI KEDEM (Parliament of Ghana, Accra, Ghana), PRISCILLA BAINES (Parliamentary Library, House of Commons, London, United Kingdom) and
      RENATA BLAGNIENE (Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania)

    • Effective and responsive needs assessment
      BOB GARDNER (Ontario Legislative Library, Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Toronto, Canada)
    • Panel discussion:
      Discussion paper by JUNE VERRIER (Parliamentary Library of the Commonwealth of Australia, Canberra, Australia),
      Discussion paper by JOHN P. POWER (Research and Library Services, Northern Ireland Assembly, Belfast, United Kingdom) and Dicussion paper by JOHN GRIMES (National Assembly for Wales)

    • Working with committees: why do it and how to start
      Travailler avec les Comités : Pourquoi et comment
    • HUGH FINSTEN (Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Canada)
      MOIRA FRASER (Parliamentary Services of the Parliament of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand),
      ANDRES SIPLANE (Department of Economic and Social Information of the Riigikogu of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia)
      EUGEN GASNAS (Senate of Romania, Bucharest, Romania)

    • Libraries and research services: colleagues, clients and collaborators
    • MARGARETA BRUNDIN (The Administrative Office of the Swedish Riksdag, Stockholm, Sweden)
      WAFAA ALI ABDEL ELAH (People's Assembly of the Republic of Egypt, Cairo, Egypt),
      DULCE MARIA LIAHUT BALDOMAR (General Congress of the United Mexican States, Mexico City, Mexico) and
      CHRISTIANE DE ALMEIDA MAIA (House of Representatives, Brasilia, Brazil)


    78. Off-site: Main Carpark - Mobile Meet

    Introduction by Baillie CAMERON (Glasgow City Council)
    • The Scottish Perspective
      JOHN HUNTER (Scotland)
    • The International Perspective
    • CHRISTER CARLS (Sweden)
      ROBERT PESTELL (Australia)
      RUTH ORNHOLT (Norway)

      Lunch and visit mobile libraries

    • Guest Speaker
      LIZ LOCHHEAD (Author and Playwright)


    79. FAIFE

    Conflicts and Libraries

    • Introduction: Aspects and the work of FAIFE
      ALEX BYRNE (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)
    • Libraries and Conflicts: Introduction to the theme + Indonesia and East Timor
      ALEX BYRNE (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)
    • Libraries and Conflicts: Afghanistan
    • TBA
    • Libraries and Conflicts: North Caucuses and Chechnya
      EKATERINA GENIEVA (Library of Foreign Literature, Moscow, Russian Federation)
    • Libraries and Conflicts: The Internet after the 11th of September 2001
      STUART HAMILTON (The Royal School of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen, Denmark)


    80. Public Libraries

    Democracy, Delivery and Diversity

    • Public Library Section Funded Projects - Updates
      KERSTIN HASSNER (Ljusdal Public Library, Ljusdal, Sweden)
    • Creating a public library role in the lifelong learning process
      BRITT MARIE HÄGGSTRÖM (DIK, Sweden) and TORNY KJERKSTAD (Barum Public Library, Bekestua, Norway)
    • Marketing the new Public Library Guidelines - update
      BARBARA CLUBB (Ottawa Public Library, Ottawa, Canada)
    • Raising the standards - current issues and developments in public libraries in England & Wales
      JAQUIE CAMPBELL (CILIP, Public Libraries Group, UK)
    • The impact of the new technology on public library staff and services - two case studies:
      • The PULMAN digital guidelines manuals for innovative public libraries and other cultural services
        ROB DAVIES (MDR Partners, London, UK)
      • Riding the wild beast: using technology to transform public library service in Singapore
        NGIAN LEK CHOH (National Library Board of Singapore, Singapore)


    81. Government Libraries

    National Information policies and the role of Government Libraries


    82. Reading - SI

    National Book and Reading Policies: What, why, for whom and how are they implemented?


    83. Performance Measurement in Academic Libraries Discussion Group


    84. Latin America and the Caribbean - SI

    Informacíon para la Democracia, la Diversidad y la Libertad


    85. Introduction to IFLA for Newcomers - SI


    85a Mobile Meet 'Concours d'Elegance'

    Announcement of the Winner
    MIKE BROOK (Chair, CILIP Branch & Mobile Libraries Group)
    Product Presentation Theatre 1 in the Exhibition


    85b UNESCO Open Forum - SI

    The World Summit on the Information Society and Preservation of Digital Heritage
    Presentation by: ABDELAZIZ ABID (UNESCO, Paris, France)

    16.00 - 17.30

    86. Council I - SI

    17.30 - 20.00

    86a Opening of the Exhibition


    Learn the traditional Scottish Dance!

    Monday 19 August


    87. Opening Session - SI

    Keynote speaker: SEAMUS HEANEY

    Stiles and Stacks, Old and New

    Seamus Heaney won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995 "for works of lyrical beauty and ethical depth, which exalt everyday miracles and the living past". As well as a brilliant poet, Heaney is a leading literary critic and a champion of libraries. He has won many awards, including the Whitbread Book of the Year Award in 1997 for The Spirit Level and again in 2001 for his new translation of Beowulf. After gaining a first class degree in English from Queen's University, Belfast, he lectured there from 1966 until 1972, playing a major role in the rising generation of Irish writers. He was Professor of Poetry at Oxford University 1989 to 1994, and is currently the Ralph Waldo Emerson Poet-in-Residence at Harvard University. His latest collection, Electric Light, was published by Faber in April 2001.

    All Participants are welcome for Coffee and Shortbread in the exhibition hall after the Opening Session.


    88. Off-site: Glasgow University Law Library - Law Libraries Discussion Group

    Citizens' Rights to Free Access to Basic Legal Materials

    Roger H. Parent (American Association of Law Libraries)
    David Byrne (British and Irish Association of Law Libraries)
    Holger Knudsen (International Association of Law Libraries)
    JOE URY (British and Irish Legal Information Institute)


    89. Copyright and other Legal Matters (CLM) - SI

    The Legal Challenges in Repatriating Library Materials


    90. Library and Research Services for Parliaments - SI

    Moderator: CHRISTIANE DE ALMEIDA MAIA (House of Representatives, Brasilia, Brazil)

    Future Trends: E-government and Direct Democracy; what is the role of the library?


    91. Social Science Libraries

    Explore Yesterday and Discover Tomorrow

    • The digitisation of the records of the Swedish East India Company
      HELENA HAVNER and MARGARETA BENNER (Göteborgs universitetsbibliothek, Göteborg, Sweden)
    • Libraries, deliverers of lifelong learning - as strong as our weakest link
      BARBARA HULL (University of Teesside, Middlesbrough, UK)
    • The ELSSS project and how it serves the academic community
      MANFREDI LA MANNA (University of St Andrews, Fife, UK)
    • Applications of Informetrics in Social Science Studies.
      IRENE WORMELL (Swedish School of Library and Information Science, Sweden)


    92. Libraries for Children and Young Adults

    Children and Young Adults involved in Libraries for Life


    93. Education and Training

    Think Local, Act Global: Enhancing Competencies for a Diverse World


    93a Meeting for Information Coordinators of IFLA Sections


    94. Management of Library Associations

    Realising visions for the Future: A radical change for library and information associations


    95. Information Technology

    Technologies for extending the reach of Library Solutions


    96. Women's Issues

    Women, Democracy and Participation in the Information Society


    97. School Libraries - SI

    From Information to Knowledge


    98. Asia and Oceania

    Information Literacy: Building Skills for Lifelong Learning


    99. Preservation and Conservation (PAC)

    A Blue Shield for the Protection of our Endangered Cultural Heritage. How to protect our cultural heritage from armed conflicts and natural disasters.


    100. Poetry Reading



    101. IFLA Anniversary Plenary Session I - SI

    The Dutch Tea Party of IFLA in the Seventies - A quick flash back of forty five years before the Dutch Tea Party

    HERMAN LIEBAERS (Honorary President of IFLA, Brussels, Belgium)


    101a Opening Reception

    Glasgow Science Centre
    By invitation of the Lord Provost of Glasgow, Alex Mosson.

    Tuesday 20 August


    102. Off-site: The Mitchell Library - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Access to Learning Award

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announces the recipient of the Access to Learning Award for 2002. The international award, which is managed by the Council on Library and Information Resources, is given annually to a library, library agency, or comparable organisation outside the United States that has been innovative in providing free public access to information. The award includes a grant up to USD 1 million that helps the recipient develop new initiatives and expand outreach. Previous award recipients include Argentina's Biblioteca del Congreso, Guatemala's Probigua and Finland's Helsinki City Library. The announcement ceremony is open to all IFLA attendees; breakfast will be served. Please RSVP and/or direct any questions to abishop@clir.org


    103. Off-site: Baird Hall, University of Strathclyde Graduate School of Business, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow - Library and Research Services for Parliaments Workshop

    Management Workshop

    • 1: Staff of the Future; a Democracy Perspective (Eva Falk, Riksdagsbiblioteket/Library of the Swedish Parliament, Stockholm, Sweden)
    • 2: Marketing of Parliamentary Information and Library Services (Sara Parker, Missouri State Library, Jefferson City MO, USA)
    • 3: Client Liason Program (Moira Frasier, Parliamentary Services of the Parliament of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand)
    • 4: Assessment, Quality and Performance Indicators (Anita Dudina, Saeima of the Republic of Latvia, Riga, Latvia)
    • 5: Electronic Collection Development (Bernhard Vaansteland, Belgium)
    • 6: SWOT Analysis; the case of the Section (Donna Scheeder, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)


    104. Glasgow School of Art & Library: Art Libraries Workshop

    Connecting Art Libraries: Partnerships and Projects


    105. Copyright and other Legal Matters (CLM) Update Session

    Update on current CLM related issues

    • The European Copyrightt Directive - update on national implementation
      TERESA HACKETT (European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentations Associations, The Hague, Netherlands)
    • Recent Issues in US intellectual property law: cirCumvention technology and the challenge to the Copyright Term Extension Act
      ROBERT OAKLEY (Georgetown University Law Centre, Washington DC, USA)
    • Copyright and developing countries: a South Africa Perspective
      DENISE NICHOLSON (University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa)
    • An update on libraries and international trade treaties
      PAUL WHITNEY (Burnaby Public Library, Burnaby, Canada)
    • PLR: an update on the international situation
      JIM PARKER (UK PLR Offices, Stockton-on-Tees, UK)


    106. University Libraries with Management and Marketing - SI

    The Impact of Change in Academic Libraries on Staff


    107. Libraries Serving the General Public (Division III) - SI

    Libraries for life: learning and living

    An overview of the Division of Libraries Serving the General Public and highlights of the work of each of the Division's Sections.


    108. Geography and Map Libraries

    Maps and Map Libraries, Current Issues and Trends - a panel discussion

    • Mapping the world - collaborative retroconversion in the UK: is there a way forward?
      NICK MILLEA (Bodleian Library, Oxford, UK)
    • Campus map libraries: current trends and issues
      JOHN MOORE (University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK)
    • From script to screen: cartography and catalogues
      FRANCIS HERBERT (Royal Geographic Society, London, UK)
    • TBA
      PETER JONES (Geographic Information Group, Ministry of Defence, UK)
    • A Sense of Place: Map Collections in the British Library
      PETER BARBER (Head of Map Collections)


    108a Press Conference


    108b Slide presentation: German Libraries

    By: ENGELBERT PLASSMANN (Berlin, Germany)


    109. Preservation and Conservation

    National Preservation Initiatives


    110. Continuing Professional Education

    The role of library associations in continuing professional development - an update on successful models and programme evaluations

    • TBA
      MARION HUCKLE (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, London, UK)
    • TBA
      JENNEFER NICHOLSON (Library and Information Association, Australia)
    • Building bridges: LIASA and leadership development in South Africa
      GWENDA THOMAS (Library and Information Association South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa)
    • Panel discussion, chaired by Ann Ritchie (Chair, IFLA Continuing Professional Education Round Table, Abbotsford, Australia)


    111. Library History

    Libraries in times of adversity: the lifelong use of community libraries in history


    112. Science and Technology Libraries

    Negotiating with Friends or Foes: Licensing SciTech Digital Resources - The Selection, Archiving & Access for External Users

    Moderator: Raymond Schwarz


    112a Industry Update

    The views of the Elsevier Science CEO on the future of electronic publishing
    DERK HAANK (CEO Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, Netherlands)


    113. Bibliographic Control (Division IV) - SI

    Update Session on Division Activities


    114. Africa - SI

    Delivering Information to the community in the New Millenium: A Challenge for Librarians in Africa


    114a. Poster Sessions
    1. The Italian Research Library Service and its Users
      Presenter(s): ARTE, Assunta,
      C.N.R. - Tito Scalo, Potenza, Italy
    2. BAILER - British Association for Information and Library Education and Research
      Presenter(s): ASHCROFT, Linda,
      Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, United Kingdom
    3. Content Access and Preservation in Algeria: CERIST Approach and Initiatives
      Presenter(s): BAKELLI, Yahia,
      CERIST, Algiers, Algeria
    4. Developing Technology Skills in Future Library Professionals
      Presenter(s): CAPPOLI, David,
      University of California, Culver City, USA
    5. The World Library Partnership: Training Librarians in Africa and Central America
      Presenter(s): CHAPA, Teresa,
      University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA
    6. Mobile and Outreach Library Services in Thailand
      Presenter(s): CHEUNWATTANA, Aree,
      Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand
    7. Bi-directorional Libraries: Enabling Users to Create their Own Digital Resources
      Presenter(s): CLARKE, Zoë,
      Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom
    8. Setting up a Friends Organisation
      Presenter(s): COBURN, Andrew,
      Chelmsford, United Kingdom
    9. Interpretations Frameworks for LibQUAL+TM Data
      Presenter(s): COOK, Colleen,
      Texas A&M University Libraries, College Station, USA
    10. The Use of Digital Libraries by and Visually Impaired People
      Presenter(s): CRAVEN, Jenny,
      Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom
    11. Electronic Information for Libraries eIFL
      Presenter(s): FERET, Blazej, BALOGH, Anna Maria, SEGBERT, Monika,
      EIFL Project, Open Society Institute, Budapest, Hungary
    12. Political Conflict and Sri Lankan Libraries
      Presenter(s): GAMAGE, Premila,
      Institute of Policy Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    13. Non-paper Reading Materials: a Trial for Bulk Rate Production
      Presenter(s): GUAYSUWAN, Pensri,
      Regional Officer Asia and Oceania, Bangkok, Thailand
    14. Information Literacy - A Pilot Project at the American University of Sharjah (AUS)
      Presenter(s): GYESZLY, Susanne D., ISMAIL, Matthew, STEINER, Rex,
      American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
    15. Setting up an International Leadership Institute: from Ideas to Practice
      Presenter(s): HAGAR, Chris,
      University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, USA
    16. Preliminary and Preparation for Graduate Program in Information Science of Sukhothl Thammathirat Open University, Thailand
      Presenter(s): HANPOL, Tassana,
      Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Pakkred Nonthaburi, Thailand
    17. International Friends of the Alexandria Library
      Presenter(s): HOPKINSON, Alan,
      Middlesex University, London, United Kingdom
    18. Building Better Library Services: Learning from Audit, Inspection and Research
      Presenter(s): KOEHLER, Ingrid,
      Public Services Research, London, United Kingdom
    19. Virtual Libraries for Economic Development
      Presenter(s): KOMMEY, Randy Emmanuel, Library and Information Service, Accra, Ghana
    20. Your Library on a Postcard
      Presenter(s): KOOPMAN, Sjoerd,
      IFLA Headquarters, The Hague, Netherlands
    21. The PADDI Project: A Database of Irish Architectural and Planning Information
      Presenter(s): LATIMER, Karen,
      Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
    22. Diversity through Exchange
      Presenter(s): LENN, Katy,
      Knight Library, Eugene, USA
    23. Local History Centers in a Democratic World: the Austin, Texas Experience
      Presenter(s): LUKENBILL, W. Bernard,
      University of Texas, Austin, USA
    24. " HELP! I Got Lost": Training Virtual-Library Users Presenter(s): MARINONI, Elisabetta, MAZZON, Pierangela, NEGRIOLLI,
      Roberto, PIERI, Donata, SATO, Roberta, ZANE, Antonella,
      University, Padua, Italy
    25. A National Networked Library? Evaluating the UK's Distributed National Electronic Resource (DNER)
      Presenter(s): MARKLAND, Margaret,
      Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom
    26. Los Angeles Comprehensive Bibliographic Database: A Model for Collaboration
      Presenter(s): McCANN, Linda,
      Santa Monica, USA
    27. RASCAL: A New Gateway to Research Resources in Northern Ireland
      Presenter(s): McVeigh, Clare,
      Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
    28. Training for a Future
      Presenter(s): MORTEZAIE, Leila and NADER, Naghshineh
      IRANDOC, Tehran, Iran
    29. The METAe Engine
      Presenter(s): MÜHLENBERGER, Günther,
      University of Innsbruck, Austria
    30. The Managerial Process of Digital Imaging Projects at the University of Cape Town Libraries - The winner of the "Best Poster Award"
      Presenter(s): MURRAY, Kate, HART, Lesley, DUNLOP, Janine STRUTHERS, Margie,
      University of Cape Town, South Africa
    31. From Stick and Stones to Bits and Bytes
      Presenter(s): NAGHSHINEH, Nader,
      ASDIC, Tehran, Iran
    32. The Library Camp for Young Readers and Writers: Sripatum University, Thailand
      Presenter(s): NAMTIP, Wipawin,
      Sripatum University, Bangkok, Thailand
    33. Strengthening a Role of Libraries and Library Professionals in Azerbaijan: the Experience of the Azerbaijani Library Association (AzLA) within a Partnership with South Caucasian Library Associations
      Presenter(s): NAZAROVA, Muzhgan,
      Azerbaijani Library Association, Azerbaijan
    34. Online Multimedia Exhibits: Libraries-Museums Collaborate on Unique Web Site Presenter(s): NICKERSON, Matt,
      Cedar City, USA
    35. Inspire, Educate, Inform and Entertain
      Presenter(s): NORRIS, Wilma,
      State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
    36. Access to Online Resources in the Developing Countries Presenter(s): OCHS, Mary, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA
      BAILEY, Chris, Rockefeller Fnd., New York, USA
      CHIMWAZA, Gracian
      TEEAL, Africa Off. Harare, Zimbabwe
    37. Methods Used by Information Professionals to Identify Executives Information Needs
      Presenter(s): OLIVEIRA, Silas M.,
      Hortolândia, Brazil
    38. Historical Perspectives on School Librarianship
      Presenter(s): ÖNAL, H. Inci,
      Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey
    39. Library Services for the Mobiles User
      Presenter(s): PASANEN, Irma, TOLONEN, Eva,
      Helsinki University of Tech. Lib, Hut, Finland
    40. A for Accessibility: Ensuring LIS Education for Diversity and Equity of Access
      Presenter(s): PERLOW, Ellen,
      Texas Woman's University, Denton, USA
    41. Rebuilding Medical Libraries and Information Technology in Kosova/Kosovo
      Presenter(s): POND, Fred,
      Darthmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, New York, USA
    42. Improving Worldwide Access to Information
      Presenter(s): POWELL, Ann,
      International Network for Availability of Scientific Publ., Oxford, United Kingdom
    43. Distance Education: Diversity in Delivery for the World
      Presenter(s): PRAKASH, T.N.,
      Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore, India
    44. Internet Veterinarian: Information Access for Veterinarians
      Presenter(s): SAFFER, Melinda,
      Tufts University School of Vetrinary Medicine, North Crafton, USA
    45. IFLA/ALP and the Regional Sections
      Presenter(s): SANDELL, Birgitta,
      IFLA/ALP Office, Uppsala, Sweden
    46. Trialling Innovation in Culture - 25 European TRIAI Projects and their Accompanying Measure TRIS
      Presenter(s): SEGBERT, Monika, SCALI, Gabriele, TARIFFI, Flavio,
      Space SPA, Prato, Italy
    47. Promoting Information Literacy Skills among Education Students through a Web Tutorial
      Presenter(s): SOLANES, Elvira Saurina, GAETE, Alicia, LEIVA, David,
      Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile
    48. Occasions of Sin: Building a Web based Learning Module on Plagiarism and Academic Integrity
      Presenter(s): STEC, Eileen,
      The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, USA
    49. Digital Reference Services at the University of California: Current and Future Directions
      Presenter(s): TAHIR, Peggy,
      University of California, San Francisco, USA
    50. Teenager's Workshops in Rijeka City Library, Croatia
      Presenter(s): TIBLJAS, Verena,
      Rijeka City Library, Rijeka, Croatia
    51. Blue Shield: a Joint Initiative to Safeguard our Cultural Heritage
      Presenter(s): VARLAMOFF, Marie-Thérèse,
      Director PAC Office, Paris, France
    52. Library Support of Best Practices in Online Instructional Materials - MERLOT (Multimedia and Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching)
      Presenter(s): WEECH, Terry,
      Champaign, USA
    53. Translated Children's Books from other Languages into English: a Study of Outstanding Books in the USA, 1990-2001
      Presenter(s): WHITE, Maureen,
      School of Library and Inf. Science, Houston, USA
    54. The Agriculture Library in Indonesia at the Cross Roads: The Role of International Aid for its Development
      Presenter(s): WIDHARTO, W.,
      Information Resource Unit Seameo, Biotrop, Bogor, Indonesia
    55. NIPR - Keeping track of local publications
      Presenter(s): WILDY, Deirdre
      NIPR, Belfast Central Library, Belfast, Northern Ireland
    56. Genealogical Collection of the Shanghai Library
      Presenter(s): WU, Jianming,
      Shanghai Library, Shanghai, China
    57. The Concept of Lifelong Learning in the Framework of the Integration of Turkey with the European Union : how Libraries can support it
      Presenter(s): YALVAC, Mesut,
      Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey
    58. Access the World of Statistics from your Desktop with Webstat
      Presenter(s): KAHIMA, Marjatta,
      Library of Statistics Finland, Helsinki, Finland


    114b Meeting with IFLA National Association Members


    115. Health and Biosciences Libraries with EAHIL

    Expanding the Scope of the Virtual Health Library


    116. Acquisition and Collection Development

    Literacy - the human dimension in life long learning: an international perspective.

    Libraries build collections to serve readers but how do libraries serve those who cannot read? Who are those left behind? Why were they left behind? Is achieving literary a world-wide problem? What role does a library's collection have in leading the literacy movement?

    NANCY DAVENPORT, (Director for Acquisitions, Library of Congress and Chair of the Section)
    ROBERT WEDGEWORTH, (President of Laubach Literacy and Honorary President of IFLA)


    117. Library Buildings and Equipment

    Carnegie Libraries: Yesterday and Today


    118. Library and Information Science Journals

    Role of LIS journals in the social context: their contribution to democracy


    119. User Education

    Developing Librarians as Teachers


    120. Plenary Session II - SI

    British Council logo
    • Flaming intimacy: information and identity
      Gerard Lemos was elected to the Board of the British Council in February 1999. He is a partner at management consultants, Lemos & Crane and also a writer and social researcher.


    121. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons - SI

    Library Services to the Elderly: An Obligation for Your Library


    121a Books for All Closing Ceremony

    Model Children's Library, Exhibition Hall (By invitation only)


    122. Classification and Indexing

    Compatibility and Integration in Subject Retrieval


    123. Audiovisual and Multimedia - SI

    Digitisation of Audiovisual and Multimedia materials for Lifelong Learning


    124. National Libraries

    Legal Deposit and Copyright Laws: How they meet the National Libraries Mission


    124a Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC (UBCIM)

    UNIMARC Open Forum

    Chair: MARIE-FRANCE PLASSARD, IFLA UBCIM Programme Director

    Updating session on UNIMARC formats development activities with reports on technological aspects and strategic planning for UNIMARC

    • UNIMARC Formats Update
      MIRNA WILLER (National and University Library, Croatia, Permanent UNIMARC Committee, Chair)
    • UNIMARC Next Generation : Technological Aspects
      JOAQUIM RAMOS DE CARVALHO (BookMARC/University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal)
    • Strategic Planning for UNIMARC after 2003
      FERNANDA MARIA CAMPOS (Biblioteca Nacional, Portugal, IFLA National Libraries Section, Chair)


    124c Libraries for Children and Young Adults

    Children's Library Service Guidelines

    Presentation and discussion of the revised version.
    (By Invitation only)


    124b Cultural Evening Concert

    Royal Concert Hall
    Sponsored by John Wiley & Sons publishers

    Wednesday 21 August

    All day

    125. ROTNAC EC Meeting (Division Room)

    All day

    126. Library and Research Services for Parliaments

    Visit to the Scottish Parliament. Presentation of the Library Services of the Scottish Parliament (By invitation only)

    All day

    126a Geography and Map Libraries

    Study Tour:
    * Map Collection at the National Library of Scotland
    * Map Collection at the Edinburgh University Library


    127. Newspapers

    Newspapers of the British Isles


    128. Reference Work - SI

    Globalisation in Reference Services


    129. Government Information and Official Publications - SI

    Devolution & Evolution: The Impact of the Supra-National and Local Governments on Information Policy and Handling


    130. Mobile Libraries

    Advancing Mobile Libraries Services for the enrichment of our Diverse Multi-Communities


    131. FAIFE Advisory Board Meeting (By invitation only)


    131a Off-site: User Education Workshop

    Information Literacy

    • Becoming a librarian-teacher: What does it take? How can you get it?
      PATRICIA B. YOCUM (University of Michigan, USA)

    • Pre-registration is required: Ingrid Kjellqvist, Ingrid.Kjellqvist@bib.vxu.se
      Fax: +(46-470)84523


    132. Document Delivery and Interlending

    Global Access to Information: For whom?


    133. Cataloguing - SI

    Presented by: CHRIS TAYLOR (Information Access and Delivery Services, The University of Queensland Library, Australia) Paper written by: Marie-Louise Ayres (The AustLit Gateway, National Library of Australia, Australia), Kerry Kilner (University of Queensland, Australia), Kent Fitch (Project Computing Pty, Ltd) and Annette Scarvell (University of New South Wales, Australia)

    What can FRBR bring to Information Interoperability?


    134. Regional Activities (Division VIII) - SI

    Cultural Divide: Impact on Information Society


    134a. Poster Sessions


    135. Reading Workshop

    Reading Promotion: Practical Approaches


    136. Library Theory and Research Workshop

    Political Perceptions of the Public Library - An international study

    • Preliminary report on the research
      BOB USHERWOOD (Dept. Information Studies, Sheffield University, Sheffield, UK)
    • Politicians on the other side of the world
      KERRY SMITH (Curtin University, Perth, Australia)
    • Brief reports from other national representatives
    • Plenary session on Group Discussions


    137. Genealogy and Local History

    Building on the Past, Investing in the Future


    138. Plenary Session III - SI

    Indigenous Knowledge and the Cultural Interface: Underlying issues at the intersection of knowledge and information systems

    MARTIN NAKATA (Aboriginal Research Institute, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia)
    The session will be chaired by KAY RASEROKA (President-elect of IFLA)


    139. Bridging the Digital Divide

    Brainstorm session with KAY RASEROKA, President-elect of IFLA, about the theme she has chosen for her presidential period.


    140. Bibliography and National Libraries - SI

    Bridging the gap between the publishing industry and national bibliographies


    141. Rare Books and Manuscripts - SI

    Collaboration in Digital Projects between Libraries, Museums and Archives


    141a Consulate Receptions

    Receptions are held for the citizens of some countries. Details are usually available from the National Association Member of the county concerned.

    Thursday 22 August

    Various Times

    Library Visits
    Coaches depart from the SECC, at the times advised on individual visit tickets.


    142. Off-site: Genealogy and Local History Study Tour

    Genealogy and Local History Services in Scotland

    Mitchell Library; Registrar General's Office; Manuscript Division, National Library of Scotland


    143. Off-site: Science and Technology Libraries Study Tour

    Heriot-Watt University Library, Edinburgh
    Pre-registration with: Marianne Nordlander, marno@bibl.liu.se


    144. Off-site: Classification and Indexing with Cataloguing Workshop with the CILIP Cataloguing and Indexing Group

    Interoperability: exchange of information between libraries, museums and archives.


    145. Off-site: Rare Books and Manuscripts Workshop

    Problems faced by institutions in setting up Collaborative Programmes of Digitisation

    Some examples of local collaboration between museums, libraries and archives in the digital arena: exchanges of experience.


    146. Statistics with Library Theory and Research Workshop

    Northumbria Lite - Measuring Impact and Outcomes

    • Welcome and Introduction.
      SANDRA PARKER (Northumbria University, UK), WANDA DOLE (Washburn University. USA) and KERRY SMITH (Curtin University, Australia)
    • Background and introduction to measuring impact and outcomes
      ROSWITHA POLL (University and Regional Library, Muenster, Germany)
    • Estimating the economic value of library benefits
    • Public libraries: demonstrating their social impact through qualitative research
    • Plenary Papers

    • The use of a managerial approach in measuring library impact on society: An example of methodology and issues
      LAMIA BADRA (SII-ENSSIB, France) and LISE VIEIRA (University Of Bordeaux 3, France)
    • Evaluation, impact and outcomes - the JUBILEE project
    • LibQUAL+ 2002
      JULIA BLIXRUD and DUANE WEBSTER (Association of Research libraries, USA); COLLEEN COOK, FRED HEATH and BRUCE THOMPSON (Texas A & M University, USA)
    • Concurrent workshop groups

    • Kids voting in Japan: new media learning for kids in elementary schools
      KAZUKO MASUDA (University of Library and Information Science, Japan)
    • User behaviour in accessing research information online
      CHRIS BECKETT (Ingenta, UK)
    • Plenary Papers

    • Studying the impact of library service on academic research: a survey of graduate students and faculty
      JANE TREADWELL (Emory University, USA)
    • Developing reference statistics for library planning
      TORD HOIVIK (Oslo University College, Norway)
    • Patterns of patron use of networked electronic services at four academic health sciences libraries
      BRINLEY FRANKLIN (University of Connecticut, USA) and TERRY PLUM (Simmons College, USA)
    • Concurrent workshop groups

    • Development and use of oral interviews and rating scales in engineering departments to assess how faculty members use the library
      FRANK ELLIOTT (University of Minnesota, USA)
    • The impact of information technology and online library resources on research, teaching and library use at the University of Washington
      STEVE HILLER (University of Washington, USA)
    • Successful students: does the library make a difference?
      KARIN DE JAGER (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
    • A few countries measure impacts and outcomes - most would like to measure at least something
      MELITA AMBROZIC ( National and University Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    • Plenary and Feedback

    • The way forward WANDA DOLE (Washburn University, USA)


    147. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries, FAIFE, Latin America and the Caribbean, Regional Office Brazil

    The role of the University Library in promoting Democracy and Diversity


    148. Management of Library Associations with Asia and Oceania Workshop

    Current Issues and Activities of Library Associations in Developing Countries


    149. Acquisition and Collection Development Workshop

    Evaluating Electronic Resources

    • Introduction and overview of the issues to evaluating and measuring electronic resources usage
      ANN OKERSON (Yale University, New Haven, USA)
    • Is it worth it? Unveiling what lies hidden in the E-resources statistics
      KIMBERLY PARKER (Yale University Library, New Haven, USA)
    • User studies and what they teach us about electronic resources
      KRISTIINA HORMIA-POUTANEN (Helsinky University Library, Helsinki, Finland)
    • Defining success; electronic access for countries in transition
      BLAZEJ FERET (Technical University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland
    • Developing an electronic library for scientific journals: a consortium project in Brasil
      ROASLY FAVERO KRZYZANOWSKI (Electronic Lirbary Program/ Research Support Foundation of the State of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil)


    150. Library Services to Multicultural Populations Workshop

    Presentation of the 7th Heaven - a project on Nordic Literature

    • The 7th Heaven - a project on Nordic Literature
      GITTE VEJLBY and MAJKEN JØRGENSON (The 7th Heaven, Copenhagen, Denmark)

      Panel discussion: the panel will discuss the feasibility of adopting similar programmes to facilitate the integration process of immigrants and refugees. The names of the panelist are Barbro Ejendal (Sweden), Lourina de Voogd (The Netherlands), Clara M. Chu (USA) and Majken Jorgenson (Denmark).


    151. Information Technology Workshop

    Metadata: Foundations and Future

    METADATA FOR DESCRIPTION AND DISCOVERY - presentations and discussions:
    • Introduction to the workshop CATHERINE LUPOVICI (France)
    • Reports from the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications 2001
      SHIGEO SUGIMOTO (University of Library and Information Science, Tsukuba, Japan), JUN ADACHI (National Institute of Informatics, Japan), THOMAS BAKER (Birlinghoven Library, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Germany) and STUART WEIBEL (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, USA)
    • MARCXML Toolkit - XML schemas and transformations available and planned for the MARC 21 environment
      SALLY MCCALLUM (Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
    • Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS): A framework for Digital Object Metadata
    • Panel of METS implementors - Moderator: Mats Lindquist, Sweden
      • Catherine Lupovici - Implementation plans at the Bibliothèque nationale de France as the preservation format for digitized material and for web archiving
      • Lyn Lewis Dafis (Wales) - Welsh National Library implementation plans for text and still image projects
      • Corey Keith - Library of Congress implementation and development of supporting tools for its audio and video collections


    152. Bibliography and National Libraries Workshop

    Bibliographic Control or Chaos? How to treat remote electronic resources in the (National) Bibliographies.


    153. Meeting for Past, Present and Future IFLA Conference Organiser
    (By invitation only)


    153a. Off-site: Library History Study Tour

    Visit to the historic, eighteenth-century subscription libraries of Leadhills and Wanlockhead, located in the mining hills north of Dumfries


    154. Public Libraries Workshop

    Promoting Computer Literacy @ your library


    155. Off-site: Reference Work Workshop

    How to start a Virtual Reference Service in your Library.

    • The big picture: trends driving change and how librarians are responding
      ANNE G. LIPOW (Library Solutions Institute and Press, Berkeley, USA)
    • 24x7 reference, a multi-typed library consortium in California
      SUSAN MCGLAMERY (Metropolitan Community Library System, University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
    • OCLC's new chat and routing software
      CHIP NILGES (OCLC, Dublin, USA)
    • Presentation of virtual reference service - experiences from Germany
      CHRISTINE GLÄSER (University of Oldenburg Library, Oldenburg, Germany)
    • The Library of Congress-sponsored Collaborative Digital Reference Service (now named QuestionPoint)
      DIANE KRESH (Library of Congress, Washington D.C., USA)

    Pre-registration is required, please contact Anne G. Lipow at: anne@library-solutions.com


    156. Off-site:Education and Training Workshop

    Driving Change in the Profession


    157. Off-site: Napier University, Edinburgh Government Information and Official Publications Workshop

    Devolution and Evolution: the impact of supra-national and local governments on information policy and handling

    Register in advance!


    158. Off-site: Napier University Preservation and Conservation Workshop

    Conservation Research and its Implementation in Libraries Worldwide

    Moderator: JOHN DEAN (Cornell University, Ithaca, USA)

    This workshop emphasizes the importance of environmental controls in preservation of library materials and includes both basic information as well as a new computer-based product for remote sensing of the environment


    159. Asia and Oceania

    The Application of Metadata in Library and Information Services

    In this workshop intended particularly for librarians planning to introduce metadata into their cataloguing environment, participants will examine why and how metadata is used in libraries and information services. The workshop will focus on a range of metadata standards (eg the Dublin Core, the Encoded Archival Description) and it will examine metadata used for resource discovery, structural metadata, and preservation metadata.

    DAN DORNER (Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)
    STEVE KNIGHT (National Library of New Zealand, New Zealand)


    160. Library Buildings and Equipment

    Then and Now: Innovation in Library Design, from Carnegie to new Libraries

    A special celebration of Andrew Carnegie: his legacy and buildings adaptation for the 21st Century will take place in the Glen Pavilion, Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline


    161. School Libraries and Resource Centres with National Libraries and Libraries for Children and Young Adults Workshop

    Reading Development with Young People in Public, School and National Libraries


    162. Cataloguing with Serial Publications Workshop

    Seeing Serials in a New Light: from ISBD(S) to ISBD(CR)


    163. National Libraries with Information Technology

    Capturing the Web: Learning from experience in the National Libraries


    164. Geography and Map Libraries Workshop

    Scanning Maps for Information Content for Small Libraries and Local Historical Collections

    • This halfday workshop will discuss strategies for small libraries and historical collections to create digital images of their map collections. It will cover the minimal requirements for scanning maps, graphs, tables and other dense information formats, image file formats, resolution, preferred storage and distribution media, metadata, and technical solutions to dense visual information format scanning issues. Particular attention will be given to identifying the information content of the materials within the context of the user community.
      PATRICK MCGLAMERY (University of Conneticut, Storrs, USA)
      TERRY PLUM (Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Boston, USA)


    165. FAIFE with Libraries for the Blind Workshop

    Library Services to the Blind: Ignorance or Censorship
    A debate on the motion: "This house believes that the existence of separate libraries for special populations is a form of censorship".
    • For the motion
      JOHN GODBER (Royal National Institute for the Blind, Peterborough, UK)
    • Seconding the motion
      RICHARD N. TUCKER (FORCE Foundation, The Hague, Netherlands)
    • Opposing the motion
      DAVID OWEN (Share the Vision, Stockport, UK)
    • Seconding the opposition
      ALEX BYRNE (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia


    165a Reception at the National Museums of Scotland

    Visit Military Tattoo - by pre-registration only.

    For the delegates who attend the Tattoo, the reception at the National Museums begins at 18.30, after which people will walk to the Castle to attend the Tattoo.

    The other delegates will be welcomed at the National Museums of Scotland at 20.30.

    Friday 23 August


    166. SC II Acquisition and Collection Development
    167. SC II Bibliography
    168. SC II Audiovisual and Multimedia
    169. SC II Health and Biosciences Libraries
    170. SC II Cataloguing
    171. SC II Government Libraries
    172. SC II Libraries for the Blind
    173. SC II Geography and Map Libraries
    174. SC II Library Buildings and Equipment
    175. SC II Library Theory and Research
    176. SC II Management and Marketing
    177. SC II Libraries for Children and Young Adults
    178. SC II Preservation and Conservation
    179. SC II Public Libraries
    180. SC II Rare Books and Manuscripts
    181. SC II School Libraries and Resource Centres
    182. SC II Genealogy and Local History
    183. SC II Reading
    184. FAIFE Business Meeting II


    184a Digital Access and Preservation: ERPANET at IFLA

    This session will explore two key areas of great importance to the library sector: the continuation of cultural memory, and the relationship between digital preservation and scholarship. It offers participants in the IFLA conference the chance to gain exposure to the issues related to the preservation and access to digital resources. Facilitated by ERPANET (www.erpanet.org), the event will engage with the Library community exploring fundamental issues that are pivotal to the successful long-term preservation and access to electronic records. The event is of primary importance in raising awareness and promoting collaborative action by ERPANET which is supported by the Information Society Technologies programme.

    Speakers will include a historian, a library professional, and a cultural luminary. The event will disseminate special conference materials to all IFLA Participants. ERPANET will also hold a Library Community Forum to develop and foster the work of ERPANET in the area of digital preservation for Libraries.


    184b IFLA Executive Committee with representatives of UNESCO, CDNL, IPA and ICA
    (By invitation only)


    185. SC II Statistics
    186. SC II Art Libraries
    187. SC II Asia and Oceania
    188. SC II Africa
    189. SC II Classification and Indexing
    190. SC II Document Delivery and Interlending
    191. SC II Education and Training
    192. SC II Government Information and Official Publications
    193. SC II Information Technology
    194. SC II Latin America and the Caribbean
    195. SC II National Libraries
    196. SC II Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons
    197. SC II Library Services to Multicultural Populations
    198. SC II Reference Work
    199. SC II Science and Technology Libraries
    200. SC II Serial Publications
    201. SC II Social Science Libraries
    202. SC II University Libraries and other General Research Libraries
    202a SCII Library and Research Services for Parliaments


    203. Book Event: Children's authors
    • GERALDINE McCAUGHREAN, the Carnegie Winner with two further books shortlisted this year
    • MICHAEL MORPURGO, writer of over 60 books with many winners and short listed titles to his credit
    • TERENCE BLACKER, formerly a publisher; now a columnist; author of over 25 books for children, with four novels to his credit as well


    204. Book Event: Adult Authors
    • DEBORAH MOGGACH, best-selling novelist and short-story writer has written 15 novels, short stories, and has adapted both her won and other people's work for film and TV
    • BERNARD MACLAVERTY, the writer from Northern Ireland, twice on the Booker shortlist, and with several books made into films
    • JIM CRACE, writer and playwright, winner of countless prizes, who has been translated into 19 languages.


    209. IFLA/IPA Panel Discussion
    • Herman Spruijt (IFLA/IPA Steering Group Co-Chair)
    • Ingrid Parent (IFLA/IPA Steering Group Co-Chair)
    • Elaine McQuade (Penguin UK)
    • John Cole (Information Coordinator, IFLA Reading Section, Center for the Book, Library of Congress, USA


    209a. CLM Committee Meeting


    210. CB II General Research Libraries (Div I)
    211. CB II Special Libraries (Div II)
    212. CB II Libraries Serving the General Public (Div III)
    213. CB II Bibliographic Control (Div IV)
    214. CB II Collections and Services (Div V)
    215. CB II Management and Technology (Div VI)
    216. CB II Education and Research (Div VII)
    217. CB II Regional Activities (Div VIII)


    218. Plenary Session IV - SI

    Losing sight of the library child
    Anne Fine has over 40 books to her credit. She has won the Carnegie Medal (twice), the Guardian Children's Literature Award, The Whitbread Children's Novel Award (twice) and the Smarties Prize.

    The session will be chaired by ALAN MARCHBANK (Director, Public Services, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, Soctland)


    219. Closing Session - SI


    220. Council II - SI

    Saturday 24 August

    All day

    • Post Conference Tours
    • Governing Board meeting

    Prior to the main conference a number of satellite meetings will be held. Details are available at: http://archive.ifla.org/IV/ifla68/satellite.htm

    All programmes, events and tours are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice.


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