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68th IFLA General Conference and Council

Libraries for Life: Democracy, Diversity, Delivery

August 18th - 24th 2002, Glasgow, Scotland


Promoting Information Literacy Skills among Education Students through a Web Tutorial

The Library System of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile) gives high priority to the development of information literacy skills among the students by offering them different tools and types of library instruction activities.

The poster describes a collaborative project between two academic librarians and a research methodology professor, which involved the creation of a web-based tutorial, in Spanish, for education students. It details the planning and initial development of the tutorial designed as a tool to teach information literacy competencies that will help students to have the ability to find, to evaluate, and to use specialised information on the field of Education. Using the library tutorial helps them to become “information literate”. In addition, it describes the following modules: Searching for specialised information, Obtaining the document, Applying evaluation criteria, Using reading techniques and Citing sources. The poster session will include screens from different modules, information on the objective of the product, audience, methodology, promotion, uses and evaluation of the tutorial.

Elvira Saurina Solanes
Alicia Gaete
David Leiva
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Santiago, Chile


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