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68th IFLA General Conference and Council

Libraries for Life: Democracy, Diversity, Delivery

August 18th - 24th 2002, Glasgow, Scotland









Convening Notice of the IFLA Council Meeting

To: Voting Members of IFLA

Date: April 2002

Please forward these documents, including your IFLA Voting Card, to your voting delegate who will attend the IFLA Council to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, on Sunday 18th August and Friday 23rd August, 2002

The Governing Board of IFLA has pleasure in submitting this convening notice of the Council meeting of the Federation.

The Council will meet at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, on Sunday, 18th August 16:00 - 17:30 and Friday, 23rd August 15:30.

Ross Shimmon
Secretary General


Council I: Sunday, 18th August 2002, 16:00

  1. Opening by the President, Christine Deschamps
  2. Adoption of the Agenda
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting, held in Boston, on 19th and 24th August, 2001
  4. Communication by the Glasgow Organizing Committee
  5. Appointment of Tellers
  6. Presentation of the Annual Report by the Secretary General
  7. Presentation of the Annual Accounts 2001 by the Treasurer
  8. In memoriam of those members who have died during the past year
  9. Proposed adoption of the 'Glasgow Declaration' proposed by the Chair of the IFLA/FAIFE committee
  10. Proposal on Fees Structure for International Association Members by the Treasurer
  11. Proposal to give powers to the Governing Board to increase Membership fees by the Treasurer
  12. Adjournment of Council until Friday 23rd August.

Council II: Friday, August 23rd 2002, 15:45

  1. Opening by the President, Christine Deschamps
  2. Motions and Resolutions (see notes below)
  3. Closure of the Council meeting by the President.


  1. Voting will take place in Council I on agenda items 9, the proposed 'Glasgow Declaration' and 10, Proposals for membership fees for 2003. Voting may also take place during Council II on any motions and resolutions submitted.
  2. Voting delegates should take their seats in the designated area in the front of the hall
  3. Voting Papers: Voting delegates can obtain the necessary voting papers at the IFLA Voting Office located in the Registration area of the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. Voting papers will be distributed only to those delegates who are in possession of the IFLA Voting Card 2002, duly signed by the appropriate authority. The IFLA Voting Card is enclosed with these documents if your membership fees for 2002 have been paid.
  4. The Voting Office will be open on Friday 16th August from 14:00 - 18:00, Saturday 17th August from 09:00 - 18:00 and Sunday 18th from 09:00 until 16:00. Please collect your voting papers as early as possible. Please do not leave it until the last minute!
  5. Representation: the relevant articles of the IFLA Statutes and Rules of Procedure are as follows: Statute 15.1.1 Each Member is entitled to be represented at Council by one or more representatives. One such person shall be designated by the Member to exercise the right to vote. Statute 15.8.1 Each Member may be represented at a Council Meeting by another Member. Such Member may exercise proxy votes on behalf of the Members they are representing.
  6. Voting Papers: To obtain voting papers, representatives, or proxies of qualified Members should call at the voting office during the hours set out in note 4 above with the IFLA Voting Card of the member concerned. The IFLA Voting Card should all carry the name of the representative or proxy, and the signature of the competent authority of the Member concerned.
  7. The deadline for submitting motions and resolutions to the Secretary General is Wednesday 21st August, 12:00.
  8. Motions: a Motion is a proposal that the Council take certain action or that it express itself as holding certain views. A motion must be seconded. A motion may be made from the floor in a Council meeting, but must, at the same time, be handed over in writing to the Chair. A motion may be made and seconded by:
    • Authorised representatives of Members
    • IFLA Officers [Members of the Governing Board, Directors and Officers of Core Activities, Chairs, Secretaries and Treasurers of Divisions, Chairs and Secretaries of Sections and Round Tables]
  9. Resolutions: two types of Resolutions are recognised: general resolutions and professional resolutions.
    • A general resolution is defined as a written statement aiming at a decision (be it resolved that "). Such resolutions can be made by authorised representatives of Members and IFLA Officers (see definition in Note 8 above) only.
    • A professional resolution is defined as a written statement indicating an intention or a position which needs further clarification by one of IFLA's professional steering bodies before any follow-up can be expected. A professional resolution needs no seconder and can take any form. No discussion normally follows acceptance of a professional resolution, although clarification can be sought and provided at the discretion of the Chair. A professional resolution may be submitted by authorised representatives of Members, or persons acting on behalf of the Core Activities, Divisions, Sections, or Round Tables.


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