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68th IFLA Conference Logo  

68th IFLA General Conference and Council

Libraries for Life: Democracy, Diversity, Delivery

August 18th - 24th 2002, Glasgow, Scotland


IFLA Section on Document Delivery and Interlending Standing Committee
Proposed Agenda

Glasgow, Scotland, Saturday, 17 August and Friday, 23 August 2002

Standing Committee I

08:30-11.20, Saturday, 17 August

  • Introductions
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes of SC Meetings in Boston, 2001
  • Chairman’s report – Mary E. Jackson
  • Report from the Governing Board (GB) – Mary E. Jackson (Chair of Division V)
  • Financial report – Mary E. Jackson
  • Report from the Information Coordinator – Carol Smale
  • Glasgow Conference
    • Open Session, Wednesday 21 August, 11:10 – 13:40
    • Translations of Open Session papers
    • Other Programs of Interest in Glasgow
    • IFLA Booth, Tuesday, 20 August, from 11:00 – 12:00
    • SC Dinner Friday evening at the Loop, 10 Bath St., 23 August
  • Report from the IFLA Office for International Lending – Sara Gould
  • Report on the Future of the Voucher Scheme Task Force – Mary E. Jackson and Poul Erlandsen
  • Future work of the SC (proposal from Chair and Secretary emailed by Poul Erlandsen on 17 June 2002)
  • Establishing subcommittees for:
    • Principles and Guidelines
    • Conference Programmes (Open Sessions and Workshops)
    • Newsletter
    • Strategic Plan
  • Volunteer for Liaison to Division VIII, Regional Activities
  • Plans for Berlin/2003 and Buenos Aires/2004 Conferences
  • Other business

Standing Committee II

10:15-12:15, Friday, 23 August

  • Report on Section’s Glasgow Conference programme
  • Complete planning for Berlin/2003 Conference
  • Advance planning for Buenos Aires/2004 Conference
  • Discussion of the desirability of holding a SC Business Meeting outside the IFLA conference
  • Prepare budget request for Professional Committee
  • Other business


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