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67th IFLA Conference Logo  

67th IFLA Council and General Conference

Libraries and Librarians: Making a Difference in the
Knowledge Age

August 16th - 25th 2001









Conference Programme and Proceedings

Whilst this preliminary programme gives a general indication, IFLA reserves the right to make changes to this preliminary programme at any time. IFLA cannot be held responsible for any consequences of such changes. For more information about the programme, contact IFLA Headquarters: ifla@ifla.org

Friday, 17 | Saturday, 18 | Sunday, 19 | Monday, 20 | Tuesday, 21 | Wednesday, 22 | Thursday, 23 | Friday, 24 | Saturday, 25

All week

Banned in Boston - History of Censorship to Highlight the Nature of Censorship
Off site Exhibition organized by Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE)

Friday, August 17, 2001


1. Professional Board (Board Members only)


2. Executive Board (Board Members only)


3. CB I General Research Libraries (Div I)
4. CB I Special Libraries (Div II)
5. CB I Libraries Serving the General Public (Div III)
6. CB I Bibliographic Control (Div IV)
7. CB I Collections and Services (Div V)
8. CB I Management and Technology (Div VI)
9. CB I Education and Research (Div VII)
10. CB I Regional Activities (Div VIII)

The above mentioned Coordinating Board Meetings are the business meetings of the IFLA Divisions. These are not usually open to conference delegates.

Saturday, August 18, 2001

The following SC Meetings are the business meetings of the Standing Committees of IFLA Sections. The EC Meetings are the business meetings of the Executive Committees of IFLA Round Tables. They may be attended by observers by permission of the chairs which is usually given. They are a good way of getting to know the work of a Section and may lead to direct involvement.

SC I Public Libraries (Boston Public Library)


On Site: Hynes Convention Center

11. SC I Art Libraries
12. SC I Bibliography
13. SC I Classification and Indexing
14. SC I Document Delivery and Interlending
15. SC I Education and Training
16. SC I Government Information and Official Publications
17. SC I Information Technology
18. SC I Libraries for Children and Young Adults
19. SC I Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons
20. SC I Library Services to Multicultural Populations
21. SC I Library Theory and Research
22. SC I Science and Technology Libraries
23. SC I Serial Publications
24. SC I University Libraries and other General Research Libraries


25. SC I Acquisition and Collection Development
26. SC I Audiovisual and Multimedia
27. SC I Cataloguing
28. SC I Government Libraries
29. SC I Libraries for the Blind
30. SC I Library and Research Services for Parliaments
31. SC I Library Buildings and Equipment
32. SC I Reading
33. SC I Management and Marketing
34. SC I Social Science Libraries
35. SC I Preservation and Conservation
36. SC I Rare Books and Manuscripts
37. SC I School Libraries and Resource Centres
38. SC I Statistics
39. SC I Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries


40. Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) Business Meeting


41. SC I National Libraries
42. SC I Geography and Map Libraries
42a. SC I Reference Work
43. EC Management of Library Associations
45. EC Library History
46. EC Mobile Libraries
47. EC Newspapers
48. EC Continuing Professional Education
49. EC User Education
50. EC Women's Issues
51. EC Library and Information Science Journals


52. Caucus: Canada
53. Caucus: France
54. Caucus: German speaking countries
55. Caucus: Netherlands
56. Caucus: Portuguese speaking librarians
57. Caucus: Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
58. Caucus: Nordic Countries
59. Caucus: United Kingdom
60. Caucus: United States
61. Caucus: Third world
62. Caucus: Spanish Speaking Librarians
63. Unallocated

Caucus: National, regional or language groups of participants are given an opportunity to meet on an informal basis early in the conference. Some of these groups have a longer tradition and are more structured than others. Most take the opportunity to discuss voting preferences on matters to be raised in Council meetings. Details of caucus meetings can usually be obtained from representatives of National Association Members of the countries concerned. The IFLA secretariat is not responsible for the organisation of these meetings.

Sunday, August 19, 2001


64. Internet Discussion Group

Are you using the Internet to deliver library Services? How are you using the Internet to preserve the cultural aspects of your community? Are you setting up public access Internet workstations in your library? How are you dealing with censorship issues? Join this group of librarians and information professionals from around the world to discuss these and other topics about the use of Internet in libraries and information centers. The Internet Discussion Group is a forum for exchanging ideas and information about the introduction and support for the use of the Internet in libraries and by library users.
Monica Ertel, Director of Research, North America Korn/Ferry International, will chair this Discussion Group.


65. Performance Measurement in Public Libraries Discussion Group


66. Repository and Storage Libraries Discussion Group

This discussion group explores the role of repository libraries in providing access to materials held in centralized storage facilities serving specialized or cooperative library needs. Participants will discuss topics including the decision-making that leads to transfer to remote storage, the development of robotic on-demand scanning systems for delivering remotely held materials, and case studies of successful centralized repository libraries. Invited on the discussion panel are:

  1. PENTTI VATTULAINEN (Director, National Repository Library, Finland)
  2. BEVERLY LYNCH (Director, Center for Research Libraries, USA)
  3. ELIZABETH VERNON (Judaica Technical Services Librarian, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA)
  4. SAYYED CHOUDHURY (Director, Digital Knowledge Center, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA)


66a. Sustainable Communities Discussion Group

Sustainable Communities provide for the needs of their communities today while ensuring their long-term sustainability for the future. Many community members are becoming more involved in learning about sustainability through a variety of resources available in the library that can expand their knowledge and increase their understanding and expertise on this increasingly important topic. Libraries can provide an excellent resource venue for learning about sustainability. This discussion group will address what approaches and techniques libraries are using successfully to involve members of their communities in the sustainability equation.


67. SC I Africa


68. SC I Asia & Oceania


69. SC I Latin America & Caribbean


70. Social Responsibilities Discussion Group

Reports will be given on the work of the 13 working groups within this Discussion Group.


71. Newcomers Session - SI


72. Copyright and Other Legal Matters Business Meeting


73. Library and Research Services for Parliaments with Government Information and Official Publications
Joint Conference and Town Hall Meeting

'Information and Research Support to Parliaments and Legislatures: New Challenges and the Public Interest'

  1. Developments in technology and their possible implications for legislative services
    DAN MULHOLLAN (Director, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, Washington, USA)
  2. Library partnerships bring information to people from the newly restored parliament of Scotland
    PAUL ANDERSON (Library Liaison Officer, The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Scotland)
    ParlGovInfoSpeak: wherein our international panel faces a Town Hall
    Meeting led by: FRANK KIRKWOOD (Reference Librarian, Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Canada)


74. Friends and Advocates of Libraries Discussion Group

This discussion group will discuss the question of forming friends groups in nations with strong library programs, and the question of providing library support and finding friends and supporters in those nations without strong public library support.


75. Public Libraries - SI

'Library of the Future. A Profile of the Richmond Public Library, Ironwood Branch (Richmond, Canada)'

  1. GREG BUSS (Chief Librarian, Richmond Public Library, Richmond, Canada)
  2. CATE McNEELY (Deputy Chief Librarian, Richmond Public Library, Richmond, Canada)


76. Unicode Discussion Group


77. Performance Measurement in Academic Libraries Discussion Group


78. Marketing Library Services to Academic Communities Discussion Group

A report on a marketing projects at St. Mary's University (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) and the library's response. The speaker will be Madeleine Lefebvre, and the speaker will be followed by a discussion period.

79. Unallocated


80. Licensing Discussion Group

The Discussion Group on Licensing covers some of the most important and timely issues facing libraries today, particularly as electronic information resources appear increasingly to be governed by contracts, which are used either in tandem with copyright law or to its exclusion. The DG has explored and continues to explore public policy issues, relationship of licenses and law, user rights, pricing, negotiating, and also training and workflow topics.

Recently, several key organizations have announced new programs that support free or very inexpensive scholarly e-journal access for developing nations (with particular emphasis currently on the biomedical sciences, as well as in other fields).

Accordingly, the IFLA Discussion Group on Licensing will devote its entire two-hour discussion period in Boston to these import and exciting developments.

A few brief presentations will be given, after which the floor will be opened up to reports of other free access programs and discussion from all participants regarding impacts, as well as whether IFLA should take a role in actively supporting such access.

The discussants will include::

  • Barbara Aronson, World Health Organization Library, Geneva, Switzerland (arrangement with six biomedical publishers to provide their journals)
  • Karen Hunter, Elsevier Science, New York, USA (participating in WHO access program)
  • Michael Kay, Open Society institute, Budapest, Hungary (access programs for 38 Eastern European countries plus South Africa)
  • Bonnie Zavon, HighWire Press, Stanford, USA (HighWire access program for developing countries).


81. Metadata Discussion Group

The Discuss Group will bring together different constituencies with common interests in metadata, and provide an opportunity for DG participants to engage in dialogue around those interests.


82. UNESCO Open Forum - SI

  • The new Information for All Programme
    AZIZ ABID (UNESCO Information Society Division, Paris, France)
  • Preserving our Digital Heritage
    AZIZ ABID (UNESCO Information Society Division, Paris, France)
  • The Iberoamerican and Caribbean Digital Library Project
  • The Slave Trade Archives Project
    AZIZ ABID (UNESCO Information Society Division, Paris, France)


83. Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters - SI

  • 'Privacy in the Digital Environment - issues for libraries'
  • 'Licensing issues for Central and East European Librarians'
  1. Privacy in the Digital Environment - issues for libraries
    La protection de la vie privée dans l'environnement électronique - questions clés pour les bibliothèques
    MICHAEL GORMAN, Dean of Library Services, California State University, Fresno, USA
  2. Privacy and information technology or what a give away!
    SUE BROWN (Chair of the UK Copyright and Indexing Group, UK)
  3. Licensing issues for Central and East European Libraries
    Les licences d'accès aux ressources électroniques dans les bibliothèques d'Europe centrale et orientale
    MAJA ZUMER (National and University Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia)


83a. Information and Documentation Discussion Group


84. Industry Updates I - OCLC

Learn more about the OCLC Global Strategy and hear about new services coming from OCLC, including digital archiving and the Library of Congress/OCLC Collaborative Digital Reference Service with 24/7 access.


84a. Industry Updates II - 3M


85. Extra CB Div I - to elect PC representative
86. Extra CB Div II - to elect PC representative
87. Extra CB Div III - to elect PC representative
88. Extra CB Div IV - to elect PC representative
89. Extra CB Div V - to elect PC representative
90. Extra CB Div VI - to elect PC representative
91. Extra CB Div VII - to elect PC representative
92. Extra CB Div VIII - to elect PC representative


93. Extra PB Meeting - to elect PC chair

94. Unallocated


95. Council I - SI


96. Opening of the Exhibition

Monday, August 20, 2001


97. Genealogy and Local History Discussion Group

'Genealogy and Local History Librarians Making a Difference to Society in Social and Cultural Development'

  1. FRODE BAKKEN (President, Norwegian Library Association, Norway)
  2. JUDITH PROWSE REID (Head, Local History and Genealogy Reading Room, Library of Congress, Washington, DC, USA)
  3. CURT B. WITCHER (Manager, Historical Genealogy Department, Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, USA)


97a. Public Libraries as Catalysts for Democracy Discussion Group

Libraries foster democracy by providing access to information that affords all citizens the opportunity to participate in their societies. This discussion group will focus on sharing those strategies used by public libraries to advance democracy in their communities.


98. Reference Work

'How is virtual reference different from face-to-face reference? Guidelines and new competencies for reference services to the remote user'

  1. Are you ready for real-time remote reference? New question-handling skills and library policies needed to move the desk (and you) to the web
    ANNE G. LIPOW (Director, Library Solutions Institute and Press)
  2. E-mail reference: refocus and revise. Experiences from Gelman Library
    Service de renseignements par messagerie : repositionnement et modifications. L'expérience de la Bibliothèque Gelman
    VERA FULLERTON (Gelman Library, George Washington University, USA)
  3. Applying Information Competency to Digital Reference
    Appliquer la compétence de l'information à la référence numérique
    LISA ELLIS and STEPHEN FRANCOEUR (Newman Library at Baruch College, New York, USA)
  4. Collaborative E-reference: A Research agenda
    ZORANA ERCEGOVAC (Director, Project LEAP, University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
  5. The Public Library's Role in the Danish Information Society: demand for new competencies?
    Le rôle des bibliothèques publiques dans la société de l'information danoise : quelles nouvelles compétences sont demandées?
    BODIL WÖHNERT (Central Library Esbjerg, Esbjerk, Denmark)
  6. Follow-up on the Collaborative Digital Reference Service Project
    DIANE NESTER KRESH (Director, Public Services Collections, Library of Congress, Washington, USA)


99. Social Science Libraries with Government Libraries and Management and Marketing - SI

'Knowledge Management for Not-For-Profit Organizations'

  1. Knowledge Management, User Education, and Librarianship
    MICHAEL E.D. KOENIG (Dean and Professor, Palmer School of Library and Information Science, Long Island University, Brookville, USA)
  2. Knowledge Management at the Finnish Government - Now, Never or Later
    MAIJA JUSSILAINEN (Project Manager, Ministry of Finance, Public Management Department, Helsinki, Finland)
  3. Japan InK - Distributing the Information Networked Knowledge (InK) Base to the Japanese Research Community
    EISUKE NAITO (Director, Human and Social Information Research, National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan)
  4. Knowledge Sharing in a Learning Resource Center by Way of a Metro Map Metaphor
    TOVE BANG (Library Director, The Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus V, Denmark)


100. Geography and Map Libraries

    'Digitizing Cartographic Materials'

  1. Digitization of Cartographic materials: National Archives of Canada
    BETTY KIDD (Acting Director General, Canadian Archives Branch, National Archives of Canada, Ottawa, Canada)
  2. Digitization projects at the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division
    JOHN HEBERT (Chief, Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress, Washington, USA)
  3. La numérisation des documents cartographiques anciens: supports traditionnels et nouvelles technologies
    PIERRE-YVES DUCHEMIN (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)


101. Acquisition and Collection Development Workshop

'Exchange of Publications and Projections for its Future'

  1. Les échanges internationaux de publications : Pourquoi et comment? Quelles perspectives d'avenir?
    CATHERINE GAZIELLO (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
  2. The international book exchange in Russian libraries: yesterday, today and tomorrow
    Der internationale Literaturtausch in russischen Bibliotheken: gestern, heute und morgen
    Russian Text
    GALINA A. EVSTIGNEEVA (Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russian Federation)
  3. International book exchange: has it any future in the electronic age?
    Les échanges internationaux de publications, ont-ils l'avenir a l'ère électronique ?
    Russian Text
    ALEXIS ROMANOV and TATIANA V. PETROUSSENKO (National Library of Russia, St Petersburg, Russian Federation)
  4. USA - Russia Library Materials Exchanges: Past, Present and Future
    NADIA ZILPER (Slavic and East European Resources, Collection Development Department, Davis Library, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA)
  5. Publication, platform and exchange: collaborating with small-scale publishers
    RIITTA AUTERE (Exchange Official, Exchange Centre of Scientific Literature, Helsinki, Finland)
  6. Les Echanges de publications universitaires au Sénégal
    SOULEYMANE DIOUF (Bibliothèque Centrale, Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, Dakar, Senegal)
  7. Present state and future of the international exchange of publications in the National Diet Library
    HISANORI TANAKA (Acquisitions Division, National Diet Library, Tokyo, Japan)


102. Library Theory and Research Workshop

'Collaboration between the LIS researcher and the work of the practitioner - making a difference in the Knowledge Age'

  1. Leadership in libraries: theory and practice
    BEVERLY LYNCH (Interim President, Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, USA)
There will be 5 case studies on the same topic presented by:
  1. JOEY RODGER (Urban Libraries Council, Leadership Institute for Public Libraries Directors, USA)
  2. ALTHEA JENKINS (Association of College and Research Libraries/Harvard Program, Chicago, USA)
  3. JEFFERY HORRELL (UCLA Senior Fellows Program, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA)
  4. ANNE MARIE GOLD (Stanford-California State Library Institute on 21st Century Librarianship, USA)
  5. T.B.A.


103. Library and Research Services for Parliaments: Research Seminar

Seminar co-ordinator: Dr J R Verrier, Head, Australian Parliamentary Information and Research Service, Parliament of Australia

Panel 1: 'How parliamentary research services have evolved: how they were created, to whom do they report (then and now) and how their charter has changed'

  1. The role of the Directorate of Studies in the Legislative Work of the Hellenic Parliament
    STAVROULA VASSILOUNI (Research Fellow, Directorate of Studies, Hellenic Parliament, Athens, Greece)
  2. Integration of Information Services in the Parliament of Zimbabwe
    LYN CHIWANDAMIRA (Head, Parliamentary Information Provision and Analysis Service, Parliament of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe)
  3. Establishing a research service in the Norwegian parliament: why the right time was now
    BRIT FLØISTAD (Head, Research Service of the Norwegian Parliament, Oslo, Norway)
  4. Challenges and opportunities to deliver research services to parliamentarians in the Japanese Diet
    MICHIYO TAKEDA (Legislative Reference and Information Resources Division, Research and Legislative Reference Bureau, National Diet Library, Tokyo, Japan)
Panel 2: 'The Case for and the Case against Separate Parliamentary Library and Research Services in the Context of the Continuum debate'
  1. Friends or fences: relationships matter more than structures
    MOIRA FRASER (Parliamentary Librarian, Parliamentary Library of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand)
  2. Functioning of the Bureau of Research as a Separate Unit of Parliamentary Services: Obstacles and Challenges
    DONNA SCHEEDER (Deputy Assistant Director, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, Washington, USA)
Panel 3: 'The comparative advantage of parliamentary research services in changing political contexts and a competitive information environment'
  1. Essential information for post-encyclopaedic parliaments: the Italian case
    GIOVANNI RIZZONI (Chamber of Deputies, Rome, Italy)
  2. The "disadvantaged" or "special" legislator client: the parliamentary research service's challenge
    KOSI KEDEM (Member of Parliament, Parliament of Ghana, Accra, Ghana)
  3. One of a kind: parliamentary information and research services for parliamentarians - and Australian Senator tells
    ROSEMARY CROWLEY (Senator, Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, Canberra, Australia)

104. Newcomers Session - SI


105. Statistics Browsing Session

Off-site: Simmons College

This Browsing Session will feature web-based library statistics. The idea is to present various countries' attempts to use the web for either collecting or presenting their national library statistics or both.


106. School Libraries and Resource Centres - SI

'School Libraries: making a difference in learning'

  1. Information literacy: a whole school reform approach
    Aptitudes d'expression personnelle en matière d'information : Approche d'une réforme scolaire complète
    LESLEY FARMER (Associate Professor, California State University, Long Beach, California, USA)
  2. Observation des pratiques informationnelles des professeurs de collège français: contribution pour appréhender la multidimensionnalité de la recherche d'information enseignante
    VINCENT LIQUETE (Documentaliste-Formateur, IUFM d'Acquitaine, Carbon-Blanc, France)
  3. The role of works of imagination in preparing young people for the information society
    GAYNER EYRE (Lecturer, Co-Director, Centre for Information Studies, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia)
  4. Say yes to school library provision - a project by the Harare Junior Council

107. Unallocated


108. Document Delivery and Interlending

'End User Involvement in Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery'

  1. The Catalogue collectif de France : Opening Interlending Services to end users
    CHRISTELLE CREFF (Project Manager, Document Supply Service, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
  2. Bibliotek.dk : Immediate access to Danish libraries - a path to follow
    Bibliotek.dk : l'accès immédiat aux bibliothèques danoises - un chemin à suivre
    LONE HANSEN (Library Advisory Officer, Danish National Library Authority, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  3. Interlibrary Loan in Mexico: two solutions to an age-old problem
    Le prêt entre bibliothèques au Mexique : deux solutions pour un vieux problème
    Préstamo Interbibliotecario en México: Dos soluciones a un viejo problema
    ELDA MONICA GUERRERO (Consultant, Centro Nacional de las Artes Mexico City, Mexico) DANIEL MATTES DURRETT (University Librarian, Universidad Anahuac, Mexico City, Mexico)
  4. We're still here: Traditional ILL after OhioLINK Patron-initiated requesting and Ejournals
    JENNIFER J. KUEHN (Head, Interlibrary Loan, Ohio State Library, Columbus, USA)
  5. Union Catalogs and virtual Union Catalogs - repositioning Interlibrary Loan
    BARBARA PREECE and JOAN THOMPSON (Boston Library Consortium City and Country: Boston, Boston, MA, USA)


109. Knowledge Management Discussion Group

In this start-up meeting for a Discussion Group, the papers of the previous Open Session on Knowledge Management (see meeting 99) may be discussed further. Additionally some short reports on successful examples of implementing Knowledge Management will be presented, amongst others: 'Experiences with Knowledge Management in France' by JEAN-PHILIPPE ACCART (University of Grenoble and ENSSIP, Lyon, France. The Social Science Libraries Section will sponsor this Discussion Group.


110. Open Forum: Division Bibliographic Control - SI

Updating session with reports on activities on the Division and other related activities.

  1. IFLA Core Activity for Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC (UBCIM) - Review of activities 2000-2001
    MARIE-FRANCE PLASSARD, Programme Director, UBCIM
  2. Section on Classification and Indexing; Review of activities, 2000-2001
    Section Classification et indexation; Rapport d'activité 2000-2001
    Section on Classification and Indexing Tätigkeitsbericht 2000-2001
    Sección de Clasificación e Indización - Informe de actividades, 2000-2001
    IA C. MCILWAINE (University College London, London, UK)
  3. Rapport - Section de Catalogage
    Section on Cataloguing - Report of the Activities
    Russian Text
    MARIA WITT (Sécrétaire de la Section Catalogage 1997-2001)
  4. Section on Bibliography - Review of activities 2000-2001
    Section de bibliographie : Rapport d'activité 2000 - 2001
    JOHN D. BYRUM, Jr. (Secretary of the Section on Bibliography, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. USA)


111. Library and Information Science Journals

'How LIS Journals create knowledge'

  1. Journals and the shaping of disciplinary knowledge
    JOHN M. BUDD (School of Information Science and Learning Technologies, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA)
  2. Knowledge creation from Australasian LIS Journals: a content analysis
    D.G. DORNER (Lecturer, School of Communications and Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)
  3. LIS Journals in the knowledge age
    EILEEN BREEN (Managing Editor, MCB University Press, Bradford, UK)

112. Unallocated


113. Reading

'Reading Research: an International Perspective'

  1. Reading research: an international perspective
    GREG BROOKS (Professorial Research Fellow, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK)
  2. Can Reading Research in Africa be done in isolation? The influence of Literacy, Education, Publishing and the Book Industry on Reading in Africa
    GERTRUDE K. MULINDWA (Consultant, Uganda)
  3. Reading research in the UK
    BRIONY TRAIN (Research Fellow, University of Central England in Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom)
  4. Reading research in Sweden - a short survey
    CATHARINA STENBERG (Senior lecturer, Swedish School of Library and Information Studies, University College of Borås in connection with Gothenburg University, Sweden)
  5. Reading research in Russia - a report
    VALERIA STELMAKH (Senior Researcher, Russian State Library, Moscow, Russian Federation)


113a. Reference Work SC II


114. Open Forum: Division of Regional Activities - SI

'Bridging the Digital Divide: Meeting the Challenge of the Knowledge age in Developing Countries'

  1. Bridging the digital divide in South and Southeast Africa: co-operative digitization projects
    DALE PETERS (Project Manager, National Pilot Digital Imaging Project, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa)
  2. The promise of the global digital library in a time of a growing digital divide
    CHING-CHIH CHEN (Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Simmons College, Boston, USA)
  3. The digital divide: the view from Latin America and the Caribbean
    ADOLFO RODRIGUEZ (Professor, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico)

115. Guest Lecture I - SI

'What is Knowledge Management and why is it Important?'


Mr. Prusak is Executive Director of the Institute for Knowledge Management, which is a part of IBM. He is recognized internationally for helping organizations leverage and optimize their information and knowledge resources.


115a. Education and Training

'Parameters of Knowledge Management within Library/Information Science Education'

Moderator: Susan Lazinger

  1. Perspectives on education for knowledge management
    ABDUS SATTAR CHAUDRY and SUSAN ELLEN HIGGINS (Division of Information Studies, School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
  2. A bounded or unbounded universe? Knowledge management in postgraduate LIS education
    MARK BROGAN, PHILIP HINGSTON and VICKY WILSON (School of Computer and Information Science, Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley, Australia)
  3. Knowledge management: opportunities of IS graduates
    ANNE MORRIS (Reader in Information Processing, Department of Information Science, Loughborough University, UK)

116. Industry Updates III

Three Technologies to support the 3 "P"s of Library Systems: Unicode for Pervasiveness, RFID for Productivity and Skin Technology for Personalization
VINOD CHACHRA (President, VTLS Inc., Blacksburg, United States)


117. Information Coordinators Meeting

118. Unallocated


119. Opening and Plenary Session - SI

Keynote Speaker: JONATHAN KOZOL

A graduate of Harvard University and a Rhodes Scholar, Kozol has championed the rights of the poor and underserved in the United States, and the need for society to provide equal access to education and resources. He is the author of award-winning books "Death at An Early Age", "Savage Inequalities: Children in American Schools", and "Amazing Grace: The Lives of Children and Conscience of a Nation."


120. Reception at Boston Public Library

Tuesday, August 21, 2001


121. Audiovisual and Multimedia with Information Technology - SI

'New Technologies for Access to Moving Images'

  1. Moving Images and Cultural Heritage in Scotland
    BRUCE ROYAN (SCRAN, Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network, UK)
  2. DIVA - the digital video and audio archive of the University Library of Karlsruhe
    RÉGINE TOBIAS and UDO WILLKE (Karlsruhe University, Germany)
    These papers will be followed by a presentation of the first working draft of the 'Guidelines for audiovisual and multimedia materials in libraries' by Joëlle Garcia (Bibliothèque nationale, France, Chair of the Section on Audiovisual and Multimedia)

122. Library and Research Services for Parliaments - SI

'Parliamentary and Legislative electronic libraries in co-operation'

  1. Toward the electronic parliamentary library in the context of the European Union
    La bibliothèque parlementaire électronique dans le contexte de l'Union européenne
    Aufbau einer elektronischen Parlamentsbibliothek für die Europäische Union
    Russian text
    Hacia la biblioteca parlamentaria electrónica en el contexto de la Unión Europea
    DICK TOORNSTRA (Director of Parliamentary Documentation and International Cooperation, European Union, Brussels, Belgium)
  2. The web-site library and its parliamentary information and dissemination services: case study of the Parliamentary Library of Taipei, Taiwan, China
    Bibliothèque sur le Web et services parlementaires d'information et de diffusion: Étude de cas de la bibliothèque du Parlement de Taipei, Taiwan, Chine
    Die Website-Bibliothek und ihre Informationsdienste für das Parlament: Eine Fallstudie der Parlamentsbibliothek von Taipei, Taiwan, China
    Russian text
    La biblioteca virtual y sus servicios parlamentarios de información y difusión: Estudio de caso de la Biblioteca Parlamentaria de Taipei, Taiwán, China
    KARL MIN KU (Head, Library and Information Service, Legislative Yuna, Taipei, Taiwan, China)
  3. Making a difference in the knowledge age at the New Zealand Parliamentary Library
    Faire la différence à l'ère du savoir à la Bibliothèque parlementaire de Nouvelle-Zélande
    Die neuseeländische Parlamentsbibliothek im Wissenszeitalter
    Russian text
    Innovación en la era del conocimiento en la Biblioteca Parlamentaria de Nueva Zelandia
    MOIRA FRASER (Librarian, Parliament of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand)

123. Rare Books and Manuscripts

'The History of Printing in the Americas'

  1. El Patrimonio Bibliográfico de México
    Looking after the bibliographic heritage of Mexico
    ROSA MARIA FERNANDEZ DE ZAMORA (Biblioteca Nacional de Mexico UNAM IIIB, D.F., Mexico)
  2. A new world of words: Amerindian languages in the Colonial World
    DANIEL J. SLIVE (Rare Books Librarian, UCLA Young Research Library, Los Angeles, USA)
  3. The introduction and early use of Lithography in the United States
    GEORGIA BARNHILL (Andrew W. Mellon Curator of Graphic Arts, American Antiquarian Society, USA)

124. Unallocated


125. Open Forum: Division of Libraries Serving the General Public

'Achievements: Libraries Change Lives'

  1. Achievers: from blindness to insight
    DICK TUCKER (Project Coordinator, FORCE Foundation, The Hague, Netherlands)
  2. Achievement: From a Lack of Knowledge to an Appreciation of Deaf History
    Un résultat : de l'ignorance a la connaissance de l'histoire des sourds
    ALICE HAGEMEYER (in sign-language) founder of the Friends of Libraries for Deaf Action (FOLDA)
  3. TBA

126. User Education

'International Guidelines for User Education Across Continents'

  1. Information Literacy Standards for Higher Education: an international perspective
    Des normes pour les compétences dans l'usage de l'information dans l'enseignement supérieur: une perspective internationale
    LOANNE SNAVELY (Head of Instructional Programs, Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, USA)
  2. Information literacy and academic libraries: the SCONUL approach (UK/Ireland)
    Aptitudes para el acceso y uso de la información en la enseñanza superior : la postura de SCONUL
    TOBY BAINTON (Standing Conference of National and University Libraries, UK)
  3. Customer or refined student? Reflections on the "customer " metaphor in the academic environment and the new pedagogical challenge to the libraries and librarians
    CHRISTINA TOVOTE (Head of User Education, Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden)
  4. Difficulties and new approaches in user education in Germany
    Schwierigkeiten und neue Ansätze der Benutzerschulung in Deutschland
    Difficultés et nouvelles approches de la formation de l'usager en Allemagne
    BENNO HOMANN (University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany)
  5. User Education: training the librarians to use new technologies in the developing countries
    HANS RAJ CHOPRA (Reader, Department of Library and Information Science, Panjab University, India)


126a. Library Buildings and Equipment

'Libraries in the 21st Century: Key Issues'

  1. New Public Libraries in Portugal
  2. The Construction of Infrastructure for Library's Digital Document Telecommunications
    YING CHANGXING (Librarian and Deputy Director of Zhejiang Library, Hangzhou, China) and
    LIN ZUZAO (Senior Research Librarian of Zhejiang Library, Former Deputy Director of Zhejiang Library, Hangzhou, China)
  3. TBA

127. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2001 Access to Learning Award Announcement

Off-site: Boston Public Library, Historic McKim Building, Abbey Room Copley Square, 700 Boylston Street (use Dartmouth Street entrance of the McKim Building)


128. Press Conference

IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship

The results of the 2001 Fellowships will be reported on and the winners of the 2002 Fellowships will be announced at this Press Conference.


129. Guest Lecture II - SI

Humanizing the Information Revolution

James Billington has been the Librarian of Congress since 1987. He has championed the Library's extension of its services to all Americans through the National Digital Library Program and its "American Memory" website. He has worked to collaborate with the private sector to support the Library and its initiatives.

130. Unallocated


131. Poster Sessions

  1. The Science and Technology Information Network of the Philippines (ScINET-PHIL) Experience
    ROSIE R. ALMOCERA (Science and Technology Institute, Metro Manilla, Philippines)
  2. Development of a Cooperative Resource Sharing Agreement in the Country of Lebanon
    LESLIE ALTER HAGE (Notre Dame University-Louaize, Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon)
  3. MINERVA: The Web Preservation Project of the Library of Congress
    CASSY AMMEN (Library of Congress, Washington, USA)
  4. TEEAL (The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library): Making a Difference in the Developing World
    MARY ANDERSON OCHS (Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA)
  5. ASTM Paper Aging Research Program
    R. BRUCE ARNOLD (R.B. Arnold Associates Inc, West Chester, USA)
  6. Books for All: An International Project of IFLA and UNESCO Supporting Children's Libraries in Developing Countries
    LIOBA BETTEN (BOOKS FOR ALL, Munich, Germany)
  7. New Models for Reference Service
    KAY ANN CASSELL (New York Public Library, NewYork, USA)
  8. Learning Styles of International Students - Effective Tools for Bibliographic Instruction
    CALMER CHATTOO (University at Buffalo Law Library, Buffalo, USA)br
  9. International and Comparative Information Services: Issues and Trends Relevant to the Development of a Global Information Society
    MARIA T. CHAVEZ-HERNANDEZ (Florida State University Tallahassee, USA)
  10. Find-It! Illinois: Ramp-up to Find-It! America
    ANNE CRAIG (Illinois State Library, Springfield, USA)
  11. Distance Education: How Librarians and Library School Education Position Themselves?
    ARIF DAGLI (Tallahassee, USA)
  12. The Campaign for America's Libraries@your library
    DEBORAH DAVIS and PATRICIA GLASS SCHUMAN (American Library Association, Chicago, USA)
  13. Hand in Hand
    BETSY DIAMANT-COHEN (Enoch Pratt Free Library at Port Discovery, Baltimore, USA),
    CAROL SANDLER (Strong Museum, Rochester, USA) and
    DINA SHERMAN (Brooklyn Children's Museum, Brooklyn, USA)
  14. Le développement de l'Afrique par la Promotion de l'Information Technologique: le Centre Régional Africain de Technologie
    BALLA DIOP (Centre Régional Africain de Technology (CRAT), Dakar, Sénégal)
  15. Collections Conservation Decision Making is Key
    JEANNE DREWES (Michigan State University Libraries, East Lansing, USA)
  16. Information Literacy Education: the Case Study of Escola Politecnica da Universidade de Sao Paulo - Brazil
    ELISABETH A. DUDZIAK, MARIA A. GABRIEL and MARIA CHRISTINA O. VILLELA (Escola Politecnica da USP, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  17. Toy Libraries Contribute to Child Development and Early Learning
    MARIE FAULKNER (Northwood, U.K.)
  18. How did you find that?!: The Odyssey of NOAH's Online Genetics Information for Patients
    PATRICIA E. GALLAGHER (New York Academy of Medicine, New York, USA)
  19. La Instrucción Bibliográfica para los Estudiantes de Nuevo Ingreso: Como ensenar la Biblioteca a los nuevos Estudiantes y que estos aprendan mientras juegan dentro de la misma
    LUIS MARIO GALLAND ORTIZ (Universidad de las Americas-Puebla, Puebla, Mexico)
  20. El Impacto de la Biblioteca Electrónica en el Comportamiento del Investigador y en la Actuación del Profesional de la Información: La Experiencia de la Biblioteca Universitaria Brasilena
  21. Grey Literature in the Health Science Area at the Federal University of Maranhao (UFMA): Research Project
    MARIA DO ROSÁRIO GUIMARAES ALMEIDA (Universidade Federal do Maranhao, Brazil)
  22. Electronic Collection Development via NetLibrary
    SUZANNE D. GYESZLY (Policy Sciences & Economics Library Texas. USA)
  23. Licensing Information for Librarians in Central and Eastern Europe - CELIP Project
    TUULA HAAVISTO (Central and Eastern European Licensing Information Platform, Helsinki, Finland)
  24. NORDINFO: Nordic Council for Scientific Information 25th Anniversary
  25. International Friends of the Alexandria Library
    ALAN HOPKINSON (Middlesex University, London, U.K.)
  26. Towards the Construction of Benchmarks for Information Literacy: an Evaluation of Inform. Competence among Graduate Students at the University of Cape Town
    KARIN JAGER and MARY NASSIMBENI (University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, South Africa)
  27. RGU.COM - Developing a Virtual Campus for LIS Education from Print Based Distance Learning to Knowledge Management on the Internet
    IAN M. JOHNSON (The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, U.K.)
  28. Providing Web Technology Basics to Patrons
    DINA KANABAR (Westford, USA)
  29. Bridging the Gap: Experience of the IGNOU in Providing Library Services to the Distance Learners
    UMA KANJILAL and NEELA JAGANNATHAN (Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India)
  30. A Web-based Library Survey Questionnaire: Pros and Cons
    VICTORIA T. KOK, C. EDMONDS ROSS and ELEANOR G. GARRISON (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg, USA)
  31. Virtual Libraries in the New Millenium: an African Prespective
    RANDY EMMANUEL KOMMEY (Volta River Authority, Accra, Ghana)
  32. To be announced
    SVETLANA KURMASHEVA (National Library of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation)
  33. Principles of Sustainable Design Applied to Library Buildings
    ALEXANDER P. LAMIS (Robert A.M. Stern Architects, New York, USA
  34. Strategic and Systematical Development of Competencies and Negotiating Vages/salaries among Danish Librarians
    JESPER LAURSEN (Danish Union of Librarians, Frederiksberg, Denmark)
  35. Creation of Electronic Document and Information Supply Association in Russia
    OLGA L. LAVRIK (State Public Library of Scientific and Technical Literature of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation) and
    VICTOR A. GLOUKHOV (Institute on Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation)
  36. MALIBU: Managing the Hybrid Library for the Benefit of Users - Integration, Integration, Integration!
    ANN LEES (The Library King's College, London, UK)
  37. Ready for Reference. Online! Anytime!@your library TM
    MARY-CAROL LINDBLOOM (Alliance Library System, Quincy, USA)
  38. The Center for Research Libraries: Building International Collections through Cooperation
    BEVERLY P. LYNCH (Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, USA)
  39. The Teaching Levels of Reference Service: A Statistical Representation
    PULINE MANAKA and ROUMIANA KATZARKOV (University of California, Irvine, USA)
  40. Pacticipative Management and Technological Resources in University Libraries
  41. Bridging Library Communities: a Project from Swiss Libraries/Un Lien entre les Bibliothèques du Monde Entier
    DANIELLE MINCIO ((Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire, Lausanne, Switzerland) and DAISY McADAM (Bibliothèque de Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales, Genève, Switzerland)
  42. Teaching and Learning Cultural Competency in Medical School: Medical Faculty - Librarian Collaboration
    OBIANUJU MOLLEL (Whitney Medical Library, New Haven USA)
  43. Early English Books Online and the EEBO Text Creation Partnership: Creating Searchable Digital Versions of Early English Books
    HILLARY NUNN (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)
  44. When Old Things become new Again: Strategies for Change in Libraries and Archives
    H. INCI ÖNAL (Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey)
  45. The Virtual Library as the Finest Tool for the ILL Services: Ten Years Work to Improve the End-user Satisfaction in a Small Country
    MARIE THÉRÈSE PAQUES-LEDENT (Université de Liège, Liège, Belgium)
  46. The Renardus Project and the Australian Subject Gateways Forum: Collaboration between Subject Gateways in Europe and Australia
    MARIANNE PEEREBOOM (Royal Library, The Hague, Netherlands)
  47. The Bibliographical Citation in Dissertation of Master Degree in PUC CAMP, the year of 1995 and 1999, Exploratory Study in the Area of Librarianship and Information Science
    MARIA FÁTIMA PEREIRA (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  48. Celebrating a New Century that Celebrates Diversity: Positive Language as the Key to Making a Positive Difference in the Knowledge Age
    ELLEN PERLOW (Texas Woman's University, Denton, USA)
  49. RECIARIA: Argentine Information Networks
    GRACIELA PERRONE (Reciaria-Biblioteca Nacional de Maestros, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  50. Regional Alliance for Preservation (RAP): A Model Cooperative Network
    VIGILIA RAWNSLEY (Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts, Philadelphia, USA)
  51. Desarrollo de un Sistema de Información Hipermedial para el Acceso a Legislación
    JESÚS ROBLEDANO ARILLO (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Madrid, Spain)
  52. CLS Online: Come Join the Fun!
    THERESA A. ROSS EMBREY (Chicago Library System, Chicago, USA)
  53. Aging and Verbal Creativity
    ODD SAETRE (Flaktveit, Norway)
  54. Metadatos para Imágenes en Internet
    SAMIRA SAMBAINO (Montevideo, Uruguay)
  55. Advancement of Librarianship Programme
    BIRGITTA SANDELL (ALP Office, Uppsala, Sweden)
  56. ALA's Sister Library Program - Promoting a Global Community of Libraries in this Knowledge Age
    MARY A. SHERMAN (Pioneer Library System, Norman, USA)
  57. Developing Intellectual Property Policy for Digital Library (from the reference librarian's perspective)
    TANYA SHKOLNIKOV (HSC Library, Suny at Stony Brook, USA)
  58. Por que lo hacemos asi?
    ANN MONTGOMERY SMITH (University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, USA)
  59. Multimedia Database of Engineering Documents
    ATUL Kumar SRIVASTAVA and Pankaj Srivastava (Technical Business Group Library Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Mumbai, India)
  60. Providing Consumer Health Information to Asian Americans - A Collaborative Model
    MARSHA SULLIVAN and DEBORAH HALSTED (Houston Academy of Medicine, Houston, USA)
  61. Serving Multi-Type Librarians in the World's the most Devise City - Metropolitan New York Library Council's Practice
  62. Inform the World Volunteers: Advocates for Sustainable Rural Library Development
    LAURA WENDELL (World Library Partnership, Bahama, USA)
  63. Translated Children's Books from other Languages into English: A Study of Outstanding Books in the USA, 1990 - 2000
    MAUREEN WHITE and NANCY BLUEMEL (University of Houston-Clear Lake, Abilene, USA)
  64. Library of the Future in a Web-based Internet Environment
    YANG ZHIPING and ARTHUR W. HAFNER (Chengdu Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu, China Seton Hall University, South Orange, USA)
  65. The Pilot of the Latvian Cultural School under the EC Leonardo da Vinci Programme "Public Library Management and new Information Technologies"
    AUSMA ZOLDNERE (Latvijas Kulturas Skola, Riga, Latvija)
  66. Slovenian National Library has finished its Retrospective Conversion
    MAJA ZUMER (National and University Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia)


132. Industry Updates IV

VubisSm@rt - Smart Technology for Smart Libraries
ERIC VAN LUBEEK (General Manager Library Division, Geac Benelux BV, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)


133. Bibliography

'Bibliography: indispensable or redundant'

  1. Bibliographic control or chaos: an agenda for national bibliographic services in the 21st century
    Russian Text
    MICHAEL GORMAN (Dean, Library Services, California State University, Fresno, USA)
  2. Selektion von Online-Publikationen für Nationalbibliographien
    Global publishing and national heritage: Selection of Internet resources for national bibliographies
    Russian Text
    CLAUDIA WERNER (Head, Central Bibliographic Services, Die Deutsche Bibliothek, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
  3. The New Books Project: a prototype for re-inventing the Cataloguing-in-Publication program to meet the needs for publishers, libraries and readers in the 21st century

    JOHN CELLI (Head, CIP Division, Library of Congress, Washington, USA)
  4. The Canadian National Bibliography: 50 years of continuity and change
    La bibliographie nationale du Canada
    Russian Text
    DAVID BALATTI (Director, Bibliographic Services, National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Canada)

134. Serial Publications

'From Bibliographic Access to Content with a Click of a Mouse'

  1. CrossRef: a Publisher's Perspective
    KAREN HUNTER (Elsevier US, USA)
  2. TBA KNUT DORN (Otto Harrassowitz Publishers and Booksellers, Wiesbaden, Germany)
  3. From Bibliographic Database to Content - New Aspects for Library Work, New Aspects for Research, Education and Information Provision
    DIANN RUSCH-FEJA (Director, Library, Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung, Berlin, Germany)


135. Statistics

'Statistics in the Knowledge Age: New Measures and Assessments'

  1. The association of Research Libraries Statistics and Measurements Program: From Descriptive Data to Performance Measures
    Le programme statistique de l'association des bibliothèques de recherche (ARL): des statistiques descriptives à la mesure de la performance
    Das Statistik- und Messprogramm der "Association of Research Libraries": Von beschreibenden Daten zu Leistungsmessungen
    Russian Text
    El programa de Estadísticas y Evaluación de la Asociación de Bibliotecas de Investigación: desde los datos descriptivos hacia las medidas de rendimiento
    JULIA C. BLIXRUD (Director of Information Services, Association of Research Libraries, Washington, USA)
  2. Russian and CIS Library Internet Service: an Analysis of WWW-server Development
    Le service Internet de la Bibliothèque de Russie et de la CEI : une analyse du développement du site web
    Russian text
    El servicio de Internet en las bibliotecas de Rusia y la CIS:análisis del desarrollo de los servidores www
    YAKOV SHRAIBERG (Deputy Director, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russian Federation)
  3. Managing Service Quality with the Balanced Scorecard
    Gérer la qualité grâce à la méthode « Balanced Scorecard » (Tableau de Bord Prospectif)
    Russian Text
    La gestión de la calidad del servicio con la Ficha equilibrada de resultados
    ROSWITHA POLL (Chief Librarian, University and Regional Library, Münster, Germany)


136. Public Libraries - SI

'Public Libraries: Making a Difference in the Knowledge Age'

  1. Public library services in Boston
  2. The IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Guidelines
    PHILIP GILL (Guidelines Project Coordinator, Coventry, UK)
  3. A hassle-free library experience - the use of Radio Frequency Tagging in Singapore libraries
    NGIAN LEK CHOH (Senior Director, Library Services, National Library Board, Singapore)
  4. UNET-UNESCO Model Library Project International Evaluation
    KERSTIN HASSNER (Director, Department of Administrative Services, Culture and Libraries, Ljusdals, Sweden)
  5. Use of Public Library Internet Terminals: A Transaction Log Analysis
    ANN CURRY (Associate Professor, Chair of the MLIS Program, University of British Columbia, Canada)
  6. The public library and lifelong learning project
    BRITT MARIE HÄGGSTRÖM (President, DIK Association, Nacka Sweden)
  7. Copyright and Licensing - Hot issues for public libraries
    FRODE BAKKEN (President, Norwegian Library Association)
  8. Library and Museums-Cooperative Programming for Children
    BETSY DIAMANT-COHEN (Manager, Exploration Centre, Enoch Pratt Free Public Library, Baltimore, MD, USA)
  9. Documenting the Public Library's Value
    MARGARET SCRATCH (Deputy Director, Southern Ontario Library Services, Ontario, Canada)

137. Management of Library Associations - SI

'Library Association Twinning'

  1. Can "twinning" be applied effectively to small Library Associations?
    NORMA AMENU-KPODO (Executive Secretary, Commonwealth Library Association, Kingston, Jamaica)
  2. Puerto Rican Library Associations: one country's twinning opportunities
    LOUISA VIGO CEPEDA (Professor, University of Puerto Rico, Graduate School of Information Sciences and Technologies, San Juan, Puerto Rico)
  3. How large library associations can help small library associations in a twinning relationship
    WILLIAM GORDON (Executive Director, American Library Association, Chicago, United States)

138/139. Unallocated


140. Executive Board II


141. Acquisition and Collection Development

'Electronic Collections: Evaluating their ongoing Need and Utility for Library Users'

  1. Evaluating digital resources in an academic consortium: from theory to practice
    ELHANAN ADLER (Director, Israel Center for Digital Information Services - MALMAD, Jerusalem, Israel)
  2. Use of electronic journals in OhioLINK'S Electronic Journal Center
    L'utilisation des journaux électronique dans l'OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center
    TOM SANVILLE (Executive Director, Ohio Library and Information Network - Ohio Link, Columbus, Ohio USA)
  3. The eIFL - electronic Information for Libraries Projects: a global initiative of the Soros Foundation Network Russian Text
    eIFL-Electronic Information For Libraries: una iniciativa global de la red de la Fundación Soros
    BLAZEJ FERET (Deputy Director, Main Library, Technical University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland)
    MICHAEL KAY (Director, eIFL project, Open Society Institute, Budapest, Hungary)
    ANNA MARIA BALOGH (eIFL Project Co-ordinator, Open Society Institute, Budapest, Hungary)
    PETER SZANTO (Library Director, National Technical Information Centre and Library, Budapest, Hungary)
    SAM BROOKS (Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, EBSCO Publishing Co., Boston, USA)
  4. How can evaluation get us to the heart of learning in the electronic age?
    Comment l'évaluation peut nous mener au coeur de l'apprentissage à l'age électronique ¿Cómo puede la evaluación introducirnos en el corazón de la enseñanza en la era electrónica?
    ALICE WISE (UK Joint Information Systems Committee, London, UK)


142. Classification and Indexing - SI

'Education and Knowledge Organization'

  1. Teaching Classification in the 21st Century
    PAT OYLER (Professor, Simmons College, Boston, USA)
  2. Wissensorganisation und Information Retrieval im Wandel Konzepte für die Ausbildung in Deutschland
    Knowledge organization and information retrieval in times of change - concepts for education in Germany
    Organisation de la connaissance et recherche documentaire en période de changement - Concepts pour l'enseignement en Allemagne
    WINFRIED GÖDERT (Profession, Fachhochschule Köln, Cologne, Germany)
  3. Teaching classification to fit a modern and sustainable LIS curriculum: the case of Croatia
    L'enseignement de la classification au sein d'un cursus moderne et stable en bibliothéconomie et sciences de l'information : l'exemple de la Croatie
    Klassifikation als Unterrichtsfach innerhalb einer modernen und nachhaltigen Ausbildung in Bibliotheks- und Informationswissenschaft: das Beispiel Kroatien
    Russian text
    La enseñanza de la clasificación documental en el marco de un plan de estudios moderno y viable: el caso de Croacia
    AIDA SLAVIC (Lecturer, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia)
  4. Enseñanza de la recuperacion y acceso por tema en las Escuelas de Bibliotecologia Mexicanas
    Teaching of subject access and retrieval at Mexican LIS Schools
    L'enseignement de la recherche documentaire et de l'accès par sujet dans les écoles de bibliothéconomie mexicaines
    Unterricht über Thematische Suche und Retrieval an LIS Schulen in Mexiko
    FILIBERTO FELÍPE MARTINEZ ARELLANO (Coordinador del Colegio de Bibliotecología, Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México, Mexico)

143. Regional Activities: Africa - SI

'Africa in the Knowledge Age: Status and Role of National Information Policy'

  1. The imperatives of Challenges for Africa in the Knowledge Age: Status and Role of National Information Policy
    BENEDICTA OLADELE (Librarian, National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, Kuri, Plateau State, Nigeria)
  2. Skill and competencies for digital information management in Africa
    GEORGE GUNDU SHIBANDA (Senior Assistant Librarian, Moi University Library, Eldoret, Kenya)

144. Libraries for the Blind with Copyright and Other Legal Matters

'Rights Management in the age of digital content: enhancing access for print handicapped users'

  1. Digital rights management: threat or opportunity in the digital age
    HIROSHI KAWAMURA (Director, Japanese society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, Japan)
  2. Licence fees: barrier or opportunity for access to electronic content?
    GRAHAM CORNISH (Director, UAP Core Activity, British Library, Boston Spa, UK)
  3. WIPO - Advancing Access to Information for Print Disabled People
    Organisation mondiale de la propriété intellectuelle (OMPI) - Progrès dans l'accès à l'information des handicapés visuels
    DAVID MANN (Royal National Institute for the Blind, UK)

145. Continuing Professional Education

'Delivering Lifelong Learning Across Space and Time: Three Models'

  1. The ACRL/Harvard Leadership Institute: Academic and Research Libraries Enhancing Their Strategic Leadership Capacity in Higher Education
    MAUREEN SULLIVAN (Organizational Development Consultant, Annapolis, MD, USA)
  2. Developing leaders for libraries: The Stanford-California State Library Institute on 21st Century librarianship experience
    ANN MARIE GOLD (Executive Director, Stanford-California State Library Institute on 21st Century Librarianship, Palo Alto, USA)
  3. Providing Continuing Education for New Technologies; The Gates Program
    CAROL ERICKSON (The Gates Foundation, Seattle, USA)

146. Unallocated


147. Science and Technology Libraries

'Speaking differently: transitions in scientific communication'

Moderator: JULIA GELFAND (University of California *Irvine, Irvine, USA)

  1. Making good science look good
    FELICE FRANKEL (Research Scientist, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA)
  2. Entrepreneurs as social value: public discourse in the sciences
    MICHAEL JENSEN (Director of Publishing Technologies, National Academy Press, Washington, USA)
  3. The digital dilemma: intellectual property in the information age
    RANDALL DAVIS (Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA)


147a. Mobile Libraries

'Advancing Knowledge for Societal Productivity through Mobile Libraries: Motorized and Non-Motorized Initiatives'

  1. Final Report on the Regional Seminar on Mobile Library Services in Indochina: from February 2001 and into the Future
    PENSRI GUAYSUWAN (Manager, IFLA Regional Office for Asia and Oceania)
  2. Mahasarakham University Leading Libraries in Mobile Library Services
    SUJIN BUTDISUWAN (Director/Assistant Professor, Academic Resource Center, of Mahasarakham University, Thailand)
  3. Mobile Library Development in Mayotte - Mamoudzou Island; the Indian Ocean
  4. Programmatic View of Mobile Libraries in the United States
    ERNEST DIMATTIA (President of The Ferguson Library Connecticut, USA)
  5. Mobile Libraries in Vietnam in 21st century
    PHAM THE KHANG (Director, The National Library of Vietnam, Vietnam)
  6. World-wide Survey of Mobile Libraries
    THELMA TATE (Chair of the Round Table on Mobile Libraries)

148. Cultural Reception at Museum of Science

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

All day - Off Site

Conference of Directors of National Libraries (CDNL)
(On Invitation Only)


149. Library History - SI

'The Boston Years of Early Library Profession Leaders'

  1. Justin Winsor, 1831-1897, at Boston Public Library and Harvard
    KENNETH E. CARPENTER (Harvard University Library, Cambridge, USA)
  2. Dewey in Boston: 1876-1883
    WAYNE A. WIEGAND (Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA)
  3. "Referred to the Librarian, with Power to Act": Herbert Putnam and the Boston Public Library
    JANE AIKIN (Researcher, U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington, USA)


150. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons - SI

'Dyslexia: Challenges and Solutions for Your Library'

  1. Advocating for the Millions - Protecting the Rights of People with Dyslexia
    J. THOMAS VIALL (Executive Director, International Dyslexia Association, Baltimore, USA)
  2. New Technologies for People with Print Disabilities
    BART PISHA (Director of Research, CAST - Center for Applied Special Technology, Peabody, MA, USA)
  3. People with Dyslexia Speak Out - Video Presentation
    J. THOMAS VIALL (Executive Director, International Dyslexia Association, Baltimore, USA)
  4. Guidelines for Library Services to Persons with Dyslexia
    Directives pour les Services de Bibliothèques aux Personnes Dyslexiques
    GYDA SKAT NIELSEN (Director of Outreach Services, Solleröd Public Libraries, Holte, Denmark)

151. Information Technology

'New Information and Communication Technologies for Libraries in the Knowledge Age'

  1. Library quality reference meets the World Wide Web
    Qualitätssteigerung durch verteilten Auskunftsdienste im WWW
    DIANE KRESH (Director Reading Rooms, Library of Congress, Washington, USA)
  2. Creating Knowledge Opportunities Through a Global Knowledge Learning Network
    GRACE KEMPSTER (The British Council, UK)
  3. Open Archives Initiative
    CARL LAGOZE (Cornell University, USA)

152. Women's Issues

'Information Needs of Women'

  1. Women's healthcare, censorship, and the library: problems, issues, questions
    NANCY KUHL (Reference and Instruction Librarian, Robert Frost Library, Amherst College, Amherst, USA)
  2. Information needs of women: addressing diverse factors in the Indian context
    KALPANA DASGUPTA (Director, Central Secretariat Library, Government of India, New Delhi, India)
  3. Partnerships with NGO's as a great opportunity for librarians for promotion of women's information needs in Croatia
    EDITA BACIC (Chief Librarian, Faculty of Law, University of Split, Split, Croatia)

152a. Cataloguing

'Positioning Cataloguing for the Future'

  1. L'impact du modèle FRBR sur les révisions à venir des ISBD: un défi pour la Section de Catalogage de l'IFLA
    The impact of the FRBR model on the future revisions of the ISBDs: a challenge for the IFA Section on Cataloguing
    Die Auswirkungen des FRBR Modells auf die zukünftigen Revisionen des ISBD : Eine Herausforderung für die Sektion Katalogisierung der IFLA
    El impacto del modelo FRBR en las revisiones futuras de las ISBD: un challenge para la Sección de Catalogación de la IFLA
    PATRICK LE BOEUF (Service de Normalisation Documentaire, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
  2. Progress on the Multilingual Dictionary of Cataloguing Terms and Concepts
    Avancement des travaux sur l'établissement d'un Dictionnaire multilingue des termes et concepts de catalogage
    Erste Schritte zu einem multilingualen Wörterbuch für Katalogisierungsbegriffe
    Russian Text
    Progreso del Diccionario multilingüe de términos y conceptos de catalogación
    MONIKA MUENNICH (Senior Cataloguer, Universitäts Bibliothek, Heidelberg, Germany)
  3. Spécifications fonctionnelles et numérotation internationale des notices d'autorité (FRANAR): jusqu'où le contrôle d'autorité peut-il être secondé par la technique ?
    Functional Requirements and Numbering of Authority Records (FRANAR): to what extent authority control can be supported by technical means?
    Funktionale Anforderungen an bibliographische Datensätze und ein internationales Nummernsystem für Normdaten: wie weit kann Normierung durch Technik unterstützt werden?
    Russian text
    FRANÇOISE BOURDON (Service de Normalisation Documentaire, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
  4. A Virtual International Authority File
    Un fichier d'autorité international virtuel
    Eine virtuelle internationale Normdatei
    Russian Text
    Un fichero de autoridades virtual
    BARBARA B. TILLETT (Director, Integrated Library System Program Office, Washington, USA)


153. EC ROTNAC (Division Room)


154. Press Conference

Public Library Guidelines
The complete revised edition of the IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Guidelines will be presented during this session.


155. Meeting with National Association Members


156. Parliamentary Library Management Workshop (By invitation only) - Off-site

  1. Managing the political environment Case studies and discussion on the Information and Research Services in some parliaments
  2. Change management and the selection of good staff The selection process including staff profile, interviews and the other ways of testing the competency and suitability of staff
  3. Managerial decision-making Establishment of policies related to library employment and collection development. Performance indicators as a way of ensuring high quality services.
  4. Towards the electronic parliamentary library What can be done with limited resources: case studies
  5. Informing the public about parliament The role of parliamentary libraries and information services in the Internet presentation of parliaments
  6. Parliamentary library committees The functions of Library Committees and their impact on the operation of parliamentary libraries.

157. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2001 Access to Learning Award - SI

Grantee Presentation
The 2001 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Access to Learning Award recipient, announced at an event on Tuesday morning, August 21, 2001, will present a description of the activities that it offers in the provision of public access computing and Internet access for the general public. The Access to Learning Award was first initiated in 2000, and will serve as an annual recognition of libraries, countries or organizations that are promoting free public access to technology in innovative and useful ways.


158. Guest Lecture III - SI

'Defending Balance in Intellectual Property Law: the Challenge for Librarians.'


Peter Jaszi is Professor of Law at the Washington College of Law at American University in Washington, D.C., and is acknowledged expert on intellectual property and copyright. He has been asked to present issues regarding intellectual property to the U.S. Congress on numerous occasions, and is concerned about ensuring access to information in the Knowledge Age.


159. Public Libraries

'Public Libraries and Telecentres - Companions or Competitioners?

Telecenters, telecottages, community technology centers, networked learning centers, digital clubhouses, cabanas públicas, sepaces numérisés, teletusgen, learning access places and public libraries are some of the names that are used for places that provide a range of activities and services that include access to information and communications technology for individual, social and economic development. For public libraries are these new creations companions or competitors?

Moderator: BARBARA CLUBB (City Librarian, Ottawa Public Library, Canada)

  1. STEVE CISLER (Consultant on telecommunications and access issues in libraries, community organizations and public sites in the US and developing countries. San Hose, California)
  2. CLARA BUDNIK (Director, Chilean Public Libraries, Chile)
  3. DIANE BAYS (Manager, Policy Coordination and Special Projects, Community Access program, Industry Canada, Ottawa, Canada)
  4. KATE SNOW (Director, Technology Center, Codman Square Health Center, Dorchester, USA)


160. Poster Sessions

See list under meeting 131


161. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries with Information Technology

'Telehealth: Information Technology Advancing World Health'

  1. TBA
    A.M. HOUSE (Lt. Governor, Province of Newfoundland, Canada)
  2. TBA
    MICHAEL KIENZLE (Head, National Center for the Study of Rural Telemedicine, University of Iowa, Iowa, USA)
  3. TBA
    MARY MOORE (Associate Program Coordinator, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, USA)
  4. TBA
    JAMES O'D McGEE (University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom)


162. Librariesi for Children and Young Adults

'Children's Libraries and early years services'

  1. Early literacy activities in the USA
    Actions menées aux USA pour lutter précocement contre l'illettrisme
    CAROLE FIORE (Library Program Specialist / Youth Services Consultant, State Library of Florida, Florida, USA)
  2. Strong girls and bright colours- current themes in Swedish picture books
    Petites filles dynamiques et couleurs vives : thèmes récurrents dans les livres d'images suédois
    ELISABETH LUNDGREN (Director, Department of Culture and Libraries, Kungalv, Sweden)

    Panel Presentation on early years development in Europe and beyond

  3. Early provision and services for pre-school children in Croatian public libraries
    Ressources et services proposés aux enfants d'âge préscolaire dans les bibliothèques publiques de la République Croate
    IVANKA STRICEVIC (Children's Librarian, Zagreb, Croatia)
  4. Early years developments in France and beyond
    GENEVIEVE PATTE (Past-Director, Le Joie par les Livres, Paris, France)
  5. Recent early years library initiatives in the United Kingdom
    JOHN DUNNE (Assistant County Librarian, Hampshire, UK)

163. Regional Activities: Asia and Oceania - SI

'Bridging the digital divide in Asia and Oceania'

  1. Bridging the information gap between China and developed countries: compare library information services in China and in Sweden
    CHUNHUA YANG (Medical Library of Beijing, Beijing, China)
  2. Bridging the digital divide in the island nations of Oceania
    JAYSHREE MAMTORA (Librarian, Pacific Information Centre, University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji)
  3. The double edged sword : a brief comparison of it and Internet development in Malaysia and some few neighboring countries in the context of digital divide
    RAMLI ABDUL SAMAD (Head, Malaysiana/Archives Division, University Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia)
  4. Addressing the digital divide
    ROWENA CULLEN (School of Communications and Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)

164. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries - SI

'University Libraries in Partnership'

  1. Introduction to the theme: university libraries and partnership
    Presentación del tema: las bibliotecas universitarias y las alianzas
    NIELS MARK (Library Director, State and University Library, Aarhus, Denmark)
  2. Libraries in Partnership
    BERNARD NAYLOR (President, The Library Association, London, UK)
  3. Cooperative ventures between the university and the Library
    Russian text
    Experiencias de cooperación entre la universidad y la biblioteca
    HANNELORE RADER (University Librarian, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA)
  4. Cooperation between libraries and suppliers
    GUNNAR SAHLIN (Librarian, Stockholm University Library, Stockholm, Sweden)

165. Library Theory and Research

'International Cooperation in Library and Information Science (LIS) Research: Making a Difference in the Knowledge Age'

  1. La recherche au niveau national et la coopération européenne : des interactions positives
    Research on a national level and European co-operation: positive interaction
    FRANCOISE BOURDON and ELISABETH FREYRE (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
  2. Research and international technical cooperation programmes
    IAN M. JOHNSON (Head, School of Information and Media, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)
  3. Collaborative efforts in cross-country studies oninformation sharing infrastructure between China and the US: Introducing an international cooperative research method
    YAN QUAN LIU (Assistant Professor, Information and Library Science, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT, USA)

166. Geography and Map Libraries

'Where in the World? Accessing spatial data in the new millenium'

  1. Geospatial Data Access: can we manage to shift?
    JAN SMITS (Map Curator, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, Netherlands)
  2. Naming the landscape: building the Connecticut Digital Gazetteer
    SCOTT R. MCEATHRON (Map Catalog/Liaison Librarian, University of Connecticut Libraries, Storrs, USA)
    PATRICK MCGLAMERY (Map Librarian, University of Connecticut Libraries, Storrs, USA)
    DONG-GUK SHIN (Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA)
    BEN SMITH (Graduate Student, Natural Resources Management and Engineering, University of Connecticut , Storrs, USA)
    YUAN SU (Graduate Student, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA)
  3. Geolibraries, the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure and Digital Earth: a time for map librarians to reflect upon the Moonshot
    JAMES BOXALL (Curator, Head Map and Geospatial Information Collection, Killan Library, Dalhousic University, Halifax, Canada)
  4. Limits to access - You can look but don't touch
    DAVID COBB (Curator, Harvard Map Collection, Harvard College Library, Cambridge, USA)

167. Copyright and Other Legal Matters Update Session

  1. The Draft Hague Convention on Jurisdiction and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Cases - what it means for libraries
    Les implications pour les bibliothèques du projet de convention mondiale de La Haye sur la compétence internationale et les effets des jugements étrangers
    MIRIAM M. NISBET (Legislative Council, American Library Association, Washington, USA)
  2. The European Council Directive on the harmonisation of certain aspects of Copyright and Related Rights in the Information Society: a brief overview
    La directive du Conseil européen sur l'harmonisation de certains aspects du droit d'auteur et des droits voisins dans la société de l'information : un bref aperçu
    SANDY NORMAN (Copyright Consultant, St Albans, Herts, UK)
  3. IFLA's Copyright Policy Statement: what it is and how to make good use of it
    JAMES G. NEAL (Dean of University Libraries, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA)
  4. IFLA's new Licensing Principles
    ANN OKERSON (Associate University Librarian, Yale University, New Haven, USA)

168. Preservation and Conservation with Information Technology

'Managing Digital Collections as Research Collections'

  1. Shared challenges and in a networked cultural space
    Les collections numériques en bibliothèques de recherche : de nouvelles responsabilités partagées au sein du réseau culturel
    Russian text
    DANIEL GREENSTEIN (Director, Digital Library Federation, Council on Library and Information Resources, Inc., Washington, USA)
  2. Artifacts and Digital Collections
    De la préservation des documents, en tant que contenus et artefacts
    Russian Text
    STEPHEN G. NICHOLS (Chair, Task Force on the Role of the Artifact in Library Collections, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA)
  3. Les besoins et les données techniques de préservation
    Technical data and Preservation needs
    CATHERINE LUPOVICI (Head, Digital Library Department, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
  4. Preserving Digital Collections
    TITIA VAN DER WERF (Coordinator of Electronic and Digital Archives, National Electronic Depository, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, Netherlands)

169. Art Libraries

'Image Resources in the Visual Arts'

  1. How to formulate the photographic question: a context for architectural and topographical photographs in England
    IAN LEITH (Acquisitions and Documentation Officers, National Monuments Record, English Heritage, Swindon, UK)
  2. Graphic resources in the Spanish Art Libraries
    ALICIA GARCIA MEDINA (Librarian, Instituto Patrimonio Histórico Español, Madrid, Spain)
    TERESA COSO (Librarian, Biblioteca General d'Historia d'Art, Madrid, Spain)
  3. Teaching students the art of retrieving architectural information
    KAREN LATIMER (Deputy Science Librarian, Queens University Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland)

170. Unallocated

171. Unallocated


172. Government Information and Official Publications

'Government and Digital Information - a Vanishing Record'

  1. World Bank virtual tools and learning program on archives and records management in development
    SUE O'NEILL JOHNSON (Senior Information Projects Officer), ELISA LIBERATORI PRATI and ANDRES M. McALISTER (Information Officers) (The World Bank, Washington DC, USA)
  2. Strategies for managing digital records and documents in the public sector in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Stratégies de gestion des documents et archives numériques du secteur public de l'Afrique subsaharienne
    PATRICK NGULUBE (University of Natal, School of Human and Social Studies, Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)
  3. For national memory and for democratic accountability: in an online age are these conflicting tensions still manageable within the construct of 'Official Information'?
    Pour la mémoire nationale et pour la responsabilité démocratique : à l'ère du numérique, ces tensions contradictoires sont-elles compatibles avec la construction de « l'information officielle » ?
    ALAN SMITH (University Librarian, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)
  4. The Institute of Public Administration's Document Center: from paper to electronic records - a full image government documents database
    Le Centre de documentation de l'Institut d'administration publique:du papier à l'archivage électronique, une base de données de publications officielles en mode image
    RASHED S. AL-ZAHRANI (Assistant Professor, The Institute of Public Administration, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

173. Regional Activities: Latin America and the Caribbean - SI

'Latin America and the Caribbean towards the Knowledge Society'

  1. Investigación en Ciencia de la Información: un desafio latinoamericano para construir la sociedad de la información
    SUELI DO AMARAL (Library Professor, University of Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil)
  2. La literatura gris y su contribución a la sociedad del conocimiento
    Grey Literature and its contribution to Knowledge Society
    La littérature grise et sa contribution à la société des savoirs
    ELIZABETH RAMOS DE CARVALHO (Manager IFLA-LAC Regional Office, Ministry of Culture, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  3. ¿Cómo y para qué evaluar multimedia? Una expedición en tres viajes
    Evaluation of multimedia: why and how? An expedition in three voyages
    PAULA CADENAS MARIE (Comité de Evaluación de Formatos Digitales, Caracas, Venezuela)
  4. Designing a Paraprofessional Training Program Across Time and Space
    MARIE-FRANÇOISE BERNABÉ (Bibliothèque Universitaire Antilles-Guyane, Schoelcher, Martinique)
    BLANCA HODGE (Philipsburg Jubilee Library, Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles)
    ANA TORRES (Director, Escuela de Bibliotecologia C.I., Guadalupe, San José, Costa Rica)
  5. Centro de Conocimiento sobre/de grupos Étnicos Indígenas Centroamericanos
    ALICE MIRANDA-ARGUEDAS (Librarian, National University, School of Library, Documentation and Information Science, Heredia, Costa Rica)

174. Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) - SI - Open Forum

'Supporting Intellectual Freedom through Libraries Worldwide'

The IFLA initiative on Free Access to Information Freedom of Expression will be introduced and the first IFLA/FAIFE World report will be launched.

  1. IFLA in Jerusalem. Information for co-operation: creating the global library for the future
    CENDRELLA ABDALLAH (Automation Librarian, Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon)

175. Newspapers

'The Newspaper in the Americas'

  1. Brazilian history through journalism
    L'Histoire du Brésil à travers le journalisme
    CELIA ZAHER (Technical Director, National Library of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    MARIA ANGELICA VARELLA (Periodicals Division, National Library of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  2. News from El Dorado: newspapers of the California gold rush
    GARY KURUTZ (Director of Special Collections, California State Library, Sacramento, USA)
  3. Mesplet to Metadata: Canadian newspaper preservation and access
    SANDRA BURROWS (Newspaper Specialist, Reference and Information Services, National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Canada)
  4. The Future of News
    ERIC NEWTON (Founding Managing Editor, The Newseum, President, Whole Story Associates, Annadale, USA)

176. Consulate Receptions

Receptions are held for the citizens of some countries. Details are usually available from the National Association Member of the county concerned.

Thursday, August 23, 2001


177. Past, Present, Future IFLA Conference Organizers
(By invitation only)


178. Library and Research Services for Parliaments SC II
Division Room


179. Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE)
Workshop I


Using confronting slides/video, brief presentations on the areas of sex, pornography and obscenity/ideology, religion & politics/dangerous facts (e.g. bomb making, drugs)/ explicit violence. We are to consider that a wholehearted defense of intellectual freedom must include the defense of the right to express views that we personally abhor. It is intended to assist our colleagues and us in reconciling a resolute defense of intellectual freedom with our personal preferences not to be confronted with material we may dislike.


180. Regional Activities: Asia and Oceania Workshop

'Small is Beautiful: Creative Strategies for Library Development'

  1. The Children's Library: a gift of love from the community
    SHUKRIAH YON (Librarian, Penang State Public Library, Penang, Malaysia)
    ONG CHAI LIN (Director, Penang State Public Library, Penang, Malaysia)
  2. The use of Logframe analysis for information-specific development projects
    GARY E. GORMAN (Professor, School of Communications & Information Management, Victoria, University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)
  3. Small is beautiful: the library train for homeless children
    AREE CHEUNWATTANA and PIMOL MEKSAWAT (Library Science Lecturer and Librarian, Srinakarinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand)
  4. Strategies for sponsorship
    HARRISON PERERA (Assistant Director Information, The British Council, Colombo, Sri Lanka)
  5. Creative strategies: USP region
    ELIZABETH READE-FONG (Deputy University Librarian (Customer Services), University of South Pacific Library, Suva, Fiji)
  6. Local needs; global help: soliciting funds for a library in an isolated community in Papua New Guinea
    SAM KAIMA (Senior Lecturer, Library and Information Sciences, University of Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea)

181. Unallocated


182. National Libraries with Management and Marketing Workshop

'Marketing National Libraries'

1. Is it really necessary to market National Libraries?

2. How to raise the profile for the National Library? 3. National Libraries - not for researchers only: how to market the content of the National Libraries? 4. Marketing tools: cultural programmes, exhibitions, www, relationships with the press etc. 08.30-12.30

183. Information Technology Workshop

'Multilingual Access for Information Systems'

  1. Multilingual access for information systems
    Accès multilingue aux systèmes d'information
    Mehrsprachiger Zugang bei Informationssystemen
    CAROL PETERS (Istituto di Elaborazione della Informazione, CNR Pisa, Italy)
    PRAIC SHERIDAN (Director, MNIS-TextWise Labs, Syracuse New York, NY, USA)

184. Libraries for Children and Young Adults Workshop

'Children's Library Guidelines - a Presentation on a Revised Version'

185. Unallocated

186. Management of Library Associations Workshop

'Twinning for development: a workshop where we discuss different models for a Twinning Programme between Library Associations'

  • KARI GULBRAAR (Vice-President of the Norwegian Library Association)
  • ENOCH CHIPUNSA (President of the Zimbabwe Library Association)
  • BO MARKUSSON (Chair of the Special Interest Group of the Swedish Library Association on Africa, Asia and Latin America)


187. Science and Technology Libraries Workshop

Off-site: Study Tour to the MIT Science and Engineering Library MIT Science & Engineering Library
(Pre-register with Julia Gelfand at jgelfand@sun1.lib.uci.edu. Meet on the steps of the Boston Public Library on Copley Square at 8:40 a.m. Look for the STS/MIT sign. We will travel by public transportation at $1 each way.)


188. Bibliographic Control with UBCIM and Permanent UNIMARC Committee Workshop

'Information Exchange in the 21st Century: Formats and Standardization'

  1. UNIMARC Manual - Bibliographic Format: updated edition and future developments
    UNIMARC Manual : Bibliographic Format - Edition mise à jour et développements futurs
    MIRNA WILLER (National and University Library, Zagreb, Croatia)
  2. Introduction to UNIMARC Manual - Authorities Format, 2nd Edition
    Introduction à la deuxième édition de UNIMARC Manual - Authorities Format
    ALAN DANSKIN (The British Library, Boston Spa, UK)
  3. UNIMARC for Classification
    JOAN MITCHELL (Online Computer Library Center, Dublin, USA)
  4. UNIMARC Holdings Format; the state of the art
    UNIMARC Holdings Format [Format UNIMARC Données locales] : état d'avancement
    ROSA MARIA GALVÃO (Biblioteca Nacional, Lisbon, Portugal)
  5. Format for Music: proposals and standardization of data for international exchange
    Un format pour la musique : propositions d'uniformisation des données pour l'échange international
    CRISTINA MAGLIANO (Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico delle Biblioteche Italiane e per le Informazioni Bibliografiche, ICCU, Rome, Italy)
  6. Using MARC21 for Electronic Resource Description and Access
    REBECCA GUENTHER (Library of Congress, Washington, USA)
  7. UNIMARC Guideline no. 6: Electronic resources
    SOFIJA KLARIN (National and University Library, Zagreb, Croatia)
  8. Closing the Circle: Automated Authority Control and Multiscript YIVO Catalog
    JOAN M. ALIPRAND (The Research Libraries Group, Mountain View, USA)
    BELLA H. WEINBERG (St John's University, Jamaica, USA)
  9. Mapping
    SALLY McCALLUM (Library of Congress, Washington, USA)
  10. Mapping UNIMARC Data to the RLG/CERL Hand Press Books Database
    JOE ALTIMUS (The Research Libraries Group, Mountain View, USA)
  11. OCLC's UNIMARC/MARC21 Conversion
    JAY WEITZ (Online Computer Library Center, Dublin, USA)
  12. ONIX, a New Product Information Standard
    ONIX : une nouvelle norme d'information sur les produits
    BRIAN GREEN (Book Industry Communication, London, UK)
  13. UNIMARC, ONIX and the Future
    ALAN DANSKIN (The British Library, Boston Spa, UK)

189. Mobile Libraries Workshop

'Mobile Library Services in the New Millennium: Delivering Lifelong Learning Access Across Space and Time'

    Session I:
  1. IFLA and Mobile Libraries
  2. Academic Mobile Libraries
    SUJIN BUTDISUWAN (Director/Assistant Professor, Academic Resource Center, of Mahasarakham University, Thailand)
  3. Library Services in Vietnam
    LE THI THANH THUY (Deputy Head of Research and Development Department)
  4. Mobile Libraries and the Asia Foundation: The Cambodian Experience

    Session II:

  5. Mobile Transportation: Talking with the Expert
    STANLEY C. FRYE (Frye Engineering Consulting, Sidney, Ohio, USA)
  6. French Mobile Libraries Past and Present
    FRANÇOISE DANSET and VICTORIA COURTOIS (Bibliotheque departmentale du Val d'Oise, France)
  7. Mobile Libraries in the Scandinavian countries: development in view of legislation and financial support
    RUTH ØRNHOLT (Hordaland County Library, Bergen, Norway)
  8. Blue Bag Service and Literacy Development in Greece
    ELGA KAVADIAS (Greece Council for Children's and Adolescents' Libraries, Athens, Greece)
  9. Mobile Libraries in Malaysia
    DATIN PADUKA SHAHANEEM HANOUM (Director, Selangor Public Library Corporation, Malaysia)
  10. Driving the boundaries in the knowledge age - the boys and girls clubs of king county techmobile
    ROBIN BISHOP (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USA)

    Session III:

  11. History of Mobile Libraries: Discussion with the Author
    IAN STRINGER (Editor, Service Point Journal)
  12. Feasibility Study of the History of Mobile Libraries: Beyond the History of Mobile Libraries from the Camel to the Internet
    AGNES WOLFF and MOUNIR KHALIL (City University of New York , New York, USA)
  13. The Power of the Circle: Cooperative Native American Library Projects in New Mexico
    MARY ALICE TSOSIE (Center for Southwest Research Zimmerman Library, University of New Mexico) and
    ALANA MCGRATTAN (Santa Fe Indian School)
  14. PROBIQUA Project (Guatemala) and Its Impact Since 1990
    RIDOBERTO ZAMORA (Director, PROBIQUA: Proyecto Bibliotecas, Guatemala)
  15. Mobile Library Services in Malaysia
    DATIN PADUKA SHAHANEEM HANOUM (Director, Selangor Public Library Corporation, Malaysia)

    Session IV:

  16. Reports from the Evaluators: Assessing the Workshop
  17. Identifying the Action Steps and People: Planning for Future Development

190. Library Services to Multicultural Populations Workshop

'Library Services and Resources for Multicultural Populations'

  1. Reading behavior and text use in a multicultural perspective: a research project
    LOURINA DE VOOGD (Coordinator of Library Services for Immigrants, NBLC, The Hague, Netherlands)
  2. Serving immigrants in Queens: the New Americans Program of the Queens Borough Public Library
    ADRIANA ACAUAN TANDLER (Head, New Americans Program, Queens Borough Public Library, Queens, New York, USA)
  3. New Americans Program: Forging Partnerships for Diversity
    FRED J. GITNER (Assistant Head, New Americans Program, Queens Borough Public Library, Queens, New York, USA)
  4. Strategies for meeting the multicultural needs of public library users
    MARTIN GOMEZ (Executive Director, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, New York, USA)
  5. The new International Public Library in Stockholm, Sweden
    BARBRO EJENDAL (Executive Director, The International Public Library, Stockholm, Sweden)
  6. Buildings partnerships: libraries and IMLS
    JOYCE RAY (Director, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Washington, USA)

191. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries with Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons Workshop

Off-site: Beth Israel Medical Center

'Consumer Health Information - A Comprehensive Web-based Resource and a Consumer Health Center'

  1. Medline Plus: A comprehensive web-based health information resource
    ERICA BURNHAM (Consumer Health Information Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region, New York, USA)
  2. Tour of a comprehensive consumer health center
    HENRIETTA GREEN (Librarian, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, USA)

192. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries Workshop

Off-site: Northeastern University, Boston

'Managing Academic and Research Libraries Partnerships'

  1. Managing Academic and Research Libraries Partnerships
    La gestión de las alianzas en las bibliotecas universitarias y de investigación
    HANNELORE RADER (University Librarian, University of Louisville, Louisville, USA)
  2. Managing Partnerships with University Support Units
    La gestión de las alianzas con otras unidades de apoyo a la universidad
    ILONE ROCKMAN (Deputy Director, California State University, Hayward, USA)
  3. External partnerships
    Alianzas externas
    TOM WILDING (Director, Library, University of Texas, Arlington, USA)

193. Education and Training Workshop

Off-site: Simmons College

'Extending the Reach of Library/Information Science Educion'

    Moderator: Stanley Kalkus

  1. Reaching the unreached for library and information science education: a perspective for developing countries
    S.B. GHOSH (Professor, Faculty of Library & Inf. Science, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, India)
  2. Extending the Reach of library/Information Science Education
    TERRY WEECH (Associate Professor, University of Illinois)
  3. Impact of Internet on Schools of Library and Information Science in Thailand
    LAMPANG MANMART (Associate Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand)

    Moderator: Stepheney Ferguson

  4. Meditation, mediation and multimedia: A pragmatic philosophy
    SUE MYBURGH (Senior Lecturer, Information Management, University of South Australia)
  5. Interaction and student retention, success and satisfaction in web-based learning
    KATHLEEN BURNETT (Associate Dean & Associate Professor, School of Information Studies, Florida State University, USA)
  6. On the reform of Library and Information Science Education according to the changes of librarians' function under network environment
    MA HAIQUN (Department of Information Management, Heilongjiang University, Harbin, R.O. China)

194. User Education with University Libraries and other General Research Libraries Workshop

Off-site: Simmons College

'User Education Guidelines: The Contribution of Webpages - Directrices sobre formación de usarios: la contribución del entorno web'

  1. Materiales en castellano sobre alfabetización en información: primeros resultados de un proyecto del Comité Permanente de Bibliotecas Universitarias y otras Bibliotecas Generales de Investigación de la IFLA
    CHRISTOBAL PASADAS-URENA (Librarian, University of Granada, Granada, Spain)
  2. Group exercise on international guidelines on user education
    JESUS LAU (Librarian, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Juárez, Mexico)
    BARBARA FORD (Librarian, Chicago Public Library, Chicago, USA)

195. Government Libraries Workshop

Off-site: Middlesex Law Library

'Strategies for Recognition: how to promote Government Library Services'

  1. How to win friends and influence people: growth strategies for government libraries
    SUZANNE BURGE (Ombudsman, UK Government, London, UK)
  2. From library buildings to camel library: reaching the Kenyan pastoralists
    SIMON MUNGAI (Librarian, National Documentation Service, Kenya National Archives and Documentation Service, Kenya)
  3. Strategies for government libraries exemplified by the strategy for Finnish government information services, the Valtipa Network
    IRJA PELTONEN (Head of Information Services, Ministry of Finance, Helsinki, Finland)
    LENA OLSSON (Library Director, Stockholm Institute of Education, Stockholm, Sweden)
  4. Strategies for recognition - how to promote government libraries and services
    MARNIE WARNER (Law Library Coordinator, Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries, USA)

196. Latin America Workshop

'America Latina en las bibliotecas de los Estados Unidos: Coleciones y proyectos cooperativos/ Latin-America in the United States Libraries: Collections and Cooperative Projects'

Off-site: Harvard University
Organized by IFLA-LAC, SALALM, and Harvard University.

  • ADAN GRIEGO (Stanford University, Latin-American Collections in the USA)
  • DAN HAZEN (Harvard University Cooperative Projects)
  • VICTOR TORRES (University of Puerto Rico, SALALM and ENLACE).

197. Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) Workshop II

'Taking a stand'

Introduced by librarians from different parts of the world who have had to respond to FAIFE issues to stimulate discussion on ways of addressing them. Presentations from six countries (15 minutes each) followed by discussion (30 minutes).


  • France: TBA
  • Russia: TBA
  • UK: TBA
  • USA: Linda A. Wright, Director, Milford Town Library
  • TBA
  • TBA

198. Art Libraries Workshop

'Current Issues in Art Library Management'

  1. The role of the Archives, Library and Museum Records department at the Guggenheim Museum, New York: the Hilla Rebay exhibition test case
    DEIRDRE DONOHUE (Librarian, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Archives Library and Museum Records Department, New York, USA)
  2. Art libraries and information services network: integrating resources and attaining visibility
    MARIA CHRISTINA BARBOSA DE ALMEIDA (Professor, Library Science and Documentation Department, University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  3. Spreading the word: libraries as vital players in the information age
    SUSAN V. CRAIG (Art and Architecture Librarian, University of Kansas, Murphy Art and Architecture Library, Lawrence, USA)
  4. Training in the National Art Library
    JOHN MERITON (Head of Public Services, Victoria and Albert Museum, National Art Library, London, UK)

199. Bibliography and National Libraries Workshop

'What makes a good national bibliography even better? Current situation and future prospects.'

  1. National Bibliographies and the International Conference on National Bibliographic Services Recommendations: Introduction
    Russian Text
    Las bibliografías nacionales y la Conferencia Internacional sobre recomendaciones a los Servicios Bibliográficos Nacionales: Introducción
    ANNE M. HASUND LANGBALLE (Associate Professor, Bibliographic Services Department, National Library of Norway, Oslo Division, Oslo, Norway)
    BARBARA BELL (Government Information Librarian, College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio, USA)
  2. National bibliographies and the International Conference on National Bibliographic Services recommendations: Europe; North, Central and South America; and Oceania
    Russian Text
    Las bibliografías nacionales y la Conferencia Internacional sobre recomendaciones a los Servicios Bibliográficos Nacionales: Europa; América del Norte, América Central y América del Sur; Oceanía
    ANNE M. HASUND LANGBALLE (National Library of Norway, Oslo Division Oslo, Norway)
  3. National bibliographies and the International Conference on National Bibliographic Services recommendations: Africa, Middle East and Asia
    Russian Text
    Las Bibliografías Nacionales y la Conferencia Internacional sobre las Recomendaciones para los servicios Bibliográficos Nacionales: África, Oriente Medio y Asia
    BARBARA BELL (Government Information Librarian, College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio, USA)
  4. Perspective on names in the South African National Bibliography: Past, present and future
    Les noms d'auteurs dans la Bibliographie nationale d'Afrique du Sud : passé, présent et futur
    Russian Text
    TIENIE DE KLERK (Project Leader, BibSA, National Library of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa)
  5. Transforming the Swaziland National Bibliography (SNB): vision of currency, access, coverage and quality
    Russian Text
    PAIKI MUSWAZI (Head of Special Collections, University of Swaziland Library, Swaziland)
  6. Cooperation + Web Access = Timeliness
    Russian Text
    Cooperación + Acceso a la red = Oportunidad
    EVA TEDENMYR (Head, National Bibliography: Monographs, National Library of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden)
  7. The National Bibliography concept in a changing information environment
    Russian Text
    El Concepto de Bibliografía Nacional en un medio informativo cambiante
    JANNE ANDRESOO (Coordinator of Bibliographic Activities, National Library of Estonia, Tallin, Estonia)
  8. Changes in the National Bibliographies, 1996-2001
    Russian text
    UNNI KNUTSEN (Head, Bibliographic Services Department, National Library of Norway, Oslo Division, Oslo, Norway)
  9. Usages et utilité des bibliographies nationales : quelles perspectives?
    Uses and usefulness of national bibliographies : which perspectives?
    Russian Text
    Usos y utilidad de las bibliografías nacionales: ¿qué perspectivas se presentan?
    MARCELLE BEAUDIQUEZ (Director, Agence bibliographique nationale, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
  10. Legal Deposit of on-line materials and National Bibliographies
    Russian Text
    MARIANNE SCOTT (Former National Librarian of Canadam Ottawa, Canada)

200. Document Delivery and Interlending Workshop

'The ISO Interlibrary Loan Protocol: Demonstrating Interoperability'

Off-site: Boston Public Library

The workshop will begin with a non-technical overview of the international standard for interlibrary loan communication, the ISO ILL Protocol. Six vendors with Protocol-compliant systems will demonstrate the exchange of ILL requests and responses to those requests. The messages will highlight messages used by the borrower (requester) as well as the lender (supplier). The workshop has been designed to provide time for participants to talk to vendors about their ILL products.

The vendors and their products include:
Auto-Graphics - Wings
Epixtech - Resource Sharing System
Fretwell-Downing Informatics - Virtual Document eXchange
The Library Corporation - Library. Request
Relais International - Relais
Research Libraries Group - ILL Manager

  1. Improving Interoperability of Interlending and Document Delivery Systems
    MARY E. JACKSON (Senior Program Officer for Access Services, Association of Research Libraries, Washington, USA)
  2. Informal demonstrations of the ISO ILL Protocol by vendors with Protocol-compliant products

201. Preservation and Conservation with Information Technology Workshop

'Preservation and Digitization: Natural Partners?'

The workshop will feature a structured conversation on basic and practical aspects of digitization among practitioners from a variety of institutions that have developed digitization programs with a view to determining commonalties among program components such as staffing, equipment and software, types of collections being digitized, workflows, conservation needs, navigational tools, etc. Participants will be asked to respond to a series of questions ahead of time and to supply copies of forms, checklists, tracking sheets, or other aids; these will be gathered and codified as a workshop handbook. At the workshop, practitioners will be asked to share information and to answer questions from the floor.

202. Unallocated


203. Universal Dataflow and Telecommunications Workshop

'Z39.50 and the Bath Profile: Interoperability for Resource Discovery and Virtual Catalogues'

  1. Improving Z39.50 Interoperability: Z39.50 Profiles and Testbeds for Library Applications
    Amélioration de l'interopérabilité des systèmes grâce à Z39.50 : Profils Z39.50 et bancs d'essai pour des développements en bibliothèques
    WILLIAM E. MOEN (Assistant Professor, University of North Texas, School of Library and Information Sciences, Denton, USA)
  2. Bath Profile Z39.50 Server Compliance Test Results: Preliminary Findings
    SLAVKO MANOJLOVICH (Associate to the University Librarian for Systems and Planning, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John's, Canada)
  3. Cross my Domain and Hope to Die: Navigating the Rough Waters of Interoperability with the Bath Profile
    BRENDA BAILEY (Director of Networking and Resource Sharing, Colorado State Library, Denver, USA)

204. Management of Library Associations with Library and Information Science Journals Workshop

'The Free Press: Editorial Independence in Association Magazines'


205. Social Science Libraries Workshop

'New Technologies for the 21st Century: Impacts on Social Science Libraries'

Off-site: Wong Auditorium, MIT Campus

  1. Live virtual reference: the MIT experience
    PAT FLANAGAN (Associate Head Librarian and Reference Coordinator, Dewey Library, MIT, Cambridge, USA)
  2. Providing library data services using the Virtual Data Center
    MICAH ALTMAN (Associate Director, Harvard-MIT Data Center, Cambridge, USA)
    MICHAEL KROT (, Harvard-MIT Data Center, Cambridge, USA)
    HEATHER McMULLEN (Social Sciences Data Librarian, Harvard College Library, Cambridge, USA)
  3. JSTOR - Archiving and Accessing Fulltext Journals
    TBA (JSTOR, New York, USA)
206. Unallocated


207. Receptions Harvard and MIT

Friday, August 24, 2001


208. SC II Acquisition and Collection Development
209. SC II Bibliography
210. SC II Audiovisual and Multimedia
211. SC II Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries
212. SC II Cataloguing
213. SC II Government Libraries
214. SC II Libraries for the Blind
215. SC II Geography and Map Libraries
216. SC II Library Buildings and Equipment
217. SC II Library Theory and Research
218. SC II Management and Marketing
219. SC II Libraries for Children and Young Adults
220. SC II Preservation and Conservation
221. SC II Public Libraries
222. SC II Rare Books and Manuscripts
223. SC II School Libraries and Resource Centres
224. Officers Training Session


225. Executive Board III


226. Unallocated


227. SC II Statistics
228. SC II Art Libraries
229. SC II Asia and Oceania
230. SC II Africa
231. SC II Classification and Indexing
232. SC II Document Delivery and Interlending
233. SC II Education and Training
234. SC II Government Information and Official Publications
235. SC II Information Technology
236. SC II Latin America and the Caribbean
237. SC II National Libraries
238. SC II Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons
239. SC II Library Services to Multicultural Populations
240. SC II Reading
241. SC II Science and Technology Libraries
242. SC II Serial Publications
243. SC II Social Science Libraries
244. SC II University Libraries and other General Research Libraries


245. Officers Training Session

246. Unallocated


247. Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) Business Meeting


248.Copyright and Other Legal Matters Business Meeting


249. Guest Lecture V - SI

Preservation in the USA: A Case Study in Cooperation
La conservation aux Etats-Unis : une étude de cas en coopération

Deanna Marcum is President of the Council on Library and Information Resources, George Farr is Director, Division of Preservation and Access at the National Endowment for the Humanities and Ann Russell is Executive Director of the Northeast Document Conservation Center. 12.30-14.30

250. CB II General Research Libraries (Div I)
251. CB II Special Libraries (Div II)
252. CB II Libraries Serving the General Public (Div III)
253. CB II Bibliographic Control (Div IV)
254. CB II Collections and Services (Div V)
255. CB II Management and Technology (Div VI)
256. CB II Education and Research (Div VII)


257. CB II Regional Activities (Div VIII)


258. Panel Discussion on Cuba - SI


259. Council II and Closing - SI

Saturday, August 25, 2001

All day:
  • First meeting of the IFLA Governing Board
  • Post-Conference Tours

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