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66th IFLA Council and General

Jerusalem, Israel, 13-18 August 2000               


Conference Programme and Proceedings

Papers are added as they become available. Please continue to check back for further additions.

For more information on logistics such as buses, weather, museum opening hours, etc. please contact Naama Marom, the Nina Abrams Acting Library Director, at
E-mail: library@imj.org.il

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Alphabetical list of Authors

Friday, 11 August | Saturday, 12 August | Sunday, 13 August | Monday, 14 August | Tuesday, 15 August | Wednesday, 16 August | Thursday, 17 August | Friday, 18 August | Saturday, 19 August

Friday, 11 August


1. Professional Board I


2. Executive Board
3. General Research Libraries CB I
4. Special Libraries CB I
5. Libraries Serving the General Public CB I
6. Bibliographic Control CB I
7. Collections and Services CB I
8. Management and Technology CB I
9. Education and Research CB I
10. Regional Activities CB I

Saturday, 12 August


11. Art Libraries SC I
12. Bibliography SC I
13. Classification and Indexing SC I
14. Document Delivery and Interlending SC I
15. Education and Training SC I
16. Government Information and Official Publications SC I
17. Information Technology SC I
18. Libraries for Children and Young Adults SC I
19. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons SC I
20. Library Services to Multicultural Populations SC I
21. Management of Library Associations EC
22. Reading SC I
23. Science and Technology Libraries SC I
24. Serial Publications SC I
25. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries SC I


26. Acquisition and Collection Development SC I
27. Audiovisual and Multimedia SC I
28. Cataloguing SC I
29. Government Libraries SC I
30. Libraries for the Blind SC I
31. Library and Research Services for Parliaments SC I
32. Library Buildings and Equipment SC I
33. Library Theory and Research SC I
34. Management and Marketing SC I
35. Social Science Libraries SC I
36. Preservation and Conservation SC I
37. Public Libraries SC I
38. Rare Books and Manuscripts SC I
39. School Libraries and Resource Centres SC I
40. Statistics SC I


40a Officers Training Session


41. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries SC I
42. Continuing Professional Education EC
43. Geography and Map Libraries SC I
44. Library and Information Science Journals EC
45. INTAMEL (International Association of Metropolitan Libraries) EC
46. Library History EC
47. Mobile Libraries EC
48. ROTNAC (National Centres for Library Services) EC
49. Newspapers EC
50. Regional Section: Africa SC I
51. Regional Section: Asia and Oceania SC I
52. Regional Section: Latin America and the Caribbean SC I
53. National Libraries SC I
54. User Education EC
55. Women's Issues EC


55a Officers Training Session


56. Caucus: Canada
57. Caucus: France
58. Caucus: Germany
59. Caucus: Netherlands
60. Caucus: Portuguese-speaking librarians
61. Caucus: CIS
62. Caucus: Nordic countries
63. Caucus: UK
64. Caucus: USA
65. Caucus: Third World
66. Caucus: Spanish-speaking librarians


67. IFLA Officers Reception (on invitation only)

Sunday, 13 August


WORKSHOPS: limited accommodation; first-come, first-served basis. Workshops off-site require pre-registration.

68. UAP Core Programme joint with Continuing Professional Education: Workshop

Theme: "Links between Libraries: Twinning, Networks and Partnerships"

  1. Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics: Asia Pacific Forum
    JEANETTE REGAN (Australian National University). Presented by Jean Poland, Cornell University Library
  2. The ALA sister library programme
    SARAH LONG (ALA, Chicago, Illinois, USA)
  3. Is there a need for a library twinning focal point? The IFLA twinning project and beyond
    PAULINE CONNOLLY (IFLA UAP Core Programme, Boston Spa, Wetherby, UK)

69. Management of Library Associations: Workshop

Theme: "Library Associations for the 21st Century: New Wine in Old Bottles"

  1. Harmony and progress - 125 years of The Library Association
    BOB MCKEE (Library Association, London, UK)
  2. New wine in old bottles: making library associations more relevant in the 21st century
    BRENDA JAMES (Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain, Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)
  3. New wine for the 21st century: towards the development of new associations
    MSZHGAN I. NAZAROVA (Public Affairs Section, American Embassy, Baku, Azerbajan)


70. Performance Measurements in Academic Libraries Discussion Group

Theme: "Benchmarking and Best Practice"

71. Internet Discussion Group

    This meeting is a forum for exchanging ideas and information about the use of the Internet in libraries.

72. Repository and Storage Libraries Discussion Group

Theme: "Service Potential of Repository Libraries to the Library Community They Serve"

    Discussion papers will be presented on terminological matters, the status and potentials of repositories to the profession at large as well as the feasibility of repositories in less developed countries. Examples of the economics of repositories will be given. Country reports will be presented to update the UAP publication on repository libraries.

73. UNICODE (Start-up meeting to consider Discussion Group)

    Topics to be addressed include 1) implementation strategies for UNICODE in bibliographic descriptions; 2) UTF-8 encoding vs. 16-bit encoding; and 3) techniques for character modifiers.


75. Library and Research Services for Parliaments: Workshop (on invitation only) Knesset

Theme: "Library and Research Services in the Knesset"

    Topics to be covered include: Library and information services of the Knesset; electronic collections; production and performance indicators; and Internet as a tool for democracy. There will also be a guided tour of the Knesset.


76. Introduction to IFLA for Newcomers SI


77. Metadata (Start up meeting to consider Discussion Group)

    Topics to be covered are:
    1. what other extensions of metadata definitions exist beyond the Dublin Core and how are they being used and what conflicts exist;
    2. what are the international implications for these potentially conflicting definitions;
    3. what are the technical implications for conflicting definitions, particularly in the international library environment;
    4. what are the major gaps in metadata definition; and
    5. what should IFLA's role be in helping to shape and establish international metadata standards?

78. Friends and Advocates of Libraries Discussion Group

Theme: "Ways and Means of Securing Increased Support for Libraries"

79. Public Library Performance Measurements Discussion Group

    Discussions will focus on
    1. current hot topics on library performance measures worldwide;
    2. the latest report on performance measure standards worldwide; and
    3. other items of interest.

80. Social Responsibilities Discussion Group

Theme: "The Growing Gap between the Information Rich and the Information Poor both between and within Countries"

    Last year's composite discussion paper with action recommendations will be further discussed. Implementation strategies will be developed. See the following URL for the paper and recommendations http://archive.ifla.org/VII/dg/srdg/srdg7.htm

81. Corporate and for Profit Libraries Discussion Group


WORKSHOPS: limited accommodation, first-come, first-served. Pre-registration required for off-site workshops.

82. Information Technology joint with National Libraries: Workshop

Theme: "Uniform Resource Identifiers and the Library Community"

  1. Name services
    Name services (German Version)
    Los nombre de los de servicios
  2. Handle system overview
    LARRY LANNOM (Corporation for National Research Initiatives, Reston, Virginia, USA)
  3. CDNL/CENL activities with identifiers
    Actividades de la CDBN/CENL sobre los identificadores
    Aktivitäten von CDNL und CENL im Bereich der Identifikatoren
    TITIA VAN DER VERF (Royal Library, The Hague, Netherlands)
  4. Uniform Resource Identifiers and digital libraries
    TERRY KUNY (XIST, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
  5. Identifiers and links: overview and outlook
    ARNOUD DE KEMP (Springer-Verlag, Germany)


83. UNESCO Open Forum SI

Presentation by AZIZ ABID (UNESCO, Paris, France)
Followed by an open discussion of the new UNESCO Programme for the Information Society, resulting from the merger of the General Information Programme (PGI) and the Intergovernmental Informatics Programme (IIP). More information can be found at:

85. Libraries for Children and Young Adults: Workshop

Theme: "Guidelines for Children's Services"

    Presentation of the first drafts of the revised edition of the Guidelines by members of the Section.

86. Management and Marketing joint with Statistics: Workshop

Theme: "Evaluation and Statistics as a Marketing Tool"

Moderator: Christine M. Koontz, (Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL., USA)

  1. The potential for library statistics to market the library,
    JOHN SUMSION (Dept. of information Science, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK)
  2. From mission and goals...to performance measures,
    THIERRY GIAPPICONI (Fresnes Public Library, France)
  3. Applications of library measures in Germany in improving library statistics
    ROSWITHA POLL (University Library Münster, Münster, Germany)
  4. The collection and use of library statistics in Singapore: the National Library Board's perspective",
    LIM SIEW KIM, (Library Services Directorate, National Library Board, Singapore)


87. International Association of Law Libraries

Theme: "New Library of Congress Classification Schedules for Religious Law"

    (Panel of 3 speakers)


87a. FAIFE Business Meeting


88. Industry Updates I

Theme: TBA

  1. New search techniques in library catalogues : using the Web
    ERIC VAN LUBEEK (Geac, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)

  2. Navigating Knowledge in the New Information Reality
    KEN JACKMAN (SilverPlatter,Norwood, MA, United States)


89. Council SI


90. Exhibition Opening and Welcome Reception

Monday, 14 August

All day

Exhibition open


91. Statistics Browsing Session

    The browsing session is a small exhibition of published national statistics from different countries. The IFLA 2000 session will focus on statistics of academic libraries. Space will be provided for conference attendees to bring national published statistics from their own countries so that colleagues can "browse" them informally. Persons displaying statistics will speak for 3-5 minutes to introduce the statistics they brought.

92. Genealogy and Local History Discussion Group

Theme: "Providing Access to Genealogy and Local History Information and Sources through International Cooperation and the Global Sharing of Resources"

    Topics to be covered include:
    1. the implications and impact of the WWW on reference services and patron usage of genealogy and local history collections;
    2. comparison and assessment of WWW resources for genealogy and local history;
    3. integrating the Internet and WWW into library operations (correspondence, reference, collection development, acquisitions, etc.;
    4. defining "local history" and the scope of local history acquisitions;
    5. collecting, preserving and accessing genealogy and local history materials through cooperative projects inside and outside the local community.

93. Marketing of Library Services to Academic Communities Discussion Group

Theme: "Raising the Profile of Academic Libraries and Librarians"

    Discussion will centre around three marketing issues:
    1. marketing academic libraries beyond the university campus as part of a campus-wide strategy;
    2. strategies for raising the profile of academic libraries;
    3. developing a marketing place - where to get started. Each discussion will include some remarks by a presenter and questions and responses by attendees.

94. Licensing of Electronic Information Resources Discussion Group

Theme: "National Site Licensing: Philosophies, Benefits, and Negotiations"

Convener: Ann Okerson, Yale University Library and Coordinator of NERL (NorthEast Research Libraries consortium)

    The discussants will present their own national or regional perspective and case studies about wide-area site licensing and will encourage sharing of strategies and experiences from the audience. Discussants include
      Ann Okerson, Yale University Library and Coordinator of NERL (NorthEast Research Libraries consortium)
      Elhanan Adler (Israel Inter-University Network, Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem);
      Frances Groen (McGill University for the Canadian National Site Licensing Project); and
      Frans Lettenstrom (Academic Press, covering the territory of South Europe, Africa, South and Central America and Near/Middle East).


95. Introduction to IFLA for Newcomers SI


96. Open Forum: Division of Bibliographic Control


97. Open Forum: Division of Libraries Serving the General Public SI

Theme: "Public Library Guidelines for a New Century"

  1. The final draft of the new Public Library Services: Guidelines for Development will be presented for discussion and input from delegates
      Public Libraries in Israel
      VICTOR BEN NAIM (Division des Bibliotheques, Ministere de la Science, Culture et Sports, Israel)
      Guidelines for Public Libraries in the 21st Century
      Recommandations pour les bibliothèques publiques du XXI° siècle
      PHILIP GILL (The Library Association, London, UK);
      BARBARA CLUBB (Ottawa Public Library, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada);
      ILONA GLASHOFF (Hamburger Offentliche Bücherhallen, Hamburg, Germany);
      KERSTIN HASSNER (Culture and Leisure Department, Ljusdals Kommun, Ljusdal, Sweden);
      ROBERT PESTELL (State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia); and
      NERSES HAYRAPETYAN (National Library of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia)

97a. Geography and Map Libraries

Programme not received.


98. Library and Research Services for Parliaments: Research Seminar

    Seminar co-ordinator: Hugh Finsten - Parliamentary Library, Parliament of Canada, Parliamentary Research Branch.

Panel 1: Theme: "Establishing a Legislative Research Service"

  1. The creation of a Parliamentary Research Centre
    La création d'un centre de recherche parlementaire
    ALIM GARGA (Parliamentary Research Centre, National Assembly of Cameroon, Taounde, Cameroon)
  2. The role of the research services in the modernization of the Mexican Congress
    DULCE MARIA LIAHUT BALDOMAR (Integrated System of Documentation Services, Mexican Chamber of Deputies, Palacio Legislativo, El Parque, Mexico)
  3. How to establish a parliamentary research service: does one size fit all?
    J.R. VERRIER (Information and Research Service, Parliament of Australia, Canberra, Australia)

Panel 2: Theme: "Issues for Smaller Legislative Research Services"

  1. Implications of new public management theory in the research services
    AARE KASEMETS (Estonian Parliament, Tallinn, Estonia)
  2. Issues for smaller legislative research services
    MARIALYSE DELANO (Information Resources, National Congress Library, Chile)

Panel 3: Theme: "Quality Control"

  1. Ensuring high quality research services
    BOB GARDNER (Research and Information Services, Ontario Legislative Library, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) and DONNA SHEEDER (Information Research Division, Congressional Research Service, Washington DC, USA)

99. Library Theory and Research: Workshop

Theme: "Collaboration between Theory and Evidence-Based Practice"

  1. The baby boomer generation - impact on public libraries theoretical and practical evidence
    MAUREEN KAHLERT (Midland Public Library, Midland, Western Australia)
  2. From theory to practice: a case of research in library and information service in Thailand
    CHUTIMA SACCHANAND (Sukothai Thammathirat Open University, Nonthaburi, Thailand)
  3. Collaboration between theory and evidence-based practice - two cultures: librarians and professors
    JUDITH SEGAL (Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington, USA)


100. CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters) Business Meeting


100a. Guest Lecture
  1. Contemporary Israeli Literature


101. Digital Libraries (Start-up meeting to consider Discussion Group)

    Intensive development and use of modern information and communication technologies (ICT) entailed a large-scale digitization of information accumulated by mankind and, accordingly, the creation of a large number of new electronic information resources. This new form of information representation makes it possible to produce, to store and to distribute information on a qualitatively new level. To ensure public (including remote) access to information resources has become one of the priorities for those providing service to science, culture and education. Today it is obvious that the most effective way to achieve this is to create digital libraries (DL), distributed information systems ensuring reliable storage and effective use of various collections of electronic documents (text, graphics, audio, video, etc.) via global telecommunication networks in a way convenient for the end-user. A Digital Libraries Discussion Group would facilitate discussions and link professionals with all issues on DL development and implementation. This group can also help the Section on Information Technology for planning future sessions for the IFLA Conferences around DL issues. Planning sub-groups are:
    1. preservation and conservation of digital data;
    2. digital collections;
    3. DL research and technologies); and
    4. international cooperation in DL issues.

102. Discussion Group on Reference Work

Theme: "A Space Odyssey: Building Bridges between Virtual and Physical Reference Services"

The discussion will be based on papers covering virtual reference services, including topics such as the design of digital gateways, 24 hours reference service, as well as changes in the physical reference area while considering virtual needs.

Speakers and papers:

Report on the third official meeting - Jerusalem

Anne G Lipow, Director Library Solutions Institute and Press USA: Moving the Reference Desk to the 24X7 World on the Web

Elsa Barberena, UNAM Mexico: Askelsa: Your Guide to Bibliographical Information about Mexican Art

Kalina Mühlfeld, Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden Germany: Reference Services to Users of European Union Information and Documentation in the Networked Environment

Carol Ann Hughes, Questia Media Houston Texas USA: Building a Cheshire Cat: Physical Space for Virtual Needs

Marianne Hummelshoj, Associate Professor Royal School of Library and Information Science Aalborg Denmark: Do we Really Serve our Users? Evaluation and Development of Electronic Reference Services

Convenor: Annsofie Oscarsson, Umeå University Library Sweden,


103. Guest Lecture

    Speaker to be announced


104. Public Libraries joint with CLM SI

Theme: "Public Lending Right in the 21st Century"

    The purpose of this session is to promote greater understanding between the library and public lending right communities. Participants will describe how public lending right operates in the world. One of the most interesting aspects of the PLR movement is the variety of ways in which such programmes are interpreted and administered in each country. At the heart of this, though, there are two underlying concepts: PLR as cultural policy, or PLR as copyright. Presenters are


105. Industry Updates II
  1. Digital Library Management: the role of integration and linking
    KEES-JAN DE KORVER (Swets Blackwell, Lisse, Netherlands)
  2. Unicode and Its Many Benefits
    VINOD CHACHRA, (VTLS Inc., Blacksburg, VA, United States)


106. Information Coordinators Meeting


107. Opening session followed by Plenary Session SI
  1. Rapport Annuel
    Annual Report


108. Reception and Folklore Performance

Tuesday, 15 August

All day

Exhibition open


109. Art Libraries: Workshop Israel Museum

Theme: "Art Reference in the Digital Age"

  1. The library as developer of digital visual aids for university courses
    LIA KOFFLER and ORA ZEHAVI (Media Department, Library of Haifa University, Haifa, Israel)
  2. Building a collection and implementing an instructional programme: online reference sources in an art research library
    KENNETH SOEHNER (Hazen Center for Electronic Resources, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas J. Watson Library, New York, New York, USA)
  3. Electronic Art Reference
    RUDIGER HOYER (Bibliothek des Zentralinstituts für Kunstgeschichte, Munich, Germany)

    In order to register one should contact Mrs. Jeanette Dixon at: Jdixon@mfah.org

110. Management and Marketing joint with Information Technology and Social Sciences Libraries Part I SI

Theme: "Building Change Management and Marketing Skills for the Information Age"

  1. Information Ecologies: Library's Changing Role in an Information Society
    EDWARD J. VALAUSKAS (Chief Editor of the "First Monday", Journal on the Internet)
  2. Migrating from the library of today to the library of tomorrow: Re- or E-volution?
    Migration vers la bibliothèque de demain: faudra-t-il une révolution?
    Umstellung von der Bibliothek von Heute zur Bibliothek von Morgen: Re- oder E-volution?
    Russian Version
    Migrar de la biblioteca de hoy a la biblioteca de mañana:¿Re- o E-volución?
    TATIANA ERSHOVA and YURI HOHLOV (Institute of the Information Society, Russia)
  3. The management of change in electronic libraries
    La gestion du changement dans les bibliothèques numériques
    La Administración del Cambio en las Bibliotecas Electrónicas
    JOHN AKEROYD (Learning and Information Services, South Bank University, London, UK)
  4. Knowledge management in libraries in the 21st century
    Gestion des connaissances dans les bibliothèques au 21e siècle
    Wissensmanagement in Bibliotheken im 21. Jahrhundert
    TANG SHANHONG (Chinese Defense Science and Technology Information Center Library, China)
  5. ICT and marketing challenges in Latin American libraries
    Las tecnologías de información y los desafíos mercadotécnicos en las bibliotecas latinoamericanas
    Défis des technologies de l'information et du marketing dans les bibliothèques d'Amérique latine
    ICT und Marketingherausforderungen in lateinamerikanischen Bibliotheken
    LOURDES FERIA (University of Colima, Library and IT Division, Mexico)
  6. Discussion.

111. Collections and Services

Theme: "Documenting a Culture: The Case of Israel"

Chair: Sara Japhet, Director, Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, Israel

  1. Documenting Israel: shared efforts
    CHARLES BERLIN (Judaica Division, Harvard College Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
  2. Public archives in Israel: preservation and accessibility
    EVYATAR FRIESEL (Israel State Archivist; Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel)
  3. Archiving cultural heritage: the National Library of Israel
    JONATHAN JOEL (Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, Israel)

112. Library and Research Services for Parliaments

Theme: "Information for Cooperation: Creating the Global Library of the Future"

  1. Relations and cooperation between legislative libraries in the European Community
    Relations et coopération entre les bibliothèques législatives de la Communauté européenne
    Beziehungen und Zusammenarbeit zwischen denParlamentsbibliotheken der Europäischen Gemeinschaft
    Russian Version
    Relaciones y cooperación entre las bibliotecas legislativas en la Comunidad Europea
    WOJCIECH KULISIEWICZ (Biblioteka Sejmowa, Warsaw, Poland)
  2. The role of Parliamentary Libraries in Eastern Europe in ensuring public access to government information: the case of Russia
    El Rol de las Bibliotecas Parlamentarias de Europa del Este en Asegurar el Acceso del Público a Información de Gobierno: El Caso de Rusia
    Die Rolle der osteuropäischen Parlamentsbibliotheken bei der öffentlichen Zugänglichmachung von Regierungsinformationen: Beispiel Russland
    Le rôle des bibliothèques parlementaires en Europe de l'Est pour ce qui estd'assurer l'accès du public à l'information gouvernementale :La situation en Russie
    Russian Version
    IRINA ALEKSANDROVNA ANDREEVA (Parliamentskaya Biblioteca, Moscow, Russian Federation) and FRANK KIRKWOOD (Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
  3. The workings of the Parliamentary Library in India: how it responds to the needs for information and research support in the context of new information technology
    Russian Version
    Les rouages de la Bibliothèque du Parlement de l'Inde
    Aufbau der indischen Parlamentsbibliothek
    Los trabajos de la Biblioteca Parlamentaria en India
    JOHN JOSEPH (Lok Sabha Secretariat, Parliament House, New Delhi, India)

113. National Libraries SI

Theme: "The Role of National Libraries in IFLA Core Programmes"

114. Africa

  1. Managing information for development in the 21st century: prospects for African libraries, challenges to the world
    La gestion de l'information pour le développement au 21e siècle : perspectives pour les bibliothèques africaines, défis mondiaux
    KENNETH IVO NGOZO NWALO (Department of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria)

115. Audiovisual and Multimedia joint with User Education

Theme: "Multimedia and Library User Education"

  1. Multimedia and user education at Rutgers
    MARTIN KESSELMAN (Rutgers University Libraries, Kilmer Library, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA)
  2. Interactive web-based library instruction: the WebLUIG tutorial
    ATHENA HOEPPNER (University of Central Florida, USA)
  3. Web-supported teaching in the Department of Information Science at the University of Pretoria: a case study
    THEO BOTHMA and RETHA SNYMAN (University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa)
  4. Development of a multimedia library virtual tour
    JESUS LAU, CARLOS MONTANO, BERENICE MEARS and ETHEL MEARS (Universidad Autonoma Central Juarez, Juarez, Mexico)
    Research Reports
  5. The making of the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia as an interactive information and teaching resource
    KEVIN COMERFORD (Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington, USA)
  6. A multimedia project on preventive conservation of archival and library collections
    Un projet multimedia pour la conservation preventive des documents d'archives et de bibliotheques
    ASTRID BRANDT-GRAU (Direction de l'administration generale, Ministère de la Culture et de la communication, Paris, France)
  7. Status of copyright and legal deposit for audiovisual and multimedia in Spanish-speaking countries
    GRACIELA DACOSTA (Montevideo, Uruguay)

116. Mobile Libraries

Theme: "Mobile Libraries and Literacy Development: Current and Future Perspectives for a New Generation"

  1. The "blue bag" service of Greece and literacy development
    ELGA KAVADIAS (Council for Children's and Adolescents' Libraries, Athens, Greece)
  2. Mayotte mobile libraries
    MIREILLE FAYRET (Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
  3. Mobile Library Service in Canada: Bookmobiles at the crossroads
    LAURETTE MACKEY (New Brunswick, Canada)
  4. Mobile library services in Indochina
    PENSRI GUAYSUWAN (Thai Library Association, Bangkok, Thailand)


117. Executive Board II


117a. Guest Lecture
  1. Jerusalem in the days to come - the vision of the Prophet Isaiah
    YAIR ZAKOVITCH (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel)


118. Guest Lecture SI
    Speaker to be announced.


119. Poster Sessions

  1. Lifelong learning in an increasingly globalized world of information: an information literacy project for K-12 community
    BUKET AKKOYUNLU and S. SERAP KURBANOGLU (Hacettepe University, Beytepe-Ankara, Turkey)
  2. The management of the scientific information environment: the role of research library web site
    ARTE ASSUNTA (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Area delle Ricerca di Potenza, Servizio Biblioteca, Tito Scalo, Italy)
  3. Multicultural exchange and partnership among feminists NGOs as a fundamental Motivation for Creating women's network in Croatian librarianship
    EDITA BACIC (Faculty of Law, University of Split, Split, Croatia)
  4. Libraries and computer dialogue systems MIROSLAV BARTOSEK and IVAN KOPECEK (Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)
  5. Library networking in the Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela
    ABUL K. BASHIRULLAH and PABLO CARABALLO (Universidad de Oriente, Cumana, Venezuela)
  6. "Books for All": an international project of IFLA and UNESCO
    LIOBA BETTEN (Munich, Germany)
  7. A national document supply cooperative among healthcare libraries in Ireland
    GABRIELLE DOYLE (St. Luke's Institute of Cancer Research Oakland, Library, Dublin, Ireland)
  8. Regional digital library/Biblioteca digital regional
    LOURDES FERIA (Universidad de Colima, Colima, Mexico)
  9. Cooperation: from card to CD-ROM; from paper to e-mail
    BEATRIZ FERRONI (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  10. Posters on the walls
    PRISHNA CHAKRABORTY GANGULI (National Library, Calcutta, India)
  11. Library service to linguistic minority children
    JANICE GREENBERG (Brooklyn Public Library, Aberdeen, New Jersey, USA)
  13. Digitized library collections as a tool for teaching history
    JITKA HURYCH (Founders Memorial Library, DeKalb, USA)
  14. Renardus, academic subject gateway service europe
    LESLEY HUXLEY (Institute for Learning and Research Technology, Bristol, UK)
  15. Inform the world project
    PHYLLIS A.HYTNEN (Auburn University at Montgomery, Montgomery, USA)
  16. Digitization of access: the early printed collections programme at the British Library
    GRAHAM JEFCOATE (British Library, London, United Kingdom)
  17. The history of mobile libraries from the camel to the Internet
    MOUNIR KHALIL (City University of New York, New York, USA)
  18. Social marketing: the foundation for a global library
    W. BERNARD LUKENBILL (Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Texas, Austin, USA)
  19. Building the information society in South Africa: information literacy in the school section
    MARY NASSIMBENI (Department of Information and Library Studies, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, South Africa)
  20. Research results on knowledge management and end-user work environments 2010
    WILDA B. NEWMAN (Johns Hopkins University, Lauren, USA)
  21. Beyond the "Tragedy of the Commons": how to cope with ever-increasing journal prices and user expectations
    OLIVER OBST (Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek, Münster, Germany)
  22. Methodologies used by Brazilian information center managers to identify executives' information needs
    SILAS MARQUES DE OLIVEIRA (Hortolandia, Brazil)
  24. Local community literacy
    DIJANA SABOLOVIC-KRAJINA (Public Library "Fran Galovic", Koprivnica, Croatia)
  26. How to become more visible and stronger: marketing action in Rijeka City Library
    MARIJA SEGOTA-NOVAK and ANDREJA SILIC (Rijeka City Library, Rijeka, Croatia)
  27. Van Eyck II: access to art history information
    JAN VAN DER STARRE (Netherlands Institute for Art History, The Hague, Netherlands)
  28. Cultural, social and linguistic barriers to international instruction of library professionals ? implications for international cooperation
    TERRY L. WEECH (Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois, Urbana, USA)
  29. NEDLIB: building deposit for long-term access to electronic publications
    TITIA VAN DER WERF (Royal Library, The Hague, Netherlands)
  30. World Wide Web information seeking experience of 1st year university students
    GILLIAN WESTERA (Wilson, Australia)
  31. FAIFE report on Kosovo mission
    FRODE BAKKEN (Norwegian Library Association, Oslo, Norway) and CARSTEN FREDERIKSEN (FAIFE Office, Copenhagen, Denmark)


120. Management and Marketing joint with Information Technology and Social Sciences Libraries Part II SI

Theme: "Changing Patterns of Library Work for Today and Tomorrow"

  1. Library Management with New Technologies
    VINOD CHACHRA (President of the VTLS)
  2. Internet Librarianship: Traditional Roles in a New Environment
    La Bibliothéconomie de l'internet : rôles traditionnels dans un nouvel environnement
    Biblioteconomía en Internet: papeles tradicionales en un entorno nuevo
    KATE SHARP (Institute for Learning and Research Technology, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK)
  3. Technological Discontinuities in the Library: Digital Projects that Illustrate New Opportunities for the Librarian and the Library
    Discontinuités technologiques dans les bibliothèques: projets numériques illustrant de nouvelles opportunités pour les bibliothécaires et les bibliothèques
    Technologische Brüche in der Bibliothek: Digitale Projekte, die neue Möglichkeiten für den Bibliothekar und die Bibliothek illustrieren
    Las discontinuidades tecnológicas de la biblioteca: proyectos digitales que ilustran las nuevas oportunidades para el bibliotecario y la biblioteca
    RONALD C. JANTZ (Government & Social Sciences Data Librarian, Alexander Library, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA)
  4. Libraries and Librarians in India on the Threshold of the 3rd Millennium: Challenges and Risks
    Bibliothèques et bibliothécaires en Inde à l'aube du troisième millénaire. Défis et risques.
    Bibliotheken und Bibliothekare in Indien an der Schwelle zum 3. Jahrtausend: Herausforderungen und Risiken
    Bibliotecas y bibliotecarios en la India en el umbral del Tercer Milenio: retos y riesgos
    KALPANA DASGUPTA (Central Secreatariat Library, President of the Indian Library Association ILA, New Delhi, India)
  5. Use of New Technologies For Better Library Management: GIS (geographic information system software) and PDAs (personal digital data collections)
    L'utilisation des nouvelles technologies pour une meilleure gestion des bibliothèques : le GIS (logiciel de gestion de systèmes d'informations géographiques) et les PDA (les collecteurs personnels de données numérisées)
    Uso de las nuevas tecnologías para una mejor gestión bibliotecaria:
    GIS (Geographic Information System Software) y PDAs (Personal Digital Data Collectors)
    Der Einsatz neuer Technologien für bessere Bibliotheksverwaltung: gis
    (Geographic Information System Software) und PDAs (Personal Digital Data Collectors)
    CHRISTIE KOONTZ and DEAN JUE (Florida State University, USA)
  6. Discussion.

121. Library Buildings and Equipment SI

Theme: "Libraries for the 21st Century: How to Transform Planning Visions and Building Programmes into Successful Libraries, Useful for both Users and Staff"

  1. Transforming a national library for a wider world
    ERLAND KOLDING NIELSEN (Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  2. Bodibeng: to quench the people's thirst from the lake of knowledge: creating Bodibeng Community Library in Soshanguve, South Africa
    LOUISE MAYER (Library and Information Services, Northern Pretoria Metropolitan Substructure, South Africa)
  3. Portuguese public libraries: a silent revolution
    ANA RUNKEL (Public Library of Oeiras, Oeiras, Portugal)

122. Management of Library Associations

Theme: "Advocacy for Democracy: The Role of Library Associations"

  1. Advocacy for democracy: the role of library associations
    WILLIAM GORDON (American Library Association, Chicago, Illinois, USA)
  2. Advocacy for democracy - the role of the library associations
    JONETA BELFRAGE (Swedish Library Association, Stockholm, Sweden)
  3. Advocacy for democracy: the role of library association
    IVAN MBULELO QWELANE (University of the Free State Library, Bloemfontein, South Africa)

123. Bibliography

  1. National bibliography of a small country in an international context
    La bibliographie nationale d'un petit pays dans le contexte international
    Die Nationalbibliographie eines kleinen Landes im internationalen Zusammenhang
    La bibliografía nacional de un país pequeño en un contexto internacional
    BOHDANA STOKLASOVA (National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic)
  2. Bibliographic projects and tools in Israel
    Projets et outils bibliographiques en Israël
    Proyectos y Recursos Bibliográficos en Israel
    Bibliographische Unternehmungen und Hilfsmittel in Israel
    ROCHELLE KEDAR (Department of Information Science, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel)
  3. Two national central libraries in Italy: bibliographic cooperation or competition?
    Dos Bibliotecas Centrales Nacionales en Italia: ¿Cooperación o Competición
    Deux bibliothèques nationales centrales en Italie : coopération ou compétition bibliographique?
    Zwei nationale Zentralbibliotheken in Italien: Bibliographische Kooperation oder Konkurrenz?
    MARIA PATRIZIA CALABRESI (Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Rome, Italy)

124. Special Libraries

Theme: "Authenticity of Digital Collections"

  1. Is authenticity in digital collections really an issue?
    TERRY KUNY (XIST Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
  2. Issues of authenticity of spatial data
    PATRICK MCGLAMERY (Map and Geographic Information Center, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, USA)
  3. On authenticity in the virtual reality (images, societies)
    Speaker to be announced

125. Library and Information Science Journals

Theme: "Information for Cooperation: LIS Journals Serving the Future Global Library"

  1. LIS journal response to globalization: an analytical study of leading and international journals
    JOHN RICHARDSON (Department of Information Studies, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA)
  2. Journals and their audiences: who are their audiences?
    MARIA LOUISA CABRAL (Department on Acquisition, Bibliographic Processing and Conservation, National Library, Lisbon, Portugal)
  3. Professional journals of the Bibliothèque nationale de France
  4. Journal Quality in the Asian Region: Results of a Pilot Study for the IFLA Round Table of Library and Information Science Journals
    PHILIP J. CALVERT and G.E. GORMAN (School of Communications and Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)

126. Public Libraries

Theme: "The Public Library Facing the 21st Century"

  1. Public libraries and lifelong learning: a public libraries section project
    BRITT MARIE HAAGSTROM (DIK Association, Nacka, Sweden)
  2. Licensing and public libraries
    TUULA HAAVISTO (Finnish Library Association, Kansakouluk, Finland)
  3. Public libraries: copyright issues
    FRODE BAKKEN (Norwegian Library Association, Oslo, Norway)
  4. Public library service in Israel
    ORA NEBENZAHL (Public Libraries Department, Municipality of Tel-Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel)
  5. The public library service: guidelines for development: brief overview of the process to date
    PHILIP GILL (The Library Association, London, UK)
  6. Quality management and self assessment tools for public libraries
    MARGARET KINNELL EVANS (Information Strategy and Services, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK)

127. Library Theory and Research

Theme: "Bibliometrics: Still a Useful Measure"

  1. Research capacity in library and information science in South Africa: an overview
    DENNIS OCHOLLA (Department of Library and Information Science, University of Zululand, Kwadlangezwa, South Africa
  2. The emergence of alternative medicine as a new field: a bibliometric study of a rapidly - growing field
    MOSHE YITZHAKE and TZIPI SHAHAR (Department of Information and Library Studies, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel)
  3. The bibliometrics: penetration level in the university teaching of library science and its application in the librarian field in the countries of Mercosur.
    La bibliometría: nivel de penetración en la enseñanza bibliotecológica universitaria y su aplicación en el campo bibliotecario en los países del MERCOSUR
    DANIEL RAMON RIOS (CONABIP, Buenos Aires, Argentina)


128. Open Hearing on Division VIII (Regional Activities)


129. Statistics

Theme: "Statistics for the New Millennium: Standards and Applications"

  1. Statistics for the hybrid library: the revision of ISO 2789
    ROSWITHA POLL (Muenster University and Regional Library, Muenster, Germany)
  2. A new culture of assessment: preliminary report on the ARL SRVQUAL survey
    Nueva cultura de la evaluación: informe preliminar de la encuesta ARL SERVQUAL
    Eine neue Kultur der Beurteilung: Vorläufiger Bericht über die ARL-SERVQUAL Untersuchung
    Russian Version
    COLLEEN COOK, FRED HEATH and BRUCE THOMPSON (Texas A&M University, Evans Library, College Station, Texas, USA)
  3. Library management systems and the statistical requirements of library and information managers
    Sistemas de gestión bibliotecaria y requerimientos estadísticos de los gestores de bibliotecas e información
    Systeme für das Bibliotheksmanagement (LMS, Library Management Systems) und der statistische Bedarf von Bibliotheksleitern und Informationsmanagern
    Russian Version
    DAVID AMITAI and NOAM KAMINER (Ex Libris Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel)

130. Classification and Indexing

Theme: "Current Issues in Information Retrieval"

  1. A draft version of a consolidated thesaurus for the rapidly - growing field of alternative medicine
    Une ébauche de thésaurus consolidé pour le domaine à croissance rapide de la médecine alternative
    Entwurf eines kontrollierten Thesaurus für das schnell wachsende Fach alternative Medizin
    Una propuesta de tesauro para una disciplina en rápido crecimiento: la Medicina alternativa
    Russian Version
    MOSCHE YITZHAKI and TZIPI SHAHAR (Department of Information Studies, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat, Israel)
  2. A new classification for the literaure of religion
    Une nouvelle classification pour la littérature religieuse
    Eine neue Klassifikation für das Fach Religion
    Una nueva clasificación para la literatura sobre religión
    Russian Version
    VANDA BROUGHTON (School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, University College London, London, UK)
  3. Multilingual and multiscript subject access: the case of Israel
    Accès par sujet multilingue et multialphabétique: le cas d'Israël
    Sacherschließung unter den Bedingungen von Mehrsprachigkeit und verschiedenen Schriftsystemen: Der Fall Israel
    Recuperación por materias en un entorno multilingüe y multialfabético: el caso de Israel
    Russian Version
    E. ADLER (Israel Centre for Digital Information Services, Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, Israel)

131. Government Libraries

Theme: "Delivering Information Services via Intranet: A Way of Reshaping the Governmental Library"

  1. Intranets: a UK government libraries perspective
    Intranets: une perspective gouvernementale vue du Royaume-Uni
    STEPHEN LATHAM (Library and Information Services, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London, UK)
  2. Intranets and Extranets at state libraries in the United States
    NANCY M. BOLT (Colorado State Library, Denver, Colorado, USA)
  3. Monologue or dialogue in the web environment: the role of networked library and information services in the future
    KIMMO TUOMINEN (CSS Center for Scientific Computing Network Information Services Group, Teknikkantie, Espoo, Finland)

132. Science and Technology Libraries

Theme: "Managing Science Libraries in an Increasingly Digital Environment"

  1. The influence of the electronic library on library management: a technological university library experience
    L'influence de la bibliothèque électronique sur le management des bibliothèques : expérience d'une bibliothèque d'université de technologie
    Die Auswirkungen der elektronischen Bibliothek auf das Bibliotheksmanagement - Das Experiment der Universitätsbibliothek einer technischen Universität
    NURIT ROITBERG (Elyachar Central Library, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel)
  2. Managing academic library services in a digital world: institutional, regional and national developments in the UK
    STEPHEN PINFIELD (Hallward Library, University Park, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK)
  3. Cooperative development of the digital library: identifying and working with potential partners
    Développement coopératif de la bibliothèque numérique: identifier des partenaires potentiels et travailler avec eux
    Gemeinsame Entwicklung der digitalen BibliothekErkennen von und Arbeiten mit potentiellen Partnern
    JEAN POLAND (Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA)

133. School Libraries and Resource Centres

Theme: "The School Library and the Global Network"

  1. Project work as a vehicle for information literacy education in a circuit of South African primary schools
    GENEVIEVE HART (Department of Library & Information Science, University of the Western Cape, South Africa)
  2. Classroom collections and reading patterns
    SNUNITH SHOHAM (Department of Information Science, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel)
  3. A way forward for co-operation between school and public libraries: draft National Guidelines for the co-operation between school and public libraries in South Africa
    Facilitator: Yutaka Kikugawa (Programme Officer, UNESCO Pretoria, South Africa)

134. Acquisition and Collection Development joint with Serial Publications SI

Theme: "Models for Acquiring Electronic Resources"

  1. Libraries without resources: towards personal collections
    Bibliotheques Sans Ressources : Vers Des Collections Personnalisees
    Russian Version
    J.S.M. SAVENIJE (Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands) and NATALIA GRYGIERCZYK
  2. Toward worldwide resource sharing: collection development in China's higher education institutions
    Russian Version
    YAFAN SONG (Cataloguing Department, Library of Renmin University, Renmin, China)
  3. Some Consortial Models for Acquiring Electronic Resources in Germany
    DIANN RUSCH-FEJA (Library and Research Information, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany)

135. FAIFE (Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression) joint with CLM (Copyright and other Legal Matters) SI

Theme: "Access to Information: Challenges to Equitable and Universal Access"

  1. ALEX BYRNE (Australia, Chair of the FAIFE Committee)
  2. BRITT-MARIE HAGSTROM (Sweden, president of the European Bureau of Library Information and Documentation Associations)
  3. NICK SMITH (Australia, Copyright Advisor, Australian Libraries Copyright Committee)
  4. TERRY KUNY (Canada, XIST Inc., Ottawa Ontario)

136. Continuing Professional Education

Theme: "Continuing Professional Education: A Contemporary Update"

  1. Developing an electronic textbook for continuing professional education of librarians
    OLGA LAVRIK (Laboratory of Information Analysis, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation) and VICTOR GLOKHOV (Department of Electronic Technologies, Inion Ras, Moscow, Russian Federation)
  2. The convergence of methodology for the traditional school of library and information and the continuing education of the professional
    KENNETH DOWLIN (San Jose State University, San Jose, California, USA)
  3. Continuous education procedure and its organizational methodological ensuring in Russia
    Russian Version
    ELENA B. SOBOLEVA and ELENA B. ARTEMEVA (Research Department, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)
  4. Workplace learning for information professionals in a changing information environment


Free for receptions at embassies

Wednesday, 16 August

All day

Exhibition open [closure at the end of the day]


137. Library and Research Services for Parliaments: Workshops Knesset (on invitation only)

Theme: "Library Management"

  1. Client expectations and evolving needs: current trends (control and timeliness of information; dissemination of current information; knowledge of clientele by region and/or by constituency)
  2. Marketing and evaluation of services and products (new products and services, publications, training and performance indicators)
  3. Core collections and electronic information resources (encyclopedias, dictionaries and directories and similar documents; CD-ROMs, Web sites and other communications vehicles; parliamentary and legislative documents)
  4. Cooperation, networking and sharing information in parliamentary and legislative libraries (regional associations and international programmes; electronic products and services)

138. CDNL (Conference of Directors of National Libraries) Off-site


139. Reading

Theme: "Literacy and Libraries: An Introduction"

  1. Literacy, libraries and IFLA: recent developments and a look at the future
    JOHN Y. COLE (Center for the Book, Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
  2. Libraries and Literacy: A Preliminary Survey of the Literature
    SHIRLEY A. FITZGIBBONS (School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA)

140. CLM Open Forum SI

Theme: "Libraries and the WTO"

    This session will address the potential effects of international trade agreements on libraries of all types, with emphasis on publicly funded institutions. Speakers will discuss the role played by library associations during the Seattle WTO Ministerial Meeting and the ongoing WTO initiatives which have implications for libraries, in particular the General Agreement on Trade in Services.
  1. WTO and libraries - an introduction
    FRODE BAKKEN (Library of Buskerud, Buskerud, Norway)
    PAUL WHITNEY (Burnaby Public Library, Burnaby, Canada)

Theme: "Copyright in Central and Eastern Europe"

141. Rare Books and Manuscripts joint with Art Libraries

Theme: "Manuscripts Relating to the Middle East: Collection Development and Collection Management Policies"

  1. United States: Hebrew manuscripts and incunabula
    Etats Unis manuscrits et incunables Hebreux
    W. BAKER (Northern Illinois University, USA)
  2. Towards a database of the Arabic manuscripts in The British Library: a case history
    Vers une base de données des manuscrits arabes de la British Library : une histoire de cas
    COLIN BAKER (British Library, London, UK)
  3. TBA
    YAEL OKUN (Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, Israel)

142. Information Technology SI

Theme: "From Library Automation Systems to Digital Libraries"

  1. Digital libraries on the Internet
    Bibliotecas digitales en Internet
    TALY SHARON and ARIEL FRANK (Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel)
  2. Towards the hybrid library: developments in UK higher education
    Vers la bibliothèque hybride : développements dans l'enseignement supérieur au Royaume Uni
    CHRIS RUSBRIDGE (University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, UK) and BRUCE ROYAN (Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network, UK)
  3. Creation of an information system for the Russian State Library: a project challenging IT
    Créer un système d'information pour la Bibliothèque d'état de Russie : un projet pilote défiant les technologies de l'information
    La creación de un sistema de información para la Biblioteca Estatal Rusa.Un proyecto piloto que utiliza las tecnologías de la información - ein Pilotprojekt im Bereich Informationstechnologie
    MONIKA SEGBERT (EU/TACIS, Russian State Library, Moscow, Russian Federation) and ALEXANDER VISLYI (Russian State Library, Moscow, Russian Federation)

143. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons

Theme: "Public Library Services to Disadvantaged Persons"

  1. Current trends in developing a contemporary public library service to deaf and hard of hearing persons in Denmark
    Orientations actuelles du développement d'un service moderne de bibliothèque publique destiné aux personnes sourdes et malentendantes au Danemark
    METTE VAN DER LEITH and ANITA OTTE CLAUSEN (Biblioteket Ornevej, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  2. Public library services to hospital patients
    Hospital libraries and the public library system in France: how can they work together?
    Les bibliothèques en milieu hospitalier et le réseau de lecture publique en France : quelles collaborations ?
    CLAUDIE GUERIN (Hopitaux de Paris, Paris, France)

    The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion on "Special Services and Guidelines for Quality"

144. Serial Publications

Theme: "Serials of the Middle East and Africa"

  1. Aspects of serials management in Israeli academic libraries
    Les aspects de la gestion des périodiques dans les bibliothèques universitaires Israéliennes.
    JAIR DE MARCAS (University of Haifa Library, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel.)
  2. The Origins and the Development of German-Jewish Press in Germany till 1850 Reflections on the Transformation of the German-Jewish Public Sphere in Bourgeois Society
    Les origines et le développement de la presse juive allemande en Allemagne jusqu'en 1850 :
    considérations sur les transformations de la sphère publique juive allemande dans une société bourgeoise

  3. The future of serials - utopia or realism

145. Library History

Theme: "History of Books and Libraries in the Three Great Religions of the Book, Judaism, Christianity and Islam"

  1. The Cairo Genizah: a medieval Mediterranean deposit and a modern Cambridge archive
    Le Genizah du Caire : un gisement d'archives médiéval au Moyen-Orient et un centre d'archives moderne à Cambridge
    STEFAN REIF (Cambridge University Library, Cambridge, UK)
  2. Logos, biblos, and bibliotheke: Christian influences in library development
    Le Verbe (Logos), la Bible (Biblos) et la Bibliothèque (Bibliothêkê) : les influences chrétiennes sur le développement de la bibliothèque
    JOHN MARK TUCKER (Purdue University Libraries, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA)
  3. Various attitudes toward books in the medieval Arab culture: hesitation, respect, praise, sanctity
    JOSEPH SADAN (Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel)

146. Library Services to Multicultural Populations

Theme: "New Research in the Multicultural Area"


147. Open Hearing on Division VIII (Regional Activities)


148. Guest Lecture: CLM SI

Theme: The commodification of Information and the WTO

  1. Information, Commodification and the World Trade Organization
    STEVEN SHRYBMAN (West Coast Environmental Law, Vancouver, Canada)

    A recent World Trade Organization panel in which exemptions in the US Copyright Act are brought into question is one example of the increasing importance of intellectual content in the context international trade agreements. Guest Lecturer Steven Shrybman (West Coast Enviromental Law, Vancouver, Canada) will discuss the implications of this trend from his perspective as a lawyer, author and trade activist.


149. Poster Sessions

See list under meeting 119.


150. International Association of Law Libraries

Theme: "Current Sources for Legal and Governmental Information on Middle Eastern Countries"

    Panel of 3 speakers


151. Women's Issues

Theme: "Information for Cooperation: Women Library Leaders Serving the Majority".

  1. National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs): one route to improve the status of women in libraries?
    SANDRA PARKER, CATHERINE HARE and PAT GANNON-LEARY (School of Information Studies, University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK)
  2. Freeing access to women's information: an overview
    BETH STAFFORD (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA)
  3. Women and librarianship in Swaziland
    THABISILE SIMELANE (The Library, Manzini, Swaziland)
  4. The women of Kazakstan: the source of cultural development
    ZAREMA SHAIMARDANOVA and ROSA A. BERDIGLIEVA (National Library of Kazakstan, Almaty, Kazakstan)
  5. A call for new dialog
    NIRA SHANI (AIPI - Lesley College extension Netanya, Israel)

152. Libraries for Children and Young Adults

  1. Children's libraries and literature in Israel
    IRENE SEVER (Haifa, Israel)
  2. Jewish heritage in Russian children's literature
    L'héritage juif dans la littérature pour la jeunesse russe Russian Version
    OLGA MÄEOTS (Moscow, Russia)
  3. Reading and library usage habits of students whose mother tongue is Turkish in Vienna, Austria
    Habitudes de lecture et de fréquentation des bibliothèques chez des élèves de langue maternelle turque à Vienne (Autriche)*
    Lese- und Bibliotheksbenutzungsverhalten von Schülern mit türkischer Muttersprache in Wien
    BÜLENT YILMAZ (Hacettepe University Faculty of Letters, Department of Library Science Beytepe-Ankara, Turkey)

153. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries SI

Theme: "Global Library Cooperation in the Health Sciences"

  1. Making stone soup: library cooperation, a professional responsibility or a necessity?
    Faire de la soupe de cailloux : la coopération entre les bibliothèques,responsabilité ou nécessité professionnelle ?
    LOIS ANN COLAIANNI (formerly of the National Library of Medicine, USA)
  2. Innovations in networking to provide electronic delivery of documents to health professionals in the Western Pacific
    ARLENE COHEN (RFK Library, University of Guam, Guam), CLAIRE HAMASU (Pacific Southwest Region, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, University of California at Los Angeles, California, USA) and IRENE LOVAS (Pacific Hospital at Long Beach, California, USA)
  3. Creating a statewide virtual health library: the Michigan experience
    HARVEY BRENNEISE (Michigan Public Health Institute, Okemos, Michigan, USA)

154. Asia and Oceania

Theme: Networking Partnerships in Asia and Oceania

  1. Global knowledge: a challenge for librarians
    CHRIS EDWARDS (British Council, UK)
  2. Asian library partnerships: applying the knowledge model for library networks
    DR GARY GORMAN and ROWENA CULLEN (School of Communications and Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)
  3. Exploring cross-cultural issues in information studies education in Southeast Asia and the Pacific
    DR CHRIS KHOO and DR SUSAN ELLEN HIGGINS (Division of Information Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
  4. Integration of Central Asian libraries into the international library society
    NURILYA A. DAVKTYAROVA (Foundation for the Development of the National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

155. Document Delivery and Interlending

Theme: Licensing Information: An End to Sharing?

  1. Integrating electronic journals into document delivery: a practitioner's view
    JAKOB HARNESK (Customer Services Department, Karolinska Institutet Library, Stockholm, Sweden)
  2. Will copyright survive? Is licensing a Trojan horse?
    JAMES G. NEAL (Johns Hopkins University Library, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
  3. Cheaper by the dozen: consortial journal licensing
    CLAUDINE XENIDOU DERVOU (Physics and Informatics Department, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece)

156. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries SI

Theme: "Library Education: Assessing Outcomes for the Professionals in University and Research Libraries. What Do We Want from Library Education?"

  1. The congress on professional education in North America
    Le congrès sur l'enseignement professionnel en Amérique du Nord
    KEN HAYCOCK (Canada)
  2. Core Competencies for Library Professionals in the United States
  3. The Need for Better Library Graduates: A Demand of Mexican Academic Libraries
    JESUS LAU (Academic Affairs, Universidad Autónoma de Juárez, Juárez, Mexico) and MARTHA CASTRO (Main Library, Universidad Autónoma de Juárez, Juárez, Mexico)
  4. Challenges for Professional Library Education in Australia
    ALEX BYRNE (Australia)

157. Preservation and Conservation

Theme: "Preserving the Web"

  1. The WWW and our digital heritage - the new preservation tasks of the library community
    JOHAN MANNERHEIM, (Division of Information Technology, The Royal Library, National Library of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden)
  2. PANDORA - Towards a National Collection of Selected Australian Online Publications
    CLIFF LAW (Coordination Support Branch, National Library of Australia)
  3. The Kulturarw3 Project - The Royal Swedish Web Archiw3e - An example of "complete" collection of web pages
    ALLAN ARVIDSON (Project Kulturarw3, The Royal Library, National Library of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden)


158. Libraries for the Blind joint with Public Libraries

Theme: "Building Smart Communities: Knowledge as the Key to Growth and Development"

    "Smart Communities: What Are They and How Do They Benefit Everyone in the Community"

    1. The evolution and impact of smart communities
      STAN SKREZESEWSKI (ASM Consultants, Canada)
    2. The digital society's challenge to the library to the blind
      ELSEBETH TANK (Danish National Library for the Blind, Copenhagen, Denmark)

159. FAIFE Open Forum SI

Theme: Alexandrina Database"

    Open session on the Norwegian gift to the new Alexandria library, the Alexandrina database on censored books.
    Introduction by METTE NEWTH (Project Leader, Norway)

160. Government Information and Official Publications

Theme: "2000 Years of Government Information"

  1. Access to government information in Israel: stages in the continuing development of a national information policy
    L'accès à l'information gouvernementale en Israël :les étapes de le mise en place d'une politique nationale d'information
    DEBBIE RABINA (School of Communication, Information and Library Studies, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA)
  2. Controlling government: the people and the rule of law
    Le contrôle du gouvernement : le peuple et l'autorité de la loi
    ROBERTA I. SHAFFER (Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA)
  3. The World Bank: partner and provider of development information
    La Banque Mondiale: Partenaire et producteur d'information pour le développement
    PAMELA TRIPP-MELBY (Joint Bank Fund Library of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Washington DC, USA)
  4. Judaic law in an Internet world
    La loi a l'age de l'Internet
    ROBIN TREISTMAN (Knesset Website, Knesset Library, Hakirya, Jerusalem)

161. Education and Training

Theme: "Guidelines for Library and Information Studies Education"

  1. Guidelines for Library/Information Educational Programs: for discussion
    EVELYN DANIEL (School of Information Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA) SUSAN LAZINGER (School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel) OLE HARBO (Royal School of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen, Denmark)
    This will be followed by a panel discussion.
  2. An investigation of LIS qualifications throughout the World
    PETER DALTON and KATE LEVINSON (University of Central England in Birmingham, Birmingham, UK)
  3. Curriculum for "social information science" - evaluation and application
    SHIFRA BARUCHSON-ARBIB (Department of Information Studies and Librarianship, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel)

162. Newspapers

Theme: "Digitization of Newspapers"

Contributions by:

  • RON ZWEIG (University of Tel Aviv)
  • YOSSI BARDOSH (Yedioth Technologies)
  • GRAHAM JEFCOATE (British Library)
  • MARK HOLLAND (Gale Group Reading)

163. Latin America and the Caribbean SI

Theme: "Aportes de America Latina y el Caribe a la Biblioteca global"

  1. La Biblioteca global y la identidad Centroamericana
    The global library and the Central American identity
    ANA LORENA ECHAVARRIA and ALICE MIRANDA-ARGUEDAS (Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica)
  2. Preserving the past for the future
    Preservacion del pasado para el futuro
    CLARA BUDNIK (National Directorate for Libraries, Biblioteca National, Santiago, Chile) and ROSA MARIA FERNANDEZ (Mexico)
  3. El acceso a la informacion y la biblioteca global
    ROBERTO SERVIDIO (Colegio de Tradoctores Publicos, Dela Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  4. Aportación Latinoamericana a la producción científica and ciencias bibliotecológicas y de información

164. Cataloguing

Theme: "International Activities in Cataloguing"

  1. Serial standards in convergence: ISBD(S) developments
    Normes des publications en série en convergence : développements concernant les ISBD(s)
    Normativa de publicaciones seriadas1 en cooperación: desarrollos ISBD(S)
    INGRID PARENT (National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Canada)
  2. The birth and re-birth of the ISBDs: process and procedures for creating and revising the International Standard Bibliographic Descriptions
    Nacimiento y re-nacimiento de las ISBDs: proceso y procedimientos para crear y para revisar las Descripciones Bibliográficas Internacionales Normalizadas.
    Naissance et renaissance de l'ISBD : Processus et procédure de création et de révisiondes Descriptions Bibliographiques Internationales Normalisées JOHN BYRUM (Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division, Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
  3. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship: a comparison of the description and access to the object of interest between the libraries and archives
    Serait-ce le début d'une belle amitié ?
    "Podría tratarse del inicio de una buena amistad": comparación de la descripción y acceso a objetos de interés entre bibliotecas y archivos"
    Russian Version
    EEVA MURTOMAA (Helsinki University Library)
  4. A time to build: Israeli cataloguing in transition
    Eine Zeit des Aufbaus- Israelische Katalogisierung im Übergang
    Una oportunidad de construir: la catalogación israelí en transición
    Russian Version
    "L'heure est venue de bâtir" Période de transition pour le catalogage en Israël CHAIM SEYMOUR (Cataloguing Department, Bar-Ilan University, Israel)

165. Art Libraries

Theme: "Cataloguing Ephemera in the Art Library: Towards Integrated Access"

  1. Artists in Canada: a national resource
  2. Artistes au Canada: une Ressource Nationale
    JO NORDLEY BEGLO and CYNDIE CAMPBELL (National Gallery of Canada Library, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
  3. Cataloguing artist files: one library's approach to providing integrated access to ephemeral material
    DANIEL STARR (Museum of Modern Art Library, New York, New York, USA)
  4. Are the last exhibitions brochures available? Problems and solutions for a neglected material in museum libraries
    ¿Tiene los folletos de las últimas exposiciones?.Problemas y soluciones para un material descuidado en las bibliotecas de museos. JAVIER DOCAMPO (Biblioteca National, Madrid, Spain) and ROSARIO LOPEZ DE PRADO (Museo Arquelogico Nacional, Madrid, Spain)


166. Cultural evening at the Israel Museum

Thursday, 17 August

WORKSHOPS: limited accommodation; first-come, first-served


167. FAIFE joint with Library Theory and Research: Workshop

Theme: "Libraries and Codes of Ethics"

  1. To be announced
    THOMAS J. FROEHLICH (Kent University, Kent, Ohio, USA)
  2. TBA

168. Cataloguing: Workshop

Theme: "Metadata"

  1. Creation of the electronic resources Meta-database in Russia: problems and prospects
    Creación de la base de metadatos de recursos electrónicos en Rusia: problemas y perspectivas
    N. KAPAROVA and M. SHWARTSMAN (Russia)

169. Government Information and Official Publications: Workshop Hebrew University

Theme: "Government Information on the Web"

    Coverage will include a basic introduction to the World Wide Web, a lesson in search engines, and a tour of Web sites of governments, parliaments and international organizations. Using a variety of GIOPs members, a hand-on workshop for a maximum of 45 persons will be held.

    Pre-registration required. Please register with Jerry Mansfield at: jerryusps@yahoo.com

170. National Libraries: Workshop


171. User Education: Workshop Hebrew University, Mount Scopus

Theme: "Training the Information User for the Global Library of the Future"

  1. Diversity of training versus diversity of users: the Z Aranne Central Education case study
    SANDA BERCOVICI (Z Aranne Central Education Library, Hebrew University, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel)
  2. Information competencies: the case study of AUS Economics students in Mexico
    MIRIAM RIOS (University of Sinoala, Mexico)
  3. The thinking preferences of learners in cataloguing and classification: summary of a study of second-year students at the University of Pretoria
    HELENA S. COETZEE AND ANN-LOUISE DE BOER (University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa)

Pre-registration required. Please register with Doriana Loof .

172. Library Services to Multicultural Populations: Workshop Part I

Theme: "Library Services to Arab Communities"

  1. Libraries in the West Bank and Gaza: Obstacles and possibilities
    ERLING BERGAN (Bibliotekarforbundet, Orslo, Norway)
  2. Libraries and the Arab populations of Israel: History, current trends and challenges
    SHMUEL SEVER, IRENE SEVER (University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel)
  3. Library service to Arabic speaking immigrants and refugees in Denmark
    BENEDIKTE KRAGH-SCHWARZ (Folkebibliotekernes Indvandrerbibliothek, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  4. TBA
    Speaker to be announced

173. UDT Workshop

Theme: "Documents and Digital Libraries"



174. Library History in association with the Association of Jewish Libraries, Judaica Librarians Group, and Hebraica Libraries Group: Workshop

Theme: "Historical Threads of Judaica and Hebraica Librarianship"

Session 1: Theme: "How to Find the Jewel in the Crown: Judaica Cataloguing and Classification"

  1. The development, revision and use of a classification system for libraries of Judaica
    DAVID ELAZAR (Rishon LeZion, Israel)
  2. The importance of leaflets as an historical source and the difficulties in cataloguing them
    MEIRA HARROCH (Jerusalem National and University Library, Jerusalem, Israel)
  3. Hebrew Subject Headings at Bar-Ilan University: an update
    GITA HOFFMAN (Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel)

Session 2: Theme: "The Written Word: Manuscripts and Archives"

  1. Recent trends in describing Hebrew manuscript collections
    Orientations récentes dans la description des collections de manuscrits hébreux
    ROGER KOHN (Oberlin College, Ohio, USA)
  2. Private manuscripts library of an Italian rabbi
    YAEL OKUN (Institute for Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts, Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, Israel)
  3. The status of libraries in Israeli historical archives
    SILVIA SHENKOLEWSKI KROLL(Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel)

Session 3: Theme: "Who, Where and When? Special Types of Judaica Reference Materials"

  1. A look at Rabbinic biographical dictionaries published since 1950
    AVRAHAM GREENBAUM (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel)
  2. Who invented the index? An agenda for research on information access features of Hebrew and Latin manuscripts
    BELLA HASS WEINBERG (St. John's University, New York, USA)

Session 4: Theme: "Special Interest Collections"

  1. Developing a Jewish genealogy library: the Israel Genealogical Society Library as a case study
    HARRIET KASOW (Bloomfield Library for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel)
  2. Challenges facing the Simonseniana Collection: priorities and strategies for network communication and cooperation
    ULF HAXEN (Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  3. Judaica Collections/Libraries in the DC area
    ANN MASNIK (University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USA)
  4. Special interest collections - the origins and activities of casa shalom - the institute for marrano-anusim studies", gan yavneh israel 70800
    GLORIA MOUND(Institute for Marrano-Anusim Studies, Israel)

Session 5: Theme: "Bibliographic Milestones: The Old and the New"

  1. The Friedberg Genizah project
    TAMAR LEITER (Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, Israel)
  2. Publishing and the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox
    CHAIM SEYMOUR (Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel)
  3. The Hovevei Zion Tribute Album presented to Mosesv Montefiore on his 100th birthday
    BARRY WALFISH (University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada)

175. Mobile Libraries: Workshop

Theme: "Telling Mobile Libraries' Story: Collecting the Past to Build a Future"

    The workshop will emphasize historical stories about experiences of use of mobile libraries on how particular library services were planned. Contributions will include cooperative or collaborative projects with community-based groups to provide mobile services; unique mobile services; special initiatives undertaken to identify and plan services for unserved or underserved populations; approaches to user education through mobile libraries; and teaching technology on mobile units.

  1. Travelling books and the spirit of Tam Boon
    MANTANA CHAROENPAED (The Central Library, Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand)
  2. Mobile library program in Thailand border areas
    CHANTANA PARKBONNGKOCH (Behavioral Science Research Institute, Srinakharinwirot University)
  3. Mobile libraries in Thailand
    POOLSOOK PRIWATRWORAWUTE (Librarian, Thammasat University Libraries, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand)
  4. Report on mobile library services in Khanh Hoa
    Rapport sur les services de bibliothèque mobile de Khanh Hoa
    DANG VIHN HUE (Library of Khan Hoa Province Nha Trang, Vietnam)
  5. Reaching out through a mobile library
    Elargir le champ d'action sociale avec les bibliotheques mobiles
    SUJIN BUTDISUWAN (Academic Research Center, Mahasarakham University, Thailand)
  6. Memory of basic library systems (lines)
    HOANG VAN DINH (Baria-Vung Tau Library, Vietnam)
  7. Telling the mobile libraries story: collecting the past to build a future
    KULTHORN LERDSURIYAKUL (Ministry of Education, Bangkok, Thailand)
  8. Mobile library services by a library school: Chiang Mai University, Thailand
    TASANA SALADYANANT (Chiang Mai University, Thailand)
  9. "Epos" - Norway´s floating library
    ANNE MARIE OEVSTEGAARD (Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune, Fylkesbiblioteket)

176. Reading: Workshop

Theme: "Library-Based Programmes to Promote Literacy"

  1. After literacy, what next? The challenge of sustaining a literate environment in Botswana
    GERTRUDE KAYAGA MULINDWA (Botswana National Library Service) and MARTY LEGWAILA
  2. Library-based programs to promote literacy: do they exist in Azerbaijan?
    MUZHGAN NAZAROVA (Public Affairs Section, American Embassy, Baku, Azerbajan)
  3. A public library enhances its services through family literacy
    KATHY EAST (Ohio, USA)
  4. Born to read bilingual program at San Antonio Public Library
    BARBARA IMMROTH (University of Texas, Austin, USA)

177. School Libraries and Resource Centres: Workshop

Theme: "Guidelines for School Libraries"

178. Science and Technology Libraries: Study Tour Haifa

    The full-day study tour will encompass professional visits to two outstanding university libraries: TECHNION-Israel Institute of Technology and the University of Haifa Library.

    Pre-registration is required. Please contact Rivkah Frank at rivkahf@netvision.net.il.

179. Preservation and Conservation joint with Rare Books and Manuscripts: Workshop

Theme: "Preservation of Parchment and Medieval Manuscripts" National and University Library

    Pre-registration required. Please register with the Department of Conservation and Restoration at shinshin@vms.huji.il.


179a. CLM Committee Meeting


179b Education and Training: Workshop off-site

Theme: Teaching Students with Diverse Multilingual/Multicultural Backgrounds


Place: School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Givat Ram Campus Levy Building, 1st floor (one up from Ground floor)

Chair: Dr. Susan Lazinger, School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  1. Opening address and greetings
    BLUMA PERITZ (Director, School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  2. Contesting New Identities: Literacy and Reading in Multicultural Societies
    HANNA ADONI (School of Library, Archive and Information Studies,and Director, Department of Communications, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.)
  3. Education and training in Israel
    BLUMA PERITZ (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Dr.Snunith Shoham, Bar Ilan University; Prof. Irene Sever, The University of Haifa.), SNUNITH SHOHAM (Bar Ilan University) and IRENE SEVER (University of Haifa)
  4. Teaching in a Multilingual, Multicultural Environment: A Personal Experience
    SARA FINE (University of Pittsburgh and Bar Ilan University)
  5. Modern tendencies of short-term training organization of library disciplines teachers in Higher Schools of Russia and CIS
    NATALIA JADKO (Director, Training Centre, Rudomino School Library of Foreign Literature, Moscow, Russia.)
  6. Developing a Regional Center for Continuing Education of Librarians and Information Specialists in the countries of Southern Caucasus
    MEDEA METREVELI (Board Member of the Association of Information Specialists, and Librarian/Documentalist, Georgian Export Promotion Agency), and ANA CECILIA TORRES (Escuela de Bibliothecologia y Ciencas de la Informacion, Centro de Actualizacion Bibliothecologica de Centro America, Universidad de Costa Rica)
  7. A Methodology for studying the Impact of Distance Education in Library and Information Science (LIS) on Multilingual and Multicultural Enrollment - Global and Cooperative Implications
    TERRY L. WEECH (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois, USA.)




180. Acquisition and Collection Development: Workshop

Theme: "Collection Development in the Digital Age: Organizational Challenges"

The idea for this workshop came out of discussions in the Coordinating Committee. We wanted a theme that would focus on the introduction and integration of electronic resources into our library services and organizations. To address issues such as:

  • The new demands on staff who select and acquire the information resources to serve library users, as we move from a print-centered culture to one that is increasingly based on electronic collections.
  • How must we adjust our approaches to be effective in what is essentially a new business environment for libraries - one that is very different from the familiar world of print publishers, book dealers, and subscription agents - but instead is based on licensing products from entrepreneurial information companies sometimes with very little background in dealing with libraries, and perhaps little understanding of our mission and values.
  • We also wanted practical focus on the immediate challenges ahead rather than a long-term view of how the digital library may ultimately redefine library collections and services. That kind of speculative forecasting is all well and good, but even if you accept the premises on which the predicted outcomes are based, they rarely tell us much about how to get from here to there. "Making it happen" has always been the role of collection development and acquisition librarians, and we will continue that focus in this workshop.
If you look at a brief overview of the timeline leading to the present era of vast and rapidly expanding web-based resources, for many libraries we can go back to the mid-1970s to mediated batch mode searches through services such as Dialog and BRS. At the same time, shared bibliographic databases were being developed and the early beginnings of online catalogs were taking shape.

In the 80s we saw expansion in these directions and the advent of CD Rom as a major technology in the provision of electronic information. Through this period electronic information services complemented and provided improved access to print collections, but did not challenge them as a primary information resource. Libraries accommodated them for the most part within the context of traditional organizational frameworks and operational practices.

It was with the beginning of the world wide web in 1993 that the explosive growth in the availability of networked information began - culminating with web versions of bibliographic databases; abstracts and indexes; reference sources such as encyclopedias and directories; databases of all types -- scientific, economic, and demographic. Archival collections of poetry and other literary works. Almost no type of collection or informational resource is excluded from the web.

But the most important resources in terms of impact on library collections in recent years has been full-text electronic journals from publishers and aggregators, current issues as well as back files through projects such as JSTOR. And more recently the electronic book, a quickly expanding and aggressively marketed commercial product that has been heavily capitalized.

Added to the web-based electronic resources that can be purchased or licensed, of course, is the overwhelming abundance of free information on the web that can be harvested, evaluated, selected and organized for addition to our institutional electronic collections.

Taken together, these new electronic resources present an unprecedented opportunity to increase access to information, and expand services to users. At the same time they represent formidable challenges to our traditional library organizations and ways of doing business. A discussion of these challenges, and the measures libraries have taken to meet them, is the topic of today's workshop.

  • Fiscal challenges, as electronic collections and the infrastructure to support them are not cheap, affecting our capacity to acquire print collections.
  • They challenge our traditional principles of collection development - or more exactly, they create a new context in which applying the traditional principles is more difficult.
  • They create a demand for new knowledge and skills among our staffs -- legal expertise, technical knowledge, negotiating skills - and not just in specialist staff, but in a wide range of positions throughout the library. New arrangements of staff to bring all the relevant skills to bear on the issues of electronic collections must be devised.
  • They create a need to forge new partnerships and consortial agreements that result in working arrangements that impact the way we develop our collections.
We will discuss the issue from three distinct perspectives:

First, Larry Alford, Deputy University Librarian at the University of North Carolina, U.S., will provide some general background on the issues from the particular perspective of a university research library.

Second, Jim Vickery, Director of Collection Development at the British Library, will discuss the measures taken at the British Library to integrate electronic collections into the Library's programs. Although the scale of operations at the British Library far exceeds those of the rest of us -- what they do at the national libraries has a profound impact on library services in a country, and we often look to the national libraries for best practices, not to mention that comforting feeling that there are libraries that face problems much more difficult than our own.

Third, Yasar Tonta, Associate Professor of Hacettepe (Hagettepe) University in Ankara, will describe the role that cooperative arrangements can play in making access to electronic resources more affordable to larger numbers of libraries. He will focus on the Turkish experience - their success and frustrations, but ultimately on the remarkable promise of consortial arrangements to expand availability of information.

  1. The impact of digital resources on organization and management of collection development and acquisitions
    LARRY ALFORD (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA)
  2. Reorganization in the British Library to acquire electronic resources
    Réorganisation a la British Library pour acquérir les ressources numériques
    JIM VICKERY (Department of English Language Selection and Services, British Library, London, UK)
  3. Cooperative collection development of electronic information resources in Turkish university libraries
    YASAR TONTA (Department of Library Science, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey)

181. Classification and Indexing: Workshop

Theme: "Crosswalks between Languages, Cultures, Religions in Classification and Indexing"

  1. The indexing of electronic publications - Ways out of heterogeneity
    FRIEDRICH GEISSELMANN (Universitäsbibliothek Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany)
  2. Classification of religion in LCC
    JOLANDE GOLDBERG (Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
  3. The MACS Project : Multilingual Access to Subjects (LCSH, RAMEAU, SWD)
    PATRICE LANDRY (Schweizerische Landesbibliothek, Bern, Switzerland)
  4. Problems in the use of Library of Congress subject headings as the basis for Hebrew subject headings in the Bar-Ilan University Library
    DAVID WILK (Wurzweiler Central Library. Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel)

182. Audiovisual and Multimedia: Workshop

Theme: "Cooperation between Institutions Concerning Access to Audiovisual and Multimedia Material"

  1. Multimedia in German libraries - aspects of cooperation and integration
    Le multimédia dans les bibliothèques allemandes - intégration et aspects de coopération
    MONIKA CREMER (Niedersächisische Staats - und Universitätsbibliothek, Göttingen, Germany)
  2. The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive: a focus for cooperation
    MARILYN KOOLIK (Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive, Jerusalem, Israel)
  3. Developing an itinerant multimedia collection on Canadian Studies to share among information services in Latin America
    PAOLA PICCO (Centre of Canadian Uruguayan Studies, Montevideo, Uruguay) and GRACIELA DA COSTA (University School of Librarianship, Montevideo, Uruguay)

183. Bibliography joint with Education and Training: Workshop

Theme: "Teaching Bibliography Today"

  1. Bibliographic control - is the current training still relevant?
    Contrôle bibliographique - la formation est-elle encore pertinente?
    Bibliographische Kontrolle - Ist der gegenwärtige Stand der Ausbildung ausreichend?
    RETHA SNYMAN (South Africa)
  2. Bibliographical control: self-instruction from individualized investigations
  3. Teaching bibliography, bibliographical control, and bibliographical competence
    MONA MADSEN (Denmark)
  4. TBA
    M. KANIKI (South Africa)

184. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries joint with CLM: Workshop

Theme: "Copyright: A Question of Balance"

    This workshop is part of the Section's project to publish guidelines and/or a manual with concrete examples of contracts used by universities and research institutes to secure the right to fair use of copyrighted research and teaching materials produced by their staff. The goal of the manual is to demonstrate how to develop systems and procedures to facilitate access to copyright materials to support research.

  1. Rights Management at the Open University in England
  2. The Impact of Open Sources and Open Contents
  3. The future of copyright management. european perspectives
    L'Avenir de la Gestion des Droits D'Auteur en Europe
  4. The Future of Copyright Management. U.S. Perspectives
  5. The Future of Copyright Management: Library Perspectives
    L'avenir de la gestion du droit d'auteur : Le point de vue des bibliothèques

185. Social Sciences Libraries: Workshop Off-site

Theme: "The Evaluation of Social Science Gateways to the WWW"

Several social science subject gateways will be evaluated by gateway specialists not connected to the gateways being evaluated.

Pre-registration required. Please register with Jakob Andersen at jak@dpb.dlh.dk

  1. Internet librarianship: traditional roles in a new environment
    KATE SHARP (University of Bristol, Bristol, UK)
  2. An evaluation of SOSIG/BIZED
    TOINI ALMAINEN (Jyväskylä University Library, Jyväskylä, Finland)
  3. An evaluation of GESIS
    TRIX BAKKER (Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, Netherlands)
  4. An evaluation of the Finnish Virtual Library
    H. PETER OHLY (Sozialwissenschaften, Bonn, Germany)

186. Libraries Serving Multicultural Populations: Workshop Off-site

    Pre-registration required. Please register with Jane Dreisig at jdr65@helsbib.dk


186a. Geography and Map Libraries SC II



Friday, 18 August


187. Past, Present and Future IFLA Conference Organizers


188. Acquisition and Collection Development SC II
189. Bibliography II
190. Audiovisual and Multimedia SC II
191. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries SC II
192. Cataloguing SC II
(193. Unallocated)
194. Government Libraries SC II
195. Libraries for the Blind SC II
196. Library and Research Services for Parliaments SC II
197. Library Buildings and Equipment SC II
198. Library Theory and Research SC II
199. Management and Marketing SC II
200. Libraries for Children and Young Adults SC II
201. Preservation and Conservation SC II
202. Public Libraries SC II
203. Rare Books and Manuscripts SC II
204. School Libraries and Resource Centres SC II
205. Statistics SC II


205a. Librarianship in Asia & Oceania : On the move (Video Presentation)


206. Report from ALA on twinning programme
    SARAH LONG (ALA, Chicago, Illinois, USA)


207. Executive Board III


208. Art Libraries SC II
209. Asia and Oceania SC II
210. Africa SC II
211. Classification and Indexing SC II
212. Document Delivery and Interlending SC II
213. Education and Training SC II
214. Government Information and Official Publications SC II
215. Information Technology SC II
216. Latin America and the Caribbean SC II
217. National Libraries SC II
218. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons SC II
219. Library Services to Multicultural Populations SC II
220. Reading SC II
221. Science and Technology Libraries SC II
222. Serial Publications SC II
223. Social Science Libraries II
224. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries SC I


225. Introduction to the OCLC Institute


226. General Research Libraries CB II
227. Special Libraries CB II
228. Libraries Serving the General Public CB II
229. Bibliographic Control CB II
230. Collections and Services CB II
231. Management and Technology CB II
232. Education and Research CB II
233. Regional Activities CB II


233a. FAIFE Business Meeting


234. Council and Closing Session SI


Saturday, 19 August

Optional tours


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