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65th IFLA Council and General

Bangkok, Thailand,
August 20 - August 28, 1999

Code Number: 092-80-E
Division Number: IV
Professional Group: Division of Bibliographic Control
Joint Meeting with: -
Meeting Number: 80
Simultaneous Interpretation:   Yes

Section on Cataloguing
Report of the activities 1998/1999

Maria Witt
Secretary of the Section
Médiathèque de la Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie
Paris, France


1. Introduction

The aim of the Section on Cataloguing is to analyze the functions of cataloguing activities (bibliographic and authority) and OPACs. The Medium Term Programme details this aim. The Section follows new trends and " is taking into account the developing electronic and networked environment in order to promote universal access to and exchange of bibliographic and authority information ". New projects are established : for example in 1998 the new WG on metadata was created. To accomplish the tasks the Section has close relationships not only with other IFLA sections but also with organizations and institutions dealing with standards including ISO/TC46 and the IFLA UBCIM programme.

Action Plan

The Action Plan 1998/1999 was reviewed. The final text was edited in October 98. It is available on IFLANet.

2. Membership and Standing Committee

The Section had 149 members in December 1998.The Standing Committee is composed of 20 permanent experts in cataloguing (9 of them have been elected until 2001 [including 4 who will finish their 2nd term in 2001], 9 - were reelected this year until 2003, 2 - are the new members since this year election). We have 6 people including corresponding members and observers. The permanent members represent mostly North America and Europe, including Russia. Three corresponding members come from other parts of the world : Central America (Cuba), Asia (China and Fiji) and Australia.We would like to expand the participation of members from Asia and Africa. We believe that Cataloguing Section projects could be interesting for them as well as for their experience ; their input would be valuable for new projects.

The Officers are :

Chair of the Standing Committee and Chair of Division IV (of Bibliographic Control): - Ingrid Parent from National Library of Canada ingrid.parent@nlc-bnc.ca;

Secretary - Maria Witt from Médiathèque de la Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris, France m.witt@cite-sciences.fr;

Information coordinator : Kerstin Dahl from Lund University Library, Sweden kerstin.dahl@ubl.lu.se.

3. Meetings and progress report on major projects of the Section

Last year the Section held meetings in connection with its projects and activities : The officers participated in Division's Officers meeting - April 1999 Paris France. The SC I and SC II took place as usually during 1998 IFLA's Annual Conference in Amsterdam. Working groups meetings took place also in August 1998 in Amsterdam: on OPACs, GARE, FSCH, ISBD Review, Metadata.etc.

The ISBD(S) Working Group met also in Copenhagen, November 1998.

Below you will find the updated information on major projects of the Section. Most of them were mentioned last year so we will point out their progress .

Study on Functional requirements for bibliographic records (FRBR)

The final report published in January 1998 (K.G. Saur, UBCIM Publications. New Series ; 19) has defined some follow-up steps, consisting of examining the impact on : National bibliographic agencies, individual libraries, cataloguing codes and guidelines, ISBD's as a whole Authority control, which is not covered in the report, should be considered (also note the work of the MLAR group) (Minimal Level Authority Record).

There were some presentations on this topic : during the Annual Conference in Amsterdam 1998 and the International Conference on National Bibliographic Services (Copenhagen, November 1998) (ref. 1). Please note also Danish presentation for this conference on the impact of FRBR on cataloguers training.

This topic is now discussed on a larger scale within different discussion groups on the international and national levels. The European Library Automation Group (ELAG) has recently dedicated a second workshop to this subject in April 1999 (ref. 1), the national committees in Denmark have implemented the project into practice, in France the FRBR were presented and discussed at the standardization meeting at the beginning of May.

Anonymous classics

Phase One consisting of the revision of the 1978 edition is in finalization. The list will be enlarged and will include the literature from Provence region and titles (in particular concerning the regional literature and folklore, etc.) from the National Library of Albania.

The introduction to the text Phase One was written in French and translated into the IFLA official languages.

Phase Two will concern Latin America and Africa. Colleagues from Guatemala, Benin, Burkina Faso and Shombourg Center for Black Culture have been contacted.

Anonymous Classics for Asia including the Turkish-Mongolian area will constitute Phase Three.

People interested in this project are invited to contact the chair : Nadine Boddaert from Bibliothèque nationale de France (e-mail fichierautorite.titres@bnf.fr )

International Conference on National Bibliographic Services

ICNBS, organized by the Division of Bibliographic Control and the UBCIM Programme took place in Copenhagen in November 1998 (25 to 27). Its aim was to review and update the Paris 1977 recommendations considering the new developments in data requirements.

It gathered 150 participants from 72 countries. The sponsorship and grants were provided for more than 30 people from Asia and Africa and 12 from East Europe by DANIDA, BIEF and France etc.

The Cataloguing section submitted a paper about our interests in the field : Olivia Madison's talk concerned the functional data requirements.

For the final recommendations see the IFLANet, ICBC and IFLA Journal.

Form and Structure of Corporate Headings

This WG has existed since 1995.After the discussion in Copenhagen 1997, the members have exchanged messages and letters. Most problematic rules have been identified and they are to be compared with AACR, RAK, AFNOR. This work continued during the Amsterdam conference. A virtual base was suggested which could be used by any library.

It is necessary to define the minimal elements and rules for corporate headings and to develop the examples based on the national usages in different countries.

GARE - Guidelines for authority and reference entries

The objective of this work is to publish a single comprehensive and flexible set of rules, giving examples (covering all materials, music, electronic resources, legal works...). Two specific issues will be treated : legal materials (treaties, laws) and seriality.

This group worked closely with the MLAR group (Minimal Level Authority Record).

Guidelines for OPAC displays

This new project started in 1997. Dorothy McGarry is chair of the working group.

Its goal is to recommend guidelines for good practice for OPACs display and retrieval. Other IFLA sections are involved (Bibliography, Classification, Information Technology).

Martha Yee from the University of California at Los Angeles was chosen as the consultant to help the group to draft the report.

The first draft circulated among members of the task force before August 1998 and almost the entire draft was discussed during the meeting at Amsterdam (1998).

Comments were transmitted to Martha Yee, who prepared the new version of the draft report in October. The updated version dated December 1998 has been sent for world wide review. The comments were expected by the end of April. The results of this work and comments will be presented during the Bangkok Conference.


In order to revise the ISBD(S), the working group was established in 1997 and is chaired by Ingrid Parent. It works in close cooperation with the Section on Serials, with the ISSN International Centre and with AACR 2 revision which is considering some radical changes in the matter of serials.

Major topics were discussed eg. electronic serials, metadata as well as definition of a serial and seriality. In Amsterdam (1998) seven topics were determined for analysis by each member of the WG and the last meeting took place in November 1998. The end of the revision is planned for August 2000.

ISBD Review Group

The group was re-installed in September 1997. It was concluded that the comparison between FRBR and ISBD(M) was necessary as the first step. It was suggested to have the same framework for all ISBDs.

The group was also interested in the impact of the AACR2 revision and metadata standards on ISBDs.

The recommendations were established, for example :

  • continue the comparison between FRBR and ISBDs (for the ISBD(M) it was done) ; the next step will be : ISBD(G).
  • explore the possibility to make the ISBDs more available than it has in the past (on the web) and publish all ISBDs together as one.

Working group on Metadata

This new group was created in 1998. It is chaired by Lynne Howarth. It is composed of members from the cataloging section and from other sections : Bibliography, Classification and indexing, National Bibliographies.

Its aim is to provide guidelines for libraries for using metadata, maintaining at the same time links with archives and other domains connected . The basic requirements from the FRBR study will be applied. The WG will contact other groups leading the same kind of projects, and with ISO/TC 46.

Minimal Level Authority Records- MLAR

The cataloguing section was involved with the project on Minimal Level Authority Records. The final report was published by UBCIM in December 1998. As for numbering : the next step will be the creation of a joined working group (the Division IV and UBCIM progamme) to study the feasibility of ISADN (International Standard Authority Data Number).

4. Publications

SCATNews (ref. 2)

The Section's newsletter is published twice a year, in print and electronic form (on the IFLANET web site). Last issue available : n11 (February 1999).

Conference papers from Amsterdam 1998 Annual Conference are in print :

International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control (ICBC) , 28(3) (ref.3)

  • "The Anglo-American cataloguing rules and their future ", by Ralph Manning from National Library of Canada ;

  • "Cataloguing vs. metedata : old wine in new bottles ? " by Stefan Gradmann from PICA ;

  • "The ISBD(CF) revision project, the features of ISBD(ER) " by John Byrum and Ann Sandberg-Fox

Cataloging and classification Quarterly (CCQ)

  • "Authority records as a reference tool for the end- user " by Thierry Giappiconi from Fresnes Public Library France

  • "Implications of the Functional requirements for ISBD(ER) by Eeva Murtomaa from Finland,
  • "Provisions for CD-ROMs " by Maria Witt from France.

Divisional brochure

The Division brochure was updated and translated into IFLA official languages as well as into Italian. The new edition and translations were available for the International Conference on National Bibliographic Services (ref. 4).

5. Conference programmes

Last year the open session "Library catalogues : responding to user needs" and the workshop on the ISBD(ER) : International Standard Bibliographic Description for Electronic Ressources were very successful. The participants appreciated the topics and presentations. We hope the same this year.

Section on Cataloguing's Open Programme

Theme : " Cataloguing Rules and Data : New Trends in Theory, Practice and Teaching "

Four following topics will be presented :

  • "Metadata and trends of cataloging in Thai libraries", by Ms Pradittta Siripan from National Science and Technology Development Agency of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangkok, Thailand ;
  • "Guidelines for OPAC displays " by Martha M. Yee, from UCLA Film and Television Archive, Los Angeles, United States ;
  • "German cataloguing rules facing the 21st century : RAK headings for internationality and online operability " by Monika Munnich from Heidelberg University Library (Germany)
  • "About the use of Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records in teaching cataloguing " by Kirsten Marie Strunck from Royal School of Library and Information Science in Copenhagen (Denmark)

These texts are available in Booklet 4 and their translations - at papers' handling desk. Some of them will as usually be published in ICBC.

The translators were members of the section or other experts.

Section on Cataloguing's Workshop

This year the general theme is " Universal Bibliographic Control in the Multilingual, Multiscript Environment ; access to information ; theory and practice".

We are pleased to introduce the following speakers :

  • Joan Aliprand (RLG, USA) who will present the "Cataloguing in the Universal Character Set Environments : Looking at the Limits ;

  • Geneviève Clavel-Merrin (Swiss National Library) will speak about " The need for cooperation in creating and maintaining multilingual subject authority files " ;

  • Paivi Pekkarinen (National Library of Health Sciences, Helsinki) has named her paper " National access in the international environment : the role of vernacular vocabularies in the context of virtual library " ;

  • Françoise Bourdon and Elisabeth Freyre (Bibliothèque nationale de France) will present " UNIMARC - multilingual and multiscript solutions " ;

  • John Byrum (Library of Congress) will present a short view on " ISO/TC 37 language codes ".

  • The local paper from Asia will concern the " Analysis of the ISBDs from the multiscript point of view ".

Open Forum of the Division IV

As usual, it will consist of a general review of the work of the Division followed by the presentations on different topics such as UBCIM and UDT Programme activities, follow-up to recommandations from the International Conference on National Bibliographic Services and a local presentation on the importance of the bibliographic control in Asia, etc. Some of the topics will be present only by written form, e.g. news on classification, annual reports, as we do not have enough time during the Open forum.

Annual reports of each section are available in Booklet 4. They will be published in ICBC.

After the Open Forum three sections of the Division IV will meet together and will exchange their opinions.


(1) FRBR

  1. User benefits of a change to the bib-model : follow-up of the IFLA Functional requirements for bibliographic records, by Peter Noerr and Dan Matei from CIMEC Institute for Cultural Memory (Romania) representing ELAG discussion group (paper presented at IFLA 1998 Annual Conference)

  2. The impact of the functional requirements for bibliographic records - recommendations on the ISBD(ER) / by Eeva Murtomaa),

  3. (paper presented at IFLA 1998 Annual Conference)

  4. Standards for international bibliographic control : proposed basic data requirements for the national bibliographic record / by Olivia Madison, (paper presented at International Conference on National Bibliographic Services Copenhagen, November 1998).

  5. Functional Requirements for retrieval of bibliographic records. Proposals for an enhanced Bibliographic model. Discussion paper at ELAG 1999 conference in Bled, Slovenia / by Ellen Beate Grinnen, Anne Munkebyaune and Liv Holm (Oslo college - faculty of journalism and information science) http://www.nuk.uni-lj/elag99/ELAG99WS4.html

2) SCATNews : Newsletter of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Section on Cataloguing. ISSN 1022-9841. 2 issues per year.

(3) ICBC : International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control IFLA UBCIM Programme. ISSN 1011 - 8829. Quarterly.

(4) Divisional Brochure

  • IFLA Division of Bibliographic Control - English version
  • IFLA Division du Contrôle Bibliographique - French version
  • IFLA Division de Control Bibliografico - Spanish version
  • Die Abteilung Bibliographische Kontrolle der IFLA - German version
  • Divisione IFLA del Controllo Bibliografico - Italian version.


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