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64th IFLA Conference Logo

   64th IFLA General Conference
   August 16 - August 21, 1998


Code Number: 166-83-E
Division Number: V.
Professional Group: Section on Acquisition and Collection Development
Joint Meeting with: Serial Publications and Publishers Liaison Committee: Workshop
Meeting Number: 83.
Simultaneous Interpretation:   No

NorthEast Research Libraries Consortium


ICOLC - International Coalition of Library Consortia

Yale University Library
P O Box 208240, 130 Wall Street
New Haven CT 06520
Phone 203-432-1764
Fax 203-432-8527
E-mail: Ann.Okerson@yale.edu


NERL - NorthEast Research Libraries Consortium and ICOLC


NERL comprises 17 academic research libraries in the Northeast United States. Its primary functions are electronic content licensing and an evolving discussion on how to share collections. NERL's common objectives include access and cost-containment, joint licensing and possible joint deployment of e-materials. NERL offers a forum in which its members can share information about management and budgeting for electronic resources. NERL focuses on expensive (over $10k) scholarly e-resources of importance to research institutions. These are primarily re-mote access resources. NERL's work is done on a volunteer basis by members. There is no paid central staff and NERL members can choose to join or not, any license that is arranged. This is not a "tight" consortium as are many state or mandated groups in the United States. In this way it offers a model for a licensing organization, whose mandate currently is not as extensive as those of some other groups represented at the workshop.

NERL Members

Boston University
Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
New York University
Princeton University
Rutgers University
Syracuse University Library
Temple University
University of Connecticut
University of Massachusetts
University of Pennsylvania
University of Rochester
Yale University

Web site



Ann Okerson,
Yale University Library
P O Box 208240, 130 Wall Street
New Haven CT 06520
Phone 203-432-1764
Fax 203-432-8527
/address> E-mail: Ann.Okerson@yale.edu

ICOLC - International Coalition of Library Consortia


About the International Coalition of Library Consortia

The International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) first met informally as the Consortium of Consortia (COC) in 1997. The Coalition continues to be an informal, self-organized group comprising (as of August 1998) 79 library consortia in North America, now expanding to the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and other countries. The Coalition serves primarily higher education institutions by facilitating discussion among consortia on issues of common interest. At times during the year, ICOLC may conduct meetings dedicated to keeping participating consortia informed about new electronic information resources, pricing practices of electronic providers and vendors, and other issues of importance to directors and governing boards of consortia. During these sessions, the Coalition meets with members of the information provider community, providing a forum for them to discuss their offerings and to engage in dialog with consortial leaders about issues of mutual concern. For further information, and to be listed on this web site, send e-mail to the address linked at the web site. All consortia anywhere in the world, who are in general agreement with the ICOLC Statement of Current Perspective (see below) are most welcome.

Documents of the ICOLC

The following small collection of documents can be found on the web site:

List of participants

This lists consortia that participate on the ICOLC consortia listserv. If the consortium has completed a descriptive profile, the name highlighted in grey will link to it. The profile contains general background about the consortium's size, composition, activities, web sites, and people to contact for further information. (Organizations whose profile is not yet here may submit their profiles.)

August 1998