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   64th IFLA General Conference
   August 16 - August 21, 1998


Code Number: 161-83-E
Division Number: V.
Professional Group: Section on Acquisition and Collection Development
Joint Meeting with: Serial Publications and Publishers Liaison Committee: Workshop
Meeting Number: 83.
Simultaneous Interpretation:   No

The Association of Dutch University Libraries, the Royal Library, and the Library of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

John Gilbert
Universiteit Maastricht,
(vice chairman, UKB)
E-mail: j.gilbert@ub.unimaas.nl


Status and organisation

UKB is an association (not a legal entity), comprising the major research and academic libraries in the Netherlands.

UKB is regarded as important advisory body by the Dutch Universities and by governmental institutions in the area of scientific information.

Participants in UKB are the head librarians of the libraries involved, who meet on a two-monthly basis. The UKB elects its own board, comprising a chairman, a vice-chairman and a secretary-general. An administrative secretary assists UKB on a part-time basis. This is usually a member of staff of the secretary-general's own library organisation.

Members of UKB are also members of the advisory board of Pica, the Dutch library cooperative. Pica was originally founded by a group of university libraries to support catalogue automation at a national level.

UKB has a number of permanent advisory committees, comprising experts recruited from the member libraries. Areas covered include: manuscripts, cataloguing, subject classification, public services, and coordination of collections. UKB is also represented on the Dutch national committee on the subject of legal library affairs.


The libraries represented in UKB are:

Royal Library (national library), the Hague
Library of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Amsterdam

and the libraries of all universities in the Netherlands except the Open University, namely:

University of Amsterdam
Free University of Amsterdam
Leiden University
Utrecht University
Erasmus University, Rotterdam
Tilburg University
University of Twente, Enschede
Groningen University
Catholic University of Nijmegen
Technical University Delft
Technical University Eindhoven
Maastricht University
Agricultural University of Wageningen

UKB maintains relations with associations of university libraries in Germany (notably North Rhine Westfalia) , Belgium, and other countries


UKB aims to promote:


UKB is becoming increasingly involved in matters regarding library development and more particularly the development of the "virtual library" in the Netherlands. This involvement incurs advice on the volume and content of innovation projects in this area and discussions on the future of scientific publishing.

UKB is currently discussing its role as a national consortium for the acquisition of licenses for access to digital information and for the discussion of terms of access.

In this context UKB published a joint statement on licensing principles with the GBV in Germany and hosted a meeting between representatives of UKB, GBV, COLC, and SCONUL/CURL. This meeting helped lead to the formation of ICOLC and the publication from the USA of the ICOLC statement on licensing practices.

UKB is currently considering the need to expand its budget to support more national activity in this area.


Secretary general of UKB is:

Dr. J. H de Swart,

Librarian of the Free University of Amsterdam,
De Boelelaan,
1081 HV Amsterdam
tel: -31-20-4445140
E-mail: j.h.deswart@ubvu.vu.nl

Chairman is:

Dr. A.C. Klugkist

Librarian at Groningen University