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   64th IFLA General Conference
   August 16 - August 21, 1998


Code Number: 111-161(WS)-E
Division Number:
Professional Group: UBCIM Core Programme
Joint Meeting with: Permanent UNIMARC Committee and Division of Bibliographic Control
Meeting Number: 161.
Simultaneous Interpretation:   No

UNIMARC as a Cataloguing Format in France

Dominique Lahary
Bibliothèque départementale de Val d'Oise
Pontoise, France
E-mail: lahary@cg95.fr


1 - History

The UNIMARC format was introduced in France by the State, firstly in public libraries.

2 - UNIMARC, national exchange formats

3 - A predominating cataloguing format

4 - Lessons and prospects