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63rd IFLA General Conference

Copenhagen, Denmark
August 31 - September 5, 1997

Alphabetical list of Authors

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1. Professional Board I


2. General Research Libraries CB I
3. Special Libraries CB I
4. Libraries Serving the General Public CB I
5. Bibliographic Control CB I
6. Collections and Services CB I
7. Management and Technology CB I
8. Education and Research CB I
9. Regional Activities CB I
10. Executive Board I


11. Reception, Executive Board, Professional Board, Danish Organizing Committee and DK-VIP and sponsors present
Round Tower



12. Art Libraries Workshop
Danish Museum of Decorative Art
  1. Internet and Copyright Regarding Pictorial Art
    MARGRETHE TOTTRUP (Danish National Library Authority, Copenhagen)
  2. Le rôle des bibliothèques d'art dans la formation et d'information des jeunes artistes. Le traitement de 1'actualité.
    JEAN PAUL ODDOS (Conservateur en chef, Documentation du Musée national d'art moderne - Centre de création industrielle, Centre Georges Pompidou)
  3. Art in the Art Library: small faces of "Library Products"
    KYOKO TOMATSU (Library Point Co., Tokyo)
  4. Redressing Past Cultural Biases and Imbalances in South Africa: A Contribution by the Library of the South African National Gallery
    JOSEPHINE ANDERSEN (South African National Gallery, Cape Town)
  5. Memory of the World - Preserving our Documentary Heritage
    ABDELAZIZ ABID (Information and Informatics Division, UNESCO )


13. National Libraries SC I
14. University Lib. and other General Research Libraries SC I
15. Library and Research Services for Parliaments SC I
16. Government Libraries SC I
17. Information Technology SC I
18. Geography and Map Libraries SC I
19. Science and Technology Libraries SC I
20. Management of Library Associations EC
21. Reading SC I
22. Public Libraries SC I
23. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons SC I
24. Cataloguing SC I
25. School Libraries and Information Centres SC I
26. Libraries for the Blind SC I
27. Library Services to Multicultural Populations SC I
28. Bibliography SC I


29. Danida Grant Recipients SI


30. Children's Libraries SC I
31. Classification and Indexing SC I
32. Acquisition and Collection Development SC I
33. Document Delivery and Interlending SC I
34. Serial Publications SC I
35. Government Information and Official Publications SC I
36. Rare Books and Manuscripts SC I
37. Preservation and Conservation SC I
38. Library Buildings and Equipment SC I
39. Social Sciences Libraries SC I
40. Statistics SC I
41. Education and Training SC I
42. Open
43. Management and Marketing SC I
44. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries SC I
45. French Association members with francophone Danida Grant recipients


48. Mobile Libraries EC
49. Newspapers EC
50. Audiovisual and Multimedia EC
51. Women's Issues EC
52. Continuing Professional Education EC
53. Library History EC
54. Editors of Library Journals EC
55. User Education EC
56. Regional Activities: Africa SC I
57. Regional Activities: Asia and Oceania SC I
58. Regional Activities: Latin America and the Caribbean SC I
58a. Library Theory and Research SCI


59. Caucus: Canada
60. Caucus: France
61. Caucus: Germany
62. Caucus: Netherlands
63. Caucus: Portuguese-speaking librarians
64. Caucus: CIS
65. Caucus: Scandinavia
66. Caucus: UK
67. Caucus: USA
68. Caucus: Third World


69. Reception for IFLA Officers (on invitation only)

70. Newcomers reception
Copenhagen Main Public Library



71. IFLA Orientation for Newcomers SI

72. CEOs and Presidents of Library Associations with EB and PB


73. Statistics Browsing Session
The Section's browsing session has the form of a small exhibition of national statistical documents to allow delegates to compare library statistics from different countries. The browsing session will focus on statistics of university libraries (teaching and research).

74. Start-Up Meeting to Consider Social Responsibilities Discussion Group


75. Internet Discussion Group


76. Library and Research Services for Parliaments


77. Unesco Open Forum SI


78. Performance Measurement Discussion Group

79. Start-Up Meeting to Consider Friends and Advocates of Libraries Discussion Group
As libraries throughout the world seek additional sources of funding, the proposed Discussion Group will explore the outlook for voluntary philanthropy and advocacy, seeking ways in which libraries can augment their financial support and expand their visibility.

80. Start-Up Meeting to Consider General Reference Services Discussion Group
The scope of the proposed Discussion Group will include reference in all types of libraries and in all regions. Topics include the organization of reference departments, quality of reference work, ethics that affect reference work, the impact of electronic materials in reference work and strategies for the future.


81. Contributed Papers Session I SI

  1. The Right to Information as a Condition for Human Development     English Text     German Text
    MARIAN KOREN (NBLC, The Hague, Netherlands)
  2. Libraries and Cultural Priorities in Africa
    ELIZABETH MATARE (Assistant Librarian, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe)
  3. JSTOR: Building an Internet Accessible Digital Archive of Retrospective Journals     English Text     French Text
    RICHARD DE GENNARO (Senior Library Advisor, JSTOR)
  4. La Biblioteca Publica y el Desarrollo Humano
    EMIR JOSE SUAIDEN (Profesor del Departamento de Bibliotecología, y Ciencia de la Información de la Universidad de Brasilia)
  5. To be announced

82. CAIFE Committee meeting (closed)


83. Council I SI


84. Opening of Exhibition/ Reception



85. Division of Libraries Serving the General Public Open Forum SI

  1. Developments in Scandinavian librarianship
    BORGE SORENSEN (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  2. The Division of Libraries Serving the General Public - A Survey
    SISSEL NILSEN (Chair of Division 3) and TORNY KJEKSTAD (Secretary of Division 3)
  3. Public libraries more vital than ever
    SISSEL NILSEN (Baerum Public Library, Bekkestua, Norway)
  4. School libraries as information and resource centres
    PAULETTE BERNHARD (EBSI/Université de Montréal, Montreal, Canada)
  5. Goals for the Section of Library Services to Multicultural Populations towards the year 2000
    ANTOINE CARRO-REHAULT (Ministère de la Culture et de la Francophonie, Paris, France)

86. Division of Bibliographic Control Open Forum

  1. Section on Classification and Indexing Review of Activities, 1996-1997    English Text    French Text
    DONNA DUNCAN (McGill University, Montreal, Canada)
  2. IFLA Section on Cataloguing Annual report 1996/1997
    SUZANNE JOUGUELET (Secretary of the Section)
  3. IFLA section on bibliography: report of activities, 1996/97
       English Text     French Text
    ROSS BOURNE (Chair of the Section)

87. Contributed Paper Session II SI

  1. Serving the Unserved in the Year 2000     English Text     German Text
    ELIZABETH M. GERICKE (South Africa)
  2. The Collaborative Library community - some basic pre-requisites - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 32K]
    MOGENS BRABRAND JENSEN (Managing director of the Danish Library Centre Ltd.)
  3. Empowering young women through information literacy
    LESLEY S. J. FARMER (Corte Madera, California, USA)
  4. Libraries, New technologies and Human resources: the challenge to the 21st century
  5. Internet and Its Impact on Developing Countries: Examples from China and India - Draft: January 1997 or New Version - French version
    XIAOYING DONG (Department of Information Management Peking University) and KANTI SRIKANTAIAH (World Bank)

87a. Library and Research Services for Parliament Informal Meeting


88. Art Libraries

Theme: "Studying Scandinavian Art and Design at Home and Abroad"
  1. Promoting Scandinavian design and history
    MIRJAM GELFER-JfRGENSEN (National Library for Art and Design, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  2. Bibliografía sobre arte y artistas de los paises Nordicos a travès de las monografias y catalogos de exposiciones en España
    ALICIA GARCIA MEDINA (Instituto Patrimonio Historico Español, Madrid, Spain)
  3. The National Museum of Photography at the Royal Library, Copenhagen
    INGRID FISCHER JONGE (Department of Maps, Prints and Photographs, Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark)

88a. Geography and Map Libraries

  1. University of South Carolina Map Library
    DAVID C. MCQUILLAN (University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, USA)
  2. University of Connecticut, Map and Geographic Information Center
    PATRICK MCGLAMERY (University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, USA)
  3. The Pennsylvania State University, Documents/Maps
    MELISSA LAMONT (Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA)


89. Open Forum of Core Programmes SI

  1. 1996 Annual Report of the ALP Programme
    Report of the work of the ALP Core Programme - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 27K]
    BIRGITTA BERGDAHL (Core Programme Director)
  2. Report of the work of the PAC Core Programme
  3. Annual Report of the IFLA Programme for Universal Availability of Publications (UAP) and Office for International Lending (OIL)
    GRAHAM P. CORNISH (Programme Director)
  4. IFLA Core Programme for Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC (UBCIM) Report on activities 1996-1997
  5. Universal Dataflow and Telecommunications Core Programme - 1996 Annual Report - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 34K]
    LEIGH SWAIN (UDT Core Programme Director)


90. CAIFE Open Forum SI


91. Opening Session SI

92. Plenary Session SI


93. Gala Evening hosted by the Ministry of Culture



94. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries

Theme: "Financing and Budgeting in a Time of Change"
  1. Financing and budgeting in a time of change: the state of the art in Denmark   French Text
    SVEND LARSEN (State and University Library, Aarhus, Denmark)
  2. Creative financing of academic libraries in the next century
    HANNELORE B. RADER (University of Louisville Libraries, Louisville, Kentucky, USA)
  3. Cost analysis in academic libraries
    ROSWITHA POLL (University Library, Munich, Germany)

95. Classification and Indexing SI

  1. L'application de la Classification Dewey à la Bibliothèque Nationale de France
    SUZANNE JOUGUELET (Direction de l'Imprimé et de l'audiovisuele, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, France)
  2. The order of catalogues - towards a democratic classification and indexing in publich libraries
    HANNE ALBRECHTSEN (Royal School of Librarianship, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  3. The key role of classification and indexing in view-based searching - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 115K]
    STEVEN A. POLLITT (Centre for Database Access Research, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK)
  4. Picture and text classification based in discourse analysis
    ANNELISE MARK PEJTERSEN (System Analysis Department, National Laboratory, Copenhagen, Denmark)

96. Management of Library Associations

Theme: "How Do We Wake Awareness about Ourselves: Advocacy and Policy Development in Library Associations"
  1. Latt's Response to the National Library Issue in Trinidad and Tobago
  2. To be announced
    ROGER PARENT (American Association of Law Libraries, Chicago, Illinois, USA)
  3. How does EBLIDA promote the interests of libraries at European Union level?
    BARBARA SCHLEIHAGEN (EBLIDA, The Hague, Netherlands)
  4. The Art of Delivering the Correct Answer
    ANNSOFIE OSCARSSON (Swedish Library Association)
  5. How Do We Wake Awareness about Ourselves: Advocacy and Policy Development in Library Associations
    KAY RASEROKA (University of Botswana Library, Gaborone, Botswana)
  6. To be announced
    ANNE VALMAS (Estonian Librarians Association, Tallinn, Estonia)

97. Government Information and Official Publications SI

Theme: "New Approaches and Electronic Media for Delivering Government Information and Official Publications to the People"
  1. L'information électronique pour le citoyen: la Révolution se poursuit en France
    LYDIA MERIGOT (Documentation Française, Paris, France)
  2. WINGS across America: the U.S. postal service delivers electronic government information
    JERRY W. MANSFIELD (U.S. Postal Service Corporate Library, Washington DC, USA)
  3. Virtually yours: Canadian government information on the Internet
    BRUNO GNASSI (Depository Services Program for Libraries, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
  4. Here today, gone tomorrow? Preserving electronic government information for the future
    MELISSA LAMONT (Pattee Library, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA)

98. Children's Libraries

Theme: "Danish Culture and Literature for Children"
  1. An Outline on the Policy of Danish Children's Culture   English Text    French Text     German Text
    BENTE BUCHHAVE (Royal School of Librarianship, Aalborg Branch, Aalborg, Denmark)
  2. Children's Literature in Denmark. Trends and currents in the 1990s    English Text     German Text
    EVA GLISTRUP (Virum, Denmark)
  3. Reading promotion: why hurry? The eternal conflicts between children's playing nature and society's reading culture
    BETH JUNCKER (Royal School of Librarianship, Copenhagen, Denmark)

99. Editors of Library Journals

Theme: "Towards Electronic Journals"
  1. Changing the galaxy: on the transformation of a printed library journal to an electronic one - the case of INSPEL - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 39K]
    HANS-CHRISTOPH HOBOHM (Fachhochschule Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany)
  2. Using the World Wide Web to complement print journals: the experience of Cataloguing and Classification Quarterly
    ROGER BRISSON and RUTH CARTER (Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
  3. The case for retaining printed LIS journals
    MAURICE B. LINE (Harrogate, UK)

100. Information Technology joint with Document Delivery and Interlending and the UDT Core Programme

Theme: "ILL Protocol Standard: Interlibrary Loan in an Open Networked Environment"
    The objective of this session is to provide delegates with an introduction to the capabilities of this important standard and how it can be used to support automated ILL messaging in a heterogeneous computer environment. The session will include an overview of the ISO Interlibrary Loan Protocol Standard and presentations on ILL protocol implementation activities in North America, Europe and Australia.
  1. The Interlibrary Loan Protocol Standard - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 117K]
    FAY TURNER (National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Canada)
  2. Overview of North American Interlibrary Loan Protocol Activities - English Text: [HTML version] or [Acrobat PDF version: 18K] - German Text: [HTML version]
    MARY JACKSON (Association of Research Libraries, Washington DC, USA)
  3. ILL Protocol Related Activities in the UK, Europe and Australia - Text: [HTML version] or [Acrobat PDF version: 21K]
    RUTH MOULTON (Consultant, London, UK)
  4. The Application of the ISO Protocol to Existing ILL Systems - Text: [HTML version] or [Acrobat PDF version: 15K]
    MARY JACKSON (Association of Research Libraries, Washington DC, USA)

101. Executive Board II (with Core Programme hosts and directors)


102. Guest Lecture Series I SI

  1. The impact of electronic publishing on the scientific information chain
    SIR ROGER ELLIOTT (Chair of the International Council of Scientific Unions, and Professor, Department of Physics, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK)


103. Poster Sessions
  1. Worldwide library framework: concept overview
    PETER CIUFFETTI (SilverPlatter Information, Inc., Norwood, USA)
  2. The Pacific Islands Association of Libraries and Archives: a model for library associations in developing countries
    ARLENE COHEN (University of Guam, RFK Library, Mangilao, Guam)
  3. State documents: a survey of collections
    SANDRA DA CONTURBIA and ZHENG YE (LAN) YANG (Sterling C. Evans Library, Texas A&M University, College Station, USA)
  4. The role of libraries in social reforms in Russia
    BORIS S. ELEPOV and ELENA B. SOBOLEVA (State Public Library and Scientific and Technical Literature, Novosibirsk, Russia)
  5. Toy libraries as part of the standard library provisions for children
    MARIE FAULKNER (Northwood, UK)
  6. The role of regional book depositories in providing a sustainable basis for scientific research and production activity
    OLGA P. FEDOTOVA (State Public Library and Scientific and Technical Literature, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)
  7. Russian libraries and IFLA
    TATIANA FEOKTISTOVA (Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow, Russian Federation)
  8. European Commission's libraries programme - projects
    C. FERNANDEZ DE LA PUENTE (European Commission-DG XIII/E-4, Luxembourg)
  9. Non-roman databases: Hebrew records at Brandeis   [Acrobat PDF Text: 30K]   [Acrobat PDF overhead: 21K]
    ROSALIE E. KATCHEN (Brandeis University Libraries, Waltham, USA)
  10. Market-based adult lifelong learning performance measures for public libraries serving lower income and majority-minority markets
    CHRISTIE KOONTZ (Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA)
  11. Preparing Babette's feast: developments in education for librarianship in northwestern Norway
    JOHAN KOREN (Nordland Regional Library, Mo I Rana, Norway)
  12. Great expectations for electronic document delivery (EED) in Russia
    OLGA LAVRIK and VIKTOR GLOUCHOV (State Public Library for Scientific and Technical Literature with the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk and Institute on Scientific Information for Social Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation)
  13. Information centers for community based organizations. An empirical-based model for community development
    W. BERNARD LUKENBILL (Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA)
  14. Interlibrary lending and document delivery in developing countries
    NIELS MARK (State and University Library, Aarhus, Denmark)
  15. Identification of essential management areas in the administration of information units in Brazil
    SILAS MARQUES DE OLIVEIRA (Graduate School of Library Science of the Catholic University of Campinas, Campinas, Brazil)
  16. To open the sky: a pilot study for increasing handicapped participation in social mainstream using common information technology
  17. Access to information - a necessity for dyslexics
    GYDA SKAT NIELSEN (European Dyslexia Association, Hörsholm, Denmark)
  18. Learning centered school libraries: a puzzle with many pieces
    H. INCI ÖNAL (Hacettepe University, Faculty of Letters, Ankara, Turkey)
  19. Digitising the patrimony
    BRUCE ROYAN (Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network (SCRAN). Edinburgh, UK)
  20. Library network for distance education: case study of Sukhothai Thammathirat open university (STOU)
    CHUTIMA SACCHANAND (Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Nonthaburi, Thailand)
  21. Library governing boards
    RALPH SCOTT (Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, USA)
  22. IGLA: the International Group of the Library Association
    MICHAEL WISE (International Group of the Library Association, Cekedigion, UK)


104. Cataloguing

Theme: "Cataloguing for the 21st Century"
  1. DanBib: a user-friendly union catalogue with fuzzy logic applied for flexible querying
    TROELS ANDREASSEN and TOMMY SCHOMACKER (Danish Library Centre A/S, Ballerup, Denmark)
  2. IFLA study on the functional requirements for bibliographic records    English Text    French Text
    OLIVIA MADISON (Parks Library, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA)
  3. The future of cataloguing and cataloguers
    MICHAL GORMAN (Henry Madden Library, California State University, Fresno, California, USA)

105. Social Sciences Libraries

Theme: "Economics and Business Libraries in Transition"
  1. Digital library developments: a realistic future?
    LYNNE BRINDLEY (British Library of Political and Economic Science, London, UK)
  2. Economic Institute Library and CERGE Library: a merge and modernization of two libraries in Prague
    STANLEY KALKUS (Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Prague, Czech Republic)
  3. How the virtual business library meets the virtual researcher
    EEVA-LIISA LEHTONEN and TEPPO SAVINEN (Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland)
  4. Focus on the journal: an evaluation of journal usage among Swedish researchers in business and economics - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 40K]
    CATARINA ERICSON-ROOS (Acquisitions and Cataloguing, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, Sweden)

106. Library Theory and Research

Theme: "Research on Library and Information Science"
  1. Change processes in public libraries: the structuring power of professional norms and standards versus external-inducing forces
    RAGNAR ANDREAS AUDUNSON (Faculty of Journalism, Library and Information Science, Oslo University, Oslo, Norway)
  2. International library and information science research: a comparison of national trends
    MAXINE ROCHESTER (School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Australia) and PERTTI VAKKARI (Department of Information Studies, University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland)
  3. The Nature of the UK research literature: some thoughts arising from a bibliometric study
    PATRICIA LAYZELL WARD (Department of Information and Library Studies, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK)

107. Public Libraries joint with Library Services to Multicultural Populations and INTAMEL

Theme: "Public Libraries and Lifelong Learning"
  1. Lifelong learning: a challenge for public libraries
    RAGNHILD SOHLBERG (Norsk Hydro, Oslo, Norway) Ms Sohlberg's presentation will be followed by brief papers from the following persons who will then participate in a panel discussion:
  2. Lifelong learning
    LORETTA O'BRIEN (Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
  3. Lifelong learning
    EUGENIA ROSINSKAYA (Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow, Russia)
  4. Public libraries and life-long learning - A southern European perspective
    JOSÉ ANTONIO CALIXTO (Biblioteca Municipal de Setubal, Setubal, Portugal)
  5. Public libraries and life long learning - African perspectives
    H. KAY RASEROKA (University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana)
  6. Internet in all public libraries - a major government initiative in Flanders, Belgium
    J. VAN VAERENBERGH (Belgium)

108. Audiovisual and Multimedia SI

Theme: "Access to Sound and Images".
  1. Introduction to the AV services in public libraries in Scandinavia
    BIBBI ANDERSSON (Upplands-Bro kommun, Kungsangen, Sweden)
  2. New access to sound and images in Roskilde
    STIG V.S. HANSEN (Roskilde kommune, Roskilde, Denmark)
  3. Reglas para descripción de audiovisuales: cooperación y proyectos internacionales
    MARIA PILAR GALLEGO (Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid, Spain)
  4. Application de l'ingénierie documentaire au domaine des non-book materials
    MADJID DAHMANE (Centre de Recherche sur l'Information Scientifique et Technique, Alger, Algeria)
  5. El proceso electrónico de los materiales multimediales a través del programa SIGEBI para bibliotecas populares
    DANIEL RAMON RIOS (Comision Nacional Protectora de Bibliotecas Populares, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

109. Serial Publications

Theme: "European Initiatives in Serials Management"
  1. The CASA project: a cooperative archive of serials and articles
    JACOPO DI COCCO (University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy)
  2. NOSP revisited: the Scandinavian Union Catalogue of Serials
    PER MORTEN BRYHN (University of Oslo Library, Oslo, Norway)
  3. The European Federation of Serials Groups: a source of information, inspiration and cooperation
    CLAUS PEDERSON (Department of Periodicals, State and University Library, Denmark)

110. Division of General Research Libraries and Division of Collections and Services Open Forum SI

Theme: "Issues on Ownership and Availability of Electronic Information"

Part I: A Public Debate on the question: "Resolved: that the copyrighting of electronic information is the best means to ensure fair access to it by all sectors of the coming world information society". Participants will be announced in IFLA Express.

Part II: Databases and electronic copyright at the December 1996 Summit of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). SANDY NORMAN (British Library, London, UK)

Part III: Electronic documents, universal availability of publications, and the digitally disadvantaged world. Panellists to be announced in IFLA Express.


111. Statistics

Theme: "Statistics of Electronic Materials and Services"
  1. Can Conventional Statistics Describe Electronic Media and Services?    English Text     French Text
    AASE LINDAHL (Odense University Library, Odense, Denmark)
  2. Characteristics of Web Accessible Information    English Text    French Text
    EDWARD T. O'NEILL (OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc., Dublin, Ohio 43017)
  3. Measurement of Electronic Services in Libraries: Statistics for the Digital Age   English Text     French Text
    PETER R. YOUNG (U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science, Washington, D.C.)

112. IALL (International Association of Law Libraries)

113. User Education

Theme: "Library Gateways and User Education"
  1. To Dissect a Frog or Design an Elephant: Teaching Digital Information Literacy through the Library Gateway
    MYOUNG CHUNG WILSON (Alexander Library, Rutgers University Libraries, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA)
  2. Finnish virtual library project - a way to evaluated Internet resources
    TOINI ALHAINEN (Jul Information Service, Finland)
  3. INTO INFO (EDUCATE) WWW based Programs for Information Education, Training and Access
  4. Patron empowerment to using library gateways in LID countries: the case of Mexico
    JESUS LAU and JESUS CORTES (Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, Juarez, Mexico)
  5. Reaching out: using Web pages at the University of Michigan
    PATRICIA YOCUM (Shapiro Science Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)

114. Women's Issues

Theme: "Libraries and Information for Human Development: Women Advancing for the Future through Life-Long Learning"
  1. Women as managers of libraries: a developmental process in India
    KALPANA DASGUPTA (Central Secretariat Library, Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi, India)
  2. Women and consumer health information
    CLAUDIA J. GOLLOP (School of Library and Information Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA)
  3. Women's issues in contemporary Chinese society: the impact of economic reform on female librarians
    ZHANG LIXIN (Foreign Languages Department, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China)
  4. Gender and equity in the Library and Information Studies curriculum: building confidence for the future
    ANNE GOULDING and MARIGOLD CLEEVE (Department of Information and Library Studies, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK)

115. National Libraries
Theme: "National Libraries as Centres of Culture"

116. Regional Activities: Africa SI

Theme: "Human Resource Development and Competencies"
  1. Factors that impact on South African black LIS professionals' perceptions to information technology
    ROBERT MOROPA (Human Resources Services Division, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa)
  2. Information management education in South African universities: towards an interdisciplinary approach
    FELICITE A. FAIRER-WESSELS (Department of Information Science, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa)
  3. Bibliothèque et priorites culturelles en Afrique
    BERNARD DIONE (Bibliothèque Centrale de l'Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, Dakar, Senegal)
  4. To be announced

117. Reading SI

  1. Le discours de la presse professionnelle sur la lecture des jeunes depuis les années soixante
    MONIQUE LEBRUN (Départament de Linguistique de l'Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada) and SUZANNE POULIOT (University of Sherbrooke)
  2. La politique de lecture adulte suédoise 1980-1997
    CATHARINE STENBERG (Hoggskolan, Boras, Sweden)
  3. Reading of minority language speakers
    MARK V. DIATCHKOV (Russian State Libary, Moscow, Russia)


118. City Hall Receptions



118a. Library Tours


119. Conference of Directors of National Libraries (CDNL)
Eigtveds Pakhuis


119a. Library Tours


120. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons joint with Libraries for the Blind

Theme: "Libraries Bridging Information Gaps": Part I
  1. Global greying: successful strategies for bridging information gaps with the elderly population
    ALLAN M. KLEIMAN (St. Johns University, Fords, New Jersey, USA)
  2. Bulgarian libraries bridging information gaps to disadvantaged persons
    DIMITRIJKA STEFANOVA (St. Cyril and Methodius National Library, Sofia, Bulgaria)
  3. The WWW as an information resource for the deaf community - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 245K]
    JOHN DAY (Gallaudet University Library, Washington DC, USA)

121. Preservation and Conservation SI

Theme: "Policies of National Libraries for the Preservation of the Library Heritage of a Nation: Nationwide Preservation Policies and Programmes"
  1. Towards a national preservation policy
    MIRJAM FOOT (Collection and Preservation Department, British Library, London, UK)
  2. Preservation Strategy in Russian Libraries: Priorities and Realization
    SVETLANA DOBROUSSINA (Conservation Department, National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia)
  3. Preservation of our documentary heritage: the role of the Russian State Library in this work
    OLGA PERMINOVA (Research Center for Conservation and Restoration, Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia)
  4. The role of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in library preservation programmes - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 61K]
    MARIE-LISE TSAGOURIA (Preservation Service, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, France)
  5. National preservation programmes
    JAN LYALL (National Preservation Office, National Library of Australia, Canberra, Australia)

122. Regional Activities: Latin America and the Caribbean SI

Theme: "Experiencias Bibliotecarias en la Recuperación y Promoción de Culturas Tradicionales"
  1. Las Bibliotecas y la Información Para el Desarrollo Humano
    ELSA RAMIREZ LEYVA (CUIB, UNAM, Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico)
  2. El proyecto de producción y promoción de materiales en lenguas indigenas en Venezuela
    HAIDEE SEIJAS (UNUMA, Caracas, Venezuela)
  3. Une aventure éditoriale en Guyane française : créer, publier, diffuser des livres pour enfants. 1988-1997.
    NICOLE MOUNIER (Bibliothèque Départamentale de Prêt de Guyane, Cayenne, Guyane)
  4. La recuperación y promoción de culturas tradicionales en las bibliotecas de Cuba
    MIRIAM MARTINEZ (Biblioteca Nacional Jose Marti, Havana, Cuba)

123. Library History

Theme: "Aspects of Baltic and American Library History"
  1. La Bibliothèque impériale de Saint-Pétersbourg. Ses rapports avec les régions Baltes au XIXe et au début du XXe siècle
    BORIS VOLODIN (Research Department, Russian National Library, St. Petersburg, Russia)
  2. The common historical and philosophical foundations of the great American libraries and museums
    DAVID CARR (Department of Library and Information Studies, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA)
  3. The Danish public library model: reality or myth?
    JöRGEN SVANE-MIKKELSEN (Royal School of Librarianship, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  4. The library history promotional activities of the Library of Congress' Center for the Book
    JOHN COLE (Center for the Book, Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)

124. Acquisition and Collection Development

Theme: "Working Together to Build Library Collections: The Economic Framework"
  1. Libraries in Cambodia: rebuilding a future and a past
    MARGARET BYWATER (The Asia Foundation, Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
  2. Buying shares in libraries: the economics of cooperative collection development    French Text
    ELIZABETH A. CHAPMAN (University of Oxford, Oxford, UK)
  3. Cooperative collection development and management: the United States' experience with rarely-held research materials
    DONALD B. SIMPSON (Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, Illinois, USA)

125. Library and Research Services for Parliaments

Theme: "Technology and the Modern Legislature"
  1. The Parliament's need for free access to information: possible barriers and practical solutions    English Text     French Text   German Text     Spanish Text
    ROB BRIAN (Parliament of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)
  2. New developments in library services and technology English Text     French Text     German Text     Spanish Text
    KAREL SOSNA (Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic, Praha, Czech Republic)
  3. New developments in parliamentary research services and technology    English Text     French Text    Spanish Text
    JACEK MICHALOWSKI and EVA NAWROCKA (Bureau of Research and Analysis, Senate of Poland, Warsaw, Poland)

126. Information Technology joint with UDT Core Programme

Theme: "Z39.50: Information Retrieval in an Open Network Environment"
    The objective of this session is to provide an introduction to the Z39.50 Information Retrieval Standard: what it is, how it works, who has implemented it. The session includes an overview of the Z39.50 standard, a more technical discussion of Z39.50 developments and a review of projects supported by the European Commission.
  1. Z39.50: The Basics - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 30K]
    FAY TURNER (National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Canada)
  2. Z39.50 Technical Issues - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 100K]
    DENIS LYNCH (SilverPlatter, UK)
  3. EC Supported Z39.50 Projects - Text: [HTML version] or [Acrobat PDF version: 21K]
    GORDON PEDERSEN (Libraries Programme, European Commission, Luxemboug)


127. Guest Lecture II SI

  1. Gateways to freedom: libraries and the next millenium
    URSULA OWEN (Editor-in-Chief, Index on Censorship, London, UK)


128. Poster Sessions
See list under meeting 103.


129. Libraries for the Blind joint with Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons

Theme: "Libraries Bridging Information Gaps": Part 2
  1. The Danish model of library services to the print-handicapped
    JOHANNES BALSLEV (County Library of Rive Amt, Esbjerg, Denmark)
  2. Share the vision
    PETER CRADDOCK (Share the Vision, Londonderry, North Ireland, UK)
  3. VISUNET; A vision of virtual library service for the blind
    ROSEMARY KAVANAGH and BARBARA FREEZE (Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Toronto, Canada)

130. Document Delivery and Interlending SI

Theme: "Preserving, While Sharing, our Treasures, Techniques, Technologies and Issues"
  1. Preservation and interlending: introduction and overview of issues
    DAVID F. KOHL (University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)
  2. The U.S. National Digital Library: implications for ILL and preservation
    DIANE NESTER KRESH (Preservation Directorate, Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
  3. The European Commission microform interlending project: implications for ILL and preservation
    ELMAR MITTLER (Nieders-Staats-und Universiteitsbibliothek,, Göttingen, Germany)
  4. The Russian interlending and preservation study: progress to date
    ELENA A. ERONIMA (Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia)

131. Government Libraries

Theme: "The Availability of Government Information as a Means of Strengthening Democracy"
  1. Public administration - public knowledge
    TUULA H. LAAKSOVIRTA (Library of Parliament, Helsinki, Finland)
  2. The challenge of openness as European Union information goes electronic
    NEVILLE KEERY (Library Services, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium)
  3. The Odin : The central web server for official documentation and information from Norway
    ELISABETH SUNDHOLM (Head of Section, Government Administration Services, the Documentation Centre, Norway)
  4. Local and global networks in practice: case study information and library services of the Ministry of Finance, Ljubljana
    VIOLETA BOTACO (Information and Library Service Department, Ministry of Finance, Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia)

132. Library Buildings and Equipment

Theme: "New National Library Buildings in the Nordic Countries"
  1. The National Library of Denmark
    CHARLOTTE ROHDE (Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  2. The National Library of Sweden
    KERSTIN WIMAN (Royal Library, Stockholm, Sweden)
  3. Library projects for the University of Helsinki
    EIJA VUORI (Helsinki University, Helsinki, Finland)
  4. The National Library of Norway
    EIRIN HAUGEN (National and University Library, Oslo, Norway)

133. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries joint with Science and Technology Libraries SI

Theme: "Improving Access to Electronic and Medical Information".
  1. Re-engineering the library to improved access to electronic health information: one research library's experience    English Text   French Text
    KAREN J. GRAVES and ELAINE R. MARTIN (Library of the Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA)
  2. Changing roles of health sciences librarians in the electronic environment: providing instructional programmes, improving access and advancing scientific communication   English text   French Text
    ANN C. WELLER (Library of the Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA)
  3. Situación de las Bibliotecas Universitarias Argentinas de Ciencia y Técnica: sus posibilidades de acceso a la información
    NANCY DIANA GOMEZ and MARIA FLORIANA COLOMBO (Biblioteca Central "Luis Federico Leloir", Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  4. Electronic resources on campus: a degree of integration    English Text     French Text
    DAVID J. PRICE (Bodleian Library, Radcliffe Science Library, Oxford, UK
  5. Electronic journals and digital libraries: an overview of recent developments in STM publishing
    ARNOUD DE KEMP (Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany)

134. Bibliography

  1. Public/private sector relationships in the production of national bibliographies     French Text
    KIRSTEN WANECK (Dansk Bibliotekscenter AS, Ballerup, Denmark)
  2. Application of IT to the bibliography of early printed books
    HENRY SNYDER (University of California at Riverside, Riverside, California, USA)
  3. An Annotated Guide to Current National Bibliographies, second edition
    French Text
    BARBARA BELL (College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio, USA)
  4. To be announced
    ROBERT HOLLEY (Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA)

135. Continuing Professional Education

136. CAIFE Committee meeting


137. Open


138. Division of Regional Activities: Africa, Asia and Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean Open Forum SI

Theme: "Libraries and Cultural Heritage in Developing Countries"
  1. Libraries and cultural heritage in Anglophone Afric
    GBOYEGA BANJO (Samuelsons Consultants, Lagos, Nigeria)
  2. To be announced
    RAPHAEL NDIAYE (Bibliothèque de l'Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, Dakar, Senegal)
  3. Preservation of the written cultural heritage in the new environment: the Indian context
    KALAPANA DASGUPTA (Central Secretariat Library, New Delhi, India) and MALABIKA GHOSH (National Library, Calcutta, India).
  4. Memory of IberoAmerica: Rescuing XIX Century Latin American Newspapers 1993-1997
    VIRGINIA BETANCOURT (Biblioteca Nacional, Caracas, Venezuela)

139. Education and Training SI

Theme: "Library and Information Science Education and the Electronic Environment"
  1. Distance learning: the role of libraries in delivering education for literacy and lifelong learning
    JOHN W. BERRY (NILRCA Consortium, Oak park, Illinois, USA)
  2. The development of education, training and research for the electronic library: challenges and opportunities
    IAN JOHNSON (School of Librarianship and Information Studies, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)
  3. Education and training of librarians and information professionals in the networked environment
    SIRJA VIRKUS (Department of Information Studies, Tallinn Pedagogical University, Tallinn, Estonia)
  4. How the library service is changing with multimediality and the global network: a new librarian for a new role   English Text     French Text
    ORNELLA FOGLIENI (Regionale Lombardia Servizio Biblioteche, Milan, Italy)

140. Management and Marketing

Theme: "Quality Issues in Management and Marketing"
  1. User perceptions of the effect of the outsourcing of U.S. government libraries: findings and conclusions of the research project
    MICHAEL KOENIG (Dominican University, River Forest, Illinois, USA)
  2. Marketing is an Attitude of Mind
    HILKKA ORAVA (Library Director, Salo Public Library, Finland)
  3. Marketing library services. How it all began.
    GRETA RENBORG (Sweden)

141. Mobile Libraries

  1. Mobile libraries ; a study in cooperation. Scottish mobile library experiences, with comparison to Swedish and Finnish examples.
    ELIZABET THORIN (The Line, Linlithgow, Scotland, UK)
  2. Mobile Libraries and New Information Services in Public Libraries: Issues Arising from the MOBILE Project
    JULIE CARPENTER (Education for Change Ltd., Carpenter Davies Associates, Oxford, UK) and IOANNIS TROHOPOULOS (Veria Public Library, Veria, Greece)
  3. Mobile library services in Denmark
    INGER SKAMRIS (Skive Public Library, Skive, Denmark)

142. Rare Books and Manuscripts joint with Newspapers

Theme: "Early Newspapers"
  1. Early newspapers and their forerunners in Central Europe
    EVA BLIEMSACH and HARTMUT WALRAVENS (Afteilung üterregionale bibliographische Dienste, Statsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preussicher Kulturbesitz, Berlin, Germany)
  2. News and modernization: newspaper structure and developments in the earliest stages of the Scandinavian press
    JETTE D. SOLLINGE (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  3. Des feuilles volantes aux périodiques: la presse en France au 17ème siècle
    PIERRE ALBERT (Institut Française de Presse, Université de Paris II, Paris, France)
  4. Newsletters and newspapers: the circulation of news in Britain in the 17th and 18th centuries
    HENRY SNYDER (University of California at Riverside, Riverside, California, USA)

143. Open

144. School Libraries and Information Centres

Theme: "School Libraries as the Basis for Lifelong Learning".
  1. School libraries as a basis for lifelong learning
  2. Information skills : the PLUS approach - a view from the UK
    JAMES E HERRING (Department of Communication and Information Studies, Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh, Scotland)
  3. The Flexible Learning Environments (FLE) Project
    ULLA KARILA (Librarian, Hämeenlinna City Library) and KAISA RISSANEN (Researcher, The Association of Finnish Local Authorities)
  4. Les CDI (Centre De Documentation Et D'information) Des Lycees Et Colleges En France : Quelle Contribution A La Formation Du Citoyen?
    FRANÇOISE CHAPRON (Maître de conférences a l'IUFM de Rouen, Présidente honoraire de la FADBEN (Fédération des enseignants documentalistes de l'Education nationale))
  5. Information Literacy: A Prototype to be Used in School Libraries
    S. DARWENT, A. M. GALLER, M. GIGUERE and J. LOCKE (Concordia University, Library Studies and Education Department, Montreal, Canada)

145. Open


Free evening for receptions at Embassies



146. Audiovisual and Multimedia joint with Preservation and Conservation, Information Technology, Library Buildings and Equipment, and the PAC Core Programme: Workshop

Theme: "Preservation of Audiovisual and Multimedia Documents"
  1. Audiovisual and multimedia documents: world cultural heritage and international programmes
  2. Sound collections (survey of collections; damages; technical approach: restoration and reproduction; accessibility)
    GERRY GIBSON (Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
  3. Film and video collections (survey of collections; damages; technical approach: restoration and reproduction; accessibility)
    to be announced
  4. A Digital Dark Ages? Challenges in the Preservation of Electronic Information.
    [Text: Acrobat PDF version: 86K] [Overheads: Acrobat PDF version: 88K]
    TERRY KUNY (XIST Inc., Ottawa, Canada)
  5. Building and equipment for audiovisual and multimedia
    GERALD GRUNBERG (Bibliothèque National de France, Paris, France)
  6. Ethical issues (restoration and transfers; selection; legal questions)
    ELIZABETH GIULIANI (Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, France)

147. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries joint with EAHIL: Workshop Danish Royal Pharmaceutical Library

Theme: "Resource Sharing in Medical Libraries: Informatics and Human Aspects"
  1. New directions in networking
    DEREK LAW (King's College, London, UK)
  2. Telematics: psycho-social problems and professional competence
    IRENE WORMELL (Royal School of Librarianship, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  3. Networks and new ways of working: human aspects
    JEAN-PHILIPPE ACCART (Centre de Documentation, Centre Hospitalier d'Argenteuil, Argenteuil, France)
  4. On resource sharing in medical libraries: informatics and human aspects
    HELEN L. HENDERSON (Information Quest, Reading, UK)
  5. Presentations from Dawson Europe, Swets Amsterdam and Ovid Technology
  6. Discussion groups

148. Education and Training: Workshop
Royal School of Librarianship

Theme: "Equivalencies and Harmonization of Library and Information Degrees"
  1. Library and information degrees: tradition and development in Estonia
    AIRA LEPIK (Estonia)
  2. Change and learning in the life of librarians - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 55K]
  3. School leaver attitudes towards librarianship: results of a survey
    NEIL GREEVE (Australia)
  4. Training library assistants in Iran
    ALI REZA BAHMANABADI (Iran) The workshop will be followed by a meeting with local educators.

149. Library and Research Services for Parliaments: Workshop Danish Folketing

Topic: The Danish Folketing and Technology Demonstrations
  1. Information about the library, archives and information services of the Folketing and their roles in the Parliament
    • a) ELISE HOLT (Information and Documentation Department)
      b) HANNE RASMUSSEN (Information and Documentation Department)
      c) ANNELISE QUISTORFF (Information and Documentation Department)
      d) Hon. Ms. BIRTHE R. HORNBECH, MP, Liberal Party
  2. Technology demonstrations
    • a) Danish homepage on WWW
      OLE SONDERGAARD (Computer Department)
      b) Comments on use of technology
      c) The Section's homepage on the WWW
      NICK BANNENBERG (Queensland, Australia)
      d) Useful legislative/parliamentary information on Internet and demonstration of Victoria bill-tracking system
      BRUCE DAVIDSON (Victoria, Australia)
      e) Icelandic bill-tracking system
      f) Discussion of conversion of video imagery to digital disk
      NICK BANNENBERG (Queensland, Australia)
  3. Guided tour of the Folketing

150. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons joint with Reading and the European Dyslexia Association: Workshop

Theme: "Access to Information: Serving Persons with Dyslexia"
  1. Introduction of European Dyslexia Association, EDA and dyslexia
    ROBIN SALTER (European Dyslexia Association, UK)
  2. Dyslexia: recent research
    CARSTEN ELBRO (University of Copenhagen, IAAS, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  3. Library service and materials for weak readers
    GYDA SKAT NIELSEN (Department for Outreach Services, Sollerod Public Library, Horsholm, Denmark)
  4. The Swedish dyslexia campaign 1996/97
    BIRGITTA IRVALL (County Library of Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden)
  5. Library service and materials for weak readers
    GYDA SKAT NIELSEN (Department for Outreach Services, Sollerod Public Library, Horsholm, Denmark)
  6. Multimedia for dyslexic persons
    KELD LUND JENSEN (Copenhagen, Denmark) and others to be announced
  7. Panel discussion
    Panel members: Claus Danielsen (Denmark); Martina Elmgren (Sweden); Birgitta Irvall (Sweden); Valeria Stelmakh (Russian Federation); Robin Salter (UK); and Gyda Skat Nielsen (Denmark)

151. Library Theory and Research: Workshop

Theme: "Libraries' Programme of the European Commission"
The workshop will include an overall presentation of the programme and then will emphasize the evaluation and dissemination of the research and development projects relating to new ways of interfacing to library services; electronic document delivery and publishing, and new alliances to develop new structures and services in a networked library and information programme. Over 80 projects have been funded in the library programme; the workshop will concentrate on the research and development projects.

152. Management and Marketing: Workshop

Theme: "Adapting Marketing to the Library and Information Centres in a Changing and Worldwide Environment"
  1. How librarians perceive marketing
      a) REJEAN SAVARD (Canada)
      b) JENS THORHAUGE (Denmark)
  2. How librarians apply marketing
      a) SISSEL NIELSEN (Norway) and CHRISTINA TOVOTE (Sweden)
      b) MARIELLE DE MIRIBEL (France)
      c) VIRGINIA WALSH (Australia)
  3. How to adapt marketing to particular contexts: Africa, former Eastern Bloc countries, and China
  4. The future of marketing in libraries: trend researching

153. Management of Library Associations joint with Management and Marketing: Workshop

Theme: "Advancing the Librarian's Role in the New Information Economy"
  1. The challenges of managing in the new information economy
    RUUD BRUYNS (Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  2. How are librarians perceived: the Austrian experience
    MARIA SEISSL (Universitätsbibliothek Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria) and MARTIN KREINZ (Universitätsbibliothek Graz, Graz, Austria)
  3. School leaver attitudes towards librarianship
    NEIL GREEVE (Department of Information Studies, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia)
  4. Advocacy: LISAN: libraries on the information network superhighway advocacy network
    J. LINDA WILLIAMS (Prince George's County Public Schools, Office of Library and Media Services, Landover, Maryland, USA
  5. Building skills for the new age

154. School Libraries and Resource Centres joint with IASL: Workshop

Theme: "Principals and School Librarians Working within an Information Literate School Community"
    Part I: International research project of the Section of School Libraries
  1. The principal's role in supporting an information literate school community: report on phase 2: quantitative research
    JAMES HENRI and LYN HAY (School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Australia)
  2. An overview of principal's support research in Canada
    DIANNE OBERG (School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)
  3. Teaching information problem solving in primary schools: an information literate survey
    PENNY MOORE (Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, Lower Hutt, New Zealand)
  4. Principal's attitude towards the school library
    HAFDIS DOEGG HAFSTEINSDOTTIR (Haskola Islands University of Iceland, Iceland) Part II: Research workshop with the International Reference Group

155. Open

156. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries: Workshop

Theme: "Financing and Budgeting in a Time of Change"
  1. Brief presentations will be made by
    a) JOSEPH A. BOISSE (University of California Library, Santa Barbara, California, USA)
    b) ALEX BYRNE (Northern Territory University, Casuarina, Australia)
  2. This will be followed by an exercise in "scenario building" in which participants will be asked to identify and rank the key variables which are likely to drive decision-making in the future. The findings of the individual working groups will serve as the basis for a general discussion among all the participants.

156a Library tours

156b Art Libraries SC I
Danish Museum of Decorative Art


157. Cataloguing joint with UBCIM Core Programme: Workshop

Theme: "Future of Communication Formats"
  1. UNIMARC: the virtual format in the virtual age
    FERNANDA CAMPOS (National Library of Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal)
  2. MARC harmonization in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom
      a) PAUL BUNN (British Library, London, UK)
      b) JOHN BYRUM (Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
      c) INGRID PARENT (National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Canada)
  3. The Nordic metadata project
    JUHA HAKALA (Automation Unit, Finnish Research Libraries, Helsinki University Library, Helsinki, Finland)
  4. Cataloguing in SGML: from tagging to markup
    Cataloguer en SGML: de l'étiquettage au balisage
    CATHERINE LUPOVICI (JOUVE Systèmes d'information, Paris, France)

158. Open

159. Public Libraries: Workshop

Theme: "Public Libraries and the Internet"
  1. Internet in everyday use
    PAIVI JOKITALO (House of Knowledge Project, Finnish Library Association, Helsinki, Finland)
  2. Internet in public libraries: the French experience
    DOMINIQUE LAHANY (Bibliothèque Departementale de Prêt du Val d'Oise, Pontoise, France)
  3. The use of Internet in small Norwegian libraries
    AASE-LIV BIRKENES (Norwegian Directorate for Public Libraries, Oslo, Norway)
  4. INTERNET in all Public Libraries. A major government initiative in Flanders (Belgium)
    JAN VAN VAERENBERGH (Centrale Openbare Bibliotheek, Leuven, Belgium)

160. Serial Publications joint with Acquisition and Collection Development and the UAP Core Programme: Workshop

Theme: "The New Economics of Publishing"
  1. The changing economic model of scholarly publishing: uncertainty, complexity and multimedia serials
    JOHN COX (Carfax Publishing, Abdingdon, Oxon, UK)
  2. Intermediaries and electronic information: what role for the subscription agent?
    ALBERT PRIOR (Swets UK, Ltd., Abdingdon, Oxon, UK)
  3. At what cost? Access to digitized journal articles
    HAZEL WOODWARD and PAULA KINGSTON (Academic Services, Pilkington Library, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK)
  4. Libraries, electronic licenses and electronic journals
    HANS GELEIJNSE (University Library, Katholieke Universiteit, Tilburg, Netherlands)
  5. Impact of electronic publishing on library budgets
    INGBRITT BUTINA (Lending Department, Danish National Library of Science and Medicine, Denmark)

161. UBCIM Core Programme: Workshop

Theme: "EDI and Beyond: Electronic Commerce and Libraries"
    The workshop is held in collaboration with EDItEUR, the European Group for Electronic Commerce in Books and Serials
  1. EDI: its Use, Benefits and Implementation in the Library Sector
    DAVID MARTIN ( Director of Book Data / Consultant to EDItEUR)
  2. After ISBN/ISSN: the Importance of Information Identifiers in a Digital World
    ALBERT SIMMONDS (Director of US ISBN Agency / RR Bowker Co)

162. UDT Core Programme joint with Information Technology: Workshop

Theme: "Z39.50: Vendor Products, Issues and Trends"
    The objective of this workshop is to illustrate the capabilities of the Z39.50 standard through the demonstration of a variety of Z39.50 products. The session will also include a panel discussion on Z39.50 issues, trends and end-user concerns.
  1. ZNavigator for Z39.50 Information Retrieval
    Part 1 - Paper: [HTML version] Part 2 - Slides: [Acrobat PDF version: 28K]
    ROBIN YEATES (Library Information Technology Centre, South Bank University, London, UK)
  2. Z39.50 and Resource Sharing - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 23K]
    MICHEL WESSELING (Geac Computers Benelux)
  3. The ARCA Z39.50 Client - Text: [Acrobat PDF version: 65K]
    JOHN FAVARO (Intecs Sistemi, S.p.A., Pisa, Italy) The panel discussion will include the speakers above, plus Denis Lynch (SilverPlatter Information ltd.) and Liv Holm (Oslo College, Oslo, Norway)

163. Science and Technology Libraries: Workshop
Danmarks Natur-Og Laegevidenskabelige Bibliotek

Theme: "Access to Electronic Sci-Tech Information"


Standing Committee meetings

164. Social Sciences Libraries SC II
165. Library Services to Multicultural Populations SC II
166. National Libraries SC II
167. Open


168. Children's Libraries SC II
169. Document Delivery and Interlending SC II
170. Open
171. Open
172. Statistics SC II


173. Acquisition and Collection Development joint with Management and Marketing and the Publishers Liaison Committee: Workshop

Theme: "Licensing Electronic Content for Libraries: The New Regime?"
  1. The position of librarians
    ANN OKERSON (Yale University Library, New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
  2. The position of attorneys
    LESLIE ELLEN HARRIS (Toronto, Canada)
  3. The position of publishers
    VINCENT CASSIDY (Academic Press Europe, London, UK)
  4. Vendor/intermediary position
    MARTHA WHITAKER (CARL/Knight Ridder, Denver, Colorado, USA)

174. Division of Bibliographic Control joint with UBCIM Core Programme: Workshop

Theme: "Authority Control: Developments and Prospects"
  1. Project Author
    FRANÇOISE BOURDON (Bibliothéque Nationale de France, Paris, France)
  2. The Anglo-American Authority File
    ALAN DANSKIN (The British Library, Boston Spa, UK) (not confirmed)
  3. IFLA UBCIM Working Group on the Minimal Level Authority Record and the ISADN
    BARBARA TILLETT (Library of Congress, USA)
  4. UNIMARC Authorities
    MIRNA WILLER (National and University Library, Zagreb, Croatia)

175. Social Sciences Libraries: Workshop

Theme: "Accessing and Working with Statistical Data in the Social Sciences"

176. UDT Core Programme: Workshop

Theme: "Introduction to Internet Metadata"
    What is Medadata? What is the Dublin Core and Warwick Framework? URNs? URCs? And why are these critically important concerns for future digital libraries and networked information? The description and location of electronic information represents one of the most critical challenges for next-generation Internet services and electronic information management. This workshop by internationaly renowned expert, Stuart Weibel, will discuss some of the important new directions and the many challenges of resource description on the Internet, with particular emphasis on the Dublin Core/Warwick Framework metadata initiatives. Speakers:
  1. LEIGH SWAIN (IFLA UDT Core Programme, National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Canada)
    [Speech notes: Acrobat PDF version: 10K]
  2. TERRY KUNY (IFLANET Administration, XIST Inc., Ottawa, Canada)
    [Speech notes: Acrobat PDF version: 33K][Overheads: Acrobat PDF version: 68K]
  3. STUART WEIBEL (Senior Research Scientist, OCLC, Dublin, Ohio, USA)

177. Rare Books and Manuscripts: Workshop

Theme: "Digitization for Rare Books and Manuscripts"
  1. The international digitizing project
    SUSAN WHITFIELD (British Library, London, UK)
  2. The rediscovery ofspecial collections: technology's influence on cultural institutions
    DEANNA B. MARCUM (Commission on Preservation and Access, Washington DC, USA)
  3. The Research Library Group studies in scarlet project
    WIN-SHIN CHIANG (Research Libraries Group, Mountain View, California, USA)


178. Receptions in libraries



179. Education and Training SC II
180. Geography and Map Libraries SC II
181. Science and Technology Libraries SC II
182. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries SC II
183. Government Information and Official Publications SC II
184. Management and Marketing SC II
185. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons SC II
186. Reading SC II
187. Library and Research Services for Parliaments SC II
188. Biological and Medical Science Libraries SC II
189. Preservation and Conservation SC II
190. Information Technology SC II
191. Library Buildings and Equipment SC II


192. IFLA Conference Organizers


193. Cataloguing SC II
194. Bibliography SC II
195. Classification and Indexing SC II
196. Public Libraries SC II
197. Serial Publications SC II
198. Acquisition and Collection Development SC II
199. Rare Books and Manuscripts SC II
200. School Libraries and Information Centres SC II
201. Regional Section: Africa
202. Regional Section: Asia and Oceania SC II
203. Regional Section: Latin America and the Caribbean SC II
204. Government Libraries SC II
205. Audiovisual and Multimedia EC II
205a. Libraries for the Blind SC II
205b. Library Theory and Research SC II


206. General Research Libraries CB II
207. Special Libraries CB II
208. Libraries Serving the General Public CB II
209. Bibliographic Control CB II
210. Collections and Services CB II
211. Management and Technology CB II
212. Education and Research CB II
213. Regional Activities CB II


214. Executive Board III (with representatives of CDNL, FID, ICA and UNESCO)


215. Professional Board II (to elect new Chair)


216. Guest Lecture III SI


217. Council II and Closing Session SI


218. President's Reception


219. Danida Grant Recipients Reception


220. Excursions


CB = Coordinating Board of Division
SC = Standing Committee of Section
EC = Executive Committee of Round Table
SI = Simultaneous Interpretation

  1. All meetings of the various steering bodies (with the exception of the business meetings of the Executive and Professional Boards) may be attended by observers, provided the Chairs have no objections.
  2. Normally, papers are not presented in CB, SC and EC meetings.
  3. Papers are listed in the programme in the language in which they will be delivered. If the original language title has not been received, the English title is given. Note too that because of late receipt of papers, the titles listed may be working titles, but they do reflect the content of the paper to be presented.
  4. Papers received by the extended deadline of 15 June (up to code number 113) will be provided in pre-printed booklets to all participants upon registering. Workshop papers, late-arriving papers and translations can be obtained in exchange for coupons or for a cash payment at the Document Distribution Centre. Papers received after 15 August will not be processed during the conference and will only become available after the conference from IFLA Headquarters.
  5. Complete addresses of the speakers can be found in the list of participants.
  6. Most of the meetings will be held in the Bella Centre, with the exception of some workshops which will be held out of the venue.
  7. Division rooms are available throughout the conference week. Groups wishing to reserve a Division room or to find out whether additional rooms are available, may inquire at the IFLA Headquarters Secretariat to reserve rooms for their meetings.