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61st IFLA General Conference August 20-25, 1995

Alphabetical list of Authors

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- A -

Aarons, J.A.
The changing formats of library materials: implications for developing countries. (179-LAC-5-E)

Abadan-Unat, N.
Turkish migration to Europe. (178-LSMP(WS)-6/ROTNAC-3-E)

Abid, A.
Memory of the World - preserving the documentary heritage. (153-UNESCO-1-E)
Revision of the UNESCO Public Manifesto. (154-UNESCO-2-E)
Allocution d'overture. (155-OPENING-2-F)

Adams, R.J. see Collier, M.W. (189-IT-4/SER-7-E)

Alemna, A.A.
Preservation of indigenous languages in Africa. (012-LSMP-1/AFRICA-1-E)

Aliprand, J.M.
The Unicode standard: an overview, with emphasis on bidirectionality. (164-CAT(WS)-7-E)

Alkan, N.
Literature searches in medicine: a comparative evaluation of manual and CD-ROM search modes. (069-BIOL-5-E)

Anderson, D. see Murdoch, J.W. (023-ART(WS)-5-E+G)

Anghelescu, H.G.B.
Romanian libraries emerge from the past. (011-LIBHIST-1-E)

Aslan, S.A.
Turkish Librarians' Association: today and tomorrow. (170-RTMLA-3-E)

Atilgan, D.
The contribution of Turkish library journals to the future development of librarianship in Turkey. (102-ELJ-3-E)
The state of the art in cataloguing in Turkey and prospects for the future. (142-CAT-3-E+S+R)

Aversa, E. and Stone, E.
Preliminary report on the literature of continuing education in library and information science in non-US locations, 1991-1995. (195-CPERT-4-E)

- B -

Batt, Ch.
The library of the future: public libraries and the Internet. (005-PUB-1/BLIND-1/DISADV-1/INTAMEL-1-E)

Baydur, G.
Subject indexing practices in Turkey. (034-CLASS-3-E+F+S+G)

Baysal, J. and Davaz-Mardin, A.
Women's library and information center foundation, Istanbul, Turkey. (196-WI-1-E)

Bélaval, Ph.
La Bibliothèque nationale de France: une grande bibliothèque ouverte sur l'extérieur. (129-NAT-2-F)

Bell, B.L.
The making of the Namibia national bibliography. (072-BIBL-2-E+S+G+R)

Berdigalieva, R.A.
Journal for librarians of Central Asia and Kazakhstan: organization and development. (112-ELJ-4-R+E)

Bergdahl, B.
State of the art of the ALP Core Programme. (132-CORE-3-E)

Bernhard, P.
Perception et utilisation des résultats de la recherche par les professionnels de l'information au Québec. (079-LTR(WS)-2/PUB-7-F+E)

Bernstein, J.R.
The Internet: information for government libraries. Selected sources in the Americas and Europe. (010-GL-1-E)

Berry, J.W.
Digital libraries: new initiatives with world-wide implications. (133-CONTR-6-E+F+G+R)

Boekhorst, P. te
Measuring quality: the IFLA Guidelines for performance measurement in academic libraries. (181-STAT-3-E)

Borgman, Ch.L.
Will the global information infrastructure be the library of the future? Central and Eastern Europe as a case example. (136-CONTR-7-E+F+G+R))

Boudet, I.
Agence bibliographique nationale: tradition et innovation. (082-BIBL-4-F+E)

Bourne, R.
IFLA section on Bibliography: Report of activities, 1994/95. (110-BIBCO-3-E)

Bruusgaard, J.
Performance measurement in public and special libraries - similarities and differences. (182-STAT-4-E)

- C -

Carbone, P.
L'avant projet de norme internationale sur les indicateurs de performance des bibliothèques. (015 STAT 1 F+E)

Carpenter, J. see Trohopoulos, I. (192 MOBILE 3 E)

Çapar, B.
Functional literacy and information retrieval in Turkey. (095 READ 1 E+F)

Çelenkoglu, A.
Turkish experiences with multi script, multi character and multi lingual cataloguing issues. (161 CAT(WS) 2 E)

Cetindamar Karaomerlioglu, D.
The challenge of technology: document delivery versus ownership from developing countries perspective. (101 UN 4 E+S)

Chaudhry, A. Sattar
Exploiting network information resources for collection development in libraries. (116 CONTR 2 E+R+G)

Chen, Ching chih
Multimedia CD ROM and beyond. (200 SOC(WS) 6 E)

Clavel Merrin, G. see Lehtinen, R. (165 CAT(WS) 8 E+F)

Collier, M.W. and Adams, R.J.
The use of electronic documents in an academic environment. (189 IT 4/SER 7 E)

Coombs, N.
The information highway and the print handicapped. (123 PUB 9/BLIND 9/DISADV 8/INTAMEL 8 E)

Cornish, G.P.
UAP: where theory becomes practice. (121 CORE 1 E)

- D -

Dahl, K.
No more hidden treasures in the library some multimedia projects at Lund University Library. (093 AVM 2 E)

Davaz Mardin, A., see Baysal, J. (196 WI 1 E)

Dener, H.I.
The use of Internet in government libraries: the case of Turkey. (145 GL 3 E)

DiMattia, E.A.
The bookmobile on the information superhighway. (194 MOBILE 4 E)

Dinerman, G. and Hudock, C.
Library facilities for the mentally challenged. (098 READ 4 E+F)

Diso, L.I.
The library profession in anglophone West Africa: constraints and possibilities. (053 AFRICA 4/ASIA 1/LAC 1 E)

Dixon, J. see Giral, A. (019 ART(WS) 1 E)

Dong, Xiaoying and Zhang Shuhua
Women librarian in China: status and motivation analysis. (198 WI 2 E)

Duchemin, P. Y.
La numérisation des documents cartographiques: problèmes techniques et juridiques. L'expérience de la Bibliothèque nationale de France. (105 GEO 1 F+E)

Duncan, D.
Section on Classification and Indexing: review of activities, 1994-1995. (035 BIBCO 1 E+G)

Dusink, A. and Jehl, M.J.
Kissing the sleeping beauty: lessons from CTA's CD ROM programme. (190 SOC(WS) 4 E)

D'Souza, F.
IFLA: a force for free expression defending free expression is everyone's business. (148 GUEST 1 E)

- E -

Eilts, J.
Non Roman script materials in North American libraries: automation and international exchange. (143 CAT 4 E+S+F)

Erdogan, F.
Children's literature in Turkey. (094 CHILD 2 E+F+S)

Erünsal, I.E.
The oldest extant Ottoman library catalogues. (016 LIBHIST 2 E+G)

Euster, J.R. and Ripley, C.
Building and renovating for the 21st Century: experience from a new project applied to updating and obsolete library. (047 LBE 3 E)

- F -

Fabry, F.
The national library of New Zealand building: purpose built for preservation what we have learned in the first years of operation. (180 CONS 3 E)

Farrell, T.
The cultural and heritage centre in Dubai. (044 LBE 1 E)

Ferguson, S. and Sookraj, R.
Enhancement of the library profession in the Caribbean and Latin America: a paradigmatic shift. (183 AFRICA 5/ASIA 2/LAC 6 E)

Fidzani, B.T.
User education in academic libraries a study of trends and developments in Southern Africa. (043 USER 3 E)

Finsten, H.
a href="61-finh.htm">Assisting committees in the Canadian Parliament. (058 PAR 4 E+F+S+R)

Fjällbrant, N.
EDUCATE a networked user education project in Europe. (042 USER 2 E)

Foot, M.M.
Housing our collections: environment and storage for libraries and archives. (006 CONS 1 E+G+R)

Frierson, E.G. and Kargul Maccabez, J. and Luzy, S.
Information services of the International Labour Organization: a 75th year history. (040 GIOP 2 E+F+S)

- G -

Galler, A.M.
Strategies to educate librarians to introduce new technologies to users' especially disadvantaged ones. (067 PUB 6/BLIND 6/DISADV 6/INTAMEL 6 E)

Geh, H. P.
Zur Geschichte des Buches in Deutschland (1450 1900) und zu ihrer Dokumentation. (027 RARE 1 G+E)

Gill, P.G.
Review of the public library service in England & Wales: a librarians view. (156 LTR(WS) 9/PUB 15 E)

Giral, A. and Dixon, J.
The virtual museum comes to campus: two perspectives on the museum educational site licensing project of the Getty Art History Information Programme. (019 ART(WS) 1 E)

Gönen, M.
The quality of Turkish picture story books. (186 LSMP(WS) 8/ROTNAC 5 E)

Gourlay, U.M. and Vattulainen, P.
The changing roles of document delivery and interlending in libraries. (049 SER 2/DOCDEL 2/NEWS 2/UAP 3 E+G+F)

Grunberg, G.
Le programme audiovisuel de la Bibliothèque nationale de France. (061 AVM 1 F+E)

Güvenç, B.
Cultural life in Turkey today: origin, dynamic and prospects of multiculturalism. (187 LSMP(WS) 9/ROTNAC 6 E)

- H -

Halman, T.S.
From Babylon to "libre space". (169 OPENING 3 E)

Hannesdóttir, S.K.
School librarians: guidelines for competency requirements. (073 SCHOOL 2 E)

Hartley, R.J. see Kucuk, M.E. (144 CAT 5 E+F+S+R)

Hatano, Hiroyuki
Image processing and database system in the National Museum of Western Art (Tokyo); an integrated system for art research. (024 ART(WS) 6 E)

Hatvany, B.
Archiving the electronic journal. (157 SCIE 5/BIOL 7 E)

Hay, L. and Henri, J.
Leadership for collaboration: making vision work. (167 SCHOOL 4 E)

Henri, J. see Hay, L. (167 SCHOOL 4 E)

Herrera, L.A.
Towards maturity in an information system for decision makers within a successful university industry interaction system. (159 PRE 6 E)

Hoelle, D.M.
Handling electronic information: the librarian's changing role. (064 SCIE 3/BIOL 3 E+F)

Hubert, S.
Les langues vernaculaires en Afrique noire francophone: édition et enseignement. (014 LSMP 3/AFRICA 3 F+E)

Hudock, C. see Dinerman, G. (098 READ 4 E+F)

- I -

Inci Önal, H.
The future roles and functions of the school libraries: a project for Turkish school libraries. (009 SCHOOL 1 E)

- J -

Jacqmin, L.
Comment traduire la convergence des méthodes, des modèles et des outils dans un cursus interdisciplinaire. (089 SET 4 F)

Jehl, M.J. see Dusink, A. (190 SOC(WS) 4 E)

Johnson, I.M.
Making sense of research in business and government issues: the education and training of information analysts. (184 SET(WS) 6/LTR 10 E)

Jouguelet, S.
Section on Cataloguing: review of the work 1994 1995. (075 BIBCO 2 E)

- K -

Kagan, A.
Sources for African language materials from the countries of anglophone Africa. (013 LSMP 2/AFRICA 2 E)

Kaiser, F.E.
New technologies new opportunities? The virtual library in a prison situation. (084 PUB 8/BLIND 7/DISADV 7/INTAMEL 7 E)

Kargul Maccabez, J. see Frierson, E.G. (040 GIOP 2 E+F+S)

Kasparova, N.N.
Cataloguing of documents for multilingual catalogues of libraries of Russia: analysis of the problem situation. (160 CAT(WS) 1 R+E)

Kaya, E.
Job satisfaction of the librarians in the developing countries. (119 CONTR 5 E+R+G)

Kaygusuz, A.
Mobile library services in Turkey. (066 MOBILE 2 E)

Kinnell Evans, M.
Quality management and library information services: competitive advantage for the information revolution. (146 CONTR 8 E+R+F)

Kirby, J.
The George Fullard electronic art book project. (022 ART(WS) 4 E+F)

Kizilkan, Z.
Intellectual freedom and the state of the library science in Turkey. (197 SET 8 E)

Kjekstad, T. see Nilsen, S. (037 GENPUB 1 E)

Kluiters, C.C.P.
Towards electronic journal articles: the publisher's technical point of view: implementation of Elsevier Science Electronic Subscriptions at the UT. A case History. (131 IT 3/SER 6 E)
Electronic Journal Access at Tilburg University: a coordinated effort of the library, the computer centre and the publisher. (130 SCIE 4/BIOL 6 E)

Knudsen, E. see Knudsen, G. (039 PUB 4/BLIND 4/DISADV 4/INTAMEL 4 E)

Knudsen, G.
Electronic books for the visually impaired: the Norwegian project. (039 PUB 4/BLIND 4/DISADV 4/INTAMEL 4 E)

Koenig, M.E.D.
Libraries and their impact upon productivity. (134 PRE 4 E)

Kokkonen, O.
Teaching internet to different user groups library: users' points of view. (175 UN(WS) 6 USER 7 E)

Kucuk, M.E. and Hartley, R.J.
Towards a national cooperative cataloguing system for manuscripts in Turkey. (144 CAT 5 E+F+S+R)

Kumar, R.P.
The socio economic impact of libraries in developing countries. (113 PRE 1 E)

- L -

Lau, J.
Virtual libraries: their potential for less developed countries. (202 AFRICA(WS) 7/ASIA 4/LAC 8 E)

Laughton, M.F.
Canadian information highway special needs addressed. (135 PUB 10/BLIND 8/DISADV 9/INTAMEL 9 E)

Lawrence, D.E.
The formation of an Islamic art library collection in an American museum. (026 ART 8 E)

Layzell Ward, P.
The hidden research in information and library studies. (152 LTR 8 E+S)

Lehtinen, R. and Clavel Merrin, G.
Multilingual and multi character set data in library systems and networks: experiences and perspectives from Switzerland and Finland. (165 CAT(WS) 8 E+F)

Leisner, T.
Should libraries engage in marketing? (076 MGT 4 E+F)

Leneman, N. Kriz
A chronological perspective of the United Nations office at Geneva Library (1919 1995). (109 GIOP 7 E+F+S+G+R)

Lepik, A.
Changes in reading in socially crucial times in Estonia. (096 READ 2 E+F)

Lindh, A.
Planning for wider user involvement in document delivery and interlending in the Nordic countries. (099 DOCDEL(WS) 4 E+G)

Lindström, Å.
Identity, integrity, legitimacy and internal acceptance four key factors to be pursued by any successful organization in the future. (029 RTMLA 2 E)

Line, M.B.
Access versus ownership: how real an alternative is it? (092 UN 2 E+S)

Lipniacka, E.
Bibliographic control of minority languages. (071 BIBL 1 E+F+S+G+R)

Lopes, M.I.
Principles underlying subject heading languages: an inter national approach. (033 CLASS 2 E+F+S+G)

Loubser, J.
Strategic planning in a national context. (114 PRE 2 E)

Luijendijk, W.
Archiving electronic journals from the serial information provider's perspective. (062 SCIE 1/BIOL 1 E+F)

Lupovici, Catherine
Normes et édition électronique. (126 IT 2/SER 5 F)

Lupovici, Christian
Le document électronique et ses conséquences sur les professionnels de la chaîne de l'information. (063 SCIE 2/BIOL 2 F+E)

Lux, C.
Vom Bibliothekar zum Cybrarian die Zukunft des Berufs in der virtuellen Bibliothek. (008 PUB 2/BLIND 2/DISADV 2/INTAMEL 2 G+E)

Luzy, S. see Frierson, E.G. (040 GIOP 2 E+F+S)

- M -

Malinconico, S.M. and Warth, J.
The uses of electronic documents in libraries. (125 IT 1/SER 4 E)

Manoogian, S.N.
Public library services to Turkish readers in the United States. (176 LSMP(WS) 4/ROTNAC 1 E)

Mbambo, B.
Virtual libraries in Africa: a dream, or a knight in shining armour? (117 CONTR 3 E+F+R+G)

McConchie, B.
The challenge of choice: training and organisational development services for libraries in the "new world". (028 RTMLA 1 E)

Mchombu, K.
Researching rural information provision: a case study. (141 LTR(WS) 6/PUB 13 E)

Miribel, M. de
La promotion du livre et de la lecture à travers l'affiche. (036 MGT 3 F+E)
Le rôle des bibliothèques dans le développement des enfants ou l'inverse. (140 LTR(WS) 5/PUB 12 F+E)

Montag, U.
Report on the activities of the Division of Collections and Services. (030 ACQUIS 1/GIOP 1/RARE 2/UAP 1 E)

Montviloff, V.
National information policy. (127 PRE 5 E+S)

Morales, E.
Los medios alternativos a la industria editorial para obtener información. (128 LAC 4 S)

Muñoz Giménez, E.
La nueva sede de la Biblioteca Nacional Venezolana: proyecto arquitectónico para la preservación y conservación de la memoria colectiva nacional y universal. (085 LAC 3 S+E)

Murdoch, J.W. and Newton, R. and Anderson, D.
Aberdeen Art Gallery image database project a prototype project to create and maintain a low cost art image database. (023 ART(WS) 5 E+G)

- N -

Nakagawa, Fumihisa
a href="61-nakf.htm">The legislative support services of Japan's Diet. (059 PAR 5 E+F+S+R)

Newton, R. see Murdoch, J.W. (023 ART(WS) 5 E+G)

Niet, M.C. de and M. Wishaupt
Art in the Web. An advanced information workstation as a tool for art research in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague. (020 ART(WS) 2 E)

Nilsen, S. and Kjekstad, T.
Introduction to Division 3: Libraries serving the general public. (037 GENPUB 1 E)

- O -

Oliveira Machado, L.
Portuguese public libraries network. (052 PUB 5/BLIND 5/DISADV 5/INTAMEL 5 E)

Ono, Kinji
Internet penetration and future perspectives in social science. (168 SOC 3 E)

Osman, Z.
Enhancement of the library profession: an Asian perspective. (201 AFRICA 6/ASIA 3/LAC 7 E)

- P -

Pálvölgyi, M.
Integration of new courses into LIS curriculum the case of Berzsenyi College for East West cooperation. (086 SET 1 E)

Pasanen Tuomainen, I.
Design of WWW browser navigation applications for improved Internet access.(174 UN(WS) 5 USER 6 E)

Piguet, P.
Fifty years of United Nations publishing activities. (108 GIOP 6 E)

Plassard, M. F.
IFLA Core Programme for Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC (UBCIM): report on activities 1994 1995. (124 CORE 2 E)

- Q -

- R -

Rader, H.B.
User education and information literacy for the next decade: an international perspective. (173 USER 5 E)

Reid, E.
Exploiting internet as an enabling tool for transforming library services. (150 CONTR 9 E+F+R)

Richmond, K. see Wu, J. (122 GIOP 8 E)

Riedlmayer, A.
Libraries are not for burning: international librarianship and the recovery of the destroyed heritage of Bosnia Herzegovina. (025 ART 7 E)

Ripley, C. see Euster, J.R. (047 LBE 3 E)

Robinson, W.H.
The parliamentary library of the future. (055 PAR 1 E+F+S+R)

Rochester, M.K.
Professional communication through journal articles. (046 ELJ 1 E)

Rodríguez Pereyra, R.
El rol de los servicios de información en el desarrollo económico: la experiencia Argentina. (115 PRE 3 S)

Rosetto, M.
Los nuevos materiales bibliotecários y gestión de la información libro electrónico biblioteca electrónica. (070 LAC 2 S+E)

Rowland, F.
Electronic journals: delivery, use and access. (060 SER 3/DOCDEL 3/NEWS 3/UAP 5 E+F)

Rusch Feja, D.
Librarian education for utilizing new technologies including networked information sources. (193 SET(WS) 7/LTR 11 E)

- S -

Saglamtunç, T.
Library buildings in Turkey. (045 LBE 2 E)
Modern Turkish public libraries: recent developments. (054 GENPUB 2 E)
Public libraries in Turkey. (185 LSMP(WS) 7/ROTNAC 4 E)

Salem, S.
The role of ACML in the medical information infrastructure of the Arab World. (068 BIOL 4 E)

Schneehorst, S.
Library services for young immigrants, especially Turkish immigrants and their descendants. (001 CHILD 1 E+F+G+S)

Schols, M.
Extra large: large print on demand. (038 PUB 3/BLIND 3/DISADV 3/INTAMEL 3 E)

Seden, T.
Turkish readers in the public libraries of Berlin. (188 LSMP(WS) 10/ROTNAC 7 E)

Sernikli, A.
National libraries in Turkey, Middle East and Central Asia: past and present. (103 NAT 1 E)

Siitonen, L.
Applications in teaching case study research methods. (087 SET 2 E)

Smith, G.
Access to newspaper collections and content in a time of change. (041 SER 1/DOCDEL 1/NEWS 1/UAP 2 E+F)

Snyder, H.L.
Providing access to rare book and manuscripts collection and services in a time of change. (078 ACQUIS 4/GIOP 5/RARE 5/UAP 7 E+F)

Sookraj, R. see Ferguson, S. (183 AFRICA 5/ASIA 2/LAC 6 E)

Soltani, Poori
Translation and expansion of classification systems in the Arab countries and Iran. (032 CLASS 1 E+F+G)
Toward "literate learners" or computers oriented libraries? (104 CONTR 1 E+F+G+R)

Sonkkila, T.
Electronic journals training issues. (199 SCIE(WS) 6/USER 8 E)

Sotgiu, C. M.
Jukebox: a project of a new service for library users. (107 AVM 3 E)

Spence Richards, P.
Istanbul as a center for east west information transfer in the Twentieth Century. (017 LIBHIST 3 E)

Stirling, I.A.
Internet training in the United States. (048 UN(WS) 1/USER 4 E)

Stone, E., see Aversa, E. (195 CPERT 4 E)

Sumsion, J. and Ward, S.
The next generation of performance indicators. (018 STAT 2 E+F)

Sürmeli, Ö.
A general view on the libraries containing maps in Turkey. (106 GEO 2 E+F)

Swain, L.
IFLA open forum. (149 CORE 5 E)

- T -

Tanfield, J.
The role of assessment of services in planning future developments in parliamentary libraries. (057 PAR 3 E+F+S+R)

Taylor, S.
CD ROM issues and developments. (191 SOC(WS) 5 E)

Terekhova, L.A.
System of multi lingual catalogues and the problems arising at the initial stage of electronic data base creation. (162 CAT(WS) 6 E)

Thomson, J. and Volker, J.
Australian visual arts: libraries and the new technologies. (021 ART(WS) 3 E+F)

Thorhauge, J.
The changing of the library and information professional. (171 LTR(WS) 10/PUB 16 E)
Planning to meet an ever growing need: a model for running continuing education. (172 CPERT 3 E)

Thoumy, A.
A conceptual model for the study of library development in Third World countries. (051 LTR 1 E+F+S)

Tonta, Y.
Scholarly communication and the use of networked information sources. (065 SOC 1 E)

Torres Vargas, G.A.
La biblioteca virtual en los paises en vias de desarrollo: un sueño no muy lejano de convertirse en realidad. (118 CONTR 4 S+E+F+R)

Tovoté, Ch.
The library is yours: a campaign for the public libraries in Sweden during 1992 1994. (004 MGT 1 E)

Trohopoulos, I. and Carpenter, J.
Extending European information access through mobile library services: some first results. (192 MOBILE 3 E)

- U -

Undorf, W.
Die Königliche Bibliothek bleibt an ihrem Platz. Strategien und Erfahrungen während des Ausbaus der Königlichen Bibliothek in Stockholm. (007 CONS 2 G+E+R)

Ungern Sternberg, S. von,
Applications in teaching bibliometrics. (090 SET(WS) 5/LRT 3 E)

Uraz, N.
Reflection of the improvements in modern marketing understanding on the public libraries in Turkey. (031 MGT 2 E+F)

Usherwood, B.
The DNH public library review the research perspective: a personal view. (139 LTR(WS) 4/PUB 11 E)

- V -

Valauskas, E.J.
Introduction to the Internet: information for government libraries. (083 GL 2 E)

Varlamoff, M Th.
Le Programme fondamental PAC. (138 CORE 4 F+E)

Varniene, R.
International UBC/UNIMARC Seminar in Vilnius: new ways for implementation of modern techniques in bibliography. (111 BIBCO 4 E+S+G+F)

Vattulainen, P. see Gourlay, U.M. (049 SER 2/DOCDEL 2/NEWS 2/UAP 3 E+G+F)

Vernotte, F.
La bibliothèque scolaire outil de formation à l'information. L'exemple français: les CDI des établissements scolaires. (080 SCHOOL 3 F+E)

Verrier, J.
The future of parliamentary research services: to lead or to follow? (056 PAR 2 E+F+S+R)

Vickery, J.E.
Acquisitions in an electronic age: building the foundations for access. (077 ACQUIS 3/GIOP 4/RARE 4/UAP 6 E+F)

Volker, J. see Thomson, J. (021 ART(WS) 3 E+F)

Vries, R.E. de,
No time to WAISt: bringing local library friendliness to the Internet. (074 SOC 2 E)

- W -

Wahlde, B. von,
Access vs. ownership: a SUNY University Center Libraries study of the economics of document delivery. (100 UN 3 E+S)

Ward, D.
The changing role of mobile libraries in Africa. (002 MOBILE 1 E)

Ward, S. see Sumsion, J. (018 STAT 2 E+F)

Warth, J. see Malinconico, S.M. (125 IT 1/SER 4 E)

Wasserman, P.
Developing new information products: a revised role for librarianship in advanced and developing countries. (158 CONTR 10 E)

Wedgeworth, R.
Beyond the limits of space and time. (147 OPENING 1 E)

Weingand, D.E.
Futures research methodologies: linking today's decisions with tomorrow's possibilities. (151 LTR(WS) 7/PUB 14 E)

Weingand, D.E.
Academic support through the worklife: a new mandate. (163 CPERT 2 E)

Wester, L.
Library service to the Turkish library communities in Sweden. (177 LSMP(WS) 5/ROTNAC 2 E)

Wien, C.
Nine problems concerning Arabic. (166 CAT(WS) 9 E)

Wishaupt, M. see Niet, M.C. de, (020 ART(WS) 2 E)

Wittkopf, B.
a href="61-witb.htm">Current trends in user education in the United States. (003 USER 1 E)

Woolls, B.
Planning world continuing professional education conference III. (120 CPERT 1 E)

Wormell, I.
Multifunctional information new demand for training. (088 SET 3 E)

Wu, J. and Richmond, K.
Fifty years of publishing in FAO. (122 GIOP 8 E)

- X -

- Y -

Yitzhaki, M.
Variation in informativity of titles of research papers in selected humanities journals: a comparative study. (091 ELJ 2 E)

Yontan Musnik, S.
Cataloguer du turc en caractères arabes: en quelle(s) graphie(s)? (081 BIBL 3 F+E)

Yontar, A.
Main research problems being investigated in Turkey as revealed in graduate theses. (137 LTR 3 E)

- Z -

Zhang, Shuhua see Dong, Xiaoying (198 WI 2 E)

Zasacka, Z.
School influence on reading. (097 READ 3 E+F)

Zink, S.D.
Government information in a world of change. (050 ACQUIS 2/GIOP 3/RARE 3/UAP 4 E+F)